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Williamsport Review Republican (Newspaper) - June 9, 1870, Williamsport, Indiana A \ p m i p i k i quot l>a9 mpg time and the Cowb Enne up from them Dows Ewort with Clover. And stood in the Isle. While pretty Janei had a quiet Chat with the drover. By a quiet Chat that it ecar oely seemed Itiat a single word waa Moken while a magic spell with a be night Dews fun Aad the rhythm of Fiona Wai unbroken. The cattle stood it the lovers Elde. Without Ziy show of be Zattoo a though in primed that a five bar reel waa a part of their Reat oration. And As j a me listened to not a that came Riffat. Under the Hars and Over Bor heart took Wing like a silly thing and nestled of close to the drover. She heard him Gay that his Home wan poor. That he d nothing but love to give her Aad she smiled Content As though love bad Spunt every Arrow he had in his quiver 8be smiled Content while the evening air with the voices of Boris was ringing and her lips conferred that a lowly nest should never prevent her singing. So Over the bars the lovers lean. In the Joy of Sweet communion and their looks declare that poverty Neer shall be a bar to their Union. Of. go thread your rhymes new under the bars and Over 1 we pfc pretty Jane in the fragrant Lane. Bewitched the heart of the . A couple of experiences. From hark Twain s quot memoranda quot in the j Ane Galaxy. When i published a equip recently in which i said i was going to edit an agricultural department in this Magazine i certainly did not desire to deceive anybody. 1 had not the remotest desire to play upon any one s Confidence with a practical joke for he is a pitiful creature indeed who will degrade the dignity o his humanity to the contriving of the witless inventions that go by that name. I Jar pos Ely wrote the thing As absurdly and As extravagantly As it could be written in order to be sure and not mislead hurtled or heedless readers for i spoke of launching a triumphal Barge upon a desert and planting a tree of Prosperity in a mine a tree whose fro France should Dake the thirst of the tucked and whose branches should spread abroad till they washed the stats of Etc Etc. I thought that Manifest lunacy like that would protect the Reader. But to make Assurance absolute and show that i did not and could not seriously mean to attempt an agricultural department i stated distinctly in my Post erupt that i did not know anything about agriculture. But alas i right there is where i made my worst mistake tor that remark seems to have recommended my proposed agriculture More than anything else. It lets a Little Light in on me and i fancy i perceive that the Farmers feel a Little bored sometimes by the oracular profundity of agricultural editors who quot know it in fact one of my correspondents suggests this for that unhappy squib has deluged me with letters about potatoes and cabbages and Hominy and Vermicelli and Maccaroni and All the other fruits cereals and vegetables that Ever grew on Earth and if a get through answering questions about the Best Way of raising these things before i go raving crazy 1 shall be thankful and shall never write obscurity for fun any More quot shall i Tell the reason Why i have unintentionally succeeded in fooling so Many people ? it is because some of them read Only a Little of the squib i wrote and jumped to the conclusion that it was serious and the rest did not read it at All but heard of my agricultural venture at second hand. Those cases i could not a Uard against of course. To write a Burlij que so wild that its pretended facts will not be accepted in perfect Good Faith by biome body is very p,i5arly an impossible thing to do. It is because in some instances the Reader is a person who never tries to deceive anybody himself and therefore is not expecting one to wantonly practice a deception upon him and in this Case the Only person dishonoured is the Man who wrote the Burles que. In other instances the quot nub quot or moral of the burlesque a if its object be to enforce a truth escapes notice in the Superior Glare of something in the body of the burlesque Itsell and very often this quot moral quot is tagged on at the Bottom and the Reader not knowing that it is the key of the whole thin and the Only important paragraph in the article tranquilly turns up his nose at it and leaves it unread. One can deliver a satire with telling Force through the insidious medium of a travesty and so from the Reader s sight and leave him a joked and defrauded victim when the honest intent was to add to either his knowledge or his Wisdom. I have had a Deal of experience in burlesque and their unfortunate aptness to deceive the Public and this is Why i tried hard to make that agricultural one so Broad and so perfectly palpable that even a one eyed potato could Sec it and yet As i speak the Lemn truth it fooled one of the Ablest agricultural editors in America the pet Ifird Mak. Now to show How really hard it is to Fuist a moral or a truth upon an unsuspecting Public through a burlesque without entirely and absurdly missing one s Mark i will Here set Down two experiences of my own in this thing. In the fall of 1862, in Nevada and California the people got to running wild about extraordinary Petr factions and other natural starves. One could scarcely pick up a paper without finding in it one or two glorified discoveries of this kind. The mania was becoming a Little ridiculous. I was a bran new local editor in Virginia City and i Felt called upon to destroy this growing evil we All have our Benignant fatherly moods at one time or another i suppose. I chose to kill the Petr faction mania with a delicate a very delicate satire. But maybe it was altogether too delicate for a Otway Ever perceived the satire part of it at All. I put my scheme in the shape of the discovery of a remarkable petrified Man. I had a temporary falling out with or. Sew Ali the new Coroner and Justice of the peace of Humboldt and i thought i might As Well touch him up a Little at the same i Ime and make him ridiculous and thus Combine pleasure with business. So i told in patient belief compelling detail All about the finding of a petrified Man at to Gravelly Ford exactly a Hundred and Twenty Miles Over a Breakneck Mountain try al from where Sewell lived How All the savants in the immediate Nighbor so Hood had been to examine it it waa notorious that there was not Aliv song creature within fifty Miles of there i it a few starving indians some Crip up i Grasshoppers and four or five Buzzards out of meat and too feeble to get away How those savants All prot noticed the petrified Man to have been in a state of Complete Petri amp action for Over ten generations and then with a seriousness that i ought to Hare been ashamed to assume i stated that As soon As or. Bewail heard the news he Mimmo Ned a jury mounted his mole and posted off with Noble reverence for off Idiu duty on that awful five Days Conmey through Alkali Sage Brush peril of i my and imminent starvation to Luad an inquest on this Man that Hotd been dead and tamed to everlasting Stone for More Tolian three Hundred Yean. And then my band being quot in quot to to roes went on with the Barf Maflin Ehing Gro i to state that the jury returned a verdict that deceased came to his Deal i from Prat rated exp ure this Only moved me to higher flights of imag tion and i said that the Joiy with to Diar ttys a ctr prisoners then dug a mra and wite about to give the Petrtyl Ermaa Christian a Nival when they Foon that for pm a in Itebe sediment had been the use of the Stone a a dust wifi ski he was mating and this st Tiff in tim under my and be a fait to the a bed Ink that tie joint surer Minim can. Tabs Idinie Ebl Labret to Aoa then got oat their it Owa Saiid pro timed to Imp a re crib Noderen to Moi to Vlf us he a from us. Poutilin when in Seyou with Faaet Del Leachjr so Duma Etc Isth a 6a6ide Tea Ems observe pm that a wot to to a Birthan a Sochi egg to volume Xvi. Williamsport ind., thursday june 9, 1870. Number 12. Doin it. I depended upon the Way the pet fied Man was sitting to explain to the Public that he was a swindle. Yet i purposely mixed that up with other things hoping to make it obscure and i did. I would describe the position of one foot and then say his right thumb was against the Side of his nose then talk about his other foot and presently come Back and say the fingers of his right hand were spread apart then talk about the Back of his head a Little and return and say the left thumb was hooked into the right Little Finger then ramble All about something else and by and by Drift Back again and remark that the fingers of the left hand were spread like those of the right. But a i was too ingenious. I mixed it up rather too much so All the description of the attitude As a key to the hum buggery of the article was entirely lost for nobody but me Ever discovered and comprehended the Peculiar and suggestive position of the trifled Man s hands. A satire on the Petr faction mania or anything else my petrified Man was a disheartening failure for everybody received him in innocent Good Faith and i was stunned to see the creature i had Begotten to pull Down the wonder business with and bring derision upon it calmly exalted to the grand chief place in the list of the genuine marvels our Nevada had produced. I was so disappointed at the curious miscarriage of my scheme that at first i was angry and did not like to think about it but by and by when the exchanges began to come in with the Petri fied Man copied and guile Lessly glorified i began to feel a soothing secret satisfaction and As my gentleman s Field of travel broadened and by the exchanges i saw that he steadily and implacably penetrated territory after territory state after state and land after land till he swept the great Globe and culminated in Sublime and a impeached legitimacy in the August quot London lancet quot my cup was full and i said i was glad i had done in i think that for about eleven months As nearly As t can remember or. Sewall s daily mail contained along in the neighbourhood of half a Bushel of newspapers hailing from Many climes with the petrified Man in them marked around with a prominent Belt of Ink. I sent them to him. I did it for spite not for fun. He used to shovel them into his Back Yard and curse. And every Day during All those months the miners his constituents for miners never quit joking a person when they get started would Call on him and ask if he could Tell them where they could get hold of a paper with the petrified Man in it. He could have accommodated a continent with them. I hated Sewall in those Days and these things pacified me and pleased me. I could not have gotten More real Comfort out of him without killing him. My famous quot blood to the other burlesque i have referred to was my Fine satire upon the expedient of quot cooking dividends quot a thing which became shamefully frequent on the Pacific coast. Once More in my self complacent simplicity i Felt that the time had arrived for me to Rise up and be a reformer. I put this reformatory satire in the shape of a fearful quot massacre at Empire the san Francisco papers were making a great outcry about the Daney Silver mining company whose directors had declared a quot cooked quot or false dividend for the purpose of increasing the value of their Stock so that they could sell out at a comfortable figure and then scramble from under the tumbling concern. And while abusing the Daney those papers did not forget to urge the Public target rid of All their Silver stocks and invest in sound Spring Vay water company Etc. But right at this unfortunate juncture behold the Spring Valley cooked a dividend too and so under the insidious mask of an invented quot bloody massacre quot i stole upon the Public unawares with my scathing satire upon the dividend cooking system. In about half a column of imaginary inhuman carnage i told How a citizen had a murdered his wife and nine children and then committed suicide. And i said slyly at the Bottom that the sudden madness of which this melancholy massacre was the result had been brought about by his having allowed himself to be persuaded by the California papers to sell his sound and lucrative Nevada Silver stocks and buy into Spring Valley just in time to get cooked along with that company s fancy dividend and sink every cent he had in the world. A it was a deep satire and most ingeniously contrived. But i made the horrible details so carefully and conscientiously interesting that the pubic simply devoured them greedily and wholly overlooked the following distinctly stated facts to wit the murderer was perfectly welf known to every creature in the land As a Bachelor and consequently he could not murder his wife and nine children he murdered them quot in his splendid dressed Stone mansion just in the Edge of the great Pine Forest Between Empire City and dutch Nicks quot when even the very pickled oysters that came on our tables knew that there was not a quot dressed Stone mansion quot in All Nevada territory also that so far from there being a quot great Pine Forest Between Empire City and dutch Nicks quot there was t a solitary tree within fifteen Miles of either place and finally it waa Patent and notorious that Empire City and dutch Nick s were one and the same place and contained Only six houses anyhow and consequently there could be no Forest Between them and on top of All these absurdities i stated that this diabolical murderer after inflicting a wound upon himself that the Reader ought to have seen would have killed an elephant in the twinkling of an Eye jumped on his horse and Rode four Miles waving his wife s reeking Scalp in the air and thus performing entered Carson City with tremendous Edat and dropped dead is front of the chief Saloon the envy and admiration of All beholders. Well in All my life i never saw anything like the sensation that Little satire created. It was the talk of the town it was the talk of the territory. Most of the citizens dropped gently into it at break fit and they never finished their meal. There was soviet Hing about these my mutely faithful details that was a sufficient substitute for food. Few people that were Able to read took food that morning. Dan and i dan was my reportorial associate took on meals on either Side of oar customary table in the quot Eagle restaurant quot and As i emf added the shred they used to Call a Napkin in that establishment i saw at the table two Stalwart innocents with that sort of vegetable Dand Niff sprinkled about their it nothing which was the sign and evidence that Thot wore in Crom the Truckee with a Load of Hay. Theone amp Dugme had the morning per folded to a Long narrow strip and x knew without any telling that tint strip Lent tents the a cd Luna that Contel Kedmy pleasant Finandal satire from the Wayne was in edly mumbling i saw that the heedless son of a mow was skipping with a jus Ori amp a t6 to the bios it by details _ Lyas to mild and so he Mim ii Gaide Bourg i Lead get up to whole to Long was a. Id Erwa spread wide open Asl Jan a Mon a a sinders to to to we Olesiuk a Mac with fix temm Aykik whited Ohee Kibur pm big Comrade impressively in the amp be and said with an expression of concentrated Awe quot Jim he b led his baby and he took the old Oman s kelp. Cuss d if i want any break amp st i quot and he Laid his lingering potato reverently Down and he and his Friend departed from the restaurant empty but satisfied. He never got Down to where the satire part of it began. Nobody Ever did. They found the thrilling particulars sufficient. To drop in with a poor Little moral at the fag end of such a gorgeous massacre was to follow the expiring Sun with a Candle and Hope to attract the world s attention to it the idea that anybody could Ever take my massacre for a genuine occurrence never once suggested itself to me hedged about As it was by All those Tell tale absurdities and impossibilities concerning the quot great Pine Forest quot the quot dressed Stone Etc. But i found out then and never have forgotten since that we never read the Dull Epla Satorv surroundings of marvellously exciting things when we have no occasion to suppose that some irresponsible scribbler is trying to defraud us we skip All that and hasten to revel in the blood curdling particulars and be therefore being bitterly experienced Fried hard to word that agricultural squib of mine in such a Way As to deceive nobody and i partly succeeded but not entirely. However i did not do any harm with it anyway. Presence of mid. Now then throw yourself Over you la be dashed to atoms but what matter away you go. You feel that unless you speedily Retreat you Mist obey the dread command and you turn your head away from gazing Down the horrid abyss. Yiu ask yourself what if 1 were so placed that i could not withdraw should i obey the whispering Demon perhaps you reason with yourself nonsense it is Only a feeling a sensation impossible try again. Yes there it is again you dare not remain. What can it be ? you ask. Is it the Demon of suicide ? can it be anything in my brain ? there you have hit it it is no Demon of suicide that urges you on it is Only something in your brain. Let us try and find out from a pair of scissors to the Imperial parliament and upwards still to the system of the universe every Agency moral or physical seems to be compounded of two antagonistic forces controllable and performing correctly the duties assigned to them As Lone As they work in unison but uncontrollable and prone to run into excess of their functions if separated from each other. Take away the Force of Gravity and centrifugal Force uncontrolled would scatter us in Fine dust through space. Abolish one of the constituent parts of any Well organized government and the result in a moral sense would probably be pretty much the same. Even the Blade of a pair of scissors won t work without its fellow. Nor is the brain an exception to this Rule i an eminent philosopher or. Richardson still living in experimenting recently on animals with the object of testing the comparative value of various anaesthetics discovered that at least two antagonistic forces reside in the brain one having its abode in the Anterior and per portion the cerebrum the other in the lower and posterior part the cerebellum. In his Experiment he observed that if the Cere nun of an animal be rendered insensible and its Powers thus temporarily destroyed the animal is immediately impelled to Rush Forward on the other hand the cerebellum u being paralysed retrograde movement is the result thus he accounts for that impulse which Many people feel to precipitate themselves from a height the cerebrum which contains the thinking and directing faculties under such circumstances becoming paralysed a dizzy and so the control which it normally exercises Over the cerebellum being partially removed the influence of the latter declares itself the Learned professor having opened the Gate for us we May walk in and observe for ourselves. Many things come to our recollection which we can now account for by this double brain Force. We can comprehend Why the other although flying at the same Speed fell Back in the air like a Tumbler Pigeon fluttering still backward to the ground. If we take up the one we find a Grain of shot has pierced the Skull a Little above the eyes and we see the death wound of the other at the Back of the head. We can now tin Deratany Why those overcome with fright so frequently Rush into the danger they wish to avoid. Nor need we confine ourselves to examples of a purely physical nature. We May place in the same category the bashful Man who talks nonsense when he should hold his Tongue the awkward Man who is Only awkward because he is nervous the directing Power of his brain is in abeyance and the passionate Man whose words and actions Are uncontrolled by his reasoning Powers. In a word we can Trace halt our foolish words and actions to a want of equilibrium Between these two forces that inhabit our brains and it is Only when the balance is Correct that we Are fit to govern ourselves. Presence of mind is the popular term to express this mental equilibrium. The question has been frequently discussed in social circles whether men or women Are most prone to lose their presence of mind. Lucy just 17, says quot of men to be sure. Why self Possession is an attribute almost Peculiar to women a Young girl entering society is quite at her ease while a Young Man is sure to be awkward and nervous. See How we get out of a scrape never at a loss for an answer. A Man would stutter and mutter and get deeper into the quot yes but quot says Tom who is just Home from school and not much troubled with nerves a just look at Yoa girls How you scream if Yoor life depended on Dolence you d betray yourselves by a then the ladies quot of we Don t pretend to be As Brave As and so the question re nudes unsettled. Lucy no doubt is Correct nor is Tom less so. Per ftps the fist arrangement would be to Grant the weaker sex pre Eminence in the absence of physical danger and Fet on the Ouier hand instances of Calm thought and delicate action of women under trying Deco stances Are so in melons that they can scarcely be held As merely exceptions to the Rale. Amongst the tales of shipwrecks Are recorded Noble instances of presence of mind amongst the women in the most a Paluxy danger. What Coald be More her for ini trait tile con no of to in women on tho us amp ted Londoff indeed it Igener Lucy a a of Compaq vely that a Llano a it Ftp the female nub u dist to Rby do when in Tom says that following Story exemplifying be a ii Piesens of a Ali in an old lady ini zperar1 eeb �o9 Kirin it is perfectly Tny. I ild bad stay i0le Shan tel the tale herself As she used to Yoa know my dear i was lii Long in Mittle Gruic a it info a fire a a uus Piciw _. The Honse my Boal irn re a you see. Ibi Jet easy invade Dum i ii How it bed ers and undressed myself it was tahy 10 o clock. Well. On this particular night t went up As Nimal. I first undressed the child and put her into bed then i made myself. Comfortable and got my Bible and sat by the fire it was very cold for the Sjo san and i kept a fire in my room a and after i had finished my chapter i Knelt Down to my prayers my position As t Knelt was with my Back to the fire and my face toward the liar. I had scarcely got on my Knees when i caught sight of something unusual under the bed on looking More attentively i could see that it waa a Man s foot. My first impulse waa to scream but fortunately i restrained myself and the Firsa Stii it cd Over i was Able to think. I had no doubt that it was a robber and that if be found out that he was discovered he might not Stop Short of murder. I dared not go to bed and pretend i did not know he was there and yet How to get the child and myself out of the room without exciting suspicion i could not imagine. These the rights passed through my mind in half the time i have Taven to Tell you and i Wiit about to Rise from my Knees when i suddenly recollected that my doing so at once Miett in itself excite suspicion for aught i knew it might be some one who knew my habits perhaps even my own Man servant thou re i had no reason to suspect him. A t All events i determine to remain some time longer As if engaged in my devotions. I need not Tell Yon that a could not Eive much heed to my prayers but t did ask for Protection and Cul dance. You know dear that i am a plow methodical old woman and i Seldom get through my prayers in less than a Quarter of an hour so i now determined not to stir for at least ten minutes what an age those ten minutes seemed i never took my eyes off the foot until just before i arose when it was slowly withdrawn out of my sight. When i saw it move i Felt faint with fright for t feared lest the Man had suspected and was going to come out however he remained quiet and then i got up from my Knees. The next thing to be done was to get the child out of bed without causing any alarm. Speaking As calmly As i was Able i asked her if she was awake she answered in rather a sleepy tone but aroused herself As i continued speaking. Quot Fanny dear quot i said quot i have left my keys below stairs quot a i Felt a Little uneasy at the falsehood but i Hope i was not wrong quot and i cannot undress without them i Don t like going Down by myself would you mind getting up my love and coming with me quot she jumped out of bed in a moment and having wrapped a shawl round her i pushed her before me. Then when opening the door i managed to take out the key and put it in on the other Side. I then shut the door and locked it and then my dear. I could no longer control myself i shrieked several times at the top of my voice and fainted. All poor Joseph the Coachman was faithful for one of the maids called him in and armed with a Pitchfork he secured the robber who was trying to get out of the Here was an instance of retention of presence of mind in the face of apparent danger and the loss of self control when the danger had passed. Habit has much to do in the preservation of the cerebral equilibrium As we see for instance in the Sailor who goes aloft without feeling any inclination to come Down quot by the run quot and in the Matador in the quot Bull ring quot whose Fate depends on his coolness. Education also no doubt assists in keeping the brain in order. Yet Here again we have numerous instances of presence of mind in the humbler and less educated ranks in use. One example also a True Story though it has appeared in this very journal in another form and in the Guise of fiction and has besides been made use of on the stage will suffice. Caroline a a Good looking finely proportioned Young girl lived As lady s maid with a fashionable widow rather passe. One evening after having assisted at her mis Tress toilet for a dinner party she amused herself before putting away the various articles scattered about the room in trying on a pair of silk stockings and dress shoes belonging to her mistress and having done so she viewed her Well turned limbs with complacency saying aloud quot there s a leg for a stocking and there s a foot for a shoe. Having satisfied herself As to their symmetry she divested herself of her borrowed plumes put the room to rights and awaited the return of her mistress whom she saw into bed. That Watt the last time she saw her alive. She was found in the morning murdered in her bed the jewel Case and plate Chest broken open and robbed. The robber and murderer had left no Trace by which he could be captured and in spite of the most dil Wigent search escaped. Three years after Caroline was engaged t in a similar capacity by a lady who took her to Paris she had almost forgotten the murder and if she thought of it it was not with any Hope of discovering the criminal it happened that she was walking in one of the Public promenades one afternoon when As she passed a group of men she heard these words quot there s a leg for a stocking and there s a foot for a in a moment the events of the evening before her mistress was murdered flashed on her memory. And now for her marvelous presence of in id. Pretending not to have heard anything she glanced Fulde ways at the group of men. She saw there were three but she could not Tell which of them had spoken. She walked slowly past them then stopped in an undecided manner and finally turned Back and walking up to them she asked to be directed to a certain Street. As she expected All of them had a word for her and amongst the voices she Sisily recognized the one that had just spoken. Their language and looks were both very free Bat she Only told them that they were very impertinent and that she would get the information she wanted from the first gendarme. She thus averted us Sidon of they watched her speaking to a policeman. The next difficulty was How to inform a gendarme what she wanted she had been Only a. Fortnight in prance and scarcely knew a word of French. She however carried a pocket dictionary with her to assist her in making porn Asci and As a Means of acquiring a tue Ficenc. Going Over to a Bench die sat Down and ses Diing through the dictionary found the words she wanted and she then wrote the on the Fly Leaf of like dictionary. The sentence ran thus gendarme be air Besoin wms Arret Erun Mesmer the grammar was not very six not As dictionaries do not teach Syx Itu but the gendarme understood it sad in another minute held the murderer in his grasp. He was afterwards convicted and Hong on the girl s testimony. In this example we observe a kind of presence of mind not snal in the female Bex. First Thor was to Epras Antonia Brebt subdued the moment it Felt and then the Zap con Gentr Stich of thought in conceiving a a trate grail in Sadi a Case As that of car Oline Nieft Shine Ponien in atm Fiat amp Liei need themselves by an quot Ohr or scream. Intimately connected with the ret Nuon a los8 mind Aret Hosoon. A Atins to in be ner Roos system which no Sti Tate bravery jul cowardice. As atoll a a owed Imp Tynce of mind whim a. i to a a ii pm of mind ate not necessarily tests for either courage or the reverse. The Field of Battle gives us instances of every Tessible effect of Dagger or Surprise on differently constituted brains. The bravest and coolest Are those who realize the danger and vet Are As Calm As those Fertuna individuals to whom fear is unknown. There is a Well known Story of a subaltern accusing Bis colonel of fear on an occasion of approaching danger. replied the colonel As he Rode steadily on quot if you were half an much afraid you would run away. Whether such would be the result of fear on the sub alter would depend on the formation of his brain. Innate sordid reasoning cowardice would cause its victim to shrink from approaching danger but the cowardice if it can so be called caused by paralysis of the thinking faculties in excessive danger generally urges the subject of it Onward. Mental depression from any cause frequently induces this mad courage and that too in men constitutionally Calm. The following Sto was related to the writer by an officer in the austrian army the Bugle Call had sounded and in five minutes every Man was in his Saddle except a. He must be dead Orao sick that he can t crawl quot observed an old major quot i never knew b a behind when there was fight in in neither had i and Las Reed with the major a hat it must be some physical incapability that prevented plucky Bas he was called in his regiment from answering to a fighting Bugle Call. I volunteered to ride round to his quarters to ascertain what had become of him and accompanied by a Comet and a Junior Captain. I proceeded thither. We found a sitting at his Camp table his head resting Between his hands looking As Pale As death. Quot Hollob in a Fink quot exclaimed the Cornet. Quot nonsense you Young fool quot i said quot he has Pluck enough in his Little Finger for your whole carcass. What s wrong a quot quot fris All right quot be replied quot i am in a Funk. My time has come and i shall leave my wife and Little child to Beggary and he had married in opposition to his father s wishes a quot rubbish old cock i quot said d the Captain trying to laugh him out of such an extraordinary state of mind. Quot you la bring them another clasp d was an englishman who like myself had entered the austrian service he was the son of a Nobleman and was very Well off. Quot do you mean it quot said a starting up with a wild expression darting through his i do by Jove quot replied a. Quot poll Settle a Captain s pay on them for life but i Don t expect to have to do so old fellow you la take care of them your a few words of explanation and a repetition of his Promise on the part of a and a buckled on his sword and in another minute he was on his Charger. Half an hour afterwards we were engaged with the enemy. I kept my Eye on a. He was always Brave but now he was mad. His courage had been always characterized by extreme coolness never courting a though never shrinking from danger but now he rushed on his death and he found it. Ten minutes from the time the first shot was fired he waa a Corpse transfixed by a dozen Bayonet wounds. A fulfilled his Promise. The impression on the brain and its results in the action of the individual vary considerably with the source of danger. Thus fear of drowning invariably destroys presence of mind the Brave Man and the Coward equally frantically and struggling for life and yet under no circumstance can presence of mind be of More Avail than in the Effort to keep the head above water there being no Art in swimming i very scientific Man ought to be Able to swim the first time of entering the water and would if he had presence of mind. Fire also has a peculiarly paralysing effect but not so general As the year of drowning. We Are told that the sensations experienced by those who have been seized by the larger feline Are very remarkable a calmness almost soporific without fear yet the intellect remaining Clear and ready to take advantage of any Chance of escape. Such has been the experience of Livingstone and Many others As we read in books of african adventure. In one instance not published an officer in India being seized by a wounded Tiger held his breath to feign death. But quot he says quot i Felt wide awake though withal a Calm sensation stealing Over me. By and by i cautiously Drew my Hunting knife and fixed its Point opposite the brute s heart i was going to set my life on a venture. I knew that he would never leave go until he killed me and if i missed my stroke i Only hastened my Fate by a few nun Tea drawing a Long breath and grasping the knife with both hands i plunged it to the Hilt in his cheat. It was a terrible game but i won. The Tiger fell Back dead with scarcely a struggle i had almost Cut his heart in the question naturally presents itself to us seeing the advantages to be gained by the retention of presence of mind is it possible to be acquired the answer May safely be certainly practice and education tend to preserve the equilibrium of the brain which constitutes presence of mind. The Sailor the rope Walker the sportsman the Diplomatist Are All examples of presence of mind induced by training. But it May be justly objected presence of mind is really Only needed in sudden emergencies which it is impossible to educate for. Yes that is True but a dimness and deliberation once established As a habit become constitutional and respond under All circumstances when required. It therefore behoves us in the most trifling As Well As the most important actions to act think and speak calmly and with deliberation to do nothing in a hurry or flurry and above All to keep stir journal. The colonel of an Alabama regiment was Fomas for having everything done up in military style. Once while fled officer of the Day and going his tour of inspection he came upon a Sentinel from the 11th Mississippi regiment lying Flat Down on his Post with his gun taken entirely to pieces. Colonel quot Don t you know that a Sentinel while he is on duly should always keep in his feet quot Sentinel without looking up a quot that was the Way we used to do when the War broke out Bat that was played out Long colonel beginning to doubt if the Man was on duty a quot Are Yoo a Sentinel Here quot Ben Tael quot Well i m a sort of a Sentinel quot colonel quot Well pm a sort of Focer of the the Sentinel quot Well if you la hold on fill i sort of get my gun together m give you a sort of Salute. The superintendent of the new jer so them Railroad has issued the following order by ploys of Unis Compaq in Ari prohibited tie Ose of smoking to amp act in any of its forms Wule on Dai. Its use is a hindrance to and Ancona latent Wiki the duties of All employee a stiletto of Tiki As Home Wrai. To vexing pub us the order has additional Force Tom a he Ibet that to so Many of tite latter Toli Adeo form ski v i i i v. A a As ice Royise labourer being killed to a lamp of imbuing on his head the ver facts and fit a res. A Man in Portland me., has imported twelve live alligators. Last year 1,400 sheep were killed by dogs in five counties in Maine. A the rothschilds Are s i 1 to have lately lost enormous sums of Moey. The state of Iowa reports 8,770 sheep killed by dogs in Twenty eight counties last year. Five new York ladies Are declared to Jive ruled for Paris by a recent Steamer to have their faces enamelled. A wedding was Given in new York the other Day at which the presents received were valued at fifteen thousand dollars. Quot Cash quot boys Are no longer employed in most of the Large dry goods stores in new York. Girls Are taking their places and it is said they make excellent substitutes. The official executioner of Paris suggests knocking criminals on the head with an Iron Mace As a pleasanter and neater Mode of killing them than by the Guillotine. Indianapolis has eight coloured physicians and one student in the medical College also one Law student one Telegraph operator one insurance agent and two printers All coloured. Jambs Black of Washington ark., now an old Man and hopelessly Blind made the original Bowie knife according to a plan furnished him by the celebrated colonel Bowie. A Dino the last 60 years France and England have each Granite 80,000 patents. During the same period the United states has granted More than 100,000, and rejected 50,000. Quot Bethesda quot is the title of a charitable institution founded at Savannah gla., by Whitefield in 1740. Its one Hundred and thirtieth anniversary was recently duly celebrated. Thorb is Ajou rnai in Paris published in the japanese language. It is in the shape of a memorandum Book without backs and is edited by m. Rosy a professor of Oriental tongues i the Royal agricultural society of England will offer prizes at the annual show to be held in Oxford in july next to the amount of �3,398, or about $16,000, on cattle the prizes amount to �1,052. Thorb were 4,754 marriages in Connecticut in 1869, 8,417 deaths and 12,481 births. The number of divorces granted during the year was 491�?being one to Eai h 9 7 marriages. Of the divorced 337 were wives and 164 were husbands. A Marla Ken who has the charge the gymnasium connected with the of Ford to University England reports of the first 100 names on his Book As they arrived at the University their average height 5.825 feet and average weight 132.980 pounds. Gun Iqbal Boynton of Augusta me., had a Bullet extracted from his hip recently which he received in the Battle of dry s Bluff. The Ball had moved seven inches from the Point of Entrance and was deep seated. It had produced great suffering f r six years. The foil Wing Are the number of beats pros cond fur the wings of each insect mentioned the common Fly 330, the drone 240, the Bee 190, the Wasp 110, the Hawk Moth 71, the dragon Fly 48, and the cabbage Butterfly which is inaudible 9 beats per second. An association has been formed under the title of the quot Northern Ohio pair association quot with Headquarters at Cleveland the capital Stock being $300,000�? the object of which is to give an annual exhibition of live Stock agricultural mechanical and other local industries. The deep soundings made in connection with the laying of submarine cables show the average depth of the Atlantic Ocean to be 12,000 feet the deepest part of the oct an is on the american Side near the Newfoundland Banks where an immense Basin exists whose depth is supposed to exceed the height of the Himalayan Range. At Munich recently the Royal theatre was to play Schiller s quot maid of everything was ready for the performance when an order came from the King quot let every Knight who appears in the maid of Orleans Wear no it was the King s theatre and As he pays the actors there was no help for it All the actors had to submit to the razor. A woman in Franklin ky., while recently carrying a bucket of butter on horseback was savagely attacked by an Eagle measuring seven feet from tip to tip. Making two or three passes it almost knocked her off the Horae and Tore her neck and breast in a frightful manner but she dismounting dealt it heavy blows with a club and findly killed it. All the fanciful styles of parasols which were More or less in Vogue last summer have passed away. Even the pretty shades which were so daintily ruffled Are considered a a a a a. Their place is usurped by the Sun umbrella which May be of Pongee or silk lined or unlined scalloped or Plain. Lining and trimming Are matters of taste but size is essential if a lady desires to conform to fashion her parasol must be Large. Abo Tirc three Miles North of Wilmington Between the Xenia and port William r lads stands a Sycamore tree truthfully be called the Monarch youths department. Which can of the Woods. This tree is about forty feet in circumference at the ground. Ten feet from the ground its Demeter is ten feet about thirty five feet from the ground it divides into four monster arms each of which is of the thickness of an Ordinary Forest tree. This old patriarch stands alone. In Germany at Large the consumption of Beer has increased a Hundred per cent within the last Twenty years. Unto 1841, brewing was an aristocratic privilege Lim ted to nobility and clergy though As Early As 1795 the monopoly had been so far relaxed As to permit the people to brew for their own use but not for Market. The present policy of the government is to protect and stimulate manufacture providing the people with untaxed Beer even at Royal Cost and loss. Huttt Robinbon is a new Bedford heiress of High business qualifications who makes a Semi annual raid into Wall Street and performs a Bear or Bull operation in Rea a Stock on a Large scale and with almost uniform Brilliant results to her own pocket she a known in Wall Street As the Princess of Wales and about six months ago bought fifty thousand or sixty thousand shares of her ii verite Sto a at from 94 to 95, and has recently realized at 106. By Selling out she brought the Stock Down suddenly to 103. These Little quot Corners quot serve to keep her in quot pin Money quot tax Selimi Rueien a Amer Tell the following Story when the first Rhode Ituna Battery went to Washington a pair of French horses Winch bad worked together were sent with it owing to difference of Coler they were separated and re matched but after the change one of their Trefa Loi and pined away so astobeinliae0rviceabl�, and to a App ances seemed sick Anto death. Ainemer of the batterer familiar with their history a new tit Horn a expressed the opinion that Ethe separation from his in Abri we the close of slowness a and at his yes a Wair Reti Enid to his place amp he began item Salt in beat a id quot sit his duty at the Ith in wishes Werb horses. By a turn Chester pred. Once upon a time the precise Date does not signify but somewhere about the time when water ran up Hill und beanstalk grew a Hundred feet hip he when gorgeous palaces sprang up like mushrooms in a single night and geese Laid Golden eggs in Short about the time when quot wishes were horses quot that happened which i am going to relate. Once upon a time then a Little girl was walking by herself through a quiet country Lane. Her name was Flor ill i and she was on the Way to spend the afternoon with her Cousin Myra. She seemed in no haste to get there however for she fluttered in and out hither and thither like a Butterfly. Now it was a Field mouse s nest which attracted her notice and anon she Pausel to listen to the lilting song of the Oriole or to watch the dragon Fly in his Thild Waltz Over the Pool. Thus engrossed she gave no heed to the weather until she Felt a drop of rain on her forehead and looking up saw that the sky which when she started from Home was As Blue As her frock had now become As Gray As Grandmamma s Best Pongee. Quot Odear o dear quot cried Florilla quot it s going to rain. It always Rair s when i want to go she hastened on but the great drops began to Patter Down leaving Long exclamation Points upon the flt Wing rib Bons of her hat and her pretty silk dress. She ran under an Oak tree tor shelter and stamping her Little foot impatiently exclaimed quot a wish it would Stop raining and never rain again never quot quot never is a Long time quot said a voice and looking up the child beheld standing beside her the Queerest Ligure that Ever was seen. He had a merry face All dimpling with smiles and although it was a h it Iman face it at the same time reminded one of a great Jolly Sunflower his hair which Hung Down Over his shoulders resembled ribbon grass and Over his Lead was a Bright Arch like a Rainbow. He was dres to in a suit of vivid Gre a and his shoes were made of the cups of the Nepenthe. In his hand he carried amp watering pot of Silver festooned with lilies and cowslip. Quot i am the Genius of the Weither quot said he. Quot i have heard your wish and if you Are really in Earnest i Sno ild like to oblige you. But consider Well Luver is a Long quot i am in Earnest and i Don t need to consider quot exclaimed Florilla. Quot of i shall be so Happy i quot quot Are you sure of that quot asked the Genius. Quot perhaps you have not thought How much depends on the rain. Suppose we begin with a week quot quot of no that will not do at All quot said Florilla quot for next week there is to be a picnic at Strawberry Island and the week pc after is my birthday and i am to have a party on the Lawn and the week after that i am to go with papa to the seashore and of dear me a week is nothing at All quot it shall be As you say quot said the Genius quot but take this Reed quot drawing one from the watering pot quot and if Ever you should change your mind one blast upon it will summon so saying he seemed to fade slowly away and to become absorbed in the Oak tree under which they stood. At the same moment the Clouds parted and the Sun shone out gloriously and with a Light heart Florilla tripped away i of her Cousin Myra s. When she went Home at Light she put the Reed away in a drawer quot just to remember the Genius by quot As she said to herself though she was quite sure she should never want to use it. Quot Fine growing weather quot remarked the Farmers one to another As a week passed on without a drop of rain Bat the second week they began to shake their Heads doubtfully the third to talk responding by of quot the drought quot the found a Universal Wail was heard throughout the land. The crops which had promised so Well now threatened to come to naught and housekeepers were at their wide end to contrive meals for their families without vegetables and pickles and preserves for Winter use without fruit a to the Washerwoman they ran frantically about the streets with pails and mops in their hands crying quot water water i quot when there was not a drop to be begged borrowed or stolen. The weeks went on and the Sun Rose and went through the heavens and set a lurid Ball its rays untempered by a Cloud As Large As a Man s hand. The Fields which the Mower s scythe had passed Over were dry and yellow. The leaves Hung sear and drooping and if a breath of air a stirred their silliness it was like the Simoon that sweeps Over the desert Florilla Learned that things can look very dismal events fair weather. But that was not the worst of it streams and Rivers dried up which had never been known to be dry before cattle were driven Miles to water and Many of them died of thirst quot men and horses fell Down with Sun stroke and at last a grievous sickness broke out Florilla heard a these things talked about but she was too Ucli a child to understand them fully. Still it made her feel uncomfortable and one Day when the conversation ran upon a ship at sea which was five Days without fresh water she quietly slipped out of the room and went Down to the Brookside. But the Brook was no longer there Only a broken Rocky Channel remained on the pebbly Bottom of which Lay Shoals of dead minnows. This shocked Florilla More than anything she bad seen for Between her and the animal world there had always existed a wonderful sympathy. Besides the minnows there was one old Trout who seemed to be just breathing his last quot poor fellow quot said Florilla i tingly quot Don t look so sad. I la take you Home and put you in the water Pau and then you la revive quot talk not to me of water pails quot said the Trout quot for Why should i wish to live when All my companions Are gone ? but for you we might still be distorting ourselves in the Cool water. You have always pretended to be our Friend but you live proved More hard hearted than boys with their fish Hooks. They Only kill two or three or a dozen at most but you have caused us to a it Erich by hundreds. Go away cruel child an<3 leave me to die in . Florilla turned away without Speakma and the next thing she saw was a Byrd sitting on a Bough with drooping head and Wing. Quot come cheer up Little Byrd and give me a song quot said she. The Bird raised its head feebly and said quot i and my mate Sang it your chamber window every morning just As the Day broke in Tiloa caused thi s terrible drought to come upon us but alas we shall never sing there again. Go Altug Littie girl for you have been More heartless than the boys Wil amp i Weir boils and Florilla went a Little farther and saw a to amp to Bee on a Thistle quot o you pretty Little Brown Bee show me where you keep Yon Lioney quot said she. Quot alas Sidd the Bee quot How can you expect me to gather Honey when Yoa have a a based the Flowers to a to ber and die ? i advise Yoa to Tom aws �1 to Quck As Yon von and Dion Dufa a key la dts a vat May sting Yoti to Deal Florida took the Bee s advice and has ened away. Pretty soon she came to a pasture where some cattle were seeking shelter under the scorched and withered Trees. The poor creatures were stretched upon the ground their tongues were lolling from their Mouths and they were panting with the heat quot a that is the Little girl who caused the Springs to dry up quot said a Fine Large of fixing his mild eyes reproachfully upon Florilla. Quot All our lives we have Laboured patiently for her and hers and this is the Reward we get quot quot and we quot said the cow quot although we have not worked in the plow or the cart we have Given her butter for her bread Cream for her strawberries and Mik to make her fat and Rosy and now she comes to Triumph in our misery. Go away go away ungrateful quot Well if this is the Way i m to be treated i May As Well go Back again quot said Florilla a and she ran As fast As she could toward Home. The first thing she saw when she came to her father s Yard waa old Dobbin gazing sorrowfully into the empty watering trough. Phe went up to him and laying her hand on his mane said quot come i see you have nothing to do let s have a Canter up and Down the quot my cantering Days Are Over quot answered Dobbin sadly quot Many a Long mile have i carried you and Strong As quot a am i have suffered you to guide me As you listed and yet in order that might go to parties and Wear Fine clothes you have deprived me of water through All these Long hot summer Days. I am so dry that t verily believe if you were to touch me with a lighted match i should Blaze up like quot just so with me quot said the Hen who was sitting on the pump quot and yet you expect me to Lay an leg for your breakfast every Day. How is anybody going to Lay eggs on an empty stomach i should like to know ? the Grasshoppers have no More moisture in them than so Many chips neither have the beetles nor the Squash bugs and As to the Garden i might As Well go and scratch for seeds and Grain in the gravel walk. Cut Cut Cut a get out get out quot quot o Bruno will you forsake me too quot cried Florilla throwing her arms round the neck of the old House dog. Bruno snarled snapped it her and Clearing the Fence with one bound set his nose to the West and darted away away till he plunged at last head Foremost into the great round red setting Sun then Florilla threw herself upon the ground exclaiming quot there is no creature loves me quot the precise words which King Richard the third uttered on bos Worth Field but it is not Likely the child knew anything of that. Quot there is no creature loves me 1" exclaimed she and sobbed As though her heart would break. By and by As she Lay there weeping she chanced to remember the Reed which the Genius had Given her and wiping her eyes on her Little White Pinafore she went to her Bureau and took it from the drawer where it had lain so Long. Then she stole to the Garden and concealing herself behind a tall Sweet Brier Bush blew a faint Silvery note. In an infant the Genius was at her Side. Quot Well what now quot said he. Quot rain to give us ram quot said Florilla. Quot certainly if you wish it quot said he quot but remember to Morrow is the picnic at Cedar quot no matter for the picnic quot cried she. Quot and sunday you want to Wear your pret a it Palt Green frock which water spots you quot i cau Wear my old Serge and my and ing Hood quot said Florilla. Quot Hority Stoity Here s a change indeed but perhaps you Are thinking of a Shower Only while nothing Short of a week s storm will put things where they were before. Just think How dismal it will be to Stav in the House looking at the weather cock and wishing it would Stop raining and never rain again, quot i shall not be so foolish again quot said Florilla blushing to hear her own words repeated by the Genius. Quot Thea you Don t think you Are quite Wise enough to manage the weather quot quot o to quot Good but mind you must never complain of my management even though it should sometimes Cross your quot i never shall for i shall be sure you know quot excellent i see you have Learned a Good lesson my child and devoutly hoping that you May not forget it i bid you Adieu till we meet quot Adieu quot said Florilla but the Genius had already faded away and there remained Only the Sweet Brier Bush nodding in the sultry Breeze. That night Florilla was awakened by the pattering of rain upon the roof but no music had Ever sounded to her so Sweet the storm raged for Days but no weather had Ever seemed to her so Delight tul quot Ven at last the Sun shone out again he shone upon a world refreshed and rejuvenated the Trees and grass bore the tender hues of Early Spring the Flowers looked up in thankfulness the Brooks went on their Way rejoicing to the River and the River moved majestically on its quot grand March to the the Birds Sang the bees gathered Honey the Hen cackled Over her new Laid eggs Dobbin frisked and catered As in his col Hood the fishes darted joyfully through the sparkling water and every living creature in its own Way and manner joined in the general jubilate. When one Fine morning old Bruno came trotting in at the East door As if he had just returned from a journey round the world Florilla s happiness was Young folks. A Wise old bog. The Portland press tells some remarkable stories of a dog that belonged to a or. Skillings of Bangs Island in Casco Bay when desirous of a change of life he would swim to Portland a distance Over two Miles and after passing a week visiting return. He would sometimes be found at commercial wharf by or. Skin Lings after several Days absence sitting in his boat in which he had come to town and awaiting or. Skillings coming on Board to take him Home. He had accompanied or. So Ming at various times to Watt s Lodge near Richmond Island seven Miles from Bangs Island on gunning excursions after sea fowl and he waa a most excellent retriever. On one occasion As the dog was getting old or. Skillings left his House without him and As necessary for sea fowl gunning before Daylight. The dog finding his master gone swam to Cape eh2aibeth to some part of the Shore which required nearly swimming a mile and went to Capo Elizabeth lights a Dis Toce More where he remained until passed in his boat on his return when the dog swam to the wat Raan aboard and returned Home with his master. On another occasion or. S. Shot two sea fowl whue he was standing on top of Bald head eighty feet above the Seal the dog made directly for the water by running Down until he approached the precipice thirty or forty feet above the water when he leaped in seized the two fowl and swam with them around to the Cove. A common excursion for him in his latter Days was to swim to Hoase Island merely to play with the sheep who Chi though play to him was a great worry to them for they in their fright would make for the water and too Many of them being drowned the owners were compelled to shoot him. People who Are carious in such matters May discriminate As they please Between instinct and reason and How much less than reason was shown in some of the above cases. It is Well suggested How even that a a dog instinct appears More elevated at least than a Low order of human reason. That played the other the quot in eries the so called game of definition. The question was ask tel quot what is a usurer quot one of the generals present replied quot a banker who lists quot Bat then what is a banker quot wits the next question. There was Macli i Jerri ment among the Diston gashed a a web present when the same replied unhesitatingly quot a a Soissa who a us

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