Williamsport Warren Review in Williamsport, Indiana
28 Jul 1898

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Williamsport Warren Review in Williamsport, Indiana
28 Jul 1898

Read an issue on 28 Jul 1898 in Williamsport, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Williamsport Warren Review.

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - July 28, 1898, Williamsport, Indiana The review ind., july 28, 1898. Pudding Ouk boys. Beats a Boomerang. Uncle Sam provides a very Good table for them. I and hits him in the Back so Rions work of feeding an army a the i Obleni of fresh bread How the soldiers health is guarded the company Cook. I Uncle Sam s soldiers Are probably the Best fed and cared for troops in the world. The facilities for securing provisions even on forced marches Are such that the commissary department has Little trouble in supplying the troops with a varied and palatable Bill of fare. The greatest tests in the matter of food supplies during the past two decades have been to secure and transport provisions to the Little bands of cavalry and infantry engaged in keeping Down Indian depredations in the West. It was during these expeditions that the equipment of the commissary department has been perfected until to Day each company carries in a Small space All the necessaries of a ditch in and culinary department. This outfit is one which never fails to interest women visitors to encampments of United states troops and to win from the housewife great Praise for its simplicity and effectiveness. Each company has its Cook usually a fat and Jolly member of the service whose Headquarters Are frequented during All parts of the Day by convivial members of the company. The usual habit of Cooks to grow fat and Good natured seems to be a Rule of those who serve in the army As Well As those who Are in civil life. The Cook is a regularly enlisted member of the army told off for his duties because of his fitness for the part. He is allowed two assistants these being appointed by the commander of the company for a week s service in the Cook s department and being under his charge. While they assist in preparing and serving the food the Cook does the major part of the work and it is his taste and skill which goes to make the victuals served a Factor in the health and Contentment of the corps. The Cook has one Small tent in which Are stored the provisions and utensils needed. A Large Fly with poles and Guy ropes serves to shelter the cooking apparatus and to form the company s Kitchen. Under it the stove is placed. The latter is an Oblong Metal affair made on purpose for the army and having griddle holes for the pots and pans. A ditch is scraped in the Earth and on it the stove is placed leaving room underneath for the fire of glowing Weed embers. The Cook is in artist at making a fire in this Trench and in keeping it at an even heat. Various folding chairs tables improvised of Camp chests and other things serve a to make the necessary apparatus for use in the Kitchen. A dozen big kettles boilers and pans Are the utensils needed. Dinner at noon is the principal meal of the Day in Camp life and for an hour before the Kitchen presents a Busy scene. One assistant with sleeves rolled up above the elbows sits on a Chest peeling potatoes a Bushel or More being necessary for the meal. Near him the other assistant bends Over a great Quarter of beef carving out a Supply for the meal. The Cook watches his men while he attends the stove and begins preparations for the coming repast. A huge boiler on one Side of the stove holds four Gallons of fragrant Coffee another boiler is filled with water to receive the potatoes while in a Bright Kettle on another part of the stove the Cook drops vegetables Rice and other wholesome parts of soup and Waits for the assistant to finish carving the meat that it May be added. Soon the dinner is Well under Way and the Cook and his assistants Are Busy men. In addition to the hot parts of the meal there Are to be taken from the chests and served great loaves of bread or hard tack. The bread problem is a serious one on a March or in Camp and away from the cities and while the Cook often has to prepare the Cora bread or other Cereal himself it is brought into Camp already prepared whenever possible. A company of a Hundred men or More will eat a great Quantity of the staff of life in a week and hundreds of loaves Are necessary. There Are other parts of the Soldier s meal to be fixed if the company is near civilization and provisions Are plentiful. Baked begins often appear of the Bill of fare dried fruit Rice Hominy and other easily carried eatables and to prepare All these on the one Small stove and with Only two assistants is an Art that Only an army Cook understands. I quot when the meal is ready and the bugles blow to mess the soldiers arrange themselves in an orderly manner and the Cook and his assistants a will not be Safe from an enemy standi Zigr on the opposite Side of a House if the claims of a Young English inventor Are True. The Man who flatters himself that he is Safe because he is behind a House when another Man is firing off a gun at the other Side had better get rid of that ridiculous notion once and for All. For a Young inventor claims to have discovered a wonderful new Way of making bullets and if the new Bullet meets with that popularity which its remarkable abilities appear to warrant it won t be quite Safe to be in a balloon while an Effort is being made to fire Down a w3ll. In Short the new Bullet will even if it does Only half of what is claimed for it upset All old fashioned notions of the Laws governing the flight of projectiles. Arthur Chalk of Church place High Street Wapping is the Young inventor in question and he yesterday told a daily mail reporter that this new Bullet of his would of around Corners suddenly shoot up in the air and descend Point first on top of a town or anything or Fly round and round and then jump Back and kill off an enemy at the Back of the Man who fired it. Quot i am but eighteen years of age quot said or. Chalk modestly quot and i am confident that i have invented a Bullet that will revolutionize fighting. What i claim and am prepared to prove is that with my Bullet i can hit an object that is round a Corner or on the other Side of a Block of houses. There is absolutely no doubt about the accuracy of the aim. Supposing now you wanted to hit something that was round the Corner of a Mountain. When you had found the distance Between your gun and the Mountain you would fix your Bullet to alter its course at a certain moment. Then you d fire and the Man round the Corner would be sorry. Quot or say you wanted to hit an enemy s ship lying on tie other Side of one of your own. That would be the easiest thing imaginable. You would just fix your Bullet to go straight for a bit then soar upward for awhile and then Rush Down Point first on top of the doomed vessel. Quot i Tell you my Bullet will go any Way and do anything you May want it to and i be written to the War office to say so. Quot up to now the Only communication i have received in reply is the usual stereotyped acknowledgement but the Patent office people he did not mention names have valued the invention at �150,000, and have told me that it is the most marvelous invention of the present age. Quot i shall wait for a further communication from the War office and if i do not hear from them i shall offer my a invention to a foreign government. Of course i would rather the new Bullet became the property of the English government but i want to know or. Chalk is a modest and very Earnest inventor and when he mentioned that he had tried one of his bullets in a Field and that the projectile obedient to his wish had circled in the air about five times and had then fallen behind him he did so with the air of a Young Man who is calmly confident that he has thought out a great thing. But of the method by which he alleges he obtains these unusual results no hint can be extracted from him. That is the secret he Hopes to obtain those �150,-000 from. An accidental Success. Once upon a time so runs the Story there was a Man in London who had vim lured upon various Chomos with but poor Success and was beginning to despair of Ever making a Fortune when by Chance he Bethought himself of a huge scrapbook which his wife had compiled of various literary Odds and ends that had unchained her fancy. She called her scrapbook and it occurred to her husband that such Odds and ends published in periodical form might ii Teri or other people As Well is his wife. The result of this meditation on his part the appearance of a Little Penny paper called which proved so popular and gained such a wide circulation that its proprietor Felt encouraged to place other literal y re inures on the Marker and it was not Lens before l i it l elt Aino known As the Pul Disher of a number of extremely Poji ular Penny periodicals. Lie is now a a millionaire times Over ail a baronet while his wife. Ebosi it scrap took proved the Cornerstone of their Giro Sperly. Finds her Reward in the title of lady n it ones. Plain Chicken coops something neither intricate nor expensive. Ever. To slant to the roof and no Hingen on the door a simple putting together of Plain boards and a Little wire netting. To the Man who is compelled to run 1 out after dinner and mock a Chicken Coop together Whilo the horses Are resting the average poultry Coop illustrated or described in poultry papers or departments is an aggravation. There Are a number of things to be considered in Coop construction but much depends non the order of Points desired. The average Man puts them about this Way 1 Utility 2 , 3 ease of construction 4 convenience and 5, if at All App Francc. After a Good Deal of trying says a writer in t in National Stockman and Farmer i have Ono which satisfies me. Dimensions Aro made to fit my lumber generally 2 by 3 feet and 12 to 15 inches High. I Cut my lumber to make a solid i Box no slope for roof. In putting together i Nail the Bottom to battens but am always ready to towers the Best goods living prices. We Are give my a at the now Cus West s Pec i i Al to of the making a m mid s iii tips amp w windmills Aro Cost stoc o o in connection with the hardware Majestic steel ranges a mics some vim a old Tish. Methuselah would seem a Mere boy a a making a platform which is not faster to some fishes and Litiere Are a Gre it Many kinds which would Loti upon human centenarians As infants. Carp Are known to live to in 200 it hrs old. In the Washington a i barium there Are Smaza Gold fish placed there when Queen Victoria was crowned and they have not yet grown to full goldfish size. A lius Sian i Ike a ought a few years ago with i Gold bail about its tail bearing the Date . Fiji six the natives of Ottiar Are in the habit of digging every year in the summer dry Banks of the Vergel River for fish which they dig out by hundreds just As thy would potatoes. The mud lumps Are broken open and the fish perhaps eight or ten inches Long will always be found alive and often Frisky As if just removed from its supposedly i Ativo elements the water. De to the Box. Instead of putting in the front Buaril 1 Lay it aside and Nail in an Inch strip at top and Bottom of Point and cover with one Inch wire netting. This netting is Cut three or four inches longer than front and stapled fast except one end which is left Loose for the last few inches and laps round the Corner of Coop and is hooked Over two , one each at Bottom and top. This is the door. When Hen is to be let out or in unhook netting and fold it Back bending it if necessary to have it stay open or hold it in place with stick or Stone. For the Little chickens a few wires Are Cut near the floor and Loose ends Bent Flack. To Micro be less danger of this being stretched and enlarged if a head sewing Al in Warren county by n or t we Matij s Pii raps and Mills Are in excelled they Are. Toi a Consic of d the Best Quality in goods in that line Leif re i on the Inart to and Are filly guaranteed in every rest act. There re thirty i free Milf event styles of s run i s Arul we re Al l to lie you out with either a a a Hadow or deep Well up ii also a Small or Large Mill a High or Low . Or a Mill the it a ill grind your feed. In fact will do More tha it by Mill of the same size Ever did. Call and seems at the Saue o d stand. You will go away Happy. S adware store Williamsport ind. He Kepi Ioctl. A Story comes from new Haven about a Black Spaniel that abstracted a Feather duster from his owner s House and while playing with it Tore out All the feathers. The dog after being shown the father less handle was Given a whipping. He then disappeared and about a year afterwards walked bravely into the House with a bran new duster in his Mouth. He walked up to his mistress and meekly deposited the new Brush at her feet. By the Mark on it she Siv that the dog had stolen it from a neighbouring store. Tons the earliest Tournai the oldest newspaper in the world is not. As is generally stated the thousand year old kin ran of Pekin but the Tsing Pao or Pekin news which was first published More than 500 years before the Xor Man Conquest and which has been published without intermission for nearly 1,400 years. The Tsing Pao has the appearance of a yellow backed Magazine of Twenty four Octavo pages each Page consisting of seven columns and each column consisting of seven two editions Are published an edition luxe for the court and the upper classes in China at a Cost of 24 cents per Mon i and an edition inferior in paper end printing which costs 10 cents a melt nth. The Tsing Pao is the times of China Antl chronicles the wealth and movements of the emperor the life at court and the reports of ministers. It is painfully Sirini Vicant that every error in printing tie latter is punished with death. Stain ii a Ortli a a Orlino. If by some stroke of Good Fortune a boy or girl should find a 2-cont postage stamp of one of the earliest issues in the hawaiian islands he could sell it for enough to pay All his expenses during a four years course in College and have a snug Little sum left to begin business after his graduation. This stamp is said to be one of the rarest in the world. It is roughly printed on poor paper but a dealer will pay $1,-750 for a specimen of it. It makes it a pretty valuable piece of paper. A droll inventor has just made a machine by Means of which a Man can lift his hat by merely contracting his brows so that in Case he meets a lady Friend he can make an automatic Bow. Not Only has the inventor spent a Good Deal of time on his device but he actually has had it patented. For a society Man who has a great Many friends it would certainly be a very Good things he and the armless men could use it to great advantage. A French firm bus Lui bounced hat t has devised an i Taratus by Avrich i single bicycle ii he a a Speinle if thirty Mih s i our and a tandem it titty. Simf lii civic sci a Coop. Ier wire is Bent the right shape and the Loose ends of the netting Bent round it. The Boi re the it was Cut for the front is used in shafting in the chickens at night. Ill mild weather it is,.simply placed to cover the Small Chick door and held in Plee by a Board or Stone. In cold or Stormy weather it can be placed Over the entire front. Liis a perfect ventilate in. In hot weather this Board can la placed in front of the Coop to make Shade for both Hen and Chicks. No Shuit is Given the roof. It is covered with paper Felt or anything else that will turn rain and it is scarcely possible to Placo to Coop so it will not have slope enough to carry off All water. A sloping roof adds one third to one half the Timo of construction. A hinged door is also a dreadfully costly thing in time. I make my coops As High As i can get them by using Only one Board. That is rarely Over loin lies 12 will do. If two boards Are used to get the height the sides ought to to papered the same As the roof. Lap the paper or Felt Over the edges of roof so As to Stop All cracks and drafts and then get ventilation in front by adjusting the front Board. To st. Louis he save ? a o go to Ger in irishman Blu gift a return ticket Atid did i come Back. What did g Remau a aved up Eti Ough Money Many Ai d then bought a Schooner and did t go. What did lies Ive ? an italian bought an eight Day clock with the second hand gone. It gained 55 minutes every hour How Long did it take to let a whole Dago ? these problems Are easy to figure out Comitia red to quot who Selis the Best lumber and building material at the lowest prices one guess i All you be got and if 3 full guess the Warren county lumber company we will do the rest we Are still Sel ing lumber and building m Izerial cheaper than it was Ever before sold for in this part of the and a of circumstances alter cases circumstances Are still much in the habit of altering cases. It is said that a Yorkshire socialist was explaining to a Friend the principles of his belief and he made the statement at the Start out. First the soup is ladled out outset that All possessions should be then the More solid components of the so cared equally meal then the Coffee and then the sweets until All Are supplied. To such an extent does cleanliness enter into the preparation of the soldiers meal that the greatest precautions Are taken to exclude dirt. Carefully the pots and pans Are scrubbed brightly the big knives and utensils Are polished and the refuse of the Cook tents is carried far off and dumped to prevent the contagion that might arise from decaying slops. The officers Are vigilant in keeping watch on the Cook and his assistants As the health of the Camp May depend on their careful cleanliness. Each company has its Cook and mess except where great armies Are encamped then a number of Cook departments Are thrown together to work in unison. Uncle Sam has All his cooking utensils made to order ant chests Are used to pack everything to when of the March. Quot if Yon had Tavo horses quot said the Friend quot would you give me one quot quot of course quot said the socialist. Quot and if Yon had two cows would you do the same quot quot of course i quot Well suppose now quot said the Friend slowly quot that you had two pigs would you give me one of them quot quot he tha s get Tiu Ower near Home quot said the other slyly. Quot tha knows i be Tavo an ten terrified girl a Lovely girl caught by her aunt while indulging in a surreptitious cigarette. The cruel knife it is absolutely useless to expect a surgical operation to cure cancer or any other blood disease. The cruelty of such treatment is illustrated in the alarming number of deaths which result from it. The disease is in the blood and hence can not be Cut out. Nine times out of ten the surgeon s knife Only hastens death. My son had a most malignant cancer for which the doctors said an of iteration was the Only Hope. The operation was a severe one. As it was necessary to Cut Down to the a w Bon e a n d scrape it. Before a great Wilile the cancer returned and began to grow rapidly. We gave him Many remedies with out Relief and finally upon the advice of a Friend decided to try s. S. S. Swift s specific and wit i the second bottle he began to improve. After Twenty bottles had been taken the cancer Distaj speared entirely and he was cured. The cure was a permanent one. For he is now seventeen years old. And has never had a sign of the dreadful disease to return. J. N. Murdoch. 279 Snodgrass st., Dallas Texas. Absolutely the Only Hope for cancer is Swift s specific fowls. These Birds Mist be Well known to to appreciated. From childhood to have had them on the quot farm from 5 to 250 in a flock. The Are no trouble whatever Lay their eggs in nests which they make in the grass and wheat Fields to often finding nests with from 3 to 75 eggs piled of top of each other. Prom some of the nests we take part of the eggs and leave some for them to raise their Yoi Uig. Uliey sit Hatch and raise their broods and to often do not see them until late in the fall when they bring their Chicks Home sometimes asm Ziy As 20 in a stick. Such chirping such flying up Trees the Little keets look Emch like partridges when Abonit that size. They Are splendid meat to Fry or roast or for pot pie and to enjoy a breast of fowl one shot old eat a Guinea fowl the eggs Are considered the Rici Iest of All eggs and keep Well. We put Vliem tip to use in Winter and to o years ago when illness and death in the family made to forget the eggs until Lune to found them a test As Good As when put Avray. If you try Guinea Forvis you Are sure to have eggs and fowls fur your table and no trouble to get them. A Cor. Country gentleman. M ass statistics. A Stii mistician has drawn up a table to show Bow Many eggs the various kinds of Domestic fowls Lay per Anisim and How Many eggs go to the Pound geese 4 to tho potted 30 per annul , 9 to the to ted 1.50 per annul bantams in to the Pound 100 per annul Hamburgs 9 to tho Pound 200 per annul turkeys 5 to tho Pound 30 to to per annul Gamo fowl 9 to the to ted 100 per annul leghorn 9 to the to ted 200 per annul Plymouth rocks 8 to tiie Pound 150 per annul Langhans 8 to tho Pound 150 per annul Branias 7 to the Pound 130 per an Tuii ducks 5 to the potted 20 to to per fancier. Just Call us up by Telephone number 36. Williamsport a ii i have recently secured the Agency for tie Fanolis Hiibner tire skiing machine and i Conti lie to a Anclle tiie Well known Star wind Mill the Best made. I do pump work of All kinds also up uting and All kinds of tin work. My Stock of builders hardware is Complete and i handle Ali Kinda of shelf goods. Of a Oliai a ssh quot quot Thea a 1 �1 As it is the Only remedy which goes my lar said the Horried aunt to the very Bottom of the blood and quot do you know that every time you forces out every Trace of the disease. Smoke one of those beastly things you s. S. S. Is guaranteed purely vegetable drive a Nail in your coffin quot and contains no Potash Mercury or quot no auntie de if quot said the Lovely other Mineral. A woman can t books on cancer will be mailed free Oen and for kiss. An Exchange says that new York City Market requires More eggs each year than Are out by the Tiree largest egg producing states. If one considers How Many other Large cities there Aro in sections a it Here the egg production does not equal the demand we will see Why it is that tho business cannot easily be overdone. And there is also now a considerable demand for eggs. Girl quot you Are wrong. Drive a to any address by the Swift specific co., Atlanta a. Titino hens the test layers. Keep the fowls tame for tame hens Are Bettiie layers. If you doubt this Jusic try it one year and you will to Well satisfied with tho results. A scary Hon is never to be relied upon either As a lawyer or a Mother. I am pre Parai to to All kids of Carpenter work. Will guarantee to s Ive you Money on any building or contract work if g Ven an oppor Unity to figure on it.<3eo. Stump Chambers blk Williamsport. Pm August 4th, 1898. 07 of round Dalizu trip. Tails return limit five Days. I Artieri liars Eikill on or and drabs p. F. Follen ticket agent Wilcia spout Indiana

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