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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 20 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - September 20, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. S. Reno Washoe county. Nevada. Thursday september 20. 1883. No. 22. Reno weekly Gazette published every thursday by r. L. Fulton proprietor Allen c. Brag business manager. Bates or subscription Bally one Yogi by 00 one year by mall of by Carrier per week to All parts of Reno. States of advertising ally one month one weekly one 1 w this includes both Legal and Cominer Clyl credits. It is a Matte r of Pride in a news paper that is a newspaper to have a part of its Reading matter at least written especially for it and it is quite a source of gratification to a paper to see its contemporaries find articles in its columns worthy of laying before their read ers As it in turn has constant occasion to Vise their items. It is Only fail that such interchanges of news and opinion should be duly acknowledged by the debtor Al though there is no rigid Nile and no fuss is made if an error or omission occurs. Very olten Amus ing Airt sometimes annoying mis takes occur such As the Gazette crediting the state with a Josh on the ticket agent adapted from the Exchange. Who he stole it from no Man will Ever know. The Eureka Leader this morning credits the Austin Jie Oreille with the origin of county and the Silver state credits it to the Reno journal. 1 lie item the had thursday was stolen from the Gazette but credited to the Joi Tritel Ami it broke Linn s heart Julion get away with it. The Virginia of Trantolo has entirely its conscience and Rolls the choicest morsels under its Tongue As complacently As if it owned them. The Sentinel is quite fair but Seldom copies without a caustic sentence of its own thrown in. John Dennis writes too Zoany Good things of his own to need to steal. Sam Davis writes Many a Good thing for the Appeal with the scissors. The indie a. Clips with discretion and the Tribune does very Well for Carson. The Elko inde pendent fills up with county news and basks m the scholarly Side of the University. Komeot the Best steal ing is found in weeklies like the True of staure courier messenger mining news free press and others which have both news and ideas. Of oomph policy. In compliance with a request from the Sec rotary of the Interior governor Sheldon of new Mexico has just made full a report upon the Duvel Pement of t in territory. He says that with the exception of the murder of judge me comas and wife no citizen has been killed since october 1881, Aud that there Are no signs of hostile demonstrations. Preparations however have been made to speedily crush any hostile movements and the indians Are aware of the fact. The criminal element has suddenly disappeared. As a result of this improved stale of affairs immigration has been renewed and Enterprise grown Day by Day. Gov. Sheldon Calls attention to the urgent need of a proper school system in new Mexico. Speaking of the Homestead and Preemption Laws he says their operation in that dry mountainous country has been to Foster land monopoly of the most objectionable character. Locations Are made embracing a Spring or extending along a Stream and the surrounding lauds Are valueless to any one but the owners of the water. Hence a Man who obtains 160 acres with exclusive water Privi lege controls a vast tract without Cost or taxes. A cattle company or an individual May be owning a few acres and have the occupancy of a tract As Large As some states in the Union and if the existing practices Are continued the cattle business in the South West will in a Short time be in the hands of a few individuals the government furnishing land gratuitously. It the therefore suggested that the land Laws apply that territory be changed. The underwriters of Chicago Sug Gest that owners of Mills have a Chain run from the safety valve of the boiler out through a window so in Case of a lire tue building can be fined with live steam and sex i Plo Aion of the boiler prevented. a 8impjuy mpeciilat1ox. It would give us pleasure to sup port the be publican party in the summer and fall of 1884, in which voters delegates and candidates Only considered the highest welfare othe county and the state. We would like to see every Man study the history and condition of the nation and make up his mind what policy is for its Good govern ment. He would then to Able by a careful examination of the parties in the Field to decide which one would enforce the principles he held and one would like to see him do All in his Power to secure the Suc Cess of that Side. It would be an Honor to be associated with such a set of even in defeat. After the elections Are Over and the legislature met we would like to see ome Good Man from the Pirty that has the majority honoured by his selection As senator of the United states. We Hope to Jive Long enough to see such u Campaign but in the present condition of society it it doubtless utopian. It is encouraging however to remember that with Public opinion Active and in the main honest the pendulum Cun riot swing very far from the Center before it begins to return. A fair enforcement of the civil ser vice act would prevent Congress men Aud senators swapping off government patronage in return for influence in delegations Anil votes from Meu who have 110 decided proclivities. Unfortunately there spurns to be no trouble in evading i he Law in Nevi i there is an object in so doing. It looks now is if the a Alicle service Hart been pretty thoroughly packed in the interest of the administration. Individual Independence is becoming More and More general however and the Man who undertakes to p ticket his county or state and de liver it in convention or on election Day is finding hit Usek getting pretty Geri Bially left. Still while there is such an element As the demo Itic Paity in the it be considered that vigorous measures Are necessary and a St Nalor conk my said you must right tire it still we be Lieve that any party that takes High ground and free methods will draw to it the vast army that have no selfish interest and in the end must Triumph. This is a quiet year and it is a Good sign to see a discussion commenced which should be tree and open. For a Job firk. The French i loyalists Are Evi Dently living in the Hope that the chinese Row May result in the up setting of the Republic and the turning Over of the government to them. The dispatches to Day say that the Unton the Organ of the legit mists publication. Tue Farewell address the paper s Mission ended with the death of the count de Chambord. It salutes count de Paris As the head of tile House of France and Hopes he will restore to christians the traditional monarchy. The general Public is Rega idec to be More than Ever Bent on peace and should the negotiations with China collapse it is thought the govern meet will not survive the meeting of the Chambers 21 hours. . Blaine was called upon regarding the Story published purporting to give his views touching Butler s political future. Blaine said he rarely noticed sensational paragraphs of any Kiuru but he would in1 this Case say that the views attributed to him were precisely the reverse of those he held. He did not believe Butler could be re elected governor of Massachusetts and had the fullest Confidence that a Republican pres ident would be chosen next year. The Republican party he added will be far stronger in the elections of 83 than either in 77 or 79, another valuable prize. Colonel Boyle offers As a prize to be shot for Ori the occasion of the approaching inter state match an representing in oxidized Lver the Queen of Heb a support g a Silver fruit Yjih or card receiver. It is exhibited in the win Dow of the jewelry store of m. M. Fredrick in Virginia City and is a prize Well Worth contending for. Our nf.h-hboh8. The total Nickel production for 1882 was 281, pounds the Vali e of which la or one doll r ton per Pound. I in i him i j ui3 Etui to Jan the j a j something of what is on in the lines and on the Mountain ranches. From a Well known citizen of Reno who recently returned from a trip through portions of Sierra and Plumas counties the Gazette is Able to furnish its readers with the following in Sierra Mohawk Genessee Indian and american valleys the Grain crop was about he average but the yield of Hay exceeds any crop raised for several year. Farmers generally found great difficulty in procuring help to secure their crops in proper sea son thereby Suft Ewing considerable loss As some of the Grain became so Ripe that it shelled while being handled of the Farmers .11 dairies from which is produced a surplus of the Best but Ter made on the Pacific coast the Rich pasturage of the High Moun Tain valleys being peculiarly adapted to the product Lon of this article of food. The mining me tests of this Section Are not As Active As heretofore but All seem to have an abiding Faith in their Richness and durability. The Quinn mine is running with two a and considerable Good Ore is 1 i aug extracted which is now he in worked by the company a Mill. I i. In tin old mine having been worked for 15 or 20 years and producing Large returns for labor and outlay. The Green Mountain com Piny is running with a full Force and is taking out its usual amount of Ore which is being worked at their Mills one of which contains 00, and the other 30 Stamps. Both of Thuie Mills have bin recently furnished with All the latest improved machinery for saving Gold and Are now considered As Good As n the state. A Tunnel which it i 1 take about three months Lunger to Complete will Tup the ledge 400 feet lower than it has Ever been prospected and should present expectations be realized the mine will hereafter be worked through ill s Tunnel bringing the Ore directly to the 130-Stimp Mill. The descent mine immediately below bus Tor the present suspended operations except the keeping of their pump running to keep the mine Clear of water. This also is an old mine having been worked for Many years having produced Over u million dollars and is still considitpk1 by some to be the richest mint in Plumas county. Thu Indian Valley company is running with a full Force both in the mine and Mill although the Aftanis of this company cannot said to be running very smoothly the party in Possession claiming that misrepresentations Werp made at the tune of Purchase and decline to pay the Hist of the Pur Chase Price although the lower com t has confirmed the Sale. The Plumas Eureka with us usual Force Aud Energy mining and milling its usual quantities of Ore As their monthly shipments of Gold will verify. The four Hill mine with the Best and latest improved machinery is titling everybody with its productions. Wood and water being plenty and cheap their facilities for mining and infilling cannot Well be excelled. It is claimed that this company can mine and Mill their Ore for two dollars per ton Aud some think it can be done for even less. In addition to the above there Are Many less pretentious mining enterprises being carried on by people of moderate Means. Ill Many places the Alastra is being run with profit furnishing employ ment to a Large number of men some of whom Are becoming Rich. A private Enterprise. The Denver Tribune has the Fol lowing to say about what has been known As the Denver exposition Denver has no exposition. There is no such institution in this Vicinity in whose management the City has any voice. There is an exposition owned and conducted by four or five gentlemen Only two of whom Are coloradans but this is purely a private Artjur. Denver has nothing to do with it at All. The firm owning close it up at any time and this City could not even enter a protest any More than it could against any individual who was doing As lie pleased with his own it seems a Little strange that the Denver press should have kept the above fact from the Public so Long when a word would have saved Mary people considerable time and Money. Killed by being thrown from a horse. While Riding on Bonanza Flat at Park City Utah on wednesday of last week mrs. John Harwood was thrown from her horse and received injuries which resulted in her death on Friday morning at 3 o clock. The cause of the Accident was that the wind blew her hat off which frightened the horse and it made a Quick turn throwing mrs. Har Wood from the Saddle. When to Browne her foot caught in the Stirrup and the unfortunate lady was dragged almost 50 her head striking the ground with such forceps to cause concussion of the i via. 4is. Jhk cortex tragedy. Some of the evidence before the Coroner s jury. The Eureka Sentinel says a jury of inquest was held at Cortez before Justice e. F. Walsh Over the re Mains of we. R. Redmond at which the following facts were elicited James t. Henley testified As follows i have known we. T. Redmond deceased about 18 months. He was a native of can Ada and about 26 years old. He has been in my employ All the time i knew him. I have known David Martin two years. He has been employed by or. Wenban at the Cortez Mill about a year and a half. David Martin came into the Board ing House just As we had sat Down to on the evening of sep tember 3d, about o clock. He covered me with a six shooter and i la kill the first Man that moves he then said .7nn Hen Ley you have slandered my wife.1 i haul hold on that matter can be explained upon this red mond arose from the table and turned half around to go out of the Kitchen door. Thereupon Martin shifted no pistol Iron me and lev eled it on Redmond and tired. Red mond ran out into the Back Yard und fell dead. Just then Martin s wife came in and seized Bur Hus band arid i dodged under the table. While Martin nud his wife were struggling i got out of the front door and ran up the Canyon and up the of the Mountain. Martin started to Tollow me. He came to the foot of to Iii Mountain and stopped and then i stopped. I told him i had nothing to protect my self with. Said he 1 knew that or i would t have followed you.1 he hallowed out to me you had better come Down for i can get you before you can get away there about 100 Yards Between us at this time. I asked him if be had hint Redmond. He replied yes i be killed the a of a to Lien turned and went Back Down the John fiuman John Engstrom and Fred h. Cole testified to substantially the same facts. "1 Rabbit he or. Reese River ranchers after the Lack Len Bellm. A great Rabbit Hunt is being arranged to come off in a few Days says the reveille. It will be some thing like the great Rabbit Hawk Dove Coyote and Fox Hunt of a few years ago when Over seven Hun dred rabbits were slain the plan is to have sport and at the same time rid the Farmers of the destructive pests. So great has been the destruction wrought by them that several Farmers complain of having their Fields entirely destroyed by them. Tom Triplet has had nearly everything lie raised eaten by them. So great was the Slaughter at the last great Hunt that the farm ers had no trouble for two or three years but the pests Are around in such Force that another raid is Nec Essary. The plan is to have All the Hunters join the great Hunt Aud Divide into two parties. The Side which gets the lesser number to pay Lor a big dinner to be had after they return. A Public meeting will be held shortly to make All necessary arrangements. A new african Bevel Ace. The Kola but largely used in tropical Africa make an invigorating beverage was subjected some months ago to careful analysis and is found to be Richer in caffeine than the Best Coffee while containing Al so the same Active principle As Ca Cao. Negroes Are said not to touch Coffee when they can obtain this nut. It is said by a or. Daziell to be growing into an important Arti Cle of Commerce in the Soudan and it is thought will soon find its Way into european countries. Samples have been sent to London medical men for Experiment and to planters for agricultural purposes. It is believed to Aid digestion and to Ren Der people capable of withstanding the depression consequent upon prolonged labor. Others claim Foi it the Power to relieve mental de pression Aud to not Only subdue the craving for Alc Whol but pre vent its intoxicating effects. Barbers Anil Bakers. A few loaves of the staff of life was the cause of an animated Dis Cussion on commercial Row Friday morning Between Nick Hammer Smith Aud Otto Hartung ending in a Lively exhibition of the Manly the first round was fought m the Barber shop without blood shed when the sluggers adjourned to the Street and snowed up in Fine style. After a few seconds spent in Bunting each other s nose Ham got in a solid right hander bringing a copious flow of Purt red blood which ended the Jln Eky All hound. Theodore i Fie in Oriental District Douglas county seems to be promising Well from a babe samples brought in by John bar cell. The Ore the rather base looking but is Rich theory. Foxtail on the farm. The chinaman into Outing word instead of James Dows attacks Beecher in he bulletin and proves that the chinaman has by inverted Evolur Ion become entirely destitute of t soul. The Ditt Ere cos Between a Hinaman and a barbarian is this he barbarian has soul in embryo is soul will grow As he advances n civilization. The chinese soul s worn out and cannot be restored. Juder confucius China was the mental Light of the world. That ight has Burnt out its last Flicker no Long ago and China morally dead and a Burnt out Wick. It is be common belief that the Immor Tal soul is indigenous to the human ily. Never was there a greater mistake. The immortal soul is essentially a exotic. In divine Economy there Are but three ele Iio its to constitute a human soul hat is mirth pathos and Melody. No Man Ever saw elements in barbarians or chinese. The writer has seer multitudes of our aborigines mothers under Circum stances of affliction that would wring tears from a cd Istian Mother s heart but they could not cry because Hud no soul Ami he know god. Nobody Ever saw a chinaman cry laugh or slug. The writer has often seen them beaten with and bleeding and has often protected them. They will Bellow like a animal but they will not cry. No Mau Evet heard a Chiu Amun laugh because there is no divine Fountain in heart to flow. He will Grin and express an animal smile but a tear out comes from the Fountain of the soul. When the Cristain heart is afflicted with weighty woes it would break if it was not for the safety valve of the Eye lid that lets flow the liquid anguish in. Silver beads and soul is relieved. But there is no Heartfelt mirth in the Heathen. Mirtoli is a divine attribute Aud can Only flow from god. Oti the subject of Mel Ody the writer would say show me a nation without Melody am i will show you a nation without a god. Shakespeare backs me up in that proposition and old Homer backs up Shakespeare. The Chi Nese have no Melody. The Gong is their finest instrument of music and the sound of a Doug to a Chris Tian s ear is about As distressing a Northwestern Cyclone to the Christian s heart. The writer is somewhat familiar with the Opin ions of chinese missionaries from the time of Francis Xavier in the sixteenth Century up to the preset hour. All honest missionaries say China is a Brand Burnt out Anc christianity passive is of no Avail an uncomfortable the owner of a Nevada City Vineyard says the transcript who has been bothered with thieves recently determined to have re Venge and so dosed a number o Bunches of grapes with Croton Oil sunday a Young Man went there and bought some Aud treated his friends. The result was that he and his friends who partook of the fruit had a very serious attack of the consequences that it How the taking of Croton Oil. The owner of the Vineyard upon being upbraided Tor supplying hit customers with poisoned grapes declares be did no such a thing but he does claim that the Young Man after getting the grapes he paid for surreptitiously plucked several More Bunches As he was leaving the premises and in doing so happened to get some of those that had been prepared Lor trespassers. Tropical fruit. The Virginia chronicle of thurs Day evening contains the Folio Wing Jailer Breen has a pineapple tree at the jail which has grown to a Beight of three feet in a Little Over two months. The Plant is kept in a warm atmosphere indoors and nourishes most luxuriantly. He Hopes m a Short tin e to give the prisoners a dessert of pineapples on sundays. A new hotel at Tii Hoe. There is a Rumor that the Cen trial Pacific Railroad purpose build ing a hotel at Lake 1 Ahoe to be ready season s How to kill it off at very Little the Rural press is Good author to on such matters As the following and is doubtless Correct along the ence where the plow cannot reach rows Foxtail. By wind or other Wise it manages to Gei its seed Well scattered among the Alfalfa. Cold and abundant rain makes the ail grow rapidly and renders the Falfa nearly dormant. Before the Waim Sun of april can prepare the Alfalfa ready to be made into Hay he Foxtail has perfected its seed my it stands with its stiff barbed spikes erect and defiant of any mus Rica Ting or digesting apparatus Ever n vented for the ruminating Crea on. In spite of any precaution. Enough spikes will Shell out to seed he ground and enough remain fixed of spoil the Bay. Apply water in he Spring and the seed of Foxtail will not grow. It seems to have an instinctive knowledge that the second crop of Alfalfa would smother it. Just before or after the first Rains Harrow in 30 or 40 pounds of wild oat seed to the acre. During Winter the Oats and Foxtail about an even growth but the first warm Days of Spring give to the Oats an Energy by which the Fox Tail is deprived of food below and Sunshine above and perishes with out Reading a seed or even a Spike. The ammonia generated by decayed portions of the Alfalfa stimulate greatly the growth of the Oats and thereby the crop of Hay is Ucli greater than Oats and Alfalfa would make grown separately and the Quality of the Hay Tor general Pur poses is Superior. The Man who has Foxtail or worthless weeds growing where he cannot reach them with a plow should go at once to where the threshing machines Are separating wild Oats and secure enough to occupy such land. The value of the Hay thus secured had better be sent As a subscription to the Best local agricultural paper. Xai Phi Al hero the mistake Llamile in the St Lam. Ton of the in Ustanik. A prominent cattle Man and a Well known writer on Stock recently found it selves in Accord in the proposition that cattle and horse men were making a mistake in Breeding out the California Mutt Tang blood from their cattle horses. The cattle Man who was Hock Mason said that he had never found a Borse that bad its Powers of endurance coupled with agility and intelligence. The writer who was or. Williams of the breeder Antl sportsman said that the same fact was being impressed upon cattle Meu All Over California. The american or English horse is not sufficiently self reliant to make a Good animal for the Range. He looks too much to his Ridar for guidance and instruction. He does not turn As Quick nor get Over rough ground As easily for himself or the Man on his Back As the mus Tang. The latter has Many generations of wild life behind him to say nothing of several years in Early life spent Loose among the Hills where he Learned to leap Over the rocks and Fly from real or fancied dangers with no hand to guide him Aud no one but himself to rely on. It is said that the native cattle horse la becoming scarce and his value is increasing. Much pains is being taken to Cross the Breed with american horses that a genuine Spanish horse id going up in value and held in High esteem. It is predicted that they will sell for higher figures in the next five years than they Ever have before. District court. The grand jury submitted a tial report thursday afternoon and adjourned to meet of the 15th of october. True Bills for House breaking were found against de. Wells and j. A. Peterson for Burg Lar izing the House of g. Wilder in White Canon. On account of the impecunious Wessof the defendants h. B. Cossitt was appointed to de fend rec i sex sheriff a. K. Lamb proposes t o give a week s racing right after the Marion Valley fair Wei ctr occurs october loth 17th, and Vittli. Or. Lamb thinks can put in week beginning october i Ufa saws papyri

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