West And South in Cincinnati, Ohio
11 Jan 1968

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West And South in Cincinnati, Ohio
11 Jan 1968

Read an issue on 11 Jan 1968 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The West And South.

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West And South (Newspaper) - January 11, 1968, Cincinnati, OhioA a a v. We a a a a v4v\\, a a it a \ v \4>� Volok Iii. A i. To Cincinnati saturday january 11, 1868. Number 17. M a a a a v m lon42 to Bolas. At for a pretty girlish two Chi Kwof try he two log Hong la prof re Mil tint Tum. A Tor a Little do Mph Chin a round Throat Bwy tour a Barline Mouth to dream opon. And go Orliw Golden hair. A Tor a tender of Biog Vole an Ltd it Nile Emu Hnz and Tor the Promise a Nada to a. B f a to by tto Linc aft a All Tor the pretty girlish Tea. For a hand a White a a Noar i dreamed a tool leh dream of Loee. Long year ago. V \ a annul. Borrowed on state Street at five and a half per cent on individual Ala month a note it can not he Acree. If it were soft would command an loot from 10 to my per cent per hew York Banks and Cape constantly lending Money at 6 per cent per annul on the same Kina of notes. In Cincinnati Money a at this moment being Lent at 8 per cent on Long dated paper. These Are the Patent fort that prove the in rur re assertion that Money be Acree be very wide of the Mark. We have All known immensely higher would have on a saturday night after they had received their weeks wages running round at the markets with a Basket Fhil of Money buying a bit of a tale meat at a Hundred doll an a Pound a Aman dab of rank butter Twenty dollars a Pound a Peck of com meal for ten dollars determined to get rid of their Money for fear these prices might be doubled before Monda mine the action Aad opinions of our lives. The Preslon of love i understand to he the Union of desire Friendship and tender nem which to inflamed by a single mule which prefer her to the rest of her sex and which seeks her Possession As the supreme or the sole happen is of our being. A \ paper men Peri of a inflation of Money never Bee been thrust to of Lett by of Fiffi Mumman. See Boston. January is a As Boitor of Tbs we and South a the National debt which Wae created by inflation should be paid in a Fiat Tony a Cincinnati exp utter. Let us be thankful. The enquirer has at last got a a a platform something to stand upon and hold to Belo sow and in the future. It dwelt once in n had Money of atone stood a Pon a Rocky foundation which the irtnaic4 the wifi could not shatter but becoming tincture with the Knavish expediency of the times it has left Ite Domicil of Fety and taken up its abode in a building a powerless to withstand a the coming Hurricane As a mean a National a Are per sent Shin plasm a Teto Ressot a Good Eoal grate fire. How devious Boggy torturing and weary must have been its travels from its Eold Bard Money mansion All tha Way Down to it present fragile ephemeral and uncomfortable soft Money outhouse its conscience it mint have left behind in company with its Bant Money Doc Frantt Tfir Titi it bait to often advocated a being True and honest and therefore Safe. It was right Vien Coa it be right now it once mid Bard Money was Good it now save soft Money is Good and the meanest kind of soft Money at that a a consistency thou Art a we however roust admit that my doctrines we assent to Hie honesty to Hie Rine Erly of belief in his principles. The enquirer be levee in the a a inflation of the currency in abundance of greenbacks and. With the greatest consistency sets Ite big presses to work printing a a Beautiful imitation of the five Dollar Greenback with a truthful portrait of our esteemed fellow of Tiren Hon. George h. certainly every one must now know that the enquirer believes in inflation a the presses of the enquirer have come to the Aid of the laggard Presa a of the Treasury department and a a inflation is a fixed fact. Gut ready shoddy Ite and he bytes Faro Banke and National Banka speculators and contractors Ras rals rogue and Theven you ate to have another Chance to pilfer the last loaf from every poor Devil who has to work to keep himself and family from nakedness and starvation. What a a harming a bring Quot has been formed to push a a inflation Thad Stevens Ben. Butler. Congress and the enquire. But Bow about a your esteemed fellow cd usen Quot has a allowed Hie a portrait to he printed and a battered throughout the Coon try on an a Zimita Bon Greenback Why it would degrade disgrace his Manly head to be stuck even upon an orig Toal Gramoy More to permit it to be placed opon a Aiu Flosy a a it of tying him Down to a a a ring can never escape from. Or. Pendleton has Many old and sincere friends of All the Seaboard who have been carefully watching his political course with anxiety and Hope and nothing he Given them to my a hearted be so great and genuine a fear of ufos political Aneth ligation As his per i Fang the enquirer to Lead him into the Greenback Gulf. We hem a outed him great abilities hot with All his highest Powers be can not throw off this old Man of foe Mountain he Venem Hie advocacy of an 1 Uon Quot of a already too redi volume of Reper Money. The a a National debt Quot will at some foe future have to come under the of Thoro Hon and then the will have to submit to a rigid application of constitutional Law when they most take care of these Ivy. Or. Pendleton should not drive Hie hard Money friends from hit ride by support of the she Frehe ruinous Doo to Neon Greenback inels fish. I cannot speak of the Western states but for foe Seaboard and with Many and Good opportunities of knowing your Cone a a Saj Sissy rations will meet with a total Rebuff if he allows himself to be drawn stir further into the Greenback expansion Dodge. No Man whoever to May he whether Democrat or Radical. Will dec cure a single electoral vote for president on this ride of foe Tuegh Ninoe if he supports another addition to the present volume of the our Rooney. Our Labouring know Ciao rates than these paid because Money upon a people without its being a curse a to them few toy Tell but one tale in this respect and we without paying the least attention to Ite lessons have been destroying ourselves for a momentary gratification. If we consent to turn our faces again toward an expansion of foe present volume of the currency of the country that moment we consent to tha total immolation on the already gorged altar of bankruptcy of three fourths of the business in existence. The bitter end my will show Ile Eif in Public and private dishonesty in continual sectional disorganization in Walla lamentations and rages of those who have been robbed by the great Greenback swindle. Jtj wars. At that particular moment Wae not plentiful. Every one knows that goods Are Low in Price when they Are plenty and High in Price when they Are rare. So it is with Money and the present Price of Money totally Date proves ail the enquirer1� interested Harangue about the a tightness of the Money no Over production stimulated by too much had cheat Neper Money or by the enquirer9s beloved doctrine of inflation on the one hand and on the other by excessive taxation lays at the Root of our financial roubles. The unnecessary sectional War forced every Man in the North to do something to fill Ite Insatiate maw. The wants of the government were to urgent and were so liberally paid for in Promisee that every Man and woman a land every old machine and enormous quantities of new ones were put in req i it on both Day and night to meet them. The government became the Only customer Worth attending to. It flooded the country with its manufactured promises in order that it might absorb the greeted bulk of manufactured . The production of a promises Quot and a a commodities kept Pace Only limited in their a peed by the exhaustion of steam Cher. The dangerous results of these ring and unnatural processes were entirely hidden from View by the a he a glories of the War lasted just Long enough to set every Man and woman a hand every Little Rill every horse Power every steam engine to work throughout the coun a manufacturing a something in All of a sudden the great customer ceased to buy a in fact became a seller leaving the forgotten people to wend their Way out of foe Kilough of despond with an overload of taxation Legal tenders and manufactured commodities upon their weakened backs in the Best Way they could. The great obese extravagant and writer can Seldom be Content with the doubtful recompense of solitary approbation. A first publication is a memorable Era in the life of a student his Hopes and fears Are multiplied by foe idea of Leif importance and he believes for a while that the eyes of Mankind Are fixed on his person and performance. In every state there exists a balance of Good and evil. A youth of any spirit is fired by foe play of arms. In a foreign country curiosity is our business and our pleasure. 4 All superfluous ornament is rejected by foe cold frugality of protestants but the Catholic superstition which is always the enemy of reason is often the Parent of arts. Men Are Apt to style their Fulte misfortunes. Our lives Are in foe Power of Chance. The luxurious inhabitants of Naples to dwell on the confines of Paradise and hell fire. The most gentle authority will sometimes frown without reason the Moat cheerful submission will sometimes murmur without cause. Our personal Liberty is supported by foe obsequious Ness of our dependants. The slumbers of the Church Are fat. The Swiss guard foe blessings of peace with the sword of Freedom. The Seal of opposition is Seldom these Aro culled from Gibbons Bio candid and impartial. Mrm get t1 writings will follow never transform a private memorial foe same currency which the am required to take for All debts due to them and that we most heartily condemn foe Gross proposition so boldly made by the monies aristocracy to have a depreciated currency for the people and a Premium bearing currency for themselves such a distinction being wholly incompatible with the Equality and Justice which must Ever be observed in democratic governments. Removed that if this Mode of paying off foe Public debt were repudiation foe complaint comes with a bad Cut from those who now raise the i against it men who have All it Freir lives upheld the most villainous and inexcusable repudiation in foe form of bankrupt Laws Bank suspensions and in foe passage and enforcement of foe Legal tender act itself. Bee toed. That we will not submit to foe bondage and Vassalage for forty years to come proposed to be fastened on As by Sherman a Bill so called lately reported to the Senate of the United states but that if foe unscrupulous representatives of the Bond Seracy now calling foe Sehres a con for the West and sooth. / pwt frees mob to works. A Gib body to Way of ounce Etling with the facts narrated by him great ideas gave to Gibbons works a great pern manent to say foe German encyclopedia and foie remark cd to foe Seu Tiou herewith a furnished. Touar having disappeared the whole country Wal a been Selling to him and making for him found Freir storks immensely too Large to sell to n people three fourths of whom had become so impoverished that they could scarcely Bey their daily _ Breed. It needs no argue rail to show j descendants of a King. That this has been and is now foe care the failures occurring All Over foe country Are caused by Merchante and manufacturers trying to hold on to Freir excessive stocks of Good a awaiting foe enquirer a a inflation Quot Dodge for better Prieta. Boston new York and Cincinnati merchants Are in foe same Way As your Reader just now very Wall know. The enquirer1� canapes in not a healthy one for these gentlemen it 1 deadly Poison to All who have to lab of for a living As All those on foe Atlantic have already Learned to Freir Burrow and foe hard handed honesty of the West is being rapidly taught. When foe great customer a eases to buy ceases to a inflate Quot a then he has nothing to sell not even greenbacks with foe a portrait of ear esteemed fellow citizens a upon item. The we of these Delec Tares has fallen into the hands of foe heretofore hard Money enquirer. Let us Hope it May never have a competitor. Weil then foe great customer having stopped its steam machinery it Oak not any Kroner buy to Supply Ite necessities and it must to supported like any other pauper. So it excessively taxes every thing and every body not Only to Supply Neoe Searles of use but All the and luxuries Ateo Inrig so a standing army and a Freedman a Bureau. Tile taxation is at Fois moment depriving tall one half foe people of the country of foe ability to buy any thing but what will barely feed and clothe them. To foe minute Turen of All kinds have it it to a great extent the great customer on the Goa hand and a Large proportion of the people on foe of beat it need be no Vonder to a that factories Are Stop truth naked truth ii foe first virtue of history., fat a style is the Imago of character the Lively desire of knowing our ancestors must depend on the influence of some common principle in foe rain of men. Our imagination in always Active to enlarge foe narrow Circle in which nature Baa confined a. We step Forward beyond death who such Hopes As religion or Philoe opted will suggest and will fill of the silent vacancy that precedes our by Rio by associating Oum Etres to the anther of our Exie Maea. In the investigation of Peri events our curiosity is stimulated by the immediate or indirect reference to our a Eiveen. We esteem in Cor ancestor the qualities that by promote foe interests of society and we pronounce Tho of amp Priam of a Man of Genius whose writings will instruct or Delight foe latest Prosperity More Nome than foe the family of into a vehicle of satire or Praise. 1 Chokee and command or language is Xyth fruit of exercise. A n author is himself the Best judge of his own performance. No one has so deeply meditated on foe subject no one is so sincerely interested in foe event. A school of civil prudence is the first and most essential virtue of an historian history is die Moat popular species of writing since it can adapt itself to of4 j it Vav the confucius is in my opinion the most illustrious in foe world far their posterity have maintained peaceful Honor and perpetual succession Tor Over . A the nubile Are always curious to know foe men who have left behind them an image of their mind. The study of hereditary honors b to Vocale to Royal prerogative. An enthusiast May be often absurd but never languid. According to mercantile Creed foe Best Book is a profitable Ledger. When a nation awakens from Ite Golden Dreany it demands victims. A sacrifice of interest to principle will . Private vices Are not ate. A Parent will Endeavor to Supply in his children foe Delci notes of which he is conscious himself. The a relation of an unmarried brother and sister Are singular it is Friendship Sruth a female Minoh our own age an affection softened by these Erst influence of sex but note from sensual desire the sole the him of platonic love that can be indulged with truth and without danger. The flail of an unpopular minister is not always succeeded by a a Fitek of happiness and virture. Celibacy is Apt to Transfer a vacant Ping hands by the tens of thousands doubt and dts trere. What emmy Tnya Igor Labouring Man throughout this Broad land wante Hopes Tor and prays for is solid ground to a and on to his bask re Alhi i re. He ass become to red of Dally shifting priota my a frito go to bed at a a get Wuh out Wemm and harrowing doubts of where shall the whole by i semblance of a Union Root in Security and hone except la return to the old constitutional measures of value i a Flat acknowledgement that we never eat return to speck Permente. Itaas tha d id Renee Between Gold and paper is now too great to attempt it gift this difference he any Tern under the favorite doctrine of a inflation a never a left to she i we or i or Aura 1iiiwv buy tour paper dollars Yasav 1% a win Al vow Bre we co Flo buy with the paper Money would be a Nice time then the there is not. In foe course of life a More remarkable change than the removal of a child from the luxury and of a wealthy House to foe frugal did and strict of a i would not Hange my Early and i inv Weible love it diag Lor foe treasure of India. A in a free inter Puree of a youth with i Hie equate foe habits of truth fortitude and prudence will insensibly be maimed. Birth and riches Are measured i by the Standard of personal Merit the knowledge of latin and greek Deposit in foe Bandi of a disciple the keys of two valuable charts. The expression of is a virtue and a pleasure. I the spirit of Mon Poliete is Naim reap . I new improvements Are a gnarly a a sped by foe Freedom. Youth 6 sincere and impetuous. A it is foe Peculiar Feu Fey of youth that Moat Annlea auks objects Ami foe big feet and lowest capacity. The favor of Mankind is Moat freely bestowed on a new acquaintance of original Merit which can no longer be rekindled a second time. An author who can not ascend will always appear to sink. The Public is Seldom wrong. Ministers who retake to Bend Are broken by foe tempest. Moderate Fortune secures the blessings of ease Leisure and Independence. A in our importance in society is less a positive than a relative weight. Lofty connections May attract the curious and gratify foe vain but i am too modest or too proud to rate my own value by that of my associates. Politeness and Good sense Are the useful currency in the Commerce of life. The decent Freedom of both sexes is equally Remote from foe extremes of simple atty and refinement. Imperfect Trinler time injure foe character while they propagate the name of foe author. A a Riter who succeeds in London is speedily read on foe Hanks of foe Delaware and the Ganges. There is danger in exposing an old superstition to the contempt of foe Blind and frantic multitude. He Calls gallic Frens foe wild theories of equal and boundless Freedom. Magistrates must reign with prudence who Are unarmed m foe midst of an armed Nabob. The first and instep Eurble requisite of happiness is a Clear conscience unsullied by the reproach or remembrance of an unworthy action. Iam indeed Rich since nay income in Superior to my expenses and my expense in equal to my wishes. V 8afe from foe stingy i was soon accustomed to foe in zing of foe hornets the clerical critics of Hie works. Men of letters do not renounce the substance for foe Shadow. The present is a fleeting moment foe Paat is no More and our Prospect of futurity la dark and doubtful until Bap Pines belongs to the Laresea Eolon which our Maedona supposed to be calmed our Fomund our ambit Len fee and Fortune on a solid Burin the failure of Hope always tinges with a Browner Shade the evening of life. Cli Gre a of the United states pans such a Bill and proceed to change the present form of foe indebtedness of the United states thereby so be to Blind us for that length of of tire to pay interest out of our hard earnings to foe Bankers and bondholders of foe country we will repudiate and we pledge ourselves to use every Power available to cent off such shackles and diverse ourselves Aad our posterity from such ignominious bondage. We hereby give notice to foe world of such determination of foe democracy of Knox county Ohio and we respectfully request democratic assemblies throughout the whole country to give foe same notice publicly. Resolved that we condemn As unconstitutional and anti Republican the preempt usurer of the be eat eds of Gram of the United Battee towards foe Sovereign to states of foe Horafo. Congress has no Power hut what foe l Enri to Tion gives it. This instrument gives it no Power to meddle with the elective franchise or Domestic institutions of any of Ike states. Their whole course on this subject is cruel Aad unmitigated oppression disgraceful to Fofe most wicked Aud abandon id on Earth. Resolve by that we respectfully re jut it the Iva socratic executive committee for foe United states to direct their Call for delegates to foe next National democratic convention to All the states of the Houpo a Well As North the same As v if Umi Good of a Dpi of Itten Union Art thus show to tha that democrats who Auno Orton fort soft War did so with the Hooe-1 purpose of preserving ties Unten and not to destroy it or inaugurate ppr Emlus and despotic Ruig a. .4 Bem red that our utmost energies shall be exerted to prevent foe Eneim of popular government from degrading foe elective franchise As they desire to do by Freir efforts to Pat foe negroes upon a political and eoe Al Equality with foe White Man their whole a meet being to degrade the democracy of this / country., we will bitterly oppose them to foe end. V or it i remitted. That negro voting in Ohio ought by All Means to be Puta top to and that tha coming legislature should give foe subject prompt Aad Earnest attention so that the Legal vote is of Fofe Stato to not again cheated out of their Legal rights and legitimate influence As they were at foe test Batto 1 election simply Fey negro Votos. Or Elved that one leading object in foe formation of the Federal govern sent was to secure to our Cit Isena from foreign nations due Protection in All Freir rights when abroad that foe citizen it entitled to tote Protection the same As foe native born a that foe european doctrine of Dos expatriation and perpetual allegiance is wholly incompatible with just Osand right a foe present migratory state of a a Christendom Aad that our govern ment. Above ail others should demand that it fee Given up Aad no longer. Claimed to be a part of foe Law of nations that foe late cruel executions Iff american dts sen in England dmq4 arouse the people to this a beet bwe feed that Itte of Fote convention that the democracy of. Knox county decidedly prefer foe Tot lowing named gentlemen for the a Ait Ioos indicated Geo. H. Pendleton of Ohio for fro Ridant in 1888 Thomas h. Seymour of connect Cul for vice la Kent and Clement l. Vallandigham for United states senator from Ohio not hereby intending to Date per age other Good democrats who May be candidates for any of foe above offices. On Mackro of Lorn pm Watson fosgate. / Lowton at a convention of the Demee my Knox county Ohio held at foe Fqy sure mouse on saturday use umber Ife. Aha m Quot Rrth i a Oum Pari on of Nuin ners and Opin Ion enlarge View Aud corrects prejudices. Every Mao who Teeb Tevel has received two a first from Bis atari Fere the meat for foe tits it a did of a cruel and and More in Rel Opalw Ltd it so Kiwi it had of Tow a a a limited government which our a moved that foe democracy of Knox of Monty do still adhere to Thel ancient doctrines of foe Paris a declared by Jefferson and Madleon on foe subject of Fos Rete lion of foe Totoa to the Federal govern men and that we entirely repudiate foe doctrines of new a Gund which have led to Eon souk ton awl a completo subversion Lof ear . And the Erta Tefo a y Areo teed that our sea Toia Aad represent Tati a a a in the Leyte Latare Are requested to Cert Freir votes for Hen. Ole meat l. Vallandigham for United a ate beast or believing As we do that foe Public Tweh at tha time of Freir Etc Tom As Well As new Aud fort nine tenths of foe democrats of this District and county would so on Aso Tiou it was resolved foal the Banner cd Imbu Cincinnati enquirer War and n in i a a a a a a is Rorn my use Mew lure no sep we Pink did go of cuu of Matlob. A. Cobbhiuiw1 so Bax Watfa ohm Ebenm for a Bibb. I Ghana. W Dunuan Tori Dofi Jon Ewalt i a Hab j

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