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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 25 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - September 25, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday september 1879. No. 26. Reno weekly Gazette Kekry thursday by u. Of signs him Tox dully. A Cir a a 810 weakly Ono year by mail 2 Dally delivered by Carrier in Keno Al 23 cents per week. The Truckee Biver. The of commissioners Al their last meeting passed an order in strict aug the county attorney to Trike the necessary slops to bring tic Tion against parties interfering with the natural flow of the River. As we understand the matter this is not in tended to be the commencement o the suit but Only a part of the pro gramme Hud Down by the legislature last Winter which divides the expense Between the state and this county a. Board of examiners will no Doub make a report on Tho matter so tha the Best Means can be taken to secure the rights of All. There seems to be but Little difference of opinion on the subject of the dams it Tho outlet of the Lake. That vast Basin is a Natur Reservoir for the whole trucker Valley and the Only Way make i useful is to hold bade the water Whei there is a flood and let it out gradually As the Supply fails. There should be no monopoly of this Greal Reservoir however and the govern Mont should see that it is used so As to give the greatest Benefit to the greatest number Jedi Topial notes. That was a remarkable Bolt Iron the new York state convention at Syracuse the other Day. The Conven Tion was one of the most turbulent o deliberative assemblies. When the tammany Wing which not Edwards nominated John Kelly for governor withdrew from the Hall the of Proa reached its height. The split in tin democratic party in new York state is decided. It is the first division that the democracy Haa experience a there Viuca 1854. The Wing we incl nominated Lucius Robinson for governor is under the control of til Cleu the tammany Wing is determined to Rule or ruin. The split in the demo critic party should Nablo the republicans to Curry the state if they Mak an Earnest fight. Should now York go Republican in Tho november dec Tion the prospects will be Good Foi Thoelen Tittl of a Republican president next year. Dudley Laskell s Case looks very different after both aides Are heard from. A huge number of Eye wit Nesses testify that Schwartz tired the Tii s t Tun i that Haskell fired in self defence. Kneading of lid d e rending gunsmiths washing ton Street testified that a few weeks before the shooting Schwartz Cutie his store and asked him examine Hia pistol. Witness told him that the pistol was Inhat is known As the eng Lish Bull and was not fit to carry for any purpose. He advised Schwartz to get another pattern. The Bull dog was a. Blued and not a Silver plated pistol. Reno people who knew him found it almost impossible to believe that Young Laskell would up to a Man and murder him us the first reports said he did or. Schwartz. Tho Eureka Sentinel still asserts that in its article on tie trouble in the met twist Church at Ruby Hill no made t o the Rev. Philo Phelps As the officiating the name of that gentleman certainly appeared .vn1 Rha article refer red to though perhaps other Mihi Stei mentioned invt be sons connection was the offender. Tire sent net while declaring fails to explain its original Story or adj Rake tie needed correction we have no file of that paper., to quote Fromin justification. Nevertheless since it appears that the Rev. Liilo Phelps has been the victim of an error the Gazette will push the matter no further and regrets that any injury has been done that gentleman. The Ohio election comes off enoc Tober 14th. Great importance Wil attach to the result As that state is one of the great Battle grounds o political parties and the elections this year will afford some indications o the prospects in the great Campaign in 1880. The Success of the republicans in California and Maine May help the party in Ohio. The indications Are Strong for a Republican Vic tory in the latter state on the four Teenah of next month. Little interest attaches to the Iowa election occur ring on the same Day As the result i not considered doubtful. The books of the assessor of Storey county show that it has 515 acres o enclosed land of which 383 Are irn gated. Six acres Are devoted to when and four to onions. The list of Citti rated fruits includes Many varieties but the crop cannot be Large. Thus there Are but eight next urine Trees Anc Only ten quince Trees. There Are Tan grape vines which contrast so Ineolia oddly with seven breweries. Store county has four hives of bees which produced in the last fiscal year fifty pounds of Honey. It has one irrigation d tech seventeen Miles in length the Austin of reveille states that the directors of the Nevada Central rail Road have determined to have the Road built directly by the company. A Large number of bids for bridging Anc grading were received but they were All so High that the company can d the work cheaper themselves. The agent of the steam shovel is expect acc it Battle Mountain shortly where Liis machine proves satisfactory will be used on the Road. The Worl has already commenced and is Bein pushed vigorously. Publish in another column a few lines from Rev. Or. Mckelvey ii which i he empties a Vinyl of sarcasm upon the head of our quod him correspondent Crow Wing the Gazette is in Fauvor of Tho fullest Liberty o speech nod invariably gives space to any one who. Like Crow Wing believes the Public utterances of Public men to to Public property and oper to criticism. It is needless to any there is no Bud blood towards the methodists in or about the Gazette quite the contrary. In might save accidents if the pen plow to live trapdoor in the Side walks would live a fifty cent icon Hook in Tho end to keep the Doois standing upright when open so that children and passersby would be in less danger of tumbling in. Awhile the streets Are torn up and obstructed in building the practice of leaving these doors lying on Tho sidewalk with Tia cellar open Between is especially objectionable and should be stopped. The other Are Given As John Pun y and Al. Howe both said to he will known in Adin. The report 1ms not been confirmed. The Tilden Wing of the new York democrats which nominated Robin son for governor put Darken n. Potter on their ticket for Lieut Gover nor Potter is known As an Abler and More influential Man As Well As an older and sounder Democrat than it has not escaped the observation of Tho Republican press of new York that the lightest part of he democratic ticket is at the top and it has accordingly been dubbed the Kangaroo ticket r the Ilma me says a Ruf Ryor is current p county that three Inuse thieves were hanged to a tree near hat Creek by a party of vigilantes from. Big Jmeal Dows. One 6t Ync Hod was said to have had friends ins fled Bluff who after Vardys. Echo erect his body names of Harvard has a new professorship an instructor in chinese. The new professor Kokum Ilina and his wife recently arrived at the College direct from Chiun. Lie will Tench the common spoken language of China fur commercial purposes. It is not pro posed to establish a school of chinese literature. Americans Don t live Long enough to Muster that. Grant is reported As saying in a pub Lio interview with the Viceroy in Japan i have Hud All Tho honors that can or should he Given to any citizen. I Luve no claim to the office of presi Dent. It is a place distasteful to Grant has thus himself condemned the movement to nominate him for a third term. When the Bland Silver Bill was passed Rev. H. W. Beecher Thomas Nast the Sacramento lie card Union Secie Tury Sherman and the rest of the sold bugs and their organi declared that its effect would to drive the Gold out of the country and cause All Europe to dump its Silver on Stock report. When was the Bland Silver Bill passed Grunt s acceptance of the presidency of the Nicaragua canal company is considered by the new York Tribune As conclusive evidence that to does not want a third term. The Sun How Ever regards it As proof that Gram wants to be president of something even if it is Only a canal. District attorney Davis writes to tin Appeal that he has no Evi Deco against the Roddas. That the detectives have arrested them on their own responsibility and without con suiting him. Arid that the detective should have asked his advice. The Argonaut has had a in Nitika ble Success. It filled a Long Felt wan on this coast. Every number contains original stories and sketches o exceeding interest. It is a paper tha Cue May extract a great Deal of Satis factory leading from. The Story that Mackay was milking preparations to receive giant in Vir Giuria proves to be unfounded. The triumphal Arch that was being erected on tha grounds surrounding Thi Savage mansion turns out to be a now woodshed. The Mill in tha Black Hills is said to be the largest Quartz Mill in the would. It has one Hun dred and Twenty Stamps in six Bat Sci ies which Are run by a Corliss engine of 300 horse Power. Denis Keaim a has gone to spend two weeks in the count in so that his is Tive ears May not hear the of the Cannon that will Welcome Gra if to san Francisco. Thought him elected. Defeat can hardly Grieve Mckenna much for he is used to it. That Democrat used Strong language who on the floor of the Syracuse Cen mention openly denounced Tilden a Biggart fraud of the thai object of Clarence King s visa to the Comstock is to make a com plete geological Survey and sex Arnica Tion of the Comstock lode. Old Brin is watching his exchanges very closely for news of the Webbe Lake Hunting party. He finds some very amusing items in them. The Lyon county times says tha congressman Daggett will to a cant ii Date for re election next year. The new York world Calls Loru Beaconsfield the inflated Cetewayo the captured Zulu King is reported to be utterly prostrated. The number of registered voters in Storey county is 6905. Kalloch will soon be Well enough to preach. Daniel Drew is dead. The statement that the North Pacific Railroad narrow gauge from sauce Ito to Duncan s Mills was about to be abandoned has been contradicted by m. S. Latham who has his Money in it. The Bodie news attacked the Board of supervisors of Mono county. The supervisors have now attacked the news Wii a libel suit. The Newt is All right if its charges were True. It amuses the professional Telegraph repairer who runs up and Down the poles like a Squirrel to see the cleats nailed about a foot apart on private Elep Houe . Phe astronomers say that there Are disturbances going o i in Swift and others say Tlley can ise pots on it. Jit Raj be that fifty cent assessment. V Ted Ebli Sansare disappointed ,4 lie careful in rating Gums. From Tho London lancet. This being the season when Gam killed by shooting and probably con Taining pellets is eaten it is Worth while to caution those who consume the flesh of Birds with avidity that the proportion of instances in which Sho is found is probably Small in compari son with the number of cases in which the pellets Are unwittingly swallowed to is a matter of speculation How much mischief a shot May do when passed into the intestines but the fact that anomalous diseases have been Sot up by the presence of very smal bodies which have become entangled in folds of the mucous membrane run it desirable to put the Public on their guard. Occasionally in Amaluia Oestrous results have followed such Small causes. We have in recollection the Case of a physician who died afer prolonged and unexplained sufferings from the inaction of a Ven Small Nail which had found its a into a pudding and was inadvertent i swallowed. A Little care will avoid this contingency but remembering that the Bird has been shot som pains ought certainly to retaken t avoid swallowing the missile. Matrimonial misery from tie now York till aide. A Phi Udolphia lady has left her Hii Blind a wealthy Reading lawyer two months after marriage. On the second Day after the wedding he chugged her with flirting. After wedding tour of All the fashionable watering places the couple returnee to their Home in Reading where she confesses Showns provided with horses and carriages and unlimited pin Money just before she left him she went on a visit to Somo friends in the country a id on her return she found her Hus band searching her trunk. To had found to letter which she had written to a gentleman recounting 1 or grief she endeavoured to snatch this his Hind and id doing so says a pushed him own and planted her knee on his breasts he in turn forced her from him and told her then that he wanted nothing More to do with her. By Tho advice of her Mother a deaf and dumb lady she left him. She denies that she took of his Money but says tie won t get rid of her until she gets Liore than that. A murder in Indiana. Lyons shot Van Doren is self de Fence at Vevay ind., last year but did Sot kill him. They lived on and coining farms and so had the Conven Leoce of keeping the quarrel going. The respective families became involved in the feud and fought frequently. A few Days ago Lyon s son said that Lis father had needlessly bungled the of of shooting Van Doren and pro posed to undertake it himself. He by in wait by the Roadside for Van open who was coming from the Vil age on when his Vic Tim got opposite coolly rested a inn across the Fence took aim very deliberately and shot him the rain. I guess that was a he murderer remarked As he and a neighbor examined the dead Man. Bad Case of Mother in Law. A Hume in Tim Kotlier of the must Type Sepa ution Anil a divorce suit Tho new York til Bidic a divorce suit which is curious in respect to the form of the defence has been begun in the court of common Plena by mrs. Catherine Jennings against her husband William. On May 11, after they had been married Only three months mrs. Jennings claims her husband deserted her and has since refused to support or live with her. She therefore seeks a limited divorce and permanent Ali Mony out of his income which she snob is ample. Tie plea of or. Jennings in answer is that he was unable to live with his wife. The first month of his married life he adds was Happy and might have continued so if his wife had not then invited her Mother mrs. Agnes o Bourke to come and live with them and Flora that time there was no possibility of peace happiness or his the defendant does not directly charge any unworthy actions to his Mother in Law but he says that when she came his wife became a changed woman. She scolded him without provocation she threw a Tea and would have hurled a stops lid at his head if he had not dodged Hind a door. When at last she threat ened to put Poison in his he con eluded that he had better leave Home and so to escape from a life had grown intolerable to him to Lefi the plaintiff and the said Agnes and went to live with Hie own Mother. He declares in his answer that he was willing to make an other attempt to live with the Plain Tiff provided she would leave he Mother and come to his House. Judge Beach rendered a decision in Cham Bers yesterday pm the wife s application for Alimony pending the Issue he denies it and after reviewing the facts says divorces of this nature Are not encouraged by the courts. Can discover no ground on which the application can consistently be Grant Pacific coast items. Tater grouth on tie Hudson and on in off Island sound. From the new York 8nn. At Twenty minutes to 12 o clock or wednesday morning the water of the Hudson about a Quarter of a Mil from the sing sing Shore was agitate a in a Peculiar manner. Ashore there was hardly a breath of air stirring and nowhere else on Tho River was there any commotion. Presently Large Gray Cloud drifted across Tho sky and hanging nearly Over the disturbed Waters began to bulge downward toward the River and after a few seconds thin thread of water shot up from the agitated surface and entered the Cloud. The Stream grew Large and larger until its diameter was about twice that of u Hogshead the Cloud Drew up the water vary rapidly and grew very Black. It drifted South Ward drawing the Aanal Supply pipe1 after it. Bin the latter did not follow quickly enough to retain a perpendicular and it soon took the form of a Gigantic curve. The Sun at this moment burst from behind a Cloud and its Raya illuminating Tho waterspout there was a magnificent spectacle the gurgling Rushing was seen surging up into the heavens and after five minutes the Cloud was filled and Drifting heavily Over the Hills on the sing sing Side to distribute its con tents in refreshing showers Over the country. New Haven sept. The Shore of the sound at 0 o clock his evening two fierce wind Clouds rap Day approached each other Over tiie sound and soon joined and immediately a water spout was formed. A vast body of water was whirled nto the Low Oval hanging Clouds. The spout was about six Miles Arram he Mouth of new Haven Harbor and was visible until dark shut it out from a Story of Domestic troubles. The Truckee Republican says that Charles Hood is a victim of Mother Orlaw. He married a Truckee girl ind lived happily with her a few years at Surprise Volley until his Mother a Law came to make a permanent visit with three children and four and boxes. The old lady took charge is affairs immediately. She prove him from Home at last. After a Long absence he returned to see his wife and child but his Mother in Law enied him admittance. His once Oving wife was now led to distrust do and refused to see him. Enraged and maddened liquor he one Day made a murderous assault for which a was sent to san Quentin for three ears. Over 100 tramps camped near Stock ton recently. Over Quartz mines have been recorded in Montana. Since 1858 the Colorado mines have yielded the first rails for the Utah and Northern have been Laid in Montana. The total Bullion yield of Colorado for 1879 is estimated at Bodie is about to have a Catholic Church. Bids Are o Pon for putting up the building. De nver papers record steady growl b in the town and new buildings being put up constantly. Whitman to unto w. T., now has a population of an increase of 1900 since last Yeier. The Colorado utes Are imbuing grass and Timber stealing and defying the state authority. It is said the damage to Timler by the recent Mountain fires in one South Ern locality of Utah will amount to Tuscarora has had this season diphtheria Mountain fever and Bowel com plaint innumerable but no Pedes Grasshoppers base Ball clubs 01 drouth of whiskey. A Large number of persons testified in the i Leskell murder Case Examina nation on Tho 17th, that three shots Wero one More than Ilas Keu discharged showing that Schwartz must have shot at him. An old Man named Mcmahon who had been refused admission to the county Hospital drowned himself in the Feather River near Marysville on the 17th. Nat less than one Hundred thousand head of cattle have this year been driven Over the route from Boise City to Oregon. Water and grass Are becoming scarce along the route. Mure than one half of Montana is is covered with Indian reservations. The number of indians is 1870 was hardly now within the limits of the territory. It is announced that no less than 80 English ships Are coming to Tho co Lumbia River this season to remove England the surplus wheat crop of Oregon and Washington territory. There was an Active movement in Overland freight from California for the East in August. Over 700 cars were loaded and sent off of which 500 were loaded in san Francisco and the remainder in the Interior. Vineyard lists in los Angeles county fear Tho entire destruction of their grape crops in two weeks if the bees surrounding the City of Angeles Are allowed to continue their raids up on the luscious fruit a Little son of l e Matterson of Stockton while playing about Hig father s House fell into a tub of boiling water submerging his entire body exc or the head and shoulders. He died two hours after tie Accident Over fifteen Miles of the Utah and Northern Railroad will have to be built across Beds of lava when it will be necessary to blast nearly Tho whole distance in order to level the track. This now completed to with in a distance of 145 Miles of Butte Moutan. J. Gantz while repairing a Fence surrounding a Deer Park in the Napa was attacked by a Large Elk and severely wounded in Twenty places. The Points of the in tiers were As Sharp As Needles. Tho Man now Lias in a critical condition. John t. Foster an old Man aged sixty years was arrested on wednes Lay in Cla Kanias county on a charge of rape. Foster attempted an outrage on a Little girl Only four years old the attempt was made in the presence of two witnesses from which Cir him Tances Foster is thought to be insane. Flo is in custody awaiting the action of the grand jury. G. Clark fell insensible from Hia in Stockton on the 17th, but sufficiently to state that he had seen poisoned and robbed. He died soon after and the doctors said it was a Case of strychnine poisoning. Sherff Cunningham subsequently found a Etter of deceased a stating that he lad lost All his Money in gambling and took the Poison himself. The Stockton pair races were Well intended on the 17th. Bessie Sedge Vick won the Colt running race and Foley won the 2 30 trotting purse during the race for horses owned in he District a collision of pm lies occurred and Dan Dennison the Driver if Frank was thrown to the1 ground ind trampled on by one of the Lis injuries Are not erf

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