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Western Christian Advocate (Newspaper) - May 05, 1875, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xlyn no. 18. Cincinnati a Edn ws8tiss csei8tiai is Cate re Lam a a balt As m Western methodist Book concern or chock Waloth a wih Frangis Hoyt d. D., editor. A House. M. Assistant editor. Of Xoi 190 Wjt fourth Gram Oaran vat o. To Bambi two Dol pm and of butt ours Fis Jaitov Arr amiably or a drama All itinerant pan Elm an i it Meta rates of . 1 Tongie Ineer Tkv Ona per us Umu omd three mop the a a a 81x months a m m a pedal notices a a is m a a marriage notices. Jjo cents 1 insertion. =?.im a a a a a l1sr�bl- "1 the abuse of Genius. By do Nykl Wisk d. To the statements of the province of Genius made in our preyed tag paper it May be objected that Many of its possessor have been bad men and much of its production has been very corrupt. The objection is sadly True. Many geniuses have been supremely selfish. Few of them perhaps truly Good men. They were nevertheless doing god s work unconsciously though with less effect than if they had perceived and accepted the work to which they were called. The key to their relation to the Shemee of provi Denoe is Given in the divine address made to one of their number Cyrus in which it is said a i guided thee though thou Hast not known those remarkable men though conscious of that irresistible need which spurred them to their work were not aware from whence their impulses came nor to what ends their deeds were to contribute. In these respects they wrought kindly. Yet they were led by an invisible hand which overruled their selfish uses of their gifts and guided their results into channels of its own selection. This divine use of men of Genius is one of the grandest facts in the government of god. It shows us How he accomplishes his will without infringing on that Freedom which is the Sublimes fact the a Many a character. To illustrate let us take the Case of the greatest Genius of modern times Napoleon. He came on the sphere of action just when the old political and ecclesiastical institutions of Continental Europe were thoroughly corrupt and Rotten. The ruling classes were cruel despotic sensual wholly Given to pleasure. The Priesthood was mostly Given Over to indolent self indulgence or ecclesiastical ambition. The people were trodden under foot ignorant hopeless. An Iron hand was needed to break up this stagnation to destroy the Unity of the governing classes to startle the masses from their state of dogged despair and to make a Way for the introduction of new ideas new forms of government and new men. That Iron hand was Given to Napoleon in the form of a Genius for Wir More Brilliant perhaps than the Genius of any preceding conqueror. Here then was the Power to break in pieces. He exercised it without pity until every Sovereign in Europe England s Monarch excepted did homage to his throne. Then a restorer was required. A legislator who could be to France directly and to Europe by example what Moses was to Israel. Here Napoleon was permitted partially to fail. He had the perceptive Power to create a government suited to elevate the people As the code Napoleon amply proves. But he proudly resolved to be sole ruler of France and dictator of All Europe. That ambition destroyed and it postponed the time for the full deliverance of the people from their old bondage. Still the work of their deliverance was begun and it has probably gone on As rapidly at the divine Wisdom saw to be possible ror god to whom belong the eternal years is never in a hurry As men Are. Now in All this Napoleon though unconsciously doing god s work was As free with respect to his motives and Aims As was the humblest con script in his ranks. He chose to make his own personal glory and Elevation the end of his military and a tvs plans. He might have made the Elevation of France and the Good of Europe the Aims of his life. Here then he was free though while in the exercise of that Freedom he actually performed a mighty part in the plans of god who girded for his work though he did not know it. The corruption of byrons Genius. This respect for human Freedom which is so marked a feature in the divine government is the key which explains the presence of so much corrupt Genius in human Story. Corrupt Genius is Genius perverted from its True ends Genius designed for beneficial ends by its giver hut used for the injury of Mankind by the perverseness of its possessor a perversion permitted because god Respecta human Freedom too highly to suffer himself to bind the Choice of any Man with the chains of absolute sovereignty. Byron is perhaps As marked a ease of perverted Genius As history affords. His Brilliant poetic Genius gave the Power to Shine the peer of Milton or Danto among the interpreters of Christian truth. His hebrew melodies show what his magical pen might have done in the Way of impressing scripture truth on the imaginations of men. But he chose to hang the pearls of his Genius on the neck of satan and instead of Blessing Mankind with sacred epics and spiritual lyrics to curse it with his Manfred Laras and Pon joans. The sparkling Genius intended by its giver to be employed in songs for saintly lips Byron devoted chiefly to compositions which Good men can read Only with fear and bad men gloat Over with ruinous Delight. The struggles of Genius in palist the Potter. We will dose this paper with an illustration or two of what Cousin Calls that irresistible need of expressing what feels which impels the Man of Genius to do his appointed work. We select As representative ease that of Malissy the grand old French Huguenot Potter. This remarkable Man was born among the wooded Hills of Perigord and was reared in poverty and in comparative ignorance he was trained to be a Stainer of Glass when Twenty nine years old he accidentally saw a beautifully enamelled cup of ancient italian manufacture. The sight of that cup changed As by a magi oian s spell from a plodding Stainer and mender of Glass into an enthusiastic seeker after a lost Art. It kindled in that irresistible need which Marks the Genius which would not he satisfied until it grasped its Ideal. Spurred by it to instant action he began tra Meled As he was by poverty and utterly ignorant of chemistry to compound earths and drugs to build a Furnace in which to bake his strange compounds. His first experiments were absolute failures. Yet he persisted year after year battling with discouragements and poverty until his neighbors regarded As a Lunatic and his Long suffering and really affectionate wife charged with neglect and cruelty. And no wonder for while making the experiments which preceded his great discovery he used the posts and rails of his Garden fences the doors of his bed chamber the stools and dressers of his Kitchen and even the Sid ing boards of his cottage to feed the insatiable fires of his furnaces. He took the coat from his Back to pay the wages of an assistant. Worn out with watching his ovens exhausted by their heat half starved through Laek of food his body was reduced to almost a Skeleton. Still such was the mighty pressure of that great need which was upon that he could die in seeking to give expression to the Ideal Art which lived in his imagination but he would not give no his Pursuit while life remained. At last after sixteen years of disappointment and failure he had the unspeakable satisfaction of seeing his Long obstinate compounds melt run Over the surface of his wares and fix themselves in the form of soft White Brilliant enamel. Then Rushing into the apartment of his poor discouraged wife with what seemed to be the frenzy of Complete madness but was really the immeasurable Jey of Genius triumphant he held up the Beautiful specimen of his discovered Art an it shouted a live found it i in be found it a yes the persistence of a Alissya amp unconquerable Genius had wrung from stubborn nature the secret which gives Beauty and finish to the wares of Staffordshire and Paris and yields pleasure to our eyes every time we sit at our tables. Malissy had his Reward first in the Joy of Success and then in the honors and emoluments which poured in upon . The great Montmorenci and the vile Catharine de Medicis patronized his wonderful Art. His workshop was in the then rising Palace of the Tuil eries and the samoans of Paris became his hearers when he discoursed As he often did on the wonders of nature and of Art. Malissy was a typical Man. What he Felt All men of Genius feel in varied degrees of intensity. To some the expression of their Ideal is vastly easier than a was to . To others it was equally difficult As was the Case with our own Goodyear in his seven years Pursuit of the secret of Vulcanizing India rubber. But he also overcame through that unwearied inward Force which is the characteristic of All real Genius a Foroe so Strong and irritating that its repression is More painful than its contests with the difficulties which stand Between it and its Aims. If a a 1 1 it 168r- w i/0 h. Kirke White and David Grey. It is this inward longing to produce which makes it so hard for a Man of undeveloped Genius to die. To death seems a Oruel crushing of magnificent Hopes. Kirk White Felt this and the feeling gave his a a remains a that spirit of morbid sadness which is their most striking feature. Poor David Grey the author of the a a Laggie a Felt it and expressed it on his dying bed in this melancholy sonnet a Leet night on Eon Ghigo slightly with a Harp pain there came arterial blood and with a sigh of absolute grief i cried in bitter Velo that drop is my death warranty i must die poor meagre life is mine meagre and poor rather a piece of childhood thrown away an Adu bration faint the overture to stifled music year that ends in May the swed beginning of a tale unknown a dream uns Tokeo a Promise a moral All its with no noon a Roso an blown Rich Vermilion crushed and killed cried in the Bud by the Frost. Thus in false fear i c forgetting that to abolish death Christ died. And David Grey died his Faith scarcely triumphing Over the bitterness of Genius forbidden to produce its Ideal by the mandate of who measures human life not by the Short line of threescore years and ten but by the mysterious measuring Rod which determines the cycles of eternity. Englewood n. J. Discouragements of Young ministers. By a Rome meant. All discouragements Are not of the same kind nor of like importance nor of equal magnitude. All do not affect us in the same Way some annoy others hinder others dishearten. Hear son of the discouragements of Young ministers not All nor Many but a few of them. 1. Poverty Laek of Money and its consequent discomfort. The same god who Calls a hmm to preach the gospel and who by Way of natural endowment and As a forerunner gives a certain adaptation to it requires also that on the candidates part there shall be Active and conscious preparation and qualification for his new work. Sueh is the teaching of the Church Sueh is the experience of Many called to be workers. There is first preparation for the ministry afterwards the Active work of the ministry. These Young men come from every Quarter they leave the farm the Bench the shops the of tinting room. For the most part they Are poor they stand at the doors of educational institutions and Knock for admittance. Doors open. These inchoate embryonic ministers enter and pay the Price of preparation to preach the gospel. What is it As respects society homelessness or at Best Semi monasticism uncomfortable rooms often food As to Quality coarse and in nutrition occasionally taken in homeopathic doses wardrobe not largely stocked Library if any Illy furnished. Out of these candidates How Many teach in Winter How Many Board themselves what is Little better How Many Board in clubs ? what is the average yearly outlay in dollars and cents of a Young Man preparing to preach the gospel in individual eases the Small pocket account Book will show but a tabulated statement covering the whole ground is for very obvious reasons not Likely soon to appear in printed form. It is possible from under graduate experiences to write facts at which the world would open its eyes. Let those witness who have tried it is it Nota close and a hard rub ? were it not for a pitying god and a sympathising Christ Many would absolutely die on the threshold not living to preach their first Sermon. It May be urged that Law students incipient physicians and students in the professions generally meet the same trials. Grant it and what is gained nothing. It proves that the trials of poverty Home not upon the students of the ministry alone. Tell these Young men that the great Goldsmith wrote for bread that Sage or. Johnson walked the streets of London for a place to sleep that lord Hastings attributed his smallness of stature to so amp Eti nees of Seminary fare and that even Macaulay ran up and Down stairs to get a heat on his feet. Does it mend the matter not a Whit. Does it satisfy Hanger do these empty pursed Young men become thereby one cent better off no. Limited allowance is not always got suddenly Over when the Young Man receives his first charge even though the disciplinary question Are you in debt be answered in the negative. Occasionally such oases occur in the extreme South of course and on the far Western Frontier. Urge that older ministers Are not always relieved from financial embarrassments and it is granted As soon As mentioned. The Case made out is not that when a Man has preached Twenty years he finds himself suddenly better off in a financial Point of View nor that All students of Law and Young physicians Are let at once upon an ascending plane of Good and increasingly better moneyed circumstances rather this is urged Many students of the ministry Are poor and so Long As they Are Young men at least they do not become Eay circumstanced financially. It is hard for them As it is hard for any Man to be poor no easier no harder. I know of no remedy. They Are not paupers nor beneficiaries in any sense they Are too proud for that they would scorn the idea. It would not be Well to lift a collection for them a donation would hardly be thankfully received they simply beg for gods Sake to be let alone. They would not stoop to Pink up menus pity were it thrown at them. Keenly sensitive they can appreciate however a sentiment of an Ohio educators As eminent As he is modest and Large hearted who not above fourteen years ago said to one of these Young men my brother i sympathize with but do not pity you a truly a Noble and Well considered utterance. 2. Partial and unripe Piental products discourage daring Early ministerial years. Mental fruitfulness is not continuous but Uncertain periodic. Every thing is new. The theological ground is new and needs Reading up. Your experience is much Ike that of a Small boy with a big plow in a new ground full of stumps or in an Oid outlying pasture ground heavily sodded and firmly wire bound. The share is Dull the Mold Board is Rusty and a scoured it is with greatest difficulty that your intellectual plow eaters the ground or Sheds the Farrow. Behold your first experience in that new Field. Look out or patriarchal stumps. Keep Elear of aged theologis rocks let the plow strike a Stone and you Are kicked and bruised and sore under the ribs for a week bring it up in dead lock under a new Strong Root and you Are lifted from the ground and thrown headlong into the air. You get up Brush your clothes and look Back upon a crooked shallow and half open Furrow. Your ides Home up Pale and sickly thoughts grow not luxuriantly but Ashen faced consumptive looking. Harvests approach brings very poor prospects. Thistles have grown instead of wheat and the weeds Are higher than your standing porn. Look into your neighbors Well kept fruitful Field and grow sick at heart a Good thing for you it is that you took a perpetual lease or you would at Onoe abandon that theological farm and give Over that intellectual plow into other hands. Breaking no an intellectual Field is one tiling gathering and binding its products is quite another. If the sickle be thrust in too soon the crop is spoiled. If thoughts ready go Toa Long like overripe seed they rattle out and Are loot. Despite All pm can a there Are Long periods in Shieh Yon a May 5, whole no. 2,241. Gather nothing. Yon a ther and there is Long waiting. The Harvest is far from perpetual. Yon reap and Straightway there follows dearth and Barren land. As sheaf is added to sheaf and sleek to Shock and Harvest to Harvest you ilk courage by and by your thoughts come no More singly but double triple leasing one upon the Arm of another they Are grouped and clustered like stare and a Bulj the mental world is mapped my rid inns and parallels run every whither to Kieh your then Fife Are Referable. Bread generalisations interpretative underlying principles Are gained which give an immense advantage. Your thoughts Are not All alike. In the mental main the Astro Otoi world there is great variety. Some thoughts Blase ont like sons others a to vague and far off and your most powerful mental magnifiers catch but a glimpse of Titiye hey Home however Sun though Star thoughts thoughts Pale like the Moon thoughts �o1-defiued, like Nebula it in perfect meteoric Shower they rain in forty very Quarter All in a Flash. When your a fifis Are assorted you have a newspaper article a prayer meeting talk a sunday school speech and a half dozen ser mobs. You about you dance you have a Harvest Home a feast of fat things a fourth of july Celebration. You feel like Simon Peter with his great haul of fishes or Columbus with his feet pressing the soil of a newly discovered world. Hold that will not last take care. A few Days pass. Your fish have swam out into the sea you Tyars have rolled out into space your thoughts hate crept Down into the ground. Yon have absolutely nothing. You look and see nothing you fish and catch nothing you study and think nothing. You take hold of the plow handles and Are thrown no into the air. It is this alternation of Hope and fear this vibration Between partial Success and ignominious failure this sudden Transfer from the torrid to the frigid Sone the Depths of the killing Yon outright you live through it however and soon Are at it again. ,.r.� nil i l a it a prerogatives of individual Freedom of thought and opinion ? for example does the Loyal methodist who reasons and thinks Lay the open not daring in his thought do Cress a single Hue or question a single Point not a word of it thinking men and women will both dare and differ and separate into Independent Linee of opinion As they go out beyond Central and Raegon had truth a certainly As do the radiating Linea of Light and heat proceeding outward into Tbs surrounding darkness and Yokl from a hot and lamp neos Oen Taal tire be. But Hook in the glowing enter of ohs Istian life when Faith is nurtured and Leve Wafe Mej purifies and expands and the spirit of Christ abides reigns and blesses there is Union real powerful permanent and Here is to be found the True source and Bond of even denominational Unity. A few ventral sating truths and the gracious indwelling Power of Christ a peace add love Are All sufficient for the Beautiful mending of Ike spiritual and May 1 not add possibly the formal Church of Christ. And then this alive and United let free thought run Forth in whatever notional divergence so Long As its course lies through a wide margin of genuine Christian Charity a Charity that reaches out far beyond the Bounds of actual knowledge there is no danger of any injurious clashing. Now Why May it the same principle of Unity that makes Union possible among the differing people of a single denomination without invading the sacred right of individual conscience be applied to differing Christian people throughout the world in All denominations and if so applied Why May it not pass beyond the Point of merely pleasant fraternal relations into the actual realization of Loving effective organic Union f does not the logic sadly Limp that denies this possibility what a front would Sueh a Church a Corner in the Market taking High rate of interest pursuing some plan of worldly ambition or Gratifying some habit of fleshly indulgence. Others seem to be careful about the camels but through or a want of dear keen moral discernment they allow a great Many gnats to Paw through. They Are honest in great matters but Oare Leei about Hottie things they will not beet Point Blank Frise witness against their neighbor but Are guilty of numberless Little gossiping and unfounded surmise us they do not maim or Bruise any Oue when out of temper hut they Eay words and give looks which Hurt and irritate they do not use wine or Strong drink but they perhaps eat too much needlessly Rich food and indulge in nerve stimulating articles in excess they do not dress in the Loti est or highest styles hut allow themselves a Little a Gold a and infringe somewhat upon the biblical Border line this ascending a Mountain to be thrown to present for the invasion and Conquest of sea a that Oomes near something More Quot than denominational by bbl. J. O. Cha Juk amp a. H. A a that they May be one As thou father i i in thee that they Abo May or one in of that the world May believe that thoe has sent John Xiv 11, 21. A a so we Bei m Many Are one body in Christ and every one members of one . Ii 5. The division of the Church of Christ into setts is an established and fact a an. J. M. Buok Tey w. C. Al March st. That it is a fret can not be knee toned. Bat Why indestructible would it so seem viewed in the Light of this wondrous intercession of Jesus is there any thing in the record that justifies this fragmentary state of the Church what were the facts with regard to the origin of divisions in the Church were these the Normal developments of pure Christian Foroe working from enter to circumference the legitimate offshoots of a holy propagandist running Forth As radiating lines into the various divisions of society or to change the figure did they Spring up As noxious growth crowding out and choking Down a better life these Are Back lying questions and have much to do in raising the Hope of possible organic Union in the earthly future of the Church. The first sectional movements in the Church sought to Range under the leadership of the different apostles and array them As ambitious rivals in antagonism with each other. But this Effort signally failed so far As apostolic Donn Ivy Noe was concerned for the disturber were first subjected to severe reproof and afterwards to rigid discipline. And it May be need that these divisions followed close upon a state of spiritual declension and were often connected with a sad condition of demoralization. True there were Earnest differences that came at times to heated discussion even Between apostle a for they were but men but these differences were not permitted to rend the Church but were so liberally and Jos ted As to give room for Freedom of i individual opinion within the Church without impairing the perfect Harmony of its spiritual Unity. A marked illustration of this is found in the Council at Jerusalem called to consider the course of Paul and Barnabas at Antioch the question was Freu Moision. Should it continue As a rite in the Church ? and if so Toust Gentile converts be subjected to it or should its application be limited to jewish neophytes extreme partisans ranged on either Sid a and had these insisted upon their respective views the Church must have been permanently riven at that time. But James president of the Council elder an head of the Church at Jerusalem and Leader of the party of circumcision proposed a Compromise. 1. Let Freu Moision be insisted among the jews. 2. Let the Gentile converts be exempt therefrom and Only required to submit to the conditions imposed upon proselytes of the Gate. This virtually placed circumcision among the non essentials a conclusion to which the inexorable logic of st. Paul at Onoe carried and made Union possible upon the basal truth in which they All agreed namely personal Frith in Christ As the sole condition of salvation. Now it is not my purpose to inquire into the Wisdom or a Wisdom of this item of disagreement but to fall attention to this Christly a Iris of Unity and to the fret that As. A Rule divisions have taken place in the Church in proportion As this spirit has Boon lost or dwarfed into secondary import nos. We know that Union is possible within the denomination. But How and to what extent do men Oease personally to investigate and think de they merge their personality to toe common mass do they surrender the rights of and Tito god Given upon the Heathen world. What a Wall of Adamant to break and Roll Baek the terrible Waves of Romish ignorance bigotry superstition and intolerance that threaten to deluge and sweep away both our Eitl and religious liberties. It would be True catholicism against the Frise. Do we read aright the Christian tendencies of the age Are not the lines rapidly converging did Ever Christian workers Home so nearly a seeing Eye to Eye As now look at the great convocation of Christian scholars thinkers preachers and workers in every department of religious activity representing protestant christianity the world Over met in Loving Council. Mark the Harmony the holy enthusiasm that prevail. Their agreements Are every thing their differ noes nothing a a Christ is All and in and then out from this As a great glowing heart of Loving Christian Unity proceed mighty impulses of vital Foroe permeating the entire Church of Christ. Every where the harmonizing and quickening Power is seen and Felt the Union prayer meet Ings the Bible meetings the gospel meetings the general interest in the work of Earnest evangelists without regard to denominational relations the fusion of the various denominations in one Broad Catholic a sectarian system of Sabbath school instruction the swelling tide of Christian song sweeping through the land As though there were no sectarian divisions to hinder the successful Workings of a a the Young menus Christian association a and finally the general tendency among Christian people practically to Home to a simpler dogmatism and to simpler and More homogeneous modes of worship. I do not ignore the obstacles in the Way of the consummation of this love born Hope. One of the most serious and obstinate of these would be found in the trively differing Church polities. But Tia a part us our Faith that the Charity that inspires the Hope will ultimately melt Down the interposing Barriera harmonise ail discords neutralize All antagonisms and gloriously unify and blend All diversities. Two important factors however must enter into this 1. A More steadfast Faith in saving truth with a correspondingly deeper religious life. 2. Larger Liberty of thought and opinion in All non essentials. Modest a there Are others again who seem so elastic and sleepy in their conscience that they can let both camels and gnats pass through almost indiscriminately. They appear to have no established Standard of morals. They do not pretend you know to be so very particularly sanctimonious and so they apparently feel free to Bolt camels of shameless badness and to gulp Down Many gnats of common lesser peccadilloes. The Throat of such becomes More and More am open sepulchre. They Are corrupt and Corr is there no Way to so enlighten renew and strengthen human nature that it shall be Able to keep All the precepts of Christ the jots and titties As Well As the weightier matters of the Law Yea thanks be to god there is a Way. The heart that truly believes in Christ Jesus can do is thin amp in his strength. The love of god is shed abroad in the heart of such a believer and he fees and does the truth in the least As Well As in the great opt thing. He Lovs and love is the fulfilling of the Kwh. Love delights in Complete purity. The Quick instincts and sensitive tastes of the heart that loves will reject both the tiny Nasty gnats and the Clumsy unclean camels. Love moves the heart in the minutest acts As Well As in the mightiest deeds even As gravitation draws the tiniest Pebble As Well As the grandest planet. Dead gnats As Well As dead flies Are not pleasant in the ointment of the spot weary. A Little Folly Mars the comeliness of the Christian s character and bold huge sets of covetousness or Une leanness give terrible injuries to the cd Meh of Christ we must not be ashamed and think it a Finical sort of strictness to keep All the minor precepts of our lord neither must we deem it impossible to obey the Broad comprehensive commandments. It is Wise of course to keep out the Strong tall camels even though their insinuating noses Only May at first ask admission. And it is also Wise and seemly to Strain out the Little Clammy persistent gnats that sting when alive and put Refy when dead. A a this is the love of god that be keep his commandments a the least As Well As the greatest strengthened with the might of Christ within us we shall be ask to do the will of god in All Tioga without partiality and without h. Chaplaincies in Ohio. Gnats and 0amel8. Human nature untaught by the spirit and in strengthened by Grace is Apt to fall into Many ridiculous inconsistencies. When Many a motives Are self entered his motions Are More or less morally eccentric or irregular. He can be strict in Little things for they do not Cost much self denial hut some of the great things so desirable and valuable that they Are allowed to pass under a Mere Liberal ruling. This of ours persisted in Dull i and darkens the spiritual perceptions. Hence the deep significance hid in Christ s words a Eye Blind guides which Strain at a Goat and Swallow a the conscience May become a very Odd and variable moral Strainer when selfishness and unbelief Are allowed to adjust Aid gauge the openness of the orifices. One Corner of it so to speak May be drawn so close that it will catch the leanest gnat of immorality while another part May be so Bent and stretched that it will allow a plump Camel of iniquity to slip through with scarcely a hair of its sleek complacency Ruffied. And to for comes to pass that some people appear to be a strict concerning gnats and alack concerning camels. They Are a fee about some of the lesser precepts of Christ a teaching but negligent in regard to love Merey Justice. Perhaps a ribbon on a sister s Bonnet Mey Hurt them while they Are digesting widows houses plotting the passage of the Geghan Bill at the recent session of the legislature of Ohio throws out of office All protestant clergymen acting As chaplains in All institutions of the Stote. While this Kwh exists protestants must conform to it. As things Are now soldiers orphans and All who Are detained in institutions by authority of Kwh must have Only instruction in religion from Rome or be without any for if protestant churches do not unite in supplying men to these reformatory and eleemosynary institutions practically they will be vacant for if they Are left to by eared for in general by evangelical churches experience teaches they will not have efficient men constantly caring for them. I propose that the evangelical churches of okie unite in Home Way and by our gifts support chaplains to these places who will to equal if not Superior to every respect to any Ever employed. Can not the delegates at the state sunday school convention to meet at Newark in june take the initiative one plan among others they could adopt would be to appoint of their consent three men residing centrally to the state whose duty if would be to secure from the churches Money enough to pay the necessary Corpa of chaplains Well and then employ Choice men to do the work till a coming legislature shall give us a better Law. A Jia a a it Kin v Genius and Beauty afloat. A How came i Here?1�?T you know toe Steamer Charlee Morgan with its unique a Awn of two Hundred feet so Light and exquisite in construction so perfect in symmetry so my with relieved braces and cold tipped gothic pendants As to inspire the beholder with new conceptions of the poetry of architecture. And you know Captain a. S. Stine who owns and commands the Morgan. Well then i am Here because Captain s., who has annually invited your Humble servant to make a trip to new Orleans with renewed the politeness this year again to his boat As it is proving for Here i am with an appetite mental and stomach ukr Ike rahy Unap attends to All matters of Legal counsel and land titles the pilots know the River and the River knows the pilots All the officers betas though they had filled similar posts in a a it re existent state Harry keep the books mrs. Thompson supports the dig atty of the social state mrs. And miss Williams help mias Fannie mins Armstrong and a group of ladies to keep the music and conversation from flagging mrs. Stine mothers and comforts us All and a valor out Young gentleman with a ferocious Mustache and a protruding revolver marches up and Down spitting Volley of Amber at imaginary foes and protecting us against sudden attacks. We loft Cairo anchored in the ooze fort Pillow sliding into the River Memphis Stark naked on the lower Chasar Bluff and now Friday morning april 23d, Are touching figuratively the sacred soil of Mississippi on one Side and Arkansas on the other. It k a Sublime the dds Aitio Meff it Sublimity in the books such As vast measureless and so on and shows a capacity for overflows and Early mosquitoes very impressive to a stranger. The squalid houses and ambitious a a girdling a and single mule plows and last years oof ton stalks show Independence and Thrift. Little attention appears to be Given to the eco nomination of Man Power when it is done up to Black cuticle. The stingy Yankees would use Gaug pious enabling ene Driver to direct the strength of four or six mules and Cut two three and four furrows at a time. It gives a philosopher undiluted pleasure to find t people who Are above such sordid ambitions. These Are the elegant tastes cultivated under the patriarchal institution whose demise these people have not ceased to mourn. To be Boom ogly sedate and informational the vastness of our productive Domain like the vastness of this great River grows apace upon the observer. Here to an almost measureless stretch of the richest Alluvium fertilised every year by a fresh Deposit Only broken Here and there a yet by Little clearings. Not a Hundred and gift Kwh of the productive capacity of these endless Bottom lands has been developed. There would appear to be room Foi toe forty Odd millions of our pop ution in this one Valley of the father of Waters. As to the labor question i am not far enough Down to judge from observation for do i expect to obtain information enough during one abort visit to entitle my opinion to much weight. Along the River nearly All the rough work appears to to done by Blacks. When i ask the reason employers toil me that they Are More docile and willing than White labourers. I believe they command about the same wages for the same employments. Some speak Well of them and a a some curse them because they Wilt not work some because they will. Like the chinese to California the unlucky Fellows Are be cursed by a Phalanx of fools on both sides. Just while we Are lying to at a bit of a place on the Mississippi Side let me take occasion to express my appreciation of this Way of making a trip to new Orleans. I have railroaded and Ocean steam red a Good Deal Ocean steam red is a coinage of my own entered according to act of Congress. But this comes nearest to a pleasure trip of any thing in my chapter of experiences. That is to say of any thing in the Public conveyance toe. My Early mule Bael adventures in California were a Little Superior in High seasoning but they belong to a different line. But one thing occurs to me a eau lated to add to the zest of the voyage. If the Pilot would Only let me steer the Craft my happiness would be Complete. He is either a very conc ipod fellow or else he is Jee Tous of my capacity. You see he works and worries at that wheel the whole live Long time turning this Way and then turning that Way without resting a Minuto. If he would Only let me show How to get it a going exactly right and then tie it fast and leave it alone. But these Meo ale so puffed up or so obstinate that you can to teach them any thing. N to come Baek to the advantages this arrangement gives you coolness Comfort Good lodging regular meals Tempany conversation frequent stoppages of such length As to leave you free to wander ashore and to Case of tick Ness the quiet and Oare of Home without loss of train of Lack of baggage these Are the advantages a generally stated. When you can enjoy them on the Charles Morgan and make your Home on the boat daring your stay in the terminal City they Are immensely emphasized. M. C. F. Vicksburg miss. The freed men�?T3 Aid Sooney from the last Issue of Zion Herald we take the following u or. Bast had the full sweep of Providence conference for his society of to the Cine of the week a he was the Only one of the secretaries that reached new Bedford during the Early Days of the session. An immense audience crowded the pleasant Street Church on thursday evening to hear and or. Hatfield As they set Forth in animated and eloquent speeches the claims or the freed men s Aid society. Or. Rost made a particularly effective address Aleo before the conference on Friday morning. Our new England conferences heartily believe in the vital importance of this society to the Church and to the country. Our people readily acknowledge their obligations to supplement their antislavery struggles Aad vie tory wish a determined and generous Effort to prepare the liberated Bondmen for their great and delicate Boon of Freedom. We have m Tkv tout not juts by in Ito m Aliy w m a amp a �ibc0t6t to of Fioro a All a Kap to sounder. Court Williams Sam be organization Confidence of c All we need now is a Liberal outlay to provide the teachers and preachers for the next generation of freed men. It is a work that win b for itself than any other form labor or contribution. No min is More wisely or economically -�8 in Inland free will gifts to Friend Secretary Raul

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