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Williamsport Warren Leader Newspaper Archives Oct 21 1871, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Leader (Newspaper) - October 21, 1871, Williamsport, Indiana The Harllen Leader. Published every saturday a fit Edward s. Harper Wllliam Robt w Abbes co., i it a. Terms $1.50 per year in Advance. Warren Leader yol. L Willlim sport ind., saturday october 21,1871. Jato. 5. Advertising rates. Space. Three months. Six j Ose months. 1 year. Be Garter column half column. Ali old column. $ 6.00 10.00 10.00 $10.00 16.00 2s.00 $10.00 28.00 50.0n i uvi.--.-. Iii i per my cach additional Iusco Tiou 60 cuts per Inch. Local to ticks cd a Clits a line for first insertion and live Cucus a line for cach additional insertion. Advertising Bills payable . I uvi.--.-. Iii i per my cach additional Iusco Tiou 60 cuts per Inch. Local to ticks cd a Clits a line for first insertion and live Cucus a line for cach additional insertion. Advertising Bills payable .Busiucss i ads. J w. Sutton att Tonev at Law and notary , Orr Tajc. Orr i. R. Arc porn a store , i it a. Will Pir pro Init attn lib a to �11 business in Trust u to his can. Sly by. T. 3i1lleu,attorney at Law Willi a srout is. Orritt. Kast of Public it iii arc. No Stair. Jun by Pearson attorney at Law a is. Will Pic pm nip attention to All Busine a to Liis cat t oiled Loii a made liar Pelz Quot a to o i n e y a t l a a Quot evils Iasi ont in it. Office in rooms of Warren alter a Coon attorney at Law of Sec or Tab j la Ackt. out 1 is j Asa. A articular utter Union Given to the cull tion of Olk Itu. Or. J. Nosi pairs Iprax and a or Geo oki irk Over to. I lunch store i a in it and station , is. Wiit attend in i Calls Day or nip lit. Union Iio Lel . All Klov a Ltd it i r., will Livston Trudia a. f t the Travins Public at Rale rates. Luis to and from it Mth. Defiol. Ujj aim ii our a us Fayette ind. T. La Akem so Coper stars. T. To. Cd . Curl. Jacob Holtz a a la a to a l Foxe vat Teri am it contract it in building Stone , in. Or Lerz Solic teil. Vui tracts or might try but if tilt to Hernandez pan Cut a Tailo i and Cutter. Inn Gnu out a id Luada in tie most Raitner. And a a iii in to fit. Suor. A Olle door of Post urt Iti Wilham Sikri ind. Jar. E. Mcnurney dentist , a a Indiana. Office Over to Ory a dry Gowl and do i Ltd in Jiaw ess. Saddles. Whips am a cen cml line of Yuxun waited . Cash fax you a Meir. Agent for Frank Miller s i Mejia red harness Oil. J Erry a. Allen Wllliam Short , a a a it kwai a genl far Atlas Mutl al life co., or i a. . To. Ill Ailt port stea2i saw Mill Nodurft a Kenn Ltd proprietor. All kinds of by Iwine iimber altars on hand. Tiiu Nir pc aces made to order and airy Sci set up. All of tier Tisnor done on Short or try a a flirt ten Citati to action Arra Attl . Boardman , Jsu boots and shoes 5 Boston bloc Wilma sport. Indiana. Jet ack smiting. A. C. I of tot ha3 removed to Liveng ood s old stand Koum Sipe put bloc so can in shoeing Aud Semi ring done on Short no tits. Waco is made to order. Scott us Tonilas teacher of vocal. A Asda. Instrumental music Indiana for part Sutila Ras 1-� i Nijs ic., Call on a do or Csc a i Buff. A a the wife s trial. Ito Laura made no reply to her Friend s by Ikiz Kosid. Quot of Fred Quot said Laura on Lier Way Home How i have wronged you i urged the Mark and strove to drown her annoyance housekeeping plan Ami gave you no peace j in new admiration for the elegant and until we were in a Home of our own and a a Laura do you know where Fred spends his evenings Quot said 5irs. We Llam to mrs. Montrose As they fat alone one evening. Mrs. Montrose bit her up and a slight Shade passed Over her face and without raising her eyes from her work said a it irs. Wiley noticed her con did not press her inquiry useful gift fusion and further. Quot it docs seem As though Fred might Hare thought of me this time Quot Slid Laura to herself after her Friend had left her. Quot new year s never passed before child Oil Wichi iut some Quot i suppose he spends his evenings to some Good purpose his business or. Per in Quot Quot a a a i haps. , with his friends he has Many of them in the a friends indeed i have yet to learn 1 nervous and excited and Felt that a Man s wife i not his Ivic Ndu Quot Quot thing of disappoint ment to her Friend and this though in Laura you talk like a simple creased h or Chagrin. She sat Down in coming in one . Now to think you had to borrow the Quot no matter now Laura i was wrong in not telling you the real slate of my pecuniary affairs. I did not like to trouble Jou or make you anxious and so i did not Tell you As i Laura did not fail to visit her for and daily and had the pleasure of seeing him regain his health and grow stronger every Day. Quot Nell Sprague you must hurry and out of this dark room Quot said Fred i have the offer of Able set a friends Laura kept her eyes Bent on her work 1 Quot up a child i a Good situation for you if you arc but mrs. Well a saw the Blush that evening Fred remained at Home i to take it sule Over her checks and she very Well thought she a i never known knew that her words stung her most bit the Turly. And she went on Quot evening he a cd her to go out with Quot what does Fred do with his Money i Why he supports his family Quot said i dress yourself ,&Quot he Lauia Hose annoyance increased every Are not going to any place of amusement but to Call on a sick Friend of mine Wito lives at a quite a moment. Quot a you think it can or does take All j his salary to support a family of three j Crisona to have very ii tie company and no Quot there Are other besides the housekeeping Quot replied mrs. Slon Trose. Quot yes to be sure the clothing is another item but he does not dress very expensively and neither do Tiu. Tho i presume it does not Cost considerable for a but it cannot take ii All. Cannot you Sec this for yourself Quot Laura s quiet manner of listening to this Harrangue was most provoking to or. Sprague was Able to accept the situation and rented the other half of the House occupied by Fred. Laura had no More trouble about her , and never allowed herself again to be disturbed by what at first she could not understand in his daily life. Amp he feels it a 1 a i great privilege to confide and repose in mrs. Montrose was soon ready and she his love to Trust and never doubt. And her husband started oif she wondered very much where they were going but Fred did not Tell her and she did not question him. Quot Here is the House they were in a narrow Street of Brick houses. It looked in the evening like a gloomy place. He took a key from Liis pocket and they entered without ringing. Quot Here Laura up this mrs. Slon Rose followed her husband up two Long flight of stairs. A Knock on mrs. Well at and exasperated her beyond or a answered by the summons All patience. She stopped a moment to j Quot come take breath then added i Lura thought the voice Sweet and Quot Laura does your husband make you a lady Rose and came Forward his com rident in All his business to the guest. Laura grasped her mrs. Montrose could have said j husband s Arm ,-but Slie did not choose to say it at the i be Cora Sprague Quot present time so she to it in a lamp and retired to her own room. She could not the old Bible. Mrs. Eames of Concord n. It., has a Rible that was printed in Igor in the old Black letters. It bears on tie title Page Quot the Bible translated according to the hebrew and greek and of erred with the Best translation in , with most profitable annotations upon All the hard places and other things of great importance As May appear in the epistle to the Reader. And also a most profitable concordance for the ready find ing out of any thing in the same contained. Imprinted at London by Robert Parker Printer to the King s most excellent Majestie this edition is sometimes eat led the Quot breeches version Quot the two school Friend were clasped in i because in the seventh verse of the third each other s Arras. Surprise Joy and of i chapter of genesis it is written Quot they tired to Ner own room Oue cd Usu no quarrel with mrs. Wei Lam. Neither could = Possession of Lau sowed Figge tree leaves together and Trade she sit and hear her talk of her rendered her speechless. Mrs. These ves , instead of aprons. In that manner. Mis. We Ilam had Ever been an intimate Friend in her mothers family and in hers since her marriage and was now spending the Winter with her and she valued her very highly although sometimes an noyed by her eccentricities. Sprague was the first to break the silence saying a Quot Liis is my husband sirs. Jlon Trose now observed for the first time a Man sitting in an Arm chair i looking very Pale and sick. Quot and so you broke your Promise to us mrs. Montrose went to her chamber Quot a Quot Slifco your wife to our poor and thought Over the subject of the con Sprague extending his thin Hanel to Laura As he it versa ion that had so do Civ annoy eel her. She had often wondered Why Fred spent so much of his time away from her. And j Quot Quot a time since i met you but she had been of late distressed by Bis which Speaks Well want of Confidence in withholding in m Lor your As in the modern translation. Bound us with this Bible is Quot the Book of common prayer Quot and Quot the whole Book of psalms collected into the English meter y Thomas Stern hold John Hopkins and others with Apt notes to sing them this part is Quot printed for the Companie of Staci Onera 1009.&Quot this Bible was i bought by mrs Eames in Exeter England in 1sg7.coolness and courage not Long since a Swiss so Cherel boy Only fourteen years old was tending a flock of Sheip among the Hills in the Canton Orisons when Bear made a raid upon the flock and seized two of the finest sheep. The courageous Little fellow attempted to drive the Bear off by brat ing him with a stick but Bruin turned upon him and he was forced to run for his life. The Bear was gaining rapidly upon him and there was seemingly no escape. Suddenly the lad Bethought himself of a narrow Ravine three Hundred feet deep close by across which he thought he could leap while he hoj cd the Bear would not notice it and fall to the in Tom. Dashing on half wild Vith excitement and dread he reached the Edge of the precipice the Bear close at his heels. The chasm was upwards of six feet wide but the lad cleared it by a desperate bound and landed safely on the opposite Side. The Bear As he hoped did not see the Ravine and fell headlong to the Bottom where bruised and bleeding and unable to Rise the Shepherd lad found him and having no weapon Yib him. Sue needed in killing the animal by dashing out his brains with heavy you if it fits you Lorenzo timely lesson. Her All matters pertaining to his out door Jujj. To you any longer without bringing about first married he used cons queues Quot said Fred Quot Here it is said to be a difficult thing for a woman to get ready to go anywhere. And yet there is nothing she dislikes More than an intimation that she May possibly when they were first married he used Ain. Bryfogle gives an in sometimes to surprised her with Little stance of this. Mrs. Bryfogle was to presents sometimes take her to a con Quot take the ten o clock train on the Bee Cert or play but be had not done this i Quot Sprague at Jne to visit some relatives in an Interior now for a Long time. He formerly spent i tempting to laugh Quot to revenge myself his evenings with her if he went out it a a a a Montrose the whole Story was to accompany her. Now As Wei Lam had paid the evenings town. Having suffered on previous oct casinos for injudicious suggestions. Bray sirs were knew where ? Laura surely did not and the Tho Glits were by no Means plea it want. Her mind had often been Disi url it cd by these thoughts but she kept them to herself and did not i dream that any other person had observed the change in him. To be sure Fred was in Many ways kindly attentive to her wants and often brought her books to read in his absence Bue she saw these were now taken from the Library he never bought her books j now f any Little luxury As he had font Erly done. Quot Yon will not go out to night Saniei his wife As she followed him from the Tea table to the Hall i will step into the Street and fill this a a a a a a bottle with wine i see it is a Quot run off. If you will but return while Madam curled and powdered and Daood attendance on the looking Glass. Quot you Are no doubt surprised to find us 1 living Here in these reduced circumstances Quot said Sprague. Quot indeed i am Quot said Laura Quot when i i last saw you you had such a Beautiful Quot Yvis one morning we rejoiced in the thought that we were wealthy merchants the next Elay found us bankrupt. Six months before this i bad loaned Fred one 1 Hundred dollars. It was a private loan i and i was All too Happy to be of service Anel tied bark on the Back of her then Bray sat by the stove an hour and read the morning paper while Madame still continued to get ready. At last just As he reached the final paragraph of Reading matter and was beginning of the j advertisements Madame tied her Bonnet strings under her Chin took one Long lingering Loving look at the image . I fleeced in the class and sweetly announce to my old Friend i of were then about to commence housekeeping. After our Quot Well my dear. I m i failure i began to look Aro Imd for some Quot ready for what asked Bray in Well employment. I wrote to Fred of our loss affected astonishment and a ked him to look for a situation for to to go to the depot to be sure Quot said me. Fred wrote to come immediately to. Sirs. Bryfogle tartly. I i regretted that it was then i Quot of i Quot said Bray Quot i d forgotten Well Don t get lonesome while i am away it i sep pc i Madame Quot continued he looking at his seems to my you Don t look quite is Well i itch Quot that train has been gone thirteen us to go to his House but we would not j minutes. Just keep on you things and cock Cut. I was too proud and knew at you la be ready for the train to Morrow yes Laura to night i must i would like to remain at Home though but Here 1 As usual Laura you arc she could hardly keep Back the tears old morning. ,. Your Home we should meet Many that she Felt Spring gig from her heart to it.,.,her eyes at his tenderness and she i Alexander Pope said that be could not thought As he closed the Ball door that finding the rooms Bis gave were he to leave it Whf to firms them he behind him one Dollar unappropriated and one Friend in need of it. This is a Noble sentiment worthy our careful consideration. How much More glorious it to be his Owa executor than to Liaty his estate administered by others. Yet the parsimony of some men s natures so cramps the generous impulses of their arts that they clutch to their immense wealth and die in the unmanly struggle to hold on to it. Thus dying they often i Glide into the other world Mihono Rcd a swept for j and in regretted. One of the Best anecdotes of Lorenz Dow has i believe never been in print. In a Small town in Western new York lived a noted infidel. Col. Root. There was no settled minister in the place and the people were dependent upon travelling preachers principally in those Days methodist preachers were not Apt to be overburdened with learning. And col. Root a Man of Fine education familiar with greek and hebrew made it a Point to engage every newcomer in an argument from which he almost invariably came off victorious. So Many had Ben worsted in these encounters that preachers were beginning to give this place the go by when Lorenzo Dow appeared. Hearing the arrival of another methodist col. Root proposed to his intimate Friend or. Bush that they should Quot go Down to the tavern and demolish this after a Little preliminary skirmishing the colonel dashed into the subject of heaven. Quot you believe in a place you Call heaven so of course you must know All about it. Tell us what kind of a place it is. Quot Quot no i Don t pretend to know All about Quot Well you think something about it Don t you Quot Quot certainly i have an idea of it Quot Quot Well give us your idea i Tell us what kind of a place your heaven the keen magnetic eyes fastened themselves upon those of the questioner and in slow deliberate tones Lorenzo Dow replied Quot heaven to my mind is a Broad extended Beautiful Plain Lovely and pleasant to the View and where neither Root nor Bush can Ever let what would come she would always a., Trust to his love. He had some Good Rea employment son for going from Lioma and she resolved not to be again troubled by his absence. For a Tidie she was successful in driving from her thoughts All the suggestions that had tormented her yet she would Oft cd find herself asking them Over again. Her Friend mrs. Wiley came in at new year s to show her the Beautiful pres exit she bad Joist received from her i husband. It was an elegant in Laid Woik-1 Tell Yoi the Comfort Fred has , a in or fact Gem for a lady s work doring our trial. A Fred table. Jhc you Are Well i Hare told the "1 suppose Quot said mrs. Wiley Quot to Bart Yon main part of the Story you May finish have even prettier Liia hat Quot the ret Quot thus we struggled on until i was at Tackel with the fever. For a few weeks my life was in great danger. He was with us every evening obtained and paid for a. Physician my was Pur Good Angel through All lie often logged As to let Yoti come and assist Cora nursing me but i was bet Nate and would not it is now three months since the fever set in and i am not yet Able to work. The new postal rates commenced in England of Tabora letter weighing one Curico gi�c3 for 3 marriage in joke turning out happily. Thirty years ago when Charleston iii., was in an embryo state Dick Stoddard was caught napping for the first Dick was at a party a country dance and had been playing his tricks on the boys and girls when it was proposed to enliven the company with a matrimonial scene. All things being ready save the Bride and arc Kim two very essential parts of the ceremony they were soon procured in the persons of the aforesaid Dick and the Beautiful and accomplished 3ii�s--, the Belle of the whole country who like Dick was full of fun and of a romantic disposition. The License was easily procured so was the Justice. The ceremony was performed and the Bride and Groom pronounced husband and wife. This of cd urse was considered the joke of the season. Dick and his Bride enjoyed it so did the spectators. The Justice How Ven Hud performed the ceremony had the License and knew the penalty for a failure to return it As the Law directs and being sworn to discharge the duties incumbent upon him As a Justice of the place was legally and morally bound to return the License to the county clerk which he did and where it is to this Day with his certificate properly endorsed thereon to the effect that be had Quot duly joined iii the Bonds of hold Wedlock Quot the kirties aforesaid Dick and his wife soon Learned that what they had conceived to be a joke was a sad or Joyful reality. So the matter was talked Over and they concluded to Mike the Best of they have been living together Ever since blessed with a Bountiful Supply of this world s goods a Large family and a Host Jaf friends and As Dick says they have been enjoying the joke Ever since. Whom did Adam marry and when did be marry her one or. A times Are getting worse and horse every what then tier dear sir will it Loany Good to Daniw your lace up into ten thousand Fri Rikles. And vent the oit Torness of your spirit upon All with whom you conic in Conte a on the strength of the above mentioned fact ? suppose you had to in k Barefoot Over i a path thickly strewn with thorns and i Hap Flinty stones. What would j of ? go aside out the any to tread on every stray Thorn and Pebble instead of 1 carefully avoiding every needless Hurt by j picking your any wearily through Theiu which course will you choose now will you snap Ymir wife up at the breakfast table when she asks you for Quot a Little change Quot would you suggest to her the probability of your All going to ruin in a Short time through the a Jodi Gnu outlays Naile for household needs and then throw the Money across the table at her As you Wonzel a Bone at a dog ? you know very Well that her demand is reasonable and you know too that you would be just As much offended As you arc now if she did not ask you for Money for household expenses when it is needed 1 but you Are not willing to miss the no Portuni Tyhof selfishly venting your in plca.= 5nt feelings on Titis convenient Domestic Scippe gnat. Anti if she should wonder etl to think j of Pluck up enough courage to ask you Fem Money to buy a new dress though it May be Only six my myths since she last i committed this mortal sin Don t ask her i ironically if she thinks a thousand Dol i Lars will do her for this time or make j some cutting remark about her ruinous and the slave life that you led but if you can afford it. Give her 1 the Money and a kiss into Tho a bargain. But if you really feel too poor to Eduige yourself in the pleasure of seeing your wife in a new dress for the first time in six months give her the kiss anyhow and explain the matter kindly to her and the kind explanation will go nearly All the Way toward making Lier forget the disappointment. And above All Don t bring your business Home at night with you. Don t sit in solitary misanthropy or snarl and poke the fire. Your wife has t had a Chancy to talk to you All Day. She has a thousand Little cheering items to communicate but while you sit there looking so cold anti repellent she has no courage to begin. Your children Are eager for a game of romps but they Are Quot afraid of papa Quot when he looks As he does Here to night so they congregate in a half awed manner in the Corners until it is time to go to bed. No pleasant Chat no merry laughter no game at romps no music nothing but gloom and constraint because Quot father has come Home in bail you ungrateful Man you inhuman iceberg i to behave so in the bosom of your family. To turn away from the pleasures and privileges still left you because you can t have Etc thing Juat you least it think of the Loving clinging hearts that Sotir coldness Slid Owse of the Bright faces Over which your frown has cast a reflected gloom Aren t you ashamed of yourself again your Buelens May be so heavy that you can not Mue. But of be kind. Because your own soul is dark Don t Pierce another heart with a needless Connel by your col Tiess and Sull Naess. Becane there Are some thorns in your Way Don t Plant other thorns in the path of another with your own hand. If you cannot be Chc Eiful be York evening is to lineage ? Quot father Quot said a persian Slon Arch to the old Man who according to the Oriental usages bowed before the Sovereign s throne Quot Pray be seated i cannot receive homage from one Bent with years whose head is White with the frosts of Quot and now father Quot said the Nao Narch when the old Man had taken the proffered seat Quot Tell me thine age How Many of the Sun s revolutions Hast thou counted Quot Quot sire Quot answered the old Man Quot i am but four . Quot what i answered the King Quot be argot thou not to. Answer me falsely or Dost thou jest on the very Brink of the Tomb Quot i speak not falsely sire Quot replied the aged Man Quot neither would i offer a foolish jest on a subject so solemn. Eighty Long years have i wasted in fully and sinful pleasures and in amassing wealth none of which i Fin take with me when i leave this world. Four Only have i spent in doing Good to my fellow men Quot and shall t count these years that have been utterly wasted Are they not worse than Blank and is not. That Portia in Only worthy to be reckoned As a Quot a of my a life which = an.= life Quot let and i Quot Quot
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