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Williamsport Warren Review Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1897, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - December 16, 1897, Williamsport, Indiana Ivy or Cowie t Jan r t Jan a rid voted to the interests of Willif sport and of Rren county. Vol. , Ware Eist Couis to i data a december in it 189t. Kumleh 51. Vfar3iees Institute �?0�? i apers Kemly by ii Ixl lieut Lumen before Trio Institute yield at avast Keb Noii lust week. A of they Are i of your it eight he it ors. Avo Init part their Knowle Jfe iii in a actual Erie Nee. A of i a thi or cake i . A of last week. Tie review devoted an Entile Page to tie ii Nev s i Institute held at West Lebanon a us tie paper has received Many compliments on the rei it ort furnished it s readers. According to Promise we Here Frith present the papers read Ite fore the meeting. It is believed to limit this splendid lot of productions will be highly prize y our Farmer friends. They appear in the order As read. Tie first Ojie read by h. 13. I Desher appealed last week . Considerable important Traus Aetna Lay tie Board at their december fleeting held last a Eek. Geo. Stump is putting a Furnace commissioners Coutt. In his House. If you want a Nice storm Robe or Blanket go to Judy amp Titus they have them. Christmas gifts watches clocks Gold rings Diamond goods or any article in the jewelry line. By All Means see e. A. Biggs. Sooks of the auditor and e.\-amined. Loads vacated. New ones established licenses granted. Other important platters looked after. Of j5v w. Ii. Coon Wiki. H incl Inifi cattle is not a business of itself any More in Liis country. It used to be carried on to Amine extent by men Olio were not Farmers. When the country uti Lukuf Tileti we had free Ranse with int limit on tie Prairies of the finest beef product iii i grasses tiie Woid Ever knew Siun Iner Grazin it i Cost comparatively Kolii if. Vein tar feed plentiful and cheap Battle iian led in Larj a bundles and margins broader. I jilt conditions Are so Clia fied that there is no profit in this Motle of Handlin i them. It is now simply an adjunct to the Farmer. It is nec3s Ai y in order to keep up the Fertility of t he farm to handle All the Stock it will suit pct. Land in past Ira never wears out in Grain it will. Tie Clestion is now How to Kee in tiie Best Cintli tion. The farm and make most out of it without loss on the Stock. Let us compare the most popular in Elliod advocated by All Riculfi i al papers that of a quot Aii inst the other of More a rites and less of rain ii Are Aje and Pense. Vii Aye you May mature family Avell on Pras alone. I hire year Olds will fat fairly Well. Four year Olds much but tar. It is a be icon whet Iier it i ays to try to mature any age <1 n Kra a a Lone let two met iinds. Init us take a bread Vearlin. Saei by Liu tired a sounds at Eiji teen months old at4 per Hundred or of 2, feed one Hundred and Twenty trays. That is about As Short a feed As you can make and diet him fat count c in at Twenty cents per l Ushel and a gain of four pounds Pim Bushel feed say fifty bushels would be two Hundred pounds. Now your Stier weighs one thousand pounds that at four dollars and fifty cents per Liun dred equals f45. Purchase i ice. $32, Corn $10, Nils $42 total Ost. Against $4.5 Sale Price of $8 for Hay. And Predit. A pretty even h al. Jet us l o Back and Start with the yearling 800 pounds at 4 cents a st 4 months a brass and stalk $8. Next 3 Mouths Hay 65 to month pasture a a. We Are now at the end of iii first Yeai with a Cost of forty six dollars. First 4 months of thu Selt o id year four tir a irs next or 3 months. I a four dollars Uii 2u bushels of Corn at 20 cents four dollars 6 Vii it Iulah s Pastu e at one d dear and Twenty five cents seven dollars fifty cents a total Cost of j5 50 Yon see we started Voith 800 pour Fly say october 1, we should train 400 pounds in one year with thi Stalcu nation we have 1200 i funds at the end of the fist year. And by m v plan of feed iii a Little com the second year we ought to Traisi 450 lbs which added to the 1200 the first year makes kit of , at cents equals �74.25, or 88 75 Over pay for a lot of unsaleable stuff stalk Fields Etc. Some May question estimates on gains but a Well bred animal wintered after this a Sirion iii rat to a n 100 pounds an1 Troi d sum if a grazing is not High at .300 pounds for 2-year Olds the it ear i added 50 p funds on account of having fed a Little Corn. i Trues will not show a profit for having fed the Corn. Except that it is almost impossible to Gra a Vliem fat unless they Are warmed up a Little in the Pring on Grain. These calculations Are made for Verv a Rood Stock but i think my comparison will hold Good on any Stock the commoner Stock will Cost less Money gain less and produce less a profit in fact experience is that the very common Stock leaves no profit at most any Price. This method of maturing beef will make a demand for More Strass. Which at a rent of about three dollars per acre is about equal to my estimate in making this comparison this t consider a better rent than the average rent for i plow Lanty consider intr that Ycu Are building up. Instead of wearing out. Your land. Continued on a age two remember Ashen the cold weather does set in there will be regrets vain regrets because the jacket Cape and fur bargains which were offered by Mcdermond at warm weather prices have been bought by others. Little Mabel Shaey aged 5 years daughter of or. And mrs. James Shuey was buried in Hillside cemetery tuesday afternoon. 3iu h sympathy is expressed for the family in the loss of their child a Bright Little girl. Ten steam Loci motives will be shipped to Alaska at once which have been built expressly for the purpose of traversing the Snow and ice of the Klondike country. The company Bush Ligand operating these unique machines Are a a Ood ask Kos Vokk. Acting under the direction of Secretary Alger. The Lafayette sunday Leader comes to us greatly improved in typographical appearance. A new dress of body Type and some new lines of display a new head and the advertisements neatly set gives the paper a metropolitan appearance. Charley Williams is a Good writer and his Leader is a clean Bright paper. It is said that there Are a tit Lifty or sixty applicants for the position of mail carriers at Attica. When the service begins there will be two regular carriers and one i sub. An examination of applicants will take place next saturday i e. C. Livengood jr., of Williams less sex i Loit is an applicant. The others i come from Attica and other Points in Foit stain county. I i Trio scribe and the seer Are widely Clit Erent. We Are the scribes telling you with the Ink and cold Tojie of the Many Avon Kerful things we know of and instructing y in Wlinich Way to go for your Best interests. You Are the seers beholding with your eyes the tangible temptations and Many Scina Ting things dear to the hearts of everybody. Don t delay but investigate at once the Many a Beautiful things to be Hall at Boston store Williamsport. The there is a Medicine sold called. Quot peace in the family quot but Elijah Sparks Sells an insurance policy that not Only secures peace in the family but guarantees Long life and Prosperity to the insured. Noa ici Mew Ratku m in. The editors of the West Lebanon Gazette nothing if not Long winded devoted a column to the review last week. These tie Alers in bowery Billingsgate came at this paper seemingly intent upon wiping it off th3 face of the Earth and not forgetting to show their hatred for the town of Williams port. After exhausting their regular us imply of Stock phrases they seem to resort to the pages of some dime novel from which to draw inspiration and quote Slang. This pair of writers presumed to Point to errors made by i he Leview. The police Gazette and other pit plications of that character styled quot yellow quot desire such contributions As the one appearing in the West Lebanon paper and the Only mistake these editors make is in not contributing to such publications. In so doing they Avill get into the class in which they belong and their efforts would reach More appreciative readers. Monday and tuesday avas taken up with the examination of the books of the auditor and treasurer. The first business before the court wednesday morning was the hearing of the petition of John w. Kent and others by c. Y. Mcadams their attorney asking that the Board examine into the set Sci ency of the Bond of c. W. Beckett trustee of Mound township. The Board sustained the petition and ordered the clerk of the Warren circuit court to ii use to be instituted before tie judge of said court an inquiry into the Suth Cliency of such Bond As required by Law. A petition was presented the Board to a Point Joseph c. Lissell to the office of Constable of Washington township. The appointment avas made. The ferry License of John m. Whicker was extended one year from dec. 9, 1897, to dec. 9, 1898. Or. Whicker operates a ferry at Independence the petition of John w. Mills and others praying for the establishment of a Highway in Pine Toad ship avas next read. The petition avas granted. Next in order came the petition of Samuel Smith and others ask ing that a certain Road in Pine Toad ship be vacated. John Van priced Adam Hartz and cons. Olat Lin were appointed a viewers who Avert ordered to meet at the office of Thomas Bartlett Justice of the peace of Liberty t Winship on Mon Dikiy Jan. 10, 1898, there to be Sadovn As such viewers and then to proceed to make examination of the it Road the vacation of Avrich is asked and to report at the next regular meeting of tie Board. L. Quot Wilson and others petitioned for the vacation of a Road in lib try township at a n a quot ious meeting and f. L. Clark Lark Dick and Albert Brier Avo were appointed viewers rei sorting favourably upon the same the petition was granted. Then came Elizabeth Mckinnis and others with a petition asking that a certain Road in Medina township be vacated and another established. Jack Mills James Mcccord find we. Martindale were appointed viewers and were ordered to meet at the office of Isaac n. Belew Justice of the i each for Adams township in Pine Village on wednesday Jan. 12, at 9 o clock a. M., and there to be sworn As viewers then to proceed to examine the roads described in the petition. Clement j. Jones and others having come at a previous meeting with a petition praying for the establishment of a Hig Luvay in Adams toa Vashi and the edition being granted then conies various petitions signed by funny Rynear son Pioger w. Hickman. James n. And Lucy Rhode Esther James by her guardian Medina James asking damages. E. G. Odle win. A. Fisher and James a Hall Avert appointed a viewers to assess damages if any. And were ordered to meet at the Tolice of Justice of the peace Isaac n. Belew in Pine Village on wednesday Jan. 12, there to be sworn As such viewers and then to proceed to perform their duty. The first business thursday morning avas the consideration of the petition of George l. Layton of state line asking for a License to sell intoxicating liquors. There being no remonstrance the petition avas heard and the issuing of the License granted. Next came the petition of James m. Sexton of West Lebanon Avo asked that a License be granted for the same purpose. License granted. There being a vacancy in one of the scholarships at Purdue univer sity to which the county is entitled mrs. Mckinley dead. The i Mother passed away 3 a. M., sunday. At Iciek child Kex pm sent. Mrs. Nancy a. Mckinley Mother of president Mckinley died sunday morning a fear minutes past 2 o clock. Apparently she did not suffer during her last moments but passed from the the Board ordered that George p sied sleep to the sleep of Gemmer son of Philip Gemmer a the. The president and All her be appointed to fill such vacancy a Iilva vere at the bedside Ashen Avrich was the first act after the no raising of the curtain Friday i cognition at the last Morni a. Some hours previous to the next they ordered the payment dissolution no Avord could be be of the salaries of the Oai cers of the the House the knocks county. I Epos ters and Telegraph Nesseu the first business quot before the remaining unanswered. The Board saturday morning avas tie publicity Given of the death claims of Minnie Long Fredrick i when the undertaker was sent yester and Eliza e. Julian asking i of a portly after this following that certain amounts of tax or quot Tom now almost obsolete Romeo ugly paid by them be refund j publicly announce the death Ali ded tie claims amounting to in the to aver of the cow Rich at , Avert ordered paid after due i i if Mother Mckinley worship Etnis iteration. Age. The claim i. T. Slauter for tax erroneously paid avas continued. The claim of j. C. Bussell f n-85o4.18, amount due and payable by Warren county As its share Lor the improvement recently made on second-st., in Willian sport avas allowed or. Bussell accepting 90 per cent of the claim for Cash or s480.77. There were four applicants for the position of Secretary of the Board of health. Or. Delancy being the lowest bidder received the appointment. County a flies Avert ordered to make their requisitions for sup let lies for 1898, and the Board Avill meet monday Jan. 12, to let the contract. After transacting some other matters of minor Imi Ortance the Board adjourned thus finishing their work for the year 1897, unless called in special session. 10 bars of soap 25c at Sailor s. One Box Avri Ting diaper and envelopes for 5 cuts at Sailor s. Before you make your selections for Cliris Tinas presents see Dennis the Willian sport Peaveler. Read his advertisement on another Page. De tolled of the years of her the funeral occurred at the first m. E. Church in Canton Ohio tuesday at 1 o clock. All the members of the Cabinet a Hose official duties permitted their leaving Washington at the time Avert present. Since the president s Mother was stricken the nation has been standing Avith its chief at the bedside. Political Ranchor and partisan spleen were alike stilled by the soft Irreg Ulyir breathing of the dying Mother. Softened and chastened Avert the thoughts of All Avo Avat Ched tie flickering Light of one Avo quot hath done Arhat she could quot and a Hose upright life has been a oven unconsciously to herself into the heart of the . Miss Lura Stephens is cashier at the Boston store. Miss May Jackson has taken a position in the Post office. Clarence Mcmullen was Down from Pine Village saturday. Or. I. Short the insurance Man of Pine Village avas in town monday. Miss Delia Allen of Independence visited miss Luna Gallaher monday. Charley Dick avas Here Friday and Avent to Attica to remain Over sunday on a visit with his parents. Or. And mrs. Jno. F. Judy and daughters esta and Elsie left monday for Chicago for ii Short visit. Miss Mabel Young of Walnut Grove is visiting her sister mrs. Maggie Brandenburg of this plaice. Mrs w. B. Durborow attend a wedding of a relative at Cissna Park wednesday returning Home thursday. Frank Goodwine avas Here from West Lebanon Friday evening to attend the entertainment at the opera House. Miss Myrtle Powell of state line City visited her parents of this place for a fear Days returning to that place monday. Jacob a foil Eravio has been at work near Champaign 111., for some time avas at Home for a fear Days. He returned tuesday. Why Don t Yon get 20 pounds of Headquarters fun Holiday goods books booklets silverware China aware a atches and All kinds of Fine jewelry at e. A. Biggs. I i in of Tiik la Chi Kkt Crusi Selling yes James Bell Avo resides near Otterbein avas Here saturday. Or. Bell has been seriously troubled with sore eyes for some time mrs. Bell has also been afflicted. They a e been greatly benefited by treatment with or. Keiper of Lafayette. N. T. Vanderbilt h it last week for an extended trip through the South. He Avent first to Fitzgerald ga., to remain abort ten Days thence to Saa Annah adhere he will take a Steamer to a mexican port and finally Avind up at i Taculao Mexico adhere his son sea w. E. Vanderbilt Avo is the regular presbyterian missionary to that country resides. He expects to be absent at least one a ear. Considering the fact that the night was a Stormy one. The attend since avas Large at the lecture course Epworth league of Trinity the Jiening of Given by the sea quot. Wilcox m. E. Church till pc u did Iju cat on. The dedication of the Neav methodist episcopal Church at Winthrop Avill occur on sunday december 19, at 10.30 o clock. The address of the Day Avill be Given by eve. H. A. Gobin d a. President of Depauw University Greencastle ind. Or. Gobin is one the leading men of methodism and of the state. He is one of the most Force Tible and pleasing speakers of our Day. This is a rare Opportunity Avrich no one can aft Ord to miss on the evening of december 19, or. Gobin Avill address a meeting in the interests of higher education and Depauw University at the m. E. Church Pine . S. White pastor. At Lafayette opened the course monday evening Avioli the subject quot what constitutes a Man. Quot or. Wilcox is a splendid speaker and those who attended Avert highly gratified with his lecture. Next in the course Avill be or. T. J. Bassett Avo Avill lecture monday evening Jan. 10, on the subject quot the great Divide. Quot Silver knives Forks Simoons Willian sport souvenir spoons in Sterling Silver on Sale at e. A. Biggs. See this Beautiful line. Of course everybody Avill read the new advertisement of John f. Judy in this Issue. The throttle has been i pulled Clear out and a magic Coaver is Given to Money spent with Judy. As surely As the Needle turns to the pole so surely will the people turn to the new Judy store a Here their interests Are protected. The magnitude of the values shown Avill cause the crowd to congregate at the Well kno Avn Corner. Sugar for al at sailors hello Sailor Are you Candy for 5 cents a Pound sir and you will be pleased a Ith it. The Tavo Days proceeding Christmas dec. 2o and 21th the Boston store will give a free graph phone exhibition. Everybody ave come. Yon can t get closer to actual Cost than ave place our customers. This is achy it is so sure to pay As Avell As to please to Trade Avith Weber of Attica. Sixty hogs were sold from the county Asylum in the past a Eek. Tley Avert a Fine lot. Superintendent Mccarty says the lot lacked but 9 pounds of averaging 300 pounds. Clint and Lee Butler Are Noav located at Ambia adhere they Are transacting business As Butler Bros. They Are still ready to cry sales and if you Avant to email of people Avo Avill cry a Sale and cry it right communicate Avith the firm. No better auctioneers Are to be found in this part of the state than the Butler boys. Write Butler Bros., at Ambia or Robert Butler Willian sport Avo Avill attend to such business at this end of the line. For some time Frank Moore has been investigating acetylene and As a result a Plant has been set up in his store and an exhibition of the Light was Gia ii last evening. The Light i s no Experiment. It has been in use for some time and found to be thoroughly practical. Study Well the announcement of Clias. W. Zeigler where the Low Price Banner a aves Over of ery department. This store is constantly forging ahead building business greater and stronger by the irresistible Power of Yoav prices Yoni Are invited to spend your Money adhere you get genuine value style Quality and actual Good service. Try the store. Zeigler <a8s gut 1-ok Kukk Thody. People who haae been trying the Neav Brilliant Light Burner and safety a fluid Are delighted Avith the results. The Burner is simple in construction nothing to get out of order and can be used on any kerosene lamp. With the Burner is furnished a Receil t for the compounding of the fluid al Rich can be prepared by any housewife. The result is a Beautiful Brilliant Light smokeless odourless durable and cheap. For the Long Winter evening 10 cents Avill keep a no. 2 Burner going for a a Eek. The Light has been tried by the review and ave believe it is All right. The no. 1 costs 25 cents no. 2,50 cents. See Armstrong amp savant Williamsport. _ -. A

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