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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

White Plains Eastern State Journal (Newspaper) - October 27, 1854, White Plains, New York Fermi i a Sutton Al w it a i Foj Friday aft noon 17, him. Ronciak Homo Cutic co Corr ticket Ron Greene c. Bronson 0/ i Pip York. Fon a Oti Wai to Govor Kcjr Seuah Ford x of Erie. Tor aah at Commir Bjorr Clark Burnham of Cut Kano. Iron Insp actor of itar Pri sorr i Abram Vernam of Lhing Iton. Conf Reu Lonal Ivona Nallon. �0r in cokorkm9tn District Benj. Brandreth Vij coun coat of . J tor Bortt tuba Sven Gilbert s. Lyon of Whitt plaint. For us of the poor Jeremiah Wood of Lett Itoro. For Job Tob of pcs stouts William Lockwood,1 of Poitner Idree. To for a smelt first District George c. Finoia a j of of Torch saute. ,. For Abab Matt second District Lancaster Underhill of Cait Shetler. The demo Rofloc rehab Licau to Sluco or co grew. Velj Raul Well did Benjamin Brandreth Tho Dumo ratio Republican in Mineo for Congress in this District at Tho approaching Lection represent Tho interests principles and wishes of the constituency of the same District in the state Senate at Albany in 1850 and 1851and Well ably and a Tia Fao Torii will he represent them in the next Congress re say will because his Sena isrial course furnishes a Gua Rawjee of Hia Fidelity to the Public inter eau and general welfare anubis ability1 Baa been tested and. popular senti in it throughout tip District and the turn the ogled Wel of. Political affairs is just now Lakings we have no doubt of Hia election. The masses in the District do not want him tick rated and they will hot permit him to be. Of his election Tower hot prepared week ago to speak so confidently. But time a rapidly att log the current in Hia favor. I 1 1 1. If every elector in the District who really 4t\d a heart prefer the election of Benja Miu bran Retli to of any of the other Candy dates Casta his ballot for him on the Day of electro he without regard to tide issues and factitious restraints his majority Over All the other candidates combined will to a heavy one. should any refuse or no. Glet to do so Ali Benjamin by Audreth is in Able Man his in id is Clear Hia perceptions Quick and his judgment sound. Ibs knowledge of men and of the political affairs and in Trinio interests of th6 District and of the state is inferior to of no Man living in the District. To is an honest Man the lobby can not Purchase him. He stands above Aud beyond the Multi Fariola influences of corruption and venality which surround our legis latino it Alp. To is an Independent Man and will not yield his judgment and his con Cinco to Tho paltry appliances of tricksters and demagogues. The silly and contemptible vap Oring of a few wide mouthed and empty bended personal enemies against his business a lawful and in no sense dishonest or dishonourable business will not weigh against him at the ballot boxes. He com Iuen cd life a poor boy by Bis Talent per Saver once Energy Aud Good Fortune be has acquired a respectable competency if be a crime who of us tiie poorest even and most unselfish would not gladly Kommit the saute offence if we could . But in a Liberal Ami free hearted and has Given hundreds to the poor and unfortunate he Haa always exhibited the largest an most Benevolence year and a before lie thought of running for in office. That his enemies would also torture into 41 Wick Luesa and m but the people will not. Democrats will vote for Benjamin. Bran Dreth because he is a Democrat in heart and feeling in sentiment and principle and Lecausi be hat been fairly honorable and regularly nominated. Men will Vole for him without respect to party prejudices or parly Bias because he is Liberal and tolerant in primp Ciple and practice and a Mcaule no real sub bin tial party Benefit can be secured or Maiu lined in the present shape of political affairs by Bis defeat. We know hundreds of inde pendent whigs who will Vole for him and i Andreda More who no not party men. All such if we mistake not will give him their support. Xianu Saraa v n Uail Izill i waa Reno Rte. That or. Underhill our Assembly t fun Uidal would Dellna Tho . He will d no Anvil tiling lie will run and be elected the Timlic Arloua Are All Way. He can t be Defeated. 44 three dec a i a clerk there Are now three know nothings in the Field for Oong Reaa in Urie District. First u Bayard Clarke who was put on the whig Pickut by the unanimous vote of Twenty know nothing assembled in conf Nylon it sing sing under the whig Call and who had As Long ago As july or August obtained the nomination of a convention of know nothing held in the City of new York Price $5,000. He a lived latterly some times in West Chester and sometimes in new York. According to the new York directory he has an office now in Wall Street where he does business. He was drawn a a grand juror to serve at the last september term of the court of Oyer and Ter Miner in and for Tho county of West Cheater Button his name being called by the clerk he was excused in open court on the ground he had removed from the county. Next comes James i Whiting a new York lawyer who 44 roosts just to the lower part of this county it is said some of the Tine Bolding offices in the City and Pratti cing Law there All the time. The new York City directory for 1852-3, has it thus Whit ing Jas. lawyer 18 Park place House the legislative Manuel for 1854, has this under the head of Post offi Ces Kingsbridge new York county John p. Dodge Post master his friends say we adroit he now sleeps in the town of Yonkers perhaps be does but we do not know. He was put in nomination by a bogus affair it Stag sing on Tho 20th of september of which Owen t. Coffin was Tho head and torn. Yoe the Tail or Wise versa. We believe but one regularly appointed Delegate Abraham p. Brower of Rock land Hud anything to do with it. He acted with persons of Tho upper Assembly District of this county who after leaving the regu Lar convention of District held under u Call signed by John Thomas Yoe himself a member of Tho District committee on the 8lb of september it Purdys hotel Cro ton dam at which they appeared a con testing Dol Gatea from Collandt and Ossin ing but without waiting for Tho convention to pass of their claims to seats went Down stairs took a private room and with closed doors went through the farce of elect ing themselves delegates to the congressional convention. Notwithstanding the abrupt mr.,Yoe and or. Coffin with their bogus associates from their respective towns Collandt and Ossining not a Delegate followed them from any other town and Tho regular Conven Liou in the organization of which they bad participated kept straight along with its business appoint ing congressional delegates a. The regu Lar delegates met with the regular Conven tion at sing sing on the 18th of october when Rockland Putnam and both the As Bly districts of Westchester were represented and at which Benjamin by Audreth was nominated for Congress. The Yoe and coffin bogus gentlemen eight who represented do body but themselves appeared at sing sing on the 20th of september under the a withdrawn Call and after the regular delegates from Putnam and two or three regular ones Jam Rockland who went to sing sing to prevent mischief from Yoe and coffin with or. Govan a Eube Tiute Delegate from Rockland the Stockland democracy did not appoint him and could not u induced to Trust him had organized and unanimously adjourned to meet with the regular convention on the 18th of october the Yoe and coffin Bogut outsiders with the Eube Tiute Govan Aud one regularly appointed Rockland Delegate Brower met and went through the farce of organizing them Sivea into what they were pleased to Call a convention and nominated James r. Whiting a new York lawyer As a candidate for Congress in our Rural District. This bogus nomination or. Whiling accepted without suspecting he has said its real character. But to place himself in a favourable attitude before the regular convention he sent a let Ter through Hon. Russell Smith declining the irregular nomination. But or. Yoe and or. Coffin and Caleb Roscoe of the Weet Chuter Herald any win thug Baa not declined if to his letter to the regular. Cod vet Lon was a fraud and a learn now he intends to remain Field As a United american Aud Independent know no thing candidate the members composing Tho convention and the democracy of the District whom they were chosen to represent have then icon trilled with and Are insulted by the subterfuges Aud term versa tons of the new York lawyer Aud his Tom. Yoe in the Spring of 1844, James r. Whiling was u candidate for the native Arae Ricau Suomi nation for mayor of the City of new York against the democratic party. To further Hia objects head Rote a native american letter which was published in the papers of the Day. He failed a Hia schemes for the Nomi Hulion James Harper n whig nativist beating him in the convention. Harper was elected the democracy being overborne by the fanatical element of the time. Whiting helped defeat Tho democracy of new York than he is trying to a tent the democracy of Putnam Rockland and Westchester How. He voted for Taylor and Fillmore in 1848 for Harrison and Tyler in 1840. 11a is a member of the order of United Ameri cans in n know Kitbing and la a Chin Metilor with Bayard Clarka for Tea votes of those orders. So much fur whiling Hiah Ilion and i bogus nomination. The third and last rail a the auction or a is responded to by a bid from on Jainle 1111/ w an Independent free and easy do Oveat a do slash Hammer and Tonga candidate. Or. Bally u a lawyer of add natural Capati Leif Ollice no. 2, Tryon Row City Hall Square new York up Start and is n Memler of uie secret Tho Wolf can intr to Epcot As Tho know nothing Arrango enlist. Die whig county convention held at Pleiman Tville on Friday of last week nominated Letnar b. Tripp of Tarrytown for county treasurer Isaac g. Graham Ozonur , curly Llyd �. I mount f1ut, for superintend a of the. Noll in. H. Does t meet to b. A old a Merrims of a rail Clu. And a. 1,0 u not to Maroon. In let , for of Gnu Ion. Rary Art a it it alleged on on Ido a i. No for Tripp u .1.0 the cow and Mylot my Long u b. Or Iri a r of Ali. Know bought off on la o other to i. Y Noull noun Tod wrap time ago m of. to. of Clarko. Brother of us of new know nothing and ran. For la. Purpo of Tonj Uto a or a. Com Tang conf Orion in the. , a Gein Nti enl4r d inl0 by warned ,0 m to defeat Brandreth if to ble and of lli8 0rt b Wullich a njord loot clerk to other., , a. Non a we Mil co lw0 do. To. More ,not plan.,Bio, a Solhi unt lbs alms. Of i. Reel po.,Uon and object mind. Demo Lic by attempting to in �. It of Jok Knon nil Hing in m a re of Shrub practical joke if you will. They by be u of Yorktown elected Suprin Tendell of rain of i. Oratorio. Power., and merely lbs Tjerick w. , of Bhe. To exhibit a i eloquence on the Lump pfc who Rai cd to a curing tll0 -.nd, to make it , inc Denully help he Nomi Lioni waa nominated by la Bennra. To no. 2, Tryon Row qty Ball Tio 0rder for of form , new York no ukr. a find i noted for by lbs Koo make. Pretty Good j,, and u Rath Noil t i iou a d Clort Ndele a in i. . File will not be skely Tripp who e.ndid., Foroff Leo being,. 1.0 o Ora Ham who Baa not been Long in Tho order i where else at this election. None Bat those who desire to throw away their votes will be Likely to favor him with their suf Frage. Baily is professedly Down on Bri Bery and corruption and the trickery of conventions. But we Are inclined to think from what to have seen heretofore he is not slow in the Way of political operations and would not lie quite sure to Knock a Man he should happen to slip in to Hia hand a Cool Hundred or so especially in his present enfeebled and precarious state of health. Baily was a sick Roan a few Days ago and so was Turkey Accord ing to the autocrat of All Tho russian. But Baily has suddenly improved and Turkey is not without Pluck. But we dont desire to have it inferred to mean to insinuate if any body should happen to Alk Turkey to Baily he would on account suddenly become sick again. Good Bye Ben. Tho Ellmann candidate for con Grots. We Cut the following pointed article from Tho new York Tribune of tuesday last we just want to know and hone to be promptly told whether or. Bayard Clarke the whig nominee for Congress in the Wei Cheater District is favouring and will vote for Myron in Clark for governor and not for Daniel Ullmann. Or for somebody else to has written a letter on the Nebraska question which evinces proper Indig nation As to past wrongs but is not quite so Clear is to Tho Mode and measure of redress. Will or. B. Clarke let us know whom he supports for governor this is a perfectly free country Nigger always excepted wherein any Ono who has no shoe or boots has in inborn indefeasible right to go Bare foot hut As the whig voters of the Ixta District Are asked to support or. Bayard Clarke of the whig candidate they Havo a Clear right to know whether he supports the whig slate ticket will he let a Bear i Bayard Clarke will not answer these que Ries of the Tribune nor will he vote for and support the election of the whig candidate for governor. He waa first nominated by the Ulimano know nothing party at a meeting in new York Price $5,000-aod bound by his oaths and the obligations of Tho or Der to vote for and support the now no thing candidate. To has sworn himself out of the whig party but expects to whee dle Tho whigs of the District out of their votes because he waa nominated at a whig coup cation composed entirely of know nothing every Delegate thereto being a know nothing and several of them presi Dent of you May Call Pirila from the vasty deep but will they come when you do Call them no response will come from Bayard Clarke Mark . First District Assembly Nomina thou. The regular democratic convention of the first Assembly District re assembled pursuant to adjournment at mount Kisco to Day Friday and nominated of the first ballot in. George 0. Finch of North Salem As the candidate of the democracy for Mem ber of Assembly the nomination was made unanimous by Resolution and the Best feeling prevailed. Or. Finch has represented District in the Assembly heretofore and in a highly creditable manner. To is a gentleman of much intelligence of More than Ordinary natural capacities and is thoroughly acquainted with the wants and interests of the people of the District. He is a Democrat in heart feeling and soul and though of to be drawn off the course by his know nothing associates and induced to throw up the whig nomination for superintendent of the poor so to be in the Way of Henry m. Hart. We have seen the printed know nothing state ticket for this county. It has upon it the names of Ullmann Scroggs Williams and Sanders for state officers Bayard Clarke for Congress Leman b. Tripp for county treasurer Henry m. superintendent of the poor and Samuel c. Merritt for Justice of sessions and the Assembly ticket bears the name of Frederick w. Water Bury for the Assembly. Bayard Clarke sup ports this ticket Lemnus b. Tripp supports this ticket Samuel c. Merritt support this ticket Frederick w. Waterbury supports this ticket. The great Mogul in Tho order in this a Rombly District and chief manager in the congressional Dick Rich is a or. E. B. Morse now of West farms but quite recently of now York where to acted a n superintendent of the stables Uptown of a certain omnibus Lino. The first we heard of him was Hii appearance on the stand a a witness on the trial of Nehemiah Palmer of Mamaro neck for incest with his daughter Morse be ing summoned by Tho defence to impeach the character of the daughter for chastity a. Morsels evidence was important the girls character was impeached and the do Pendant Palmer acquitted. Our readers re collect Tho cose. Mureo is the right hand Mao of Bayard Clarke his chief operator and is gorged with Money. Die has arranged the know nothing local ticket to secure Clarkes election to Congress. La Man b. Tripp i a party to Tho arrangement. Are the whig and democratic parties of this county and congressional District to be sold like cattle through the secret Ope rations of men like these Are democrats like Gilbert s. Lyon to be crushed Down and whigs like Elisha Horton to. Be rudely thrust aside we Ahall see. Morse attended the soft demo ratio As Sembly District convention held at. This place Morse attended Tho whig Assembly District Conven Liou held at mount Vernon to nominate congressional delegates for Bayard Clarke. Morse has controlled the action of Tho whig conventions but to slipped up in Hia efforts to control the Dert socratic conventions. Not a know Noth ing nominee is on the demo ratio ticket nor is there a know nothing on it. Morse Pould not allow Elisha Horton a More respectable whig than whom does not live in the county to be in nomination on the whig ticket for county treasurer an office he has heretofore hold and the duties of which satisfactorily discharged because or. Horton a not a know nothing but a Plain whig. Plain whigs have no Chance under morsels know nothing arrangements if they Are permitted to be nominated it is Only for an office for nah Lacfi they Are put up merely to to knocked Down. A Call for information. Leman b. Tripp the whig candidate for treasurer of Westchester county is re Quested to stale whether to does or does not intend to vote for the whig suite and As Sembly tickets. Ten words will suffice to they be spoken York Tribune. Those ten words will not to Forth com i ing. Or. Leman b. Tripp cedi tar not agreeing in opinion with Ivory & _ for 8au, 0 h Erli Ond Fred. Body on Boll tide in our party di.iuon.,i w w,l0 Ljury for Awo Rabiy. To i. Nevert Belea Liberal and tolerant Nhi. Lwi kn0, nou i and p Doat allow do you 1 and u ready to Grant to Olharan to. Era. H be to Piunt a t of of i i1. Right of of Anion which to Coroa for himself. To i. Opposed to fallacy and. To me 0pcnii?0h 5 we believe voted against the Maine Law Bill ,8 following is an extract from uie sea when in to aunt ably in 1852. H. Not. Cwt of m4i april a fanatic on any subject and if elected a a r he will be if every Democrat in the District 1854 does his duty at the polls will guard Well Sec. 1. Die 6th sect Lou of Arloof due the interests of Hia constituents. 4 of part a of the revised staulup is Here Tho District i a hard one ordinarily for Hyo amended a to read As follows Tho a democratic candidate. It h badly mixed poll in the several due. And to the county up and conf mid now All round the Board of Westchester Bhaji be opened at Sun Tim or. Finches Chance however la a Good now and shall be kept open till As it waa when he a a before getting of Tho Sun and no Ndjoua Rameri and we quite confidently anticipate he sue inter Mikulon whatever Beall Lake place Cesa. The opposition to the. Maine Law will the same be closed naturally Centre upon him j if it does Bie Sec. 2. This act to take effect immediately. E enu rely satisfactory to All who like the editor of the Herald have been associated with every party ism and schism of which mention is made in the digest of politics tit whose acquisition and sup port whether voluntary or purchased have always been regarded by politician who Are governed by principles As an unprofitable Pott session a dead weight us n their surtax. Unsightly to took upon and detestable As it Burden or encumbrance. The editor of the Herald was a believe first a whig then put on the coat Oil an abolitionist and was made Secretary of an abolition society in Westchester county turned up after n free i inter Nhat it soft Shell spoils Man and now gratuitously tender a support to our state ticket in the Hope of theuring m Roward. Do i no Gnu a Peter Funk in politics ready to sell any thing under i Giaui Izier his Prii icicles Aiice As they Are included provided always Vejum Only brings him the tin or the Reidjr Flection return the next Purcal yep Deuce. A. Tho official returns from Tho filth District of a Niue Are not yet in and it is under Trio whether Milliken abolition Wiig or Fuller administration and anti Nebraska demo crat a chosen to Congress. It appears however quite certain Milliken will get the certificate. Indiana Electa to Congress Only two democrats Smith Miller in the first District and English in Tho second. Everything else has gone by the Hoard and it is Likely or. Petites place in the u. S. Senate will a filled by u free boiler. ,. Some districts in Ohio Are not fully heard from hut it is reported All 21 be members of Congress Are fits Louvat a majority of them whigs. We fear it is to. The 24th District of Pennsylvania Aledo David Barclay anti Nebraska de Ipock to Over Curtis whig and present member for Merly reported chosen. We class or. Hick Man in Tho 6lh District As a Democrat be cause to was opposed by a whig candidate and or. Grow Weir Aotoa partner and Suo censor we believe has always been considered a Democrat by the Washington Union. The following therefore is the Best Clausl Ficat Iun of the Etc his Aix members thus fab elected to the next Congress a compared with the complexion of the present members we can make 84tu cos Oatas. 88d co Baws. Bern. Opp atm. Gap. Arkansas Calito Ruia Florida. Indians Iowa Maine. Missouri Ohio there is one aspect under which these congressional election Are peculiarly important. It is the bearing they Inay have on the next presidency. Nobody imagine seriously the Congress now being elected will repeal the Nebraska Bill enact the Wilu Tol proviso or repeal the fugitive Law. The Senate will Stop All such attempts. The Moat important question a How will a majority of states vote should the presiden tial election be thrown into the House Fqy it Mut be remembered Northern sectional abolition convention is already called to meet it Syracuse on the 4th of july 1856 to nominate a Buffalo platform Cand Dato a whig this time for president. If the candidate of this dangerous convention should to one of three to to voted for in the Honse How Many mate will there vote for him thu above is a classification of eleven states four slave holding and seven non slave holding casting of course eleven vote. Of these eleven a National democratic candidate would receive four the Northern abolition whig candidate the Votee of Fie with Missouri voting for neither Aud Lwft Una by to Vole at All. It require a majority of All sixteen vote to choose a president by oils process. There is to danger of an abolitionist getting sixteen in any vont and As the Man does not live who ran chirp electoral votes enough on it sectional of tuft in if Tai to Sun in the presidency it u fit yet time to begin to despair of Tho rat Gull original stained ;