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Williamsport Review Republican (Newspaper) - December 27, 1917, Williamsport, Indiana If a i he review Republican new series. Vol. , warred county Timur slav dece Hiek 27, 1917 number 10six Are a ill in cupid s snare sir am tar Rev plan hits Cost news from our Soldier boys Barnard to turns after conf Vence with Hoover on Success in other cities. Liae Alt trck7 r to held As a fugitive from Emerson j. Daris november 27, 1917 my Clear folks from Cecil ii aunt somewhere in France we Are having a slight touch of folks Winter today about two inches of is said to Hare Slot Man to Brawl in House oat on Wabash a year ago. Is passed away the following is taken from the the Gash and carry plan. A a a a a a a a clerk Cowgill issued licenses yes buying and Selling groceries is one 5now and quot now a quot Cordra a so Ware our letters of october 13th and Lafayette journal of the War service activities that doing much. Reached me today. The Harry Tucker aged 51, a former has the greatest enthusiasm Barracks and a re is very Uncertain general Foreman of the local Street from Herbert c. Hoover National a a your letter of october 24th reached car line was placed under arrest As h. A so big Levi me we a however All a fugitive from Justice last night As Oei Ieve me we certainly go go or or later. To. Ter Day to three Arem married same Day. Food administrator according to h. _ e. Barnard Federal food adminis up no tote quot yet so alighted from an East bound a Trator for who recently re j hardly wait until meal week has been an exciting Bash train at the Wabash depot turned from Washington where he one for All a i quot a the marriage of Luther Mann of a conference with or. Hoover. Thing about it is we a quot quot was a life Long resident of Warren taken 111 Short time ago. Of us. For sometime about 8 20 o clock have been expect in a tvs Annii it a Elizabeth r. Messner died Satur ing. The couple left on no. 6 for a through this plan that new York plenty of ing a Man in a Houseboat on the a monday morning conducted by Rev. Short wedding trip.,.seattle Chicago and tel while grocers Bankets to keep us warm at in Trot o clock Bash River nearly a year ago the Jhn e. Mccloud and interment was the Groom is were enabled to sell the outside we move around a quot evening the shooting taking quot place near inde at the Hillside cemetery. Norcro nun of a was born in West Leba noticed a Man an december 31, As 71 tion of Tucker is s. H months and 21 Days old at rain going wet death. Quot lib quot As she Arthur r Graves formerly of tex or. Barnard brought Back the Fol Hobnail shoes Are not very Wai m i Vernoon. The restaurant lowing message along this line from unless you have heavy socks. A temporary wire Ca e 5 00 p. M. And shortly before generally known lived Pratti built near our Camp s 00 o clock someone called had in Warren county and this was soon filled with about quarters from West Point saving which was spent in a a the i am Roine to have Manv thirs to of train there but took the next in Tho dist cd mph in Early a residing in the Northern end of the quot the greatest reduction in the i am going to have Manv things to our. Of i and train there but took the next Gnu in in Early Nie county ere quietly married by Rev. Price of food must be made at the think Fol for this thanksgiving a x is be about Liddle a zzz to a end quot she. John e Mccloud at the court House grocery store. The cereals vege conditions Are better than i had a % a out mme age Bresnehan and Prough were on hand to Ine Ena. One was a on wednesday of this week. We sex tables meats and Dairy products them figured and on onions Picov t via or a Xvi a or a a sign the tramp in Piil cd in Cirr st a i a. tar quot a be. But f thankful for our by. It was Iau a t. A Are inevitable in War times but and seeing just what to envy that Nai Tucker is said to have owned a High distribution costs can be Cut he never thought of before. Astonishing How Little rancor there. And was a congenial companion Lov tend congratulations to the Happy must continue High. High prices ing out things to be thankful quot for our boys. It was really quot quote by All who knew her. Astonishing How Little rancor there River com tace be is survived by two Brothers a e. L. Messner of this and j. Young couple. While nothing can be Learned of and must be Cut. Veg a a a a a a a Uji a j i Ivy vul t tween Independence and Williams quot quot quot the exact time and place of the wed Tail grocer is needed to n t Leah to yet should visit Etta s the v str Cuttle k pm where he was in the habit of quot Ica two nephews on Ding our Good Friend de Kerst the wholesale Market fth quot Biu Clave and i w4t our ton and other stg if off the entertaining members of the Scarlet mail Carrier on route 3, secured the Jug consumer. To the Woods sunday , Coats and gave them to us for Sou other relatives and friends. Venir -. It seemed mighty queer Drunken Brawl became enraged at raise War Relief funds License yesterday to marry miss Fly extravagant and waste til meth French for sunday and Issie Weaver daughter of John w. Mistletoe. I sent de to a lit that these were the same men who pay _ Weaver superintendent of the coun housewife who Tele tie Box of it and she will ave you a re fighting us less than ten As Overly attentive to the woman William snort schools this vet to farm. Details will be Given later. We trips Man quot of Iron the have is a very posed co or who runs up Large grocery Bills we Drew our Gas masks today. Tuesday but is still going on along a ?. U the quot War Relief fund quot and have great drive going Oyer because her grocer is willing to of see they Are evil Lelling concerns a broke front. Probe Fly \000 to was fished out by the so of hts sum of $252 32 s my o err. own Bull Frog donors have been taken with very it. U amount was equally divided Between the red Cross drive for new Mem prices. Or a dog wearing a muzzle. On a tie less on our Side. You can read. Escaped and went to Mich y. M. C. A the Treasury of High school student already a member was Given a ers has been going on All Over the instructions we Don t about it in the papery which will Iron were he has been Ever since si2616 going into county the past week and for All reduces food prices have French As often As before. I give a much better Maccou it than i the shooting and it is thought when indications will go Over in Ood dictionary and grammar and can. Things have slowed us Qai g a he went to West Point he did not a read a men shape. The drive was to have been a concluded last week but owing to Thrift less or improvident who self. It was Rathe a a. Refer to but on credit and make on to the pronunciation a s the weather conditions. Last night the been decided to Over this week. Shape. The drive was to have been picking it up a Little by my bit tonight and there is very Little quot get with the reception at the membership out of these funds ?95. A a Lazy. Thrift less or improvident who self. It was rather difficult to get firing probably because of the bad Annfa of a re Active that be was handed in to the local Chap the bad weather conditions it has pronunciation a s the weather conditions. Last night the petting and immediately left. Or ton were already member extend the time grocer s boy run their errands words Are not pronounced As they fireworks looked like those of a the sheriff of Fountain county Vas making 105 members in All. A Large a f 4-u i of food costs will quot be you ally Low but Are spelled. I wish you would Send fourth of july Celebration on a notified immediately after Tucker s service Flag has been put up with ports Are in from the dit Erent to in required to Pav for both mean old geography and an algebra Large scale. Arrest who told the �.,Cal police he Tho full nun 1 or of Small crosses at a credit and As i am hungry for something to Well so much for the War. I am would be after his prisoner this it ached. The Bali Nee of the red i \ tomes next quot in quot some i grocers do not like the study. Well quot and getting along Fine. I have morning. Cross share $31.16, v. A. Hana i cd a up Cash and carry plan said or. Bar i wish Vou could see us or i could plenty of Good clothing and Blank the county organi -.aion. And s is third with 130 quot Ard in discussing the plan. Quot they Tell Vou just How we Are located but ets with a Good hut to sleep in. Home folks in Moyies recent notice to Stock to assist registrants Wott trip solicit pm to join talk loudly about the ervice they it is impossible. You have no need the weather in t very cold but the Dol the Mother with the Little to worry. U. S. Is looking after his wind is very bad. Moving pictures of the two and Ioina and do it Elad children who can not go herself or soldiers 0 k. Clark is sitting by the i spent a night in a town about 20 id Cross drive made by 64 West a meeting of the Stockhold quot x Send to the store for bread and of fire toasting his shins and smoking Miles from Here this week. This was Lebanon ladies when they husked the Warren county Bank i the hardship it will be for the wife an old cob pipe. His face is covered my first night s sleep in a bed for Over 400 bushels of Corn on the farm held in the banking rooms at of the weekly wage earner to pay with a week old Beard and he looks six months. While in this Village of Frank Goodwine will be shown at o clock on january 2, 1918, for tha Cash. Such grocers know nothing of like the Cross Section of a hair mat i visited an old Citadel about 400 the Banner theatre in that place on purpose of electing officers for the the following men have been a the plan of the food administration Tress. Nevertheless he is in Good years old. It happened to be Market tuesday january 1st. Three shows coming year and for the transaction pointed by the local exemption 0 one has any idea of eliminating spirits. Day and All the French peasants will be Given As follows 7 o clock of such other business As May come Board to a in the registrants fill out necessary deliveries or refusing this will reach you about were buying and Selling produce. 8 15 and 9 15. The greatest thing before the meeting Board to help the registrants helpful. Carlmas i am wishing you All a they had Large numbers of White that Ever happened in this part of j. H. Van .-e.d, cashier. Quot the plan stripped of All frills is merry Christmas and a Happy new pigs in litle pens about 18 inches in Jef quot quot height. These pigs seemed very folks you know garbed in Miscella install Lino Ghai it a much contented and when one of quot eos attire and busily engaged in _ them was sold it was dumped in a the unusual stunt of husking Corn. The questionnaires Sterling Cooper Pine Village. Henry g. Chandler Marshfield. This the grocer Marks his Stock in year. Harry Waddell and s. S. Daugher Plain figures thus granulated us with love to All to Medina. A Gar soc Rio Coffee 20c soap 4c Emerson j. Davis them was sold it was in the review Republican us it i Edgar a. Wood Lee Evans Harold Rice 9c, making on each article list Bat. H,7th regt c. A. Sack and carted away in a wheel bar up thru. Iam sport edited by w. Merle Odle m. Pence and or. E. C. Hack Jordan de a reasonable profit but adding american expeditionary Force Row. I can imagine what would Hap quot quot has made another stride Forward and Oscar Larm Pine. Nothing for delivery or credit pen if an american pig were treated other reels of of pictures be Frank j. Goodwine and Earl Ham charges. Thomas Powell jr., came Home i quot this unceremonious fashion. Of red Cross quot when a delivery is made of a last thursday to spend a week with i am sending you a package this the phone order he charges for that de Home folks. Quot army life seems to week. Let me know if it reaches livery. 5 cents or 10 cents or what agree with him As he is much in you. Don t Send me any clothing Ever quot the Cost is. And if the Bill is proved in health. Other than socks etc., unless Ilet not paid on delivery he charges for you know that i need them. It is Oscar Larm Pine. Nothing Frank j. Goodwine and Earl Ham charges Ilton. West Lebanon. F. L. Clark Steuben. Robbery at Independence Hurt in fall of wiil Erle Odle has made another stride Forward and this week installed a Lin graph that quot you can Tell enable them to set All of their Type by machinery doing away Witk the hand set Way. The machine is the first of its kind to be installed in Warren county and will prove to be a wonderful help to that called a physician who attended him. Installs Vulcanizing Plant Joe Albright has installed a new Noi paid on delivery be charges Jor on ii x saturday Mornine As Isaiah a of t quoth the grocery store of George Mun entering the Sale on his books and Roy Van sickle and John Balser n t possible for me to carry around Attica Tribune. Son at Independence was broken in carrying the account. The Cost Var came Home thursday on a four is any Large amount of clothing. Post office he stubbed his toe on the quot to to last thursday night arid a Small ies but the experts fix it Between furlough from Camp Taylor. They with love to All a dislocating amount of Money was taken. The 2 and 3 percent. Returned to Camp sunday evening. Shoulder. He went Home and Post office was in the same room. What Are the results to the Gro the quot robbers broke into the building or and to the housewife of Intro the. Then a ame up through the cellar. Quot quot quot i quot ii to. Ruffin it num quot by of hebrews is now in a precarious condition and quot first the grocer at the end of Are hundreds of them already on not a Multi client number 01 Teorey a Chine is a steam vulcanized and re Suriff Mcferren was called and the ninth under the new system record Are Selling food 10 percent in any one brigade to justify the requires the services of a trained mutilated tubes blow outs and he int of the Wox ors m kinds that he needs but one delivery cheaper than they could under the building of a Hall by this Organiza z Lna me to a he has secured the ser hands at Danville the docs took of instead of three. Two of the old extravagant delivery and charge tion. Ii vices of Howard Tate an experienc in Sce Fand it about a a boys can enlist and serve at the plan. They Are making More Money the american Library association fight to up l through although he p i la West of in Lendence font instead of at Kitchen doors too and last of All they Are real has raised a fund of Over $1,000,000, is getting listed Orgolini 5n at a Gate of if aim the delivery wagons Are old Cut merchants now not free errand boys and is erecting special Library build expected. Tiny quot out repair and depreciation for carrying yeast cakes a window and v a. To quot quot. Quot grocers who have changed their Headquarters in Young men s Christ owing to his advanced years the Garag a and pm Edton do a basement window and Pic no the can and carry Plant doing business and there Ian association buildings. There is injury brought on our wok in Good shape the a is getting along As Well As could be will be guaranteed. House. Whether this proved or Dis mile Ings in the Camps. Proved anything definite we Are in charges two horses have been turn-.,whenever mrs. Brown phones that Able to learn. Working capital and the out she is already to bake her bread and dissolve partnership fire at Lafaye be notice to water users on the same night the elevator at i a Hay and Grain stopped. His i forgot to order yeast cake t during the past cold weather the the firm of Billings amp Mehaffey a cuyp Riverside was broken into but the Cash receipts have trebled and his you Send one up right away demand on the water Plant has far dissolve partnership thursday of / j thieves got nothing. A edit charges correspondingly i exceeded the demand for water Dur ing to the fact that the Junior Mem Jan $80,000 fire loss was sustained when credit charges correspondingly did a times Are hard on conserva exceeded the demand for water Dur ing to the fact that the i of Mem than a Dot six finished. More Cash Means More tion methods of Doine business the previous week and has taxed ber Carl a. Mehaffey is preparing building notice of an adjourned term to buy goods and Ssu knows not a events the capacity of the water Plant to for military service. Or. Billings sch had notice of an adjourned term take discounts. It Means less Book a of a pay and demand is sus jts Niit and the pumps have not has purchased his partner s interest Christmas gifts were All con Viii Lic twin Able to Aret enough water Dumn and will i Ive his individual Atten ,. A a a keeping less postage or Bills less a ded in what and Sugai stocks of quot of a quot quot individual a worry Over slow customers less lost Short but if in these extra or to keep the reservoirs full in tion to the business hereafter. Case of fire quot on account of the leaks Auto repair Man was severely burned when the gasoline exploded. A was entirely enveloped in a mass of an easy wat to help fx., be it remembered that on the 19th accounts. Hinnov tim pc the Procor learn it Bow Day of december 1917 that being the. A s basins Rand to quot and waste by letting the water run Shipp a car loads 30th judicial Day of said term and whet he wife that a trip to Market is health Dwter ving in a critical it appearing that a business not made a living or lost Money the Ful exercise and profitable withal in Tenn to w condition at the Hospital. The build having been disposed of therefore Cash and carry plan makes it easy we shall come out of the turmoil a a a a a a to 1 of 1,� Wilmer Sheffer of Williams a and contents were partially Cor this term of court is continued As for him to take Stock and find out with real and permanent a onto or a one rate 01 our shipped a car Load of horses ered by insurance. Said november term and As an and How much it costs him to do bust tvs. Is l �1 Plymouth tuesday night Des _ journey term thereof to be Holden Ness. Rorr ant7ittons roof rate h a cd Lvpl i if quot on the first priday of january 1918 �0 us. Organizations cooperate on per Day it and a Stream h much Sheffer has shipped forty on the first i it riday of january Luis a second the housewife knows what in diameter will let 13,650 Gallons f horses out of Mir to dispose of any and All matters she has bought for she got it her while the Young men s Christian per Day get away. Please look of a a a a quot to most of them h in info beginning next monday the pending or which May come before self Over the counter. She saw the association is the largest body do ter the leaks you May find an shinned from Plymouth and Valley poultry association it All to be done pursuant to the Price before she bought and got welfare work among the United help to save the water for use in a a a a a Gene bulk of quot these horses fourth poultry show in statute in such Case made and pro what she needed and could afford. States troops other organizations Are Case of fire. To the French army to nov Williamsport. This year the Asso video she paid Cash and saved 3 percent cooperating. The knights of Colum citation is going to give one half the \ in witness whereof i have Here credit charge she took her supplies bus a fraternal organization in Buick roadster for Sale Mouth Herald proceeds to the red Cross and into Jet has a and a. L Twet four a Date a it i a. Ppm a t = rid st ,, , j. A dat to Cli a will. A 19th Day of december 1917. William Cowgill. Of the grocer she fed her family for benches phonographs player pianos Anderson. $3 a month less or 10 percent. And moving picture apparatus and other10 percent is a real reduction in facilities for entertainment. Sixty the Wabash Valley poultry Asso stared probably 1500 horses have cause and creates interest in been been take from the county. The show. For further particulars Call or see , the Secre Joe Green came Home from Camp the Cost of living. But translated five Halls Are now in operation open citation will hold its fourth annual owing to changed conditions since tary. Bring or Send your Birds bar Shelby last week and spent a few into actual figures that is about to men of All denominations. Exhibit next week beginning Mon last week i have decided to with tuesday noon if possible and the As says Here with his wife and other what the Cash and carry plan Means the Young men s hebrew Assoc a Day december 31st, and closing Jan. Draw my resignation As janitor of Socia tion will look after them the relatives and friends. To the consumer. Tion has made arrangements for 5th. / the court Mcferren. We want you there. 4 v Ivi a v Ausa. Do c

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