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Williamsport Warren Review Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1898, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - January 6, 1898, Williamsport, Indiana Warre devoted to the interests of Willif sport find of Rren county we Rren court by vol. , Warker is county lis dials a thursday january 6, 1898. Number 2.it was suicide. So says the Coroner and his ver it list is supported by expert medical testimony. The treasurer of Benton county takes his own life. The Benton county tragedy Lias been a subject for discussion for the past week and while Many thought from the first that treasurer James Kirtley had taken his own life yet there were those who believed in the murder theory. The one Strong Point in favor of the theory of murder was the Jact that the victim had been shot three times. It seemed impossible that three wounds two of which would cause Denali could be downward after entering the Skull. If he was standing erect at the time the shot was fired the Man who fired the shot would have stood above him and this is not at All possible. So far As known there seemed no Good reason for his committing the rash act. The affairs of his f office Are said to be in Good shape. Or. Kirtley s funeral was conducted at Boswell sunday afternoon at 1 30 o clock and was largely attended. The interment was under the auspices of the Odd Fellows. James Darby has been appointed by the commissioners of Benton county to succeed or. A a. H. X 1 1 .1 As treasurer and has taken self inflicted but the Coroner after \ investigating the Case thoroughly declared that or. Kirtley died from Bis own hand. Victim purchased a evolve ii. During the inquest the fact was brought out that the dead treasurer went to Lafayette Christmas Day and that he gave it out that he was going to Templeton. He got off the train at Templeton a Small station Between Fowler and Lafayette but returned to the train and proceeded on his Way to the latter City. This club followed up developed some important evidence in support of the suicide theory. The gun store of John e. Bixler was visited and the facts ascertained that or. Bixler had sold a revolver to a Man on Christmas Day and his description of his customer answered to that of or. Kirtley. Or. Bixler went to Fowler and appeared As a i witness in the investigation then in Progress. Bixler identified the pistol found beside the body and recognized the dead Man As one to whom he had sold the weapon. In the avast Basket in the office was the paper in which the revolver Box was wrapped in a Pigeon Hole was the Box of cartridges purchased at the same time. Five cartridges had been removed from the Box. Two were in the weapon and. Three shells. Though the Fowler doctors disagreed As to whether or not it wii a be possible for a Man to shoot himself three times in the her d and inflict two mortal wounds yet the Coroner pronounced it a Case of suicide. Not satisfied with the verdict the rec natives and friends of the dead Man called in or. Richard b. Wetherill of Lafayette As an expert to give his opinion. Called As an exl Ella. Or. Wetherill after going into a Post Morton examination and examining the Case thoroughly gave it As his opinion that it was possible for or. Kirtley to inflict the wounds. He made an examination of the wounds and found that the Bullet which entered the forehead lad passed Between the lobes of b the brain. The wound would have proven fatal because of the Haemorrhage it produced but death would not be instantaneous. The Bullet which inflicted the wound on the Temple did not penetrate the Skull and made Only a Scalp wound. The wound above and behind the ear was the one that caused his death As the Bullet penetrated to that Poi to m of the brain which destroys motion. Or. Wetherill said positively that it was possible for or. Kirtley to inflict these wounds himself. The first shot made the wound in the forehead the second shot inflicted the wound on tie Temple and the last shot made the wound behind the ear and produced instant death. Or. Ave Therill said that judging from the position of the wounds it would be impossible for anyone except or. Kirtley him Wolf to inflict them. Or. Kirtley As a tall Man and the Bullet 1 which produced death ranged pc it session o the office. Hab it is hard to get oat of the it of writing it 1897. One Box writing paper and envelopes for o cents at Sailor s. Christian Endeavor society meeting every sunday at the presbyterian Church. Tou Are cordially invited to attend and Ake some part in the meeting. The subject for discussion sunday evening Jan. 9, is one temptation and their Heb. 4 11-16. Miss Belle Boggs. For one week. January 17 to 22 we will sell dress goods and Silks at the lowest prices Ever made in the state. Dress goods will sell at 9, 19, 23, 25, 48 and 69 cents. Former Price up to s1.75. Silks will sell at 15, 25, 39, 58, 79 and 98 cents. Former Price up to s2.00. Rather than invoice these goods feb y 1st, have concluded to offer them at these extremely Low prices made possible by Selling for Cash. 2-2 j. Frank Mcdermond. Installation of p. Lodge to there will be an officers of the k. Night. No artist can paint anything prettier than a Winter morning with Snow upon the Trees. Two Illinois girls husked 80 bushels of Corn in 10 hours. These Are quot suckers quot it would pay to catch. The Price of farm lands throughout the country now have an upward tendency. Carry the news to Bryan. The temperature of 70 degrees below Zero now prevailing at Klondike is calculated to allay the Gold fever and also quot Lay out quot the patient. Gus Swager made a trip Over into Jasper county last week. He did not see anything to please him in that Section of the country nothing to compare with old Warren. Of the scotch proverb quot a Man that s born to be hanged will never be drowned quot be True Theodore Durrant would better keep away from the water and no doubt he will. H. H. Bei Trand the Boss sign Man of the state with general Headquarters at Williamsport is putting out 500 signs for j. F. Judy. These signs Laid end to end would reach More than a mile. The item that has been going the rounds of the press in part of the state stating this that a judge Rabb had decided that truant officers were entitled to s2.00 a Day throughout the schoo year is wrong. His decision was just the reverse. He decided that they were entitled to .f2.00 for the actual time put in. The judge says that while the Law is loosely drawn it is not susceptible to any such construction As the payment of $2.00 a Day to truant officers for other than the time they Are actually employed in performing their duties. In this progressive age unless a Young Man has serious intentions when he goes courting he had better beware of a phonograph under the sofa. Court House caught Fike. On sunday afternoon last at about 2 30, the discovery was made that the court House was on fire and intense excitement prevailed for a Short time but the flames were soon extinguished. It seems there was a defect in one of the Walls of the Furnace located at the South East Corner of the building and through the Crevice fire reached the wainscoting and stairway at the rear of the main corridor. Tie fire had gained but Little headway when discovered and by prompt action the flames were soon subdued. This is the second fire within a week. It is to be hoped that the third will not result seriously or better that it will not occur at All. Bond Aff moved. Last monday the Board of commissioners met in special session for the purpose of approving the Bonds of treasurer Jacob Shefter. Or. Sheffer filed the Bond on which appeared the names of Nineteen free holders beside himself not so Many because the Law required it but because he wanted to make it Strong. There is probably not Many Bonds filed in the state that Are any better especially in the Rural districts. At the very lowest possible estimate there is fully $600,000 behind the Bond. P. A. Fleming sex treasurer will continue in the office and tiey Are a Good pair. The county Treasury could not be in better hands than it is now in and the tax payers May rest assured that things Are All right. Killed an Eagle. Business opens up with the new year at the Boston store in Good shape and they Tell the peole about it by occupying a Page of the review this week. This store begins Trade in 1898 by offering goods at prices that will be a helping hand held out to men and women of limited Means and everybody is invited to partake of the feast of Good things. Quot when you Are in Rome do As the romans do quot when you get such chances As Are now being offered at this great store do As the rest do grab your pocket Book and get into the Rush Early. Money saving chances on every hand As you will see by Reading carefully the Long list of bargains offered. Chickens at the Hunter meat Market at All times alive or dressed. 47-tf on monday As h. H. Pearson was returning from a visit Avith his parents in Benton county he shot an Eagle. As he was driving along the Road and As he neared the residence of Harvey keys in Pine township he saw what he supposed to be a Hawk sitting on a tree. He remarked to himself that it was a very Large one and thought it a splendid Maik for a Fine gun he had by his Side. Fearing the Bird would escape him he took chances on a Long Range but succeeded in Wingina it and As it soared to the ground he discovered what it was. The Eagle reached the ground some distance away and it was with some difficulty that he succeeded in reaching it. It took a second shot to capture it and he brought the prize Home in Good shape. The Bird weighed twelve pounds and measured but ten inches from tip to tip. Some Call it a Bale others a Gray Eagle. Or. Pearson presented his prize to the schools and prof. Hanson sent it to Beas Ley amp Parr state taxidermists a Lebanon Boone county to be mounted. Or. Pearson had plenty of spor while away shooting rabbits Anc other game but the round up of quot the trip in the capture of the Eagle was the most exciting and satisfactory of All. The commissioners at their meeting this week appointed Thomas c. Bailey Jacob Mann and Wilson Knowles All of Medina township As appraisers for the third District of Warren county to appraise lauds offered As Security for school fund Loans. How dear to my head tis the old yellow pumpkin when Orchards Are Barren of stuffing for pies when pea cities and apples have both been a failure and berries of no kind have greeted the eyes. How fondly we turn to the fruit of the Corn Fields the fruit that our children Are taught to despise the old yellow pumpkin the mud covered pumpkin the big bellied pumpkin that makes such Good . See Elijah Sparks for pensions next saturday. Why Don t you get 20 pounds of sugar for 81 at Sailor s ? arrangements Are being made to give a boxing tournament in the opera House in the near future. Arrangements Are being made o give a boxing tournament in he opera House in the near future. Elias Biggs is having his store re decorated and otherwise refitted and expects to be ready to resume business by saturday. Marked improvement has been made in the appearance of the Fowler Republican since t. A. Clifton has taken hold of it. Dora Ammerman the sex Peni anti airy guard will give Bis leptin e on prison life at the opera House wednesday evening Jan. 12th. Read the new advertisement of 0. L. Winks the real estate Man. Or. Winks has closed Many Large deals in the past year and he expects to increase his business largely in 1898. It must be there Are Boodler outside the great cities and Peni tent Aries for it is said that the Council of Valparaiso this state is contemplating the Purchase of the water works Plant there Widich was built thirteen years ago and Cost 855,000, and a Syndicate now proposes to turn it Over to the City on annual payments of 811,000 for thirty years making a sum total of 8330,000, besides a big interest account. Bob author j. Frank Mcdermond has inaugurated his great annual Cut Price clearance Sale. Its a Hummer and no mistake. This is a Sale in which comparisons Are asked for. They Are the keys that unlock the facts. In Reading his announcement examples of a noteworthy character will be found showing the great efficiency of a Dollar when judiciously placed. Take advantage of the great Opportunity new offered. Some of the sayings of our neighbor the Republican regarding congressman Crumpacker have been reproduced and credited to the review. T. A. Clifton in his Fowler Republican commented at length on the matter last week with the View principally of acting As a defender for the review for Avrich we thank the Republican. Fact is that we were not aware that the review had been credited with the sayings mentioned. Tom indicates in his article that his feeling of animosity for or. Crumpacker has not died out. _ considerable excitement was created at Walnut Grove by the announcement that Chas. Holstein had eloped with a twelve year old child Gertrude Holstein. He was arrested but proved himself innocent of the charge. It seems the child whose Home is Over in Illinois objects to staying at Home. It is said that she is ill treated. Holstein took her away somewhere and secreted her from her Mother. From rumours afloat and the talk indulged in it would appear that quite a sensation could be worked up with the material to be had. Here s a Chance for the quot yellow quot journalists. Uncle t05t co Jilong. Burdette of this is said to be the quot the Good things of this world is always the cheapest. Spring water costs less than Corn whisky a Box of cigars will buy two or three bibles a gallon of old Brandy costs More than a barrel of flour a full hand in poker often costs a Man More in 30 seconds than his Church subscription amounts to in three years. A town election costs More than a revival of religions people sleep for an hour in Church free a Nap on a Pullman car 81.50 to 82. Quot the publishers of the yellow quot newspaper in this county who Are constantly aiming to bring people Down to their level by sliding them Over with personal abase Merit the contempt they justly receive from Good citizens. The editors of the West Lebanon Gazette Are constantly bringing their mud guns to Bear upon the editor of the review and last week they went so far As to say that the evidence in the trial of Neff for prize fighting showed that this writer was present at the fight and there As a reporter and thus liable under the Law. This statement is wholly false and on a Par with utterances that appear in that Sheet from week to week. De. F. Davis business manager of Davis brother s Uncle Tom s Cabin show was in town this week arranging for their appearance Here on monday right next. Or. Davis promised a High Grade association from every standpoint. He says they carry a Fine military band and symphony orchestra and first class people throughout. Their advertisement appears on another Page. from tiv adjusted. E. A. Briggs loss by his late fire was promptly adjusted drafts being issued by both companies thereby being a spot Cash transaction instead of the usual 00 or 90 lays to wait. The Stock was insured in the Norwich Union of Norwich England and the Royal of Liverpool represented by the Braden amp Billings Agency. Or. Biggs expresses himself As being highly pleased with the promptness and fair manner in which the loss was adjusted. A Fine . John Ammerman made a business trip to Lafayette last thus Day. Or. Joe Carter of Oxford is visiting his daughter mrs. Lou Pitcher. Charley Batch of Lafayette was in town yesterday a guest of the review. The misses Valera Judy and Golda Fleming visited friends at i Lafayette tuesday. Postmaster Fred Holtz left monday for Colorado Springs to visit his wife who is very sick. Or. G. L. Coffman and his brother in Law j. J. Gates made a trip to Lafayette last Friday. Misses Edna and Mammie l. Heaney of Attica spent thursday with their Cousin mrs. Louis Pitcher. John Powell of state line was in town on new year s Day the guest of his Uncle Justice trios. Powell. The misses Mabel and Addie Young who visited their sister in Indianapolis recently found her much better. G. H. Lucas of state line was in town yesterday. He was Here on business connected with the settling of an estate. Mrs. Robert Miller of Reynolds ind., was Here on a Holiday visit with her j Arents and other relatives. She is a daughter of Henry Flesher Frank Stratton who has been at Alvin Illinois for some time has returned to West Lebanon. He expects to go to work on the Wabash As soon As work opens up. James Hunter returned last monday morning from a Holiday visit at Cissna Park. He witnessed the big fire that occurred there sinday night. The electric Light Plant and Large tile works were destroyed. Attorneys a. C. Harris Indianapolis t. H. Kelley Cincinnati Hanly amp Wood and judges la Rue and Langdon Lafayette were engaged in court Here yesterday. This Arry of Legal Talent was brought Here in the Nash tax Case. This is a Case brought for the purpose of collecting Back taxes on a Large amount of property. It is one of the most important cases of the kind every brought in the read Abonit the Klondike by j. 10 bars of soap 25c at Sailor s. We have before us a souvenir edition of the Remington press a twelve Page paper with a coloured cover 16 pages in All. All things considered this is one of the Best special editions that has come to the notice of this writer for some time. The population of Remington will probably not exceed 1500, and it is reasonable to suppose that the press is no better fitted for getting out an Issue of the kind than tha average country printing office yet Here is a sixteen Page paper that would do credit to a town of six to ten thousand people. Its typographical appearance is excellent. Its columns Are filled with carefully edited matter of special interest and value to its readers and the citizens generally. That the Issue is appreciated in Remington is evidenced by the splendid lot of advertising it contains. The review congratulates the press on the showing it makes with its 1898 souvenir edition. B. Dennis in this paper. Interesting hardware talk by e. L. Hottenstein will be found in this Issue. J. R. Hunter received quite a bad injury while packing ice the other Day and went about on crutches a Day or two. One of his Ankles was badly bruised. Through the treachery of gov. Bushnell of Ohio and the free use of John r. Mclean s Money a combination has been formed that will defeat Hauna for the u. S. Senate. Money to loan at 6 per cent in any amounts on Towai and country property county and municipal Bonds bought. Enclose stamp for prompt reply. Banking House of c. J. Moseley 14 Exchange place Boston mass. Our West Lebanon correspondent in speaking of the reorganization of the Republican Central committee asks quot what s the matter with editor Mavity ? quot As a member of the committee he would probably be All right but As chairman there Are objections. First the chairman should reside at the county seat. Second no newspaper Man should hold it. Then there Are other reasons

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