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Williamsport Warren Review Newspaper Archives May 19 1898, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - May 19, 1898, Williamsport, Indiana I a do voted to the interests of and a Furren county. Vol. , War beast county in by a a thursday May 19, 1898. Kumber 21.old maid s convention. A of everybody out to see the Voltl mails at the new opera Otise tuesday Kven iii. Fink Flower skills a Kane tab lat is. The performance tuesday evening at the new opera House was Given under the auspices of the ladies of the methodist Church. For some time the ladies connected with that Church and of the other churches of this City had been practising hard in the preparation of this piece under the direction and leadership of mrs. We. Dehart and mrs. Coffran. It May be called an extravaganza play on account of the irregularity of the costumes and display of extravagant Gay colors in the make up of the 40 old maids who took such extraordinary pains to look Beautiful and pleasant. We cannot speak too highly of the merits of the play which was an assured Success from the Lively interest taken by All the participants. The music was furnished by miss Lodie Atkinson of Pine Village performing on the piano and Lulu and Bert Statzell on the violins with Carl Statzell on the violin cello also mrs. Durborow As pianist and Madaline and Lawrence Durborow on the violin. The drills and marches were accompanied by miss Florine de Hart on the piano. Mrs. W. B. Durborow was the inventor of the rejuvenating machine with misses Grace Darling and Edna Moissner As two specimens accompany iii her. Who Hac gone through the process. The rejuvenating machine was a highly commendable one and could not fail to result in great Good As was seen How boxing and Beautiful All were transformed. The Flower drills in which sixteen Young ladies took part was Well executed and the accuracy with which those drills were accomplished was a Fine sight to be hold. Chester Llos Siter our Young lawyer acted As reporter and was an unnoticed and unwelcome Visi tor at the session but that appeared not to be the Case when one o the old maids boldly confronted him and clasped her arms around his neck. He acted his j Art admirably. The Solo by mrs. Coffman was rendered credibly and was As wer All the other parts of the program heartily applauded. There were two Tableaux wit mrs. L. G. Coffman As Centra figure. After this All took Par in a grand finale singin Quot America Quot with a grand display of our National colors. All who were the recipients o Quot such a Good time Quot will not soon forget the More valuable impressions upon their minds created by the practical illustrations of old Maiden Hood As exemplified by the principles taught at the old maid s convention. It is understood that in the neighbourhood of Sloo was taken in at the door. De Orange Engineer for the Excelsior Mills is having a slight attack of the rheumatism. People in Manila cannot enjoy the Fine evening breezes of late that sweep Over their grand Island because it is said its too Dewey. Stewart Gill left yesterday for Columbus Indiana to visit two Brothers and a sister residing Lere. He has not seen his Brothers in forty five years. The Bugle Calls to Clear for acid a our flying Squadron Rong amp Swank Calls your Atten Lon to the Wall paper they offer or 5 cents per bolts it is Fine on t miss a bargain. Frank Brier while blowing Corn on his farm in Pine township last week slowed up six Large Bull snakes from five to seven feet Long. Our informant thinks he must Lave had snakes in his boots. The naval views offered by the Leview Are works of Art. They Are Worth five times the Price asked and cannot be obtained direct rom the publishers at less than fifty cents each. Obtained through the preview they Cost you but 10 cents a copy. Thirty two pages in each number. Quot they a chapter on gossip its. People who weds per confident iii lines in the Community about Ali eur neighbors. A grand Celebration will be Leld at Lafayette july 4. At the air grounds�?s700 will be offered in the purses for the races on that Day. The Speed events will be a ree for All Pace. S200 2 35 Pace s150 2 22 trotting 8200 2 45 rotting �150. A balloon ascension and other attractions will be included in the program. The Many friends of Burton Warner formerly clerk for a. C. Mitchell of this City will be pleased to know that he has accepted a position As assistant postmaster and stenographer at the Indiana Mineral Springs ind. Or. Warner was stenographer for j. C. Sallee advertising manager Sterling remedy company Attica ind. Burt s friends in Lafayette wish him every possible , courier. A value Orinion d on the subject. Have you Ever noticed that there is always a Story in circulation about someone ? a confidential whispering through the Community about some citizen and everyone is admonished not to say anything about it and finally everyone knows it but the person in question. In this Way people Are convicted of crimes in the mind of the Public without Chance to explain matters. Upon this subject the Goodland Herald has the following which is worthy a careful perusal and consideration Quot they say Quot is quite popular in Goodland As it is in other towns and of course is the shield behind which the Traduce hides. A More sneaking cowardly fiendish liar than Quot they say Quot does not exist that personage is a Universal scape Goat for personal gossip envy and malice without form o flesh and blood when invoked Anc yet stalking boldly in every Community. The character is a myth and yet real intangible and be from an exhaust less quiver its poisoned arrows from Day Day. And no mail is proof no character position or sex escapes no Sanctuary is too sacred no Home is bulk asked against its As saults. Theu one base hear willies to assail some person character or motives Quot they say is always invoked. That is the Assassin who strikes in the dark the thug who haunts the footsteps of the offender and tortures from careless word or deed an excuse for the stiletto. Men dare no reveal their own feelings. Wit smiles and pretended Friendship they present the Enven Omed Shaf As coming from Quot they be sure that a a Hen some villainous tale is told you Aid the Hereof cannot give an author More John of Judy wife and daughters returned from Ohio tuesday. Or. Hess lice killer sold by e a Hottenstein kills lice on All kinds of animals. Wings improved service. The Quot Continental ,&Quot a Mannl ficut Neil train to new Yort Over to get the Tippecanoe rifles from la Ayette co. C. 16gth regiment it monday night for Chickamauga. A full line of new silk and Wool dress goods just received at Bettie upholds including All the latest novelties. Popular prices. If the Battle of Manila was Quot ought at 5 o clock a. M., sunday May 1, it was about 3 30 p. M., saturday a pril 30, Here. Miss Ida Adair who has been staying with her Uncle Frank in this City for some time has returned to her Home in Indianapolis. Spring movers and everyone cleaning House should Bear in mind that to prevent disease the Walls of the House should be cleaned and to do so they should be covered Over with some of Armstrong amp Swank s Fine Wall paper. To to c03iaience>ient conc text. On thursday evening May 26th the High school chorus composed of pupils selected from the High school and lower grades As Well As a number of persons outside of the school will give the Quot cantata of the Mouths and seasons Quot consisting of solos trios choruses Tableaux and a number of Beautiful drills. The Public in town and surrounding country Are cordially invited to patronize. The proceeds of the entertainment Are to be applied to the Purchase of apparatus. Popular prices of admission 25, 20, and 15 cents. I Gible than Quot they say Quot for it j in the slander is the creation of be heart l y your Side and reeking with the Poison of envy and hatred and Earnest with a Wisla to have be falsehood of Quot they say Quot Bud into reality and become current Coin in the Community. Quot they say Quot is As cowardly As it is false and fiendish a phantom creation which smiles while letting Loose a Brood of vipers to crawl in your path and blast by their venom. O retail the stories of Quot they say Quot is to sneak behind an incan Ible personage and put in circulation the infamous and a oculus calumnies which from raw a Erial Are forged nearer Home. Big House on the evening of the 26th inst. Fok state to Easuke. The greatest special dry goods and carpet Sale Ever inaugurated. Its the Puzzle Sale now going on at j. Frank Mcdermond s. Don t miss it there was never anything like it. Go and be convinced Frank Mcdermond never does things by halves. 21-5 sunday at the E. Church. Oavie in. Flynn of Tufa Yette. Will be a candidate before the state convention. Morning class meeting at 9 30. Sunday school at 2 30. Lookout for a Surprise by the superintend pendent. Pastor preaches in the evening on the subject Quot the mind the Standard of the for some time David h. Flynn of Lafayette has been in consultation with his friends at Home and throughout the Ste with the View of announcing himself As a candidate for the office of state treasurer and he last week decided to enter the race. Or. Flynn is Well equipped to fill the position to which he aspires and he is a Republican who has earned a reputation through his Devotion to his party a Man who has spent his time and his talents when the party was in need such he has a record and if the Opportunity is Given him to Fil the office he will give his neigh Bors and friends and the state record As a state officer that we shall All be proud of. If we mis take not or. Flynn will Cut an important figure in the approach ing state convention. Armstrong amp Swank seem have the Lead in the paint Trade in Williamsport it is reported from Good authority that they have sold three tons of the fair Good White Lead this Spring and i painting has just begun it is because they give the Best Price. John Jacob Astor has been appointed to be inspector general of the United states army with the rank of Liei tenant colonel. He knows nothing whatever about military affairs and very Little about anything else. We have a great Many experienced men Anc they should be Given a Chance in st \ id of a lot of Greenier. Fresh store no s will be found in the space occupied by j. Frank Mcdermond. The Power of persistent purpose keeps the store in the Lead. Keeps it Busy because it deserved to be Busy. Keeps it growing and grow it will so Long As it deserves to. Keeps the stocks at full tide of completeness. Keeps prices fair. The store news from this great establishment leads even the War bulletin boards in interest. Last week the Lafayette Bridge co., secured a s9,500 Bridge con act for the construction of the lick incr River at Poi i a Wabash system. People who live along the lines of the Wabash system realize that none of the great railway lines of the country furnish More thorough or better train service. It has always been the most capable Inan aged the Best equipped and the most accommodating of roads and there has been nothing lacking to maintain the highest place in the popular esteem of lie people this new move of he management will add still further to the achievements and reputation of the Road. It is the announcement of putting on anew ast train to connect the system with new York the objective of All roads leading to any part of he East. The train is to be called by the appropriate title of the Quot Continental limited Quot and is to run from st. Louis to new York via Peru Detroit and suspension Bridge it will be one of the finest and fastest trains traversing the Central and Eastern states and will reflect in every detail the superiority of the Wabash system. The Road did a great thing when it extended its lines from Detroit to Buffalo and this announcement of a train to go still farther and reach the great Metropolis of the country shows the progressive and enterprising spirit that is now in control. The relaying of the track with eighty Pound steel and the Purchase of the monster new locomotives the finest in the country now explain themselves As part of the far seeing policy with which the Wabash is b managed. With the men in control of the executive department and those of the operating and traffic departments together with the perfect equipment and discipline it is plainly evident that the Quot Continental limited Quot will be the finest and most talked of train in the count y from the first week of its running just As the fast mail train from Toledo to st. Louis has been for years. Ossian Tabourn made a business trip on Liis bicycle to different places in Illinois last week. Be sure to see Bettie Luppold s new line of dress goods in the latest styles of silk and Wool novelties. Quot never go to bed with cold feet Quot says a medical journal. But suppose she refuses to warm them ? the work on the test Well for the water works has not progressed very rapidly on account of the High water in the River. Choruses of 100 voices in the Quot cantata of the months Ard seasons Quot at opera House thursday evening 26th inst. Three train loads of Illinois soldiers Enio Ute to Washington passed through Here yesterday morning Over the Wabash. Rev. J. Shagley will preach a memorial Sei Mon at the Carbon Dale Church sunday morning. May 29, at 10 o clock. A general invitation is extended to All. Sailor Sells perfection Oil at 10c. Bettie Ridge Over Butler Lucky. Pendleton county Ken Wall i kicks. During the civil War Corn was $2 a Bushel wheat �3.50, Wool $1.10 a Pound Cotton 81.90 a Pound Anthracite Coal $15 tier ton flour l>12 per barrel and butter 60 cents per Pound. With the exception of Cotton however none of the prices was due really to Scarcity of products. None of the Northern towns were besieged As was Paris in 1870, shutting off Access to necessities and none of the Northern Fields were ravaged by sword or fire. Production North of the Potomac went in pretty much As usual. The enormous increase in prices was the result of an inflated and discredited currency which fluctuated sharply and incessantly. No one could Tell what the paper Dollar he held today would be Worth tomorrow. The government had no Gold with which to redeem its notes and every reverse to the Union army served to Send Doton the value of the notes measured in Gold and to increase prices All around. In july 1864, the value of these notes in Gold touched 35 cents. The Rule of wheat. A of it is very difficult for a a pub Licau or a sound Money Democrat to mention the Price of wheat right now without making the free Silver Man who overhears him think immediately that he is talking politics. Nevertheless the preview desires to say a few More things concerning the Price of wheat for the edification of those who less than two years ago adhered to the belief that wheat and Silver were inseparable companions bound together by an indissoluble tie. Last week May wheat went to is .85 in the Chicago Market. At the same time mexican dollars bearing upon them t be stamp of a free Independent and according to the arguments of the Silver men prosperous nation sold in the Market for less than 45 cents and bar Silver brought Only 55 cents an ounce. It was one of the contentions of the late prof. Harvey of the great institution of general and practical economics. Coin s financial school that the Price of an ounce of Silver varied Only slightly from the value of a Bushel of wheat and that As Silver went Down wheat necessarily went Down with it. The review does not expect to convince any Silver Man of the fallacy of his pet theory by the presentation of these facts. Silver men never did have much respect for facts anyhow. But there is a certain pleasure found in calling attention to them. Look for bargains at Luppold s bargain counter. girls for general House work at new Falls House. We have made Covington the Best Wool Market in Leader. 19-3 kills lice Oil chickens kills lice on Colts and All fowls and animals or. Hess lice killer. Sold by e. L. Hottenstein. at Pekk Osville. On tuesday night of last week the residence of Thomas a. Smith at Perrysville was entered by burglars. Or. And mrs. Smith who Are quite old people were aroused by a noise and awoke to find a Light burning and men in the room. Under cover of revolvers they were Blind folded Anci told to remain quiet. The burglars after ransacking the Home and securing about Twenty dollars in Cash and a Gold watch proceeded to chloroform the old couple and after getting them under the influence they prepared a meal in the Kitchen and after partaking left. Or. Smith awoke about o clock and gave the alarm but o course the burglars had been gone some time. Wednesday de Hottenstein re. Cei Ved word to come with the blood hounds. They arrived noon and immediately took up the Trail and followed it oat to the depot around the elevator and a the Railroad. They kept right on up through Gessie and Riley Burg into Danville where the Trail disappeared in the multitude of Railroad tracks. Uncle Joe Thomas returned tuesday from Indianapolis. He remained until the departure of his son to Chickamauga who is a member of one of the Volunteer companies from Indiana. There will be a meeting at the Fink school House. May 21, at 7 30 p. M., and sunday May 22, at 10 30 ., at which time eve. D. A Brubaker will perform the Christian baptism. A free permit for military or naval service will be granted on request by the John Hancock on All polices issued since april 21st those issued prior to that Date have no War clause in them. A sixty foot Derrick has been raised at the Stone Quarry to facilitate a better handling of arge stones. It will be in opera Don by next week and then the work of loading and taking out Stone will Progress More rapidly although an average of four car oads a Day Are being shipped to hic ago. Judy amp Titus have a new business announcement in this Issue Lere Are found Price Powers that Are wonderous High class values that Are stunners. They have set out to break All records and axe found to eclipse All efforts. Half he Comfort of having a thing is to have it when you want it. If you Haven t the ready Money you get the Quot ready credit Quot at this store. The Indiana University glee club of which our townsman a. Wayne Hanson is a member has accepted an engagement at Cincinnati. The club will visit Cincinnati tuesday june 28, where they will give a concert in one of the most prominent churches of the City. The next night they Oien for a week s engagement at Lexington ky., where they fill a Chautauqua engagement. Sunday services at the Christian Church. Sunday school at 9 . Preaching at 10 30. Subject Quot the Christian Endeavor at 6 30 . Subject Quot Christ our Model Quot Matt. 10 24-25. Miss Lura Briggs Leader. Preaching at 7 30, subject Quot the Welcome All Are Welcome. Of special interest to ladies. We Are now manufacturing our own line of Duck skirts crash and Marsailles skirts. Also shirt waists and wrappers. We guar Rantee a perfect and satisfactory fit. People who have bought our make of capes and skirts Are perfectly satisfied. Come and see the line whether you buy or not. Bead our big and in this paper. Thos. Hemphill amp bito.,. Attica ind

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