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Western Christian Advocate (Newspaper) - April 8, 1836, Cincinnati, OhioBe to 8 "5 Western Christian advocate. Whole number 103 a a on this Point we have been an attentive observer Abr Stone years and should it Ever be found expedient to immortalize that denomination of professed christians whose teachers possess the lowest amount of literary and theological information we Hazard nothing in saying that nip Kellites will stand a Good Chance to live for Ever. If then that want of intelligence which they charge upon the a ministers of Christ be a Uch As to disqualify them for preaching and thus to fender their Call questionable must not the teachers of the a ancient gospel a with the same amount of ignorance be equally incompetent or does it require a less amount of information to qualify a Man to become a teacher of religion without a divine Call than with Ono let the Reader judge. 3. In the third place a special Call to the ministry is declared to be incredible because of the contradictory doctrines of those who equally profess to have received it. This objection is pretty much of a piece with another statement from the same source. Or. Campbell has said and no doubt All of his proclaimed have reiterated it that the preachers of the various sects preach different gospels. But neither this assertion nor the above objection can be received without considerable abatement. Arn ionians and calvinists churchmen and dissenters with All the various denominations that Are considered evangelical not Only preach the same gospel but so far As its essential features Are concerned they preach the same doctrines. While they differ concerning Church government external ceremonies the extent of the atonement and other things of less importance so far As to justify their Section i divisions they All unite in proclaiming the same lord and Savior a god Manifest in the flesh a and the merits of his death As the Only ground for i of sinners Hope of Pardon and justification by Faith and regeneration and Sang fiction by the holy spirit and in ascribing All the glory if Man s salvation alone to god hence the different sects so much abused by or. Campbell preach substantially the same fundamental doctrines and a entirely the same gospel while he it is that stands aloof differing from them All and proclaiming a another gospel a and thus or. Campbell and his Little party Are found arrayed upon one Side and against them the fearful Odds of the Bible and All the evangelical sects of protestant Christendom. But still the above objection is urged and we Are asked a if men Are called to preach Why do they not speak the same language and hold Forth precisely the same Doc Fri est the reason is obvious they Are not inspired. If they were inspired to inform the world of doctrines not previously revealed we might expect an entire Unity so far As those doctrines were concerned but even the they might differ in reference to other matters. Such differences in reality obtained among the apostles. Paul withstood Peter to the face insisting that he was to blame and Paul and Barnabas differed in judgment and separated. And though they preached a one lord one Faith and one baptism,11 they expressed themselves in language and manner so different that we will venture to say the most absurd Tenet that has been countenanced by any respectable denomination of christians in modern times May find As much apparent support in some isolated texts of their writings As can the leading features of or. Campbells system in any portion of the scriptures. But neither the various methods used by the apostles in detailing those doctrines in which they were perfectly agreed nor those differences in judgment that actually existed among them furnish any reason to question. Their inspiration and certainly the difference of views among ministers of the present Day upon Points of minor importance not affecting the sure foundation can be no evidence that they Are not sent of god. 4. Another objection to a divinely constituted ministry is the absence of miraculous a you say that god has called you to preach a says or. Campbell a work a Miracle and we will believe a a t this objection in some sense forms the basis of All and no doubt is the principle source of error in leading to a rejection of the ministerial Call. To confound the work of the minister with the working of miracles or to suppose that the preaching of the gospel and miraculous gifts and Powers were necessarily United a nil always a pertained to the same individuals even in the Days of the apostles is assuming what cannot be proven from the new testament for on the contrary that Book obviously leads to a different conclusion. Both women and men Ordinary members of the Church in some instances prophesied and were favored with miraculous spiritual gifts though never called or set apart to the work of the these visible and extraordinary manifestations of the Power of god were it is True first imparted to the apostles but did not necessarily constitute a part of their Call to preach being Given to convince the world of the truth of that system which they were inspired to make known. And As this object could be advanced wherever those a signs and wonders were seen in the converts to that system it is not Only reasonable that they should be imparted to others than the apostles but Clear from some parts of St. Paul a epistles that spiritual gifts including the Power of work ing miracles were actually conferred on Many of the primitive christians. Seeing then that these extraordinary gifts while they continued in the Church were riot confined to the apostles and preachers and did not exclusively Appertain to the character it is certainly very unreasonable to argue that the want of such Powers in preachers of the present Day is evidence that they Are not called to the work. The same argument if we Are not much mistaken would be equally As successful in proving that there is not at present one on Earth who believes in Christ for he expressly declared that a these signs a casting out devils speaking with new tongues and Healing the sick a should follow them that at the first propagation of the gospel miracles were necessary not to qualify the minister Tode liver his message but to convince his hearers of its truth. But there was no necessity for their continuance beyond that period which saw the revelation of Jesus Christ completed and his religion established by evidence that rendered it unreasonable to doubt. Hence St. Paul in the 13th chapter of 1st corinthians plainly declared that the time should come when the gift of tongues and of prophesying should a cease and vanish away a and when this period arrived those extraordinary Means of spreading the gospel were taken from the Church hence the necessity for miracles ceased with the establishment of christianity but the necessity of evangelizing the world by the Ordinary Means of preaching the gospel did not then cease nor a an it while therb remains an impenitent sinner upon c Iruh. It is therefore certain that the calling of men to the ministry has been and must be perpetuated. 5. The last objection or argument we shall is of a character somewhat different from Feie preceding being nothing More than the declaration of those who oppose the idea of the existence of a divinely constituted ministry that a Fiey themselves Are not called. A this argument Lias been much in Vogue among the it for lain ers of Canque Uisok one of. Them some years ago in a Public Harangue capt the Climax of a number of anti Call arguments by assuring his hearers that be was neither a called nor sent to preach a upon which a drunk Man in the Congre Guition instantly responded a then sir i think Yob had better sit had this Man been sober we doubt whether he could have spoken More to the Point for certainly it argues not a Little temerity for any Man to be constantly endeavouring to do that we hich he declares he has no authority to do. But to return to the argument. We have not the least disposition to attempt to detract from its merits or to weaken its Force. That Man who tells me he is not Call i think prospects arc somewhat brightening in this City. 0ir congregations Are increasing the old members considerably stirred up and almost every Sabbath we have some accession to the Church. Affectionately yours &c., Joseph Travis. New Orleans March 9, 1836. Missionary intelligence. De to preach 1 am bound to believe in this matter but to infer from this that All others Are As destitute of a Call As he is would be strange logic. We have heard of an honest German who thought himself fully competent to prove that there was no such a City As London because he had crossed the Ocean and never seen it. Bin this argument instead of showing the non exis to acc of the place Only proved the ignorance of the Man. And so it is with the Case before us. The proclaimed who declares that god has never colled him to minister in holy things leaves entirely untouched the question of the reality of such a Call in other cases while he furnishes pretty conclusive evidence of his own incapacity and Lack of authority for the work in which he is engaged. We Pray that All such May see their Folly and turn from the error of their ways lest in the Day of retribution god should say to them As to the wicked a what had9t thou to do to declare my statutes or take my covenant in thy Mouth a having despatched these objections we shall close the present topic. At its commencement we expressed the conviction that or. Campbells opposition to the ministerial Call had done much injury to christianity. We Are still of the same opinion. Whatever tends to subvert the established order of the Church and to diminish that respect and regard which arc justly due to its officers and their work must in a ratio proportionate to its prevalence operate to the disadvantage of True godliness. And who but a a Reform wiil question that has bad this for lie Western Cliris Etinne advocate. Calhoun Mission o. Conf our religious Prospect have brightened lately in some degree. The Arm of the lord has been made Bare in some in the Awakening of sinners in the conversion of mourners and in the building upon his children in their most holy Faith. We Are looking Forward in anticipation of better times which May god Grant for Jesus Sake. Amen. F. A. Sebourn. Alar shall Calhoun co. Juicer w tendency that god has set in the Church Pas tors and ministers selected by him and set apart a by prayer and the laying on of hands a for preaching the word and administering the ordinances cannot be rationally doubted by any one who believes the Bible and carefully and impartially examines its contents. But the a restorer of the ancient order a has i piously cast All these aside declaring that god does not specially Call any Man to this work that All men have equal authority to preach to baptize and to consecrate the elements of the lords supper and has thus to the utmost of his ability not Only subverted All a Rule and authority in the Church but greatly detracted from that Sanctity and solemnity that Appertain to the institutions of the lord and even joined with the infidel in pouring contempt upon his ministers and people. We have noticed for some years the striking similarity Between or. Campbell and the avowed enemies of christianity in regard to the abuse and ridicule with which they Honor the ministers and people of the different sects of christians. This similarity has been observed by others and in one Case at least it came near placing a devoted a a reformers in rather an unpleasant attitude. A gentleman of our acquaintance who had been More than once honoured with a seat in the legislature of Kentucky became a convert to Campbell ism while it was yet in its infancy. After some years he was without knowing its character induced to subscribe for one of those Liberal publications that advocate the most bar a aced atheism and blaspheme the sacred principles of virtue and religion. When the paper came to hand he was greatly delighted in Reading its columns and showed it to some of his Brethren assuring them that it was an excellent auxiliary in the cause of the but they having More knowledge on such subjects discovered its True character and informed him that the editor was an avowed infidel. A an infidel a said he a it is not possible Why he ridicules the sects and preachers and priests and priest Craft just like or. and indeed so it was. The Champion of this modern a reformation a the Digger up of the a ancient gospel from beneath the accumulated rubbish of centuries and the impious atheist were found using the same weapons against the institutions of the Day and in opposition to the piety and Wisdom of the age. We do not mean however to charge or. Campbell with atheism. Where he May land in future we know not nor is it our province even to to guess but at present we see no reason to suspect him of any Bias in that direction. And yet the fact above stated cannot be denied and we do believe that his principles and practice in reference to this subject alone have greatly tended a to strengthen the Handfe of evil doers a and subvert the scriptural order and Economy of gods Church and thereby done More injury to the cause of christianity than every redeeming feature of his a reformation a and All his talents and acquirement Are Likely to atone for. We. Philllips. Newport by March 22, 1836. Revival intelligence. For the Western Christian advocate. Greensburg dist., by. Conf. I am near winding up my second tour in this extensive District. Our quarterly meetings at every Point have been meetings of considerable interest and we Are looking Forward for better Days in these ends of the Earth. 21/, 1836. Thos. Lasley. 8omer8et circuit o. Conference. We commenced our two Days meeting on december the first held in Lexington. The lord was pleased to own and bless. We have still continued holding one every three or four weeks on some part of our circuit since that time and we have 6een much Good resulting from them. We have no set time to close sometimes we hold them three four or five Days As the work requires. Our quarterly meeting held in Rehoboth was unusually blessed. On Sabbath night rising of forty came to the altar of prayer on monday in the daytime upwards of fifty in the evening upwards of sixty. A on tuesday our number still increased. On tuesday night upwards of seventy five Humble penitents were weeping and imploring for mercy. At each meeting a number professed to find peace. This meeting will Long be remembered. The place was truly awful. Here were seen the hoary headed father weeping Over his prodigal son the Mother kneeling by the Side of her daughter the husband bending at the altar imploring mercy in behalf of his wife and the sister and brother some rejoicing others groaning for deliverance. Prayer meetings were kept up in some How ses All night. We received forty four As probationers at this meeting. Of How great Are the tender mercies of the lord. At the altar of Praye you could see of All classes the lady in bar finery was kneeling and by her Side the him be poor Clad in poverty a garb and Here Lay the Man or woman of three score and on the right or left the boy or girl of eight or ten and of All these classes god has raised up witnesses to proclaim his goodness. This year has been to us a pleasant one thus far. We have received on probation rising of two Hundred the most of whom have professed to find peace. Yours in love. Somerset a Larch 21,1836 j. Mcdowell Al f. Myers from the Christian advocate and journal. Liberia Mission. To the corresponding Secretary of the mullenary society of the methodist episcopal Church. Report of the Liberia Mission of the methodist episcopal Church for the year ending december 1835, with some account of the annual meeting of the District conference and several resolutions passed by that body. Rev. And dear sir a with mingled sentiments of pain and pleasure and yet with predominant emotions of gratitude to the great giver of every Good and perfect gift i attempt the performance of the duty which devolves upon me of presenting to the Board of managers of the missionary society through you a general report of the state of this interesting Mission which in the Providence of god has been so unexpectedly thrown under my superintend ence. We have been mercifully brought to the conclusion of a year of Many trials and yet of Many and unspeakable deliverance. The Church of Christ in Liberia has been called to suffer several heavy bereavement. The conference of 1835, had hardly closed and the Little band of heralds repaired to their Sci a ral stations when the work of death commenced among them and thinned our ranks to a most painful degree. Brother Remus Harvey appointed to the Billsburg station and employed also As school teacher for which he was Well qualified fell in one Short month after commencing his labors. Brother Richard Boon full of Faith and sanguine expectations of being spared to extricate his family from slavery and remove them from the United states to the Home of his Choice the land of his forefathers fell asleep in Christ a week after his arrival in new York in May last. On my return to Africa in August the painful intelligence reached me of the death of brother Isaac Welsh of Cape Palmas to whom had been entrusted the care of the Little flock in that part of the wilderness. And in Little More than a month after my arrival 1 was called with my weeping Brethren to commit to the silent grave the remains of the Young pious promising brother Samson ca3sar, whose labors among the recaptured africans at new Georgia both As a preacher and school teacher had endeared him to All. Our Hopes seemed about to be crushed and As five Knelt around his Clay cold Corpse and invoked the god of missions not to forsake us hut to Send Forth More labourers into his Vineyard tears and sobs rather than words bespoke the feelings of our hearts. In the month of october the arrival of brother Colson an ordained local preacher of the methodist episcopal Church Jose object if he liked the country was to remove his family from America revived the Hope of the Church. He came and in the spirit of his divine master went about doing Glt gtd and night and Day after the manner of Paul Censed not with tears to beseech the people in Christ a Stead to be reconciled to god. A a but we were not Long to he blessed with his pious and successful labors. A few weeks of great usefulness closed his career in Liberia. We have buried him also. And the tears of gods dear children mingle with each other while their sympathies cling around his bereaved widow and fatherless children. Thus sir has it seemed Good and Wise in the sight of our heavenly father to Deal with us. But we know we feel a it is the lord a and i Trust there is but one sentiment a shall not the judge of All the Earth do right a a let him do As seem eth him Good.�?�. In the midst however of All these trials and losses the sheep have been fed the fold has been watched and blessed be god As if to convince his frail and Short sighted creatures that he can and will work by whom he pleases and in what manner he sees Best he has been pouring out his holy spirit upon us and reviving his work in a most glorious manner. As will he seen under the head of each separate society our numbers have increased and the Prospect is still of a very encouraging nature. congregations in this place continue Good. Notwithstanding the erection of and regular worship in the new presbyterian Church thus forming an additional congregation on the Sabbath our numbers have suffered no diminution. The members seem generally trying to serve god in newness of life. A religious meeting of five Days held in october eventuated in an extensive revival which spread through our own and several of our sister churches. Occasionally a dried Branch is obliged to be severed from the Vine which though painful is necessary. The Walls of the new Church Are going up with Speed and but for the difficulty of procuring Lime in this place would have been much farther advanced. The Day school taught by brother Burns has been but irregularly kept during the year. His very frequent attacks of fever and ague during the first twelve months of his residence Here prevented his keeping school hut occasionally and that for a week or two at a time. Since the first of november however it has been regularly attended to. The number of pupils is less than at the commencement owing very naturally to a new school opened by or. Davis under the patronage 6f a society of ladies in new York j have selected a Young female to be supported and educated for a teacher in accordance with my views As submitted to the society when i visited the United states. She is pursuing successfully the several branches of education Nece Ssang for that purpose boards in my own family and with proper cultivation May be of much service to the Church in a future Day. Our Sabbath school in Monrovia has suffered a decrease in the number of pupils owing to the formation of several other schools of a similar kind among the other denominations. Number of Church members 151 last year 77 increase 74. society has had to struggle through a year of trials and difficulties. Their preacher died a Kirtly after he commenced his labors among them and we could not possibly Supply them Wii regular preaching. The Brethren from Monrovia and Caldwell would occasionally visit them but. For want of efficient Zea Lous Lay members to help the weaker ones during these intervals some became careless and in March sister Eunice Sharpe wa9 appointed to take the school left vacant by the death of Harvey. Through the useful labors of this j teacher a Ucb Good has been done. Excepting i a i. A. A a a a a .-1 a a by for a a a Aone month during which she was confined with fever the school has been regularly taught and the Priis ejects Are of the most encouraging nature. A St no la Sabbath school has also gone into operation in which sister Sharpe has been very zealous. The spot intended for the location of a manual labor school will be cleared off during the present dry season. It is situated opposite to the Village of Billsburg on the other Side of St. Paul a River contains five acres of Rich land a donation to the society from brother j. B. Gripon and possesses Many prominent advantages. But for the Long and unaccountable detention of brother Beverly Wilson in the United slaves who was designed As a missionary among the natives of this Vicinity this school would probably have gone into operation before now. When established it is to be denominated the White Plains manual labor school of the methodist episcopal Church number of Church members 12 last year 18 decrease 6. ? place has had regular preaching during the year. The members Are evidently endeavouring to adorn the gospel of god their Savior. We have had no school Here. Church members 93 last year 48 increase 45. New society Here suffered a great loss in the death of brother Casar and for two months after his decease the school was abandoned. During this time their applications their appeals their almost weeping solicitations for a preacher for a teacher to collect again their Little children were enough to draw tears from any who could feel. In november we supplied them with a Good teacher and the school has been recommenced under very favourable circumstances. Number of Church members 39 last year 36 increase 3. cause of the redeemer in this settlement has received a fresh and glorious impulse. The arrival and location of a missionary among the people an object Iong contemplated but until of late unsuccessfully attempted has been a great acquisition. Brother Barton has met with More than Ordinary Success. After three slight attacks of fever his health being entirely restored and As Good As it was in America he entered heartily and zealously into the work of his master. A revival of religion has added a number to the Church and some Loo of the most intelligent and respectable men in the Community. Having completed the erection of a convenient Mission House he is very comfortably situated and gives daily lessons to several Young persons who Are anxious to be fitted for future usefulness. I have chosen another person with an Eye to this object a Young Man with deep piety and Good mind. Lie boards at the Mission House and As we have been obliged to make a change in the school department we anticipate that with the instructions he has been receiving and will Continuo to receive from brother Barton he will be fitted in some Good degree under his immediate superintendence and oversight to take the school at the commencement of the next Quarter when the present teachers services will close. A meeting House so Long desired is now with much spirit about to go up. A native youth has been adopted taken under the missionary a own immediate care and named John Clark agreeably to the wishes and appropriation for that purpose of the ladies prayer Circle of new York. A Beautiful and secluded spot has been selected for a manual labor school and As soon As practicable it will go into operation. Church members 45 last year 25 increase 20. Bush Rod could not Supply this place last year but at the recent session of the conference a Young Man has been appointed there. I visited the natives on this Island not Long since and found them willing and desirous to have schools among them and receive instruction about the god of the White Man. Mission to the to our sex three were admitted on trial one received into full connection and elected to Deacon s orders and the following among other resolutions unanimously adopted a resolved that this conference convinced from the Success which has already attended the persevering efforts of the missionary society of the methodist episcopal Church for the spiritual welfare of the people of Liberia and the spread of the gospel on this continent that it is one of the most efficient Means by which divine Providence will bring about the salvation of Africa do pledge themselves to beseech the throne of Grace More fervently than Ever to bless and Prosper them in All their benevolent plans and to raise up More devoted men As instruments in their hands by whom to Send the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth. Resolved that this conference through the medium of the superintendent present to the Board of managers of the missionary society of the methodist episcopal Church their United and most grateful acknowledgements for their Liberal donation appropriated Lor the erection of Ike new Church in Monrovia. Stations of the preachers. Monrovia a. Johnson g. Simpson. Mills Burgh a. R. My girl. Upper and lower cold Well and new Georgia a. D. Williams d. Ware d. Brown. Edina James Moore. Bush Rod Island a Henry Durnford. Bassa cover to be supplied. Mission to the con does supplies with a school teacher for the present. Mission to Cape Palmas Francis Burns. Beverly r. Wilson and Amos herring yet in the United states. Day schools. Sabbath schools. Monrovia Mill Burgh Edina new Georgia 1, pupils 30 1, a a 30 1, a a 25 1, a a 43 1, pupils 2 1, a a 38 1, u 45 total 128 103 total number of Church members in Liberia 34 last Vear 20� a a increase members at Cape Palmas 136 35 total 375 Western advocate Friday april 8, 1836. A the proceed of the Fri paper will be equally divided non All the annual conference to be applied in spreading the Somai and in aider to d 1st re wed and a top Effon amp ated preacher and the w Atlow and orphan of those who have died in the world it is intended to Call a Public meeting next week and to invite All who feel interested in the spiritual welfare of those employed on the Western a. Ters to concert measures and if possible raise funds to build a a a Bethel Church a or House of worship in this City for their special Benefit. Effort have been made heretofore to accomplish this object and have failed we Hope the next one Wilt prove successful. Our attention has been called to the subject too late to soy More before our paper goes to press this week but we Trust Inore is needless at present after the general discussion Fri Elf it ins undergone in several of the churches in the place. The precise time of the meeting will be announced from the pulpits and through the daily papers. the obituary of miss Sargent published last week instead of Rebecca read Eliza. Be stations the looked for escort of warriors to conduct brother Williams Back to his appointment among this people delayed their coming on account of their wars with the goulash until very recently. On the 21st december 200 of them entered Monrovia with several of Boatswain a principal generals Many of whom Are intelligent Man dingoes who have attached themselves to his interest. Their professed and chief object was to come for the a teacher a for whom during his stay of several months among them they had imbibed the highest respect. But i soon found that the Brethren were not willing that he should go. He is the Only elder in the conference save the two missionaries. Great declension was visible in the Church last year during the absence of an elder and it was argued that should sickness or absence prevent the superintendent from attending the quarterly meetings the other missionary being at Bassa and brother Williams in the Interior much loss might be the result. Add to this the death of so Many preachers during the year would Render it impossible to Supply the appointments were he to resume the Mission. But sir the Heathen will take no denial. A teacher they must have. Their children have begun to learn the White Many a Book and to quote their own words a we can to go we can to see Bop Orah a we can to see King Boatswain a face suppose we no have one Merican Man for go one god Man a our hearts after a Day of much perplexity and fervent prayer to god for help i was led to the selection and appointment of a Young Man an exporter in the Church who was induced to leave his widowed Mother dependent entirely on him for support and engage in this work. Brother Moses Jacobs is of deep and uniform piety his Constitution is Good and he is thoroughly inured to the climate. He reads Well writes a very Good hand is tolerably Well acquainted with arithmetic and no trifling acquisition is an excellent Carpenter. His knowledge of the doctrines of our most holy religion is Good and sound. Delight animated every countenance when he was introduced to the head Man As theii4 Man. With eyes and hands uplifted to a Wallah a these Mohammedans in their pwn language uttered seemingly their thanks to our Mutual creator. The fact of his being a Carpenter was received with much Joy Boatswain having Long since expressed a great wish that a Mechanic of this kind would come and live among them. The party started on the 27th, brother Jacobs taking with him a Good Supply of proper school books his carpenters tools and being otherwise Well fitted. His salary As determined by the estimating committee is to be three Hundred dollars. Cape Little society Here augmented from time to time by emigration has Long since needed our fostering care. Since brother Welsh a do ath but for the kindness of the Rev. Or. Wilson presbyterian missionary they would have had no Public preaching. To this gentleman we owe much for regularly preaching to the the word of life when his health would per Tiit and administering the eucharist occasionally. Their appeals to me have induced me in consequence of the uncertainty of when we should get More help from America to appoint brother Francis Burns to that place. His health would not have permitted his being sent to Boatswain a and though he is not ordained yet it is hoped that until we can Supply them better his labors will be very useful among that people. Church members from thirty five to District conference closed yesterday a very harmonious session of twp Days at which to conclude sir i would observe that from the signs of the times we cannot refrain from expressing our conviction that the dark dense Cloud which Law a while seemed to hang Over the prospects of this Mission is fast receding before the Sun of righteousness. The sacrifices which have been made Are no More to be compared to the Good which we see daily accomplished than a sufferings of this present world Are to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed i remain Rev. And dear sir yours very respectfully John Seys. Monrovia Jan. 9, 1836. Temperance department. Wink at tiie More reserved and prudent course which the Temperance journals have lately adopted in regard to the sacramental use of wine is proof that the attachment of the Christian Community to the Plain command of the Savior and the Catholic usage of the Church is too Strong to be destroyed by the dreams of new lights and enthusiasts. With that we Are satisfied it is important however to remember that the leaders of this faction in the Temperance ranks have made merely a temporary Retreat without abandoning their object. The Public mind so say these protestant Popes is not yet prepared fur this millennial achievement but the attainment will surely be effected. At the late meeting of the society in Albany the following Resolution was offered a a resolved that As the discussion relative to the sacrament Al use of wine does not come within the prescribed limits of this society the convention approve of the recent determination of the executive committee to decline hereafter the publication of such a motion was made however to Amend the Resolution by striking out the words a a As the discussion of questions relative to the sacramental use of wine does not come within the prescribed limits of the society a and the Resolution was adopted in the following form a a resolved that this convention approve of the recent determination of the executive committee to decline hereafter the publication of discussions respecting the sacramental use of for this fact we Are indebted to the episcopal recorder not having read ourselves the speeches and proceedings of the new York Temperance society on the occasion of its late meeting. The amendment is significant it is a tacit declaration of the society corresponding with the Plain avowal of some of its members that the crusade is to be renewed when the Public mind shall be sufficiently a enlightened a Churchman rules for a Good class. 1. Let secret prayer be the last thing before you Start. 2. Endeavor to be in the class room 5 minutes before the time and spend them in communion with god Only. 3. Begin exactly at the time appointed by lining and singing 2 or 3 verses and offering a Short appropriate prayer. 4. The Leader May then say a few word either on experience in general or his own in particular for an introduction. 5. Then standing in one place let him speak to the members in the same order in which they appear on the list each one rising and stating in a few words and with a distinct deliberate voice the present state of his experience whether Good bad or indifferent. 6. To this let the Leader respond accordingly of he does not understand the Case from what is said he May inquire More particularly if the member appear to be in a said and Good state a simple word of approval is sufficient. Should the Cage involve any peculiarities let him a advise reprove Comfort or exhort As occasion May require a and if there be any uncommon distress let special prayer be made immediately for its removal. 7. Deal plainly but tenderly with All. 8. The meeting May occasionally be enlivened by one or two suitable verses but never let the examination and the singing proceed at the same time. 9. Do not allow the exercises of the class meeting to extend beyond an hour closing with prayer. 10. Let strangers be present Only according to the Rule in discipline. 11. If any member be habitually absent go immediately and know the cause if it be affliction talk to and Pray for him and the next meeting excuse him to his class mates to save loss of Confidence if his absence be wilful give him suitable caution and if he do not Amend after a season report him to the preacher in charge at the next leaders meeting or if it be in a country place at the next class meeting when the preacher is present that he May visit him and proceed As the Rule directs. 12. If any misunderstanding or hard feel Reg get in among the members make All possible haste to reconcile matters and put the fire out before it rises higher. Some experience and much observation have convinced me that 6uch a course As the above rules Point out will be crowned with gods Blessing in any class. of 554 who have been confined in the Eastern Penitentiary of Pennsyl Vania 414 were intemperate. Should christians from political notions vote for men As guardians of the Public morals and safety who Are known not Only to favor intemperance but Are really drunkards themselves a journal and luminary. The first a a consecrated House in Illinois. A Rev. S. R. Johnson who is the travelling companion of Bishop Kemper in his journeying at the West writes to the Churchman respecting the recent dedication of an episcopal place of worship in Jacksonville Illinois mentioning it As a a Trinity Church Jacksonville the first Church consecrated to the service of almighty god in the diocese of any Ordinary Reader would understand that until the 9th of january 1836, there was not in the whole state of Illinois a single edifice set apart for a the service of almighty god and that until the seasonable visit of or. Kemper who is we believe a highly respectable minister this Large Branch of the american nation having from 250,000 to 300, 000 inhabitants were living in a state Little different from heathenism. Be it known then that previously to this event the baptists had numerous congregations in Illinois and about 50 ministers the methodists 56 travelling preachers five districts and 14,000 members and the presbyterians 50 ministers and 70 regularly organized churches United in six there is also a College respectably endowed and office red and a goodly number of Young men pursuing an education for the ministry through the divine Blessing on the labors of the Presby. Ferian ministers. That very Many of these congregations Are destitute of houses a consecrated to the service of almighty god a is doubtless True but it is equally True that a considerable number have such houses of a very respectable class. If we mistake not there Are three at least in Jacksonville three or four in Alton and we know that the presbyterian Church in Quincy have a Noble Brick , a a evangelist. Literary purely literary and Well conducted Are of great value to society at Large inasmuch As they Are adapted to men of All professions and occupations people of All religious opinions and even those of no religion. But most of those with which we have any acquaintance contain too much Light Reading. This is their most prominent characteristic. The selection of topics is generally poor and the Mode of treating them is still poorer. While they assume a highly literary character they abound with the mo6t silly Romance sickening love tales and Frothy productions of the would be thought poets of Thepe latter Days. So far from cultivating a love for literary pursuits they Are calculated to cherish in the Youthful mind a relish for trifles and a disinclination for All substantial studies. They Are in perfect keeping however with most of the raw works and especially the syllabus annuals and novels of the age which Are palmed on the Public for literary works and on which the More fashionable part of the Reading Community Are starving As did the prodigal who would Fain Havo satisfied himself with the husks which the Swine did eat. It is True that in All these literary papers there Are occasionally some Good pieces but they Are buried amid so much trash that to find them is like gathering scattered grains of wheat out of Large heaps of chaff. We do not pretend thatthi8 is a just portrait of All called literary papers but we think it does no injustice to some which profess to be of the first class and modestly assume to be the Standard of literary taste. Their friends May admit these claims without eliciting any controversy from us but if these Are really the Best entertainments afforded by the literary press May we be excused from participating the poorest. They Are As unsubstantial As Moonshine. A great fire in Canton China nov. 22d, destroyed 2,000 houses and thru Gay 10,000 people shcberlcs9 in the streets patrons and wish to Call the attention of the patrons and agents of this paper to one Rule found in the terms in View of Tjie close of the 2d vol., Viz a fall subscribers will be under stood As wishing to continue unless it is expressly stated in accordance with this Rule we shall continue the paper to All who May not furnish an order to the contrary and if they do we Hope they will be careful to attend to the Rule in the terms governing the discontinuance of papers. If any who May have at Tbs time of subscribing through the agent ordered the paper for one year Only and wish their subscription to be renewed we must receive an order to that effect. We earnestly request when agents Send us subscribers fora limited time that they accompany the name with an explicit statement of the fact. We sometimes receive from attentive Post Mas ters in substance the following a a a a a refuses to take his paper out of the office says the time for which he subscribed has expired. You will therefore discontinue a in such cases if the sub Arvi be w Fen $3 Chi so arc Odi Lis the Tho a in the Tain 18t Cin Sam Crea diff East Date Wise and who of to the Curr conf Cine Ces mate year d and in teral City that Stree Stree court

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