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West And South (Newspaper) - February 8, 1968, Cincinnati, OhioI. Fir a a 7<ewv�f��5 i Ltd of v i vol time m Cincinnati a at Trdat february 8, 1866. In a a a Fly a a it tip firm to Ltd old Pic my of Yul Ghi of Poy Wutti a a a Fri pm he w wac Pweo a p Elf a a Faedi \ i hmm Iii Eood old i Pezim. A a pm pm alien Foo m inn Hilm Dinow pin fb4 Doire it of men of a Iwuh Yoer Adeoe More Eidemi Hita poem the Iii Eniya a Vry or a Iyow Iti old pram of me wet i. V vote Tom Fleet Volkl door Gifu fire rom mum ii fim w. I Walwro Lleni. Eom of �11im Leoe Beki enl it Del Are to Lod. A a key be me i peeled a Tow i Coli Mamie of me fetid i be i is de my in beyond ump too it tip cd Eirand t Andrew vow a i Oyt my sea Iii it Lilee a a a Oer aft thereof pm Seei a Weir a i Alii Berlec a mme a Mili tie film nil Forest Nae Mai a Ommy Fps a Ime Fop Noet to meet me Dewulf fief or Miyo Meeia imm teed. It a a a a re t -. it Fli a Plomert f a done Fly i Mil Emmi for Kershe my ibo Andom hmm Blip Lei woo win by Litimo Mehi Mer to Ihrk Seiy Heilem a a Quot the red a Jakelek i ewer a Wouk Reed is ii fee a Detige Kraeer r pc Dpi he Hoate to Lowe it air at to a Lull la it Attl Liele of Elmili Flold Ufler a a a a of a a ii a miss Ida a it pne a a a mses 21 egg a Oid urfi end belted eur they Imd Flat Elmr. Jill he in fria Limmy Lei to hmm ssh a of a a a a Idil Elmi Flold fms he pro Pew a Al Al Bowma Tim of Oomes . I is Leboter worked a fld Wale in wifi Eli Ettli dil Iwlew tiflis Bem dih Wei be wee Fotofi to make a Floe he Eyer made id Bli Lifis o one or med Tihe Nortel Iii him meow Spinni inc Winon once Wacura a a false me me the m Pey Erae Iiene or tedi esd Yiek Mutsko Niomy re to flip emote e Potorf ii Ted of ubi of pie to him toe Lime of he wow Nfn Ooi Lasiw my to look Oei Teiml. I the Racheel Ibsh Etterio pay Mino la be Pieber. Iyvind Hou won of mingled go to f�ta0 i tone Tomoo Yatung Koa e Ali if to Helf of Ibe Eliop. The a i m bet me Hendy and me omit Tromon Mezeb Eilt Here Tekea Einy Moldt Many of me be Here not 60 Peto . And the Planten and Humera a not one time to meet the Ealem of the Consitt year. Towle Egros he a made Nomia Beean Tefr rape be been Pinede Zoele to Pepaw me Adreno made to them. Where they Bete re melted wag they be peat All to Battiey had. And now both employee mid la Boreni and theme Ehrsam to a to Wen met year Flo or regards Money or Atal Lable property and wone Thaney were la year Beao Tea they had a Oare tue Eie Dit and were slim timoted to Taei Iofi by Hope and mar they have Lekber Ordett Are Bope nothing Bot a loan of debt whom they a the a def Etta Wilda Piile write in me Bof Lioti a Bani or a let Cef la id to bail Afifi Whf a the Meade Tel a is a Sassy ass see to a Roii meow he and making Eif pm of it fog moby he definite iad Naesoo wit the people filled fold Tigirt comr try my Umer k>glt�0mi mme a few ��01 we ooh my my a in it a a my Letteau 1 pc us plumb la a it tier Bomm i h b a my a it Beer Etra Oge. Today place and the people a to Odd amt Oriot. There Art Edeh menu a flip not be Tomid say a bal toe or a wide Warto. Moat of Ora by to Leofi Knif nth a Pook i and 1 dare a the to not a Mong 1 of them too May in and Dato Leta Tretio had not what Otto not Afan Mui Erie Leet a Whir Igig Bat Mere Are More wind Milt Here dreamed or my Price and tree a Almig ibo of tool How. P Noonon where a there to wind Faoa Gfa to Tom Mem. Tot door t a mde been end of Onebia Freda blah cd Mcdowere Ocean and Breezy Day and in pm tie a of a exam totem a Aeh whirl dam Jere Way poem a and a Isis tee me Wood Railto a a tag ram died the a Lyle Ooi try Diya Galu and Ever a Noe a taken Good care to keep an the embark Wnenta Strang and in Good repair there Tonrey lag that a eternal it glance to me Ime of us erty a a but Here in Houard it a the Artoe of Pitisi. Hen Are on me watch All me time to a Toto there Are no weak a in . They a paid by government and have of outed of All the Mflton. They wage font to it Waiuli Rewth the Oen at a Lott of nearly three Luton Dohara every year hot with the wind for a ally they Are enabled to up the Garahee drained and have Iran formed me bogs into bean Tiftik Meadows pasture Orchards and gardens and Flut a Flag and towns below me level of me sea. The water eat be in no nor and in the same Emmaa up be Flam of Ito Nihabe pm a the me Emma aim of a it giant which held talk Roomay Tome is a a up Iwobi i Peif Tomboy go Pitzer fled pow Fri Fiandro wet Mem at to a Iii Ihrl Dis a Jato Scab who to la Ibe if a i Are ground so can a Torbay Al to Winf with the Inbe Renc Ditre and maintain its through we Long Yea of Denton now mat the Pande Peak in Al lag and How to chem or the deep Aba Dowe from its path wih soon Peconie a Imai stills Host when Nene a an Dawyt the spa t Fly resumption of toe Ane Tont Gtimm Ana renown a Power Fri Aad Xavi Weible organization.�?oioeiii6oro Moe or. Rev n a a be told him hew to less. Woald Vsev i. A the Pem Arab Effii Triton. He Itoe no pow Porem Rin Irea where no Ness . Tiow Mtoto Ito Sioto my Boa Ottob nor carried his to Bli sep Olmie mosey Itab to Fasse. r a he sit them it Partog a me Liew Liefl Ami to a Bootie a Anim Minifi matto meat Wahiawa pet wan Andice Amoth of Ilia people of a Boomsm 0lato% in n Nof Bani Roumal Deldag my Atay Towas Hanifl met and convened Wim k a to by Atoo met a Waif Licini a moan Fiorita Aadi fib Oit Ollna rep Minn up no Meane of paying Aad and deep Rodeney pervading to treat All Calawa of Eopal and and they ail Contr to and Mote men Tahoe Aoto Anto of the nigh Bor Flode. 1 of gel 11 Dada a of the of entry at Tho to Law last year we a Revere a Eodald by image Tiedt that Advana Fitze had a Aenied half Lar done her Wolfal and that if the would Flat of Leto Makl Fita Over Tho the wafer Erndl Tift or Ibe by me the Exil Neloa of Pef aah we Flam fhe Mutoli Amhi a Fidh Naff Minme Stemel Fhil Orem do i a had Alec full entirety tolled. The yen hot i of a Flam a Neon nov Flamon cilia a be than a to to 1 at oni Fidi by me Eale and Flet Al nil Fly Mil Bible tonne Mam Igea Sruti Eeleni Tofill Kew toy m�p�b8mtoimu& _ lored he Mil men fluid Simf my Nib Apo Oad we Ler Awse in win Money to Pord in Fetto Ielne needed Totosh a f f �7. A it 1/ of a to pred i go Ampf lotto if mat a Mdse don<evei7 one Pec Lephe Ariato Storto Deb and e have a eur ii Paige enough to Ign me / found Ntim of be ended pfc a Petty in the in Bivin Meriem Crew me prep Leton Are compelled to Aberdon their Laoda Der audio Fly or in part Becane Mey Ean not Eafrate of a. A a general thing not to than half of the la year win do Winji Yeii unto year and a Yeats Ntim Beir Edli not receive More than half the wag Jbf which they font rated in if Fly. To carry on their Ooi Erato they nil Lead to Eefie a portion of Meir Toek Aad mute and in Eon Hiet Filic of Ihler porn. They can not to la Ray a a firem the Oom Napoelon men Haavie Beeance the have Lateo a Vimy that they have not the Meana and can net Bonow a Dollar. Thomake n Bare Melinee to my Higbe nto Tallon of the meet nog Mae while Mou Eanni a Oahu to a their Way to do even very Many who med to he fall Tieff have Bren Anable to pay their Tanea and we Mia tend Arltz Esmont Lwi and the Sale of what Little to Lea Nutu the exp ctr ave order will Joed a spending to coh Edoo of lakes ii toll it. The month Ofa mall Gnan attire of Ottoo will be pumped com and Grato of an Lofti will Helbe Princi Iisalo Lofto he new or improved implement can a Preba Refl. To a is Erato along a Keogh another year and tote bread to what Motomi a a to be Ibe Able Taij Ector Milr rat a Bear to Tine. Want a a Abao Lote and into Peltchie will Cro Many a Breeh Cid and sit at Many a Bearb bulb me half of in to paired Aaray. A a of the Gan Raleon Ditton of the pm uple came within my Pend knowledge a Inheh Lime Stone. A who be loathe War. We a com to a Floo used Mimi i where he Anil la rpm Tot gym he and Inte Ifigeni at me Al Iowa of to War a owl Abom u let xxx of Mihir. Be bad made Hiya a a if Amle Abr Fiat a moist been atty or them ii mid be Tohom who Waga Soi Abl a Bunyett. Lore of to negroes to be Ttyler a to the other. Yon hate read of me of a crazy Keigm. Don who pm a Winda Oitt and it wre a giant and want at stand got tumbled into the dirt by me great Tina whih went Ifo Ovid padre and Jato of if no fido bad Hap be two but if i were alive in thaae and were to Volt and he might Mink a Fth Nood reason that the land Wenof Gianula. What Toht Ash for. Ton wooden pc Bapa what the people of Toto not Matiy can want of to Many wind Mola but let me tet you mat if it bad nil taken Tor me Mills to the past Ibe would be very Tow people in Holland now. The Wlad Milf to one aet toe have made me Goa ii wac it to. J _ a Pon gear map of Bland you will eee that me River Shine which Bia its so ree away soom in me among me motto Latifie the and get Elwers. It to to last that i reign bom citizens constituted the Gna Teet element in that army that waged the War Esten slyly top Imp Senra Timof Teunion. Be Heesbeen Araoka when depleted were filled by me German Ana the or feb hosts and a a be afflict eff Wurl Taa Auto he Lee. F to Fern Meir by my Gaa Inci heretofore Rema Anitole Tor my Dimity a recent in Lollo iwed the bad example of me new lamp mind Olaf by and Are dabbling in cd Utica and if such a thing were Pomme me Pooh real to Rae in there tit ogre a bawl than the Haa Amiina of the blood hounds or 200. A e nod in the Febra-7 Hamber of me Alanm Man Thiu what to int cried by tto author to be Flito Fletr of live and to Toton Artelie pm Tom and Bievens. They a it to goad Tom with Mote pseudo Fiat Toto try Whf lilt. In raking cent of ear Efla of Swita stood when item Wulin 0 Hundred Niue of me sea it splits itself into a Dosen or More Mannetti All of a bpm after grinding and turning stun ugh a Gar thanab mar their treers into the Ocean. Houaard Thaie fore was once a great marm or bog a there Are Vecy Tow atom ire lathe co Batry the Areano Mona Laias or Hilton but one did level of Manta land. Hundreds of Yean ago me Conle who head near me Maui of me lung in saw Thea me Maadi Toad we a Tolito Tor be Silt in the Dver Brod Down every year from me Ade the land very Rich Mey saw Yatooma Tifton Koukl Only Gat Aldef me wat on the Marabeas they might toy out cabbage is Dens and Little Torma. They Oum mended by Btl Dilig Dame Here Aad the i on the Branch of the brine Callad the Batter a and the place was known to time and filter Daizi another on the aaa Atal which a the origin of the name of to City amid ten bub. To All of me dams in to ipod came not Becane me people were n the hash of Mig wicked a Raeda but Macau a Balto dams on the Quot Stream. But the water soaked through the embankments and every rain made Meir Garde wet dog Ellebee into Wuo Betot Wetor and then Goa shelved the idea of windmills for pump tog the Tor me a Lesto Ratum Ertzbe a Anton the wedged and me tree Pura of me bloody struggle Bas developed mat it was fought for me Destin Cioc of the conetto Tiofio the Ufa francae meet and Deba Komeot of the Whito Southe Roor and Fer Elgner and for that vat Lon and Mastery of the negro. The foreigner has not Bren avow to present and futo ogee la of this Badiei party of Rulu and Are Dre Erting the Ratten Hulk of about ton inn at rat desert a stoking mip. Grant and Braga buttons eat not anew the Crew were they today to abandon Meir whole african plan of rec Astaire to foil and seek to retrace their Alape and take Refina behind a Nat Tooni Pidi and a Twute Many Gavern Merit it would Avail them coming As no party to the history of our Rowam meath eve be Able to Perpe Mato me Eai since that failed to win and hold the sympathies of the foreign bom t. Liberty Lov tog element of Payl Bendim Abr to of j Ato Aitor Chan a by Flea Quot re a Ikbal Flam Rafii St Nind i a wimm Kwa my Fly Kwh Kaif they hold Tow a Thih Eameal Day a the did atm me How do Obr Moom met Teri log fall Tama of i on Lalere. The Par was mfg a com posed of tha Debella of me eld whig parted on the Toek of Wiack a Aesir grained me repast can Olivani Tion after Tito american party Ned Ellen into i. There am no meat toe in eat non Ems to am tween ten a booed narrow fouled proverb be be to Tommy Witt want Faath designed any thing at ail Jocose ire devotes some thirty pages to the in at Melve task of provi i. That the Fob into the Maiato of the is Moery Etc Tyree Yea ago 11 that in thereof the Flom old country galloped nah fit to me bad in Fol i99t, who ii Wareet Tod in Enre by theban Kimii Onofro a however our Eye la win in at tyls moment opon five a a a Aimre of Otto of Fiali Waail by one Mwasi a Vett and none a ii Melj Beaton Orato a it it the tet Ted w i Omree fee cant Liala and nil of Donkey of the liar amnio a. Be Jnai if a Infin is Asda Buboi of whom we of them thai jskjt0a�j�onaag feb Rel of i Al in Motoi Ahn Lite a i am Aad web Ator and Everett Down to at to now id is Tamer emd Camwy Dee Iare new Nafla Aing its Marve Toos and Arnn Ido i trim doting my my atom if a of of Hla Flthe Tore of Nalore to Baber water Toto me River. They Serene of me a tha wind--4b work Foreen the rain and a just of wind will Tom several thou Zaimof Millsjr it Eatoyl As it does one they have Eon a mme the Meta have folic cd the great Rev Rhine to auit the Naar Ahre and 1ve began to pump the of eat Der what la the meaning of afim Egl to Law Gitig Meir am Tofoi eid of Dan and ought a whet fever Mere is a Broth of Alry. The we nth. To a me to notify m it ii Tanginoa of great embankment along my aha of be Ana Apost Wutoh to we a a min a gnat roof Init of Iii Iii in Wiki do Hong. Wall along me we seed Fnu pm amp Xum it Mai and and Flat a gym Toboco and act that Vimb ocl Bla Hla pm Jatto pm a Mia us big a Tau my amp Likmal boil new amp a amp a so Manx Gugg Green Lagg Agim Mare a a Bonnato tolfi5t Mif fib a if to him finn. Ii i my of to and Imp Coit of Flo flow the til it blk of h Tome to aeon Puah. Jon my Uemon Mumm Tom Rojna above took Dott to Angle publican and the Hearty free Man to Ilbery tool by Cotogna she cd i Porea very huge on Pic. This Cima or men take to Devore Cracy As naturally a a Duck Tak to water., it they Mere find me Bro seat Golem Goa and the Moat Becal con he naive chatty for the Wear no re to which Buma Nily a heir. Who year head of the Demornay of a in Figwer seeking to limit or atoll Dag any of to Aatland rights of Roettie Yoaw enactment of sump iary Lawa Abr. To legs Lauraq and nov Emmett of incl Virnala by to May a Fly eat and a tank. The meow Etc dbl Dea Pendant of to with morning fail Taa b unable to com Pracna the bed look Al hike mat nests Bette to foreign born Al Grenard the Damoe Railo party Bot to enl Tion isalmpiaan4 natural being governed by to same a of Cohe Toon and attract tour in me moral to in to Phy atoll Wood Cane to water to find a Oon unon level. Hen who Are governed byte Aafke Broad and general views Beqo iting to relations mat ought to exist Bette me i Tianen and to comm mid Are impeded Ovaid each other in to or of Par Lei for to ent of common porno sea naturally a Ila Mon to me a us Oolite in or party policy in Tow of peace we been a Binder rpm vet so Itom Bema Mono Poto Foli from to bae a Mieto bpm oms Ean party Ulfig the throw go who i me. Pareen waa Ibe Ped and a Aion of and ats i Meta Only tag Miar a Reyal be Komei and to Bana for Mnew Mem. Bhul dimly my Lam Mem add to pm mme my be Barron mat have in late Yean a padre bl4 to Alto 4 ii Forte Mam m w a the Ireton Skare be fog to eur Bertva Oil me one Ity Chw Tim of to coat Aboud or Tutu Siv Mac a a cd a me met i have r sme Emise fog m me Hundred foe Hmay Churetta Eam of to Mol in Day,.rqs�? m Coal ,8elon�i Cicero Andl Ditota the of entry from Igloo to i have stolen to fun soar Eav ii i Jagai i Ooi end Tob ave i air ripped. A face of realm end great Nam eth Aaliah a for Benator of Lii Isar ill Necla food rate som is mid to Arak. Hobo me a Leatton therefore of to ruin wrought cent to 0 dem Earrey Floe Angly yearn we la leave to jul tie was 1st to to Merom of to bundred grim old ii Tao Orato who Coade Tim Many Bau a Mai More mag bail a Leo Flnoy aaa Annert adm it Mear High Flortia if Ball t aed Ouno Eft be a a grow of we do Node Alan Matheason but cast him be Tom by a Isabel into Ibe Flea of Foi Wito will grind him finely a me Milla of to gods Are Bald to Gra Tuato to vet tvs Kampala. We a solent oui Selv Wmk the mad Ober Raimi mat if William Lami Gai Mefi had been hanged by me Raton Moji and to a Lefimil firm of Assn trampled of tarty Yea ago me be Tatry would Astha be top Uulrey by four Yea Al War or a i Luciy Densem Ara Alaa upon to Alna Otlie Baa Tai Tola or Tea fit Afoa Ane Matoi and Bap a we to Arestad be Regadio Faaaga whom to Toa Icet. ,.bittem of Hora Huml Taw a. I sasi��s&r5a�r a a Quot Imis mar. A a a a _ Kuk a imrito.,- Btl. A Gnu to m Ideiil Foung we my for a Wmk to and Ararat bet in me Qew it Omta a uni Agwa Tot dlbc4vewiii of Eue a an Aad the Laii Weum Marty onto a Asa your an who have no to . Fly Al Man a foot to Adver liw by Leo i too Heramb foam Flam my Mma a May a Pya Maun is to Diphl its in Ernil ours a in to we a afo tog adv that we Mlak arching Sty above us. The frisian of would Etna let Oara Elvas. Yea we a c a a -1- a a to my att us but Ben of it Foamy had a Aew name to Bam ensely us. Think a Leto. Chui Dis do is to Kyau jul agree with a Aito if �2� a log id1 danger. Publio mind no unite again to a agree with a be be Mougo to help but Tot to cum May be Torea. Once there was a Tanj ble Diana for a of out me old a Nohe Ileath a Coin act aloof ltigy.--3etifov<?� Ourene. A a

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