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Wichita Falls Times Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Wichita Falls Times (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Wichita Falls, TexasYour Hometown newspaper established May 14, 1907 today s chuckle hire was a time when a fool and his Money were soon parted. Now it happens to everybody. Volume la no number 7 we in it�te0 weather forecast warmer tuesday a associated press Wichita Falls Texas monday evening May 20, 1963 a a a 22 pages phone 322-s241price 5cwhite Only state Laws ruled out Tariff Cut Deal offered by eco by Carl Hartman Geneva apr the european common Market countries agreed today to american demands for across the Board Tariff cuts. This apparent reversal of position was aimed at ending the dead logic Between the worlds two greatest trading blocs. A a a Geneva apr the United states and the european common Market today rejected Compromise moves by each Side to end their deadlock on Forth Cui icing world latiff talks. Some delegates said the idea was gaining ground that Only a direct understanding Between president de Gaulle of France and president Kennedy could end the deadlock. Legislators due spending Bill Austin api legislative budget makers put the finishing touches on a record $3.1 billion appropriations Bill at 4 . Today then sat Back and waited for the tedious Job of printing and assembling to be completed. All that remained to be printed on the Bill was a Short Section dealing with funds for higher education. Rep. W. S. Heatly of Paducah said the Bill would be assembled and put on House members and senators desks quot late today or at the latest by Early a there win be a few opposed to spending and trying to make a record but i Biuk the conference committee report will be accepted a he said. The spending Bill takes care of state spending needs for the 1964 and 1965 fiscal years beginning sept. 1. But at the same time the six european countries demanded that in return the United states agree to an automatic formula for adjusting gaps Between High american tariffs and lower european ones. West German economics minister Ludwig Erhard claimed credit for the new proposal which he said he thought would end the deadlock with the United states. Up to . French finance minister Valery Giscard Deestaing said a a it a for the americans to the full session of the 73-nation general agreement on tariffs and trades conference marked time while the common marketers and the americans cockeyed for position. Chairman Hans Schaffner of Switzerland called off an afternoon meeting but agreed to preside at a special evening session of the disputing sides. Crux of the situation is that ministers of the common Market countries a France West Germany Italy the Netherlands Belgium and Luxembourg insist on reductions in individual . Tariffs they considered too High As Well As agreed general cuts. Equal cuts the . Delegation has insisted on equal percentage cuts from both sides with a goal of slashes As High As 50 per cent. It wants to open formal bargaining sessions May 6, 1964. A common Market official said no Date could be fixed for bar gaining talks until the United states and the Trade bloc agree on an approach. He said the common Market would agree to a Date if the United states consents to handle the High Tariff problem on the same level As its proposals for across the Board 1 cuts. Astronaut relaxes big Day tuesday negro sit in convictions void Washington apr the supreme court threw out today the convictions of lunch counter sit in demonstrators in four Southern states and declared it unconstitutional for a stale to require segregation and use its Powers to enforce it. Wheat Farmers vote tuesday Handicap no Hajj dec pm Scottsdale Williams of Scottsdale Coronado High school executes a series of gymnastic Maneu vers that helped him finish fourth in All around Competition in the recent Arizona state meet. Williams his left leg crippled by polio is shown performing on the High bar parallel bars and still rings. To keep his bad left leg from interfering he straps it to his right. A wire photo by Jules Loh Cape canaveral Fla. Apr with two Days of examinations questions and confetti behind him. Astronaut Gordon Cooper planned to do absolutely nothing today except relax. That a something that comes easy to a Man who can doze off while perched atop a rocket set to blast him into space. Asked at a news conference sunday if he thought his flight concluded project Mercury Cooper replied that it was his personal opinion that great gain would monumental appetites americans eat e n o u a it h canned food in one hour to outweigh the statue of Liberty 5 times they eat enough processed potatoes in one year to balance 37 Washington monuments. If your family is outgrowing your present Home you la find the House you need in Wichita Falls supermarket of values the times and record news classified Section. Turn Back to a quot Homes for Sale now. You la be glad you did. Three Bedro Oaas near Cunningham rider and midwestern. Attached garage. Washer connections. New Cha appraisal. $8,500. $30 Down Jio monthly 4116 Blanton. 4w-4858. A sold the fourth Day quot come from an extended Mercury flight. Then he tossed the question to or. Robert c. Seamans associate administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration. A we Are faced with a decision in the next week or so on another Mercury flight a Seamans said but said it is quite unlikely another Mercury manned Mission will be conducted. A the longer you keep Mercury personnel working on Mercury flights the longer you delay putting them on the gemini pro Gram a he said. Tuesday the laconic oklahoman with the Huck finn Grin will receive the National aeronautics and space administrations distinguished service medal from president Kennedy at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. Then he will address a joint session of cd egress and the following Day will go to new York for a ticker tape Parade. Today Cooper plans Only to rest from the one predictable after effect of his 34-hour cosmic adventure an Onrush of adulation front an admiring populace. His latest taste of it was a Homo and Heartfelt Welcome by the people of Cocoa Beach who turned out sunday along a 5% mile stretch of Sun drenched Highway and waved flags and Bunting and Beach towels and hollered a Well done april personal income jumps Washington a personal income increased in april to an annual rate of almost $455.8 billion. This represents an increase of about $2.5 billion from the March annual rate. Reporting these figures today the Commerce department said personal income was higher than that a year ago by almost $18 billion at an annual rate of 4 per cent. The department said most of the increase from March to april was in wages and salaries which Rose nearly $2 billion at annual rates. More than half of the payroll Advance was in manufacturing. Gains resulted chiefly from higher employment As Over All hours worked per week and average hourly earnings showed Little change on a seasonally adjusted basis. April was the third straight month that manufacturing payrolls have advanced. Last months Rise was the largest of the past 12 i months. At an annual rate of $96.5 billion the volume of factory payrolls was at a record High. The department said gains were widespread among individual manufacturing industries with the largest Advance in durable goods. Increases in metals and transportation equipment alone accounted for nearly half of the increase in factory payrolls. Coo weather follows Rains Little Hail damage seen by Katricia Cochran plummeted 37 degrees Ovorn if it in the Wake of a windswept thunderstorm that dumped potentially damaging Hail on area wheat Fields. A near record minimum was set monday morning alien the Mercury fell to 54 degrees from sundays afternoon maximum of 91. The record Low for this Date is 52 in 1952. Cooler weather is in the offing for a couple of Days As northerly winds monday threatened to Lipold afternoon Lemera Tures to about 75 degrees slightly below Normal. Winds at the . Weather Bureau were being clocked at 10 to 15 Miles per hour monday in con Trast to those of sunday which hit above 30 Miles per hour As they swept first blinding dust and then rain into the area. Tuesdays morning Low should be in the mid-50s with generally fair skies in tiie afternoon enabling some warming to take place. A High in the mid-80s is expected. Other area rainfall reports slowed Bonita 1.02, Electra .04, Mineral Wells .05 and Lake Kickapoo a Trace in Oklahoma Heald Sill Fiji Island quake Berkeley Calif. A a moderately Strong earthquake termed Strong enough to cause damage in in habited areas occurred at 450 . Today and was entered near the Tonga and Fiji islands the University of California Seismograph station reported. Incidentally Normal extremes 11-23. Hobart ,50 and it. For May 20 arc 82 and 60 degrees. During the height of the storm sunday afternoon Hail the size of Golf balls reportedly fell in Wilbarger county. But Bill Lehm Berg county agent said first reports revealed that very Little damage occurred to the wheat South of Vernon. Lehmberg was unable to determine monday Wii at damage might have been done to wheat in the Eastern and Northern portions of the county. A Farmer in the Punkin Center area Dan flipping said Tipiere was some Hail in the Community proper but no damage was reported. Although Frederick okla., had Hail measuring three quarters of an Inch no damage occurred. Rain totalled 1.06 inches there. Bowie had Small Hail which smashed some Neon signs while heavy winds which accompanied the rain ripped limbs from Trees. While Seymour reported 1.7f> inches of rain Only Light Hail rain in Knox county varied in Fuy from 1.02 to .06 inches. .08. In Wichita Falls the rain was most Welcome since the precipitation tally for the year is still considerably Beliinda Normal. Officially the City had .03 of an Inch Althou Gli greater and lesser amounts fell in other parts of town tie most recorded wast the Wichita Falls i Iines rain gauge at the Kemp Street fire station a Holcli Iliad ,110 of an Inch. The least was at the Warford and Sunset fire stations which showed .20 of an Inch. The weather bureaus .6,3 boosts the month s precipitation total to 2.15 while Normal for All of May is 4.60 inches. To Date the City has received 6.37 this year Losife Titan the Normal amount of 0.57 for the first four months. The pronouncement in an opinion by chief Justice Warren Means this no negro can be convicted of trespass for seeking six Rico in a a White Only restaurant if the state has a Law requiring Segre gation in Public eating places. The same principle would appear to apply to other businesses. Criminal mischief and in a Case from Louisiana the court threw out criminal mischief convictions of sit in demonstrators even though there was no a or ordinance requiring segregation. Warren said that in this Case coming from new Orleans City officials had said they were determined not to permit negroes to seek desegregated service. Consequently he said a a the City must be treated exactly As if it had an ordinance prohibiting such where does Liis leave the restaurant operator who chooses on his own to limit his customers to individuals or a particular race Uslice Harlan in an opinion taking exception to some parts of the courts ruling said a although the right of a Privat i restaurateur to Perate if he pleases on a segregated basis is ostensibly left untouched the court in truth effectually deprives him of Liat right in any state where a Law like the Greenville ordinance continues to a a a weather great Impact in their broader implications the decisions in these cases could live greater Impact on the Structure of race relations in the South than any other decisions since the c Wirfs hi54 ruling that school segregation is unconstitutional. These rulings were not the first in tie sit in Field it were the first to gel to the heart of the Issue. I he supreme courts first decision in a sit in Case was announced dec. 11, Zwil. The court then threw out breach of the peace convictions of 16 negroes who sat at a White lunch counter in Baton Rouge la. Capital improvements land fill garbage disposal is new modern method editor s note this is the fourth o a series of articles in the times concerning details of the proposed capital improvements program on which voters will pass judgment june 4. By Carroll copelin to most wich itans used to the smarting acid smoke which envelops most of the City on a Calm night $125,000 is a cheap Price to pay for a guarantee of being Able to breathe clean air once again. That a the Price voters will be asked to approve in the june 4 capital improvements program for a sanitary land fill. Titis Means of disposing of garbage is rapidly gaining favor in most of the larger cities. By utilizing the washes and pulleys of a Barren area for dumping garbage and then covering it with Earth and rolling it. Once useless land can become Ideal Sites for Parks Golf courses and some construction. No doors those who should know. Nested with this Type of opera thousands Tion and certainly no thick pall of Smoko to hang Over a City. A another Factor apparently in favor of this meth Oil Here is that the City has More than its share of the Type of land needed. Literally Wichita Falls Vicinity through a Little cooler monday afternoon warmer tuesday. High monday about 75, Low near 54 and Hijii tuesday in mid Lios. Nor he Central Texas partly Cloudy today and tuesday. Cooler today. A Little warmer tuesday. Low tonight 54 to 64. High tuesday 74 to 84. Oklahoma partly Cloudy today and tuesday. Extended f Ore c a s t i North Central and Northeast Texas Central and Eastern Oklahoma temperatures will average i near Normal in Southeast two of h i 11 a i to five degrees Belov a Normal Eise washed out land can be found a where. Normal High 7 North to both to the East and West of the a Softli Normal Low 56 North City along the Wichita River. Vest to 67 South. Little warmer another Factor to consider mid week. Precipitation favor of this Type of garbage quot a a �"8� Northwest disposal method is the saving in Man hours and travel now Neces Warren in the Baton Rouge Case said the convictions and jail sentences could not stand because tuesday. I evidence that the conduct of the negroes had disturbed the peace. Douglas repeated this viewpoint in an opinion today. Five major cases were involved in the rulings. Chicago a the nations 1,800,000 wheat Farmers vote tuesday on whether they want tighter wheat controls to curb production. This is the 12th referendum but the first in which Farmers who grow wheat on 15 acres or less will vote. Voting was restricted before to growers of wheat on More than 15 acres. The Small farm group outnumbers the Large acreage Farmers about 1,200,000 to 600,000. Thus the future of the Kennedy administrations attempt to control increased wheat production and rising subsidy costs rests with Farmers who vote for the first time on controls. If two thirds of the voters approve the new controls will go into effect next year. If the program is rejected acreage allotments will continue and Price supports will be available at about half of parity or around $1.25 a Bushel. There will be no marketing quotas or Cash penalties for excess production. The new program would Cut the 1964 wheat acreage 10 per cent from 55 million acres to 49.5 million acres. Wheat would be divided into two Price categories. Eighty per cent of the 1964 crop would go for Domestic food use and exports and would be supported at $2 a Bushel file rest would go for livestock feed and other non food uses and would be supported at $1.30 a Bushel. A Farmer who retired from wheat a portion of his old allotment would be paid by the government. Any Farmers who violated the rules could be fined and jailed. A new York a Secretary of agriculture Orville Freeman expressed Confidence today that Farmers will approve tuesday his proposal to maintain next years wheat crop at about 1.1 billion , with a High Price support. He said he believed the two thirds would approve the proposal despite a substantial uncertainty arising from the fact that for the first time 800,000 Small acreage wheat Farmers will vote. To i of acres v2 minute payer sary for loaded trucks travelling Froin the part of the City to the dump grounds All the Way across the City. A round trip like this is about 40 Miles in length and requires More than an hour. By moving the site to within about five Miles of the truck hundreds of hours could be saved annually not to then we Pray that thou would mention gasoline. This would enable fewer trucks to do the same amount of work now being done. To useful purpose occurring As occasional thundershowers through next five Days. The cold War is at stake in space program writes Roscoe Drummond columnist from Washington. Turn to Page 12. Episcopal ordination Cert monies will be held tuesday evening in Church of the Good Shepherd. See Story on Page 11. Rock cutting and polishing is business woman a Hobby. Times writer Martha Steimel has interesting article on Page 8. British writer Richard of red China. Page 22. P. Lister tells of three week Lour 1903, 6.37 1902, 6.47. Record Temi crate res this Date vow i amen. A Rev. R. L. Castle there is no offensive odor con it. Pleasant Baptist Church. Or cat within us u clean heart until we meet thee in that unblemished City not made by hands. In the name of him who hath i for thong who maintain that High 97 in 1939 Low .52 in 1952. Created that Fountain w Here our such an operation work Sunrise and Sunset souls May i e cleansed we Pray and would reduce the value Obj monday Sunset 7 32 in. Jr., property in the Western part of tuesday Sunrise 5 29 . I see land full. Page 2 a Sunset 7 33 . Wichita Falls Index weather data in wic Luta fails for the 24 hours ending at 1 . Amusements. 2217 monday 1 classified ads. 18-21 sports. .14-15 temperature a 19 53 1902. 1617 1 . Monday. 72 a Puzzle. 16 9 92 0� barometric pressure at 1 pm. Special services monday was 30.15. Rainfall .03 Inch inches precipitation to Date the Texas slate associated press wire. The associated press International and National sew wire. Times Washington Bureau headed by Bascom n. Timmons. Sue Flanagan special Austin correspondent. The newspaper Enterprise association exclusive feature and Cumic service

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