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Williamsport Warren Leader Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1871, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Leader (Newspaper) - September 23, 1871, Williamsport, Indiana The Warren Leader published or nor a Atu Jwa a a hts or it Waki it s Halleb at win him Robt wakes go., ind. Office East Side of Publ Square. Terms $1.50 per year in Advance. V 0 l. J. Sp.\ck. The Kkt i oaths. Six Oak is. Yext. Inn ter column he Elf eol imm. Ali old a column. $ 10.01� 10.00 $10100 28.00 2s.� a 50 0i� Villa Asp Orr is d., ,seftember23, 1871. To. 1. Of ice additional insertion 50 neuts per Inch. A i ocal notices ten cents a line for first insertion and live c ends a lint fur each Adak Tiona insertion. Advert Isiu Quot Bills payable Quot i . A a us incas a tarts. Postni. Jey. T. Mill15r, attorney at ,. Wit i acc Short in. of Public so Inre tip Stair. In g. Pea Soj attorney at Law a Post is. Avill drive prompt attention to All business Eji to Ceil to his care. Collection Neaile pm aptly. Attorney at Law Wii iii Srour Lyp. Of Tiee in Rooma of Quot Warren alter ii. Coon attorney at Law office with j. Ilak a win. Jusi on to Ixia is. 1. Particular attention Given to the a it Lucia Quot ii of Claton. Quot to co in Oltz plea Utica l Stock Cutter a a contractor building. Stone. = in. Orders w>1tcitcil. Contracts in it ii it i a Villi a. Anti faction Pii granted. Quot on Filer an pit act i pm. Tailor and Cutter. App Ninci of of. The Best cow is Peel old Fanner la. Was a Sii siry own. He keeps Alt Lii p and he ets All Cd us All his to ice wry Lio is said to in air tight is the hark on a to ii birth tree he to Ltd Chun i and he rents a jew la Tjho dimes that he fives to Llie Long arc Feriv if he Jereis to he Areu wish the for owl and great he will let in at the sinn lest Pate. Now Fanner b., besides dra pm and plows. Keeps a no Nilica of very Tine calves and cows he nukes no butter bit sends express the milk to the City s Lii Saliness. Dpi tie City Silks know Elxnit milk ? they arc better Quot judges if cloth and silk not a Man who boys i la vow. Can Tell if i water it or not or water it Well. If they not know then where s the sin 1 will Quot put the Sparklin water this talked to Hin Ifelo old Fanner in a. Hirv mean he is Young and old can see. One in fret it wits dark Oil. Fearful dark the watch door it Lett came unit to irk old funner is. In his a id snore. When rap. Nip , m arty Slatten a his fir. And a Vogt ice cried out with a Hasty breath. Quot your in st cow Neil Elk a a is clicking to death Quot Lippiner tiit the end of a Rorsi nor snore. Of innit it. In ended out Xvi i Bis to it in and the v 4ce was Hearil no a a Ore. He ult on his he Liot How. For his thoughts were al it it a the he Tiki re it to lit to of to to in Vani like a frightened Deer for his st injury soul was a jul Imp Are und i lantern s lip lit. He Toui a that the cows were there re. I . Quot a will live a cried Fanner h., Quot til know v. I i a it a t in the trick on me Liiv tie hand a get Stivi and the knuckle Soro Tiiu it Knock he to Niit it of my Filoni Homse >or.&Quot Rock 3tik"3 five snit moment ton arc a i a civil Man Quot kurd took is of . And with itch and swollen Eye a True woman. Erin in tic busiest town and amid to lift most absorbing Pur tiit a the hearts of balls scaring Biko the ii Iky blackness of men turn with an instinctive homage night. Write lid the gl-h7ii>y pass org louts towards those who Fiji Vii Brijl t Down us till c Light of to Niino began total j and illustrated in their lives the purest in at , and reveal indistinct Pirt cip a of Faith. Outlines of the various Beds and Shtir the life of a i tic woman reveals to us drowsy one pants. But no Niit 3rarslial was to let Esen. Sources of info Tietz which the a Vurlod can never give. She May endowed with a and the room As quiet As the cob a Charm of personal loveliness which adds webs on a contribution Box. Thit King to the attract Ivers of her Virtues she there now an Opportunity to redeem Annj have Advant Ives of wealth and Posi his reputation for courage and the a ii act tion which give her an Opportunity that if bad whiskey Yeinji gone. Bill fiercely Jall Ca Fiot have to show her disinterested gazed through the dim Light Aud to a regard for others she Tony have claimed Quot j of Nind and heart Quot which peculiarly fit a where s the Man that s going to shoot her to the Pride and Joy of her friends. Somt4x>.iy?&Quot j but these Are not the secret of he Power Quot Here i Quot came a reply in an angry tone j which goes f him her through which she from outside the door. Quot follow me to Percale around iier an to atmosphere of Gen the i Finice below and learn after this to tie Bikini giant Alfe Etious while she fills never play the bully unless Yau knew each Day thu perhaps unacknowledged the ii Topany you Are and Unn Cognize offices of kindness that Kurdy reps red to the of fico and from i makes her Homo a entre of Christian their to the barn but nowhere could the charities and graces.�?. Morrison. Fighting officer found. A few hours j Quot after Wirtl. While at breakfast sitting of t po.=Ite s Gnor Lithe Ventris Inist 1 and of ibis tiie Eucce soul manager the j m in was honesty and Persi tent a re j his night of flight and misery Willi a a Lofv. Fani or 15. Iii n i Frei Mir it ind a shit Init head Hgt Nice a ii a i Camions tit and Madelin the in st Monner. A id go a Minter a to til. Jjo Quot Doir of l i get Willian sport ind. B . A. T. Pomeroy has Renov dio Livengood s old stand North i Syf Vul. Shoeing Anil Raj Kirin j done on Short Noik. Was on make to Suup. 1 jul. B. Mcburney dentist . Of fico a ter dry pm a. A Tore. Ali. Chi of. To my i la ill ova a a Ltd a the i tiv Rimml nature he i and had a a std. A it Quot Hen he to his n la Day. The to i he h5 Vici a Enid Nyji in to , a he a i innit away Orji Jwo a Hijra breath a your let est cd. Tii Igli Wir is Eluk Hiir to death. Quot the Nica iii of Quot v. Is so pm i und Mit. A Yii a Stone was driven i i the o a Ptiip s i a it. Ohl kit Iner it. When he is to Tov. A new iii it his with a Sava a frown Tivey iii Iise and a Kas they kit idly let a lion s Tetlie the Best Cove now a Ramblers. A real gentleman. A i new Days ago i was passing through. _ Shady Quot Street Wiere some boys Ai id"vxitrrs7inc�rwiiling1iey iop Quot a one 1 Pink at base bail. Among their uni nor dollfus to know How the mar Little lame fellow seem Shull 1. It the room without being seen i Quot so Quot twelve years Pale sickly looking child sup sorted on two Crnic Hes and who evidently found much Liili Cully m walking even with such As ing seen he was suddenly struck i tel it with ter ror hearing the Click of a pistol at his a or. Noil the magic like Quot mount that window iii Quot the joke was instantly cen and appreciated Quot All present Cid Scurdy had the distance. The Lama boy wished to Jan the game but he did not seem to see How much his a. Trot for str Ott t own is iii Ursi Case on a Quot Cut jut forced old a window Sill enness cured 1 a is Jana flouring , , Ifni , 8iiideler, Yeagy amp co poor is. Fin it class custom and Mercia it Mill. Host brands of family flour. Corn meal Mill feed amp a. Special attention Gitcin to custom to Rte i. Market Price paid fou wheat. 1/ a a John Mcmanun Ixo family groceries a anti a All kinds of prove sons. Ii a a Iso on hand i. Lara a and Tell teletes. Stock of Queen xxx it to a a id the set or piece. In fact every Hiop Lually a Cuti in a first Cla its git it cd in store. All i incl of country produce taken the hip list Market Price in est Bank for a Nodi. Call and cajun inc pries. Ilain Waitl station. Williiams a it ind. A Drew orane manufacturer of boots and so does a Railroad Stilt ion Quot i Dias the 4ace to Jet your Winter it is and shoes made to order. Work done Well and warranted to Gire Aatu faction. All kinds of repair eng one. Price at Lote As a . Tif Quot shop in rear room of John Hancs it torn. Gaye your greenbacks i a Quot a Nir to t. A m. Ujj Caln for Ymir boots Ani it shoes. New and True Story of How a Howdy was tamed. Or it m the st. Ric. a st. Paul gentleman of moderate veracity tells the following anti note Wirich is vouched for As True Iti every particular. It has never before appeared in print and the readers of the ive a will Tuere me find it not Tody an original but highly interesting Little Story Avery funny incident occurred at a Small hotel in Michigan a few weeks a which having never been re copied in Ink and being too Rich to , is hereby thrown out As a lunch to Ili it Ivers of fun and Reform. Owing to a auction Sale of Aiumu durable property real and personal the during the Day wis Lindy with strangers and tie leading hotel so crowded with , thai every room was in led to its fiust extent. Que big Brawny flow who when solar was a favorite with everybody but who on this of Caiiou had indulged in a Little tire Corn juice than he a Field Convenie Tlly control was sol ois Titrous and quarrelsome that his cml act became almost Unen Duralde. A forcibly kissed thai pretty Landlady pulled the bar tender a nose and threatened if he was not allowed a whole bed to himself to whip his weight in wildcats a cure practical sense and Good nature to Foin in his own Way and in the Hugh and i How much it would hinder the Progress Quot cup n. I Ain t so bad i look. I was i As base Ball drunk last Niht and made a fool of mv-1 companions Good Nat redly Seif ar.i Quot m glad you t aught my a Isku Frough tried to persuade him to s and but the horned spoon with a u footing your the hotel Quot Bill kept his word and. His horse a Short time afterwards he himself., exclaimed Quot gentleman i drank my i Quot a Jimmny said one Quot you can t a Ait ulass of liquor and you can put this know. Down As the first Case on a cud of drunk Quot a i Quot another the tallest m tic party. Quot Nuver min a i la run fur Lii iii and you can count it Lor him Quot and he t it of his Placo Jimmy s Side Jire pared to act. A Quot if Yon were like him Quot he said aside to the Ether boys Quot you would not want to told of it All the As i passed on i thought to myself that there Wos a Trua Little gentleman a Chichs urls. A Happy rebuke. Watty Morrison a scotch Clercy Nian was a Man of wit and humor. On one occasion he entreated the officer at fort Dilge Tai Pardon a poor fellow Liat was sent to the Hai crts. The of nicer Oil Rcd to Grant his request if he would in return Grant him a favor he would ask. Jar. Lorrison agreed to this and the of Licor immedi Tully demanded Liat the ceremony of baptism performed Oti a up the Clergyman agreed to it and a party anew dote of Beec iier and chaps no during the summer vacation Lenry Ward Beecher and e. 11. Chapin were travelling a Short stage route together of gentlemen Assen dded to the. And nce ording to their wont Rode upon novel Baptist a. Morrison tired dicer to hold up the dog As was Simiry in their baptism of children Quot As a minister of the Church or Scot the tile outside passing the time most agree Neces i in Genius conversation and in Admir a Quot it quote we now see him. A Cuti an 1, and i ing the scenery. At one of the stopping i i Cess of stupidity is not m nature sir. A very Large very re Pocta Blo and very knowing Quot cla.=s of misanthrope rejoice in the Tiame of grumbles a persons who Are sure that the world is going to ruin that they resent every att Jupt to of import then As Jan insult to their sagacity and acco Dzhgly. Seek their chief cons Dation in being inconsolable their chief pleasure in being their Raven croaks Down All the lollies of Lark and Linnet. Indeed like Jacques they can Quot suck melancholy out of a song As a weasel sucks an it is to them we arc indebted for that phrase which includes All our actions and All the circumstances of our being in this world under the general term of Quot the cd Mckerns of doleful and crabbed their conversation is a succession of ominous prophecies emitted in a series of growls. Mad at the infatuation of those simple tons Olio insist on feeling cheered cheerful things they Gruff a hint of the tempests which Are cradled Quot in the Sunshine and Calm. You meet one of them on the Street and in a gush of Delight at the heavenly Ness of the weather venture the suggestion that it is a Fine Day. Quot yes Quot he replies Quot one of those infernal storm breeders 1 such a creature Haw Nix no other Comfort than a kind of fretful satisfaction in finding fault you make him hopelessly miserable when you leave him no Shadow of a cause for complaint. To Luis Charles Lamb Speaks of one of his c Lui Anions who in the game of whist was always grumbling Bee Luse he had so few Trumps. By smear lice in dealing whole thirteen were one Given him in the Hope that some sound of glee might audible in his instinct inc Grunt but after examining his hand attentively he looked More wretched Thau Ever. A Well Tom Quot said Lamb Quot Havn t you got enough Trumps now a Quot Quot yes Quot was the got no other in the con complaint. Perceptions of nature and life ing twisted and distorted into the shape of his own wretched fancies he can Sec nothing As it is. Obstinate in , you cannot tempt or coax him into sense. Quot he is As stint As a poker Quot said a Friend of one of these unreasonable and unreasoning dog artists. Quot staff As a poker Quot was the reply Quot Why he would set an example to a poker Quot dejection in the Pieart is Thul Apt to become stupidity in the head and against stupidity Quot heaven and Earth fight in in fact the Grumbler cultivates his crabbed Folly As a conscientious duty and swagger and swells on the strength of it As if to a snarling bore was to reach the Summit of human excellence and to grow in stupidity is to grow in Grace. Quot sir Quot said or. Johnson in reference to one of this class. Sherry is Dull naturally but to must have taken a great Deal of pains to what we now see him. Such an the Hoosier s i ant Lohl. In Riding somewhere West a a Rahger i Kisier a desc in of Lier words a la a Mckeye Cabin a Quot just a ii a Jongh to hour Quieu Mab m. Its situation Low but Iviry. , on the Borders of a Quot Prairie. Acid fearing he Nii Erht w benight etl. He hailed tie and then alighted. The Hoosier met him it the door Quot their Haiti unions soon were Ltd cry. He took the Stransker s horse aside and to a sturdy Saple no tied then Havi is strip Jird the Saddle off he fed him in a sugar try much. I a a else stranger too id to enter in. The in Tenuich closing with a pin and Nivani Festel Atron Resinto sit Down the Loi Heap tire where half a dozen lion Siermons. With Mush and milk tin Anil spoons. White Heads Bare feet and dirty faces Someil Niueli inclined to keep their plan pcs Quot. A jut , anxious to display her rough but Usi disputed Swap her. Olts riffs to the ladder led Quot. And cuffed the Yov Ingster up to bed. Invited shortly to partake of Venison Nilk. And Johnny Cako the st nil Iger made a Hearty meal. And glances round the Rooth would Side was lined Gar menu the other spread with skins of Vankints j drive Ltd pit Murkins overhead were Strun adhere Venison hams in plenty him. two Rivies placed above the door Tiree diet is Lay stretched Ripon the floor in Short the Domicil War Rife Avith Sjuk Cineas of Hoosier life. The Host who Center on and Range and Quarter sections a ins weary Juniest for hours till so mints All-c6inposing7powors of sub Lunary cares bereft pm and then l came away and left eni. Entering a room containing four Beds on the route a countryman asked 11 willing to allow him All the Merit talk a Quot can Ami make room for me up it can . Hippie. Lanil i Mut proceed according to the 1 there a Quot which they cheerfully did. Soon ceremonies of the j after taking his scat or. Beecher entered Quot said the major Quot i expect into conversation with him and finding i that he bad recently returned from a vis a begin tie it to Nevi York and to use his own you acknowledge i in Tsion la i seen enough of it asked the world whereas it is the nicest work Quot him if he had stopped Over sunday and that is done on a paper. If they find the editor with the scissors in his hand they Are sure to say Quot he it Wii is the Way All the cen Mony. Quot Quot Well then. Major Housou the people ignorant of what Good editing is imagine that the getting up of Good selected matter to work to in usual question _ _ yourself the father of this Puppy Quot him if he had stopped a Roar of laughter Buist from the went to meeting there. Lie said had. Crowd and the Pilicer threw the Candi and went Over to Brooklyn to hear a Date for baptism away. The blessed ones. Are Blind for with two persons in each at about the hour of Midnight he pulled la it to occupants from one Lxi a and threatened to punch the eyes out of any dozen men who Doub Teti his Scie Tice and super ii Rity As a a Boult r hitter. No Ono dared express a doubt a Jim the subject and a Fexy minutes afterwards when us was quiet and the Light e.\tingaished, the Ltd a was suddenly a Caird to open and close with a Jam anti the Calm Iron Voies of a Tunn standing in the Middle of the Nam exclaimed Quot Bill Kurdy get out of that 1jc<1, and Don t you speak a word or you arc a dead Man a i am the City marshal of Detroit and i have been looking for you nil Day. I know you. Bill Kurdy of old Atid the great eternal if you a much As open your Mouth in a a big it or. Til Send your soul a it eternity quicker than lightning 1 and the sentence was a punctuated with the ominous Click of a revolver. Every Man in the room was tis wide Avii Ake As if it had v can Norm Day and although the darkness was so that not even the outlet Aesop the intrepid officer s form could seen his presence was Felt All present his firm Van flinching voice with its to Brit Ling. Corps like accent told but too plainly that bad carefully weighed the Job him and was prepared Bia Trio so Gates provocation to Soult tit the bully s life with As Little hesitation As he would ext a Sun so a Candle. Is the Rowdy in in the bed trim Bung ii Bis Knees a frightened dog and i in a a Cut to had elapsed for him to Don his Itie Illier garments he was ordered in the re Solute death defying Rosce to Quot mount the window Sill in a Oligh and Tumble fit Bill Kurdy was no Coward. He in a Sulci Mot no its see jigs Way Cut of tro Jable in Liei last extremity scr caring i ont a a in Boglio but Here Tiras esp Rich cd Bra differ Cut Zalit the Iman a to Cote tend Ismith As of the Law of darkness Aad tits Tea mistake ble a i of Jacoh s i mounted tie window a Wii i the a i Tyby now Mandt a Quot Quot Andi if Jon so much As Cross a your leg move please live us a Call. I Sotir arms or open your Mouth until the ?c<\ Are they that thu a shall see no ghosts. A blessed Are they that arc deaf for they never lend Money nor listen to tedious j stories. L>lc5eed Are they that Are afraid of Thunder for they shall hesitate about getting married and keep away from to Quot Litreal meetings. Lile std arc they that Are lean for there is a Chance to grow fat. I blessed Are they that Are ignorant for j they Are Happy in thinking that they know every thing. Fellow preach he had forgotten his you get up origin id matter he Quot Saccom name. Paying their new and witty question Quot la cry Yard Echt Quot suggested with an idiotic Wink or smile. The facts i Chapin. Ate that the interest a the morality and Quot yes that Isis the variety and usefulness of a a Quot Hove did you like him Quot asked or. Per depends in no Small degree on Chapin slyly winking at Beecher. A its selected matter and few men arc Ful Quot of very Well Quot said the country capable of the position who would Man. Not themselves i Able to write Many of Quot did you go to hear him in the after the articles they select. A sensible Edi noon Quot asked Beecher. I tor desires considerable selected matter Quot no i went up town to hear another because he knows that one mind Chin Quot a paper As Quot five or big Quot or. Chapin Quot suggested or. Lecclier. Quot pc that was his Quot which did you like the Best Quot said 5ir. Beecher. Not make six. So Good have you enemies go straight on and Don t mind them. A it a j if they get in your Way walk round them blessed is that is ugly in form an regardless of their Ite. A Man who features for the gals Shan t molest him. Quot Chapm can preach acc Char out of his no enemies is Seldom Good for any blessed is she that would get married thine he is made of that kind of mater but am to for the consolations of the Tiad bettor believe there was a go spel Are her a. I pretty loud shout went out of that blk std Are the orphan children for coach a shout that astonished the coun much thy have no Mother to spank them. Fryman who failed to recognize his Jovi ble amp sed at they that expect nothing ichor v travellers. Far they shall not disappointed. Blessed Are they that to not advertise Henily Ward Bee Cuetei s dog flt a they shall rarely customers. Troubled with courting under difficulties. I made the acquaintance of a Young lady once at a party who was rather Good joking and being rather susceptible of course fell in love. I accompanied the Young lady Home but had a very polite invitation from Tho Youn lady s father to stay at Home but nothing daunted i resolved to win Jane inn at All hazards. If anything i rat Faer liked old. A Quot a objections for that made the thing romantic you know. The next evening knowing that Jane Ann would at Church i borrowed a horse and Carriage from a Friend and went there for the purpose of taking Jane Ann Home after Church was Over. I am afraid i did not pay much attention to the Sermon that evening and i thought at that time it was the Lorie of i had Ever listened to. But As every to Long earthly has an end so had that Sermonti and i thought it the happiest moment of my life when i assisted Jane Ann into my Carriage. We of course took the longest Road to a s possible and As it was in an opposite direction from my horse s Home and As he had not had his supper he did not care much about going but i at last got him under Way and then gave my attention to my companion a hic ran somewhat in this Way Quot dear Janie this is a Beautiful a Lioa there Quot where Are you going to Quot the last was addressed to the horse who had suddenly taken a notion to torn 4\round. Quot see How Beautiful the Moon a whoa there i where in the Dickens Are you going to Quot the horse was going Square into the of Janie i Long wished for this Opportunity to whoa there confound that horse al Long wished for the Opportunity to Tell you How much in come out of that you oat muncher where in the mischief Are Yogi going to ? Quot the horse was going into the Fence again but i straightened him and commenced again Quot i Long wanted to Tell you Janie How much i love you come out of that you son of a a gun what Are you turning around for and of a Janie if i thought you where the Deuce Are Quot you going ? whoa there loved me half As Well ask confound Liat Hyrsel whoa a there i love pour Corrie but of that i perfectly con found that horse i yes Janie i perfectly darn that in Asp i Whon. Quot i f Ial Whitti is so easily worked that every one has a hand in it a Sterling character is one who thinks for himself and Speaks what he thinks he is always sure to have enemies., they Are As necessary to him As the of rfcs air they keep him alive and Active. A Good character w to was Sii rounded enemies used to re to cure the bite of a had dog. A narrow log Lay As a Bridge Over a. Ravine. From the opposite ends of the j they arc Sparks which if Yon Lour at the same moment there started to a i not blow will go out of thet selves. The Btij it a is watch Tenn says Lin Dyt a a highly respectable and Intel to 1 enough it a big Newfoundland and a Little italian greyhound. Of course they met in Quot Frank the Middle of course there was not room Foi Quot live Down prejudice Quot was the Iron Duke s motto. It this your feeling while endeavouring to live Down the scan them to pass those who Are bitter a inst you. The height was a danger-1�top to dispute you but As they horse whoa there i was too late tec horse tarred Square around upsetting the Carriage and break ing it All to smash but fortunately not hurting Janie or 1. I walked Home with Janie never finished my speech. The Arriago Cost me forty dollars to get it repaired and i Havn t indulged a. The luxury of falling in love since. Hat gent Furmer of Galena Kent co., md., Thev go Back. The height was a danger-1 Quot a Quot a a top to dispute Jon to oui As Hilj fore gives the following is a sure cure for the of okie for the greyhound and to the i desire and open the Way for More Abu. of a mad dog a Elecampane is a water at the Bottom he was extremely let the poor chows to lka there will to they manna care All kinds Fnu a the set jul up a it the a finest sewed or caged Calt Boot. Repairing Dosa of Short Katice. Pried rat Tonalie and All Torh car ranted. Shop scr Beard Mati s t hoc a Toro. Will printing the Lead ii Oppio Eok Stokr a Otic. Bite of a mad dog a Elecampane is Sauvat Ratthe _ u �?zt., Plant Well known to Mist ,n9, and is averse. The Newfoundland could have i a re action if you perform but your duty to found in Many of our gardens the leap in safety but evidently j had hundreds no were once Aune ated immediately after being bitten Tytke did not want to. There was a fix i the one and a halt ounce of the Root of the Little dog sit Down on his haunches. Plant the Green roots Are perhaps stuck his nose straight up in the preferable but the dried will answer and air and howled. Tote Newfoundland will found in our drug stores As was Sood intent his face solemn with in used my slice Ortrue put into a Jward Workings. Presently he gave pint of Fresoli milk boil Down Quot to a half 11 nudge with his nose to the howl pint Strain and when cold drink it fast ing greyhound to if to say. Quot still ing at least six hours afterwards the next Youngst a and then there was morning repeat the dose fasting using g Talenco and seeming confabulation for a two ounces of the Root. On the third i second or two immediately the big dog morning take third dose prepared As the a spread his legs wide apart like Colus last and this will . Stile Cint. It is sus striding the. To on its extreme it commanded that after Erich Enoth outer Quot edges and balancing himself car log eaten for at least Sii hours. I fully. Thel Irtle dog sprang through the have a son who was bitten a mad Dot i opening like Flash. Whei they reached eighteen years ago and four other Ceil the Opp Kite shorts the greyhound broke Drenia the neighbourhood a rare also bit into frantic Delight and the ten they took the above dose and Are Ihu fou fld a of after his More sedate alive and Well to this May. Atid-1 i amp vie Fasman Fri fessed complacency in Wiio were from or a will flock to Yoa and to know their error. Edge afraid to the a eation. A Young lady said to her ban after fifteen Ycasas courtship Quot Charles 1 am going out of town tor Quot where Quot Quot i Don t i when arc Yov coming Back quo Quot i am going to look for something which you have not never had and yet can give me without to to Quot Yon Are Welcome to it to am. Sure but what in it Quot a \ Quot a husband Quot. Quot Why Yon might have had that fifteen years ago if you had Only said the word but i was affix id to ask you the is no matter How obscure the position a life of an individual if he can read he May at will put himself in the Best society the world has Ever seen. He May sit. with the Good. And great Mei of Antiquity. He May Converse with Franklin and Washington with All the writers in prose and poetry. He May learn How Quot to live How to avoid the errors of predecessors and to secure blessings present and future to himself. He May reside in a desert far Way from the Tiabi nation of Man i in Solitude where no human Eye him with affect ion Terest Quot Here no human voice cheers him with the a nitting. Tones Vii he ha8tbook3 to read he need never alone he May a choose his company the subject of conversation and thus become contented and Happy intelligent Rise and Good. He thus elevates his Raizik in the world and becomes Independent in the Best sense of the to Roi Quot. Heading Quot the first in a my Oft Nch of Tai a Deim rement amp of school Edaco tin it Balph Waldo Emern , years in prep ring a cd arse of elect res Lor Haryard cold a get a Soni and has completed the Corrise Ctet 7- having an audience i of seventy file Jpn a Quot sons at any of than ii Quot a i
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