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Williamsport Warren Leader Newspaper Archives Oct 21 1871, Page 4

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Williamsport Warren Leader (Newspaper) - October 21, 1871, Williamsport, Indiana The Wareen Leader Jar a Sarto a and it a a . Receipts. Sorr a cupful of sugar Balf Cap full of. Molars of half a Cupi ull of milk half ii cupful of butter three cupfuls of flour two teas kit on Fulu of Ginger and half a Tea so Ciofal of Eoda. Bit the Suar butter and Ginger together then add the milk then the hour beat the soda into the molasses and As soon As it Foai beat it in with Luc other ingredients. Better beat ail together with the baud. Bake it either in a shallow pan or in Little cups. This is very Nice if a Tea spoonful of cinnamon teaspoonful of Clove and a Ticac Jpaul of Stourd raisins Are aided and the whole baked in a loaf. Alili Faliti of lie a there is scarce la an article of testable food Niobe Widd or More nivers Alij liked than the Apple. Why every Farmer has not an Apple Orchard Liere tile Trees will grow at All is one of the last Eris. Let every housekeeper Lay in a Good Supply of apples and it will be the most economical investment in the whole Range of Culin Aries. A raw Mellow Apple is digested in an hour and a half while boiled cabbages require five hours. The most healthful desert that can be p Aad on the table is a baked Apple. If eaten in Quentlyn at breakfast wit i coarse bread and butter without or ator flesh of any kind it has an admirable evil con the system on removing constipation correcting Ascid ties and Cooling off Fibril conditions Moie effectually than most approved medicines. If families could be induced to sul Institute apples sound and Ripe for pies cakes Coble cupful of flour two and sweetmeats with which their child cupfuls of Corn meal two great spoonful so ren arc too frequently slut Ltd there would of sugar not quite Hulf cupful of butter i be a diminution in the sum total of Doc one cupful of milk two teaspoonfuls of j tors Bills in one year sufficient to Lay in coca of tartar sifted with the meal and floor and a Small teaspoonful of soda two eggs Well beaten separately the elks mixed with the milk and meal and Trad the Whites adde i the last thing. Ubai a Shin of Cal with about three pounds of meat of it in is Small a Quantity of water As you can so that when done there shall be one quart of water left boil the Day before needed that it May be perfectly cold. When the meat is Well Doc Lay it anywhere where it will be away from the air but do not wrap it in n cloth. Save All the liquor in a separate dish. The next morning Cut up All the meat chop not quite Fine As for hash. Half an hour before you Send it to the table put it Over the fire in a covered Stew pan with the liquor have ready half a pint of hot drawn butter and eight hard boiled eggs remove the shells mince All but two and add to the meat. As soon As it boils up remove from the fire season with Salt Cayenne Pepper and a Little Black Pepper. Cut the two eggs in slices and when the meat is placed in a dish Lay them Over the top neatly. Send to table hot. A Stock of this delicious it uit for the whole season s use. Musician was fined Twenty dollars for pelting a woman with tomatoes. We Hope this will Bare the effect to break up this disagreeable custom for which there is no justification in a City paved Wuh Pra Tuico Nemea letter. One of the Best Lemper acce sermons Ever delivered is this sentence by the late Rev. Samuel j. May a if it is a Arntie sacrifice for you to give up drinking wine do it for the Sake of others if it is a great sacrifice do it for Mica an old lady 109 years of age recently attended a love feast in Niles Michigan. She arose and said Quot i am glad to be with you i am Over 100 years old. I love the Saviour and have now enjoyed religion 100 a Pew in a Long Island Church was recently the Soine of a euchre two Young men played while a Young lady Between them allowed her Lap to serve As a table. The whole party were hustled out. A ��ooi>0. Chomas company rel not a store Williams Root indu a. Al rugs. A Lover of Good Cuffee sends to Hearth and Home the follow ing directions for making a Good article Quot have your pot made with an elongated Bottom so As to fit into the Tea Kettle and extend to within an Inch of the Bottom of the lat ter but not touch it. Now prepare your Coffee in the usual manner see that the Kettle is boiling briskly then turn into the Coffee a sufficient Quantity of boiling water and set the Oigt free pot into the Teakettle and keep the Kettle boiling briskly for fifteen or Twenty minutes or As much longer As you please for any length of time will hardly impair the cookery. A great Deal is written about the importance of training on daughters to be experienced , whatever their position in life is Likely to be. As that usually Means we should teach them to prepare a great Matiy curious dishes in a most marvelous Way twi hiring unlimited time and patience not to mention very generous supplies of ingredients. Now it May be very valuable at times to know All about these curious Quot made dishes Quot but for every Day use it would be Well for us to tone Down our own and our children s tastes. We so uld strive to give them a to amp the for simple dishes prepared to Porf Thiim rather than for elaborate highly seasoned ones. Skill in simple cookery is one of the finest and Mosto Seoul accomplishments a Young lady can Bare let her graduate in the Art of bread making taking in the whole department. Nothing con Tjce More to the health of a household than Good bread and every family likes a variety in this article. She has Here a wide Range for her ingenuity. Simple mashed potatoes nicely seasoned with or it i tilt and Pepper Are much better and More wholesome than raw potatoes pared round and round like shavings and boiled in hot lard until they arc Brown and Crisp. They May not look quite so fanciful but i think any hungry Man would prefer the mashed potatoes. Let the girls learn to Cook simple food Well not to drown the peas in too much water nor to Tuke up the greens when they arc dark and poisonous looking nor set on potatoes which arc watery and half cooked nor in East Erik which has soaked for half an hover in lukewarm fat. Let them learn to Cook All these simple things perfectly and then it will be time enough for fancy dishes. Of i there is such a would of around tables where simple things Are done Well. The children grow up with wholesome tastes that no after years of dissipation Cay wholly Root out. They will have sounder bodies and More vigorous.,constitutions, than the children of will escape Many temptations which highly seasoned dishes Aie Apt to Lead them inti�.-.4r<aer Fuoau Magazine. A Story with a moral. Here is a True sketch for Young men who Are loud erase drinkers and who Gamble a Little just for fun. Many of our citizens remember Well that about Twenty years ago one of the leading stores in this City was situated on the East Side of third Street just opposite the court House Square and was owned by the firm of Lemon amp Winans they were both Good business men Aud were considered wealthy in those times but Lemon drank moderately and gambled a Little merely for amusement the firm finally dissolved and the two partners took opposite Csurics Winans on to sue Cess Lemon on to ruin. His habit of drinking and love of gambling grew fast on him. Ii s dissipation was eating up his Fortune and although his friends attempted his Rescue he finally became a confirmed Sot and left the City. He was afterwards heard of at intervals for a few years and made several unsuccessful at tempts to Reform but his vices a l become a part of himself and he was Una Able to retrace his Stevis of Folly. Finally to was lost sight of entirely. On last i monday a miserable looking ragged and Drunken old beggar entered the store of one of our leading main Street merchants spit fully demanded a dime. Of course he was refused As he was known to be intoxicated. But he was determined to move the merchant to the Gnu Tinglof his petition and finally humbled himself upon Bis Knees and with renewed earnestness plead As if for life that he might be granted a single dime. As the merchant took a searching look into the eyes of the Drunken in gear whom should he recognize but his Aci Quaintance and once respected and wealthy Friend Lucius Lemon i but old acquaintance did not entitle him to Money to buy a lodging in the Gutter and he was turned away with a Promise of better treatment when sober. Subsequent inquiries into his condition revealed the fact that he has been for years a wandering beggar and is never Soljar except when sobered by poverty. How Many Young men Are there to Day in this City whose prospects Are less flattering than were those of Lucius Lemon Twenty years ago it Are 11 mail clip pigs. 7ry amp Reddick Jit tall Tiea urt in drugs medicines chemicals paints him Vail lines 6tati0ne1�y, perfumery a a a scr toilet at to cams. Lar be Iticia Quot Kero in Oil lamps �?ai.s0 a st Asiro arrangements for the fall and Winter Trade. A Ooms cute Stock of dry goods of the Best Quality. Custom made Boot amp amp shoes st the rear lowest Cut us pried. Good Stock of clothing i its ifs axe fobs hardware and plows cloy eix and tim02ht seeds. Cuts paper. A i orc i 0. Jahe Warren Leader .1 jeep Bulwa a weekly newspaper. One Dollar and fit by Gutt a a ctr. Independent on All subjects. Devoted to the inter Sta of Warren county the seventh District the state of Indiana a and the United states of America. We but and ship nearly a a kinds of a Farmers grocery store. Thomas w. Smith a dealer Ixo family groceries a a do All Elifus of Paoyi sinks Road station Williamsport Indiana. Believes in free Labosh free schools and free Mes. Keeps a Well selected Stock of. Boots and shoes which to oilers for Sale at the Rev Loiret prices for . Has also on hand a Good assortment of Queens Ware to be soul in sets or by the piece any Way to . Best Quality hid Stock of Quot old Virginia Quot tobacco the Best brands of cigars to pays Ujco highest Market Price in Trade for a i Kiutus of country produce. Does All kinds of Job work big Stock of looking glasses which to offer for Sale at very Low Price. A general Stock of Standard Patent medicines always on baud. Pure 117�� and liquors for medical use. per Ascriptions carefully con pounded. . W ire mattress t in Best mattress in the beef for invalids raw beef it Isles sorted proves of the greatest As a diet for persons of fra�rconstitqt.i�n3. It is reported that physicians Are now ministering to consumptive a diet by ii Cly Chopi cd raw of . Wit ii Salt,.and lifted ity placing the dish a obtain ii go to in boiling to a p Quot a so in cases where the stomach ice ctr to most Ever a liar Lintt or food. It As. Rapidly. And a Fiji the now amp Hmai we in la in ends in a in to Loop for Ana to life it a a Quot Midi u or. Kane id Lisic Preuc dio oets of. Car. Seal and a suicidal mania prevails at Louisville. Brains Are rapidly disappearing from the City it is said that there arc eight Young american girls abroad who Are engaged to be manned to English and French noblemen. A negress pc taking of one her children who was lighter coloured than the rest said i never could Bear Dat brat Conse he show dirt so easy Quot a Maiden Lorca Gare no his Bride when her father presented a Bill for the Young Man amp Board during the four years they he fan a dam is a Small Indian Coin mentioned in the Gentoo code of Laws hence etymology its May if they please derive tie common expression ii do not care a Man to do not take the papera ought to be excluded from juries his intellect is a�4odjovai in Jorder for this enlightened . In. Lett eol court Jhc. A tue notes Wiite co., a of Hartford conn., desire i Call the attention of All a a sons inter is Ioctl in the important it question what shall i sleep on ? they say Liis with entire Confidence that the. Practical merits of the articles will commend Vliem solves to every candid Nii tid and Ulicy particularly invite the attention of All in Riesto their excellence. The matter is already common dip wide attention Alloi or tie Corinti a and the already in. Use Hare Given a remarkable satisfaction toilet Abe the the most elastic spri2fo Ever intended. Isu Thill they Neter Loose their shape. 2d. 2 fat they nicer get exit of order. 3d. That they Necer need a repair. Thev Are Woren out of i it Tho Sahd feet of to. La a Neal wire. In spiral coils by process of double weaving. Nothing needed oter them hut a Hla Niet. In order to Maie the Best bed ext int. Country pro Dice vie used Moos bides Wool feathers debt Dairy butter in kegs in business remember old head i hate by. Sept. 23, in Horace d. , k. Darwin Thomas. P Phillip Gemmer Iril in you kindly to for it. . C03ie up and help Rpike old reliable hardware Estall Ahmeti a of a Wiljam ii. Ward no. 3 Boston by Loci , ixd., a by a Edward s. Hareb a to it for it st it Tible rate. Taie it. Renie Niber pub when every Satur Lay Here you can it articles of every sort As cheap yes the cheapest on the Quot Wabash. I Saih Iron i font shoes Elijhia is rings Sci Tea and err thing kept in a first Glass hardware ii oust of the sort. Go to Ward s for your stoves j tis Wake j coat. Roris Cook stoves heat Ixo stoves and All kinds of srovc.s-, cheap for Cash pain plug. Job printing of e ver y description done to Ordyk at tue Warren Leader office. Tin Ware by the Coni Honse Furui Shiner Niu trial lists screws and trin innings. I All Hind a of Nicori in my line done to order. If you least a visiting card go to the Leader office. I air Nitura a torn. A retail dealer in family groceries Williamsport Ltd. Good selection of Quee Swabe Lawava on band. In riot Price paid for country produce if you Isatu a Ujj Uhn iture store. .1 Lioe and i selected Stock a oks f u r n i t t j i e now on haul at ii. M. Belangea s furniture store. Gtna flouring Mills willia3isp0rt, is Diana. Shideler Yeagy amp co poor is. First class custom and merchant Mill. Best brands of family flour Corn meal Mill feed amp amp so Iccil attention Given to cd Tom work. 31arkist Price paid for wheat. S ave your greenbacks Ivy going to t. It m. Ice be for your boots and shoes. Head the follow Itig Fri of tir inc York Tribune april i 1s"1. A a perfect sleeping army piment of wonderful Clastic it and Comfort and noise Leiis As India rubber cloth. The Metal fabric forms a perfect they manufacture All kinds from the st Toga East but with Only the addition of a Blanket when no to the a finest sewed or pegged calf Boot tie temperature is kept about 65 =. Their pen Era on Lake a incr and Ocean a a Teamer is but a question of time. For the Good tia Liitt s enumerated. Tie Price of the w ire mattresses does not Wini High and their Cicic dig durability midges them really Ven client. Jug Darwin Thomas dealer m and breeder of the thorough rep Poland a a i is do a. Big spotted Chi Una hogs. A st act of titles from 3 to 5 months old bred from three of. In thin Couray the Best boat ii the state a my not related fori from a Fly Toa a his Sto Cecis the same As that we Are a prepared to i push fish and a Prato in Wieb >70i>- _ Hare also the Nepa Inrig dose . Prices feat Nable Ond Ali Morii to warranted. Is shop Over Coard maa s shoe store Williamsport ind. Abstract of a Litls. Sale Bill go to the Leader office. If you Viani any kind of printing done in Good style and at Loie print. Go to the Leader office. of tjie Best Quality and will be sold at the very lowly prices. . Mai Iris is. Lounges a breakfast talk s. A funds. Kitchen safes chair Sofii amp a. Sevot thing usually kept in a fir get Clas it furniture Quot store. And Lyall Means when to u wish to advertise adder list in thai Warren Leader. A dams Moffit amp High Willuam Short wakes co , Frittzi a l Fonda to on in regard to titles to real estate. A to Ivan in county. Indr taites West of it nine in part and 2 West Lefe Anoo. Pay taxes for a of effect Tutte 4c. \ Quot Oiin Mcmahon a Deal Era Ike family groceries coffins and burial cases i of All sizes constantly on hand and furnished to order on the so Rte to notice. First class Hearse to attend funeral Vcra Ember tie Placo Gregory s building main Quot Williamsport . Protection Home insurance company a or new Yolk. Cash capital a a Ltd All kinds of provisions. Has also of Viand Ait Large and Ceu selected Stoe iof Queens Are to fac sold by tie set orphic cd in fact everything us lib Feirt in a fir amp i Adasii gtd Verj store. Quot the Best Dwelli Lizs and business i louies in War ecu county Are Ina used iii this rehab la company. Fob policies Call on Horace d. Th03ias, Ribco at the Railroad store Quot Williamsport ind. Quot All iinds of country produce taken at Market Price in a Diange for a cads. Call and examine prices. Quote a Road station. Jlliaa>spor<., Lod. A Ndrew Crane manufacturer of boots. And shoes. Railroad station Wlllie i sport is Diana. Quot the place to get your a incr boots and shoes made to order. Quot work , and warranted to give satisfaction. A All kinds of repairing d one prices As Low a any. A shop in rear Arcoui of John hand Storchi
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