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Wellsville Daily Reporter Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Wellsville Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Wellsville, New York Toy sell Mil till it in want Adt the reporter reporter Allegany county daily newspaper clouding Windy with cooler eighty third year new monday May 1963 six cents per copy common Market agrees by Carl ii Ptttman Geneva european common Market countries agreed today to american demands for across Leboard Tariff this apparent reversal of position was air red at ending the deadlock be tween the worlds two greatest trading but at the same time the six european demanded j that in return the United states agree to an automatic formula for adjusting gaps Between High american tariffs and lower european West German economics min ister lir wig Erhard claimed Cre Dit for the new which he said he thought Woi ild end the deadlock with the United French finance minister Valery Giscard Desta Hig said its for the americans to the full session of the 73nation general agreement on tariffs and trades conference marked time while the common marketers and the americans cockeyed for Posi chairman Hans Schaffner of Switzerland called off an after noon meeting but agreed to pre Side at a special evening session of the disputing Crux of the situation is that ministers of the common Market countries West Ger the Bel Gium and Luxembourg insist on reductions in individual tariffs they considered too High As Well As agreed general the delegation has insisted on equal percentage cuts from both with a goal of slashes As High As 50 per it wants to open formal bargaining ses Sions May a common Market official said no Date could be fixed for bar talks until the United states and the Trade bloc agree on an he said the common Market would agree to a Date if the United states con sents to handle the High Tariff problem on the same level As its proposals for across Leboard Maurice belgian min ister of foreign conveyed the Market groups Deci Sidh to Christian president Kennedy chief negotiator at the Gatt the talks wind up the proposal Calls for substantial equal linear Tariff re with limited except in the United states wants nearly All tariffs slashed by the same search for dynamite launched in Alabama Kennedy and Kennedy flashes a Grin at the crowd after arrival at muscle at right is Alabama governor George who follows with downcast a wire by Don Mckee authorities Are investigating the theft of a Large amount of Dyna mite several Days before twin blasts touched off negro rioting in this City and threw Sparks of racial unrest All Over the two cases of dynamite were stolen from storage House prior to the May 11 bombings of a negro House and a sheriff Nelvin Bailey disclosed that would be 100 its a frightening said there is plenty of Loose dynamite in this an uneasy Calm prevailed Dur ing the Law enforcement officers were Avail Able for duty and Trou ble areas were under heavy a Federal up by president Kennedy for possible use in were on standby at two Alabama George who has sent about 700 state officers into the filed suit saturday in an Effort to Block any use of the Federal the president and Wallace met a few hours later at muscle in North at a Tennessee Valley authority anniversary they talked during a helicopter flight to where the president we discussed things Wallace said later at a news con Pierre White House press said the discussion was not Wallace maintains that state and local authorities Are keeping the peace in Birmingham and can put Down any disorders that might flare one of the leaders of the desegregation the Wyatt tee contended in a talk at a Washington rally that Alabama troopers Are trying to incite negroes to riot through intimidation and in Northeast 11 per sons were to Complete the Pil Grimage of slain Baltimore Post Man the group included actress Madeleine Sher they were charged with breach the executive Dies Aper nest Morrison who built up a lucrative Trade with communist died saturday after a Long owner of several Grain sent the first shipment of Cana Dian seed Corn to Russia Early in i Washington briefs Juks Jet sets record Moscow Ken Nedys Jet Airliner has set a Speed record for a Washingto Tomos cow answering soviet taunts that no american aircraft could make the trip without Kennedy personal James Swindal of landed the Boeing 707 sunday after a flight of 8 hours 38 minutes 42 he said the Only other Washington mos cow nonstop flight he knew of was a soviet flight which took 12 the plane brought Glenn sea Energy and nine other officials for Exchange visit to the soviet Fanfoni chances improve Rome a Amintore fan Washington a in the news from Washington latin America ambassador Delesseps Morrison says the organization of american states will act soon to halt the flow of communist agents and propaganda from Cuba to other latin american said sunday he expects effective action soon after presentation of a report prepared by the Oas a nation vigilance committee on the cuban subversion the american ambassador to the Oas spoke in a radio and Tel Evision Republican National chairman William Miller demanded that president Kennedy Tell the people whether the Sovi ets Are building a naval base at on the northeastern tip of Cuba fresh intelligence has been received that a heavily armed naval base is under Milter said in a Hubert p replied that Millers assertions amount to mischief virus International Fanis chances of continuing As Premier continued to improve to two More political parties decided to Back another Center left government for the National Council of Fanfa Nis Christian Democrat party voted saturday to endorse continuation of the opening to the left which Fanfani Sukarno accepts Honor West Java president Sukarno accepted appointment As Indonesia chief of state for life follow my i devote my life for the indonesian the 61yearold president told a crowd of in the City since Ira proclaimed indo Sias ind Pencence in his Leader ship never has been Capitol corridors without any foundation Kennedy Macmillan White House press Secretary Pierre Salinger has denied that president Kennedy snubbed Brit ish prime minister Harold Mac relations Between the two Lead eds Are Salinger said he was asked to comment after Richard a British la Bor party asserted Kennedy had administered a de liberate and monumental snub to Macmillan in connection with the presidents trip to Europe in Kennedy does not plan to see Macmillan or visit the United kingdom on his information the Penta Gons information chief has prom ised to avoid interference to legitimate news coverage by newsmen and photographers at scenes of military air crashes out Side military it is Clear policy of the department of defense to allow a Cess to information concerning Breaks up federation Syria Ian opposition to Syrias ruling baath party amounts to withdrawal from the proposed federa Tion of and the official Baba this newspaper replying sunday to an attack from one of president carnal a Del Nasser chief the newspaper Al baath accused Egypt of breaking up the proposed scheduled to go into effect in the Cairo written by Mohammed editor of Al asserted there can be no coexistence Between Nasser re Gime and Syrias baath controlled Elva syrian paper said this also Means there can be no cooperation Between Cairo and the baathist ruling the department of defense to the maximum extent assistant Secretary of defense a thur Sylvester said in a statement last week chairman John of the House govern ment information accused military officials of illegally restricting photographers covering miliary plane accidents in civilian it Lutary deaths there were deaths in the Mil itary services in the year ended april with accidents taking the greatest records made available today show that were attributed to natural except for a comparative the remainder resulted from the exceptions include 31 killed in hostile action a reference to the Viet Nam War in which personnel in Heli copters and accompanying South Viet Nam forces on ground patrols against the communist Viet Cong died under of the 31 in this were 10 air Highway fatalities reach 21 a two traffic accidents in the new York City area that killed a total of eight persons boosted the states weekend accidental death toll to Twenty two persons lost their lives on the states Highway Dur ing the period from g Fri Day to Midnight one fire death was three persons died by an an air Force reservist perished in a plane five persons died in a Headon collision of two automobiles last night on the Henry Hudson Park Way in the police said a witness told them a third car forced the vehicle carrying the five victims to swerve across a dividing strip and into the Lane of oncoming four of the dead were identified As Herman his their great grandson Raymond Eleanor Bracken and Catherine All of police said Gareth son of City criminal court judge Joseph was charged with Drunken leaving the scene of an Accident and martinis allegedly was the Driver of the third they martinis was arrested about a half hour after the three persons were killed Satur Day night in White Plains when the automobile in which they were Riding smashed into a barricade at an exit from the Cross Westchester the victims were Josephine and Mary both of and George 64 of Jackson two men were killed sunday near port Crane in Broome county when two cars collided on a they were Douglass Fisher and Jack both of the two vehicles involved were going in the same wit Nesses the car in which the victims were Riding crashed into a Edward of died yesterday in the crash of fido super Sabre Jet fighter during a practice gunnery run at Camp drum in Northern new Smith was attached to an air National guard unit based at Niagara Richard of a perished Early few hours before his scheduled wedding when he apparently lost control of his car and it Over turned in a he was driving the loaded with wedding presents and to a friends House to hide it from wedding party other fatal in upstate new by Community Hornell Hilda of struck by a car set in motion by a girl who Accident ally stepped on the accelerator Friday Sherburne Alice of two car collision Boonville Gilbert clinic of car struck a Fence around the municipal build ing Locke Harold of car overturned saturday new paltz David Kron of new three cat collision Pat Homie Judy of Middle car crashed into a Home Newfane Robert of trocar collision Sun Romulus Paul of drowned sunday after falling into Seneca Lake As he re paired a boat Warrensburg James of apparently drowned in Garnet Lake when Motorboat capsized Saturn a y Odessa Lawrence of Montour motorcycle crashed into a tree Cooper takes Day to relax before getting More honors rocks Albany return will signal need for reassessment of Impact by Jack Bell Washington intensive reassessment of the political situation will be the order of the Day for new York Nelson Rockefeller when he returns from his what his private pollsters Tell him about the political effect of ills marriage to Divorcee Margoretta fitter Murphy could have a direct bearing on whether the governor plunges into an Active drive for the 1904 Republican presiden tial nomination or merely coasts along awaiting if live indications arc that his marriage has built up resistance to his the governor can be expected to trend water for a while until a new canvass can be made this if relatively Clear sailing is in he May step up his Rockefeller is a great believer in he also is a Man who plays his politics close to his Seldom confiding ills plans in and Vance even to party for he told Kenneth Only 20 minutes before the ceremony that lie was going to be although Rockefeller has made All of the familiar motions of a candidate for the his remarriage after being divorced last year by his wife of 31 years has injected a new element of doubt about his what Rockefeller marriage has done to his prospects for the nomination and to his chances of beating president if the governor should be the gop Standard remain a subject of discussion and Senate Republican Leader Ever Ett Dirksen of who has adopted a Neutral stance on the Choice of a said in a separate interview he thinks the whole matter will blow Over in a few this is essentially the same View taken in private conversations by Barry r regarded As a rival of the governor for the Goldwater has told friends he thinks if the election were this year the remarriage might dam age Rockefeller but he has said he thinks the Issue will be eclipsed in Abraham d who managed Kennedy successful 1960 convention bid for the democratic came Happy and Nelson Rockefeller give evidence of being Happy honeymooners As they arrive at san Juan Airport from walking behind them is Secretary of state and acting Roberto Sanchez Vilella who greeted them on behalf of the people of puerto the couple left immediately on a smaller plane for the Virgin islands to Board the yacht wayfarer of his brother a up with a democratic Ribicoff said he thinks Rocke Feller already has concluded from his private polls that he cant beat Kennedy in 1964 and wants to wait to try for the 1968 gop tile governors marriage has served to spotlight Republican difficulties Over the religious Issue in a form somewhat different from that which plagued the democrats when they nominated a roman three years Many Republican catholics might not accept a divorced and Man As a gop can remarried in the protestant areas of the Middle where Rockefeller has been trying to build up his image As a regular divorce and remarriage Are generally frowned but in the big cities of the Industrial where he would be expected to have his greatest such matrimonial ventures arc not As Likely to cause raised the resentment of women voters against the governors actions might be balanced by the vivacity and attractiveness of the new Rockefeller in campaigning with her most presidential candidates want their wives along when they go vote those without such As the divorced Adial Stevenson in 1952 and seem to operate at a Distad astronaut urges project Mercury flight be extended Cape a with two Days of question and confetti behind astronaut Gordon Cooper planned to do Abos Lutcy nothing today except that something that Cornea easy to a Man who can doze off will perched atop n rocket set to blast him into asked at a news conference sunday if he thought his flight concluded project Coop or Cpl owl that it was his personal opinion that great gain would corp from an extended Mercury Thimi h Elos cd the question to Robert sea associate administrator of the National aeronautics and space adm Nistra we arc faced with a decision in the next week or so on another Mercury Seamans but said it is quite unlikely an other Mercury manned Mission will be the longer you keep Mercury personnel working Mercury the longer you delay put Ting them on the gemini pro he tuesday the laconic oklahoman will the Huck finn Grin will receive the National aeronautics and space administrations distinguished service medal from presi Dent Kennedy at a ceremony in the White House Rose then he will address a joint ses Sion of and the follow ing Day will go to new York for a ticker tape today Cooper plans Only to rest from the one predictable after effect of his 34hour cosmic Advent Onrush of adulation from an admiring his latest taste of it was a Homey and Heartfelt Welcome by the people of Cocoa Beach who turned out sunday along a simile stretch of Sun drenched High Way and waved flags and Bunting and Beach towels and hollered Well it was one of the largest crowds Ever assembled in this Neon Light de Sand spit which the astronauts Call their Home away from the astronaut accepted the plaudits from an open waving and grinning his now famous economics professor at Cornell Dies api William Whipple who had taught economics at Union College since died in a Hospital sunday after a Long ill he was Bennett was a native of he graduated from Doane College and received masters and doctors degrees from Princeton before joining the Union fac he taught at Princeton and new York was sculptor a j Walter and internal tonal la known sculptor and died he was widely known for paintings of Theodore Roosevelt children and his busts of Franklin Roosevelt and Mark he was born in liquor licensees reported satisfied with regulations new York per cent of the liquor licensees who have responded so far to a statewide questionnaire indicated that they think the Over All liquor regulations Are generally a state study com Mission the commission that Many License holders feel the state liquor Law contains unrealistic provisions and regulations and that it should be the major complaints were with the Way the prohibition against serving persons under 18 is in the requirement that Tav erns serve the difficulty of transferring package stores to new localities and shortcoming in regulatory the report on the questionnaire results was issued sunday by the Moreland act commission which has been studying the state liquor the headed by former Federal judge Lawrence was appointed by Rockefeller to recommend changes in the liquor Luw und in i state liquor authority Sla the commission was up pointed after a Manhattan grand j jury started an investigation of graft and other corruption in Sla the grand jury probe is the state commission sent questionnaires to All liquor License holders in the Stute last per cent of those who replied stated specific complaints with the liquor Law and Sla regu Many said that Young persons who drink at bars or in restau rants should be required to carry identification cards showing their they also suggested stiff punishment for those who falsify their Ages to buy the commission said Many restaurant and tavern owners complained because they had been held responsible for the criminal i or disorderly acts of their j regardless of whether the owners could have prevented body discovered in Well Gangland aspects apparent tors backtracked today into the life of Charles Coupe a prominent former owner of a Utica in an Effort to learn Why he was shot to death and his body stuffed head first into u Well on on abandoned state police Harry Scoville said coupes death had All the aspects of a Gangland Coupe Hud been shot twice in the Buck of the head wit i bullets from a troopers sheriffs deputies said they found More than in u pocket of his the Cash included 21 the body was discovered Sun Day in an isolated Rural urea off a dirt Road near West about 10 Miles Northwest of troop ers said Coupe had been dead about two Coupe had owned Charlies on the a popular night spot in Oneida Square in Tho heart of downtown until about eight months police were unable to say what he had been doing since he sold the his said that she had last seen her husband about three weeks ago and that he had told her he would be out of town for about three weeks on a Busi Ness she said he referred to a construction he had not been reported miss Coupe was a native of Utica and had been in the restaurant and tavern business for a number of he was the father of four ranging in age from 6 to he was a member of the disabled american veterans and was state commander of the Organiza Tion in he also was Active in the knights of Columbus and democratic politics in the body was found by a group of men cleaning up the farm to prepare for construction of a sheriffs deputies said the Well was about 28 inches in diameter and about 20 feet the body was wedged about three feet from the surface of the Only his hands were in the tar paper and boards Cov ered the deputies Coupe was wearing a sport shirt and and deputies the Only identification found on the body was u Wristwatch Given to him by the vote ranks group and inscribed with ills beside him was his two cars behind were their and smiling in teenage the Parade ended at a Beach front Motel where the girls sat demurely and listened to their father describe his 22orbit space flight for the Benefit of the 700 newsmen who had watched him blast off four Days in his Cooper orbit by How he performed his various made photo graphs of celestial Phenomena and much As any other sightseer presented with a spectacular View took snapshots of the magnificent he told How he was Able to see minute detail on the ground More than 100 Miles boat and its Wake in a River trucks on a Highway smoke Curling from the chimneys of tibetan study in contrasts by John Harbour associated science writer Cape a astronaut Gordon Coopers space Lalo of his whirlwind world tour a study in contrasts Lla saw the Bambo curtained heart of red saw his own he nearly hidden by in he saw things As colossal As the and things us puny us houses in a u he awoke via rolled from his space forgetting for u moment where he yet he had i precise Ricks of each element of the occasionally his humor caught tile one chore aboard was to trans Fer to separate containers urine collected at various stages of the flight for later it would he to have larger fittings on the Fer it took half an Ort something like 45 minutes to Complete one pumping his fellow sitting one led the news conference audience in he held up a plastic Container of Brown and yellow dehydrated and admitted some difficultly greatest presence of mind in to in adding water to it flying his spacecraft Back to Earth the what was it through tiie roasting und danger Man pot Cooper Cooper marvelled at the Preci Sion of his i Felt As if i was right out on the Point of the being put right to the he he had no difficulty sleeping in save he awoke once to find his arms in weightlessness hanging in the cockpit in front of it is rather distracting he especially with the multitude of critical control switches put there in front of him in easy when he his Craft was powered so the problem want too Jfe added still it seams like you sleep with your arms hanging out that it seemed like Ous moments of hut in the telling at sundays news in Coopers own relaxed and Light it All seemed to come out the the first signal of trouble with his automatic Pilot was the Flash ing Green of a warning i thought maybe at first id just ignore but i decided May be i better he i was afraid it go i found that the reentry into the earths denser atmosphere was easier on the first portion than what we had been practising in procedures Trainer with the everything went very Well on with the Calm diagnostic tones of an he measured the

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