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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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White Plains Eastern State Journal (Newspaper) - October 27, 1854, White Plains, New York Iceland us dior mid proprietor. Thu null j 00 wbk annul in Advance. Vol x. White Plains Westchester county n. Yum Day afternoon october 27, 1854. No. 24. To Tift of f . if paid in and Tynce. $2 00. If not paid in Advance. Is 60 a Bluher of i to lust. Lashu nov paper Are Publ hed. By appoint Mai of Uia Board of super i or of the c00 and under 2000,10" m " Orer sink and under 4000,25 " " Over 400 1, 30 " Lew than half an scents for any distance less than 3000if not prepaid 5 cents. Orer 3000 Miles Ible these 20 2l g.2eia7 4 10,11 g 17 18 2 13 n i 20 21 3 27 28 cou11t Teh his i 864. Appointed by the Justice of the second Judi Cial distr my strict to be held therein Etc micral Torin. By the Justice of the second District monday of Jan a court House Ink Ernie , and thing. 1st tuesday of april City Hall by Kirklyn. 1d Libki welf. I Rockwell. Justice Burcul Strong lat tuesday of july. Court just face a Oculi 1st of , City Hall a Rocklyn. Justices prox re. , and Stockwell Jyh Preite court Cir cull and Oyer and Tirui luvs. Pm county of Suffolk. Circuit court and court / Oyer and ten ninth. At the court House. Id monday of March by Justice Strong. -4 the do May. -4th do october do do at the court hoi Jit monday of March by Justice Strong. County of Al Vas. Art and Conn of Oyer and at the City Hall Brooklyn let monday of february by Justice Rockwell cd do april do do 1st do june do do cd tuesday of september do Strong. Do november do do county of Kuci Iiron. Cd rms court and court of Oyer and Ter Miner. At tile court House. Id tuesday of May by Justice Bartulo id to n Ember do do county of we8tohhsthr. Circuit court and court of or and in ninth. At the court House White Plains. 2d monday of March by Justice Brown let tuesday of june by Justice Strong. Id monday of september by Justice Rockwell. 4th do november by Justice Brown. County of dutchess. Circuit court and court of Oyer and Ter Miner. At the court House of March by Justice Borculo. June do do september cd monday december do do county of Putnam. Circuit court and court of Oyer and Tennler. At the court House Carmel cd monday of May by Justice Brown. Id do october do do county of dockland. Al fault court anti court of Oyer and Ter Miner. At the court House. 4th tuesday of april by Justice Borculo 4th monday of october do Brown cof Niyoko Lanue. Circuit court and court of Oyer urn Ter Miner at the court House Loshen. Let monday of february by Justice Brown. Id do november by Justice Brown. At the court House Newburgh. 1 4 monday of june by Justice Brown. Spa del tonin will he held at the times and places assigned for balding the circuit courts and also when the justices shall not to engaged in holding other Touru pursuant to the appointments made in this Donler a follows at the City Iliili Brooklyn on the Tutun Oduy of each Usu at by Justice Strung and Rock Well. At the court House Poughkeepsie on the 1st a i Jay of each a Innab by Justice Borculo. At the court House Newburgh on the 1st m0u Day in each month by Justice Brown. I isl j All a. Hot Mitelli. Att lion 32j oot. Port clutter n. Y., oif Urs his services to the up hic us auctioneer on the Imus in terms. Sales of real and Pershial i1 first Quality Aiu Erica by 10, for Sale Asp by Puoh 4i urdu port us wet. Ing seen presented it Wolf to try Luw. Orer Gera from the Arctic but 200 men women nil Chi Lien were alrtig1 particulars. As soon m i gling together midst pieces of wreck f every kind culling on each Oiler for help and imploring god to help them. Such an appalling Sceno May god pre serve one from witnessing again. I was in he act of trying of save my child when a portion of the puddle Box came Rushing no Edge ways just grazing my head and falling its whole weight upon the head of my Dari ing boy. Another moment i beheld him lying tiie following dip notch from capt. Lucent jul Clec to or. E. K. Collins no new York passed Over the wires on in turny. With the permission of the latter this thrilling and touching narrative was furnished by the operators Here to the press of this . oct-14. To e. K. Collins new York Deanii Sik it is my most a Griful duty to inform you of the loss of the steamship. _ Arctic under my command with Many lives lifeless in the water. I succeeded in getting and i fear among them must be included on to the top of the paddle Box in company that of your own wife daughter and son with 11 others. One. However soon left for of whom i took n inst leave the moment the another piece finding Tomt it could not sup ship was going Down without Ever expect port so Many. Others remained until they ing to be the Light of another Day to give wore one by one relieved by death you an account of the heart rending scene. We stood in the water at a temperature the Arctic sailed from Livirt kid on wed of 45 up to our Knees and frequently the sea Neslav 20th of Septemo at 11 a. M., broke directly Over us. We soon separated with 233 passengers and about 150 of a from our friends on other parts of the wreck Crew. Nothing of special note occurred and passed the night each one expecting during the passage until wednesday the every bout would be our last. At last the 27th, when it noon were on the Banks wished for morning came surrounded with in latitude 56 Deg. 45 min. North and Ion dense fog not a living soul to to see. But git de 62 Deg. West steering West by com or own party seven Only now being left pass. The weather Bud been foggy during in the course of the morning to saw seve the Day generally. A distance of half to ral water casks and other tilings belonging three quarters of a mile could be seen hut to our ship but nothing that could get at intervals of a few my Miniee a very dense to afford us any Relief. forr followed by being sufficiently Clear to see a nettling is it absorb Hal the water. About one or two Milea. Noon or. S. Woodruff of new York at noon i left the deck for the purpose of was relieved by death working out the position of the ship. In All the other now began to suffer very Alnut 15 minutes i heard a cry of Bard severely Lor want f water except or. Geo. ?nrl0hll. Fro i the officer of the deck. I f. Allen and myself. In that respect to rushed on deck and had just got out when were much favored although had not a i Felt a crash Forward. At the next moment drop on the Taft. The Day conto us foggy i saw a Steamer under the Star Stoard Bow except just at noon As near As could i i,6 next moment she struck against our judge had a Clear horizon for about half the Bow a shall make arrange menu to York with the least possible to Bike the Steamer for Monti i am very guard mid passed astern of us. Of the strange vessel is med to be literally Cut or crushed off for full ten feet and see ing that she must probably sink in a few minutes and taking n Hasty glance of our own ship and Heving were comparatively uninjured my first impulse was to Endeavor to save the lives of those on Iward the sinking vessel., ,. The in this were cleared and the first of cer and six men left with one boat when it was found our own ship was leaking fear full., the engineers were set at work being intruded to put on steam pumps and the four deck pumps were worked by passengers and Crow and the ship bended for land which i judged to be fifty Miles Dis Tant. I was compelled to leave my boat with the first officer and Crew to Lake care of Ihei selves. Several attempts were made to Stop the leak he getting sails Over the Iskiw and find ing the leak gaining on us very fast not Hgan were doomed to disappoint withstanding All our very powerful Effort of. Menu yet Felt Hope that some of our keeping her free. I resolved to get the boat 1 follow sufferers May have been seen Anil r6s As tinny ladies and children in cued by them. Shortly after Hail Given _ i 1 up .11 of being res used by the bark hour and nothing could to seen. Night came on thick and dreary with our minds made up that neither of us could live or see the Light of another Day. Very soon three More of our suffering party were relieved by death leaving or. Allen a Young Man and myself. Feeling myself exhaust ajl now Sal Down for the first time about 8 o clock in the evening on a trunk which providential la had been found on the wreck it this Way 1 slept a Little throughout the night and i came somewhat refreshed. About one hour before Daylight now Friday the 20th, saw a vessel s Light near to us and All three of us exerted our selves to the utmost of our United strength in hailing until became quite exhausted. In about n Quarter of an hour the Light Dis appeared to the East of us. Soon after Day Light a bark Hove in sight to the Northwest of a the fog having lightened a Little steering apparently for us but in a Short Lime she seemed to have changed her course them a possible but in sooner bad the at tempt been made limn the fir Vixen mini oth a rushed into them in Spile of our oppo Ilton. Seeing lids stale of things i ordered die boat astern to be kept Ift readiness until order could 16 restored when to my Dis May. I saw them Cut the rope in Tho Bow and soon disappear astern in the fog. Another boat was broken Down per Aoth Rushing into her while hanging it the davits and Many were Preci plated into the i and drowned. Till occurred while i had been engaged in getting the Stii Lioard guard a ont ready and placed the second officer in charge when the tame fear til scene As with the first boat was enacted. Men leaping from the top of the rail crushing and maiming Jho a who were in the boat. I then gave orders to the 2d officer to let go and Row fur the ship keeping under or near the Stern to be ready to take on Board women and children As soon As the fires were put and engine stopped. I my attention Here greeted to the other Quarter laut which i found broken Down but banging by one tackle. A Rush was made of r her also and some dozen or fifteen got in and Cut the tackle and were soon out of sight. In the meantime i found that not a sea Man was left on Board or a Carpenter nod without any tools to assist a in building a raft a our Only Hope. Tho Only officer left was or. Dorian the 3d officer who aided to with Tho assistance of Many of the passengers who deserve great Praise for their coolness and Energy in doing1 All in their Power up to the very moment before the ship sunk. The chief Engineer with a part of his Umi Sinni had taken a Small deck wat and before the ship went Down pulled away with about fifteen person. We had succeeded in get Ingle fore and main Yards and two iop Gallant Yard overboard and such other i count two Points with All sails set wind Small spare and materials a to could col West by South ref tar he Rauck a but Lect when 1 was fully convinced that the seven by four inches Square was Drivon ship must go Down in a very Short time and through Tho bows of the Antic about 18 not a in oiment was to be lost in getting the inches above the water line and an immense spare lashed together to form a raft to do Hole had been made. At Tho same instant which it became Necea Oary to get the life the Fluke of Tho Anchor caught about two boat our Only remaining boat. Into the a feet below the water line raking fore and aft Ter. This being accomplished i saw or. The Plank and finally breaking Tho chains Dorian 1 a ship was discovered to the East by Lis now steering directly for a. We watched her with intense anxiety. As she approached us the wind varying caused her to change her course to everal Points about noon they fortunately discovered a Man on the raft near them and succeeded in saving him the Sypud mate jumping Over the Side and Mak ing Vive fast around him. By which he was got on Board safely Nils Man proved to be a French inn rho was a passenger on Board the Steamer with which came in collision. He informed the Captain the of liars were near on pieces of the wreck and by going aloft he saw a and three oth Vowe were the first1 to which Tho boat was sent and were safely taken on Board at 3 p. The next was or. James Smith of missis Sippi 2d class passenger. The others saved were five four firemen. The ship proved to be the Cambria of this port from Glasgow la und to Montreal capt. Russell who commanded the hark Jesse Stevens Ami was received so kindly by cant Nye of Tho Pacific. Of capt. Russell it would be scarcely pos sible to say enough in his Praise for the kind treatment have received during the time have been on Board his ship. His own comforts to has Given up in every re Spect for Bur Relief. Tho Rev. Or. Walker and lady and were Passen Gers by the Cambria have been unceasing in their endeavours to promote our Comfort. To then Rand nil of Board to shall Ever owe a debt of gratitude for their unbounded kindness to us. From the Frenchman who was picked up learn that Tho Steamer with which wet Amo in collision was the screw Steamer Vista from i. Pierre. As near As to could learn Tho Vesta was steering East South East and cros4bg o chief Engineer of the bout taking leaving the Stock remaining in and through scoop the oars on Board to prevent the Side of the Arctic or it is not unlikely Iii Imron leaving the ship hoping still to that is so much of her bows bad been gel most of the women and children in this crushed in that some of the heavy Logitu Ijo Jit Dinal pieces of Iron running through the at inst they had made considerable pro Gress in collecting spare when the alarm was _ Given that Tho ship was sinking and the boat dress of most valuable Liv oars or anything to help Sno Niibu Din Patch. Quedec saturday morning oct. 14. We have safely arrived at Quebec and i left without a Penny in the world to help no ship May have been driven through our Side causing the loss of our ship and i fear Huu r oat shoved off without themselves with Ami when Tho ship aim the boat bad got Clear probably an eighth of a mile to la Leeward. In an instant about a Quarter to 6 p. M., the ship went Down carrying every soul on. Board with Iny Al Feitli but inc Cregor Tunde Rothoe from found myself on the surface whom l have received such unbounded kind. I soon after a Brief struggling with my own help less child in my Arm when again i found Ray tolf linking downward i a great depth id before l bad reached the surface a and time i had nearly Perum and lost if my he i id a 1 the of td6 hold o u in a i Trug Ltd to i water a must Beart Rod Ness since i have been providentially thrown among them with whom i am about to separate to go to now York a Home of sore Row i Learned from the doctor at Quebec last evening that the Vesta had reached it. Johns new fou dutaud with some of the be see a Paris correspondent of the new York Ite Rafo gives the following in reference to Lamartine s history of Turkey now in press m perhaps nothing is Likely to. Give the French Mure just views of their country s foreign policy than a history of Turkey at present in press by the hand of lain Artine at least if the introduction to it now first published in the constitutional though writ ten Are told some months since be taken As an example. Lamartine is assuredly a very personage and with All his faults foibles Ami eccentricities will to remembered by posterity of a remarkable Man in a no less remarkable Ora. The great foible of Bis character Ujiie self sufficiency. In both private and Public life to is one of Tho most amiable of men but when with his distinguished bearing his Graceful per son mid Tine intellectual head he enter where men do congregate m. De Lamartine. Expects As a Muiter of right that All shall \ Myron h. Clark a Man of inferior talents immediately lift their of and Ope their deficient education and most of whose sex ear that they May sue and hear. When he Prience in Public life was acquired in Dis begins be must be allowed to flow of till lie charging the office of county sheriff was alot 4 of his own proper will interrupt him put in nomination by the Syracuse convey Waters gush no More and Are in tion in september fur the important and re deed so dried up that but even a drop is " vouchsafed to the thirsty bystander. His private Domicil is emblematic of the Man. Wherever you turn there is the head of Lamartine on the Walls hang his por traits on the pedestals Are his busts and Over his mantelpiece Iii a gilded Case is enshrined a pen the pen of Lai two of the Straits common doors of which the a cts ought to be in a Neutral Friendly or Imle pendent hand i constantinople becomes a Moscow of the bosporus of which the Kremlin built on the place of the gardens of the Seraglio will Causo the ship of War of Europe to pass under in Cannon like slaves. What becomes of the Mcd Terra Nean i it becomes either a russian Lake or Battle Field the limits of a letter do not permit that i should continue the extract. The whole of this introduction is Ope of a de Lamartine s most remarkable productions and cannot but add to ids Fame As a great thinker and writer. He is himself in very delicate health and has proved anything but a Success i financier in the management of his owe affaire. He succeeded to a Patrimony with some �1,500 a year. He hat been twice married to ladies of Large fortunes and must have had an income of not less than �5,000 per annul besides the very urge sums which to makes by Bis writings. Five hu3 dred a year is probably As much As he can afford to spend now. B they Wii ios from the Buffalo advertiser whig oct. So Spon sible Post of governor of the state of Wabia i new York a Post of great respectability Euller a fusion of the elements of Northern resist Ance to slavery aggression would be an a Dicalin of personal consequence. Tho Neinl ers of whig slate and county com Mittee would he i ranked by a new organization by the simple Republican platform. Theiu Picante to seats in Congress Ortho legislature who bad been buying and Selling in whig conventions for years to form a Cap ital on which to secure their own Nomina thu Iii respectively at the earliest moment resulted i the thought of having All this capital dissipated in a Momenthy a new com mingling of the political elements. In Short All who had toils Mely and patiently achieved positions in the whig ranks which they had no personal qualities to the vent of a Bow organization shrunk from the fusion Movera Enns from suicide and bawled at the top of their voices " Slick to the whig a dont give up the ship 1 the Lien whigs All voted right on Nebraska Ras if this very discrimination of nor Thern from Southern whigs did not imply All Rollat any fusion st bad asked or could desire Tiluy Zilg seen Thna the Tribune the most powerful supporter of Tho Auburn Syracuse ticket has not the slightest idea that it is la Boring for the Success of the whig party and in fact proclaims the inevitable Down fall of the party As a consummation that has been too Long retarded but is now nearly Complete let us turn for a moment to the paper which next to the Tribune gives the ticket the most influential support. Less Frank than its More powerful co worker the Albany journal pretends to a Fidelity to the in favor of a Presil total a Catt composed of fill More of new York and foot of Cal it is not at All improbable that Marline which wrote a Ocelio and near to Itan exquisite Model of the Hanff of Lamartine. The Peculiar tactics which from Lime to Lime have distinguished Hia Domestic life have been destructive to Bis private resources. At one period Bis rage for horse flesh carried him to such an extent that he owned the enormous num ber of one Hundred mid eighty horses Many of them of almost priceless value. At an other he was Rabid of ornithology and his Huysse from Garret to cellar was one Para Dise of singing or shrieking Birds. Yet this is the Man whose words breathe fire into men s souls who if he could not command the revolution to had created at least mastered it with a thousand bayonets at his Throat and who now in his retirement in his disgrace to might say a for no one Speaks of i Martio but is the " foot politician Pula the great question of the Day before clip world in language so terse and. True that few Cali misunderstand it the following is a Sample Russia which extends from Poland to Persia and China no ready weighs infinitely too much on the Globe. If to such weight Ion added that of the 100,000 Square leagues of the ottoman Empire in Asia nil Europe All balance of forces is at an end. Vve should have to enter on a whole hemisphere and on the half of another the famous is Polonia applied not merely to sarmatian but to All Europe. " it is known that Napoleon was accustomed to say whatever to thought familiar conversations with his friends. Count de ram Buteau the Chamberlain and afterwards prefect of Paris was present one evening at the tool series at one of those grand improvisations in january 1813, a period when Fortune had already removed Many an illusion. Marshal Davoust and the count de Loban As Well a m. Ram Buteau listened with respectful interest to the afflict ing anecdotes of Tho Retreat from Russia. Napoleon All at once interrupted Hin Helf in the recital of his reverses and said 1 alas 1 How the Best calculated plans May be thwarted by Llie most unforeseen i Cums cps placed in 1812 at the head of Euronie and disposing of All the forces of the West i thought Tho moment was come to invade Russia. I wanted to raise up against her a Barrier which she could never pass. I hoped at least to retard for a Hundred years that Power and. In reality i have advanced her Century. If Ever she seizes on Constantino ple she will place Europe and a la under Tho same Yoke. A i if i had known sooner the importance of the turkish counterpoise at constantinople 1 and in fact says m. De Lamartine let any one represent to himself it Czar who recruits his armies amongst millions of men men Whoso sole duty is to die for their master let any one in his mind add to that form id Able recruitment the forty millions of ottoman subjects turks greeks Abas ians circassian. Ruses and mummies and then add to that i Twenty live millions of per sians who already tremble Lofford the advanced posts of Russia and there will to one Hundred and thirty millions of men in one despotic hand to oppose one Hundred and Twenty millions of others. What becomes of the Black sen that Lake of ear no and Asia i it becomes Tho great Dock of Russia in which her fleets will be Coo Siru Rod Iasi Lence until such time As their innumerable sails will Debauch by the Dardanelles into Tho Mediterranean saying to the wind like the Barjian Jim blow where you will i carry us the Laud is ours. Irol Tho Danube which after having flowed along six Hundred leagues across Geri usay will be unchained 6t in Mouth and will find the muscovite blockade my in Junction with the seas in which it went to seek the Sun and wealth of the East t what will Cowo of the Adri Atic id which Austria was Comins cing to xer Cist herself in navigation and coins Ria by Trieste and twice and which Dalmatia Epirus and Albania henceforward russian will Dosa up like a second Black sea to Tea austrian Flag what become of constantinople that Waii Static Capitol situated in two Conti Nants on the scorer of Tho Bret son and original stained party which its i contradict. In is but a Day of two since it and character ability inform a jury a it a Moat emphatic manner Pov tion nod political experience. No Man in. The state whose opinion is Worth regarding. And who is willing to express it will say that this m. Ii. Clark aforesaid was nominated account of his Eroin tul fittest for the Uff Iro. Or for any other reason whatever Tolian h clause to was the leading advocate of the liquor Law which governor Seymour vetoed. Whether on the supposition that u prohibitory Law is desirable Tomt particular act was judicious is a matter on which opinions May differ Henry j. Raymond believed at the time that is to say before he had bartered away his unbiased opinions for the Hope of office that or. Clark s Law was a Clumsy piece of legislative workmanship calculated to i inflict injury on the cause of Temperance and that governor Seymour was to be applauded and upheld for his veto. Whether in this mat Ter it was Clark or Raymond that Wax wrong it is certain that the vetoed Bill Wai never adopted nor acknowledged As a whig measure. It is certain therefore that Clark was nominated for a reason quite distinct from his services to Tho whig party. As the inn Hud no Merit our obligation Tusup port Hiu if so far is any such obligation existed resulted Iron his implied Adit Ketuu to tile platform of the which loud nominated him. The curious practical application which was made by the convention of the Maxim principle not men a Mac it Bec Saary Bat to a whigs should sup port him at All. Of personal grounds he had no claims to a single whig vote for the spectacle office of governor and since he has rejected the whig platform there re Mains no reason Why any whig should sup port him. Henry j. Raymond the Syracuse Candi Date for lieutenant governor Rondo a Yeni or two since a virtual renunciation of the whig party. He made himself known to the Public As the responsible editor of journal pledged to take no aide in party politic. This was either a renunciation of the whig party or a fraud upon Tho Public. A literary paper it religious paper a medical or scientific journal May be Neutral in o lilies while its editor is a partisan for the political opinions of the editor cannot in fluence his views oif the topics proper for discussion in periodicals of this do Crillion but in a paper which discusses political questions neutrality is a dishonest pretence if the editor is attached to the principles of some political party. The renders of a pub Lic journal Are an tilled to the editor s honest opinions on All the Public questions on which be write but a Roan cannot honestly pre tend neutrality when he really belong to h party and desires its Success. Raymond thou if to give him the credit of being an honest Man was not a whig at the time he was put in nomination at Syracuse. He was indebted for his nomination us every body know to Tho prominent part he acted in the Saratoga convention. No whig was bound to sup sort him for any other reason than his adherence to the platform adopted at syr acum. As he bus deserted that plat form he bus no claim to any whig ulc. These Are Tho two leading candidates. Now let us look at their two leading sup porters. The most powerful and influential of these is the new York Tribune a paper which spit on the whig platform Firo Tho Iasi presidential election and formally and in set terms renounced the whig party immediately afterwards. It mip Orts the pre sent ticket cordially,.eariie�tly, and with All it Charcle Mirtic Zeal but on what ground Tomt it is a whig ticket the editor of the Tribune is too honest a1 Man Aud cherishes too Hearty a detestation of shame to Unaka any such pretence. He scout and deride the idea that there is any longer a whig party. He writes editorials in his racist and Moat slashing style to prove that fusion is tit Only Northern politics for Tho future Aud asserts that for some time it Baa been Clear enough to All discerning Eliop that old party distinction were superseded and " in fact be says " the reconstruction of Par Tim bad become a necessity forced upon us by tie compact break ers of the South and their no Thiru accomplices to that the ouly open question was one of he proceeds to stale the Rea sons which " hindered this natural Aud ultimately inevitable in the first place the Iii thug political Mao binary was to the bit ods of men to whom a True whig Gen. A. P. Granger the very member it the abolition Conven tion at Auburn who offered the Resolution adopted by that body resolutions which declare Tho whig party dissolved and appoint a time for a sectional convention to inaugurate Tho next presidential Campaign and yet the journal has the Assurance to talk about our working ourselves out of Tho k1 and to give Point toils malediction Stii ate try i practising open Treach tub pr00rcs3 of conspiracy. From Tbs Buffalo express whig oct have charged that n con piracy exists in this state to overthrow the whig organization and overwhelm whig principles. That charge is not denied by the print in thin City which Speaks for the conspirator and fans the Elci fetus of conspiracy. While have not entertained if doubt of in hemp to confess to a difficulty heretofore in divining which could urge prominent men into a measure so suicidal to Vliem Elva As it Jlas to their party. We Otil site the foot Praht. Of the Peculiar friends mid conf dunis of or. Fillmore with toes turned in the direction of this conspiracy. Ave infer in the absence of proof to the contrary that his bosom Friend or. Haven with the movement. We can mention dozens of names who cd Tim to he whigs Anil yet declare leg inst the stale ticket while they express Strong Staab inuit Aud desire for or Haven re election. Of the Littier do not complain except As it is connected with an abandonment of the Stele ticket which was As fairly nominated and stands As squarely upon whig principles As that or any other Ever presented for popular Sutlage. We insist that it is duty a Lush or Fillmore and or. Haven of to the whig party to Call off the Commer Cial Aud stifle its ceaseless clamor and abuse of the whig candidate for governor. If they neglect to discharge that duty and per Mit the men whom they have heretofore moved in their political enterprises like so Many autom Utens to continue their plotting against whig tickets and whig principle Thieu must conclude that they also de ire to see the whig party of the state crushed and annihilated. Such u the direct tendency of their acts and such to fear the Tipo of our distinguished townsman and of the faction that he has called into life distinct Aud disintegrated from Tho whig party pro or. It Raay so occur that this plot will succeed and the whig parly and its landmarks by obliterate in the slate. We have no serious apprehension of such a result but it is Evi Dently the Point aimed at and May be with in the Range of possibilities. The ulterior object of this movement is to prostrate the whig party and thus bring Down the future Prospect of William h. Seward. If that is All that or. Fillmore and his friends Hope to gain by such a of Ostly sacrifice it betrays great weakness As Well As Malignity of heart. To us and to the whigs at Large the Politi Cal destiny of i u. Ii. Seward is comparatively nothing while the existence strength Aud perpetuity of the whig organization and whig principle i everything in Tho scale of Polit Iod faction Nice should struggle mud not la a Siiner the Ambi tion of either or. Fillmore or or. Seward. Tho nation can afford to do without the ser vices of either of them if in either cose they Are to prove is expensive to its interests As this conspiracy indicates. Principles not men is a whig axiom that has Leen Loo of ten enunciated by or. Fillmore and or. Seward to be so soon forgotten by them. It is Only by the obliteration whig parly Lizul in principles can to rendered m efficient and it May to that these Are the Lions which lie in the pathway of ambition Nind tempt the hostility which now exhibits itself. Whet in our first article upon this subject inquired " what have or. Fillmore and or Haven to gain by Tho overthrow of the Wiig party wore not looking for a ready or satisfactory answer. To Are not sure however but that the next mail follow lug that inquiry brought a solution to our hand a Mississippi paper the Juc Lton Flay contains an article Lui noting Over the forlorn condition of Southern whigs As a party which in represents an owl in the after which it Trupo the " Union of All parties in the Pfouth conspiracy in this Bute relates degree to Thuc proposition of lire . Indeed it has such a look if to can read indications. I h my a Legree of shrewdness. This being of. A dec count for the conspiracy of Selix so / Long a the whig party of new York bos in existence so Long tire ticket with Fillmore and hang Man Foote could not succeed in or. Fill mores on suite that overthrown and the keen vision of deferred ambition fancies it sees Success beyond its ruins. We indulge to the line of Fem throw out these suggestions a this Lime for the purpose of fat homing Rife Depths of the gees to crush the the Hope Ible then. R Ark Mil i of Lucove aug if Possi the motive which lies at the Bottom of it end imparts to it its vitality. We desire also to impress upon the instigators and bettors of this Enterprise the danger of. Pulling Down the whig Frable before1 Drey make Good their escape from within its Walls for in falling in May kill those who Hope most to profit by its de to oclion.,j Lemisy Lauulu. The Harrisburg Union the leading democratic paper in the staler published at the scat of govt Ronyet comment unreservedly upon Tho chum which have led to Tho else Tiou of a whig governor a majority of whig members of Congress and probably a the Legaj tire in that state m . Wish our readers to Unden Iid that write this of wednesday morning lire Jay after the election. We wish them to understand further that Flora Bertain Tele graphic dispatches Loco ived at this office Nave Cornu to the conclusion that the Mace donian Phalanx Habeebi broken and Tomt James Pollock Hud Bis know nothings have captured Greece. In Short friends and Fel Low citizens Tho great democratic party bos been shall shed no useless tears Over this unfortunate result. It is one which had hoped to avoid and yet anticipated. It is to be regretted for the evils it May produce and1 regret it More to a few months from this Thuu than those Recreant democrats through whole id Strum vitality it was accomplished. Is warned the president of iks United states More than once that unless he yielded some Thiny to the Fet Linns a the democracy of Fate state should be de frit Ted but of overtired by the evil counsellors who surround hit he dirty Ardd our $uyytstions1.and the Resit sifts it w.,. " Are not disposed at in to Raoul quarrel with any one Blit cannot shut r a rfcs to the fact that this overwhelming defeat has occurred within a few Mouth subsequent to the establishment in this place of a press which has seized upon every Occa Sion to abuse old Able Aud tried democrats simply because they were not tiie grief ii of Buchanan mid Forney. Look for 6ne my ment at the result in the county of Dauphin where were never beaten to badly before Aud which might this Tiuis have curled had All who called themselves democrats been faithful. A democratic ticket was formed in the usual Way and what did for Ney s Organ do Raue their names and support them As it should have done it o i that ticket did not suit them and they went far of they dared go to kill it. It has been so Over the whole state for there Are men of the aame kidney in every county. Belr evil influence bos Defeated our con Gressional nominee in this District an Able. And a honorable inane whom to might have elected but for them. What the result is in the Washington District to know not at this writing but Rumor have been cur rent that commissioner Hopkins has been using Bis influence age list a portion of the democratic ticket there. Who can wonder it defeat when men whom the democracy have elevated to Power Tura against them and use their official influence to defeat them f understand that or. Diffenbaugh who holds office under the Secretary of up Commonwealth and is supposed to to assistant editor of the Patriot refused to vote for Horton the democratic candidate for Sena what private Griefs to had to know not but lids do know when a democratic Filco Holder cuts a ticket a pernicious example is set Whiteb others will follow. We regret to mention these things but knowing what know incur the responsibility of charging the defeat of the democratic party upon the evil influence of Forne ism. Enough of the past. Treason and Fanu theism have triumphed and let them Joy the Fruita of their Victory. There is ii n Reu Maut of sound democracy left enough leaven to leaven Tho whole Lump and look hopefully to the future. The party must be re organize to Riwu Tuut univ demand each other belter than do and Aci More in concert. When these results Are shall Triumph and net before _ _ Wii Kiib Wab Kab Bohn the question whether Daniel Ullman the a Livitz Candi Date for governor was bom in this country r not. Is being discussed in the newspapers. The Knickerbocker alleges that his birth Loco was Calcutta in the East to die the Ruffulo aty Rua states that he in born in Gori Janythe Rochester american that he is a native of Ptim Sylvania the Watertown journal whig which Ouhl to know on the other hand states that be was born in Jefferson county. Trio evening journal says that or. Ull Nuu has Wal leu a letter to a brother in this City saying that he was Lorn in Wil Mington Delaware. Tire journal upon this remarks that when at College he wrote him Elf a having been Boht Ift Bany argue. town elections recently held have resulted in Large Dum Ocra. Tie Galm about two to Ono of the list of towns having gone Dum Orttie ;