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Williamsport Warren Review Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1898, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - April 21, 1898, Williamsport, Indiana Devoted to the interests of Williamsport and Warren county. Vol. , Waheem a county ils Siaifa thursday april a al 1898. A a umber 17. The cantata. The metropolitan Marx st., Lafayette. Performance Given at the new opera House on thursday evening last a grand Success. Attendance Veky Large. The largest number of people so said Ever assembled in the new opera House except on the opening night were attracted there on thursday evening last to witness the production of the Beautiful dramatic cantata Jephthah and his daughter. The leading members of the Christian Church assisted by members of nearly All the other f churches and others were engaged for sometime in the preparation of the piece and All who participated took a Lively interest in the affair and the result was most pleasing to the Large audience assembled and they each and All have reason to feel satisfied with the result of their efforts to please their auditors. The performance opened with a Drill participated in by 60 children which was quite a novel feature. All taking part in the cantata did their Best to please and they succeeded Well. Those taking leading parts were of course afforded better opportunities to display their talents but All were entitled to More or less credit for the successful result. Chas. Fenton As Jephthah distinguished himself. It was universally conceded that he never Sang As Well. Mrs. G. L. Coffman who has an exceptionally Gooc voice sustained the part of Iphi Genia Jephthah s daughter admirably. Or. G. L. Coffman who is a Good base Singer appeared to / Good advantage. Guy Sutton with his Fine Tenor voice carried through the part of Elon in a most pleasing manner and miss Floy Mcinnes of West Lebanon As Elouis his sister distinguished herself. Miss Imra Stephens As Adah also Sang splendidly. The Quartetti composed of Coral and Herman Pugh of West Lebanon and Gertie Smith and Guy Sutton Sang Well. An extra attraction and one most pleasing to the big audience was the singing Between acts by the eminent song writer Paul Dresser of new York who is a guest at the Indiana Mineral Springs. Or. Dresser does not possess such a wonderful voice but like Carleton Reading his own poems or. Dresser can sing his own songs As no one else can and he always captures his audiences wherever he api it ears. Or. Dresser contributed his services and his contribution was highly appreciated by both the Church and the audience. While there Are always some who Are ready to criticise these Home entertainments nearly All pronounce this an artistic Success and the Success that All strive for and most desired of All on such occasions is the net result financially and the management fee most gratified on this score As the net proceeds amount to a clean Hundred dollars. Notes. Much credit is due mrs. Or Coffman who worked earnestly and faithfully to make the entertainment a Success. Mrs. Harley Billings pro Side at the piano and her part in the performance was highly appreciated. The music furnished by the mandolin club composed of Wil Demmary Clare Haun Eoy hat ton and Guy Stephens was Gooc and they were freely applauded. The second and third acts each Clos i with a tableau with miss Nina Letcher representing an an gel As a Central figure. The Tableaux were very Lebanon Attica and the a Springs All turned out Good crowds Bettie Luppold is having a Sale on fancy ribbons and ladies ashes at reduced prices. Uncle Sam has served a writ of hat co., 82 ejectment on Spain and will proceed to execute it at once. Be sure to see Bettie Luppold s new line of dress goods in the latest styles of silk and Wool novelties. As a result of the present crisis it has been demonstrated to Mark Hanna that he is not the whole thing. _ see Bettie Luppold for Fine leghorn hats for children at 4.0 cents and nicely trimmed hats for ladies at $1.25. A measure has been prepared by be ways and Means committee of be House which will be passed and is intended to create sufficient Revenue to prosecute the War with spam. The Bill will raise be Ween 8100,000,000 or $120,000,000 additional Revenue per annul. He Bill will provide an additional tax of $1 per barrel upon Beer rom which $30,000,000 will be raised. On manufactured tobacco and snuff an increase from 6 to 12 cents. This it is expected will raise �16,000,000. The increase read the declaration of Correll amp Boyd on Page six. Booming big furniture bargains All along the line. Elder g. H. Clark pastor of the Christian Church will speak at the Lincoln school House at 2 30 p. M., sunday. The crusaders have closed their meetings at Hedrick with 41 conversions. They have opened meetings in Attica. A program has been arranged by the y. P. B. S. For tuesday evening april 26, consisting of songs solos dialogues and recitations. Everybody is invited. To the gentlemen of Williams port greeting would be please to show you the finest line of hats and furnishings in metropolitan 82 main st., Lafayette. Recent legislation in new York prohibits the Sale of liquor in dry goods stores. All other states where the big department stores exist in the Large cities should follow the Goodrick died at his West Lebanon sunday deceased a War tax. Bill to be passed that is designed to Ray the expense of the avar us it progresses. Buy a Gopher of fix Bros and let the hand do the farming. L. C. Bentley United in marriage on thursday evening last or. Edward Farthing and miss Emma Lindburg. Marion Dysert who lives near Rainsville lost a valuable Mare one Day last week. Wesley Harper lost one about two weeks a special program has been arranged by the y. P. B. S. At the German Baptist Church tuesday evening april 26. Everybody invited. Saw danger ahead. The War with the War of the revolution broke out april 19. The mexican War on cigars and cigarettes will prob-1 the Wai of the rebel ably be is on All classes producing april 19. $5,000,000. The proposition top Quot a tax All stocks and transfers of Cor twelve and one half acres of orations is embodied in the Corn has been slowed in a half Day measure together with practically with the fix Gopher Corn plow All schemes of internal Revenue read advertisement in and ther taxation of the act of 1866, which part of this paper includes a stamp tax on All checks people who have been howling drafts and All instruments of Busi Jackson in the Avite Ness mortgages Loans and Bonds a remember that the tax on Patent and proprietary i president medicines and a tax on Telegraph Ujj est be is exactly messages and express packages is i a tical with that followed by while Hon. J. Frank Hanly was a member of Congress and while the House was considering the naval appropriation Bill or. Hanly offered an amendment to the Bill providing for the construction of six instead of four first class Battle ships. Had Congress adopted the amendment and taken or. Hanly s advice we would be in much better condition to drive the Spanish flotilla Back to Spanish ports and free Cuba. We can now see the Wisdom of his position. The very things have come to pass that he predicted and the need of those extra Battle ships is now keenly Felt. Accidentally shot. Sets a Good example. Let others of our a Multi flu Konaires show their patriotism. Also incorporated in the Bill. The scheme of taxation is estimated to raise $35,000,000. The tax on Telegraph messages will be one cent Ltd All messages which Cost 25 cents or less and two cents on All above 25 cents. A duty of 10 cents a Pound is placed upon Tea and 3 cents a Pound upon Coffee with a countervailing internal Revenue tax on the Stock on hand. From Tea and coffees 828,000,000 is estimated. Bottled Waters Are to Bear a tax similar to Patent medicines. Jackson. A meeting will be held in Crow s Grove school House in Liberty township on sunday april 24, at 2 30 p. M., for the purpose of organizing a sunday school. All who Are interested in the Good work Are invited. Wallace Avith draws. General Wallace no longer a candidate tor tie United states Senate. Alonzo Lime in evening of pne Moida. Was a son of mrs. Enos Moore o Ivillia sport. The funeral occurred tuesday at 10 a. In ferment at the West Lebanon cemetery. Miss Long of Danville Illinois an expert in Art embroidery wide at the Boston store next week opening monday and will give sex iii Bivions of Art embroidery work ladies of Williamsport and sur rounding towns and country Are cordially invited to see the exhibit Attica s Council at a Meetin monday night let a contract for he paving of the main business of Street of the town from the offices of the Sterling remedy co., to the Wabash station. Veedersburg Brick will be used. The improve ment will Cost about sixteen thous and dollars. During the Progress of a cake walk held in Covington on Friday night last a lamp was upset and the building a Frame Structure was set on fire. A panic was created and it was feared that a loss of life would result but the flames were subdued the building saved and no one injured. Read carefully what Chas. Zeig Ler has to say in this Issue. This store is willing to admit that you May find cheaper qualities elsewhere but that you cannot find lower prices for equal qualities. Quality you know is always As important As Price. High Quality Price Low is the Zeigler motto. Don t let procrastination be your their of bargain getting but hasten to the great Boston store at Williamsport and take advantage of the Low prices now prevailing. Economy can have no objection to buying at this establishment. Low prices Are better than arguments. Values do their own talking. They Appeal to the economical buyer. General Lew Wallace who has been a formidable candidate in the senatorial race to succeed David Turpie has withdrawn believing he can serve his county Best in fighting the Spanish. The Indianapolis journal sunday printed the following letter from general Lew Wallace Quot in View of the certainty of War with Spain i today tendered the National government my services in the Field. That i have been a candidate for United states senator May subject this action on my part to mis construction so i beg you will permit me the use of your paper to announce my withdrawal from the senatorial race. To the Many republicans who gave their support i offer my Hearty thanks and most grateful the Hon. J. Frank Hanly c03iing the proprietor of a country weekly in Georgia says Quot we would not accept a bribe and yet we Frank enough to say that we can t support certain candidate s without Cleu and explicit. Mj3. O. P. Bird who lived near state line died tuesday morning after lying sick Many months. Deceased made All arranged cents for her funeral selecting pall bearers and the place of burial. The family reside one half mile soil la of state line. 1 you have a base Ball Finger you can t pass the stiff examination Given Navy applicants. Of course if men were wanted pretty bad Ruch minor disabilities would be a wavered but just now when a million men have volunteered Only perfect men Are . Services at Christinit Church. On thursday last Louis wish John who was employed on the farm of will Mann in North Medina township accidentally shot himself. The victim of the Accident who was engaged in hauling rails took a gun along which he held in front of him. The gun slipped and fell the Hammer striking the Doubletree discharging the Load which took effect in one of Weisjohn s legs. The charge struck him Back of the knee. The flesh was torn away and an artery severed. Before surgical assistance could be obtained the unfortunate Man bled to death. His parents reside four Miles West of Kewanna Fulton county. The remains Ware taken there for burial. Sex postmaster general Wana maker has proven himself a Patriot of the highest order. In addition to offering to raise a regiment and go to the front himself he issued the following magnanimous order to All his employees notice in order that our men May have easy minds in considering and arranging their affairs in the event of being called upon for military service this notice is posted to say 1. That All the positions thus vacated will be re opened to return to when the military service is Over. 2. That All salaries will continue in full in such absence for actual service and be paid to the authorized representative of their respective families. 3. An insurance to the amount of 81,000 will be paid by the firm in Case of each death while any of our people Are actually engaged in military service. Birthday anniversary. Wabash up to Date. The Hon. J. Frank Hanly will deliver his lecture on the theme which is the object of his Pride at the school building the evening of april 28. Or. Hanly delivers this same lecture Quot Indiana Quot to Over 2,000 students very near the Date he comes Here. The lecture is his Best and will furnish an excellent occasion for his Many warm friends at Williamsport to both see and hear him. Quot mrs. Edgar a. Taylor mrs. H. N. Throckmorton sunday school at 9 00 a. Preaching at 10 30, subject Quot Peter going a in the even-1 ing Christian Endeavor at 6 30, subject preaching at 7 30, subject Quot All authority committed to a special invitation is extended to All. Buried with masonic honors. Here is an innovation. Passengers arriving in Chicago on the Wabash after May 1st, will have the Opportunity of Riding to their hotels or transferring across the City in horseless carriages the electric vehicle is no longer an Experiment and arrangements have been made with the Owen h. Fay co., of Chicago for this service from the Aya Bash Dearborn Street station. Aside from the pleasing Novelty of being whizzed through the streets with no apparent motive Power these electric vehicles will prove valuable As time savers especially when Transfer across the City to other depots for connection is desired. The progressive management of the Wabash certainly deserves great credit for adopting this improvement. Newspaper Enterprise. A of a review representative went to Fowler the other Day and while there was entertained by our former fellow townsman t. A. Clifton who took us for a drive in the country. Fowler is surrounded by a magnificent farming country and it is one of the Best among the Many John Bader father of William Bader who served As Deputy county auditor at one time died at his Home in Warren township monday night. The funeral occurred at Armstrong Chapel yesterday at one o cloak under the auspices of the masonic order of which he was a member. Deceased was about 70 years old and had been a resident of Warren on Friday last mrs. William Owens living North of town was 73 years old. This was an occasion for a very pleasant birthday Surprise. Her Maiden daughters. Misses Amanda and Francis Owens made the Day memorable for their Mother by a Surprise dinner. The Mother was taken to the Home of a married daughter under pretext for a Fine drive. While absent the Home was literally besieged by friends and neighbors. Guests and Home folks a like Laened the table with a Bountiful dinner. A Little after noon All assembled in the parlor to await the Surprise. Mother soon arrived and outdid them All by exclaiming i m not the least bit but when chairs and presents of Vai ious kinds Avert presented to Ler actions said the unexpected lad occurred. Soon dinner was served and it was a feast Long to be remembered. All ate As though they never expected to celebrate Mother Owens 73d birthday again. The Long tables reaching from the Kitchen to the Parlours were filled three times with Happy guests. The Surprise would not be Complete unless guests As Well As Host beheld the unlocked for. Accordingly when All the guests had assembled who should enter but the newly married couple Edward Farthing and wife a Hose marital vows had not been known to Many present. With the sinking Sun Over fifty guests turned homeward wishing mrs Owens Many Happy returns of her 73d birthday. Services at the m. E. Church. And Charles c. ,. I a e of to Pyke will go to Williamsport 30 years. He was an thursday april 28, where they honorable upright citizen a Mem will take part in a musical enter ber of the German Church and an ardent g. A. R. Man always pres the above item appeared in the ent at All their gatherings. Lafayette courier of tuesday. The occasion of their coming was not thoroughly understood by the courier reporter. These people will sing in connection with the Hanly lecture. They Are All most excellent singers and their presence will add much to the attractiveness of the occasion. Swell styles hats and furnish Ings st., class meeting one hour late at 10 30 next sunday. Sunday school at 2 30, preaching at 7 30. Subject Quot measure for if you can t get them in Williamsport up to Date styles hats and furnishings you can get them the metropolitan 82 main i at the metropolitan 82 main st., Lafayette. Lafayette. Good towns in this part of the state. The Republican has been greatly improved since or. Clifton has been in command and he is fast building up a business. The paper is destined to be the leading publication in the county from every standpoint. Some needed improvements in the town Are being advocated in its columns Anc. It is to be hoped that the citizens will act upon the suggestions. Citizens of Williamsport realize that they owe a debt of gratitude to the review for the results obtained along that line through suggestions acted upon that were made by this paper while Tom. Was its publisher. Good streets and sidewalks and substantial building improvements prevail in Williamsport by reason of the fact that the review advocated the improvements and kept hammering away until they were made. We Cater to Trade who want new things up to Date styles in hats and metropolitan 82 main st., Lafayette. Hedrick schools close. With Friday the schools of this Little City closed. They had been in session uninterrupted for seven months. The services of our teacher t. E. Stewart have been highly appreciated and the patrons to make some outward show of the appreciation of the work done by him during the year planned a Surprise dinner for him on the last Day. About 11 30, while he was busily engaged with a class at the Board the friends came stealthily and Ere he was aware of approaching danger a Wagon Load of the finest cakes preserves jellies and substantial such edibles As a King might Delight to eat were being unloaded. Seventy six covers were spread and All enjoyed a pleasant dinner together. Upon restoring order a literary program was creditably Render by the pupils. After a few remarks by or. Stewart upon the work during the year and his manner of doing it the party adjourned. One who was thebe

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