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Williamsport Warren Review Newspaper Archives Apr 1 1897, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Review (Newspaper) - April 1, 1897, Williamsport, Indiana Of a Of Viktos filitor �111 1 Pul Lisher. A newspaper published in the interests of Williamsport and Warren county. Quot Home first the world �1.00 per year vol. Vii. W Lliam sport. Warren county. Indiana. Thursday. April 1 1<s97. Number u. Professional cd bus. Staks Buel amp Stephens. A a 6t Quot Sisr y amp x so a of Vuicic of f Fellows i,0< k. \vli, a l it. Indi w. B. Dur Boro w. Liec a or 6tx7c� �r7s2r6ri7c< of ick Ihn Mil y. , omit. Tonji. Hanly Braden amp Billings. Law insurance Arci abstracts. I a old ire la airily . Olla. Inti. O. O. E30c3c3s>. ,1� to acts loan a amp insurance. Ilia Celt it can it lit Ori Oli . In t Mirt lid . , in. A l. A a a 5 a a o r in Ollion. Front Roi in. Mer oleic Quot. \vl,.iamsliil.t, . It. W , t t Liivi. Inifi Anco it a of. Oil Ioc. Lul it i in ii civil i l allows Lilac la. A ,in. Quot Quot Quot Quot Tutton Ltd a it. I Oil ii. Of a a ii in. A i him it 1 mgt. I local news. In a a c. V. A a Ai it apis in it i i Hisil Cynil 111 w i 1.1.1 \ . 1m>. it n s Lviv i n Kly. A award i,=, o of r la Anlo. W 1 , a m sri i a i n n. For. Ivi. Jochim cd. Cd s3. In in a till 1 rom i Valcin of Llic Airai k i r.in&Quot-. A Ami i a the he i jail i . A is l,, Vry . .-r in Lari a Oats sowing is now the Tixier on Trio farm. We want to Lily or Trade for a got id family ii Rise. Most of tie township schools have now closed. The Attica Tish vender was on our streets monday. Note carefully the dii verent horse found in this Issue. Judie Labb sup ports a Nev Alieel when it Don t support Giitl i want to Trade for a Good family Horsell at this Oitice. Daisy tile Alj Tsoui i twirl at the Era House monday a veiling april oth. The Street sprinkler operated wheat in most sections of the country is very poor. In some localities however it is improving until it will be much better than expected want ii a a Good Man to sell our King sickle and tool grinder in Warren county. Big profits. Address the Union foundry amp mfg. Co., Dayton Ohio. W. F. Medaris claims your attention Liis week in a new Quot and Quot. He is hustling the grocery Trade on monday of this week a number of business men of this City made d. 0. Warren pastor of the u. B. Church a i Natick of As a Token of their Resi act and i Precia tion of his services in the City for which he desires to extend his thanks. Lawrence w. Bowlus has jat a completed the first year in Mckillip veterinary College Chicago and will be at Home Nort lowest of this during the season. He will and is liable to name a big bargain of work in any time. Kead his advert sent. It is said the clod h per dance introduced by Fred and Kadie rim did in their new comedy dais tie Cirl. Is the this Lijie should anybody Rei Viire his services e. E. Mckinzie we learn will close out Hiss Lioe and engage in Oil us pursuits. Times Haa e spirit. By de. Darling will so m be i it it continued. Jud. Lipids a re lure most novel specially Ever conceived. Slow for elmers energetic tie Billii ird Hall operated by Juds ii Nodurft during the Wintin in tie Haun room has been Dis to a is l Kos to l k i. 1 will he. At Riihl p to Pirint on sgt i inlay of i Aili met a Lor Lii 11 a l ion o bowl in Srsic a. i. Umili. Wai i rii Row ii it Lii it i Liu tri i Lustyk a no i Lack. 1 will lir a it in Ilai a. In Oil Cut i it a i m Lown Sli. Oil a .�.. of Raib wreck. For Llu t rans Huo i of Liuasi rss. F. . Link r. j Rusl m. In ii Quot or re he a a a i a. No Sukk s it tick. Willhi al my i Oisiu. Olu Quot Ali acc Inch s sont Quot st of Trimmi i Lill. Ill m Tina Lown ship ii Waln Radi it cd or the train a Loii of Towbis Lily Sim As. Lolly w. .1 vol a l i Usu o. Elul Honiges a -.i ii a a s Lor i Laniis r a Sif u v l a till. So a Khz of s Salk. A in Vil l 111 of a i l ii Ilii in Coji of a Diana. To Ririe 11 m Lii Uli Imir Lio Llu wan ii air Cirii coi irl in a i Aik i Vinti i Hallin is i a i ii l i ii a Lui 1 it a n ii i in i t b Nul . Smulin Arr ill Lemula ii t s. Niqui Nijiu in to Inaki Lii Uin of l ii Rio uni i rial to l Ilin Iivo Ami i to Omil it it. Willi l i a limit. Ii him i ii Oli sail Cri i Ami ots. I in i Lori on sat Khav tiik Luril 1>.\v of Ajmal. I sit i t a i till hopi is of �0 o cult it or a. Iii. A i 1 o 11. M. Of Saul Liay. I w 111 Exposi Ai Rul Lili Sailto Ilu st a. Al Llu court i 1 Polisi floor in said warn a i of minty. 1 my Saiia. L 111 rants Ami profits Lora term 111 1 Siyi ii Yiai s. Lii l Ollow <1 -.-il-i Slali. Ovit till Soult 11-wi st i Zarli ror in Snith i a it a i uni Livolsi i Lioa t Liiri civil in. Lou not lip Hvi-.\ no a i j Lorili. A Tiki is Yurii . W l so in War i u Lan icily Ami Stati of 1 Lidiia. I so i Roii i s Ami Proli 1 s w i 11 Noi soil l or a Sutra ii it sum to it at Isis Saivii it i into i st a Ost s. 1 w i a l t 111 Sarik a Ime Ami Plai i a 0.-i al i 11�ilic Sau t lir Simioli Oisa 1 ral i is 11 to iliac liar i sail it i risk Ami Rols. Said Sali to la Nia ilc with Iorii any i in i u i to r i rom valuation of appraise Nii no Law i Sta j Dkl. Sii Rili War i ii l in tilv. Stasiu tvs l Kimi ria 111. Llorin \ a l or a in Sii i n 1 to ick. Talk s l a l lol . I is. 1 i l Ken Cor n i v. In 11 1 War i ii or out Colin May Linn. Ii., ,ki7. Isaili k. Clarp. Car Dir. Hans ii. A my >1 Aurllia Sligo Kun. Is. , Ali Foril a Asir Ilon lord. Lri i irk Sliwi ids Kiis ill u. Ilai Ison Lanai s m. I Liari. M a i m a rms Roi . 1 Ali a Ribisl in a 11 i ii a rms Ron. La a acc or Ron a i Alla lion Iurii a. Lolini lion irit i 1 . So Moll i Titomas is Lon Lilha k. Holt/., diaries llolf/., i William .1. Moi i Ami Smirt w a Mon. J Lin Hui i in that on Lii a a list of Mardi let. I it Lii Alinovi Minu a Plain in ill s. Ii slain Sciury Gay Sii in is Tiirik Altor is Lin d in i la Ohice of 1 la l Lirk of sail c l l 11 is i of Plai u i Vii a a said to-1-1 Lur Wil 11 a in Ilivia vi1 of a com ii trn t per min Liat Lin i Lormi ails ill Simou Thomas is Loii Martha k. Leolf v Harli s Ilowit Ari non i s nimits of it Sla 11, of 1 a Lia a la said Suil i s t o pail i t ion i a i 1 l sail i 11 Saivii i outly. Said non it Sidi no Dik a jails arc i orc in Ruhy Aioli Lii a of l in i Vidvik y of Sald suit and Llinat said canc will a tall l or trial al ilm ally Lerm it it said courts .i7 and Hal Vinlass said dil in wants App air and answer or in Imir to sait Cudini Jnaini on tin Uli Day of May tili sanm w ill la Lizard and Deli Minim a in Lii in Absi nce. With is Ruy Liam am tim Suai of Sald Ouirl al Ollion in in Liana on Liis us Day of Mardi a. Ij., ska y Lull g. Mccot clerk. A a 11. U. Johnson Deputy. In operation. Jos. Lusk a former Attica citizen was hurried from his Home in la Fayette. Tues Lay. A number were in attendance at tiie regular monthly teacher s examination hide saturday. J Friuk made Riband is in Xiv York buying dry goods and car ets for the big a Scure. Attica. Mrs Tinnery is now in charge of the urn Hans Home miss Logan having left the first of tiie week. A Good window Shade 7 feet Loni Best Spring roller for 10 cents Ai j. Frank Mcdermand a Attica. V. E have just the material for your horse and bilks. Also see our line of cuts for Bills and cards. Isow is a general Yard cleaning time. Eve a where you run against the Rake and the oder of grass. Hereafter Lle solutions of con Dolenic will be charged for re oar local rate when a printed in paper. Farmers from dive remit sections of the county report the roads in a roving and that they will soon e Goi it .1. Quot a he proceeds of the festival at Carbondale saturday night Wen->11.00. Ail feel Well satisfied voith results. All Wool carpets. Choice designs at do cents per Yard Only at j. Frank Mcdermond a Attica., where it pays you to Trade. Deputy sheriff Dolbow s youngest boy is sult ering from the . A few cases Are still reported in this county. The special Low prices for april As advertised a c taking the Pellet j. Frank Mcdermond a Attica go and see for yourself. The ivs Wilmer last saturday unit cd in marriage James a. West Ard Eva to Hel at the Presley to a Ian Par Osage in Attica. Frank Welch is excavating for the cellar and foundation to his Natiw Bouse in the third Avail. A will x3ush the work rapidly. It is said the scenery us id in the la eduction of the Quot Missouri girl Quot is the most elaborate Ever turned out l y the famous close studio. Or. E 11. Dalton who is a m m or of the Missouri girl co., was in the cast at Ford s theatre the night Abraham finicola was assassinated. Sam. Hunter has moved into the Thomas prox erty to tie rear of the Warren county Bank. His property in the second Ward is for rent. All Kvool dress of goods very Choice patterns at 25 cts. A yd., up Only at j. Frank Mcdermond a Attica. It would pay you to see them. business in spreading Saint. Freil and Sadie Ivay mond will by the attraction at the ort of Era House on monday evening april Atli in their great Domestic comedy Daisy the mis Ouri ii i. R. E person of Lla Toul has rent d tiie feed Yard at this place and is nov optic at it to has also i cited and moved into the Whinnery Iro erty on Ortli Monroe Street. Fred and Sadie Lla Ynion in their great coir by Daisy that mis Sikiri girl with the Stro Sigis Quot cast eve r Given a coined product ion at the opera House monday evening. April oth. The Attica Sci tools Ai e enjoying a s ring Vaca Jon. Owing to the i rep Quot it edit interrupt tons from sickness in Tojo schools at this place during the year no a iving vacation ill be Given Kiere. Miss Liettie Luppold is Noav in civic ago purchasing her siring Stock of millinery and dry gods and. Will have them on hand and ready forthe Trausi at an Early Date. Ratcli for her announcement. The choicest line of Silks Ever shown in Western Indiana from 18 Yards up Only at j. Frank my Dermot no a Attica. Go and see Vliem. To miss Mazie Ritchie the list o artist is with j Aisy the Missouri girl co., and is Jire sent ing her Nia Velous dance creations electrical and Calcium Ette cts Avith greater Succov s than Ever before. At the re organic Tiou of the Carboy Dale sunday s Viool last sunday Vin. Kelley avas Diesen Sujit assistant us t., War in Mankey Secretary Josie Sager and treasurer mrs Maggie Dick. In this Aper is found the new Quot and Quot f u l. Mcelhaney of Marsh tie 1. Fie talks to Yum of grocer ies Han Lavaro and machinery. Consult his and Quot because you can Inry of him right w. J. Tomi King packed his Stock of drugs the last of last Veek and storied then at his residence preferring to be out of business until times Are better. He will probably engage in business later in the year. The review just added a Choice lot of new material and is much better equipped than Ever to do Yorr Kavork and give you the news. When you want anything in newspaper lines to sure to Cal on the Iview. To learn that the Rev. D. C Warren Avill soon move to Attica there seems to be a Strong Demais made via his congregation there that he move to that City and on of respect for their lavishes he is making the change. Mrs. W. P. Ruark died at her Homo at the in Iliana mine r a Springs wednesday. Mrs. Luark became a Mother some Days since and her death is the result of Cir Fil cations resulting t h e r e f r o m funeral services will be held to Morrow. It takes a vast amount of us just now to acc impish any thing in As compared with a few years Bach. The to Viii hip trustees under the new lava will now make monthly reports to the county . This will add about s.50 additional per month in the county to the county expense. Hoax much it will save is a i vestion l it the intent of the Law is Good. avas full of peo Jile taking advantage of the so Vecial sales made by our merchants last saturday. These Are the moves thud make a live to in. If each business Man in turn Avold make such drives Williamsport might have a let Igsa e and crowd every saturday at least. Vilmer Sheffer and miss Lehi butt were United in marriage it by the Liev. Wymer at the parsonage in Attica last sunday afternoon. Their Many in this Section Avish them Many years of happiness and Prosperity together. Thi Gay a ill go to housekeeping upon the Arm South West of this place. A or Allier of Toavs in this Sec him Are infested Avith tramp thugs Avo pretend to be Selling spectacles. If they cannot do this they a Mand Money. A Good plan is to Lave a 32 Cal Elire six shooter Lnu e you can it your hand a it at a Nuu nent s warning and if need be use it on these Fellows i hey Auld not hesitate to take your life. Several Vest Lebanon boys were seen in this Wilace sunday afternoon and evening and their Condi i in indicated that they Avert not As dry As ther usually Are just now at Home. The boys Here however claim that they got thu air Budge in Attica. At Best Hoa Vever Avilliah spin t objects to having second land drunks palmed of on her. It Avill l e an agreeable Surju Iseo a persons subject to attacks of bilious Colic to learn that prompt Relief May be had v y taking Chamberlain s Colic cholera and Diar Rhea lie Medy. In Many instances the attack ii May be prevented by taking this remedy As soon As tiie first symptoms of the disease a in a. 25 and 50 cent bottles for Sale by Armstrong a Swank drug instantly and in a Short time brought about a Complete \ Dien troubled with a cough or cold use this remedy and you Avill not find it necessary to try several kinds be re you get a Elief. It has been in the Market for Over Paventy years and constantly grown in a air and popularity. For Sale at 25 and 50 cents per bottle by Armstrong amp Swank druggists. The genial up to Date Jovial Jess w. Titus has started in Williamsport a Branch House of the Judy horse mule Yeh Ickle and harness Market. Jess acquaintance with the people of William sport and surrounding country bespeaks for him a big Trade. He will be enabled to Stock up from the Best markets and Able to sell at prices below All com Etui Nas the go oils Are All bought at jobbers rices loss All disc Mats and will at once step into a Goud share of the a wholesale Trade besides the Good retail Trade a Vicli Avill at once be attracted via his i immense Stock of wagons buggies and harness from Avrich Lilyers Avill have Opportunity to select. Things among the at the Michigan City prison do not seem to Boas Serene and pleasant its a 3 a morning. The old Deputy Varden avas recently displaced and a subordinate promoted who seems to to very unpopular Avith the rest of the pincers and As a result there is no Little feeling. Dora Ammerman Avo seems to have been a most exemplary officer recently resigned and there Avill Likely be others to follow in his foot str is. Warden Harley a Many Avann friends Over the state but the press generally condemns the action of the present Deputy who seems thus far to have effectually Elled the Avo i Over the Warden s eyes. It might be Well for or. Harley to look to the East. I personal. I the Felei Ihone tuesday brought the news of the arrival of a now Gold Bug weighing eleven pounds at the Home of P. Johnson in Prairie Toiv ship. Theodore states that the fellow persists in staying that or. Swank has sex ruined him and pronounced him o. K., so he guesses he will have to submit is Pec idly since he is not just Yoav in Fig Liting trim any Avay. Sir. Johnson does not rep it it often but he always furnishes first class news. During tie Winter of 1803, f. A Martin of Long each West va., contracted a severe cold Avrich left him with a cough. In speaking of How he cured it he says Quot i used several kinds of cough syrup but found no Relief until i bought a bottle of Chamberlain s cough Kemerly which relieved me almost a William Siddens avas in town monday. A James a. Pitcher avas in to Avn tuesday. A mrs. S. Y. Wood was in Attica tues Lay. A James Dine of Warren was in town monday. A Fred Gemmer returned from Chicago Friday. Pc. E. Bryant of Attica was in town tuesday. A a. G. Odle of Adams was in this place monday. Joab Tayler was up from Marshfield tuesday. Joseph and we. , of Steuben Avert Here monday. Bena Darling visited friends in Lafayette sunday. A free James and wife of Independence adored own saturday. A Charles Milford of Attica had business in this court monday. A Fred Abb spent his Spring vacation at Home the past week. A a f Bonebrake of state line transacted business Here Friday. A a. L. Tabourn has been suffering from the a Riippe this a Eek. A James Accord avas do Avn monday lot King after interests. Pc. Ellsasser of West Lebanon was Here monday business. A or. And mrs. Horace Good wine Avert trading Here last saturday. Miss Neva cd a in to r s is thought to be much improved this a Eek. A Bert Johnson of Steuben was in town saturday looking after interests. A Chauncy Reddick of Indianapolis was Donig business Here monday. A James schermerhorn from Attica avas calling on friends Here tuesday. A a. H. Briggs of Attica was in this place transacting business tuesday. A John e. Crask from West Lebanon avas attending court Here tuesday. A trustee Evans of Jordan was in monday looking after business interests a a. A. Steely of Kent was up Saturn Lay taking the teachers examination. A marshal Compton of Steuben avas up tuesday looking after business interests. A Jess Swisher of Redwood was in town monday looking after business interests. A Milton Adams and John Harvey of West Warre i were in this Dace monday. A Personus Smith of Hedrick was looking after interests in this place monday. A Minos Knowles of Warren was transacting business in this place saturday. A county assessor Frame was in this place tuesday looking after business interests. A mrs. Ladyce Cloyd of Warren Toad ship a As transacting business Here monday. A Charley Jones and Azife of Vest Lebanon visited friends in this i lace sunday. A mrs. S. T. Mcconahay of Attica spent saturday in this place the guest of friends. A John p. Cheesman of West Lebanon avas circulating among our citizens tuesday. A master Julius Delancey is piste ill Avith Arhat May prove to be disease of the hip. A mrs. John a. Trimble and daughters of West Lebanon were in this place saturday. A a. Frank Hanley was Down from Lafayette tuesday Locking after business interests in court. Or. And mrs. Louis Pitcher Avert the guests of or. And mrs. J. A. Henney in Attica sunday. A or. And mrs. Hurlbert and Sou f Toledo were Here last a Eek in attendance at the Hitchens funeral. A Arthur Kent of Chicago was Lere last a Eek called Home by the death of his grand father Hitchens. A a. H. Swingle of Boswell was in this place wednesday. He made the review a pleasant Call. A George Butler and John Man key had business in Lafayette wednesday going by the Early train. Charley Mccabe s Little folks of Covington visited grandpa and grandma Mccabe at the farm Over sunday. A Samuel Titus returned from Brookes on the last of the week and is again engaged with w. F. Medaris. A or. And mrs. Bart Mcintosh of West Lebanon spent sunday in this place As guests of auditor Stephens. Trustee Benson of Warren a in this place the latter part of to week David is making a number one trustee. A mat Cavanaugh and Azife and May Mccurty of Pino to Avn ship visited or and mrs. Did Bow Here saturday. A we. Mcconnell coi Mission or of Benton county and wife we the guests of n. Dolbow and wifi last saturday a Parson Garrison of Mound 4a in this place monday transaction business. He remembered us wit a i Lasant Call. L

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