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Williamsport Warren Leader Newspaper Archives Feb 24 1872, Page 2

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Williamsport Warren Leader (Newspaper) - February 24, 1872, Williamsport, Indiana The Warren Leader. Willuam Spott a Sataya. Saturday. Fei Muary 24,1872. Official paper of tie county Man Small Saj Quot once More to the breach Quot a and then Liall come Back upon our cars Quot we have met the enemy and be is ours Quot a Indiana redeemed by 20,000. For Mucsi bunt Ulysses s. Grant or ili Sois. Or dire apr Csir Cut Schuyler Colfax of �sbi.1sa. Republican state ticket. For if Cmor Thomas m. Boo , of undo mph coir it. For i, governor Leonidas Sexton of countr. For of state w. W. Curry of Vigo county. For auditor of Stato James a. Wildmo Quot of Ilo Wani count a. For treasurer of state Joii b. Glover of Lawrence countr. For at Toner general James c. Exx of Knox county. For superintendent of Public in Striction Bex Jamie w. Smith of Marion county. For clerk of tic supreme court Charles scroll of Clark county. For re Jerter of the supreme court j Ailes in Black of Marion county. in it impress state at i Ai Godlove a. Oath of Tippecanoe county. For i Ren Dendal elector eth dist., Jesse Harper of Warren county. The Cove Siosi. The platf0r5l the com Mil tec on resolutions reported the following the republicans of Indiana by their delegates in convention assembled in appealing once More to the people of the state for the support of their candidates for Public office declare 1. That in the future As in the past be will adhere to the principle of the declaration of Independence and firmly sustain the of the United states As the True basis of popular Freedom and will maintain the equal rights of All men before the Law Aud the authority of the National love Rumen against All false theories of state rights. \ 3. That we therefore approve of the t acts of Congress and of the and Tuinstra tion which puts the rights of All citizens under the Protection of the National authority when they Are assailed by hostile legislation or by the violence of armed associations whether open or secret and we demand the enforcement of the Laws that these rights May be securely and limply protected wherever a d whenever invaded. 3. That we congratulate the country on the Complete restoration of the Union and now heretofore the Republic of party remembers with gratitude our Brave 5 soldiers and is Aten who imperilled their i lives in the service of the country and f to whom As men who saved the nation in the hour of her peril we owe the highest Honor and we declare that our obligations to them shall never be forgotten and we demand that the bounties and pensions now or which May be provided for these Brave defenders of the nation shall be paid without Cost to the recipients and that the widows and orphans of the Gallant dead the wards of the nation shall receive the nation s protect a. Uni r ing care and while we cheerfully assume the convention of the 22d, was one of by nuns ire cannot forget and the most imposing of Scab pics of men that i Ting american people Sinnot forget that Ever met in the capital of the state to the democratic party South and North the Middle aged find the old met in Council. In looking Over the cd mention As seated in that liar go Aud splendid Hall the Academy of music one thing above All others attracted general attention and remarks the Large number of White headed and White bearded men. And to look upon their in pcs turned toward the platform the Eye fixed on the chairman we owe All the calamity in of the late slaveholders rebellion and the debt now resting upon the Industry of our state and nation. 4. That we endorse the action of Congress and of the Nadu nitration in main Taining the Traditi onary policy of the nation of living in Friendly relations with other governments yet avoiding entangling alliances with them As evidences in checking hostile expeditions from our a possibility for All acts affecting Public interests. 14. That the efforts Bow being made by the working men of the nation to improve their own condition and More com a Petely to vindicate their Independence of class subordination meet stir cordial approbation and for proof that the re publican party is the True Friend of the lal it Orer we Point to the fact that while opposing All attempts to array capital and labor against each other As mutually destructive it has been by the efforts of this party that labor was emancipated from the ownership of capital free homesteads provided for settlers of the Public do Mair tho hours of labor reduced and Complete Equality of rights established before the Law and therefore we invite working men to seek whatever further advantage or amelioration they May desire within the embrace of the party of Liberty and Equality. 15. That the joint Resolution in used by the last general Assembly proposing to Amend the Constitution to prohibit the Legi Alaire from Ever assuming or paying the canal debt which was charged exclusively upon the Wabash and Erie canal under the legislation of 1846 and 1847, commonly called the Butler Bill ought to be adopted by the nest general Assembly. And sul fitted to the people to the end that it May be ratified and become a part of the Constitution. 10. That we endorse the administration of gov. Conrad Baker and applaud the firm Able and courteous manner in which he has discharged the duties of his High office and we greatly regret that he has not had the co operation of a Republican legislature carrying oot the Vari Otts measures Proi it ased for the reformation of abuses the Protection of the people against fraudulent canal claims and the further development of the immense resources of the state. 17. That our senators and Republican members of Congress deserve the approbation of their constituents for the Tirui Able and energetic manner in which they Isaac discharged their duties. 18. That the administration of general Grant has been consistent with the principles of the Republican party and eminently just Wise and humane and such As ful tills his pledges and deserves our cordial support. And therefore we in strict our delegates to the National convention to vote for the renomination of Grant and Colfax As our candidates f it a president and vice president. Was to read in tho glowing Counte Natice shores refusing to interfere in Domestic ,. _ t a revolutions even where our sympathies the if that they had come there for a strongly enlisted and agreeing to the purpose and that that purpose would be arbitration of Dis spirited claims while de accomplished. The True Noble men of j manias admission for the wrong Nat. The proud state of Indiana were Liere in j 5 that we approve the action of con-,5, ,.gress and of the present administration multitudes never before surpassed and pm they did the work in hand honestly. Oct if ext go Bryor. In All their efforts to reduce expenditures in the several departments and in the reduction of the Tariff and intend etl taxes As rapidly As the exigencies of the gov la v Ern ment will admit while continuing to Good then returned the Public credit by there the conviction that gradual payment of the debt of the i a %__j1____i____at. The foundation was Laid on which shall be builder the grandest Triumph Ever achieved in Indiana. Home rejoicing in the conviction that self bad not controlled in the convention j notion and by discharging the Obliga but instead the Broad principles of lib tons due her soldiers sailors Aud pen erty Equality and humanity mantled the vast Assembly and inspired it with lofty and generous impulses. That we Fauvor All efforts looking to the development cd of the great Industrial interests of the state and we request our a spirit of enthusiasm burst Forth As senators and in Congress the name of some favorite was mentioned to use their influence in any revision of like that which flashed up and carried the nation by storm in 1840. And As the the Tariff to secure to the Coal and Iron interests of our state All the incidental Protection Oon sisent with a due regard rallying cry Quot Liberty and Union Quot by u the principles of reducing the Burden i of taxation. Which the Republican party has stood Ever since the first shot glanced the Sun gut Wall of Sumter was heard a shout would go up deep toned and rolling along like the Rushing yes. Quot Liberty and these men Siesen pc sen alive men showed in ways innumerable almost that they were thoroughly imbued with that True manhood idea so rapturously Sung As a National Diapason 7. That the adherence of Congro so and the administration to the present Finau tial policy in spite of the hostility of political opponents has been fully justified by the Security and increased of Midence it has Given to All the business of the country. 8. That the fio Antral affairs of the stale and nation should be conducted on the principles of Economy and to this end All useless a a flies should be Alxa listed fees and salaries limited to a fair compensation for the services rendered and prohibiting the allowance of All perquisites and that All unnecessary appropriations and expenditures be avoided and in this state we favor the Alx Litiuz of the a flies of state agent and state Printer. 9. That we Are opposed to Grant further donations of Public lands to railroads or other corporation and demand the whine of the demagogue Bat the Public Domain be reserved for the use of actual settlers the discharge my co Hiiter tis of tins. Sweet Una of Liberty. Of the i sing. For the Benefit of those of our readers who May not be acquainted with Gen. Ttomas m. Browne the candidate for governor and to be the next governor of this state we sub join the following Brief sketch of the Man general Thomas m. Browne was born in Paris Ohio of Ril 19, 1830. On the oth Day of january 1843, he emigrated to Randolph county this state. He had a common school education Only and with the exception of a period of two months he never attended school after reaching the age of lii teen. For several years he served As store boy in Winchester but mime need the study of Law in january 1848, with judge w. A Peelle. Admitted to the bar in 1849, he continued the practice of Law until 1863, when he was elected to represent his county in the state Senate but resigned his position As senator and enlisted As a private Soldier lie was elected Captain in the 7th Indiana cavalry and afterwards promoted to lieutenant colonel in which capacity he went to the Field Aud served in the campaigns in Missouri and the Simth West. Lie was in Grierson s celebrated cavalry raid and had a horse shot under him and was severely wounded at the Battle of Guntown Mississippi where Sturgis was Defeated. For his gallantry on the Field he was afterwards promoted colonel of his regiment and Breve ted brigadier general by president Lincoln. In april 1869, he was appointed by president Grant As attorney of the United states District court at Indianapolis which position he still holds. I general Browne having received a majority of All the votes cast was declared nominated for governor of the state of Indiana. The result was received with the wildest and most enthusiastic apr Plasse and onion the adoption of a motion to make the. Nomination unanimous three cheers were Given with a will that seemed to raise the very roof. In response to repeated outbursts general Browne appeared and said gentlemen of the convention to say that i am sincerely thankful for the Honor you have this Day conferred upon me that i am proud of this generous expression of your Confidence is to express but feebly the emotions with which this occasion overwhelms me. To be nominated to a position of so much Impo Runce and dignity is indeed most flattering to the Ain Bitton of a Yonng Man. But i accept the work you have assigned me conscious of its responsibilities and with a determination of devoting to it whatever of Energy and ability i pos sess App Liaise i know and i feel what i say that you night have confided the cause to the keeping of safer and Abler hands than mine but i Promise you Zeal in the advocacy of Republican principles and the strictest Fidelity in the performance of every duty. Prolonged applause it shall be my aim indeed my highest ambition to Merit the great compliment you have paid to and if in the past by eating meat i have offended my brother i will eat no More meat while i live. Shouts of applause renewed after the first burst of approval had subsided gentlemen we must redeem Indiana. A quote can do it and we will. Applause let us forget the dissensions that weaken us and the divisions that have crippled of let us forget our personal disappointments and let us enter into the contest inspired and animated by the glory of our past achievements and with a determination to conquer in the coming c it a test. If we make but a United Light we can March right Over the entrenchments of the enemy to a glorious Victory for the r publican Pirty can Point wit of Pride to the work of its hand. It has written Ustoy for eternity. It has done that which the sentiment and the philosophers of the past omitted to do. It has put god in the Constitution by re Agniz ing the rights of Liis creature Man. Applause Quot for inasmuch Asye did it unto the least of these my Brethren be have done it unto me Quot is the language of divine Law. Applause gentlemen let s go into the canvass confident that Victory will Greet us. I should be very glad to speak further to you but i am admonished that there is other work for the a mention to do. I will give you an Opportunity if to lord spares my health and i believe he will for i Tiow he has work for me to do laughter in the coming Campaign will let Romise to make at least two Hundred and fifty speeches to you Between this and the end of the Campaign. Great a Plause mrs. Woodhull commenting upon the shooting of Watson by. Fanny Hyde of Brooklyn lately says 1 a i a. The that she resisted Bis Over Tares it shows that she was every Way his Superior and the fact that be tempted and insulted her after Sheib came a Legal wife and desired to be tribe to her vows shows him to have been a very bad Man rho ought to have been shot Long ago since a hooting is the Only remedy left to woman under such circumstances. Quot but we should like to know Why the press a so Down of the few women who have dared to avenge themselves on fraudulent men do they fear that the practice will become aim Mon and that they and others of the ninety nine one hundredths of guilty wretches Navy stand some Chance of getting Justice at the Junitz Zurof Aret Olter Quot unprotected males would do Well to get their shooting apparatus in order. Could not keep silent. A citizen of Lawrence who had bought some pills of a quack doctor in Boston became nervously fearful that they might contain Poison and did not take them but his wife becoming ill a few Days after he gave them to her. Finding them harmless he foolishly exposed his Perl Ous suspicion and if his wife does t Experiment on him the next time he is sick she must be a very weak woman. A cal notices. A a completo pictorial a toy of tie Quot the lest cheapest and most Success Fol family paper in the Union Harper s weekly. Splendidly illustrated. Notices of the press. The Model .1� newspaper of a on count re. Com plete in All the dim Ruments of an american family paper Harper s Quot weekly has earned for itself a Rifle it to its Tiue journal of Cic York evening Pott the Best publication of its class in am Crick and so far Ead of All other weekly journals so not to permit of any comparison Between it and any of their number. Its columns contain tho finest collections of Reading matter that Are printed. A a a its Imus ratio tis arc numerous and Beautiful being furnished by the chief artists of the vac Over. / Harper s weekly Quot is the Best and most interesting illustrated newspaper. Quot Sar does its value depend on its illustrations alone. Its Reading matter is of a High order of literary Merit varied instructive entertaining and y. Shh. A v r sheriff s virtue of an to me directed from a cleric of the Fountain circuit court i will exp Csc at Pii Blic Sale to the highest bidder on satyr due the 23d Day of March a. D. 1s72, Between tiie hours of 10 o clock a. In and 4 o clock p. M., of said Day at the door of the court House in Var in county Indiana the rents and for a term not exceeding seven years of the following described real estate to wit the Softli West fourth of the North East part of Section Twenty Throe 23township Twenty three 2 Ringe Quot eight 8 West 40 acres. Also the South East part of the North half of the South West fourth Section Twenty three 25.j township Entje three 2 Range eight 8 West containing Quot co acres. All of said land lying and being in Warren county on failure to Reali re the full amount of judgement merest and Cost i will at the same time and j Lack expose at Public Sale tie fee simple of said real estate. Taken As the property of Isaac Croy at the suit of the state of into to it a. Said Sale will be made without any Relief whatever from valuation or Laws. Asa j. Fisher sheriff Fiuren cd. Geo. W. Williams. Att v fit a plot. Feb. 24, lsr2.-pr fee i7.50. The place of men s abode were for it ten in the grand thought Are they fit for the position ? locality Lia 1 to stand aside at the High command of Quot is he honest is he capable these were rcqu"isite3 required. Was silenced in the grand uprising which declared that a very Man should be heard a it was As fair a convention As was Ever l held. It put up for governor a Man who has favor with tho people. Lie is possessed of that magnetic influence so desirable among men to draw All men after b m. Quot tou browse will become a House hold a word and the Camp firms will be made to glow All Over inc state by the witchery of his words Ilia Aid the lieutenant governor Quot los Settos Quot As he is familiarly called Wall be round doing the hurrying of the remainder Quot of that party that loved the Quot Union Quot but the confederacy better. And Norn. Who has never failed to carry the Flag entrusted to him to the Hill top of Victory As our Congo Tsiman for the whole Tate will Bear the Banner to the same place. Then our state ticket a True men Ali Eye As the smoke begins to Rise from the Mittle Field Indiana they too will be heard the line Quot on and these the Quot race of Ici Stire Quot there is now a fair Prospect that there will be an appropriation of some $140,-000 made by Congress for the Lye Rose of so improving the Channel of the Wabash River As to make it navigable to Lafay Ette. This is a movement of great importance to Indiana and its Best interests. Let us do All we can for it. Subscriptions.�?1372.terms Harper s weekly one year. .$4 00. Jvn extra copy of Eithe r the Magazine. Week a or Bazar will be supplied Genitis for every club of five subscribers at h 00 each in one remittance or. Six copies for �20 00, without extra copy. Subset options to Harper s Magazine week Lvi and Bazar to one addres.-? for one year. $10 0"0 or two of Harper s periodicals to one address for one year 00. Back numbers can be supplied at and time. The annual volumes of Larj kor s be Eklov in neat cloth binding will be sent by Espres Quot free of expense for $7 00 each. A Quot Complete set comprising fifteen Volmi ies sent on receipt of Casio at tie rate of 25 i or vol., freight at expense of purchaser. Tie i it stage on Harper s weekly is 20 cents a. Year which must be Sud at the subscribers Post office. Harpe k amp Brothers new York. Quot a the Best sustained work of tho kind in the sheriff s virtue of four exec irions and one fee Bill to no a directed Frt m the clerks of the Warren Ait Fountain circuit courts i will expose at Public Sale to the highest bidder on saturday the a tilth Dav of March a. 1. 1872, Between the hours of Quot 19 o clock a. 51-, and 4 o clock p. A. Of said Day at tie door of the court Monsein Warren Cownty Indiana inc rents and profits for a term not sex ice Ling seven years of the following described real estate to wit a part of the n half of the Ynar ter of Section eighteen i township Twenty two 22north of Range six 1�West beginning at a stake at the North West Comer of the lands Survey etl to Daniel b. Parker thence North 54 rods to a Quot stake thence East 2 it rods to a stake Clience North 40 Rolls to a stake Clience cast 48 rods to a stake thence South Rolt is to a stake Harper s Magazine 2foi ices of the press. There Are few intelligent american families in which Harper s Saga Zinc would not be an appreciated and highly Welcome guest. There is no monthly Magazine an intelligent Reading family can less afford to be without. It any Maga Xmas ire accumulated. Harper s is Liere is not a Ilag Zinc that is printed which shows More intelligent pains Erjie ruled on articles and Ineceli Naicai . There is not a cheaper Magazine published. There is not confessedly n More pop inlay Magazine in tale England Ifo Hestend. A Reid sitors of biography and history item tire science an Ltd Art by a Quot by Owr american publication. A a a the Yoh Imes Are As valuable As a Mere work of reference us any by Clouedia we can place in our s Magazine is a record of travel every where since the hour of its Stabli Ainet. Livingstone and Gordon i gumming in Africa Strain among to la Candes Ami Koss Broom in the , so eke on Tow tie and Macgre Goron the Jordan a indeed All recent travellers of note have seen to it air most important discoveries reproduced in these pages. Most of our younger and Many of on older w Riters find Here their literary Bogira Phy. Our artists Sec the Best evidences of their Genius and the most enduring specimens of their work in the . Y. A a tin Zdaril. It is one of tie wonders the a editorial management of Harper a at of y. Y. 4 a lace of beginning Ess also the North of the obligations of the country to its Brave defender and the purposes of general and vocation. 10. That Congress ought to it interfere for the Protection of immigrants to shield them from tho unjust exaction levied upon them in the shape of capita action taxes under the Law of new York and other Seaboard states the True policy of the country being to extend a cordial invitation to the citizens of other countries to cast their lot with us and share on perfect terms of Equality the blessings which we enjoy. 11. That we approve the efforts by ing Trade for the vindication of honest government by the exit sure removal and punishment of corrupt officials whether of Munici duties. State or nation. We Hail such exposures undetermined by fears of party injury As proof of the integrity of the party and we spurn the attempts of the opposition to Torii these effects of self purification into proofs of party penalty and we demand of All Public officers honestly sobriety and Diligence in the discharge of their duties. And we announce our unrelenting hostility to All attempts by Coq ration a. The coming Man for state senator still to come but remains in the obscure Mist of uncertainty. Who is he ? a Attica Ledger. It is hardly time Bro. Ii Egler f or candidates to pre their claims for that position. A Good Many Long warm Days will probably intervene Between now and the 3d of june. At the proper time no doubt there will be gentlemen ready and w Ilung to Oiler their services to this District for the position of state senator. From this county we have heard but one Man mentioned As a probable candidate and believe we speak the almost unanimous sentiment of the rep bucans of Warren when we say that should he be a candidate before the convention his nomination will be pressed with a degree of firmness and kindness that will and ought to secure his nomination. We Are not at Liberty to place his name before our readers at this time As a candidate. As a matter of information that May be of value we publish the names of the delegates to the National convention for the state at Large governor Conrad Baker Hon. Ii. S. Lane and Gen. George k. Steele. For the seventh District John ii. Gould of Carroll and George Nebeker of Fountain. From shouting along can mentions to influence id then in Aid of All a actions or the legislature of the state who have by the use of corrupt Means. The supreme court at Indianapolis on saturday last sustained a decision made by judge Blair of the Superior court in the Case of Frank Edelmeyer county treasurer is. W. J. Wallace county clerk involving the constitutionality of the fee and salary Bill. This decision declares Section Twenty of that act requiring clerks and sheriffs to pay Over their fees to the county treasurer to be . Jour. Saturday night some warlike and courageous individual or individuals raided the notorious House of ill Fame in the North East part of town and with his Little Hatchet or Battle a Demou bed doors and windows. The wretched occupants were moved by this summary proceeding or some other forcible argument to leave the town. It s a Good leave and we think our readers will pursue this item with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. hear that they have All returned. Yon need not ask Quot where Nancy s Ledger. Thence West 72 rods to the containing 38 acres More or East Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section 18, town 22, North of Range to West also a acres More or less disc rib Ltd Follo Virs to wit beginning at a stake at tie North West Ltd incr of the lands belonging to school funds of Warren county Indiana Clience South 38 poles to a stake Comer thence East 2l5i poles to a stake Comer thence North is poles to a stake Comer to once West 21% a les to beginning it being part of the West half of South West fraction of .s4? 18, town 22, Range 6 the above and first described lands Are mortgaged to tie Sci o in fund of Warren county Indiana for $250.00. A of said lands lying and Bertig in Warren county Isi Kuia. And on Fourre to realize the full Anim Uit of judgment interest and Cost i will at the same time and place expose at Public Sale the fee simple of said real estate. Taken As the property of George teach at the suits of Levi h. Scott a a. Of. Said Sale will be made with and with out any Relief whatever from valuation or appraisement Laws. Asa j. Fishes sheriff of w. Co. Liv in. N. I Karsos do pity. Feb. 17, l872.-pr fee $9.40. Notice of application for License notice is hereby Given to the citizens of Pike township. Warren county Indiana that the the undersigned n ill apply to the Board of county commissioners of Warren county ind., at to Weir next Tenn Coon ending on to get first monday in March 1872, for a License to sell spirituous and malt liquors in a less Quantity than a quart at a time for one year. place of business and the Remesis Whereon said liquors arc to be sold and drank is site used on the Ortli half of lot to. 77, in the Northi addition to the town of West Lebanon. Warren county ind. Joseph Dillmos. Feb. 10, 1872.-4. Subscriptions,�?1872, f terms Harper s Magazine one Yea Roo. An extra copy of either tiie Magazine weekly or Bazar will be supplied Stratis for eve a club of five subscribers at i i 00 each in one remittance or. Six copies for $20 00, Witla out extra copy. Subscriptions to Harper s Magazine wee Clr and Bazar to one for one year $10 0l5 or two of Hari it or s periodicals to one address for one year $7 00. Back lumbers can be supplied at any time a Complete set of Harper s Magazine mow Cotini prising to volumes in neat cloth binding will be sent by express freight at expense of purchaser for ?2 25 per volume. Single volumes by mail postpaid 00. Cloth cases for binding 58 cents by mail postpaid. The postage on if Arper s Magazine is 24 cent a year which most be paid at the subs Crelier s Otist office. Address Hauper amp brothels new York. Notice of application for License. Notice is hereby Given to the citizens of Washington township. Warren county ind. Bluit the will apply to the boar of commissioners of said county at their next term commencing on the first monday in March 1872, for a License to .-�?�11 spirituous and malt liquors in a Lesis Quantity than a quart at a time for one year. place of business and the Remesis Whereon said liquors Are to be sold and drank is situated on South East Comer of town lot so. To Venty one 21in tie West addition to the Toiven of Williamsport Warren county . 10, 1872.-4�r. John a. May. Quot a by Poai tory of fashion Tea sure and ins Sruc a Harper s Bazar. I wines of the press. It is really the Only illustrated Chronick of fashion in the Comitia. Its supplements alone Ore world tip subscription Price of tie Ai,<cr.�? Quot i Nizile fully maintaining it it Osit fon As a Mirror of fashion Quot it stories poems Brilliant essays let sides Reneri and a personal gossip. A Fri Moth Sirti today pc Ritins there never was any paper in wished that so delighted the heart of woman. Tever mind if it does Cost you a new Bonnet it will save you ten times the Price in tie household econ any it journal. Tie Young lady who buys a single number of Haw a s Bazar is made a sub san bar for Xenie y Uli Ere in Pott. The Bazar is excellent like All the periodicals which tie Hant is publish it is almost ideally Well edited and the Dass of readers for whom it is intended the nio thers and daughters in average families can not but profit l3y its too Ltd sense and Good taste which we have no doubt Are to Day making very Many Homes Hap pier than to la by Niay have been before tie women began taking les sons in personal and hour Choli and social management from this Aai Ltd it by at. In 13. That As a general dissemination of knowledge and learning amt gang the and cheerful words worm the heart and agreed to the vote for Grayr and coital next fall will come to Ali front. Schools to be the Safe Goard of our Liber Quot on Quot shall to. Their cry. Still again the ties and pledge ourselves to cherish and senators and representatives a Host of maintain them. 13. That we Are in Favoron such a revision of our criminal cede As will secure them shall mond the Stern command and the Strong holds of the a adm Nistra enemy shall fall before them. And a a on of Justice and Inch Vise and Jedi lastly the county tiekct5, United to a Cliotis legislation a will info Roc Indi Vitial on the 22nd inst., the National prohibition convention met at Columbus o. About one Hundred and fifty delegates were in attendance on the first Call. The object of the men of this party is to devise the Best Means to Check the increasing ravages of drunkenness. There Are some of the Best of men in the movement and the Best feature in the using is it will Call attention to this great evil in a Way which will elicit disc Ossion and in the end the plan will be hit upon which will most Check the ravages of the growing plague. The National labor convention met also in the Eam cite and passed a series of resolutions and placed in nomination David Davis of Launois As a. Candidate for president. This is a great and grow ing question and one that May not be laughed out of Cist Cnoc. Dato of abet. As we. Were going to press last night we heard of the death of Abel he died at. 2 o clock tuesday morning february 20j of lung fever at the age of 70 years. Or. Claypool came from Orfiss county Ohio to this county about 1824, and was elected to the legislature soon after serving several terms. He had Beena resident of Shawnee township since coming to the state and was highly respect by All who knew be distr the grand Duke slew five Bison in the Hunt at kit arson. Sheridan declined to kill any he says it is in More fun than it would be to ride to a cow and shoot it with . He thinks it is taking As unfair an advantage As Jonah would if he bad killed the whale when he for off was inside of it taking a ride. A feb. To ls72.-pr few. �zmo., non resident notice. State of Indiana War Kex , is in the common Picas court of Warren co., ind., mar Tenn a. D. 1872.�?dan, s. Jordan Kennedy Nancy w. Jordan. Fartha j. Pomeroy William r. Brown Samuel m. Brown and go rec w. Lames. He it known that on this 7th Day of february in tic year 1872, the above named plaintiff 6y his Atio Mev tiled in the office of the clerk of common Picas court a complaint against said Defi Nduati in tie above entitled cause together with an affidavit of a competent person that so defendants Artlia j. Pomeroy and gear w. Lamest Are not residents of tie state of Indiana. Said defendants Are therefore hereby non find of the filing and per Alamy of said complaint avast them and that a Lesa they appear and answer or demur i Recto at tie calling of said cause on the second Day of the next term of said court to be begun and held at the court House in Wiliam sport Indiana on the second monday in May next said complaint and the matters and Thia Quot therein contained and alleged will be heard and determined in their absence. Witness a my band and the Seal of said to court at William Asport this 8th Day of february 1872. Fry Bryant Jerk. If. C. Johnson Dep. Subscrfptioxs--187?. Tesis. $4 00. Harper s Bazar one year. An extra copy of either the Magazine weekly or Bazar Wilt be supplied Gratis for every club of five subscribers at it 00 each in one remittance or. Six copies for $20 00, win out extra copy. Subscriptions to Harper s Magazine weekly and , to it one address for one year Ilo of or two of Hayer s periodicals to one address for one Vear i of. Back Quot numbers can be supplied at any time. The for vol Aines of Harper s Bazar for the cars i86s, 69, 70, 71, elegantly bound in Green Hio Rocco clot i will be sent by express freight Pren Aidi for ?7 00 each. The tage on harpers Bazar is 20 cents a year which must be paid at the subscriber s Poat Orece. Address Harper 4 i others new 1-orfc.House formerly Union hotel main st Williamsport Indiana. John a. 3lv.t, pore Verok. The patronage of the trav Eung Public As Sonc ii a wit i the Assiran Nethat the act Ommo nations will give to the particular. Good stabling attached to the House in charge of a. Careful Hostler. And under tho eur Dan a in of the Pri pric ter. 22-ti a a six a to a Sisia my
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