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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 27 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - September 27, 1883, Reno, NevadaAlum c. Bra88, bus Init of subscription 00 year by mail 2 re Currier per i to. Ally one month one Tawjin a Friendly convention a Gen last week asked us if we ready believed that Ordinary and verging the purchaser. In s Cou so of the discussion it was seed by both sides that while there was no doubt much Opp Ortu by for waste yet that judicious adverting is an actual necessity to any business. Of course no one claims that a card in the paper will drag customers into a Stoie and open their purses but it is demonstrated daily that the Man who spends a to fling percentage of is a lists in an or to producing Way in popular it big return. If a Man s Are a thousand dollars a the Pacific. We m. Evarts who returned from the Villard excursion yester Dav was enthusiastic about the country traversed by the Northern Pacific its resources and its future. Said he one la introduced to a new form of Topography when be sees the vast Plains of Dakota and the table lands of Montana Ine agricultural resources of that coun try Are limitless and while it May not become exactly the granary of the world it will certainly furnish us All the bread we can eat and to spare the time will come when a great portion of the Northern Pacific will have to be double tracked i owing to the demands of transportation which the rapidly growing 1 population will make upon it. The Road bed is Good and was easy to build there Are but few grades and obstacles which have to be con tended with. When it is remembered that the outlet of the Road is 600 Miles nearer to Japan than san Francisco you can see what an advantage the Northern Pacific route will have As the harbours of puget sound Aud the entire upper coast Are Repito Biafra sotbs8. Australian newspapers generally express dissatisfaction at lera Derby s dispatch condemning the projected annexation of the South Pacific islands to Australia and they assert that owing to this policy on the part of the Home govern ment the colonies will be flooded with French convicts. In the Vic Torian parliament the service de dared that lord Derby had failed to appreciate the danger and that the colonies them saves must devise Means for its prevention. A meet tog of representatives of the various will be held in Sydney the latter part of november at which the subject will be discussed. It is said that an austra German Alliance As directed against Buss la and France has been formed and in the event of War Between Ger Many and France austra is to maintain neutrality. In the event of War Between Austria and Ussia Germany is to do likewise. If a third Power attacks Germany or Austria the armed neutrality in to be converted into Active cooperation. The kind of Trees that on facet bound. The san Francisco architect Ana building news says the two finest pieces of Timber that Ever were sawn were hauled through san Fraucisco triennial week. One piece is 144 feet Long by 18 inches in size and contains feet of lumber. For Over 100 feet there is no knot that a five cent Nickel will not cover and in the whole piece of Timber the largest knot can be covered by a half Dollar. It is wonderful that a stick of Timber of the size Given should be so remarkably Clear of knots. Its companion is of piece of Timber was taken was Cut leveral feet above the ground and hat ?50 Teet from made to Fml the tree it was of such a sue As to enable the Millman to saw the Iok so As to produce a piece of Tom her of the size Given imagine the size the butt must be. And partly comprehend the amount required to handle such an july of j. W. 3cvj hardly be Snoie than two or see per cent of that amount and to May easily be believed that it he is Sellu ten thousand a month be Canadas few Hundred to it. If be does to l. profits but is turning old goods into fresh ones. Advertising a legitimate department of a Man s bus mess and it should Recave its duo share of attention. The Man who i mistake As he who forget any other detail of his Trade. Of course it is Only one department and All the others must be kept up also. A Man s business must not be All advertising. He ought to keep his prompts to the and have As Root goods and a Low prices As he advertises. Even if Bis advertise ment contains nothing new it pm those who see it favourably. Almost everyone who reads a paper year after year comes to feel an Tate rest in it and a sort of sym Pathy which extends to the other of it. If they see a Good and. They say Well that Man wants business and we better try him once. He must have a big Stock and be doing a Good business of to could not of lord to advertise so As Horace Greeley truly said there is nothing so 88 Success and if the people Are led to believe either by Printer s Ink or other Means that the firm is enjoying abundant Prosperity a current sete that Way Light off. If on the other and they see sign of mid times All around a place they become Coy at one and take it for granted that other folks have found it to their advantage to go else where and they follow. Besides All this it helps a town to have a Good Papet Bloh spreads Over the Cou try and the Man lass it with no More selfish a motive than to help keep it up to a has Tate of infection often finds mtg generosity Well rewarded. He May casting his bread upon the voter to find it after Many Days. Ii constant drop that wears and it is the constant repetition Day after Day for Mouths years that gives Force to newspaper articles or advertise ments and builds up a business. One til our most intelligent advertisers insist. Having his card everyday and As near the same place in the paper As possible. The too that people do not read of a paper is easily Dis prow that goes into a paper escapes the Public Eye. There in t a in town but would squeal by quickly if a bit of scan dal was Publ when about him in the most ordinal of put in the a Flat Corner of the paper. T a t session of the British association for the advancement of science the condition of the cot ton Trade was discuss i the general opinion being that England Bas nothing to fear from foreign Rompe Hon. In an address sir William wheelhouse ascribed the com Mercial depression of the coun try to the operation of free Trade Laws and advocated a return to the protective Tariff. Some members argued that despite. The protective Laws Canada s imports from great Britain Are increased while imports from the United remain stand aug. Sir Charles Tupper con tended that Protection was forced upon Canada by the fiscal measures of the United states. General Gordon better known As chinese Gordon the English Man who put Down the Tat Ping rebellion writes to the new York Herald that War with France would result in an overthrow of the tartar dynasty in China which is intensely unpopular with its own subjects. In general Gordons opinion if the emperor should leave his capital and go to Central China there would be an insurrection and the soverign would be massacred. This accords with the opinion of the Shanghai Herald which asserts that China dare not go to War with France for fear of a Domestic insurrection. Sha Speare uses More different words than any other writer in the English language. There Are about diff event words in his plays and so Unete while no other writer uses As Many As a few Whiteis use words but the great majority do not employ More than in conversation Only from to different words Are used. A French newspaper says that prime minister ferry forwarded a request for English meditation in the Cassot the pending negotiations with China. Granville foreign Secretary is inclined to accede to the the Liberal league convention in Milwaukee is discussing propositions to have All the elections on sundays to let the ladies vote and to banish the Bible from Congress and to abolish the United states Senate. The River of Tonquin will soon fall and the French forces May then be placed in a dangerous Posi Tion As their gunboats will be unable to steam up to the town. The Rumor is havoc will be evacuated. Known lumber merchants of this f when it was taken to one of our Mills Aud sawed into joists As the purpose for which it was manufactured was Given up Aud no use could found at the time for a stick of Timber of such Large i neighbor. A stick of feet Long con Ofin bsds be Aud w4 souk contains 3072 . Gazette spoil Hrh ool 1. Be suspicious of All their to 1 fighting occurs among your pupils punish All engaged in it with equal the timid boy who was forced into it in self inter eating Trout the mountains. The Truckee Republican of the 10th inst. Says mrs j. B. Meloche is lying dangerously ill at her Home in Truckee Fler condition is considered critical by the attending physicians. Several of the engines standing in the round House were entered last night and a number of articles of clothing tobacco Etc., were taken. Tramps Are supposed to be the thieves. A Rumor is prevalent in Truckee that certain Sacramento capitalists 1 Are now discussing the proposition of electing a Fine Largo hotel on the Bluff overlooking the Prosser Creek ice Pond Lor the accommodation of touts. Is Pioppo de to put a Small steam launch on the Pond Lay out croquet grounds Etc. Should these improvements be made a new Wagon Load would be built 1 irom the hotel to the Sierra Valley Road which would shorten the Dis Tance Between that place Ami Truckee at least a m be. Prosser i or cell is unquestionably the Best f is big grounds m this Section and probably now Bas More visitors from abroad than any of our Moun Tain lakes with the exception of Tahop and we believe that an in Teiple of this kind would prove a paying investment. It would certainly add another attraction to the sierras and such should receive the Hearty All. A men country practical wanted. Now there is no better locally in the world for people to invest their Money in Quartz than Thea county says the Downieville Tenger. There is As favourable a geological formation for Rich depos asm any other place under the Sun. There Are belts of serpentine Gran Ite and Limestone like great ribs of the Earth so to say and against and in the Vicinity of these belts Are the most favourable localities for Rich deposits to be according to Alt theory and experience. What is wanted Are pro t Cal men to go slow Start Alastra or a Small cheap Mill they can be had these times whether you have a paying ledge on the most inexpensive plan and of you have a Good property you will find eager purchasers for there is plenty of Idle Money below or keep the mine and put on More sex. Tended and expensive machinery yourselves and depend upon it Tea Dull times that have so Fong been. Felt in the past few will Van ish like most in the morning from old Sierra county. A to Al get for the avowed purpose of wsiporhsemtobeli0ve a Pupil unless you know his statement to be True y regard All As liars and you will soon succeed in making its have been sending no that by an act it Secretary authorized to increase of Oil assistant marshals taking the census. Says that additional be allowed ten a Lim cases where be is y was Yusuff Leileni against misleading the Western coast of Amei Fca has come to the front with another discovery of great value. A Pearl fishery which promises handsome retune has been opened up in the Gulf of California. It is said that one Pearl taken from an Oyster there last december is the largest yet found. Its weight la seventy live carats and it was sold to a jeweler for another of forty seven carats has also been found. It is perfect in form and finely tinted and is valued at a third very Beautiful Pearl of forty carats has been exhibited at la Paz where a bid of for it was declined. The new York Tribune has been studying the business situation and is convinced that while there has been a cause for a depression of spirits in the main there has been and is know no cause for alarm. It says that a Large part of the pm rent about dullness and uneasiness is floated to the sur face by one kind or another of speculations. The volume of business outside of speculations has been and is Large. The principal cause of trouble was Over Confidence in the effects of the resumption of specie a Semi official journal in an Edi orial emphatically denies that King Alfonso s visit to Germany is connected with a desire of Spain to form an Alliance with Germany. The policy of the government is to maintain Friendship with All nations and develop Liberal institutions at ionae. On Public so tools. The work of the school year Bas been most favourably commenced and promises most efficient results. I competent and zealous teachers Are at their posts and they Are worthy of More consideration than a Pas sve recognition of Well done Good and Mahmul servants. Parents should visit the various depart ments from the kindergarten to die Hwy school Aud thus know from observation the Progress being made the teachers and the taught always Welcome vitors especially who will note the work be no Are sent you saved Iii Byln. A solid built settler from an out Side precinct drove in this morning just As the train went steaming out and Bis team acted pretty badly trying to get up on the pavement where a group of citizens were standing. One of them yelled. Hold them horses you damned old the Driver paid no Atten Tion but drove across the Street and Hii twi his team carefully and then if Vou can avoid it. Wive me to understand that for Good the father and Able to Dure Garthe wishes of your Ous Taugh it will cause among others. _ Ouw hitched his team c walked Back. Man who had shouted to him be said what was that you called me a minute the Man Stam mered out something to the effect to Basie did t notice just what he said the country Jake said did t you Call me Anold the town Jake looked him up and Down sized his big Bony test and his time Hart come but he braced up and said cheerfully i believe i did but i think i overrated of said Jakey that s All right. I did t know what you mint at Erst so they All took a drink. Another old tinier g departure. Hon c. S. Varian Bas shipped his Library and office fixtures to Salt Lake Aud he followed Satur Day morning. Or. Varian Baa been practising Law in this Stata for 15 and has steadily climbing to a place in the front rank of his profession. He been a resident of Keno for several years and has Many friends who. Reo Iet his departure. He like Many other pioneers trunks he cannot afford to spend More of timeline this state but wishes to go where there Are. More opportunities to do Good. It is truly a laudable ambition. Or. Varian has selected Salt Lake a his Fugaie Field where the senior member of the firm of Varian has already a lucrative practice. The Imp Btty Charlie May soon reach the sum it of Prosperity in his new Field of labor and cheerfully recommends him to Salt Lakera mormon As Well As gentiles. An Justice. William Brake Ian a Justice or the peace of Homer township whose place of judgeship was in. The town of Lundy suddenly Wuu i it nor find the time to i and see what kind of mental training or discipline his children Are receiving. Let the patrons of the schools look into the school rooms More frequently by so doing they will make the labor of the teachers lighter and their children respect them the thai Utah Western Railroad. It is a pretty Well settled fact says the Pioche record that the Utah Western will come into this county and rundown near Bristol then through to pah Wanagat a lev the Utah Western intends following the examples set by the Carson and Colorado Road. That is to run through a Rich Mineral coun try opening the country As it advances and building up its own Trade. The Railroad has bad a num Ber of men prospecting along this route and they report it As being a Rich Mineral Belt. In charged 1 rom the Asylum. Mrs. Emeric of Eureka who Bas been an inmate of the insane Asylum for the last three or four months was discharged cured by or. Bishop Friday and left accompanied by her husband for Home to Day. An Artu was bal Toni valedictory we do not leave this Community with any regret we Are glad to go we have not received due patronage from this town consequently we Are pleased to throw up the journal a painful Accident. The Bodie free press of the 19th, most. Says tuesday morning about o clock Harry Dunlap a my apr in the Standard mine met with a most painful Accident. He was wo7kingpin an Ivel when about a ton 01 Rouit be 1 a distance of thirty feet striking him on the Back producing aghast _ a n the trials of statesmanship. At the lust meeting of the Board of examiners while the Money was being counted a voucher was introduced by Uncle George Tufly Only a part of which had been paid it in to the amount which he had paid out on it the Gigantic brain of the governor was so occupied with matters pertaining to other Alfano of Stato acid to his Herd of nut head cattle in Nye county that he was unable to grasp the Tia Motlon in its True Lela Ion until after a Long discourse m broken English by Uncle George. When the facts did Dawn upon he gubernatorial he washed he hands in invisible water and sad a that is a very Lucid explanation Loose he roared Uncle George they was nothing Loose about of certainly certainly i said Lucid not said the gentle Jewett and peace was restored in the Capitol. It stage Bodib an order for arrest was telegraphed to Bode. And subsequently a warrant for embezzlement fhe latter and the judge Slid Over we line with his thumb to e be 1 distance of thirty feet striking m on the Back producing wound. The Rock pawed coring the mired Man was carried to the surface and or. Walker summoned. The signal service having predicted Frost last night for most of the Northern states the associated press collected notes from All the principal Points named up to mid night and in not a single instance did Frost occur. He was doing Well. A careless Driver. A Wagon loaded with 185 kegs of powder was blown to atoms Tor Gether with the of two Howe team and Thomas Cleveland the Driver at North san Juan on wednesday. The Driver was smoking Cigar and one Keg leaked. A Good crop the Winnemucca Silver state save a number of Paradise men who have been in town this week agree that the yield of wheat and in lev in the Valley this year in Dro portion to the number of acres proportion acre was Good the acreage was less Tuan common. Another wonderland. Another wonderland along the line of the Northern Railroad Bas been revealed to professor Wolf geologist of the Northern Pacific during his researches in the crazy Mou Mains near Hunter s hot brings Gallatin county Montana. The Helena Herald says in his explorations and measurement of the highest peal of these mountains the professor has discovered a water fall 200 feet in height a chains of Akes and other wonderful curiosities. The highest Point of these mountains was found to be feet above sea level. These Tractive spots on the line of the Northern Chare Asen Rin Rinnas the Road itself will ror Ever s a source of Revenue from the travel along a great extent of its line. Lut St if cant manner. Order for his arrest have been to different Points in Nevada. In he Mea mime the men Are holding a protracted meet ing in Lundy. To a Mill shut the Tuscarora times review says operations at the Basin Mill had be suspended this morning on account of Scarcity of water. This is a most unfortunate occurrence Hie few Days run showed a most at the end of a couple of Feeks. Sukenn pendent Hillman will to secure a sufficiency of the indispensable women Dow Over a Bich Amos Thompson who returned from Wood Elver last week the Boise Democrat tells of a Netere. Four men were work of the Prospect. 1ewsp4pers

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