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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 24 1885, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - September 24, 1885, Reno, Nevada Vol. 10. Washoe sepi Ember 1885. No. Reno Gazette published every by r. L. Proprietor of year by mail one year by mail of by per to All or Reno of one one Square 5 any one 1 do this includes Legal Stew autos the of at the Silver highly he lectured upon the great Between the Gold and Papel men and speculators of the and the friends of Silver read mid commented upon the Ous of Congress relative to the of Public debts add re of Bonds Coin Silver of the of Anil other interest ing Points in connection therewith and concluded As which we irom the report of the Cai Eon for More than 100 years previous to 1873 the average ratio of value be tween Gold and Silver was As 4i2j to 25 5-10 the Standard Dollar con tamed 15 98-100 of Silver to one of this made the Silver in the Silver at the time Worth four per cent More than the Gold in the Gold Dol by reason of the the Silver in the Silver i liar is now Worth per cent Lesa than the Gold in the Gold making a fall in Silver s com pared with by excluding Silver from the mints of the of Twenty five per cent. It is now proposed to Stop the of it is said that the people Don t want in and it won t the trouble is the of the Treasury and ims in collusion with the and won t pay it out a of the National As req tired by their is to demo Letize when h will n Vine for Cal Purpo in All mining must for the Stock of Silver on hand is sufficient for those for the next Hundred Gold is diminishing in Aud if that funded Ednes Oft he world must be paid in a new system of More cruel the in the Feudal system will be the United states is the Only ground upon which this Battle can be Europe is a and the vast armies lira swelling the National de sri suppress the i of the penile arid exact toil and All that is denominated in the and Bond does not suit them the rulers change the obligation of the Bond at the Money Powers of Europe Are operating in the United the edict of the rothschilds is Felt in the banking houses of he who Dis cusses it is sent to financial tory without the Benefit of at the close of his col. Ellis thanked him in behalf of the people of and comply him upon his splendid after which there was a Call for three which was re to in the Heartiest fashion by the audience. A i Secretary yesterday sent the following communication to the commissioner of the land office for his guidance in admitting at to practice before that of or. In response to yours of the 14th Section 193 of revised has neither been amended nor and you in common with every other officer in this Are instructed to see that it is faithfully observed Aud no employee or clerk whose ment is subsequent to the first of 1872 and who has not been out of office two years or is to practice As an Ney in the prosecution of any claim against the United states which was pending while he was in and if it Shail come to your Edge that any such former intentionally shall prosecute or attempt to prosecute any such you will pie use report the fact to me and prompt action will be taken in response the next new effects of we think during the next of at least two and probably four new states will be admitted into the Southern Dakota can not longer kept Back without arousing More indignation than any party can afford to if the whole present territory Mhall he admitted As one it will he entitled to four at and it by the time that 1888 tomes be entitled to eight votes in the this can be partially offset by admitting but not and then the people of Dakota do not desire that their shall of admitted As a single they claim justly that have the people and the future to justify their demand for two the Nail Luke Tribune if this Point is then to balance the account two cratic will have to be and probably ton and new Mexico will be new Mexico has Hie re but they Are not All of a kind to nil the minds of patriots with Hope for future Montana has fur better claims than new though the counting All Grels has the More but the Dakota is so pressing it can not of longer put and we think on next fourth of july there will have to be Anil probably four stars added to the and looking southward the time does not seem to be far off when the american boy can marched her lion her we Mir millions from our the irrigating dish projected to commence near la on the South Side of the and conduct the Waters thit Stream fifteen Miles to the from Point it will be Over the agricultural sections of that to be a Cess the Rural press the estimated Cost of taking nut the at the Point is the will be forty feet wide and carry live feet of after the the Plains the Cost will be it in expected the main canal will be to 40 Miles in once the water is on stanislaus county will to Uny other Puit of the an association it has been organized in the of which Are stated to be promotion of social inter course Anil fraternal feeling among the entertainment of friends visiting the of a fueling of Good Aud the obliteration of All dices which May still linger Between the North and in order that Only the memory of the bravery Aud chivalric courage demonstrative of american exhibited on each Side May be treasured the English papers say that vice president Hendrick s speech at the Purnell meeting at Indianapolis in not in Accord with International it looks though Johnny Bull would like some of his sovereigns Back which he Pended to the election of or. The members of the new York yacht club Aie unanimous in their denunciations of the Way the Tan was bundled they say the would beaten the Genesta by at Lenat ten had she been mailed parliament has been further until the fifth of naval preparations continue Ive in Placer mines in Genoa courier quite a Large Force of men Are it present in the Vicinity of the horse the in this Placer very Rich developments have lately been causing a Rush these Are being every Day and workmen Are going to the front with outfits appropriate for that is kept Busy recording the new ill of which looks encouraging for South end of the what two have done for the Gazette a casual glance into old county will show convincing proof of what a canal con water from one of the will two ditches were there in in Early and since Placer mining has about the people have their attention to Ture and and now that county is Ore Ami All the land that is available is taken up and into Ami in area the county not near Ai Large As and ii population and we Lour or five times the is precisely of the same As this and in nearly All fenced into Beautiful and and would think in passing he wus in one of the Olit Slutes Linit has been inhabited fora a i Anul or two which have done Mil this it j or it is an Anil there is no the Luck of Why n. It be enjoying equal a of the Sun Juan who visited int in Anil writes of the is a on the Ami we had of u numerous boat by i a but Webber Moonlight is in on the was an experience in to be tie i on by Camp fires n round the 1 Ike and were in the in of several boat of people were out end lying the among were and i he Charm it Good music As if to com plete tile Webber i As it in a Frame of Lul Meadows Willi a it mountains in the Moon looked and b and were flecked Here and there with 1 Aken in formed u a from the chronicle it that William who was so up a few the in by caught in the or. Cohn in tie he Ever met Willi do i Man and sat u rated with Lor r 30 tie Lione of his Lorn out of the Llesh tie and was Ward inches below the 111111 pit the Muscles were turn Anil the i Iii the urm at Liliu i he none put in place and it Betian at 11 sign of has been und not it drop of matter hut besides tie id Liis his was Black Blue being in Row u Hie flail at every revolution of the he was in View of action of the Board of directors of the stale to be held in Beun next requiring teams competing Tor prizes in the Rifle contest to consist of 20 a Mem tier of one of the Comstock teams makes the following that each team of 20 men be divided in two designated As first and second the first class to compete for inc prize and the second for the this the Virginia will be satisfactory to on crack who have been in teams of 10 picked men from each organization for several months and do wish to have their record lowered by poor scores at the state which would inevitably be the Case should they compete under ruling of the a on his miss Nellie the daughter of a wealthy Chicago lumber has a sensation in her by accepting work tory Al sixty cents i it is in ton that she bantered her lather with a threat to earn her own and that he responded uttering to her a Dollar for every she the Post this rate lie will to her a and the a California filled with editor some Hind Friend sent me a few Days since a copy of your excellent paper which continued a pleasant of my settlement in Salinas it seemed Good More look upon the and Welcome face of the Reno it brought to mind the Ninny inter views i have in and the you have shown me in your during my residence of three yearn in i Many very unit tie memory of them will Ever be a help in hiring Ilie burdens Anil of i never Lleno As being Dis in piety and activity in Chuich but tue element in her society known As i Ever Lound to be whole und As a Rule they anything 01 und upon the principle of and let my Friendly with this were never by the disrespect or within two weeks Ulter leaving Reno i received an in inn to Salin is a View to the pastorate of the list Church i Leit the last week april and preached my Sermon Here the last week us Jou see i Salinas is a usant town about the size of it is incited in Salinas is the of Monterey Ahmit Len Miles buy 18 Miles from the old town of Home become such a i Miner the is perhaps 125 Miles in length and is to the raising in consequence of the severe drought lust crop this it exceedingly no being More than 25 per cent of an of makes for almost lint people Are hopeful expect Good 1 have met quite a of in the whom an old of is the our nest u. Of is of Hie it 20 Milts tins i met him not lung mince at Hollister und Learned his Lih in much Heller it was at Hev or. Wyll e of Carrot As the methodist Church ill you see hint Nevada is in As us in Oiler spheres of i Tun pleasantly situated and a devoted 1 lie in my i nil they do by a of propriety und Well to will never bring upon their Heads it from Tiller Home or Abr 1 litre is one 1 miss it is you Bui we an Abund Nice fruit of nil kinds and in is us cheap As to come the reach of k. B. 10. Broken is it that the watch Springs Are my experience of writes u Workman in the finishing room of a new York i have never known of so Large a per Ceat of Ken Springs at this time of i always noticed Tuat there was a Large increase in the breaking of mainspring in watches in the there Are More accidents of the kind now than Why is no less Tuan mainspring in watches were broken during a re cent storm in new a worthy mrs. S. C. Late of is Oue of the teachers at Mills Semi nary in and is one of the popular members of the As m educator she has of late years made extraordinary she is especially excellent As a teacher in the preparatory de of the latin a suspended internal collector Ellis of has suspended of Francisco los Deputy Sou is acting in ins place been preferred against the suspended but their precise character is not clinked to ills Tho Globe tells of a Young who went to sleep the Oiler without removing his joke on the old hut and Eye it As though pair wore engaged in a i Endeavor to Ilay a practical Juke of the old Man s Nien up so very in be was found to death by keep them those w to have Young Colts should in thai the first tells of them in All the if they have been Well Well fed and there is a future but if there is Little Hope for a Good hardly he says we Are that the present Outlook is that the Suu and new Orleans mints will All be closed a fat for substitution of for the ferry s the company to discharge 16 fatal encounter two Stork a Mountain dispatch of the 16lh to the Austin reveille reads As Joseph a Large owner was shot 3 o clock p. M. By g. Jenkins in county about 25 Miles East of Dean s House on Cortez Anil White Vine we have nothing me what Jenkins told upon arriving Jenkins is a sheep Man 1 Neur Lewis in this he Cuine into at 1 lock this morning Aud gave himself up to he Lull the Hie Hud moved my Camp to ground Winch 1 did not suppose was Dean came up and me what 1 was doing of ins Dean claims thirty i us of Tom and tie Suid Jenkins was Only Jeukens then told Dean he would gel Oft As Sunn in could loud were Dean said would him three to get Jenkins started out Hunt ins stayed the ing night und pail of the next Tiluy without to return to ing Deau would be there and attack he finally Howard Camp and met one of Dean s who told him had nol returned Jeukins us to Liia own and was cooking when Dean i a me in seeing Dean h went and put on in which he Hud a Tran ing him told him if he did not get he would meal of sulking at him with a the flew from As he be then picked up a Hatchel and started utter who had started to i us fired a couple of to at random As he Tan and seeing that he flopped Dean he Wui und to Dean still came of und Jenkins tired Tuo shots Al him and then run on Boon As Dean did not come sent his Herder had heard the Flung and came to it Dean was to see the trouble the Herder of wanted by the time the mule was brought i Van placed Dean s b in a which was off by of men Jenkins then for where he gave himself us above stilled and 10 the of to come Ami get the is sex Here one of men Jenkins with the Horas he Rode says some nut is on exhibit Ion at the und the Broth ers in Oie lately discovered their Keil or. P. B. Kills 01 town hits for the Stittle fair directors Are hound to make Ihu this Well Worth and with the Rifle Basu Ball Hose horse races the will live no reason to the exhibits at tie Pavilion also Promise to by the finest Ever seen in the arrested for c. C. Modoc has arrested three Duns the Grande Bonde on a charge of having Mur dered John a Farmer in Happy Modoc the of june two of the in named father Aud and the Are All in sheriff has nearly three Mouths tracking the a ledge the Han times the Alaska mine at Pike Sierra twelve Miles from this is turning out Gold in immense and the deeper the Earth is penetrated the Richer the Rock to better Tate the production of the precious Ore the Aluska company Are about adding Twenty Stamps to their Mill and also another Pound a in sentencing uie fellow who stole the Valise from a c. P. While its owner was at Junge Boardman Caid that he posed to do what he could to make that kind of thieving very in Bloom d h. Section Foreman at sends the a Sample of from a Locust tree in his front which is now in full arrest of the four gamblers who were a Restid at Sacramento a few since while playing have been held for trial under bail of More two More of chinese to work on the Extension of the fornia Aud Oregon Railroad to the front last monday to flip Vitue and 4 oink tit or while bus i it and from year to quite number us first class added to tile population the Ami Are Lor they All capital and Somo bought the Tutlo unrivalled Are what turned the scale in favor Over other in to the improvements in ibis respect the settlers Are doing something All the or. Hymers is extending Clear Nack to the away Witk two Sheds und giving him u great Deal room for his or. Given has already begun the erection of a Simp the site of m. J. Old or. Do lius raided House to full to i und divided vacant int. Between himself or. Gives both i 10 c. K. Martin Hay a on the Rollo Virginia Wilt and next to s Marble works und be used i r i. Line is up and will a Good to the residence is rapidly approaching or. In putting up a Nico Brick House North of the hotel die City itself is and has repaired the House which was partly when the City hotel and it is for h. Judil has made a urge addition to Liis i Sierra but least the University is going in and fills out the scene on the he streets Are also ing attention and John die Road is a master at 4 contract the deader the departure of the hints from the 400 of As already left there on saturday for the West and of whom Are logo before Tho i t is a of to the old surf mine left flood of die people named to luring the Usi six years has a to the Region add not much of a to the a superintendent was asked Tho How he paid the Hung who worked fur him it outside to their Wai Rei they Are Good men we give them 88 cents a irom unit on Down to co is it to be wondered use that Competition wild labor of kind our or the that Hie Competition is to cease rejoices them with to Tho proposed use if the Waler for Quartz the Virginia chronicle the Tim tall from the Mouth of the Tunnel to i lie head or end of Florence i or the town of Scutio 19 70 the fall from tie Tunnel Mouth to the Carson River in ing Over 108 water pressure required to drive the wheel at Eureka null u of 39 with that fall five 40-Starnp Mills could be erected be tween the Mouth of the Tunnel and the River with a total crushing Power of 600 tons in 24 the Ledue of Low Grade Ore Cut through in the Tunnel is Between 400 and 500 feet in and gives an average of nearly per the building of trestles for flumes Aud tracks and the Tion of the Mills will begin next the yacht in speaking of the Puritan s re cent the London morning Post we can make no against ing or against their using the est vessel they could at the same time most English even at the risk of permanently International prefer adhere to their methods of Over the Ocean with a Breeze and a heavy the Genesta May vindicate the merits of the however May out Mutual Good can come from a con test which Baa been on both Side in a spirit so a in on monday Bartlett of the supreme looked with disgust at an order handed in for ins which was written on common Manilla paper in which was scarcely he finally refused to sign and notice to the bar that to would not sign orders written on Brown or yellow copying gathering Pino the Silver slate learns from Joe a that the nut Pine crop is unusually this Aud that the Pine Woods Are full of indians who Are this article of Indian

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