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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - June 2, 1898, Williamsport, Indiana H the Warre devoted to the interests of find of Loren county. Vol. , Wae Reis to Mdian i a thursday jul i a 2, 1898. La umber s3. Memorial Day. Y it s Observance at will Airport attended with impressive ceremonies never before witnessed Here a splendid address Talib. By never since the observation of memorial Day was a greater interest taken by everyone in carrying out tie program marked out than last monday. From everywhere comes the report indicating that it was the greatest memorial Day in the history of the country. Here the attendance was larger and the exercises More interesting than any previous occasion of the kind. The exercises were conducted with an impressiveness which carried a new lesson to the younger generation and kindled afresh the fires of patriotism in the breasts of the veterans. Promptly at 1 30 p. M., As per previous announcement the procession was formed at the court House headed by Joseph h. Gallaher officer of the Day escorting the Hon. J. Abb orator of the Day followed by the band and the g. A. R. The line was taken up and the marchers proceeded to the opera House where the exercises were conducted in a most impressive manner. The band placed upon a High platform at the rear of the stage opened the exercises followed by an invocation by eve. Clark after which came the regular service of the g. A. R. Post conducted by commander Isaiah Smith. The choir composed of a selection of the Best musical Talent from the various Church organizations then Sang after which came recitations by the misses Mammie Prather and Minnie Smith and or. William Dehart All of which were Well received. The choir then appeared the second time after which Hon. Ele Stansbury chairman of the Day introduced Hon. Joseph m. Rabb who delivered a splendid address which appears in full in another column. Or. Roibb is not a speaker Avob indulges in flights of oratory but remarks were sound logical and eminently appropriate to the occasion and Are reproduced in these columns for the edification and Benefit of review readers. At the close of the judge s remarks the choir again Sang after which the audience dispersed and the line of March was again taken up and the procession proceeded to the cemetery where the balance of the program was carried out in the usual manner. Flowers were in profusion every adhere. The opera House com Manittee performed their part Well in the matter of decorations. Flowers flags banners and pictures were tastefully arranged forming a combination that was most inspiring to the vast audience assembled. The band appeared in Good form furnishing Nice music for the occasion. Thanks to John Amer Man for the Effort put Forth. All Wabash employees including agents and operators came out in their new Blue uniforms last sunday. John f. Judy last wednesday sold 34 buggies 17 horses and 19 sets of harness at Jud Yville. This is certainly a sure Sigil of Prosperity. Closing of the schools. A of the Williamsport schools closed last Friday with the usual exercises at the Assembly Hall. The cantata Given at the opera House thursday evening in lieu of their being no graduating class this year was a grand Success. A arge part of the schools participated in the choruses and drills leading citizens taking part in the performance. A Large audience was assembled at the opera House and the entertainment was a most enjoyable one. De Rabb s memorial Day address. Delivered at the opera House in Williamsport monday nay 30,1898. Snyder and Neff comrades and citizens decoration Daj has come to us this j ear under Pecini Jearly i instances. Under circa instances that Viive a meaning Force and emphasis to tie g ocasion which it never had before. It opines to is this year As it never did before with our country end Majied in War with the stirring notes of Bugle and drum calling our Gallant sons to Battle for our hag sounding in our ears and a vague apprehension for their Safe return filling our hearts. I have been among those who sincerely believe that our civilization had reached that High plane when wars among enlightened nations was a thing of the past. I fondly believed that the Wisdom of this age was sufficient to devise a method by which International disputes could be settled without the shedding of human blood without tie breaking of human hearts. The wish was perhaps father to the thought but 1 did Hope Liat this blessed consummation had at last in the Progress of the world s civilization been readied i am not unmindful of the great Good that has come to the world As the result of wars and How much they have done for the Liberty and Elevation of Mankind and How necessary under thes existing circumstances Uliey have been. Still on principle i am opposed to War generally. It is a terrible instrumentality. It is Force and violence and cruelty personified and can Only be justified As a last resort for the accomplishment of a High and Noble purpose. Never while memory holds its place in my brain can 1 forget tie four Long wearisome years when the Black Clouds of War Hung like a funeral pall Over our land. When every Breeze that blew from the South was heavily Laden with news of Battle and carnage when anxious eyes eagerly scanned the columns of each Day s newspaper seeking for something they feared to find the name of some dear one a father or son a husband or brother or sweetheart among the Long lists of killed wounded or missing in Battle and when too often the search was not in vain. When the very air was Rife with fearful rumours and the whole nation stood in dreadful expectation of what the next Day or hour would bring for i when every Day the lives of thousands of the Best and bravest wore thrown away like broken toys when blood was cheaper than water and treasure than leaves on the Trees when the land was filled with tears and mourning when no Wisdom could penetrate the gloominess of the hour and foretell what the future had in store for our people. And when this bitter cup had passed from the nation slips when the glorious Sunshine of Sweet peace at last dawned through the Mui by Clouds of War upon us i devoutly trusted that i and none who came after me should Ever again hear the Tocsin of War sounded in our land that 1 should never again read a proclamation of the president of the United states calling our citizens to arms in defense of tie hag. I never expected to see the Day when i should be called upon As my father and Mother had been before me to bid my own dear boy Good Bye and see March away in the garb of a i Soldier to fight the Battles of this country perhaps never to come Back to me. And 1 feel myself in a position now my comrades to realize in some measure the emotions of our fathers and mothers when they bade us Good Bye and saw us March away from them into the smoke of that terrible conflict a generation ago. And i am brought to a full realization of my mistaken belief in the Efficacy of the Wisdom and enlightenment of the age to prevent wars among the nations of the Earth and to know that we As a nation Are not exempt from War that in the jostling Battle of life this condition is liable to come Myjon is. We know not when and can scarcely understand How that wars Are still sometimes a necessity. 1 do not believe that my country has Ever yet engaged in a useless or unnecessary War nor one out of which the most fruitful results for the goo i of Mankind has not come and i Pray that she never May. The War of our revolution was Neces say one word that would tend to keep sary. It was the most important event alive in the heart of any Man. Woman or pos Osses these credentials Are Vrol coins to its fold to matter what Fortunio or Ped Creo. Hero a Imp esst i of the Century in which it occurred and child the bitterness born of that most ?. Til Quot for its results and their in nuance upon unhappy struggle. Aro you and what have you done Inu Othor the political Freedom of Mankind it was tie deep wounds inflicted by that All he a Indus country in the world Lihs the the most important event that Ever did bloody fratricidal War have by the gen to it to occur in the cycles of tiu�6 tig to illustration of Tholt ton Crest of acid you Havo Only to opon your eyes and look it was necessary to bring into iii iras. The Universal priv Sickau of time you to know that this is True and it is life this great Republic of ours been thoroughly healed or and every c i axe and what a Hood of Honor and glory intelligent Man who took part in the they who founded it have reflected up struggle on either Side can now look on themselves and their posterity not it All Ca Hilj and dispassion Only their Sublime courage and Forti lately. We of the North Antl our Broth of tude upon the Battle Fields of that Long and desperate struggle but by Liat higher and nobler moral courage displayed by them in openly renouncing their allegiance to their King and Mother country and without even a govern ers of the South can now each do the other even handed Justice each can weigh and measure the motives of the other in True and honest Scales. No Man who fought to uphold the starry Banner of our fathers can with mental organization army Navy arms hold from them who tried so fiercely to or Money bidding Defiance to the Strong tear it Down the just need of Praise est and wealthiest and most warlike and admiration for their splendid Cour nation on the Globe and not Only in this but above that and beyond ail in the face of a world governed exclusively by kingly authority in announcing As a Basic principal for All Gover Inetal authority that All such authority in the people and that governments among men could Only derive their just Powers from the consent of the government and upon which i it principle they proposed to found a nation. It was this promulgation of this principle by our fathers the courage with which it was maintained upon tie Battle Field and the splendid Success of their Experiment that has liberalized the government and enlarged the right of the people of every civilized nation in the world Rodathe exam les of those old fathers of the be Public has served As an inspiration to nerve the Arm of every Patriot who has struck a blow for Liberty in All the subsequent Battles of the world and it has been an inspiration to every Man who a fought under country s banners from that Day until this and it will continue to be an inspiration to every Man who shall raise hand in defense of our glorious hag As Long As it shall continue to wave applause and today my comrades and fellow citizens we want to remember them with Pride and profound gratitude. And As the War of the revolution was necessary to establish our government so the War of the rebellion was necessary. Under the circa instances then , to maintain and perpetuate the Union. If we could All have seen things then with the same Clear vision that we can now it might have been avoided but that was impossible and the War was also Intel Quot necessary to remove from the pathway of this Republic dedicated to Liberty the stumbling Block of human slavery that stood like a Rock in our Wajs a constant menace to the Perl it equity of our Union the stability of our government and presenting a question upon which our people by education interest and prejudice were divided by such Strong and bitter feeling that it could be removed Only by an Appeal to arms. And what a sea of blood and tears it Cost to move that stumbling Block from our path. No other War in modern times has evinced such heroic Cou Raire and fortitude none other has entailed sui i dreadful loss of human life. It Cost this nation tiie lives of five Hundred thousand of its Best and bravest citizens to say nothing of the broken hearts and maimed and broken bodies of the survivors to establish the supremacy of the nation and to place it upon a firm and enduring basis and to wipe from our National Escutcheon the foul blot of human slavery and that citizen who Bias no appreciation of this enormous sacrifice who feels no Pride in the valor and courage displayed by our citizen soldiers upon the Battle Field ought to be excluded from the privileges of american citizenship he is unworthy to stand under the folds of the Flag age in Battle their fortitude and patient endurance of unparalleled hardships and privations nor can it be denied but that they were moved by As pure and lofty patriotism mistaken though it undoubtedly was As Ever animated the heart of Man. Arid on the other band i am conally certain Liat every Intilli Pfent Man who Foini lit with such undaunted courage such unswerving Fidelity under the stars an i bars can now in Trio Drift it Light of this Day and age. Since the Scales of prejudice have fallen Froni. Their eyes see the ter tile mistake of it All every one can now plainly see that there is no room in our skies and never was for but one hag no Wilace on the Nisi of our country and never was for but one National of forlorn nent and Liat Flag the a Beautiful Banner set allot by our fathers and that nation Preat rei Blic founded by our Colimon ancestors up House and i am both of a id and proud to believe Niy comrades Liat today the sons of to a Nien to met on the Battle Fields of the South years a of will stand Sli Oulder to shoulder wit ii your son and mine under the old Lias with the same loyalty and courage and will do what so Many of our Brave comrades did thou if need to die in its defense. In look ii Back Over the past history of our country and in consider info All the sacrifices that have Boon made to erect and maintain this government of mrs and in comparing them with the results attained to us As a Phoide and to the worhol at Law 1 cannot help but feel that the sacrifice has not Jeen in vain and that great As they have been tio results attained have Boon Fuu compensations from them All. If it were permitted the spirits of the dead to revisit the scones of their earthly habitat a and All the heroic spirits that went out on the Battle hold of the revolution and the countless thousands of Brij it you if lives Liat were snuffed out like candles in the in fit upon the innumerable bloody Battle Fields of the civil War could see this Republic today and could know and understand strength and Power and iii Nice Anions the nations of the Earth and and fully understand the Freedom Hap jii Ness and Prosperity of its people they would feel that to Weir supreme sacrifice Lead not been in vain Graves they would rest Content in their bloody every walk of life among us came from the ranks of the common people. The president of the United states today and three fourths of the men who have filled that a alted position in the past have come up from the ranks. The greatest Man Wiio Ever filled the presidential chair the one most loved and admired whose memory is most honoured and revered and Whoso name will live Lincoln applause came up from the lowest depth of poverty. He was a typical american typical in the greatness of character of the greatness of our people. Typical in life and history of the opportunities afforded by this country and its institutions to the poor Man and to the poor mans child. Them in who stands at the head of our army today was thirty seven years ago a cheap clerk in a Boston dry goods store and the men Olio Are the head of our great enterprises our Groat scientists great writers Groat doctors great jurists and even our great divines and the Learned professors in our schools and colleges for the most part worked their was up from the foot of the ladder. In the race of life Here in America it is purely a question of the survival of the fittest. The child of the poor has just As Good a Chance if not a Little better to win out As the child of the Rich because to a americans love a self made Man. There is something in us that makes us want to push tie boy that fights own Battles and the humblest Labouring Man in All Liis land when he goes Home at night to lie Down to rest from hi.= weary labor this blessed Assurance Liis comforting Hope with that if my lot in life has been a hard and Humble one there is a Chance for my boy or my girl to climb to the Topmost round of the ladder it is a fact that should to borne in mind today. That the american people Are tho wealthiest in tho world both in tho aggregate and the general dissemination of tho wealth among the masses. The great mass of our people enjoy More of the comforts and luxuries of life than Are enjoyed by any other. We Havo better Homos we Wear bettor clothes we Havo better things to eat and More of them we Are better educated we Reail More to travel about and see More we think More and know Moro than any outlier people and i am proud to say that tho Ameri Cali people not Only know More but Are bettor in heart As Well As intellect than any other people in the world. Applause Moro conscientious and More generous. Never does the cry of suffering humanity Roach the ears of the american people but what it is promptly and generously responded to no matter where it comes from. And when to consider the by which we As a nation and a people Are surrounded it should and it does fill our hearts with gratitude to the Bravo men who gave their lives to Mako possible for us these Happy conditions. It makes to Prond that i am an american citizen and it fills me with Confidence for the future of my country when 1 observe the reverence in which those who fight the Battles of the Republic Are held. It is an ancient Maxim that republics Are ungrateful but this Maxim can have no application to the United states of America. Never Quot in i believe that the greatest Boon that can pos the history of the world has such generosity Sibly come to any child born into this world is shown As this Republic has heaped upon its the its birth place shall be american and its &Quot<5fen> ers. In almost every City in oar land you Law ight cit lion lip. He years of i to not Only believe that to i Ossias the fair their life in tue imi itary service of her majesty est land tho richest in its natural resources tho Quot let Ueen of great Antian or majesty the most divers lied in climate and soil the most i Nipo ror of Normany or the Czar of All Russia Beautiful in natural scenery that the sunlight a of them covered with scars received in of heaven Over fell i on but Liat Trio institutions under which we live civil political and social Are tho Best Ever vouchsafed by god to Man. Phi also i believe that tho american citizen enjoys More of the blessings of life than the citizens of any other nation now in existence or that Over us exist in any period of the world s history and that they Are constantly increasing. Not Only is civil Liberty larger a political influence More potent but opportunities for advancement Are vastly greater than Elioso on Joyed by the citizens of any other country on Earth and we iii it comes to the consideration of the future of my country i am decidedly an Optimist of the Rosie st Hue. I have no kind of patience with tho pessimistic cry to often hear Fromi certain cramps among us Liat this Tatj Ltd is on the Border of another French Kovol ution because of some imaginable Gro it crisis or impossible conflict that they would have Jimijon Diimig Between capital and labor or Between one imaginary class of our poo it be and another equally imaginary class. I Carnot l it regard such evil Jiromi ilinets such bins of ill Omen As enemies to my cd entry and their discordant croaking As treasonable to tho great cause for which so Many Brave Noii have yielded up their lives. There is no such thing As a real conflict Between capital and labor in this country they have Ever in the past been partners in the great work of developing the limitless resources of this great country of ours their interests have been identical and that partnership ill continue to transact the same great business at tho same old stand for All time to Como notwithstanding tho Huo and cry of All the demagogues that May arise in tie land to Brood trouble Between them. Aud it is the crowning glory of it or institutions the it to Liao no such things As social caste we Havo no aristocracy we have no Battle for their soverign and All they have to show for their faithful and Gallant services Are their scars or perhaps an Iron Cross of the legion of Honor while almost every Man who wore the Blue uniform of the Republic in the War of the rebellion today receives from our government a substantial pension that goes Long Way to support and maintain Ance and if by Chance he has broken Down and fallen by the Wayside in the journey through life the government has provided for a magnificent Palace tit quarters for a Prince where he May spend tho remnant of Days not Only in peace and Comfort but in absolute luxury. And it is entirely proper that this should be so for tho defenders of this nation have not Boon soldiers in the strict sense of the word that is they were not professional soldiers they did not follow the profession of arms in times of peace for a livelihood. They Only donned the Blue garb of a Soldier for the purpose of fighting the Battles of to Weir country when it was assailed and when the Battles were fought and won they promptly returned to the walks of civil life. They were animated by motives of pare patriotism moved by tho same spirit that impels each and every one of As to meet Here today to do Honor to their memory and so Long As t spirit shall prevail among our people our Flag shall never Lack for Brave defenders in times of peril. And nothing is better calculated to keep alive this spirit of patriotism than the reverence which to by these Beautiful memorial services show the memory of the nation s dead. We Call them the nation s dead but they Are not dead. We will not let them die. They shall live and live forever. comrades there is a spirit of patriotism springing from their Graves that can never die. Purer than the Dew upon these Beautiful Flowers with which we be strew them. More powerful than the tie which binds is to life. It is this spirit moving in our Youn have arranged to fight to a finish for s500 a Side. Indiana sports including All overs of the Quot Manly Art Quot from Covington Attica Quot West Lebanon and Williamsport will have an Opportunity of seeing a fight to a finish Between Elsworth Syder and Quot Billy Quot Neff which is arranged to take place at Brazil june 10. The fight which will not take place in the Woods and styled a Mere boxing match with Quot pillows Quot will be to a finish and for the middleweight championship of the state. Concerning the men the Indianapolis journal of monday says Quot about a year ago the same men fought a draw of fifteen rounds in the Northern part of the state in the Woods both of them going to jail after a hard Chase by the sheriff and posse during which several shots were fired on the fleeing pugilist and their friends. It is said by the promoters of the affair that some an argement has been made by which the Mill will be allowed to go through without molestation from the authorities and both in in Are reported to be in Active training for the event. The tight is to be for a stake of $500 a some of Why Don t you Sailor s 25c Tea. Buy the Christian Church will soon be repaired and new chandeliers will be put in. Wall paper from 5 cents per Roll to $100 per Roll at armst Rori amp Swank s. Call Aud examine and be convinced. There will be an ice Cream festival at the Linclon school House on saturday evening May 7. Everybody cordially invited. The graduating exercises of the common schools of Warren to in ship will take place at Independence next thursday evening june 9. The Bugle Calls to Clear for action our flying Squadron Armstrong amp Swank Ca is your attention to the Wall paper they offer for 5 cents per bolts it is Fine Don t miss a bargain. The trial trip of the new fast train on the Wabash to be known As the Quot Continental limited Quot will be made next sunday Juno 5. The train is expected to pass Here at 1 44 p. This will be one of the most magnificent trains Over run in this country. A Western trip. Aii Umus. We Havo no aristocracy we have no us to ate. It is tins Spiric moving m our Young but thanks be to god Liat River of classified citizens and if this to not True then men today that impels them to respond with Ood and tears was not in vain it was the Brave Man who died upon the to such promptness Ana al Cracy to Ali Eiroku ,. R Quot 111 Viii Quot was in Stitt Loiis oos Siblo threw is life Call and while these Flowers win fade and these Sii lii int to via it i to visit Stivi Tiglino make our Uia a in blood All sul Lucient to Wash that stumbling Block from out our Way and it this disappeared forever and we Are once More a Happy and firmly United people and 1 would not for the world if 1 could. Away like a fool. The Only aristocracy known in this country that has the Slig Litot influence in its Public affairs is tho aristocracy of brains and the credentials for to its ranks Aro integrity intellect Aud Energy and whosoever garlands will Wither the soldiers Fame and the Imti on s gratitude will endure. Forever and forever in the Noble heart of this great american people shall live memories thanks Hopes More Beautiful than the Rose More holy than the Lily More unfading than the Immortelle. The assessors made their reports to the county auditor yesterday. _ we wish some of our delinquent subscribers would forget the Maine Long enough to remember the Printer and pay up. In Short the electric Bug exterminator is the biggest Little thing on Earth. Sold by Hotten Stein hardware Williamsport ind. _ the fourth of july committee is meeting with very Good Success in the matter of raising funds and it is expected that a big Cerebra will be Given. There will be services at the German Baptist Church Friday evening june 3, also saturday evening and sunday morning at 10 30. At 7 30 p. M., elders Harshbarger and Campbell will conduct the meetings. The subject for y. P. B. S., tuesday evening june 7, will be Christian giving. Window shades All colors Only 15 cents each at Armstrong amp Swank s. Sunday services at Church. The m. E. Class meeting 9 80. Sunday school 2 30. Preaching in evening 7 30. Subject the Quot Prince and All Are cordially invited. The Koston store Vuini it of. The Boston store made its usual window display for memorial Day. This time a Shaft was erected representing a Monument in memory of the heroes of five wars 1776, 1812, 1846, 1861 and 1898. On one Side Hung the picture of Lincoln and on the other was Mckinley our two War presidents. War relics were strewn about and Floral decorations were tastefully arranged the whole forming a design that was unique and attractive a. W. Carson was the author and designer. Read Thompson amp Mcknight s announcement of Quot spot Cash Quot grocery prices. There is nothing like being born at the right time. Fellows who were too Young to fight in the late rebellion Are now too old to engage in the present difficulty. There is one thing we wish the daily papers would do put something in the monday morning Issue besides that appearing in the sunday paper. We Are not so anxious for War news that ave can read the same stuff twice and relish it. Ecial. Kate to Denver. Correll amp Boyd while calling attention to their new advertisement in this Issue also Call attention to the fact that they have put in a Telephone at the store. Day i Calls 111, night Calls 77. Attorney c. G. Rossiter delivered a memorial Day address at Otterbein. He was accompanied on the trip by attorney Robert Braden and the misses Schoon Over. Miss Lizzie responded to an invitation to recite one of her selections. The Young people were delighted with the reception accorded them by the citizens of our neighbouring Village. Fire at state tone. Next saturday a rate of $33.30 for the round trip to Denver Colorado can be secured via the Wabash account the National medical association meeting. The tickets Are Good for 30 Days and ii olders can visit the Omaha exposition on the return or. Swank and Fred Gemmer leave saturday on an extended Western trip. They attend the meeting of the National medical association at Denver and May go As far West As Salt Lake. On the return trip they Stop at Omaha and visit the exposition. This will be a grand trip and More of our citizens should Avail themselves of the very Low rate offered by the Ava Bash company. Notice of the rate will be found in another col Ulm. _ barn burned. State line City was visited by a disastrous fire tuesday night resulting in the destruction of the Grain elevators and the residence of Charley White. Some forty or fifty thousand bushels of Grain was destroyed beside the burning of the elevators. Last saturday morning an alarm of fire was sounded and the people residing along East third is rushed out to find we. Corbin s barn on fire which was totally destroyed but fortunately no other buildings were destroyed. This is another Case where Luck was with us. Had the wind been in the opposite direction no less than half a dozen Good residences would have been destroyed and probably More it is to be hoped that the elements will continue to be in our favor As Long As we have no fire Protection. Or. Corbin s loss is considerable As he wis insured for Only 100. The fire is supposed to have originated through the carelessness of some tramp who went into the barn to sleep so

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