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Williamsport Warren Review Newspaper Archives Oct 13 1898, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - October 13, 1898, Williamsport, Indiana Lassof it devoted to the interests of Willie sport and of Loren county tol. , Wah Uek county India iia thursday october 13, 1&98. A our contributors. J. F. Andy write an interesting article on How to manage business affairs. Michael o Reiley gives his views Ripon tie subject of Church education is. State education. Young Dehart tells about us doings since leaving Clerc in August and gives us a Sietch concerning the loth Ohio regiment. Clint Boggs Nephew it writes from Manila. Tells Jia Tives. About the of Hek interesting items of news men who succeed. A of to e Man who Felt the sting of poverty who has seen the Wolf in his youth and has served an Appi to want is the surest Man to reach the top. Any emergency of misfortune he May encounter cannot throw him Pielow where he started or drop him to a position that lie does not understand and he knows just How to take hold on any t of the Road to enable him to Rise again. He knows All the dangers that Are below him and How to avoid them. His poverty is a Spur to Thrift a stimulant to action that develops his Energy and he soon finds that he can Fay out More work than he can do. He becomes a manager of business and men in a Small Way. Later his business continues to increase until he finds he is working himself to death in try to do or personally of see he finds the highest order of Der stands will bring Good results. He learns to do a Quality of work Aud reasoning that reaches ahead of what he is doing. He organizes and gets rid of the Drudgery because he has Learned All the Many Good lessons it teaches Aud to leave himself More free to originate Aud develop improvements Aud to comprehend results that reach into the future ahead of the Best work that is being done in the organi Zion. This is done by the chief of Iterator in his Clear not overworked Conception of All the highest part of the work with due consideration of Little details in All the departments and by and run Long enough after he is dead give not Only mental but moral meat was in 1896, during the Cen j. To i. a a i i �?�11-1 .1 a a any but ing All. Work confronting him and the calling oat of ii Newe Ift it that of organizing his business in departments and patting the right Man at the head of each department. An energetic Man usually learns to do with his hands first and he has to fight for years the inclination ill himself to try to do it All. A successful Hustler soon finds More Kavork than lie can do. He finds that he must give up doing work with his hands to the much harder work of managing More extensive ait airs. This successful Han worker a manager a next becomes a one Power Man imbued with the idea that every transaction must come under his supervision Aud observation and passed upon by himself. He not Only works himself to death but he interfere with the efficiency of All those who Are under him. He May be a Safe business Man As Long As he lives but if his business rapidly increases he will not live Long unless he takes on the new work of becoming an organizer. He knows the Way to have plenty of Money when quot he wants it is to arrange More Tau one Way to get it before he wants it. And that he must not undertake to Branch out on anything that he can t Atford to All the Money that he will have to put into it and will have to to get out of it for the experience he will get. He should figure it As a pleasure trip that he Atford to take and if it combines successful business Kee it up. If he makes himself conspicuous As a continued Success he must yield this i one in in Power idea and to some extent give no the one Man Power Busine a and become a practical organizer. Learn to know men Wien he sees them and thoroughly organize every Dej arts but of his busily is and Jalace a Man Over each department who knows How to j unit and let him run it holding the manager responsible for results Only. When any employee thinks the business can not be run without him thinks he is the whole thing it is easier to find a better Man in the ranks below him t it take his place acid it better be done at once. While the head May keep up on details Aud a knowledge of How to do he must not himself with it. He must keep himself in the very Best physical and mental condition possible to Deal with emergencies and for a Clear comprehension of the results of each of his departments always having a Reserve Means to make it do Well or Diop it out. He must train himself not to do too much but for a Quality of doing and managing that a Clear head and Bright quot Active not Over worked mind us the Art of combining them reasoning results ahead of that has yet been attained which is continually opening up to the manager of any Well organized business. By his knowing minutely All that has entered his business and built it to a successful condition he knows just How it stands when a difficulty arises he has a matured plan for disposing of it Aud he does not have to encumber his efforts by putting up a temporary defence but assails the anticipated difficulty with a matured plan which renders it not a Difini culty for he was ahead of his business Aud in company with the difficulty As it arose. By the right Choice of Meu the work can be done. If the head of the concern leaves the business for a Short time the managers of the departments feel More keenly their responsibilities and he need not be haunted with the idea that his business will go to eternal smash before he returns. It is hard for him to give up assuming All responsibilities when by his trained jut Glement he realizes How much better he could do the work. Yet he knows he must yield it to others who must have experience in the work. He is sure they will make mistakes which will cause him loss he knows he also made Many mistakes but with his he he thinks theirs May be lessened he also knows that he must keep tab on them and what they Are doing in a general Way quot iid also in a special Way. He perhaps served an apprenticeship in poverty labor Aud managing Small affairs of men and knows How conditions affect them. With this knowledge and experience he May become a successful organizer. He is arriving near the top of proficiency As a business Man. His Good knowledge of men. And experience with men of All classes puts him in a position to lie a successful organizer for he knows More about men than they know about themselves. He has a knowledge of the stuff he has to Deal with that makes failure in possible. He catches the idea of organizing slowly but acts with certainty. The College bred Man though inexperienced understands the idea of organizing. You can hear it howled on the stump Aud in Public meetings by promoters of various schemes who have the right idea. The theory is All right but they Lack the knowledge of the material they live to Deal with because they know so Little of the kind of stuff men Are made of because they cml know their own class they having had so Little to do with men by being Inch be Contact with them especially of the different classes and Only being a f Art of one class they Lack the skill to manage themselves or others. Such men Are visionary. They spend More Money in trying to make their scheme a reality than they can Well do without and their business goes Down for want of Money and experience to run it they blame other people for their failure and never learn that it was the Lack of knowledge and skill to handle the material men with which they tried to build. Bankers and successful financiers and Money loaners realize the greater safety when granting important favors in the Way of Money to do business with to a Man who has his business systematized and its branches and departments so leaded that it can be conducted in Bis absence and will not be disrupted by his death. A Man May be Gofdon Charity Good on dress Jarade make a great show of >usiue88, but if his business is not in such a condition that it will to attract the attention of some financier who will want to buy it he Falls far Short of being a business Success or a financier. The Clear headed old Man need not retire if not overworked. He can if his business is Well organized continue to keep up in the ranks of business and his past experience enables him to do a Little of the Quality of work that will be recognized As a great help to an organization though if it is Well organized it will run a Short time without him yet the old Man will be missed yet he May have lasted longer by working out instead of rusting out. Men who work. The poor Man who tries to Rise in the world begins by acquiring skill to use his hands. He works Early and late and hard work. Then he finds he is developing and can Lay out More work than he can do and he hires help and adds to his work the managing of his business and his men. This he expects to be easier but it is not it is the hardest work a Man can do. He now is the Man that works hardest. A Many who get to the Point of managing a few Inen in a factory farm or office realize How hard the personal responsibility and manag ment is and become discouraged object to doing hard labor and return to the ranks of a common labourer. The Man who is endowed with Energy does not turn Back. He slaves away until he finds his Powers weakening he is working himself to death. Energy says go on. Reason says How can i ? he has become imbued with the one Man Power idea that he must assume All responsibilities and supervise and personally pass of All that is done and it is hard to let go of it but he is reaching his limit of slaving and endurance. He must get up another system or quit. Many Are old enough to retire and they do it. The Young Man of Energy says quot i must organize my business in departments and put a head to each department and i will Only manage the his knowledge Aud experience with men enables him to do it successfully. This is the highest class labor and the easiest. It requires in the operator the highest Quality of management which must come from a Man at his Best and the operator knows that it is Quality not Quality of work that is most particularly desired and that he must keep himself in the very Pink of condition physically and mentally and avoid the Over work and fatigue of any kind that will tend to weaken his highest Aud Best Powers or his clearest reasoning he must make his work Shorter hours Aud easier that it May be better. He can t afford to encumber himself with too heavy a tax and this third and last stage of labor must necessarily be easier. Church education versus education. 3tate la a recent Issue of the Republican the editor argues against the state institutions of learning apparently against Indiana University Purdue University and the state Normal school but really against the entire state system As the common schools the High schools and the higher state schools Are simply parts of one and the same system. Now if the Church schools do better work in the advanced part of an educational system As the editor intimates in the closing sentence of his editorial there is no reason Why they can not do better work in the common Anc High schools. We feel quite sure or. Gregory would admit the Force of this argument. It therefore follows that our entire system of schools should be up under Church control. There seems to be no question about the correctness of this statement our schools should be managed by that institution that provides the Best teachers be it state or Church some objector to whom the writer suggested this plan said quot what Church would you place our system of education under i remarked that that could be Easil settled. Let the churches of the state form some sort of a Union after legislating the schools out o the state s hands and Frame a system of education that would and religious training on a basis alike suitable to the presbyterians the methodists the christians the baptists the catholics and so on. He objected to this Aud said quot you cannot tie the protestants and the catholics on the same i replied that we live in a country where the minority is accustomed to submit. said i quot if the methodist Church outnumbers any other Church in the state would it not be All right to place the education of our children under Liis old and aggressive Church even Kev. T. A. Goodwin of Indianapolis an aged methodist minister in a Little pamphlet against the state University which he is sending out to the legislators of the state very pertinently asks the question quot Why was not the methodist College at Greencastle made the state University instead of the institution at Bloomington quot this question of his has inclined some of the presbyterians christians Etc. To be irritated somewhat. But Why should they be if the methodist Church is the strongest of All it is Best Able to grapple with our great educational questions. Is not that True or. Gregory there is nothing like being Broad minded and other churches should acquire the Broad minded spirit. Should it happen that the Catholic Church prove to be the strongest of All can we not All of us place our children under the care of a Church that gave a Mai Quette a Lasalle a Hennepin and other s of that grand order of teachers the jesuits to spend their lives in a wilderness to christianize a wild and Savage people there is absolutely no trouble in hearing or. Gregory s thundering quot amen quot to hat sentiment. Quot taxes Are heavy quot says or Gregory. Indeed they Are. Now if everything was under Church control those people who want to educate their children would have o for it. After All is there any Justice in our system of state education quot our free school sys As we Call it thousands yes tens of thousands of children in our state attend our free schools simply because the wealthy people have to the taxes to a Large extent to educate them. Why should not the hundreds of pupils in our High schools go where they would have to for their instruction it would help the Church schools along if they were compelled to enter them for training. Last year there were quot Over free thousand students in our two state universities and Normal school Many of whom were As poor As quot Job s Turkey quot struggling to educate themselves there they said because the state gave it to hem. Again Why should the state be axed to educate Over three thousand Young people who would otherwise be compelled to enter and sustain our Church colleges Why should a wealthy Man with no children be compelled to Jay taxes to educate a Host of children belonging to his poor neigh Bor now if we can make a beginning or. Gregory by knocking out the state universities this Winter next the High schools and lastly the common schools we shall soon have the whole state system knocked higher than Gil Roy s Kite after which the Church can step quickly into the work that belongs to it. Strike the entire state system again or. Gregory and let us fight valiantly to put it directly under Church control. Yours truly Michael o Reiley. Tennial. From there he went to Columbus Ohio and became orderly to adjutant Gen. Axline colonel of the 10th V. I. The 10th under the second Call from Ohio was mustered in july 7 at Camp Bushnell Columbus. Dehart left with the regiment in August to join the 2nd corps that were encamped at Middleton pa., and while doing Twenty one Days of guard duty received great Praise. They Are now with the first my. And 35th Mich under Gen Mckibben of Santiago Fame. The regiment has lost 8 by death 40 sick and 30 missing or sick in quarters. The officers and men Are As a Rule from the Best families in Cleveland Cincinnati Zanesville and Springfield. Of naval reserves artillery and cavalry As Well As infantry being the Only organization thus fixed in the Volunteer army. The regiment will soon go to Alabama thence to Cuba the last of this month Dehart is drilling a crack company in Middleton of y. M. C. A., cadets. His old regiment the 17th regulars lost their old colonel. Gen. J. S. Poland also Gen. Haskell of co. G and other officers. Dehart reports himself Well pleased with his present condition. B. Dehart son of our major we. Dehart who returned Here after three years service in the 17th regulars u. 8. A. And remaining through june and july left aug. 3rd and the review gives its readers a Brief review of his movements since that time. On leaving the service he received an honorable discharge and waited Here some time expecting a third Call would be made but he grew restless and finally decided to re enter the service anyway and having gained rest Here left visiting his Uncle col. R. P. De Hart at Lafayette thence to it Wayne and Vicinity from there to Cleveland o., visiting the Range a White s farm and camping place Euclid Heights where his regi our townsman d. C. Boggs handed the review a copy of the times published at Kankakee 111., from which we obtain extracts from letters written by private Chas. Spray of the 18th regulars who is a Nephew of or. Boggs the letter is dated july 31st and contains in part quot we left san Francisco june 14th and arrived Here july 16th after it tedious trip i had the meals and was sick nine Days. An enlisted Man and second lieutenant of my company died with them and were buried at sea. The expedition steamed into Manila two weeks ago today but we did not disembark for four Days then we lauded within eight Miles of the capital Island where there were thousands of Spanish soldiers quartered. Day before yesterday we advanced within a Mil of Manila and dug entrenchments or at least the engineers corps did while we stood Juard and we stood in firing line All night. Three times during a he night we were driven behind he breastworks by an overpowering number of the enemy but morning found us As far advanced As Ever. The american forces included 400 infantry and a Battery of ight artillery the Astor Battery while the enemy were estimated at 1,000. The loss inflicted to them must have been great for they had their Flag half Mast yesterday morning. We were relieved yesterday morning by another brigade and returned to Camp to rest up. Firing on the lines can be heard night and Day and we expect to make the final assault in a few Days if they do not surrender. Referring to the people of Manila or. Spray says i cannot Call this god s country for it is inhabited by people who Are a Cross Between a Cannibal and a Baboon. When they eat they sit Down on to Weir haunches like a dog and take their rituals out of a sort of wooden plate with their fingers. The principle subsistence is Rice with the meat of the horse or water Buffalo. The houses Are constructed of Bamboo with a roof of Palm leaves. There Are no floors. The Beds Are about four feet off the ground. Fruit is plentiful and consists of bananas oranges coconuts and bread fruit. We Are within two Hundred Yards of the Beech and can go surf bathing every night in the China sea we have lots of rain Here it showers on an average of six times a Day. It does not get Muddy however As the soil is Sandy. The soldiers Wear summer clothing in fact nothing but our under clothes when off duty. The clothing of most of the natives consists of a Breech clout while some go around in nature s garments. Fruit raising. What is being accomplished in Warren county. Or. And mrs. R. C. Shone of Prairie township were in Williamsport last saturday and while Here called upon the review. In the course of a few minutes conversation we gained some information regarding their fruit raising. They own an eighty acre farm in Prairie township and while they raise Corn and other crops they devote much time and attention to the culture of fruit. Or. Shone came Here from the new Jersey fruit country about eighteen years ago and is thoroughly versed in the culture of All kinds of fruit. About eleven years ago he began putting out Trees and vines and he is just beginning to realize an income from Many of the Trees first set out. This year peaches were raised that measured fourteen inches in circumference and various kinds of berries Are raised each year that undoubtedly surpass any fruit in the county. Or. S. Has demonstrated that California fruit can be raised in Warren county having produced some that surpasses the Best fruits of that state. Or. Shone should be invited to read a paper on the subject of fruit raising at our approaching Farmers Institute. Hotel Imi to Yemen. A of attorney c. A. I Cadams has been for some time the improve Merit of his hotel property the and he has finally decide ii upon the plans and has closed a contract with Ben Bush who began operations monday morning. The plans have been materially changed from those he had figured upon at first and As announced in the review several months ago. He had hoped to make a Brick front and otherwise improve the property on a scale to conform with his tastes and wishes but found it impossible to lease it at a Price that would warrant making the investment so the appropriation had to be made to Contorni with the rate of rental that could be secured however the hotel will be greatly improved under the plans finally adopted. The building will be raised eighteen inches moved Back twelve feet and a wide veranda built in front covering both stories. Six rooms will be added to the rear and the inside will be modernized. The office will be made about double its present size the dining room changed and the second floor will be improved. When All is completed Wil Liam Spotwill have a better hotel than most towns of its size. Hon of the 1 resident. It is now understood that president Mckinley will be in Indiana next Friday october 21, Aud that he will be in Indianapolis from 9. To 10 o clock on that Day. It is expected that a grand demonstration will be going on throughout the state during the hour mentioned. Let us see that Williams port and Warren county has arrangements made to join in the demonstration. Let s Burn some powder blow every steam whistle and ring every Bell in the co Unity in Honor of our president s visit and to let the world know that the Warren county people Are ready to act in Accord with the administration. Kel publican meeting. The Central committee has arranged for a meeting to be held in the court House on saturday evening oct. 22, to be addressed by the Hon. Dan Waugh of Tipton or. Waugh is one of the leading speakers sent out by the state Central committee and we will hear a Good speech. Everybody turn out. Doors open at 7 30. A nurse tkv. There will be work in the second degree at the k. Of a. Ii Odge tonight. Members Are requested to meet at 7 p. M. Sharp. A Nursery has been established at the m. E. Church for tie convenience of people having Small children and desiring to attend Church Are compelled to take them with them. A room is provided and a competent person will take charge of the Little ones if they become restless and fretful. Don t miss the performance at the opera House tonight. K Al i a a a quot .it,�.�,-"

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