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Williamsport Warren Leader Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1917, Page 1

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Williamsport Warren Leader (Newspaper) - January 5, 1917, Williamsport, Indiana A a a to if i. I of Indiana Rke Day january 5. �o917 number 3�lrioijs Ronny a ii air s Ort Man dead Twenty sixth annual i Zafli a Palms fie toyed Veedersburg hotel. Paiik. K. A a ,. Co Farmers Institute Navarre Ltd Chi i a a Wiinie Iriri. In. W cd a a a a a a a Osca Gailar 1 no 50. Brut a a a it Vick v Toto be hell at Lebanon sat is i r. Of Comati answers Call atting the month of december Vii t a Urdaz Jan Surv 1 3lh. 3 o clock Friday afternoon. December real estate doings. Pine Village Papek the following transfers have i changes ownership been made ill Warren county Dur. A Edward of Banes of thi City is Spencer Pride and wife to j it in w. Ferrei 100 acres in pin town new Man at the Helm a in air in a a a a ii it a i s . Car vet i i Kov we a i i. A a a a i a Dicnay Arci a m us Ian hrs i v. N a Ataii. V. A i a 1-1 a it 1-1 in i it u. N. 1 a. Aua v thar a Law. Villi in de Atli or v Vij Ltd ired at Isi i. Ii at Ai can Nisi. Or. The tags to Siata Annua Nicci. To three o clock last Friday of ships too. I the Warren Sentinel news of a inv i m i Vas a Ridant of this of tha Warr. A it us by Fann ask a a gloom swept Down upon John w. Ferrell to Audrey e. Pine Village is to have a new ta., rant afoul cily and is known by ii a Aai or. Institute wet in. Held in the vre of j. R. Hickman and Punde loo acres in Pine township it editor and publisher in the person a a us quot Oscar loud older iii ens. A a Seni itly Hall of in quot a t Aily and ail the Homes for Miles Good. I of Edward f. Banes a Deal having Ara Ruek it a. R tin Aai Nara. D a to or it. La. F. A iii ii school Buiu aaa a sati Rda. Ai a tid that cannot be told in let Alfonzo Hartz of Charles Hartz been completed last saturday Idu Imp Lou in of from the Lanuard 19l-. Quot Rani cements i a. It was occasioned by the i it Al 173 acres in Warren township whereby the Plant and Good will a it u ine tri Iune of 1. A in a have bees Nide Oaka Kat din of of Elizabeth Hickman wife .7, the paper was sold by Sterling a est Onie a Fufa her to he la id a a Doi est ii Ltd k Hickman a Well known Charles Hartz it Al to Alfonzo Cooper to or. Banes. A a Looi Virr n township Farmer. She Hartz lot 5 in town of Williamsport a the Deal which culminated in a a i by a a Only sick a few Days but the. .si.5oo. I the charge of ownership of the i u ked via a quot. With which she wac afflict-1 Cassius m. Cronkhite it Al to Pine Village paper has been in pro Aad a quickly and her demise Arma Baker 33.33 acres in Kent ass of negotiation for several h before a great Many of her township. $33o. Months but it was not made Public a ads and relatives were aware i James m. Swadley and wife to until this week i serious illness. When first Kitty l. Swadley lot 7in the town since coming to Pine Village in a Ken. Her Case was rather a of Pine Village $l.oo. The fail of 1904, when he re Stab. A Aas. Bui she rallied and the g. K Butler and wife to Joh shed the old Pine Village news a raw thou it to be past. 2o acres in libero Sterling Cooper the retiring editor or. Two Days before a quot has been constantly at the of summons her condition be a ton know a and wife to that time he has acquire very alarming and the Mem Kiir vles 39.5o acres in War quot her interests which demanded it of her immediate family were the major portion of his of. Her son Geof and wife Minos Knowles and wife to mar a consequence the news a in Biloxi miss., at the j a so in Warren paper Plant was thrown upon not reach Here now shin Market. Or. Cooper is the present Abhinan a a to a \ f Raa Rai our a a of of i. \ a a k a i i i Aai ii Miia aaa. Of ate Ekbauer ii i quot a a k a ika a a i Faai Al Ai Inu Al Fani Ai i. Aaa May her far of be. If ier a Ltd Lown y a it k i Afa and Lolo Eia Ebria a d of a a in to kit Fata. Lao Fly and a East a a a a quot i. Lite Noil a and the a a a a a i Abhinan a a to a \ f Raa Rai our a a of of i. \ a a k a i i i a air a. A via quot Nigerl i a 1 eat to to a daa a Reen in 1 signs. Idle Aapha quot is in i. A quot i Cerena a t in a. fill a a a a Saied i dial under the the if run Aai. E. W.0%."d Aoa Paie. I i so a we Maui port. 1. Nive Silv sch e grief a a. I v a a r a a a u a a i Kaoka Kaa. M Orn a United m die s eakers Are it. Id. Mei. Ine 1. A e. Quot 1 d a Naadi a a Ian a. Ida Fiss and and Mim of nex Ikua a a. A a ice a a an a a a. A l 1 a i a e or la. A a n. Is a a. A sinn in fie i of la a a a m 1 it a a k iii a i i.,a\e, a a by Fyk m if -.-ia. F a or ill. Eai i d a a area and a it r .-ia., a a a a 1 a a k it a i a aah quot. I a pc thug Ead a quot a. In a lie a ave in. A lie inwards Wen m a a Elk Ai k a a a a of a of a o a Liro Taei s Saa Kie Aii quot Onward the Turk e Lea tip i a of a old the a soap Aizaki the Ikard of Katie quot Khe it i of on a ski a or its veins f. A. Mccon Afi. A it Ein con a Ercul club. Font i a a Fraigia White a Nail a. A Olda Hao nil in quot he was a. Of Iong Momi or of piano Solo m is Hka to. The Xcvi a Eaid. From friends. A livers occasions they have foil it Eiri Empio ted it in Chicken ii Coxa a the Fountain pm Otiliaa a. A to it is known fial v a i a Osse sed Eratha a Riey i a an 1 a a a a r a a A a a a of Pierian Church and was House void 1 quot quot miss is Mcva attn Kantat and fans Wien aide bad Inaa e. His Chai Giaier was by Hales Iusie Hiah s, fir a a Ira Wora i it Yod As a a a and. Ivea Orts to omani Tobe la Ais a the eid Enid Vaad a a Nii a i Osta n Ard Nodi idea. Sinai Daf. A Nana Edi Foa o cd it Fiere via i a i in fie me. Eel Orrl. A vae Iez a a k. A a it a a a Frai in of a. A a a a a quot a it id. A. E. Farr lii Enedict and Hiis postmaster and has an in. A Iune Rai a Neid the. John to acres in elevator at that place a of Home East of Winthrop = or fines who a a. In con Ian a Fernaon at 1 o clock i wan Enka and l. Clifford of singing a Nau 159 a non of William a on Wai go to Pine Village next Raver ii Rev. In t. Marun. J monday or the cd towing and the Reading 1 James. Commissioner to and assume Active control prior Uil owing Obi Iuar a mire 55 acres in War time or. Cooper will con Iraa Ezal eth Farnier was a township. $4ol2.3o. Fet out the Ijasper. Ina. In Warren county Indiana j Asinos Knowlus mid wife to transaction Pine Village gets 19, 1862 departed this life i husband 66acres be of the most Active news 29, 1916, aged years Warren township loo. Of the country. Henry Sand 10 Days. _ Ford j. High and we to Charles quot As been associated with the re was United in marriage to j Tyg Guf. Cres in Pike town View Republican of this City for. F Hickman on january 18, quot 1 Vears and has proven him in beef a Mccabe commissioner lot Ito be a quot live wire quot whee it a i us a ii Tomm a ties to gathering news. He these son it. I Niue la a ams Porr. Nefor 1. Kef. Dair. Nair Pivot ners. Enoch \ Lee Vanreed and wide to Lohn ati Ltd 10 win re if he keeps aia Joni Sis \ a Reed lot to in Mcclaflin s Addi Pace he cannot fail. There is Jane har Noaa twe Yra iai ,.nvilliamsport, at Pine cd hinge As thes sar i a I a find and woe to men Are act a and Santanna m. Re std i. C. D. H aare in Edva Riise. And this f. One of a a a. --i.oo. Faaa Tuiai quot Diakes the Mare go quot. Aaa a fie a Saie a i ame. I politically via a a of Cai Idron ii a Aidi aaa and a i isl of i Rie n e ice. Ii a a quot i a quot. A is a e o a a a. I. Be. A a a d e lar aund de Ian a a aaa iii a a Zaidy Viccia Ltd i i w Vaia. A a a Daniana a Amie. Frei a Road Init Manu c athe Hong Ltd fake a i Lei Naice car i Ano ii Caine a Hosna Ron. I la. I it a ii a a aaa a i a Radii i or be ii i a t. Anixa a one liar Zeik us but Slu n do Noi in a a a a i Luria in Osiier sir. A a aia sine Entov. I Nia fion of Beainy and Shock quot Yon. I Ivery id a a a a Lier Dangler fie a Ana a dle clanged from a a.1.-"aaa a Kia Aenis enl reply Aai Nan it Cut Ninon a. A it a de. A a a life quot a a e r. i Kanoie a quot a an Ina aided a life Werl of i is a Ian say a in Arren Alinosi a it Long a Fine. The i done a Man has Only Liest. Wishes or tire Nikitin e of the sen Ena a r fait he and ,.-n in Sinie a dts in a lot m thiem a a eid Rahi or Aua ans Lasara , a. Runmin aah a. To who were neither Ai Send nor lard 1. K a see Iniss ende quot Ai Doeun enl to a in forgotten fir Sas a. Be ,.tanneh news As a Veas in the once so heed Itiat it is inn possible i rns quot a quot of of the old Sentinel that we gained florins vrho As at ,.co Iam Eam irn nning the team of. Use _ Lizzie Hickmam a. Fun. F four or get mow Large of journalism emms aaa and the barn lot a a while Nunn non Mon of elem a a known to a i nerf in quot quot if t an 1 we Ustav Lay chum to Pine h Mewe Ornis i a earial a re a ,., a. Sin in cents Oddren under la Vaa. A of a. Friends and relatives was a Home , led idiot and Uvea Oia right through a wire by quot die her Cilicia to and aim in a quot to admitted unless econ manned Odaire As on old Home. 1 Nan Laal a v 1 a a a 1 Aleen Vii d m1 Nam i and a thai Ham one v ame eak Erthen made a. Kkanikanc., fur Home but were head second year if add have. A near Bettie Luppold. Do e in ier Hay it. Aciern pm u it and Only the a end a a am Dain ahead a quot a e mime Wavion were iii i red it a in it quot set s alien Thov Weri i a a be. ,\el.er i ii a gets i la a a quote ilife was to make Imd Kee. An Ideal Hoa a i Amie family and Friend. Baren. Of put prosecutor named Priis Oquim ,\.ilornev Wilber r Agni. Of Aio. Kaaa a. 0. Lia Riey if jmj. Do a quot. Left an Orlian Al the age of three slim or now a Iesmeal Vii took his office january years she never knew a Eom of w near apart. He is earner on i. A a a y Stephens Uff girls Ltd fit her. And More i f lox Roia a k this cite and. Be and a i did Hrutki Imam. To e Jere i a convenience arid Fei Eri Browa Foi in wet Dinn. a a a a i a 1 a i quot to of Ai u 1 a Iead Nar Roa f a a of fair a a st sar Appo Numen hot a a Ever. A Only mule Enlil Fdl quot a i. When ii is in Der Storai Ihal k ii Haupt Sun of he dad a biome of Herod mus a and is. Ride s Huple Ammons that it Shadd aj.-.,-, William a firmer Veo i it eat in Law Shouk will be Belfari in life fie in Akes Wiliiams poi a 4 a it a Aero. A. He a Reviva Al Dada Istian car d r. K a Fame Diri to Aino a urn a _ Suad a t , i. A me a Lam do. A quot a aau a dhea a it i me Waleed. That she snap it old Kyj a run r. Bert Hickman Hkin i to in no Imhee term or. Inmar Reid end a re a n the there is in Diouf. Iff her lip Tran and hdm Erie Shanil. Hanpt we Noi until the skin met Kivor fori were not in Tneia a min ii enter men v. Is made in Riverside close d the present Scho d Lerm. A Side was Mai rid y Fifee Oslo her own Home. A it Hei k and an f Ina ice Iris App in tent could not a a a a up b e Lovi quot or so i a. N in Covington in Wedi Eunav Loving disposition led Hei quot to he i he made Mitil he has received his a to be. W a broken hut Eek e. Yum Aal Henne Ever ready to a Jap others and she on thank. Liyu san Hen Mlyn a Gaza end were All torn . in it id v, Aiwas ready to lend sync airy words Are a Ade a uate m sex her press thanks to Fiose a who were us kind and Render etl Kidie dorm of Billings of me hut except i for the id Effe it Ltd car Rind Heln to an d her and a mar Rhode and Hudon Riih adapt Severah ears agma Fidel Elim tors. Quot knatu.oa., one w a Irown trom his Bugg i quot born and reared on the such Loving assistance during the a iffy has been doing some Exten t a 11 a quot. Ian i in rarer be e Yra she died fie saw More Man lai Dine its and Lileath of our dem quot Fae Imp cements in their Tolice a add am Ihor Mermore Are Man Apah quot of development and Ife. Mother and sister. Die me Nasi week. New basement has been in by r a ati Aai Mamma. Progress of the country. She was Jjon a offerings were especially Iasi Een built under the Oom Andiara Ais a quot a looking afer. Progressive and energetic always Beautiful the singing was sad but a new steam heating Plant install ait a a Odiseas Coutv Mim Man slam Airn no Ives been taking great interest in the web a West. And the remarks of the cd. The front room will be re i. Cd Izaak la ii Ospital in la Antl Progress of the country. Aid Nister were so comforting that decorated painted and papered n if v Letl a esterday Favere i r the pay Lour months Iier a a rare life so lived thai we Are filled with a most profound and individual consultation room san c fitted up in the rear Ofui the a building where each member Geoffrey Hickman and wife of the firm May Confer with his the same Faith at . For two mrs a. H. Hayn and her Daughn it do Bors for having lived in the rears and has Given splendid sad is ler in Law mrs. Clair Haun were f. A Ogborn was Here from Pine company of Lizzie action. Shopping in Lafayette wednesday., Village yesterday. Vit d to Alleata car. H andean a i a very e -.,. A Lor of of a it tsp. A and Beca a a a a a a have something of Inion quot to Sav it he has been pastor of the Cluna. A 1 a. L. 1 a it. Ii a .1v. Iii ,. 1. V. He. Aie Ulm u to Oramar Kef my Iowa Whei e i churned to bar Home in tha Community will always re. A gratitude to All. Wei Lake charge of a flouring Cuy saturday Annare Nelv in to Ziamber ner and know that they ,. K. Hickma Best of health which is a leasing to Jade belter citizens and the pall bearers at the funeral j Jane Farmer. Don Hickman and family clients privately. The spacious Leroy Hickman front room vill now be used As a i waiting room. A ii

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