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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - September 13, 1906, Williamsport, Indiana Briw la Quot Quot a i i or to a i a we pm by Fegis la Maine i was opened by senator Albertj Beveridge in a notable address at vital Point at Issue Indiana s gifted statesman presents the Basic question squarely before the people the ongoing of the movement for the moral regeneration of american business is the actual Issue upon which this Campaign hinges Brilliant summary of the administrations it great work. Indiana was honoured through her gifted senior senator the Hon. Albert j. Beveridge in the notable Campaign a which has just begin in the great state of Maine. To senator Beveridge fell the no mean task of opening the congressional Campaign in Maine and in his notable address delivered at Portland wednesday evening he contributed one of the most Brilliant offerings that will be made in this Campaign to the cause of continued Republican Are Inacy in this country. All Over the country the effects of this comprehensive and convincing summary of the Antl nitration s work will be Felt. Senator Bea Eredge said the Issue in this National congressional Campaign is moral rather than economic. It is not the Tariff exclusively Protection is a permanent american policy but Tariff schedules will receive All necessary attention before the next election so much As the whole policy of the administration not so much a Mere partisan struggle for Mere party Success As the ongoing of the movement for the moral regeneration of american business not the condition of the country alone but that condition in connection with legislation urged and secured and the execution of existing Laws by Theodore Roosevelt and the moral Advance for which he stands. Whoever fights under that Flag will win whoever appeals to the people on any smaller Issue will wage a harder and More doubtful Battle. Do j of believe in Theodore Roosevelt that is the question. If you do you will elect congressmen and senators who will sup Poi t him. Do you believe that american business should not Only be the greatest but also the purest in the world if you do you will elect congressmen arid senators who will Aid president Roosevelt in his policy of purification. Do you believe in increasing the Prosperity of the nation and at the same time uplifting the Mora Lily of the nation if you do you will elect congressmen Ano senators who will aggressively support president Roosevelt s policy of constructive righteousness. The Renaissance of the decalogue in american Commerce. For a generation american energies have been consumed in the physical development of a continent. But the haste and hugeness of our National achievements took our attention from the moral phase of Commerce and with our growth along Correct economic principles such for example As the organization of Industry called Quot trusts Quot improper methods grew up. It is the glory of free institutions that in the end All evils Correct themselves. And so today we find that the american people have begun to right the wrongs and Correct the errors of american business. This docs not mean that the american people have lost the desire for gain and become a nation of enthusiasts of poverty. No the american people today want As earnestly to make Money As they did yesterday. But today they Are concerned in the methods As Well As in the result and so the movement of the hour Means that while they have not abandoned business but on the other hand increased it they intend henceforth it shall be conducted with conscience As much As with intelligence. We Are in the Renaissance of the decalogue in american Commerce. The justification of free institutions. This self renewing capacity of a free people needs Only a Leader to arouse it to action in order that it May do its work. And such a Leader when the hour is Ripe has never failed the american people and never will fail a free people in any land. There was Washington and Independence Jackson and the supremacy of the Union Lincoln and a nation made of men instead of states and All of Fiose men free. And now comes the moral uplift of the mightiest people in the world with Theodore Roosevelt its Prophet and statesman. Consider How far we have travelled in reforming methods a righting abuses since Theodore Roosevelt became president. He has proved that old Laws which Wei a formerly Declai de to be ineffective Ana impractical needed Only enforcement to remedy the evils at which they were aimed. The Sherman anti Trust act has shown More vat Lity during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt than since its enactment. And where that and other Laws fell Short of remedying existing situations new Laws like the anti rebate Law have been added Law Breakers Are Law All these Laws have Boon cd forced against All offenders alike. The nation s Justice has not considered tho wealth or influence of the Law breaker and just As a poor Man is not pera netted to escape upon the plea that he.,did not know what the Laws were to Pleli placed violators of our nation al statutes Hare not per pitted to escape upon the ple As that they had not understood the Laws. No Man no corporation to combination however vast its wealth Lio Wever established and apparently irresistible its Power that does not today stand in Awe of the nation s Laws. To Theodore Roosevelt an honest Man is an honest Man Quot he he the chief business commander of a continent or his humblest employee and a Law breaker is a lawbreaker even though he wears the Crown of the world s finance. American citizenship Means the Equality of All before the people s Laws and in the people s courts. Consider the activities of the department of Justice in tiie realm of Commerce and Industry since Theodore Roosevelt became president. Theodore Roosevelt attacked the great rail Rad Trust in the United states is. The Northern securities company and dissolved it the beef Trust in the United states is. Swift amp co., for conspiring with Railroad companies to suppress Competition and monopolizing the Purchase of livestock and the Sale of meats and stopped that conspiracy the Salt Trust in the United states is. Federal Salt company and he ended its evil practices the paper Trust in the United states is. The general paper company and ended its violations of Law the beef Trust again defied the Law and he again attacked it in the United states is. Armour amp co. And the beef Trust was saved in that Case Only by the famous immunity de of a tit Annh tips Tyrl trip i president Roosevelt demanded a Law a Emovi is that immunity and Bath Quot will Ever again cleanse the beef Luijt n sins. He attacked to j-.,., Vira Toni n t or the Otis elevator company and dissolved it the drug Trust in the ignited Pontis is. The National association of retail druggists and that Case is now . Rules of commercial Hygiene. Through the inter amp Tate Commerce commission and the department of Justice. President Roosevelt has attacked in criminal proceedings As Well As civil action every violation of Law that he has heard of. In five years the department of Justice and the interstate Commerce commission has dons More to effectively enforce Laws against the abuses and crimes of business than in the preceding sixteen years All put together. And every one of these has meant not the tearing Down of american business but the building up of american business. All business is fatally diseased that feeds on fraud Only that business is healthy that lives by those rules of commercial Hygiene called the Laws of the land. Eternal standards of right and wrong. These cases have not Only corrected evils hut they have been Points of Battle about hich the a i wakening con science of the people could tally. They have radiated Waves of moral Resolution All Over the country. Where business was believed to be sound but was really corrupt the True conditions have been exposed or Are being rapidly uncovered to the Light. Where methods were innocent but incorrect they have been changed or Are rapidly changing into rational customs based on True principles. Everywhere american business is adjusting itself to the eternal standards of right and wrong As Well As to the eternal standards of profit and loss. This moral regeneration of american business has not injured the country s Commerce at Home and abroad caused no panic killed no honest Enterprise. We were told not to pass certain Laws for fear that they would Quot Hurt the president was warned not to execute certain statutes for fear it would Quot Hurt investigations have been resisted because they would Quot Hurt and yet business has steadily improved Prosperity steadily increased. Roosevelt s policy has not Quot Hurt for example take our Domestic Commerce a our Trade among ourselves. When Roosevelt Tje came president it amounted practically to $20,-000,000,000. Today our Domestic Commerce amounts to $25,000,000,000 every year an increase in our internal Trade of $1,000,000,000 each year since Roosevelt became president. The american people this glorious eighty millions Exchange their products Wilether financial wizards continue co conjure or close shop. Money in circulation. The Money in circulation among the american people has increased $569,-175,868 since Theodore Roosevelt became president or an average of More than $100,000,000 per year a larger increase than has occurred during our entire history except two years. Honesty Means Confidence Confidence Means Commerce and Commerce Means Trade. Our exports were $1,381,719,401 the first year of president Roosevelt s administration and they have increased since then until the year ending june 30, 190g, our exports were the greatest in our history. The moral regeneration of american business has stopped no foreign demand for american products and the Confidence of Mankind in american goods will Rise with their growing belief in american righteousness. The bookkeeper and the Prophet. The balance of Trade in our favor or the excess of the value of the american products to foreign countries Over the foreign products sold to us was for the first year of president Roosevelt s administration $478,498 it 453. For the year ending june 30, 190c, is $517,148,233. How fatal the Balanca Sheet is to false tii Eoris a. To lib in a lji>6felreeper is the Nemesis of mis taken prophets. Those who said that j Roosevelt s Law. Enforcement would Quot Quot Commerce Ai e put to flight by is urls. A.aj.,- the american Farmer. The total value of farm animals a t the end of the first year of president Roosevelt s administration was $2,-989,170.150 the total value of farm animals at the present time after five years of the present administration is $3,075.389,442, or an increase of $700,. 000.000. Or More than $150.000,000 increase for every year of the present to it Man flip of farms and farm property was $20,514,-001,838, and in 1905. Or four years after Roosevelt had become president the off rms and farm property was $26.674.000.000, or an increase in alone of $6,133,000,000 in five years or Over $1,000,000,000 for every year of the Popien it administration. Law enforcement and necessary Reform Are Pood horses to pull the Farmer s the wealth of the american Farmer would not Quot thus have to minded on sold in wings to such in equated Heights had not the Prosperity of the american manufacturer and the purchasing Power of the american labourer a a a. A destries of the nation. Over $600,000,-000 lii Ore wages have been paid to Labouring people in our factories alone since Theodore Roosevelt became president than were paid when he took the presidential chair. The value of the products of american factories shops and Mills is More than $3,400,-000.000 greater than at the beginning of the present administration. Honest activities of capital. They said that unless the Roosevelt policy of Law enforcement ceased capital would decline to invest and panic result. And yet there is More than $3,668,000.000 invested in manufacturing industries today than there were when Theodore Roosevelt became president. Quot Equality before the Law Quot the doctrine of our institutions Aye the doctrine of our race is honest Industry s greatest Friend. American business needs no letters of Marque and reprisal to prosperously sail the seas of Commerce. Employees and wages. The number of employees in factories and Mills has increase almost 1,000,000 during the present administration. But while the number of employees in american manufacturing establishments has thus increased during the present administration 16.3 per cent wages paid employees in these establishments have increased 30.1 per cent. Equal enforcement of equal Laws takes no bread out of the Mouths of toilers. Give labor employment and it will take care of itself and the nation a and this is a nation of workers. Business failures. There have been fewer business failures during the present administration than during any like period in our history. In 1900 commercial failures amounted in liabilities to $138,495,673, and last year the commercial failures amounted in liabilities to $102,676,172, which is the smallest amount of liabilities for commercial failures for any year except one since 1882. Railway foreclosures. In 1902 Twenty railroads were sold under foreclose in a carrying stocks and Bonds of $39,788,000. With every year of the present administration Railroad foreclosures have decreased both in number Aird the amount of stocks and Bonds until in 1905. But in railroads were sold under foreclosure having a Stock and Bond Issue of $20,307,000. Prices of commodities. And prices have increased Only in comparison with the Low record made during the terrible years from 1893 to 1897. Prices rapidly fell from 1892 until 1897, and then rapidly Rose until the present time. Prices represented the conditions of. The country s Prosperity. Prices Rise when people have Money to buy prices fall when people have no Money to buy. Empty pockets and falling prices Are cause and effect. Republican administration and the people s pockets filled Are also cause and effect. For Dicample middling Cotton was 11.7 cents a Pound in 1890 7.44 cents a Pound in 1895 5.94 cents a Pound in 1898 9.80 cents a Pound in 1905. Standard sheeting were 7 cents a Yard in 1890 4.20 cents in 1898, and 7 cents in 1905 Standard drillings per Yard 6.75 cents in 1890 4.10 cents in 1898 7 cents in 1905. New York Mills bleached shirting Pei Yard was 10.90 cents in 1890 8 cents in 1898 9 cents in 1905. Standard prints per Yard were 6 1890 3.96 cents in 1898 4.75 cents in 1905. Medium Wool clothing per Yard was 37 cents in 1890 21 cents in 1897 35 cents in 1905. And so on the Range of prices. Stationary prices. The prices of Many articles remain the same. Bread was 5 cents a Loat in 1890 and it is 5 cents a loaf now. Sirloin Beefsteak was 15yents a Pound in 1890, and it is 16% cents a Pound now. Round Steak was 13.56 cents a Pound in 1890, and it is 15 cents now. Flour was 71.89 cents a half bag m 1890, and it is 78.57 cents now. Mocha and Java Coffee was 25 cents a Poi my in 1890, and it is 22 cents a Pound now. And during All the years Between these two these Staple food products scarcely fluctuated at All for the people must eat even when democracy reigns and ruins. Farm products have risen in value. Eggs were 20 cents a dozen in 1890 and they Are 25 cents a dozen today. From 1890 until now they have gradually increased in a Lute except during the years from 1893 to 1898, during which eggs were demoralized. Pota toes were 23.61 cent ii Peck in i8fi0> and they Are 23.80 cents a Peck today. That Means that More people Are eating what the Farmer raises. The people s surplus savings. The Peoples deposits in All kinds of depositing institutions have increased $3,000,000,000 since Theodore Roosevelt became president and now j reach the enormous total of $11,350,-739,316, the greatest in the history of the country. By far the most of this is in savings Banks and building and loan associations where capitalists and corporations do not Deposit. These deposits Are the surplus savings of the american during the Roosevelt period. And it is tie common Man for whom the american Republic was made the master minds of Trade Are masters still in any land and under any government. But the purpose of american institutions is to give the common Man a Chance. The surplus savings of the common people is More important than the Mammoth profits of the adventurers of finance. The people have saved almost enough Money to again keep them from starvation during a democratic administration. American business then has actually improved and american Prosperity has increased during this great Era of the moral regeneration of american business. And it is not Only a greater business it is a better business. Who does not know that american business is on a sounder basis today because of Roosevelt s enforcement of the Laws who does not know that commercial methods Are More Correct and careful because of the investigations that have been made under order of Theodore Roosevelt a genuine not spurious conservatism. This is genuine and not spurious conservatism. Enterprises that Are floated now Are Well built Seawri thy Craft which will a Veather financial storms instead of ii Otten hulks planned to look like perfect ships but which go to pieces before the Scurry of wind in the first financial Gale. It is safer today for the american people to invest their Money in business enterprises than Ever it avas before. Law enforcement is insurance against collapse of honest Commerce. The chinese is. The american motto. Not Only has business grown healthy As a Ell As great but More historic achievements for the Good of the whole american people have been wrought under Theodore Roosevelt s guidance than during any five years since the declaration of Independence was signed excepting Only the one mightiest period of our history. We have followed not that chinese motto Quot let Well enough alone Quot but that american motto Quot make bad better and better president Roosevelt tirelessly urged the establishment of the department of Commerce and labor. It is the inst important constructive legislation with the exception of three in our history for it is the Agency through which the american people have begun their supervision of american business. Steadily its functions and Powers will grow. Its officers Are men As devoted to the service of the nation As our army is devoted to the Flag. Its investigations have informed the american people of business and Industrial conditions throughout the nation in a manner that would have been declared impossible and revolution i y less than a decade ago. And yet every turning on of the Light has benefited the business of the whole Republic. The nation s regulation of the nation s business. It was the nation s will that president Roosevelt voiced when he demanded that a Law should be passed for the National regulation of railway rates. It was necessary that unjust discrimination should cease that every shipper in this Republic should be treated alike that unjust charges should hot be made for the transportation of the products of the american millions. The railway rate Law will Correct Many of the evils of railway transp i tation. And if it does not Correct them it All the Law will be amended by each succeeding Congress until every wrong and. Eye by evil in railway transportation has been eliminated. For a Hundred Quot years we have been tending steadily nation s control of the nation s business. The products of the people must be hauled from Ocean to Ocean from Gulf to the Dominion from Oregon to Florida from Arizona to Maine. Transportation gives them their value. Therefore railway rates Are a tax on every human being in the Republic. And from this fundamental fact Springs the wrong of exclusively private control of our transportation system and the right of the people who Are thus taxed to have a voice in the conduct of that mighty business. And so it is that the principle of the nation s control of nation wide business is vital. The development will bring both the people s business and the people s government closer to the people which both should serve. And hot a word that Law would today be on the statute books but for Theodore Roosevelt. The railways exist for the nation not the nation for the railways a that is the Maxim of honest profit to the railways and welfare of the nation alike. No Skull and Bones Prosperity wanted Ever since Theodore Roosevelt has been president he has demanded a Lav insuring pure food to the people. Now that Law is on the statute books and the american people have begun a course of legislation which will in the end protect them As Well As tho Lawa of Germany France and Switzerland protect the people of those countries. Makers of poisons under the name of food said that that Law would Quot Hurt bit the business which i f. Such a Law Rould l Urt in rtt to a turt. T i arc Cir let of bits Lesa i Vil 1 i a american Pei in can better j get along without. Nobody has any objection to men making Good sums of Money million i Aires Are ail right a but they Are All right Only when their Money is Mads by honest methods. Industry which is built up by poisoning the people is a curse to the land Prosperity which is based upon fraud is adversity. The american people want no Skull and Bones Prosperity. We want a Prosperity which flies the pockets of our business Man but satisfies his conscience As Well. We want the Prosperity which does not leave a bad taste in the Mouth of the nation. We a ant our Prosperity not Only to be great but also to be pure a Prosperity that v. Ill satisfy our moral sense As Well As our business sense. Out with poisons in our food and in oui business too. President Roosevelt demanded the passage of the employers liability act. This Law. So Eai Nestly demanded by the labor of the country so just Quot in its provisions so humane in its purposes has been urged upon Congress in every the president has sent to us. Finally the Bill passed both houses by practically unanimous votes and is now on the nation s statute books. Humanity is never bad business. Civilization Means the care of Fellowmen. One of the monumental acts in its Benefit to the common people and particularly the Farmers is the lava for free alcohol when denatured. This statute is 4in illustration of the obedience of the american Congress to the will of the nation. Ashen the american people really insist upon a Law a Republican Congress never fails to obey. The meat inspection Law. And none of these Laws comes More directly to the Homes of the than does that historic Law passed in the closing Days of the session which insures the american people As Good meat to eat As the meat we Send to foreign people. Of All the Laws ave passed the Law compelling the packers to give tho american people Hoaltlin meat was the. Most directly vital to every Man. Woman and child in the United slates. Yet when i Drew and introduced the meat inspection Bill the beef Trust the mightiest combination of capital in the land fought it with a resourceful fury that convicted them of the abuse which the Lav was written to Correct. Not Many i Iblis men would be willing to Brave tho Wrath of that Organiza ioji. But Theodore Roosevelt never faltered. Yith a courage like that of Grant at the wilderness president Roosevelt demanded the enactment of a Law that would really give honest inspection and rebuked the attempt to pass a Tricky substitute. The Public opinion of the american millions aroused As it Seldom is aroused was. In the main obeyed and today the United states has the Best melt inspection Law of any nation in the world. Only two things remain to be done to make that Law perfect. No canned convulsions. And so it is that a Republican Congress under the leadership of a Republican president has written into Hitt statute books of the nation a Law a hich places the people s Rood under the inspection of the people s government and another step Forward has been take ii in the i reat movement toward tiie nation s control of the nation s business. Every Man woman and child in America can now buy meat food products i knowing that they Purchase no canned convulsions but wholesome food. And Vuk Hen this great fact is understood not Only will the people s health be improved but the great american meat and cattle Industry will expand into volumes undreamed of now and the packers themselves will find their Prosperity happier because they will know that every Dollar of their vast and swelling profits is As clean As the food they sell to the people. The canal. Ten years ago nobody believed that we would Ever get to work on tho canal. But that great waterway this minute is actually being dug. In less than a decade it will be completed. It is the largest constructive work Ever undertaken by Man. And the legislation the diplomacy and the execution necessary to this mighty Imdorf taking Art among the largest governmental achievements in history. Ail this has been done Uyon the initiative of president Roosevelt. iii keep at it. Bind not his hands. Opposition congressmen and senators mean obstruction not Only to the president s general administration but to the digging of that world waterway. Every Republican vote cast in the United states Means shovels in action in Panama. Do you endorse All this constructive statesmanship of Theodore Roosevelt if you do return a Republican House to support Liim in the future. Do Yop not approve of the business policy of this administration Linjer which the foreign Commerce an Domestic Trade of the american people has reached the highwater Mark if you do Send Back a Republican House to support the president in a continuance of that policy. A House would mean that it would dictate to Theodore Roosevelt and a Republican Senate. Think of John Sharpe Williams of Mississippi a speaker of the House telling Theodore Roosevelt and a Republican Senate what they May do and what they May not do these Are but a few of the import ant constructive Laws enacted during this administration upon either the direct initiative or unyielding demand of president Roosevelt one of them is enough to distinguish any one administration and two or three of theia Are enough to make any one adm ii a traction historic la yet this is both a part of the tremendous work thou present administration has accomplished for the Good of Tjie american people and of the world. For Theodore Roosevelt has wrought mightily in the affairs of other nations work of which the american people Are As proud As they Are of any achievement of american statesmanship. Roosevelt s world statesmanship. No War in the last Century threatened such peril to the world As the conflict Between Russia and . If seemed at first impossible to prevent All of Asia and then All of Europe from becoming involved in the Strugs Jle. That danger to civilization was Avei ted by the agreement confining hostilities to Manchuria. And the mind that conceived that pin and the head t the t executed it was not any state Maii cd Monarch of Oither Europe or asian it vas the president of the american . And then when Japan and Russia were in the ultimate struggle when All nations were Awe struck spectators at the tits la combat there was just one Man great enough to end that tragedy just one Man who saw with the instinct of statesmanship that the hour for into rvs nation had come just one Man in ail tae world rho had the heart to just one Man in All they orld wii. Is willing to Brave the Cei Tain Resi is of failure. That Man was the president of the american people our president yours and mine. Theodore Roosevelt put Forth his hand stayed the frenzy of Battje and said Quot i it there be and by the logic of the situation compelled these great Powers to Lay Down their arms and be friends again. He Rose not Only to the loftiest Heights of statesmanship but became in the interest of the peace of All Mankind one of the heroic figures of history. Ideals and profitable Trade. The Man who would act thus in the interest of the people of the world will always act in the interests of the people of his country. And he will act not Only in their financial interests which Are better cared for today than Ever before but also in the interests of that higher and better life which after All. Makes the existence of an individual or of a people glorious. The doctrines of the new Day that Dav sued for the Republic is not a new theory but the oldest of All gospels and involves not Only All practical precepts of business and of Thrift but also that Maxim of every people s Well being Quot righteousness exal Teth a after All the reign of ideals is harmonious with profitable Trade. Lust As business has not been Hurt but on the contrary has been helped just As our Prosperity has not diminished but. On the contrary has increased just As no threatened panic has arrived but on the contrary financial conditions Are More encouraging than when Theodore Roosevelt of became president so these favourable developments will continue so far As the policy of enforcing the Law is concerned. No panic will be brought upon the american people by requiring All men and corporations to obey the Laws of the land. No honest business cannot be Hurt by enforcement of the Law. Honest business does not thrive on anarchy and disregard of Law is anarchy. Prosperity is not the child of corruption and fraud if business depression Ever comes it will be caused by other forces than a and Justice. The court House is not the enemy of the counting House. Only wrong doers need fear the judge on the Bench and the jury in the Box. The american business wan. The rank and file of american business and most of the leaders of american financial and Industrial life Are the highest Type of commercial Honor in the Ivorid. And this great body of men engaged in honest Trade Wili Wel come the application of that principle which gives life to free institutions the Equality of All before the Law and Over ail the sovereignty of Law. This is the principle which constitutes the very foundation of society itself this the principle which is a Pai t of the very soul of the nation this the principle prize by the immense majority of american business men As the first conditions of All sound Prosperity this the principle by which the inconceivably vast Commerce of this greatest of commercial Peoples and broadest of commercial lands must be carried on now and in the future. This is the principle which not Only renders business secure and Safe but which exalts and ennobled it As Well. And in the name of this principle we ask the american people to approve at the polls the administration which has made that principle its policy. A the glorious american people Torch bearer s of Liberty this american Republic Hope of the world this american land so nobly placed so Rich in All that ministers to human use and happiness that people will not be corrupted by Quot their Prosperity because their Prosperity will be honest and pure that Republic will not decay because its government will be kept close to that people that land will not be spoiled and rifled by crazed efforts for Hasty wealth but made Richer by intelligent Industry and care. Development not exploitation Progress not decadence while Ever brighter shines the Light of that True Freedom which men Call Quot Equality before the Law Quot Onward and upward carried by the american millions As they press Forward in the strength and Joy of righteous living passing by the gods of Gold and leaving behind them the false worship of the broker idols of the Market place a Market place cleansed set in order and regenerated. So shall Jime rican civilization be made immortal and american institutions a increasing a lessons to Nav kind ;