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Williamsport Review Republican (Newspaper) - May 4, 1916, Williamsport, Indiana Devoted to the interests of Williamsport and Warren county new series yol. , Warren county Indiana thursday May 4, 1916. Number 30 gave a Nice 1�,lk.state geologist Barrett entertained the people Friday night. In8�zr�c�zi�n comp for Academy to maintain instruction Camp for High school boys. State geologist Barrett of Indianapolis was Here Friday evening and gave an address to the people of Williamsport in the Assembly room of the school building on the subject of quot state Parks quot which was illustrated by coloured slides made from different views of Indiana s natural scenery. The most of his views were of the famous pleasure resort quot Turkey run quot with one or two of schools in Indiana the Wiki Asport Falls. His talk is ducted free of All said to have been very Good and j members quite interesting but our people Are owing to the fact that the Camp not so much interested in turks tig year will be increased to 800 run As they Are in their Beautiful a tyg Jjo a a Peg found necessary Falls which could be made one of on Kea nominal charge of s17.75 the most inviting places on Earth Jwj. Go ii i by a cover the Bare Cost and it was thought by some of those uniforms and subsistence present that he should have had More views of the Falls and Shoul / Culver ind., april 24,1916. An announcement has recently been made by the authorities of Culver military Academy that the Camp of military instruction for High school boys which was held in May last year is to be repeated this year on More extensive lines. The 1915 Camp was conducted solely for boys from the principle High and was con expense to the also have Given a Little More time to its discussion. What Williamsport people want is a Park at Home where ii won t take a lot of Money to go and a a Day s Outing. We have this the boys \ Verv Dong right at our door if we j tended to will oily take advantage of it. True it will take some Money and it will take some labor. Each male resident that is old enough to work will we Are sure donate at least two Days labor and we Don t believe that if the proper Effort was made it would be a hard matter to raise tiie Money since we have the Opportunity of securing some financial Aid from the state. If we Are going to have a Park it is a foregone conclusion we must go after it ourselves. All the lectures and All the coloured slides in the quot kingdom come quot will not bring we Yso Erious robbery Lars Hanson found the lost $10 Bill he thought was stolen. Each member of tie 1915 Camp , has been loitered a free Scipio warship at the coming encamp Niento provided ite brings with him another Meinberg at the rate above. I the Range of territory from Wlinich ill be chosen has been sex practically All cities and Tow is of the Middle West. Already a Large number of towns throughout Ohio and Illinois have signified their interest in the proposition and philanthropic citizens or business associations of various places have agreed to Send from eight to ten boys to the Encampment. Upon learning of the proposed plan the business association at Dayton Ohio wrote to the Culver authorities As follows quot the great Dayton association accepts the proposition As submitted in your letter of april 12th, and will at once take such Steps As will be necessary to Forward a few nights ago a curious thing happened to Lars Hanson one of the night men at the Wabash depot. Some time during the Early morning hours he began to Check up his Cash and in so doing found that he was Short a $10 Bill. Lars scratched his head rubbed his eyes pinched himself and finally concluded he was fully awake and that the spirits had robbed him. No one else could have done so As the doors were securely locked the ticket window Vas Down the Money drawer locked the keys were hanging in their regular places on the . No one Lead been in the ticket Oil ice and yet he had been robbed of Sio. Lars instituted another search. He turned his pockets inside out looked in the Ain Thorou Rolv. Looked on sheriff Mcferren lands his Man after a Chase of Over a year Walter Fisher jailed with forgery charge. He Only is no a a a Republican. Sentenced from 1 �o0 14 years. Walter Fisher whose Home was formerly in Fountain county and who about two years ago lived in the neighbourhood of Riverside just across the River from Independence was last thursday evening arrested at Decatur iii and brought to this place Friday at noon and placed in the county jail on a charge of forgery to a note of $200.00, which he borrowed from the Lone Star Odd Fellows Lodge about two years ago. The Story As told to a reporter of this paper is to the effect that some years ago Walter Fisher came to Riverside to work or engage in farming and in order to carry on the work whatever it was he was compelled to have about s200.00, Wirich he borrowed from the Lone Star Odd Fellows Lodge of inde Over his own name he declares he has left the Nogle and Eldo Harshmati will serve prison terms. It. It will take a United Effort on j you twelve of our lest boys for i military training. The association through its directors is so taken the part of every citizen i the town j of Williamsport. And there is no Vith the idea that it i through its other place around the town that i own Means finance the whole pro could be made so Beautiful As the i Jet meeting All the expenses plot of of round just below the depot. Necessary for instruction a -,�1 i Umlor seven transportation. 1 Here is ample room Foi an artificial a a Lake there is plenty of room for a Ball Park the hillsides would furnish an Ideal place for building a cottage or pitching a tent. Nice drives could be made and a Pavil lion could be erected wherein Public speaking Chautauqua Union meet-1 tie floor and under the papers and i Pendency. This first loan was a books and still the Money was not right and the Security was Good and found. He kept the matter a Little the transaction was All on the quiet and decided to do a Little de-1 Square but As time went on the Yective work. First he kept a Sharp j note became due and Fisher had Lookout for the spirits the kind that no Means with which to pay it. He appear in fish and blood Wear like All poor men with a heavy debt clothes and eat but none appeared hanging Over his head began to look along in the wee hours of the morning As he sat alone listening to the tick of the Telegraph instrument he heard a noise Over in the direction of the Money drawer. The robber had again appeared. Lars got his flashlight lamp into operation and opening a door very cautiously below the Money draw he heard the robber scamper away. Then he looked a Hittle closer and saw a Corner of his lost Bill sticking through a crack. He cautiously pulled at the Bill so As not to tear it but he found that the robbery a or. Mouse had already chewed about half of the Bill away to Aid in building a cozy and expensive Home in the partition Vall. For an Avenue out of the trouble and finally the idea struck him that the the Republican party in Indiana a few weeks ago Clarence Nogle is in a sad predicament it has lost and Eldo Harshman were arrested its quot daddy ? a one j. Frank Hanly. On a warrant sworn out by David quot daddy quot got peeved at what no Stevenson charging them with the one knows and in a lengthy editor i theft of about three bushels of Clover Ial in his own Little paper he says seed and a Ham of meat. The Evi quot i do not belong to the Republican Dence in the Case was heard last party. I have never belonged to i week but the judge withheld sen a it belonged to wonderful j tence until tuesday morning in t it that one Man in this big the Story dates Back to a Short state of Indiana could own a party time ago when or. Nogle who has with the magnitude of the Republic Only been married about five weeks can party. The question is a Hen and where did he make the Purchase. He May have had a Small claim on a Small portion of it Down in hoop pole township Posey county but say he did t come close to even beginning to have a Promise to and had been working for or. I Stevenson had some trouble and i left the employment of or. Steven a son who lives in Hedrick. After leaving his place of employment or. Nogle went to Danville and he and his brother in Law who lived in ownership of it in old Warren coun-1 Danville and who had a Rig drove Tyr the one county in Good old from Danville to the Stevenson Hoosier Dom that is Ahvay Loyal to Home so it is reported and in the tie party and Ivy tote Way the coun-1 night time entered an out Btu dog to that made j. Frank Hanly the and took a Ham of meat and tie self styled quot daddy quot what he is to-1 cover seed. Going Back to Dan Day. In t it simply wonder ii How j Lille they attempted to sell the the imagination of some people can Clover seed at a less Price than the i actual retail Price which aroused work in closing quot daddy quot says again quot i part from it with i egret. It has honoured me and Given me High Trust. Easiest Way out for the time being but even so i cannot give it in return a mortgage on my soul or a title deed to my conscience. I part with it in grief not anger. I simply cannot travel the Way it has you will note in this last paragraph quot daddy quot does come Down off his exalted Perch and admits that the party has honoured him which again bears out the above statement that Warren county coached and fitted him for the position to which he arose. In this same paragraph was to renew it. It is said that he conferred with the Odd Fellows As to renewal and they consented. In due time so the report goes he appeared with a new note duly signed but it was found that the signatures one a or. Morgan and another we did not learn had been forged. The Odd Fellows detected this and were preparing to look after Fisher when he disappeared and vent to Rensselaer. This move a likened the Odd Fellows to action and they caused a warrant to the dealer s suspicions and he had the officers ready to place them under arrest when they appeared to deliver the stolen Clover seed. Investigation was made and the Sto quot in Ham was found to which Nogle testified to having stolen. Tuesday morning a Hittle additional testimony was heard in which prosecutor Mehaffey testified to the fact he had thoroughly investigated the Case and found that the boys had no previous criminal record but that in this Case there was no excuse whatever for them to commit the crime with which they were leaves the part which he owned ? be sued for his arrest on the charge and which May be True on his part. He also says it is with regret that he charged. The investigation on mrs a Mehaffey s part showed that the cd surgery. Sheriff Kcf Nten went have to offer that will be helpful in the selection of boys on a Merit basis of course will ii appreciated. Singed j. , executive Sec the purpose of the Encampment is to demonstrate to the individual it takes a Hock Shaw to discover a murderer a Pinkerton to run Down a to Rensselaer but Fuslier on the a Bank robber but Lars has got i same Day had left the town and them All beat he can detect a mouse i headed for Dakota where he secur hidden in a partition trying to swipe de work in the we Merit Fields. In the ort it wants a $10 Bill. 1 meantime sheriff Mcferren has. Bie quot men of Bill is badly mutilated but As kept up a correspondence with the but As mucin can t be said on the Pat of the party. Hanly is in a class with Roosevelt and the party does not Avant men of quot Fly by night quot men who Are quot True men both were Young Able bodied men of Good so Toifl sense both had work arid even one of the wives had a or a hence there could be by earthly excuse for them driving to the Stevenson Home and under Cov it has two serial numbers left and marshal of Hillsboro Fisher s Home the figure "10" up in the right hand and about four months ago Learned Corner there is but Little doubt but i that the family had moved from a Blue quot men of stability men who,.ierof i when they declare they Are Republic j Andi boy As a Ell As to the country the Ings Camp meetings and value of military Camos shows could be held. All these things Are within easy Access if we will Only seize the Opportunity while it is at hand. Wood a go inst a i of instruct boys. The a for prepare thiess and the consequent interest which has been stimulated in the Intro what the Bank will take it and Send it in to tie government for redemption. To Gigli schools has made evident to Many cities the value of sending his Power to i boys to the Culver Camp. Gernian. I the students who return from the i intensive training at Culver will in recently a petition was circulated every instance form a nucleus in Rensselaer by German residents which a local organization asking Hon. Will r. Wood Congress-1 a be More easily perfected. At township commencement dates i ail of the township schools stave closed and the dates for most of auction of the military training m i them have been fixed for the Grade a Hillsboro to Decatur. Following this or. Mcferren got in touch with chief of police of Decatur believing that Fisher had also come Bacini to Decatur. After waiting a sufficient length of time for develop ments on the part of tie police Force who failed to make and re cans mean what they say and men who will work for its Success. The Republican party May have a few quot men in its ranks that Are not darkness entering a building unlawfully taking the Ham and Clover seed. The prosecutor has stood for a Good Many suspended sentences even when so Cieto demanded that Thev should re. Just what they should be but does chive punishment but in this Case not the Church and Lodge have the he stood firm Becco use he believed same thing to contend with and he was right and the Public he must we because of this existing lived he was right and the lav de circumstance turn up our noses handed punishment because there promises to do Ai in prevent War with Man from this the 10th District to the same time it will give to the do All in his Power to prevent War students an elementary Mih tary with Germany. The petition was i timing which will enable them to signed by a Large number of citizens add their part to the country s and was forwarded to or. Wood i military efficiency and discharge in answer he said quot quot will do every promptly and effectually the thing in my Power to prevent War ill duties of citizenship should the with Germany. Inform others who i country need their services signed message with applications for admission Are entertains at easter dinner. Reaching Headquarters at Culver in i j action exercises of those who i completed tie 8th Grade and Are As follows Adams Pine Village june 9. Mound Benson Chapel May 20. Warren a Independence june 7. Pike West Lebanon june 3. Medina Green Hill May 23. Prairie tab May 27. The commencement exercises Are very important periods in the lives of our Young people and every body who can possibly attend the i exercises should do so and thereby encourage the Young people to make a thorough education As it is one of the foundation stones in the have sheriff Mcferren decided to take the matter in his own hands and on last thursday went to Decatur. Arriving in that City he Learned that Fisher was working in a starch factory where he went and As the workmen filed out he arrested Fisher who was the last one to Dass out of the building. He remained Over night with him and on Friday night brought him to this place where he was placed in jail to await the confirmation of the charges filed against him. He was taken before judge Berry and leave the Church or Lodge unsupported and condemn it would it not be More Manly and Koukl it not be More to Otu credit to stay with our principles and support that which is Good and lend Aid to the suppression of that which is bad. The Republican party has Ever since its birth been a party was absolutely no excuse for committing the crime. Neit Lier Lead Large families dependent upon them both a Ere Able to work for an honest living and both had work prior to the time of their arrest. After hearing the finished evidence in the Case. Judge Berry had the prisoners to stand and he then Success of life. I increasing numbers each Day. Johnv. R. High and sister mrs. I wherever possible these Applina 1 u-1. A 1 Lions have been accepted even Vanderbit entertained at done on easter sunday or. And m by original. Ing to the Calumet District. Not for and two sons. Miss Pearl Keller of a singled to but for All time. The big show is to move its Winter Quad Miller and mrs. ,.-1 1 a of Ivarre Jnes of Williamsport was the High tar i Pic school boy that represented Warren ters from Baraboo wis., to children. Or. County at this Encampment. Two sons Williamsport or. Albert Porter and two haute or. And mrs. Jam and three children. Or. And mrs. Carter Dalton of Pine Milkige or. And mrs. Isaac High John High wife and Oliree children or. And mrs. Will High and two children. After dinner several dozen coloured eggs had been hidden on the Lawn and under the shrubbery and the Little people had a merry time Hunting easter . That has stood for right Justice and a sed sentence upon them. Clar truth and it has been the Force be 24 years old was Hind All the Good things that this state and the United states now enjoys. It takes time to uproot All evil and it is a fact beyond a doubt that if the party were made of men monday quot afternoon quot and on plea of who have no stability of men who a guilty was sentenced to prison for he party to Day and two to fourteen years but suspended against it to Morrow it can never sentence on his Promise to make get any where neither can it a com Good the Money and costs of suit. Tie judge showed mercy for or. Fisher from the fact that he had a wife and twelve Small children and also that he was in poor circumstances having lost his crop by flood plish a set purpose. Jud Yville Exchange. Methodist Church services. 9 30 a. . 10 30 a. services. 6 30 p. league. 7 ,30 p. meeting every wednesday night at 7 30 o clock. E. L. Butler pastor. Lake county Indiana. This much was made known through a visit to i East Chicago last week of Henry i Ringling one of the famous Broth i ers who own the show. Ringling i has taken an option on 460 acres of land near Miller station. It is said that the lease on the land used by i the show for its Winter quarters at Baraboo will shortly expire and that All his hogs by cholera and meeting with other adversities. The company desiring to be closer West Lebanon wants waterworks. I to Chicago has decided to locate in a petition has been presented Lake county. It is said that several the ladies Aid of Jud Yville will gigged by local voters asking for a ocal capita uses Are contemplating hold an Exchange saturday after j Yog on a Bond Issue to provide the erection of a big hotel in Miller waterworks and paving for that to Cost thousands of dollars. Met with serious Accident. Richard the Little 4-year-old son of John Massey and a Ife met with a serious Accident last saturday Forenoon while playing around the a. B. Donovan Home. The Little a Chap in company with some other Ruth Elizabeth Eberle. Nettle folks was running and playing Ruth Elizabeth Eberle daughter around or. Donovan s residence and of or. And mrs. George Eberle died in running tripped and fell striking at the st. Elizabeth Hospital at la his Cheek on a Board had a Fayette of spinal meningitis last Fri Nail protruding from it. The Nail Day. She was brought to the hos penetrated the Fleshy part of the Pital three Days ago from the Home Cheek cutting a Zig Zag wound in it. Of the parents six Miles Southwest the Little fellow was taken at once sent to the Jeffersonville reformatory for a term of from 1 to 14 years fined $10 and disfranchised for tvo years. Eldo Harshman who is 38 years old was sentenced to from 1 to 14 years in the Michigan prison fined $10 and disfranchised for two years. After passing sentence upon the two prisoners. Judge Berry gave them some Friendly advice after Widich he added that he would Issue an order which i would make it possible for them to serve a minimum sentence which i would be less than one year provided they were Model prisoners i sheriff Mcferren took Nogle to Jeffersonville tuesday and harsh a Man to Michigan City wednesday. Presbyterian Church services. 9 30 a. school. 6 00 p. Endeavor. Preaching services next sunday morning and evening. Afternoon May 6, in Broadie s hardware. Cakes pies chickens cottage cheese place Home made bread and various other eatables will be for Sale. Come and get your sunday dinner. Bert Scott the City electrician mrs. Isaiah Smith was a visitor in made a business trip to Danville Danville last saturday morning. Saturday Forenoon. Of Otterbein. She was born in Warren county May 27, 1904, and is survived by. The parents and one brother. The funeral was held monday morning at 10 o clock from the Home Rev. Hole of Pine Village officiating. Interment was made in the Village cemetery. The services at the House and the burial were private. Prayer meeting every wednesday to the physician whotress7d"th 7 00 o clock wound and the Little fellow is get ting along very nicely and if no other complications set in his face will soon be Well again. Saturday morning in the mail we received a letter from w. C. Julian in which he enclosed $1.00 for another year s subscription to this a Frank Pence of the town of Pence per stating that he was interested was a business visitor in our City in knowing what was going on Back last Friday afternoon looking after in the old Home town. Or. Julian business. And wife live in the City of Warsaw

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