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Williamsport Warren Leader Newspaper Archives Oct 21 1871, Page 2

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Williamsport Warren Leader (Newspaper) - October 21, 1871, Williamsport, Indiana  4�o a 1 the we Riley i Leader. Tlly tax sport Indiana. Bat urday. Oct by a "1871. Tor reside st 1872, Ulysses s. Grant the fires top Koeth. The party in becoming More and More cemented together every Day. This District now in the hands of the de Noc Acy through the foolishness of some is beginning to rally for the fight and word com to us i Roia every Quarter that the Dotero Juba Coa on the part of to Steiling life Long Kvork Ere a to unite up n a Man. That can Ccmmand the tvs pct of the voters and then carry him into of amp be on a run. Talk �o3 going cd Ovici the district., As to who shall be the Man. In the multitude of co tinsel there is Wisdom. The county from which the Leader hails help always to elect whoever the party puts of. She will do her whole duty in 73 bring out one Quot honest and capable Quot and let him have tiie qualities of a Hadar a ability acquaint me one who can present the truths of and Tell a what the party has done who Ronde such a Man As Lincoln i a silent. The people will stand by the parly that saved the country. Let there be no strife Between leaders Exchange opinions try Honey Luj to find out the right Man then put Bim at the Lead of the party rally every voter to his Svi port who loves Liberty humanity Ani country and he will be elected by More than a thousand majority. Let no one think More highly of himself than be ouch la prefer one another in love. B j True to party and coun try and leave ill in the Back ground we remember the Days of other years when the county during a Campaign was ablaze with Edt Husia tim we recon act when orators moved the masses by the witchery of their Powers. Lit the Man be pm ride acc Hai ithe coming Man. We sicken while Reading the details of the terrible fires in Michigan. No year among to amp Many the have witnessed the Sci urge in that mighty Forest state has Ever seen the like of the devastation that have swept Over it within the last four weeks. The ravages arc appalling and the destruction to wide spread As to affect the nation. Whole villages of four and five Siun dred inhabitants have been utterly consumed and the country for thousands and thousands of acres burned Earth Heathen lands have no rest and Christian countries Are at their,wit3 end to to do to keep their wit ii my there will be no quiet until the mighty wrongs a Titch is murdering humanity is struck Down and swept away forever by the omnipotent. A Quot word for . Over. Hon. David Moffitt. This old and esteemed citizen of Warren county has just returned from a trip across the continent. For several years past he has been devoting his time to travel having inst the companion of his youth with whom he had lived near half a Century he put his property matters in shape not to need any of his personal at Teacon and gave himself up to travel and rest. He went North first upon the lakes a Ben into our territories of the Southwest. This so built up his Bealiah and spirits that he started for a Long Jaunt to the Pacific coast. To spent the summer West of the Rocky mountains was in California Oregon and up North As far As a Ashington territory. Looked upon the prominent cities of the Pacific a san Franciscoj Portland and others of lesser note. He gave special attention to the Quality of the ground kind of Stock grown and the forwardness of the development in these a particulars. We shall in another article give some of his opinions As to the great Stales of the West. Ott in Missouri. A month of afflictions. The last month is one that will bold a marked place in history a month of afflictions. During that time the fire King has held High Arnival and the mourning sorrow and woe which follows his Flam ing March Are too deep for pen or Tonione cities lie in ashes towns smoulder in ruins and Forest Plain and everglade show but the Charr cil remains of the Molte n floods that have passed Over them. Railroads have Suil ered the great farming interests have been scourged and the Rev Ivues by hundreds of millions wasted the property of the world Imis suffered by fire As never before in m Dern times. Great insurance comp Auie bottomed up on millions and Milu ims of moneys have l can taxed to meet their liabilities Inci a a Raoux jew. A but prospectively this is far belter. Kew Stock of Winter clothing both i on dr., we will Welcome you. Inc dig go in la tco a is a a we in talking with a gentleman a few Days ago who lives near Sedalia mo., he told us of some matters that May be new and of interest to the Public. He said no rain Llad fallen for six weeks before he left Home and that the drought was the most Terible Ever known out people were drawing water for household purposes ten and twelve Miles. All the Stock in his neighbourhood had been driven off into the Vicinity of water courses and kept there. The Region of which he was speaking was that known As the Quot Ridge Quot and the peculiarity of it consists a this no water has As yet been obtained by digging. At Slon Gomery there bad been a pipe sunk seventeen Hundred feet and no water found. In fact the people Are so Well satisfied that digging to ild do them no Good that the whole country depended upon cisterns for the water Supply and As this had been a very summer there the Warter utterly failed. In the fore part of the season the rain was so timed As to Start up the crops and bring them on Ruji idly then came the drought and then came the chinch bugs and the two together �?1�?--�?� a. Jinil stuff lie cume tion of it is said by the great tragic poet that he who hath no music in Bis soul a a is fit for reasons Quot -&c, All he says is True. But of music in general we Are not now speaking a singing is the theme we take Stock in a lots of it in singing a from the oratory of heaven the harpers harping on their harps All the Way Down to Quot Jimmy crack Corn i Don t care we take Stock. Why there is something in the guttural sounds of the Indian As he chants his War song in death that is inspiring. The twitter of the pet Blue at the window Sill at Early Dawn is too Sweet for a sluggish earn we have heard of the loves of the Anges a Well when Iasi was going on there wj3 singing for love without singing is impossible. Wuo can listen to ten thousand human voices accompanied by instr meats singing the grand old ode "0 for it thousand tongues to sing my great redeemer Praise Quot and not feel deep 8<nil-emotion. Such strains iii spire the great heart of humanity and keep it alive. The Best ideas we have of heaven is its singing where the Good Are there will be singing. Vin hell no chord of Harmony Ever there dark oblivion Seis his Seal and discord jars in All the hideous realm. There is something in the strains of music that touch the pure and Fine of the soul and wakes it to a new life. Quot of sing to me of heaven when i Cut my to die Quot a Are words that alleviates the weight that weighs Down a dying heart. Quot Well rally round the Flag boys Well rally once again Are words that carried the Host up the fire Girt sides of Glission Ery Ridge and opened up the Way for the Quot March to the sea Quot glory leads the Way when soldiers die for Fame , on on Are the words Bat carried the Bridge of l it i and gave Italy to the French Republic. Notice tatar let incr. Only let a woman be sure that she is precious to her Quot Husat Vlf not useful not valuable not convenient simply but Lovely and beloved let her be recipient of his polite and Hearty attentions let her feel that her care and love Are noticed appreciated and returned let her opinion be asked her approval sought and her judgement respected in matters of which she is cognizant in Short let her loved honoured and cherished in fulfilment of tha marriage vow and she will be to bet husband and children and society a wellspring of pleasure. She will Bear toil and pain and anxiety for her husband s love is to her a Tower and a fortress shielded and sheltered therein adversity will have lost its sting. She May suffer but sympathy will Dull the Edge of her sorrow. A Bouse with love in it and by love we mean love expressed by words and looks and deeds for i have hot one spark of Faith in Lov that never crops out it is to a House with love As a person to it a machine the one is life the other is mechanism. Waifs for Lomeii. County Treast Orbr s of fico Williamsport Warren co., ind., oct Lar 1, 1871 Quot Otice to hereby Given that i have received the tax Duple amp Ite the al 1 year Isri and that i will attend at the treasurer s office in said county until the third la in april 1872, for the purpose of receiving the taxes due thereon. The following is the rate of taxation per each $100 valuation and upon cach poll and each dog Dav in he in said county. Names of tows Sara. State tax. Township tax. State tax. Township tax. co m a in to. �?�4 m ? a Quot 1 13 2. A. Of o 3-, cd a 5 x is �?�5 a �72 >-3 al cd s h g >-3 so h s o o a S to m a I m county tax. O i o go i a a a s a so a i us c3 a. I a a i i total. 5a Ali Quot a lil f i a j e-5 Quot a la i o Washington. Pine. Mound. A. Steuben. 1. Pike. . Warren. Liberty. J. Q. Danw. Jordan. Wiki Asport Prairie. Kent. West Lebanon. 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 10 16 16 16 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 5a 50 10 15 10 10 25 25 15 10 15 20 25 10 4 4 5 5 6 10 15 25 20 10 25 10 15 15 15 8 25 20 25 25 20 15 25 20 10 25 20 15 15 13 25 25 20 25 50 25 50 50 25 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 -35 35 35 35 35 35 45 $1.00 ?2.00 $1.51 45 1.00 2.00 1.56 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.75 2.00 2.50 2.75 1.61 1.44 1.03 1.611.55 1.45 1.51 1.52&Quot 1.51 1.77 1.06 1.51 a Gay Matron in Indiana recently captured and married her daughter s intended Whereat the Young lady waxed Wroth Aud by Way of taking revenge stuffed a dozen Bunches of fire crackers under the bridal Couch. One of the largest hotels in Philadel phia is owned and managed by a woman and in a one store among several Large ones owned by women a in Sims of Over $100,000 a year is done. Ai woman at Oberlin o., collected Money for the soldiers orphans and used it to buy a Bonnet. She said orphan ii after they got used to it could get along without bread but woman must have bonnets. An Independent Young Worman Josie Mitchell poor herself but having a number of Rich relative it i in miss it Fri determined to make her livelihood rather dog 1st male dog. for each additional male dog. 2.00 for cach female dog.2.00 All taxes Rem nin unpaid on the third monday in april 1s72, become delinquent and a penalty of ten per cent will be added after that Date in All eases. Ten per centum damages and the costs and charges that May acc Nic by distress and Sale of the g a and chattels of such person who ought to pay the same whosoever the same May be found within the county. Vol. 1, Page 130, Sec. 102. The sectoral county to assurer s be. Arid thet Are hereby required immediately after their annual settlement with the auditor of state either in person or by Deputy to Call on every delinquent tax payer in their respective counties and if Necessia to distraint property for collection of such delinquent tax together with penalty interest and costs vol. 1, Page 130, Sec. 101. The Power Toleva and collect shall continue in such treasurer after his return and settlement with the county auditor until the taxes shall be paid should goods or chattels of the delinquent be found within his county. The necessities of the county and recent decisions of the supreme court make a strict enforce Mentor the Laws absolutely necessary. Each tax payer will therefore find it to his or her advantage to Call and pay their taxes before they become delinquent As by so doing they win save costs and trouble. No county it ii Der will be paid to any person owing delinquent taxes. A nine tour Road it receipts ones or Gnu c it e your october 217 . Cyrus Romine. Tre user Warren co., printing offices. The ruins of Chicago Are still red hot when we hear of five or six daily newspapers preparing to resume publication in the midst of the smoke and fire the proprietors of these journals have lost enormous sums. Presses Type and paper and perhaps their books Are entirely destroyed. Little or nothing is let of the Ospital invested in their business except the advertising custom of merchants who have no longer anything to advertise and the Geod will of subscribers a majority of whom Are homeless wanderers on the sheriff s Sale by virtue of an execution to me directed from the clerk of tic Warren common Picas court i jul expose at Public Sale to the highest bidder on saturday the 28ch Day of october a. D. 1871, Between the a a 1. J i. Of hours of 10 o clock a. M., and4o clock p. M., of than be supported by others. She a said Day at the door of the court House of War ii Gal no tics. Cordingly became a Telegraph operator in st. Charley and had not Bce a there two years before she received a legacy of two Hundred thousand dollars left her by an Uncle. Gen. Wade Hampton a Fine old South Carolina gentleman who Don t own As ren county Indiana the rents and profits for a term not Quot exceeding seven years the following described real estate to wit the South cast Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section Twenty nine township Twenty mree Range eight West containing forty acres More or less All lying in Warren county and on failure to realize tie full amount of judgment interest and costs i will at the same time and place expose at Public Sale the fee simple of said real estate. A a a a i. A taken As the property of John t. Briscoe at Many Quot niggers Quot now As he did before the suit of Isa. Turch. A a Otice of administration it a. Votice is hereby Given that the undersigned has been appointed administrator de Ioni non of the estate of John Jordan deceased late of Warren county Indiana. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. W. P. Rhodes and or oct. 21, 1s71. Loua. Mighty merchant princes whose Fame was world wide have been despoiled of their we ill in a Day. The world s exchequer a been damaged As at no former period valuables rare and others almost Bare been snatched from the aggregate Kun Lego of Mankind and lost forever. Human life has bad to furnish its quota to the insatiable Moji eters tender Liabres nursing mothers old age and decrepitude have Felt the devouring breath of this fiery plague. At times it been cd As though the whole country would take fire and Burn everything in came sorry that fire spread in All direct ins and As a consequence fences Woc gtd out buildings Railroad tics and even Railroad trains burned fire fire i tire this was the cry and when we contemplate Tho awful ravages in Chicago and the vast forests of via Consia and Michigan of the West and Maine in the cast we Are led to exclaim amp month of conflagrations and at fictions Orai Rie. That we Reco Maraena one Intro aug i Harvcy s grammar into the com buy. Mou schools of our county. Quot Quot Quot it a politics. Of what weather. War advises the Southern democracy to take no part in the next National Uon mention it would be Well enough for the Northern democracy to follow this advice and take no part in any National convention or election until they can forget and forgive the War Aud its consequences. The st. Louis Democrat of Friday says Quot Dan Voorhees of Indiana the tall Sycamore of the Wabash is in the City attending the fair. He gives cold com a Oak of fico. Said Sale it vill be made with out any Relief whatever from valuation or appraisement Laws. Asa j. Fis iier sheriff w. Co. By s. C. Fisuer Deputy. W. P. Rhodes. Attorney for plaintiff. September 30,1871.-pr fee $5.20. A a ooh is. Our i adv a is Yia these fall Days grand As Ever adorned a amp Rob make one feel glad. The Cornfields hereabouts do groan being burdened. The shuck says Plain As can be As you touch it Quot come within Quot and the rattling Blades sing a song of plenty such a has not been Beard for to these to Nasty years in Thijse parts. Tho lowing herds the bleating flocks proclaim a year of plenty. Tote Noble horse moves in gladness and gives out by act that be too is to amp no Fol. Nature animate and intimate a ing of the joyous season. The son rides on in his strength Quot Tho glorious Blue overhead looks Down Smi Littly at Early Dawn the Warbler of the Forest Send Forth their morning song in great Fol poise. The worm crawls buoy Antly the Fly bar pcs excellently Man too is thankful. Well these Aro Day Long. To be remembered this Eky of evening looks indeed Likora sea of Glass mingled with fire the misto of the Morni pits new life into Jojas nature the i % or Sheet rides Roler of night and Siet Nee nuke in her Doud Kat beat tinl Days.  �?�-.x�, Sabs Cris for the a a Adeb. Politico Are called the science of government a politician is one who understands this science. So if a Man is honest in this High calling be can do a Good the Fnu measure of which May not be known till the Quot opening Day the grand Assize of the world. And in ibis Day of ours when All things Are in a transition state we need lioness politicians. But there is another Light in which politicians arc More popularly known their connection with Porky. In fact it is their relation to party which bring them prominently before the Public. And As thus related to the people let us say a word of them. Party has always existed a will continue to the cud of time party is the progenitor of government without party government in this present state Coald not exist. It is True and any one who will give close attention to the subject May know it that party and Iro Fimmen. Go together. In this Light politics is one of Quot the most important things that can come before a politics to Day arc stirring the world to its Center. Now in a general sense what is the condition of the world politically 7 the first great feature not Cibie in Civ Ibiza Tjon is a state of unrest. Political agencies Are More Active now than at any for. Mer period of history. No government on Earth but what feels insecure. The by nations once thought to be As firm As the rocks Are now giving Way. Pretended new lights Are springing up and blinding men by their Glare. The order of things Long believed to be arv Crity is now dying out. Your origin is dispute our like said Tabel but a Panto i Gorr Ern ment a Mere figment there is no ground on which to place our feet politicians everywhere Are clamorous for More Rigby for the people. I Bor and capital a amp arrayed against one Vano Berf monarchy is striking at republicanism and world wide we behold i this old things Are passing away a it politic commotions arc startling Tho world governments Are. All Over the Glebe the Urcis no., tip Ltd a not a Aoi Lars Quot Worth of Max Unai ing one to be bought. Yet the Chicago ids tors go to work with As much promptness and courage As if they were the victims of a Trilling everyday Accident. We dare say some of them Are already doing business and turning an honest Penny by the narrative of their own misfortunes. It is a bold Quick spirit like Tifis which has made Chicago one of the wonders of the world which raised a Metropolis out of the Marsh and Sand in forty years and will raise a finer one out of the ashes in . T. Tribune. T Homas company rail Road store the beggar woman. During the time of dearth a poor beg Gar woman miserably Clad but very clean went through a Village asking for alms. From some doors she was driven away with harsh words from others she received a few dred crusts or other refuse too Mouldy and decayed to be eaten by the family. One Pix r labourer however noticing ber destitution invited her into his House made her sit by the stove and his wife Cut off from a fresh baked loaf a Liberal slice. The poor woman enjoyed the warmth and Froid and with Many thanks went on her Way. Tho following Day All the villagers were invited to Dine at the Castle. As they entered the dining re Tom they were astonished to observe that on the great table were Many dishes with Here and there it its of met Myldy breads raw turnips and a handle a of Brand nothing More. Of a Small table at the head of the Hall was spread an array of Nice things. I the lady of the Castle stepping Fajr Ward welcomed her guests and then said Quot i was the. Disguised beggar woman who yesterday passed through , my i was anxious to. Know How in these .lime8.the poor fared and thus put your Benevolence to the proof. Of.,All, these two people shared with to the a befit they shall now. Eat. With me and i shall Settle on them it yearly Sam. The rest of Yon Are Welcome to take Back again what Yon gave me and which Yon will find on those plates and remember als9, sow on Earth so Small we Cap Rhca a of Root to a or Man. Treance Obj my ii w a a looking admirers that the democratic party was already busted for 1872�?that Grant of a uld be re nominated and reelected. I it to thinks the democracy has been played Quot it by the new depart lists Jeff Alex. Stephens and tammany. Dan is about three Hundred and fifty million pounds is the grape crop of California. Ills. Elizabeth Cady Stanton s oldest son aged 26, is a member of the Louisiana legislature. The Temperance Banner of Attica n. Y., has for its motto Quot fight for the right and never get tight Quot a a it Lien paper Speaks of the death of several citizens Quot from Throat disease super induced by a Cotton factory has started at Augusta Georgia with accommodations for one thousand looms Best Dairy butter m kegs. Extensive arrangements for tha g news for the ladies mrs. a. Node Crft notice of administration a notice is hereby Given that the undersigned has been appoint ii administrator de Kwiw Rio of the estate of Joseph c. Smith deceased late of Warren county Indiana. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. W. P. Rhodes adm t. Oct 21,1871. Fall and Winter Trade. A complot ito a of do y go o Dpi of the Best Quality. Sheriff s virtue of a go ratified copy of a decree to me directed from the clerk of the Warren common pleas court in a cause wherein William c. Smith is Plaisi tits and William s. Hackett it. Al Are defend Infa. Requiring me to make the sum of two Hundred and thirty nine dollars and thirty eight a tits with interest on said decree and costs i will expose at Public Sale to the highest bidder on. San Daif the 2sth Day of october a. D. 1871�?z Between the hours of 10 o clock k. M., and 4 o clock p. M., of said Day at the door of the court House of Warren county Indiana the rents and profits for a term not exceeding Ivan Quot years of the following real estate to wit the Ortli half of the North East Quarter of Section six 0in tois ship Twenty three 23north Range seven 7 West All being in Warren county Indiana. If such rents and profits will not sell for a sufficient sum to said decree interest and tue temperature is kept about 00 Quot. Sneir Genii eral use on Lake River and Ocean steamers is but a question of time. For the Good qualities enumerated the Rice of ulcer it Jesse not said Sale will be made without any Relief whatever from valuation or appraisement Law. Asa j. Fisher sheriff . By s. C. Fishes Deputy. W. P. Rhodes attorney for plaintiff. September 28, ls71.-pr fee 6.20. Has just received a Large and Well assorted Stock a of millinery goods t for the fall and Winter Trade. All new and of the latest style. Call and examine her Stock before Purdi Siag for she is bound to sell As cheap As the cheapest. Old hats and bonnets changed to the near style on a Hurt notice. Also dress fitting and making done in the very Best and latest Sec. All work warranted and satisfaction Guara amp a place of business Comer of Monroe and by streets Williamsport ind. 5.tf John Mcmahn a or ii Lite family groceries. A Asda All a sikhs of provisions. Has also on hand a Vij Large and Terii Bucud a Tariff Quanti eare in a mkt is Grything to be set and Uso Alty a Ida of country Frodgue Lake at tim it a a steal Market i a in end huge for mods. Calling examine prices. ,.i rail Tiad station we la am sri Rte ind custommadeb00t6 a shoes at the very lowest Oah Prie a. Good Stock of clothing Blits cars a a Fras hardware and plows Clover and Timo 2 it seeds. Sheriff s virtue of a certified copy of a decree to me directed from the clerk of the Warren common pleas court in a cause wherein Willi Iun Kent sen., it. Al., in plaintiffs and George hitches it. Al., Are do tenants requiring me to make the sum of five thousand and sixty dollars and Twenty two cents. With interest on said decree and costs i will expose at Public Sale to the highest bidder on saturday the 78th Duy of october a. D. 1871, Between the hours of 10 o clock a. M., and 4 we buy and ship nearly All kind of country pkg >dxj0fbras sad hogs hides Wool rats sri be to Dairy butter in kegs. A Bani less remember old had a a a sept. 35,1871. "h�t1acb d. Tnomas e. Dab War Thomas. O clock p. M., of said Day at the door of the court House of Warren county Indiana the rents and profits for a term not exceeding seven years of the following real estate to wit the South part of the South cast Quarter of the North West Quarter of Section to. Eleven township Twenty one Range eight West containing one acre More or less also lot no. One in Block no. Three in Kent k Hitchens addition to the town of Williamsport also the following piece described As follows to wit beginning on the West line of the cast half of the North West Quarter of Section eleven township Twenty one Ranee eight West fifty eight rods South of the North West Comer of said lot of land thence East thirty rods thence South eighteen rods and five links thence West thirty rods to the West line of said lot thence North eighteen rods and five links to the place of beginning containing three acres and sixty six rods More or less subject to All the highways that May be Laid out there. Also the following piece described As follows to wit commencing at the North East Corner of the West half of the North West Quarter of Section eleven township Twenty one Raue eight West thence West on the North h be of stud. Section forty one Toda to a stake thence South on a line Larsuel to the East line of said Quarter Section sixty two rods to a stake thence in a northeasterly direction on a Lin parallel to tie line of the Toledo Wabash a Western railway fifty four Rowda to the intersection of the East line of said Quarter Section thence North on said Lino then eight rods to the place of it eleven acres More or less also the following piece described As follows i Quot All that portion of the East half of the South West Quarter o f Section two township to engr one Range eight West. I lying South of the Toledo Wabash amp Western i bail ayi containing two and one fourth acres also lots no. Three four five and six in Richard 1 d. Ecuer a West addition to the town of Williams port also the following Lota being the Home residence lots Ifo. Onei two three four five six seven and eight in Block two in Kent amp hit Diena addition to. The town of Williamsport also lot Gheen in William Kent s addition to the town of Williaa sport also lot no one a Pearson a addition to the town of Wii Asport. All being in Warren coun i sufi Rente and profits will not sell for a tue fid eat sum to satisfy said decree interest and costs i will at the same time and place expose to Public be the fee simple of Sidd real estate or so much thereof As May be sufi client to discharge said decree interest and Sale willbe made without any Relief what Ever from valuation or appraiser no it Laws. Asa , Sharif few co. By s. Pc fish Eek amp Kabb attorneys for plaintiff a september 30.1871.-pr fee l5.20. I a a. A
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