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Williamsport Warren Review Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1899, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - August 24, 1899, Williamsport, Indiana The Warren county i Jan 99review.devoted to the interests of Willif sport Rand of Loren county. Vol. , Wabe ii county is Diana thursday August 2 i 1599. Number 85. Warren county teachers began the Dis cassion of till Point monday morn ins to till the work will continue up to tomorrow evening. Able talks by Learned instructors. All in inclines a Tjie profession gone Over and tie Hist met iinds set fort i. Good attendance at All meetings meeting closes to Moskow a Tek it Oon. Regular per. he Linn led manner that monday morning the annual teachers Institute opened in the court House with fifty three teachers Pinsent which was a Good attendance for the ii st session. After the regular program of singing followed by the invocation by Rev. L. A Bentley prof. Robert j. Aley of the state University at Blooming ton. Gave a lecture on quot general a it talker and the subject in a was very interesting. He said that the school room should be looked upon As a workshop. Pupils should be made to understand that they were there to work. The words that Acter Success Are Effort prof. Aley s talk lasted thirty minutes and he evidently created a Good impression with his hearers with his first address after intermission prof. G. F. Kenaston superintendent of the schools at Crawfordsville talked of the is object quot school prof Kenaston is an energetic forceful speaker and lie Wanned a up to the subject in hand giving the teachers some wholesome advice on the subject of conducting schools. It is believed that his thirty minute talk will be of lasting Benefit to tie teachers present. Char work about monday afternoon. The session opened with music followed by prof. Kenaston in his second talk upon the subject of quot school it is evident that the teachers were strongly impressed with his talk and at the close of the afternoon address supt. Bader re. Quested that he extend his talk on the government of pupils dropping some other subject assigned Liim. The speaker dwelt at length upon the importance of properly directing the course of a child at the age of twelve to fourteen years rating that the boy or girl be made or Luis red by the manner in which they Ard approached at this susceptible age. It takes a delicate hand a Wise Man or woman to direct the child in the right course at this critical i period in their lives said the professor. Splendid advice was Given along the line of cleanliness in the matter of keeping the school room neat and clean and the Appeal was made to the trustee As Well As to the teacher. An Appeal was made to the teacher to Lead the pupils to a better life to direct them into a course that will make of them Good men and women. It is believed that the talks of prof. Kenaston will be of lasting Benefit to the teachers who listened. After a Short intermission miss Dirl Gregory gave two Short recitations one entitled quot tim quot the Othor quot going on an the Young lady entertained tia audience very nicely. Prof. Aley followed with a continuation of his morning address on quot general his talks upon this subject were along the line of those of prof. Kenaston. He dwelt upon the subject of influencing the pupils and inspiring them to do better and be better to fill them with the very highest aspirations. The school room must be a part of life the school is to make men and women says prof Aley. Try and discover the mainspring of the Pupil. Try and discover that part of the organization that can be touched and developed said he. He dwelt also upon the subject of higher Eda cation the necessity of More thoroughly educated teachers and stated that if state superintendent Jones were to talk to them he would make the prediction that in ten years no teacher in the state could hold a License unless a graduate of some High school and that in fifteen years the requirement would be that All teachers must be graduated from some Normal University or College. At the close of prof. Ales talk there was another intermission and the time was put in by a rally around and a general handshaking with w. W. Pfrimmer of Kankakee and the author of a tim quot recited a few minutes before by miss Gregory. When the Institute was again called to order Liere was a Call for prof. Pfrimmer and he responded by reciting a portion of a lengthy poem entitled quot Ike Hardy quot followed by another quot my neighbor quot As he was fore and to respond to a Henry encore. The selections Are new neither of them have yet been published. Or. Pfrimmer has been writing poetry for a number of years but has Given the matter Only a portion of his time. He has just retired from the office of superintendent of schools for Newton county a position he held for ten years and he says he will put in the next year quot doing Cas he the third edition of his first Book of poems entitled quot Driff Wood quot will appear oct. 1, and the next year will be lai gely de voted to preparing selections for a second Book. It is predicted by those acquainted with or. Pfrimmer and capable of judging of the merits of his productions Liat he is the coming Man of the state along that line. He has visited More than half the counties in the state giving readings of his productions and he is known in other states As a High class literary attraction. Some of his poems appear herewith selected because of having a b5>.aring upon the subject in hand. The afternoon. Sessi in closed with a talk on the subject of geography by prof. Kenaston. The professor held in his hand a copy of Preye s. New geography which he recommends very Hig Lily and he gave a splendid talk on the method of teaching it How to demonstrate and make Plain to pupils. He advises the construction of boxes cont Diug Sand or making plats on tiie school ground using same by Titis plan the teaching of geography is simplified. He advises teachers to develop the Power of description to familiarize themselves with a Cal scenery and learn to describe things around us just As they Arn and thus interest their pupils in this grand study. He advised teachers to keep a scrap Book and gather descriptive articles to read them and but vome familiar with the scenery of our country and the world thus fitting themselves in the Art of teaching geography. At the afternoon session the Register ran up to 77. Poems by Pfrimmer. Lines read at a Kkt Union of schoolmates. He a thinker not a dreamer. Liat Hiis old time Turied on his track and drop cd his Scillio and Travo Loii Back to Pironti n Shade and is Nishino till at last he finds again to Happy past or has my Pyo sight. A with these years been sadly blurred by Dost and tears until i cannot see aright a no my friends i see to uii hts a for in each face i read the truth we be crossed the Rubicon of youth. But the Uip h Trio shadows plainly Tell we soon s Nall hear the Noontide Bell. Yet we May pause a Uio ment now Antl shading with the baud Tho brow. backward through the gathered Haze to catch one glimpse of to Ose dad Days alien Lope wit iii our hearts held Sway and life was one Long Holiday. But. Let old time s rude i Eucil Trace t1 0 Tell tale lines upon each face let Lovely forms grow Bent and spare and Gray creep into Kolden Bilir let merry lai Ikhter sprightly Grace. To sober Middle age give place and lot the passion tires Burn to dying embers in the urn. Though Oft the eyelids will grow wet and hearts will Fdl with vain regret until alas to fail to Soo tie Good that is or is to be quot to still at times like , i know come memories of Long ago. Till in each to robbing heart there lies thought lit for speech in Paradise. But for to night Niy friends i Pray let each one throw regrets away and Lipold not lightly pleasures rare that intertwined with toil and care come but to bless is and to Climer. Let each one think that to be Here s but the strength Ning of the Chain is but the Bright Ning once again. Of Golden links that hold in tin All the friends lips formed in Liilo Hall. There Are dreamers in the schoolroom in the pulpit in the Pew of the world is full of dreamers. While the thinkers Aro but few. Yes in every walk and station there a dreamer May a found one whose name will to forgotten when his form is underground. Only thinkers Wear the laurels. On the Mountain top of Fame while the dreamers linger Ever at the foot without a name. And the Sladow of the Mountain makes oblivion Darker still of the dreamers All have wishes. But the thinkers have the will t is the thinker who with patience. Takes the Metal in the Ore and unfolds a strength and Beauty that wore Iio Vor known before. While the dreamer builds his Castle in tie sunny lands of Spain in the visionary future that he Longs for All in vain. Yokai. Growth. Without it All our mental growth is like a full branched tree wit i rootlets Sot in Sand that grows and thrives while gentle breezes blow. But by the first fierce Gale is loft to die Worth Hiss wreck upon the Barren strand. To educate the mind and not the heart is forging chains with which to bind the soul to educate the heart and not the mind is Cumb ring Angol s wings with weights of Lead to educate both mind and heart aright rounds out a Noble manhood hero on Earth and opens to our halting feet the Gate Liat leads unto the better life to come. A. Prof. Kenaston quot English a Coffman gave his lecture on or. Kenaston impressed his hearers with the necessity of becoming masters of the English language to be Able to express themselves properly and fluently. The Power of being Able to express one s self properly is the very Flower of education said he. He had written upon the Black Board the following topics for discussion Uriu cipro i of Ticich Ling Lin Lisl. 1. The greatest fact in English is to make Young people love our language. 2. Language is Learned by absorption. 3. Youth absorbs Only when interest is aroused through emotion. 4. Provide environment which shall arouse Correct hearing and speaking. 5. Supply matter for thought and emotion awaken curiosity desire. 6. Writing in the modern school is constant. 7. Silent or Oral Reading at Home 8. Reading in the class. He said Appeal to the children through their emotions thus interest them and increase their desire to learn the language. Teachers must be Good readers to e Able to properly instruct a Hildren ii our Beautiful language. A teacher who is a Good Reader Las the Power of real teaching f winning the hearts and lives f children to the Best ideas. All just come under the Sway of a Good Book Well read said he. Folio i no or. Kennaston came miss Gem. Schoonover with a social and personal. Or. And mrs. Of l. Gemmer were in Lafayette tuesday. Clair Haun visited relatives at Lafayette in the past week. Our buggies Are beauties. Come and amp Bradie. Arby Haupt went to Hoopeston yesterday to visit Hie Brothers and attend the fair. Goes to Bax till Springs. Monday Sam sailors receive d word from Baxter Springs kan., that a place was open for him and he was asked to be ready to go to work by september 1. Sam will leave Early next week and his family will follow in due time or. Sailors helped in to e work of installing our electric Plant and he operated it about a year when he went to Baxter Springs and had charge of the Plant there for some time but finally returned Here and resumed charge of the Plant remaining nearly two years. Sam is a sober faithful and efficient Man and he has Many friends Here Avo regret seeing him leave though glad that he has found employment. Fact is Sam is too Good a Man to remain Ong Idle. Tkv were made one the following a speared in the Danville iii., daily Democrat ast thursday quot yesterday afternoon a License was issued to Ike n. Julian aged 27, of Williamsport ind., which entitled him to take daily Brown aged 18, of Independence ind., As his better half. After procuring the License the couple repaired to the Plaza hotel acid called in magistrate Henry Hall who made the two one. The Bride was Beautiful but notwithstanding this fact and his Long experience As a Mari ying Man brother Hall failed to kiss the fair Damsel. He was too modest by social and personal try us for amp we sell buggies buggies amp Broadie. Written guarantee with every quot a gym Luppold amp Broadie. An article in this paper headed quot assessment of lands quot will be of of quote ral morning. After the usual Musica selection ii and invocation by Rev miss Leon a Saltz left yesterday on a visit with her parents and other relatives at grand rapids Ohio. _ miss Myrtle Kiblinger of Pine Village spent sunday with the family of or. And mrs. O. L winks. If you want to make Good Money raising a calf now a month old Call at the u. B. Parsonage this City or Ulrop a card to Box 218. Mrs. Cameron and her daughter prank have taken rooms in the Tuttle building Over Musselman s grocery where they now reside. This time All the time and every time you buy your grocery supplies buy them of Judy amp Darling is a Good motto to follow. F. E. Nobes publishing the Enterprise at Flora in was the guest of t. W. Carson in the past week. Or. Nobes is a Cousin of mrs. Carson eci tat on entitled to this was dialect a 6electit n and Public appearance of adv in this role. She a Mariah s negro a the first the Young appeared j. D. Chambers and family Are attending a reunion at the town of Ohio iii., with nearly one Hundred people All relatives of the family present. They return next week a bargains in Queens Are at miss Selman s. 35-3 give Musselman a Call. He will treat you Well. 29-tf much local matter will be found on pages three and six this week Fred Rabb is Rusti Catino in Fountain county for weeks. A couple o c. W. Musselman is now representing at his store a $150000.00 Stock of perfect fitting clothing. Or. And mrs. Lou Pitcher gave a party monday evening in Honor of Attica relatives who were Here you will lose Money if you do not investigate Musselman s prices on clothing before buying else where. One of the Best habits in every Day life is the habit of continually buying your grocery supplies of Judy amp Darling. Lamonte Finfrock of Attica Anc h. B. Cartlidge and the misses Pearl and Blanche Gregory made a trip to Rossville 111., last Sun Day. Edgar Webb left monday for Vincennes to attend the Institute there this week and get acquainted As he takes the position of superintendent of Ward schools in that City for the next year. Ima Daisy new okla what s in a name Cook is the name of Boma postmaster. Mrs. Gloyd and daughter a Gracie of Chicago Are Here on a to weeks visit with mrs. M. E. Mcclaflin. W. C. Smith sold a farm of 160 acres in Jordan township North of Hedrick last week to Robert h. Johnson for s9400. This is a splendid farm and the Price received is generally regarded As very Low. Remember that Helwig amp karst will repair your sewing machine and put it in first class order furnishing new parts where upended. We furnish supplies of All kinds for any machine that is manufactured. Prices always reasonable. Opposite court House. Mrs. Hanson returned from Indianapolis last thursday. She is weakened after her experience in the Hospital but is doing nicely much better than was expect etl when she had the operation performed. She is Able to walk about the House some and will in Doul t Day regain her full strength in a few months. Mrs. A. H. Haun and miss Florence Judy left last Friday for an extended Eastern trip. They went t Cincinnati where they met or. Lucky and her friends and from there they went Over the c. Amp o. To old Point Comfort. They will visit various Points along the coast and go to Washington Baltimore and other cities. J. Frank Mcdermond s great August Cut Price Sale has been a rattling Success notwithstanding the sizzling heat of the month. The values Given rocked neither time nor tide nor seasons. Qualities so Fine and prices so wonderfully Low that the scene in this store has been one of continued activity. Read his special announcement this week. W ill h. Evans will move to Williamsport in a few Days having leased the Moore property of Boyer st. On the opening of our schools or. Evans will take the position of assistant teacher in the High school. Or. Evans is a capable instructor and a worthy citizen. He and his family will be welcomed As residents of Williamsport. Mort Hackney son of t. W. Hackney and Lee Ross son of shed Ross enlisted in the regular army at Bedford Indiana the other Day. They passed through Lafayette last thursday afternoon Enro Ute to their regiment. They expect to be sent to the National Park to do guard duty and relieve the regular s there who will be sent to the Philippines. To Good advantage and her hearers very much. After this selection came prof. Aley who in his Clear and miss beat his Baiker and Friend Lela Alexander of Wes Lafayette Weie guests of or. And pleased mrs. Frank Barker in the past week miss / Barker is a sister of Frank. Cor mrs. W. P. Erroy left tuesday Cise form of speech and ready use visit to Hammond ind. She was accompanied by her two the subject of quot general , who were therefrom As upon previous occasions he said Many Good things in his talk. H i advised entering the school room with a very High purpose clearly defined. He quoted from Montaine the saying that quot the school is lint to train the mind not to train the soul but to train the he had much to say about the impossibility of working to a detailed plan or method in the school re pm. Worked out but to find the Hammond of a visit of eleven weeks. Next sunday evening will be the closing service of Rev Colf Man s first year As pastor of the u. B Church Here. Services at the usual hour morning and evening. A there is a constant freshness in the grocery Stock of Judy amp Darling. Table supplies of the the plans could be highest Quality make a shortcut Pupil from producer to consumer Here one Day last week a Bury Brier As he came along the Road at the top of the Hill near Isaac Jones s place saw a huge Rattlesnake the reptile ran fast in an there Are hams and hams butt a 1 to quot a a clip k two d and threw at the hams we Are Selling Are succeeded in hitting it hams they can t be beat. You he then secured a piece of Fence cannot fail to enjoy them and rail and finished the Job of kill they Are sold by Judy amp Darling the Rattler. The Snake As Low As the inferior Quality. Try one. 33-tf measured four Andree half feet in length and the largest portion of its body measured eight and one half inches around. An . T. A Johnson and family were Over from Benton county in the 3asi week visiting his brother in Awn m. Gehris postmaster at j. Frank Mcdermond wishes to Walnut Grove and Geo. Kochel kindly thank the people who at concluded on Page eight. I quot a Uli broken procession. Who resides on the old Gephart farm now owned by Horace Good wine or. Johnson resided in this county about eighteen years. He came Here a Young Man and by his Industry and frugality lie saved sufficient Money to m Ike a payment on land and he went Back to Benton county near where he was born and purchased eighty acres of Laud where the family now reside near Lochiel. Or. Johnson was trustee of Prairie township at one time. He has a brother who was located near him who s Gold his 120 acre farm last week for . Tended his great 9 cent Sale last saturday but certainly regrets he did not have wrappers or silk enough for All As the crowd was Way beyond expectations. People were at cur store a =5 Early As six o clock to buy. Remember. I will give one Hundred dollars to any one who can prove we Don t have or do As we advertise. Hot id the weather a pin bad we would have had plenty of goods for All but no Oigt a can foresee the weather or the crowds. Again thanking you i remain yours anxious to please j. F. Mcd Edmomd. Smy Psi Fisi amps a a Mumm

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