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Williamsport Warren Review Newspaper Archives Jan 27 1898, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - January 27, 1898, Williamsport, Indiana If a i devoted to the interests of and Warren county tol. Viii. Williamsport county id Iaisha tto a Ebay Jan Tahy 27, 1898. Is umber 5. a customer buys an a and pays for it with a Dollar coined in 1804, one of the Barest of coins. V something concerning the history of these mysterious coins. A of one owned in Williams Root. Enough has been written concerning the Silver Dollar 1804 to fill a Large volume. Periodically items go the rounds of the press concerning the history of the strange coins and just now much is being said caused by a claim set Forth by a Man in Montana that he is the owner of one of them and that he is the Only individual in the world who ownes one but of course the latter claim is a mistake As one of the wonderful dollars is owned in Williamsport and can be seen any Day at the hardware store of e. L. Hottenstein. An article in a recent Issue of the Chicago lilies Herald says Quot one of those mysterious coins the Dollar of 1804. Has been discovered in Montana. It was found by Billy Seymour a bartender at Choteau while he was counting the Cash in the drawer. Its age led him to exhibit it to his friends one of whom recognized it As the rarest of United states coins and As soon As the news leaked out every Man who had passed a Dollar Over the bar that Day called to claim the Coin but Seymour refused to surrender it and although several suits have been begun to obtain Possession of it the Coin Quot remains in the hands of the bartender. If Seymour s Dollar is really one of tie 1804 Issue it is Worth at least 81,200, that being the Price a specimen of that Issue brought when last it was sold the seller being messes. Chapman of Berlin who disposed of it to j. W. Scott in May 1885. It is said that Scott has since sold the Dollar to a collector for $1,500, but whether this is True is unknown. This is another mystery connected with the Dollar of 1804. There is a possibility that the Coin owned by Seymour May not be genuine. It is no t Likely that it is a counterfeit. No one has Ever heard of the Coin being counterfeited for it would be useless to attempt to pass a spurious Coin of that Issue upon a Coin collector. Any Man who would pay hundreds or perhaps a t ous Aud dollars for a specimen would be too Wise to be thus deceived it May be that Seymour s Dollar is one of the altered coins in Ciocu lation. Several attempts have been made to foist dollars of the 1801 in sue on numismatists the figure 1&Quot in the Date having been cleverly changed to "4.&Quot but these attempts have never deceived expert these coins sell for fabulous sums but Are not Worth As much As some people believe As there Are people who think they Are Worth As much As 100,000 a piece but they have sold As High As �1,-500, and or. Hottenstein says that a draft for ,600 was sent him for his Dollar from the United states mint but that he refused to surrender the Price for that amount and he claims that he has refused $2,000 for it from a a private individual. He says he will sell it for $2,500. Into a pirate ship. But when the intrepid was sunk it had been turned into a mine and Captain Somers had charge of her with instructions to take the Craft into the Harbor of Tripoli set fire to it and leave it to explode among the galleys and gunboats of the enemy. Were the dollars on Board it fulfilled its Mission. It exploded and dealt destruction to the ships of the pirates. All of the heroic Crew perished. It is unlikely however that 19,000 or More Silver dollars should have Board at the time for while the sacrifice of human lives avas necessary that of the dollars could have been easily avoided. Yet the idea that the dollars were on Board the ship is so universally current that several attempts have been made at different times to organize expeditious even at this late Day to go to the Tripoli Harbor and raise the sunken Ketch to the top of the Ocean and recover the coins. This Story if True would not account for another thing and that is that while the mint records show 257,519 half dollars to have been coined in 1804 not one of them has Ever found its Way into circulation no r is there one in the Possession of any collector of coins. Yet while Only 700 quarters were coined during the same year specimens of that Issue Are to be found in the collection of All the Well known numismatists. These strange paradoxes Are accounted for by the collectors by absolutely disregarding the mint records. The collectors say that there is no truth in the Story of their being at tie Bottom of the Mediterranean sea but that the coins were not issued at All during that year and that the government s records Are in error when they declare otherwise. Are there any the numismatists say that the Dies for the 1804 Dollar were made in Liat year As were also those for the half Dollar but no coins a it re struck from either during that year. The half Dollar Dies of which there were two varieties were used the next year the figure Quot 5 Quot being engraved Over the figure Quot 4, Quot but the Dollar Dies were retained in the mint for some years before being used. About 1827 a few impressions were taken and of these seven Are known to be in existence and to Ese Are the coins now known As 1804 dollars. Phia Man who re sold it for $740. The mint officials and other experts pronounced it one of the 1868 a strike noting the peculiarities Between it and the first re strike. If the numismatists Are right the Montana bartender instead of getting 1,500 or so for his Coin will probably get Only half As much for it. The Dollar owned in Williams port is of the Simon pure article it having been submitted to examination at the u. S. Mitt and is pronounced a genuine 1804 Dollar made that year. Or. Hottenstein once received a letter from the numismatic Bank in Boston asking if he was War e that he was the Only individual in the world who owned one of these wonderful pieces of Coin the others being owned by companies it has been in his Possession about five years and he states that it came to him in the regular course of business a customer coming in and buying an As throwing Down the Dollar in payment. _ a gang of men Are working in this part of the state soliciting the enlargement of pictures it is always Safe to class the Man wanting to enlarge photographs As a fraud. In nine cases out of ten they Are rank swindlers. Great fire Sale of boots and shoes at e. A. Biggs for 30 Days. Three deaths have occurred in Anderson Indiana in the past few months from cigarette smoking. The last victim a boy 16 years old began the vicious habit but a year ago. A strenuous Effort is being made to prevent their Sale in Anderson. The new store. The room refitted and Stock. Keady for the a splendid Stock of goods. John f. Judy the horse Mai Ket Man j. W. Titus the Williams port buggy and harness Man and Frank Clayton a general Hustler and old furniture Man who was on the Road for several years returned last week from a trip to the markets having visited about Twenty five furniture factories and made selections of goods for the the new furniture store to be opened at Williamsport by Judy amp Titas. These people with their push and or. Clayton s knowledge of the business Are determined to make Williamsport the Best place to buy furniture in Western Indiana if knowledge of the business push and personal attention Avill do it. A Large portion of the goods have been shipped and the new store will be ready for business about february 1. The Walls of the room have been decorated and otherwise fitted for the business making very handsome quarters. Would not accept. See Hanly Braden amp Billings for abstracts. Twenty five cents a Transfer. A history or the coins. The most mysterious thing of All is that the Dollar should be so rare. There were 19,570 dollars of that Issue coined according to the mint records while in the next year 1805, Only 321 dollars were coined. From this it would seem that the 1805 Dollar would be sixty times As rare As that of 1804. But nevertheless one May buy an 1805 Dollar for s5, and that of 1803 Sells for $3, age and rarity would therefore seem to Cut no figure. One of the stories told to account for the disappearance of the 1804 dollars from circulation is that they were All sent Over to the Mediterranean to pay Uncle Sam s sailors who were then engaged under Decatur who abolished piracy from the Mediterranean. Decatur had won great victories Over the pirates before whom All Europe cowed. The Story is that the dollars were on Board the Ketch i torpid at the time that it sunk. The intrepid was the ship in which Decatur made his attack on the Philadelphia which captured by the turks had been converted re strikes of the Coin. In 1s57 the mint officials wished to enlarge to Weir collection of coins but there being no funds on hand fur the purposes a Means of raising Cash they issued Quot re strikes Quot of rare coins which were sold to collectors at Good prices besides the 1804 Dollar ten dates of rare half cents were re coined and the Quarter Dollar of 1827. It was found that the obverse die of the 1804 Dollar had been destroyed so the die was re engraved and a few pieces were struck off the letters and figures showing a Sharp Edge with Flat surface while the first k t and those of great value have a rounded surface. The reversed die used was that of 1803, and it differs in Many details from the first impressions the edges being Plain. One of these pieces is in the mint. Again in 1868 the mint issued another lot of these coins with Date of 1804, the Money received from their Sale going it is said not to enrich the mint s numismatic collection but to the personal profit of mint officials. The Dies were the same As in the 1858 reissue. No one knows the number that were issued but it was said at the time that one of the mint officials had 100 of them which he offered for Sale for $100 each. Political influence was brought to Bear. Those that had been sold were called in and re bought and but two or three Are now in collections. The others were melted. In order to prevent any such trick being again played by the mint officials a Law was passed in 1869 which requires the mint officials to destroy All Dies at the close of each year be strikes Are hence no longer possible. Numismatists believe that the Coin now in the Possession of the Montana bartender is probably one of the re Issue of 1868. A few years ago a Kentucky negro passed an 1804 Dollar to a bartender who sold it for $500 to a Philadel senator Goodwine went to Indianapolis thursday to qualify As tru Vitee of the Northern Hospital for the insane a position to which he was appointed by governor mount As mentioned in the review last week. A consultation was held and a decision reached that to accept might invalidate the right to hold his seat As joint senator in this and Fountain counties so he declined to accept the position. A wonder worker. A. M. Padgett who has been visiting in Kansas for the past three years returned the first of january and is now residing with his Mother at Walnut Grove. He expects to go West again in the Spring. His Brothers who have been living in Kansas for the past Twenty one years Are Well pleased with the country and Are doing Well. Queens Are chinaware tinware and everything at a sacrifice to clean up Stock at e. A Biggs. Williamsport has received much advertising of an unsavoury nature through outside papers Over the fiasco of last Friday night. The Chilly reception the athletic contest Quot received will have the effect of keeping out such exhibitions in the future. Admirers and defenders of the Quot Manly Art Quot Are not always willing to go Down deep into their pockets to make up a shortage that is Likely to occur in the Box office for the Sake of having a pet whim satisfied. If you want to buy real estate if you want to sell real estate if you have real estate to Trade see Hanly Braden amp Billings. George stump has recently secured the Agency for the Sale of the celebrated Huber threshing machines and anyone contemplating the Purchase of a Thresher will do Well to see him. George also carries a full line of hardware and is prepared to do All kinds of pump work and tin work of All kinds. Aside from conducting his hardware by amp in. Is or. Stump is a contractor and builder. Work entrusted to Bis care will be executed promptly and to your entire satisfaction. Loans on real estate or on personal Security for Large or Small amounts lowest rate of interest. See Hanly Braden amp Billings. William Harper who had been a resident of this county for nearly Twenty five years died at his of me near Independence on wednesday of last week. He moved Here from Canada in 1875 and purchased a piece of land known As the Weymire farm where he resided Ever since. He was a Good citizen strictly honest and upright in All his dealings. He leaves a wife and four children. The funeral occurred Friday morning at 10. Interment in the Independence cemetery. Have you seen those new dishes at sailors they consist of Bone salad and numerous others. You had better see them if you want something Nice. A plate Holder for making a number of photographs on one plate has been invented by William Adair of Indianapolis brother of our townsman Frank Adair. The invention is a Clever piece of Mech v ism now in use in Frank Adair s gallery and it is Quot so Quot Quot far ahead of any of like character that other inventors will be ashamed they Ever put their rude st auctions upon the Market Range ments will be made for manufacture of this wonderful Oliance As soon As i agents cured. Attention is called to the new advertisement of a e. Taylor at Pine Village. The meetings at the German Baptist Church Are still in Progress and the House is crowded nightly. The Young people s Bible society of the German Baptist Church will elect officers next tuesday night. Bead the new advertisement of Frank Adair. High class photographs 25 cents a dozen by his new process. There were 122 persons in attendance at the German Baptist Sabbath school last sunday. Their meeting hour is 9 30. Arch e. Eay amp co., have a new advertisement in this Issue. They have shoes that will travel the right path and save your sold. Hello who is Titis ? or. Spoo Pendyke of poor farm. Say Are you Selling Candy at 6c. A Pound 20 pounds of sugar for $1 ? of course we Are come and try them. Hemphill Brothers use an extra space til is week in telling the people Abonit the wonderous bargains they have to Riser. Only ten Days remain in which to take advantage of the great inducements offered. John m. Mavity announces that he is not a candidate for the chairmanship of the Republican county Central committee and that he will not accept the position. He feels that he has done his duty in that capacity and asks to be relieved from further service. Col. Kichard p. Dehart of la Fayette brother of our townsmen Jacob and William Dehart has announced himself As a candidate for the state Senate from Tippecanoe. The colonel has a state reputation As an attorney and politician and no better selection for senator could be made. Are con a the apse revival a meetings. Revival services Are being conducted at the methodist Church. Rev. Bentley a i ached his first Sermon of a series on sunday morning last which was on the subject of becoming imbued with the heavenly spirit. His address was to the membership beseeching them to each take an Active part in the work before them. His discourse was very interesting and instructive. With the proper work on the Pai t of the members guided by their pastor the present revival can be made the most successful in the history of the Church. Gay Taylor a Blacksmith of Pine Village was brought Here last saturday by Marshall Foster of the tillage and taken before Justice Powell charged with carrying concealed weapons. The result of the investigation was a Fine and costs amounting to something Over thirteen dollars. Chas. W. Zeigler is at it again this week telling the people about his great january Sale. The voice of Wisdom prudence and Economy is crying out to you to take the Road that leads to his store if you wish to save Money. This store stands shoulder to shoulder with your wants. A step ahead of others in Quality and a step behind their Price. In the roped Arena. There were a few people not Many who attended the performance at the opera House last Friday night. The receipts probably amounted to Twenty five or thirty dollars. Snyder failed to appear. Charley Neif of West Lebanon boxed with his brother and those who witnessed the performance say he is the Best of the two. A Little tumbling was done and there were two or three boxing bouts. Some of the so ports from Attica kicked hard and said that the performance was the rank est fake they had seen for some time. Manager Mccabe has been in correspondence with kid Mccoy and other celebrities and has been contemplating giving another exhibit tim later on but this one being such a Flat failure from every standpoint it is not probable that he will venture further. Just what will become of the ordinance passed by the Council remains to be seen. Ned was required to give Bond and the matter will be taken to the higher courts. The Council feels confident that they will yet succeed in collecting the License. It is to be hoped that this will be the last exhibition of the kind to be held in Williamsport. See Elijah Sparks for pensions next saturday. A Happy hit for wll tia sport. Tie Avi Igner musical company will be Here february 10. Personal. Jacob Wolfe made a business trip to Lafayette monday. A. H. Haun made a business trip to Chicago this week. Sherifat Statzell went to Kentucky monday on official business. Attorney Ned Mccabe went to Columbus Indiana tuesday on Legal business. Mrs. Dora Bowlus and children left yesterday to visit an aunt mrs. Frankenberger at Danville. The misses Nellie Odle and Ada Lisk went to Attica to spend a few Days with their Friend miss Micell. Mrs. Chas. Mcclaflin and daughter went to Laft Yette yesterday to visit the family of Hon. J. Frank Hanley. W. J. Butt returned last Friday from a four week s trip to Nebraska where he visited relatives. He Speaks in glowing terms of his trip. William Adair of Indianapolis has been Here several Days visiting his brother Frank in Williamsport and other relatives at Independence. Mrs. Orpha Curtis of Lafayette who was visiting her father or. Baldwin of Prairie township returned Home yesterday. Her father who has been lying sick for some time does not improve. David Biser Rem Ned tuesday from a visit of several weeks with a daughter mrs. Etta Hill who resides in Randolph county. While there he attended the Randolph county Institute held last week. It was one of the most important gatherings of Farmers held in the state this year. Have you tried that French. Milled toilet soap at sailors ? this Vicinity was visited by quite a Hail storm tuesday morning. Stones More than three inches in circumference were picked up. A sunday school class of Young ladies of the Christian Church will give a pie social at the Church tonight. Everybody is cordially invited to attend. The Teller Resolution declaring u. A Bonds to be payable in Silver dollars at the government s option has been discussed and will be voted upon to Day in the Senate. When it reaches the House there it will die by being smothered in committee. The masonic Mutual Benefit society of Indianapolis has failed with $160,000 death claims unpaid. This at one time was the most popular insurance society in Indiana but old mortality done it up As he does All societies that write insurance at less than Cost. By special arrangement the very popular Meneley Trio who have several Calls for feb. 10, cancel that Date Here and the Wagner co., who had feb. 10 vacant fill the Trio s first evening on that Date. This is a very Strong company. They have filled nearly All their dates Fin s75 each. They Are offered #9,000 for the first three months of next season. The company is composed of a Quartetti zither soloist and a Reader and Sopr Anist. They have visited Many of the largest places of the state several of them a number of times. On their return crowded houses Greet them. At least a dozen cities in this state Are now clamouring for the first week in May but no Date can be Given them. The 3 composition of the company is perfect the ensemble of the Quartetti is faultless. Each member is talented and cultured. Their work is classical but varied with intensely humorous. Tone Quality blending and enunciation Are their Strong Points. In every City they return to Greet crowded houses. Their testimonials Are among the finest we have seen. Sam Jones says they Are musical and melodious funny and fervent. The daily capital of Des Moines says Quot they rendered one of the finest my Sical programs Ever Given in the South Bend times Quot there was a perfect flood of Well deserved applause. The times of Bellevue by Quot the finest entertainment Ever Given in the the league meeting. A Long list of committees have been appointed and Lafayette republicans Are at work arranging to take care of their guests the Indiana league of republicans who meet in that City on saturday feb. 12. Governor mount and Many other distinguished Indi anians will be present. Have you tried those Fine Mackerel and White fish at sailors ? the new Falls House. James Mccord Quot big Jim Quot has leased the new Falls House and will reopen the same feb. 1. Jim is a big Jolly fellow and if he feeds his guests As Well As he apparently feeds himself he will soon build up a Good business. Or. Mccord and family will be welcomed As residents of Williamsport. Sailor has a few boxes of soap left which he Sells 12 bars for 25c. The review has a few foreign advertisements All of them customers that Are reliable and prompt paying some of them with whom this writer has done business Many Many years Chamberlain amp co., of Des Moines la., is one of the oldest and Best and always prompt. Bill sent saturday Jan 22, Check received tuesday evening Jan. 25. No waiting 30 or 60 Days and no kicks coming. Omit

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