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Williamsport Warren Leader Newspaper Archives Nov 11 1871, Page 3

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Williamsport Warren Leader (Newspaper) - November 11, 1871, Williamsport, Indiana The Warren Leader a Biff Ctorn. County officers. Backed horse left Bis Meas i ure for a pair of shoes the other Day at Coop Pomeroy a Blacksmith shop and when they were ready to try on be con Dud to Back oat. That is he backed lout of one of the windows. Cotros Romise to maturer. Fly , Gerh ask. J. Fishes sheriff. William Moffitt auditor. George Adams recorder. 3 tons. 3. Webb Surveyor. A Mijkl 1 Andrew Brier v com Muinonen. Utri Atkinson s a bit of a Knockdown came off yester iday morning on the Banks of the Wabash 1 Between two Stone cutters who Are working on the new court House at this place. We understand that there were six rounds fought and the thing concluded with a i dog fall. First commission hrs court Mondara in december March june and sep Winber. A boy in Anderson aged 18, on tues Day shot and killed his sister in a very silly inner. He supposed the gun was = i not loaded and putting a Cap on pointed time table at his sister and. Snapped it hot the gun Toledo Wabash in pc Western was loaded and tie Feu Ijas sed through her head. Ferin Kent. This old Pioneer worthy citizen and Man called on us on Friday gave his name for the Leader and More than this he Veas words of cheer Enco a us in on life Ink. Said we were in a Noble business and on in which we can do much Good and he believes we will. Said we were Akita a a Good paper. Words from such men strengthen us they Are tie Wise words of age and experience. We thank him for his kind visit. Going West. Exp Ron accommodation. Siez al turn ugh expire a a. Pm Cinatti express. Anixa East. Pacis re sex pro so. a. Special through express Cincinnati. .10 29 a. 7-.20 8 10 .11 54 r.6 33 x. X. 7 50 a. 3 10 8.39 r. Thomas amp . Sell All kind of mer Chan disc that is All Good i ads. There a the place to get overcoat jackets and pants Calico flannel amp a. Anything kept in an Empire establishment you can get thar. And they Are Stubig thousands of dollars Worth. Call on them. Dry goods. I sell below the Bottom figure or Sny other mus. For tie reason who la just because i can. am ready to convince one thousand More customers that such is a fact. I to amp be a Frise new st Ltd of goods kinds Quot Quot i have Ayden a Large and Wells elected Stock of ready made clothing of All grades which i will sell just As Low As to. Joseph or any other jew. Cal and see for Hart is ready to show you at any time the Best Stock of goods that was Ever brought to Williamsport. I mean by . Schoonorer. The merchant s hotel at Vic clues built by the father of Hon. C. B. Laselle of Logansport 75 years ago was destroy by fire monday night. The old House was once the Bead quarters of Gen Jal Harri son and the first meeting of the Territo buy your Winter hoots where you can is a legislature was held in it. Home and state. Saturday november 11, 1871. Get them the cheapest. The season of the year for bad colds and red noses is near at band. Go to John a. s for a Good dish of fresh oysters. Apple Quot Sam Quot season is now at band. See that a Job Supply in Namou fractured. Ike m. Hall of Seattle by Patch w. T., Jour townsman of the Days of other years is with us again. We Shook Bim by the hand and bid bit Welcome. Of his wanderings since he left the Quot City of rocks Quot we shall speak at some length next week. We do not often blow our own born at Hel but we Rise to remark that our circulation is daily increasing and the Lead a. Jozy is a Welcome visitor around Ibe now is the Lime to Cut your pumpkins Hearthstone of the solid men of old War fresh arrivals of Choice drugs drug store of r. B. Jones amp . And hang a him up to dry. Ten. We feel Bope tul and thankful. There have been serious lires in portions of Howard county during the last new York thirty thousand majority for the Republican ticket. How High Isth Das ? r. B. Jones amp . Keep constantly of band the very Best brands of tobacco and Ibe cigars that they offer to the smoking world Are of Choice flavor and by n it peasant by As they Are smoke. Lovers of the Quot Weed Quot in any form can do no better than to Call and Purchase of this re the sunday 6cbool8-of>this count Are thing pleasing Quot to am template and the Union of last year under the Good management and untiring Energy of the president or. H. D. Thomas put Vliem upon Ayery solid basis. And this year the society was a in highly favored in the selection of that Sterling worker s. G. Knaur As president. He is giving both time and neans to the great Woik and with his very excellent aids As vice president is fast getting a he county most thoroughly organized. We shall speak Tifton of this work and encourage to the utmost of our ability. One to speak in and it the same time a far better finish As to style and Ven Tiliti tion than the old Way of stright Jointe across the top of the building. Success to those engaged in the worthy enter so Day school convention. The Union sunday school convention for Jordan township will be held in the Church at College Gorner a said township on. Saturday the Isth of november at 11 o clock a. M., and continue its sittings till sunday night. All Are cordially invited and earnestly reverted to attend. A the exp Rier iced in the sunday school work will be there. H. Alton of a a a pro i. 8-g. Knattar As president and superintendent of the Warren to. Sunday school Union is doing. A Good work. He is getting the county Vrell under Hia control. H. D. Thomas who served the year ending in August got nearly the entire county under a regular organization and Laid a foundation that will never be forgotten by the True workers in the sunday school cause. His Noble beginning in the great Anion Workis being carried on by his successor with Ajike 8pitit>aad.energy. Success to you Bax. Knaur. But Elington. Mrs. Re Lucca Dunning sister of mrs. J Jujj. In Tyg Coo or Pomeroy of this place died at Indianapolis a few Days to since. We did read Mart. Scoonover s advertisement not learn the cause of her death. J Mart knows How to advertise and has. Ealy got As he says one of the largest Gap. Romine our worthy treasurer land Best assortment of dry goods and has suppl himself like All sensible clothing Ever brought to Quot this Market men usually do with a pair of go it i sub and those in need of anything in his line Suu tial Winter boots. Are they red top ? cannot do better than Folt a a on he. Lie i Sells cheap just because he can. Nii Durst amp Kinneard s Siw Mill turning out More lumber than every All kinds of turning and twisting done to older on their Splet did lathes. If Yon want any kind of medicines that if the Best kind go <0 the new. Clean Fps candid Jones amp . Drus store of in. B. That Friend Dewitt Walace who sent us be names of fifteen new eul Ribers for the Lead is front the goodly City of Lafayette has stir by a st thanks. Belig ious notice sunday school at presbyterian Church at 9 o clock a. preaching by Rev. We. Wilmer at loj o Cly it a. Preaching by Rev. Bartlett at Laj o Jock a. M., and at night sunday school at 2 o clock v. U. Another lot of the finest sort of Arti cles in the drug line. We get goods of ten re chive goods by express we keep oar shelves full we cheap. R. B. Jobs amp . Col j. P. Nice Perauer was in town last thursday at the la Oak office. Defective that Many of gave us a word and said if things went our citizens Are putting up their parlor Well he meant Sci Start a first class bakery land sitting room stoves care should be we were under the impression that the Silver Cornet band of Attica had played out but we were badly mistaken. They intend to give a dance at Banta s Hall on wednesday evening the 29th, for the pure disc of raising funds to Purchase band pm form. Tickets,l.50f and Ltd la a lends of the it Ftp apr tto re Cor Muy invited to to Tchad Quot on monday last several men came into town from the southwestern part of the county in Pursuit of a thief. It Quot appears he had stolen a double barrelled shot gun from a or. Goodjon to. Warren Coo Tyi Chase was immediately Given. Just at noon he put in an appearance in town and As soon As his pursuers heard of him they gave Pursuit. He kept East and being close y followed was finally forced to throw away the gun but eventually made his escape. At one time those in Pursuit bad the fellow about surrounded but by some Means lie got away from them. We understand be is one of the prisoners who dug out the Warren county jail on saturday night. Tie last heard of him he was oing Oxford Tribune. Hje Vojir. Ca i5rle.�?z. , county is a first class county in this re Gard men live Here who Are known on change and whose Check at the Bull s head is the same As Cash. The advantage to the county of such traders Are not As Weil known As they will be whet the system of monthly reports now being pvt to shape Gem to work. Then we will know and the record of cattle de Wiig will be made Public in a Way not now in use. The cattle Trade is a leading of vue country is fast becoming in Tife business. This county iii Lial s quite an array of names goodwins brings lower Johnsons Mathers Hunter keys Cronkhite. Iemble5, Keats Sumners Thomas Haines Aud others a and if the cards be worked right we can build up a Trade in ibis Branch of productive Industry that Siil bring untold wealth around us. We Ahall keep this matter Well advertised. Leaving the East and arriving at Chicago or Indianapolis Bow shall we reach the West the Best line to be tie c., b. Amp p., joined together with the b. Amp m. Railroad by the Iron Bridge lat Burlington and called f the Niru Istok Obb. I the main line of the route running to Omaha the great Pacific roads def Toni amp i to Day the Lea Ngy Kite to California. The Middle Branch enter ing Nebraska at Plattsmouth passe through Lincoln the state capital Anc will this year be finished to fort Kear Ney forming the shortest route across the continent by Over 100 Miles. Another Branch of the h. M., diverging at red Oak Falls into Aline running Down the Missouri through st. Joe to Kansas City and All Kansas. Passengers by this route to Kansas see Illinois South Missouri and by a slight divergence can see Nebr a also. Wovers of Fine views should remember the Burlington route for its towns Quot High gleaming from afar Quot a its tree fringed streams its rough Bluffs and quarries its Corn oceans stretching Over the praises further than Eye can reach. Land buyer Witt be flare a Reni Ember it for they have friends Anions the two thousand who hate already brought farms from Geo. S. Harris the land commissioner of the b. Amp m. R. R. At Burlingis ton Iowa or among the four thousand Home st Ders and pre emptor year filed claims in the Lincoln land of Fia where Quot Uncle Sam is Rich enough to give us All a Here. Co on col., Well take you in judge John Gass and wife and mrs Smith after a a ending the summer in Europe have a to rhed to their Home. Next week we of Ball have a notice of the trip. Welcome Home. Dav d b Eberly s a in stable plow the Chap who Cut the Stone on sunday night had better try his hand at Stone cutting in Siomo of our Public in amp Titu to ions and they will get there too in our opinion. Iutok out for such pc Nilen diary Birds. J. Taken to examine carefully the Chimney flues and tee that Ebay Are free from soot Aud other info Amabel matter. Rico is a season of fit a Exchange now but has aft achoo it of destruction of pro it erty and Lom of life by that terrible Demon fire. careful lest Job by cast from your Happy Homes into Desola it ion Aud run. Of printing of a Vert description Dob to or dub at the War r in Leiai fibr. Office. Olce of 1ns�lw-ncy.�?the _ &Quot-Unclei-s�8-nc�,%toseph 51. a to ars fat amp minis Trator of the estate of Jarre Tepi Jade tossed late of Warr Cri Coli it India a after ebb Gire notice that said estate is Quot hrs Oveat and will be settled As such. 411 i it a i sons bit ii a against said estate will file in i Tho dirt of non pleas of said Rountr. = 7 Joseph m Thoimas i amp a a a a a latest to a Sywai. Clerk. Hoy. 6,1371. If you want a visiting card go to the Leader office. If you Natu a Sale Bill go to the Leader office. A a it a j \ a a a t a Quot sheriffs Jsu ale by virtue i to me dec Quot clerk of tic a ecu common do dec from fee pleas Cowrt i will i by tween Dock r. N., of ,�ttb� Dobr of the court House of Iru ten Conj up the its and pro to for a Teini not exec stung a Van yes its the a Ollow real estate to to in a. I a a Pait of lots los. 2u,Aud 22 Cost addition to tie Towi of ini Liams its we fit Gou Elyj Indi Ana and described As four to wit Quot. Gom Irenc inept joint on Mai Ket 20 feet northerly of Kiwi saudi a est Corner of Siim est. . 21, tie acc along a mkt Street 20 feet. a iid assigns to. The occur Witton and to to to pc Stair Why i a Dinar i Lom Market Sti Cut to the Dpi it or Story of Root in taif i of. Of Brick store rooms together ,�, , counters shelving store and stove pipe Aud outlier. Inside to a Torresi same belonging and on failure to ria lift the Adi amount of interest and cams to will at the same time and lug cafe expose it Pii Blic a Alp the fee simple of said real est it. Taken As the profi ii i to to Gwit Kichard son at tie suit of w Zuliani i Conotton and Alva x. Batchelder. Said Sale will be invade. Wit boat any Relief whatever from ral nation or Appi aise Meni Laws. Aba j. Pishek. Shei Iff w. Co. Liv >1. , dip Viiu. Soy. 10, i. I it. 1871 if you want. Ant kind of printing done in food style and at Low Price. Go to the Leader office. Sheriff s by virtue of a certified copy of a decry to me directed from the clerk of the a Darren common pleas court in a cause wherein Mahlon Artisan it. Plain tiffs and George hit Bens and David Justice Are defendants requiring me the sum of one Hundred dollars and eighty eight cents with interest on said decree and costs. And by ail meant. When to u wish to Vertise after time in the Warren Leader. Who has got Jesse Harper s Quot bitty s pleadings Quot and Quot blocks Toive a common Pariss ? Quot j a. Ashby attorney at Aid notably it Iblis state line City Indiana. Prompt attention Given to All kind it f business of common Law or chancery jurisdiction. 61y . . . .vd.ills. Z. . Estabi shed March 9m, 1850. Ohn Romahn \ a Seal Erik groceries and provisions i. Has also pm hand a image and Well selected Stock of Queens eare to be sold by the set or piece. In fact everything a scially kept in a first class Gnu Ery store. All kinds of country produce taken at the highest Market Price in Exchange for goods. Call and examine prices. Railroad station Williamsport id l s ave your greenbacks by going to t. A Beebe for your and shoes. Boots o clock A. Of said Day at the door of the court House of Warren county Indiana the rents and profits for a term riot exceeding seven years of the following real estate to wit lots to. Forty seven to forty eight is and fitly 50in the West addition to the town of Williamsport in said county and state. If such rents and profits will not sell for a sufficient Sivin to satisfy said decree interest and costs i will same time and place expose to Public Sale the fee simple of said real estate or so much thereof As Niay by sufficient to discharge said decree. Interest and costs. Said Sale will be made without any Relief whatever from valuation or appraisement Laws. Asa j. Fisher sheriff wan . Brown and Rabb att nor. 4, , �z0.8o sheriff Virtu of a certified copy of a decree to me directed from the clerk of Quot the Warren common pleas court in a cause wherein John Purdue is plaintiff an it i John t. Briscoe is Quot defend anal to a King me to make the Suim of six Iho Usana six Hundred and eighty nine dollars and ninety six cents with interest of said decree and costs i will expose at Public Salei to the highest bidder on Urda the 2bik Day of november a. I. 1s7i, bet Veen the hours of 10 o clock .4. 4 o clock 3l, of. Said Day at the door of the court House of Warren county Indiana the rents and profits for a term hot exceeding seven year of the following real estate to wit. The South East Quarter of. Section Twenty five 25township then three = 2. A North Range nine 9 West All lying and biking in. Via area county Indiana. A a if such rents and profits will not sell for a sufficient sum to satisfy said and costs i will al the same time and place expose to Public Sale the fee simple of said real Estat Quot or thereof As May be sufficient to. Dia-.-, charge said decree interest and costs. Asa j j Fisher sheriff Irarra a . Brown amp Rabb atty s puff. Nov. 4 fee 5.6q. up by i David i Fleming of Fike Tojo ship Lar. 1.01, a Nannt to Ain fwl2th a Luv of 1871. Ren county iridion ihea2th Day of 1871, an Desiray Black Mare with Star in forehead Nio Marks or brands perceivable supposed to be seven years old and appraised before me at forty five dollars. Quot i , . They manufacture a kinds from the Best st a Attert i Fly Betat clerk a vile act was perpetrated on sunday night. A. Lot of Fine Cut Stone it ready to be hoist ii ito the place on to Wivalle of the new court Boose in Moni a Henry held returned from Lincoln morning were Badi injured i9 Wraae neb., last wednesday evening. He has graceless scamp. And the tire was skill been to look after his proper and used in the mean act the stae were thinks the we item towns Are Pomider sled a a Eilks a ably overdo a being la Advance of the Matilt band Iff Tiehwa to be Ziaei it Large number were lbs pipped off. While a Tadji Ltd ipi Ging Board the the Huwy ply a a Fother Day at one of the boarding How top Quot this is the Best plow from All accounts Ever invented or made. It was Patentee by the government on the 10th Day of october 1871, but had been thoroughly tested find tried before it Dixs the Best work of any plow Ever used in the county and As a consequence the Call fur it Alry Idy is Immen the proprietor. I. ,j8 ready to fill orders As fast As be can for this state and Sites East he will also sell township county or two county rights to parties who wish it. At another time Quot we shall give in detail a full Dot a Cristion of the Plowy now we Hare Only the time to repeat that it is tie i oust and is destined to have the widest Sale of any agricultural instrument in the list of wonders of that department of invention. The proprietors address is Pine Village Warren county. Samael Wisher owns the tight Nois. His address is Williamsport id we. C. Wilson s Law office lamas Kate India Sta. Do general Kiwi Ness in All branches of the profession. Attend to busines.-5 in any of the courts Stuie or Federal. Disc a open at All hours of the Dav. A a John b. Co both. Of froth amp Ward Thos. B. Ward. G attorneys at Law Lafatette . Office voc. The a at gaol stain Bank. Up to the a finest sewed or pegged calf. Boot. Repairing Bone on Short notice. Prices reasonable arid All Mort a warranted. Bif Quot shop Over to amp roman s shoe store Williamsport ind. A Phillip Gemmer a retail in this City a lie remarked that she did t a want to Quot pay Lull Price for it be lived on crackers and a be be Quot Telegram he re is sol Ziething to occupy the Stateh ion of children next we fek if three i sniff. Dross drugs. J. A Gass of a soft in the Odd Fellows boil a is doing staving Busi Niesz a As Good As any in that a Tyr Beuer in Vity Penica Lars. He has to begin with a fir amp Tass Stockus everything kept in an establishment of that Eor and the Stoose is kept in first rate order. Do Vitt Walace. Alace so a a. Ice. Rice attorneys at Lawr Lapair Ftfe Quot quo Quot India practice in All the courts of the District and state also a supreme court of state and the Federal courts. Special attention Given to a list t pm three Sange Rau in three mortal minutes Bow Many Cau will catch a Hundred lats in a Midred tt7 min tel a every Rucle of medicines is new and a Fri hand the very Ball Prescript their Are certain places in still Tams j tons Are comi Wuol de care Holly and by port where you can buy dry goods cloth-1 Gigli a experience Quot go the pm for drugs ing boots shoes groceries and or Aryl when Yon Are in att lie is okie of thing Metal Man needs and at such Low i the a Watren count of Quot boys and knows Pncia that it win actually a Orri the How to keep drug store. Fellows go ,"or"thatabont.&Quot the hew Chamch the Railroad is fast approaching Imp lotion. The roofing w now going of and in a most rapid and satisfactory manner. One thing we will speak of in regard to the ceiling overhead which is i wikrent China anything in the place. There Are no joists Quot oct Rheid but the plastering will ber finished to the lower rafters. The top rafters on a big the shingles Are to go give the proper Piti to the roof. it i the foot of i a of Theale is fastened a lower tier Wahidi Cross each other some distance under the Peak of the roof to these the Odling we finish will to a Oieni it will look Nice overhead making the Roann a pleasant sections. I it Ujj Deb Jet attorney at Law Lafatette India Sta. Gives special attention to criminal Practa . Dealer in family groceries id. Good sell Cnorr of Queens walk always on hand. Market Price paid for country produce. Notice. Of application for i Cess in it it Tice is hereby Given to the citizens of Pike township,.War-, Reh county Indiana that the undersigned will apply to the Quot Quot How Vbk Ard of county a commissioners of Warren county ii idl Ana Nero Termi Ico a mercing of the first monday in december 1871, for a License to s4dl spirituous and malt liquors in a less ii entity than one butt it Quot at a time for one year.,my Paob of business and the a Ltd a Whereon said liquors Are to be Quot sold and drank is situated on lot no. 82 a a st two. North addition in West Lebanon Warren county Indiana theopolis Cilfford. Nov a -1871.i a a dams Muffit amp Tough. Quot Quot Waw to ., is. Having a Oto amp plete Aisom list county we Are prepay to Tomiah Attu and aerate he format to in Reg to titles to real estate. Pat taxes for Kos a dents Rejeb text to lbs acc of news for the ladies Ems. 3lta. N0durft a artist Reee twi a la in dwt a assorted Stock Mimone goods for the fall and Quot . All new Tfaye test Tyle. Can and examine her Stock before Purdi Asing for she a bound to sell As cheap As the cheapest. _ old hat and Bonno Chang to the new style on a Hort notion a a 0. Jqhn Hoir Deputy. Nov. 4, 1871.-3w a Ndrew. Crane manuf it hirer of a a 3 boots acid Raa Road station Wlliam sport the plan a to a it a stir Quot Winter to and shoes Trade to order. W Oik done Well and warranted a Satis fac amp a. ,. A Allej a Ore Pairma any. F test shop in store. G Darwin Thomas. Dealer in. And breeder of the thorough amp red Poland a Audi ,.by a spotted China Boos Kos from 3,to 6,months old bred Romly of the Best boars iii the state and not related for from $10 to 15. This stoic in the Awne As that a which took the $700 also dress fitting Aad making done in the very have also the Berk ire. Best and latest style. All work warranted and a a a a the satisfaction Goa ranted. ,.flack of Basi Nesb Rae a of Honroe Ali Bluff Street Quot Wilus sport ind. 5-tf i O. And 2 Nules from West Lebanon. Is Liuia sporty ind j it i to a. Viii iii
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