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Williamsport Warren Review Newspaper Archives Aug 5 1897, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - August 5, 1897, Williamsport, Indiana Eye we devoted to the interests of Wlllie sport and a Furren county. Yol. Vil Williamsport warred coi qty Indi a a thu sat August 5, 1897. Dumber 32. Local news a strange apparition a woman in Alacli. A a scaring Ilie davits out of people in Attica. Hoy Fox. The grocer has ferrets forsake in pairs or single. They Are Hanii ion rat Hunti is. Is at Sailor s and during t in Sirsi u i Days of August that you get two omunds of Coil be for in cents. A r household articles of everyday use at very Low prices Sim Llie is inv Novelty a bargain store opera House l lick. See Hirw i Ai your Money goes at a Sailo quot a. Dui ing the first ten Days of August. Take advantage of the 0 port Unity while it lasts. The trustees met last monday and submitted their annual re ports to the con i missioners which were Ai i Ovid and ordered published. Piaf. Elf View building formerly owned by t. A. Clifton is now the 1 Opi try of Hon. rank Hanley he having recently purchasing the same. The annual report of to ustice , api ears iti Tylik la kill a this wet a. Which will be of interest to All tax payers in Ashing trn township. Never a better of Ort nity to buy goods and buy them right than right now. You Are i Teferi de to the announce it intent it if the Boston store in this Issue. Ariy Erson desiring to ado t a homeless child or to i it Civ into his fail Hild to be kept and Carril ii. I. R Quested to write to the a Xii d of state charities Indianapolis. I Diana. Leo. Biti quot has several acres of Fine Early c and he is daily ing thi a i i neighbouring towns. A Liberal Sample avas loft at this Ovice tuesday for which the Kkt a new i Etu Riis . Scott c Rawin d. Residing near state line was in town j tuesday he formerly resided near Williams port and he takes the a View to keep Josted on the movements of his friends in this Vicinity. W. Marvin is making great a Success with his sti ing of horses in the big racing circuits this year. Ira Bend w a the free for All in grand. Liar ids. Michigan last quot week till la.-,t heat being made in o -10 1 _ a Ball game was played att a Johanon Sui Alay. Between the Home t am and a club from Ambia. It is said to have been a very in tei est iii game. J he result was a Victory for thu Home team. Score to i. The once noted so Ort Aid sex prize tight a now Lefoi ined Ben Hogan is a guest at the Indiana Minei al Springs hotel. He was Sillivan s Backer and t Rainer in his palmy Days and had a Woi old wide reputation As \ be of the greatest sports Ever known. A i Epa Nitor Cylinder exploded at the farm of Hiram Jones in Fountain minty last Friday. The machine which was owned by or. Jones was being fed b him when the sex Losion occurred but strange to relate lie and the band Cutter m in k Briney est i de uninjured. If a Man had a Pup a he would look after it carefully and not let it run around at night All Over town says a level headed Exchange. But if he has a boy it is different. He is turned Loose at a tender age to go to the Devil and then people wond tir where the great army of tramps bums dead Berds. Loafers and sets come from each decade. They Are germinated from the uni seed gathered from our Homes and sown broadcast upon our streets and alleys. It May be that your boy is making a growth in that direction. A events the boy ought to be a i equal showing with the Bull p o. C. Tabourn who has been employed in the Republican Ottyce for six years has quit the business and is now with his father in his Law Oil ice. It is understood that he expects to engage in teaching school a portion of the time. De Banes takes his place in the Republican Oil ice. Sheriff Statzell and Deputy ill Cert Hall took Sam Hunter to Indianapolis last Friday. At Lia Fayette he was inclined to give them some trouble. He was placed in a straight jacket and not very much trouble was experienced in handling Hin. Sam s Case is a sad one indeed. Avilliah Swank supervisor of District number one Washington township has done a Nice Job of grading the Road leading to and through the menu Tery. If it were possible to Grade the Hill leading throw ii the cemetery and keep it in fair shape this would l e a popular route to Attica. Clark j ick residing one mile West of Carbondale. Was in town tuesday. He is carrying on extensive farming oji rations and is one of the busiest men in the county. He says that Oats on tiie Prairi will average about 40 l bushels but yields of >0 to go bushels have been Reni sorted. Good lunch at All hours at i Ank ave chs. The Light of the kerosene lamp is said to be considerably increased by a lacing in the Oil Reservoir a fused mixture of two arts of pure hard White Pai Alline with about one part of pure hard sperm Aceti. About 0,3 pm. To 1-21, of Oil As ill last about four Days. This addition also is claimed to prevent the bad odor of certain kerosene. Go to Frank Welchs for a Good fish dinner for 20 cents. Last week. Winfield Fleming of West , sold bushels of Corn to the elevator s of that Pla a which was the biggest lot of Corn Ever sold in that Section. Lat or comes a re Jort from Fountain county of the Sale of 18,000 by one Man. The Fountain county Corn sold for 2 cents. Fifty cents was refused for the Corn at one time. Sailor Sells you 12 a sounds of a. No. J Beans for 25 Jents. On tuesday july 27, a daughter was Boi n to or. And mrs. We. Aldrich. J he Mother is an inmate of the iii Mary of this county. Or. And mrs Ahlrich s it Parat de a few Mouths ago and soon after became at listed with st. Ant Hoik a s dance. Under treatment of j r. Jon is of Carbondale she ret overed in a Short time. Her husband is employed at Pritchet s Liv it stable in Attica. Think of it. Santa clans soap right bars for 2." cents at Sailor s. Scott Long while working maund a thrashing machine at Jesse swis Iier s last saturday was kicked y a horse. The horses Hoof hit him behind the ear and knocked his head against a Luiel on the separa toi. A Large Gash was Cut on top of the head by the wheel or Swank was called and took several stitches in the gashes on the head which Werini quite severe it was a Case of catching him a Goin and a comin. Times improving so is business at the new novely bargain store. A Plain drunk was gathered in Jay the marshal monday. After allowing him to Lay in the cooler awhile to sober off he was taken before Justice Powell and plead guilty to the Clarge of drunkenness. Being unable to i a Fine and costs he was taken Back to jail. After awhile a Friend came to the Rescue and settled tie matter. He was under Stockl to be a Barber by Trade. Some said he was a Painter. Painting seemed to be his occupation while Here. Cut this out and paste it on your barn door for Fly time to keep flies off the cattle take Coal tar two parts and Coal Oil and grease each one part and mix with a Small amount of Carli Olic acid. Apply with a cloth by moistening the hair and horns with Liciu id. In aprily ing in Chule the feet and legs and it will drive every Fly away one a plication lasting ten Days or More if in dry weather. Apply As often As necessary Ami your cows will be entirely free from trios of All kinds. Working shirts and overalls at the new Ovid to bargain store. New lot coming. E. C. Byers. Who had been a resident of Warren county for forty years died at his Home in Steuben township thursday night last july 29, at the age of go years. He owned a tine farm which he had conducted with Success. J he funeral occurred last saturday the i a Mains being Laid at rest in the cemetery at West Lebanon. He leaves a widow and one child. Deceased was sick a week. He was first taken with pneumonia after which other com plications arose. Or. Byers was highly respected and his death will be regretted by a very Large Circle of friends. Peter Anderson 0. L. And Bobert a inks and Thon As Powell of Williams a Ort were present at the funeral. This week the Covington a a a a issues number 1. Volumes of. The Friend boasts of it s age and of it s ine clinical equipment claims to have the j est e Jui de county office in a Estern Indiana. Tin t being the Case Why not let it show in the makeup and general Ai Peai Anees of the paper too Many papers boast of their age and equipment thinking that people will Rush to them with their Busi no is and accept their publication As the Best Puri in on account of 1 these boasts and claims. A Little push and Energy and an exhibition of skill and taste Aie elements that Are Aoji recited and Aid in keeping Pax is in the front rank in the struggle for Suprenia Eticy. One great trouble with americans says an Exchange is that they know exactly How to run the affairs of their Fellows. The old maid proffers her Sisters advice upon the management of Hei husband and the old Bachelor can a Jive the the universe say Well done thou Good and faithful servant come and sign the pay Roll and receive your Check for eternal happiness quot the last legislature passed a measure requiring township trustees to provide Patent drinking fountains for their respective schools. The fountains Are so so. Stories of How it happened Are confusing As stories of wrecks always Are. The first the passengers knew was the jolting followed by the crash. Many of them were thrown from their seats and berths and some were severely bruised but none seriously injured. The Engineer and the fireman As to discharge enough died prisoners in their cab. And water into the drinking cups to slightly overflow it. The design e their bodies were badly mangled. Those persons who saw the smash ing to remove All microbes from by from the station can add Little the rim of the d. A recently to the Story of How it happened a smooth individual secured con i lne . Father pointers As to the read Ingol boys. The Man who would starve but for the Industry and frugality of his i for els com event to manage of his country and the people who cannot 1 0 trusted to drive ducks to water will xxi lain to our Wisest How to get to Hea Vii. Those who cannot turn a hand Organ if it were i Asten al to him can Tell you just How to run your business. And a Man who can t run anything else on Earth knows How to run a newspaper. An old Railto id Man who drifted into a Church where a revival was going on was asked to Lead in Rayer. And Heie is the Way lie dil it 0 lord now that i have flagged thee Lif us my feet from the rough Road and Plant them safely on the platform of the train of salvation. Jet me use the safety Hump known As j prudence make All the co tidings in the train with the Strong links of thy h be. And let my hand lamp be the Bible. And heavenly father keep All tie switches closed that Lead Oil on the sidings especially those with a Blind end o lord if it be thy pleasure have every semaphore Block along the line show the White Light of Hope that i make the run of life without stopping. And lord give u3 the ten commandments for a schedule and when i have finished the run on schedule time Juull de into the great dark of tracts from nine trustees in Cass county for the font Ains at sl4.o0 each. The commissioners will not approve the Purchase of the tanks because they have found after in t vesti gation that they can 1je bought for six dollars each. Avan in county will be in due time invaded by these Sharks and every trustee in he county should be on his guard. Airs. Jennie al Dermond tre Bing died at her Home in hoops on Illinois last Friday morning of rheumatism of the heart. Deceased was a sister of j. Frank aider mond the Well known Attica business Man. She was born in Attica years ago and in 1892 was married to Charles tre Bisig. J hey resided in Chicago a until two years ago when air. Trelling engaged in business in Hoo Aston. Since which time they have resided there. The funeral occurred in Attica sunday afternoon which was conducted at the Home of her brother j. Frank Ai Dermond by eve. John a. Alax Well assisted by Bev. Am. Vilmer i of a i1llamsport. Six. Brothers acted As j All bearers. But one of three Sisters was present the other two residing in Texas found it impossible to reach Here in time. The remains were Laid at rest in Riverside cemetery in Attica. The be Vii a extends sympathy to the bereaved husband and other immediate relatives of the deceased. I Rof. S. C. Hanson is attending an important Institute of teachers now ill ses iii at Council blult.-, b a. Ii. Write g up the a proceed Ings of the Day the daily a to Par ii. Of tuesday says prof. S. C. Hanson who gives instructions in music and who occupies room no. Quot on the third floor is superintendent of a drools in Williamsport ind he has compiled a number of song b books suited to school work ii gang them quot merry Melo Dii a quot Silvery notes quota Kerry songs quot and quot primary and in addition to giving the teachers practical instruction ill the proper methods of teaching vocal music he hikes excellent suggestions As to the music Titei to various grades and is a firm be Liever in Tiu motion song a Means of relieving the tedium o the school room. Music has Long b in a recreation for the professor after the More serious duties o his a position and he now ranks among the leading Normal instructors of the Branch. A Railroad Accident occurred a Thorntown last Friday morning in which two men lost their lives two others were seriously in Nrec and Many More badly shaken up a through fast passenger train heavily loaded which reached that town at 2 80 a. In was wrecked near the local station Liy run ning into an open switch. A Hile running at a got id rate of Speed she struck the open switch Anc that the death list is not ext Emlet is Little less than a Miracle. The dead Are Seth Ainslow Engineer of Greenburg ind., and Buck Crick Niilre fireman of Indianapolis. Two tramps were seriously Hurt. To add to the seriousness of the Accident it is charged and there is evidence to sustain it that the train was deliberately wrecked a Swath having been opened and a they saw the train approach and of course expected to see it slow up a second Ater at the platform but instead the engine swerved rocked reeled and plunged Over the cars behind coming on with a Force that looked As if the whole train were destroyed. Hicks promised the country generally a pretty dry july with great heat but said there would be heavy local downpours. Avell this Section was fortunate enough to get the local Rains. For August he predicts in substance As follows a great heat wave will be sure to open the month. The atmosphere will be oppressive. Storms Are due 2 to i and in the Northwest until the Goth with no decided disturbances in which Case heavy and dangerous storms May be expected g to 10. Saturday. Sunday and londay 7, 8, and 8 Are Cen trial storm Days. The change from sweltering heat to very Cool is Likely. Hail May be looked for within -19 hours of g p. M., on the 7th, followed by very Cool and it frosts in the North. Xau other warm wave 12 to 14, followed by storms from Avest to East and cd Oler. From 20 to 26 very warm out South winds local storms but ittle rain. Change to rain and cooler 27. If electrical storms Are not general and heat continues earthquakes May be expected and he Gulf will have hurricanes and cyclones. The general Outlook for August in the Northwest is warm and dry. Above the average. Sep Ember is Likely to follow suit. Showers will fall Here and there and we May get them again we May not. There is a Prospect of l Light Frost Early in septem or. October will be the same until the Middle of the month afer which look for storms. The Iros eject of a very late fall Are excellent and there is Likely to be weather warm enough to Ripen late Corn. Personal. Death May thou superintendent of coupling pin placed in it to hold it a Geo. Compton of Avail Lebanon his brother Seth tues his. Effie Lucky a Remington ind. Is the guest of her Cousin mrs. Frank Welch. A the aliases Beal of Keming to Are visiting friends Here and at West Lebanon this week. It. A. Clifton and family left monday for Covington where Tivey will reside in the future. A �??.iiss Brownie Judy Law Terenceville iii is Here a visiting the family of her brother l. A. Judy. A a. L. W inks and family were Here from Steuben yesterday guests of or. And mrs. In l. A inks. A Chester Rossiter was Here from Lafayette sunday and monday the guest of his Friend attorney Robert Braden. A Minos Knowles of Awarren was Here transacting business yesterday. He did not forget the Printer while in town. A mrs. E. C. Minas Hammond ind., who has been the guest of her sister mrs. James Armstrong the last six weeks returned Home yesterday. A Cecil Day and Omer Hamlin of Jordan made a trip to Niagara Falls and Buff Alo last week. They returned last monday. They were much delighted with their trip. A miss Myrtle Voglesong was Here again this week visiting her aunt mrs. Jacob Pfeiffer. After another Short visit with her aunt in Avest Lebanon she Avill return to her Home in Missouri. I a c. Or. Elijah Ambler was in the Village tuesday. Uncle a ill streets is fast improving in health. Harry Ross made Lafayette a Short visit sunday. Aliss Mary Hagley Swaningson visited in the a Village this week. There is being some Good work done on the cemetery this week. Thos. Fenton has a new sign in front of his shop. It is an artistic Job. Those who put up ice last Winter find it a great convenience this hot weather. Miss Blanch Burges is the proud of a Bike. She rides gracefully. Aaes Reice and lady of Attila visited with Thos. Rhode and family Over sunday. Trustee c. O. Blind was in the county seat monday attending to township business. A. H. sex postmaster was seen on our streets tuesday. He is the same old Gus miss Bessie Rhode starts to Day on a visit among friends in filter ent parts of the state. Fred Stingle was overcome by the intense heat monday. He made a Good recovery. The misses Daisy and Jossie Blind attended the Battle ground Camp meeting sunday some of Oxford s Young gentlemen attended the m. E. Demrch services sunday evening. Mrs Baughman will preach in the f. A Church Send ii in Guiti give her a Large congregation. The people s grocery had some trouble with their bake oven last week but it is in baking order again. There is a Good league lesson for saturday evening. Miss Myrtle Kiblinger will conduct the services. There is talk of organizing a band in Pine a Village. There is Good material and it can be easily done. May it be so. Joseph Mullendore was badly poisoned by Poison Ivy while picking berries this week. Several others have been j poisoned. Joe Roff came to the Village monday visiting with Tommy Fenton. Joe has Many warm friends Here who were glad to see him. Or. Cot Man hailing from st. Louis made our Village a visit stopping with or. Mcinnes. His wife has been Here for some time. On next sunday afternoon Amos in Ocie will be immersed in Pino Creek at the Bridge. Rev. Baughman will have charge of the ceremonies. Avill Dowden went to Covington saturday and took the teacher s examination in that City. Am. Will teach in that county the coming Winter. Elder Armstrong preached a Good discourse in the Rowe Hall sunday. Owing to the intense heat the room was very uncomfortable. John Taylor will try the Royal scroll for a while and see if he can make her go. He surely will for be is a Hustler and deserves Sun Cess. Kifer Pearson has purchased lots in the Boyer addition of our City and will build this fall. Kifer will be Welcome and will make a Good citizen. Town Board met monday night allowed a few Bills but did Little other business. They probably will not do much toward a Well for some time. This is a Busy week for the newspapers and one that will make some of their hearts glad. Each trustee will have Liis report printed thus showing All business done in the year just past. C0mtin�o1d on a he the ique

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