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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 18 1879, Page 4

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - September 18, 1879, Reno, Nevada A melt thursday 1879. Carloni j. writing his desk wednesday which in Broi uht no Earnes Way an intention ure. The Ca evidently heard and under Sto d the threat f l she quiet y walked out of the office thro Nuh the Ami across the railway track. When last seen Che was Mill travelling Una really in direction of pea Vine. Admit eight o clock last even ing she As quietly walked into the store and Betook her Elf to her a. Cd Ito med the feline had never before been to leave the premi is for any time. C to d she have Ned to herself Hii Genin is Nonni eyed now Al my Little , but if i Livy his displeasure he will think All the More of me Bye and it ii if the not Hud Lilied that Chain of even in i did it less h a us fur in pea Vine. Thaoe Dotu is singular and is Entwit by True. The wild Wahoo a Man Katar that opens he Graves of dead. A full a Titus Hill found horse a laterally unequal Wahoo would not seem so strange a creation after All. Daniel Roberts an express messenger on the Central pain inc r lil rail Bianei that in him Tami Wah Ioos Are not uncommon a Reno institution. The anal due Bie wiry inspected by Nenni or Man. A weary Gaza Tab reporter happen m the Oma Tubb .1 in at he was Noe brewery on old the mob Bear of the to tory Mem club footed Anil ferocious. Juhn Clil Ninan a knowledge of human Niilre. Chinamen seem to have a very keep Iii Glit into human nature. A gentle Man relates an i excellent ill Pitini of this. Business called him to in Northern California and the Hoin Ufier Hia arrival he Reno Minerl in his Ino writing until 10 ii c Ock. A Chine a servant Camo in and in to an it Quiry if it was to late to yet Acy Hrak fast to snid Donics All cleared up now. But never Vuu mind. You Devn stairs in dining worn Ami make noise. Sliwi Roe hot Yon Timke Heap big Noie. They bling you Bleaka to Allee same Wiiri Loffl be a Man wlm come in n one of the Northern relates an Anu Isiu anecdote of a fellow Pira Enser. The of whom the study told is a tailor. Lie i a on the top of the Couch mid Seeni Eil to be wholly wrapped tip in the Contemp la Ion the Gian Illuv the cd Ely through which they were to had been Cilent for n ions Lime when suddenly be Baku out with if i Only had my Needle and trend sew mime Ling i kunte in the Vitex w Tor Wotli the form of and the voice of a recent number of the Caret Oon Taine Mio account of an animal found in Tolfe neighbourhood of Hal Ecka Uil Deeth Nevada known in hat Section of country As the Wall it that the Crew lure is nit known to null finds no Jairt the upon riders of the article referred to few Rea on supposed the whole Story be h but it just remembered that every Ilav the ree earthen of scientists Are bring no to Light hitherto us known animals and every Quarter of tin Welt i Iowa locally in mime localities of the Earth often prove entirely new and to the world of science. The Narumi lives of Are often receive. With a great Deil of inure Dulity be cause they frequently contain of before unheard of when ii old Willii Ilian Terud thu Gor Ilia in Africa were slow believe in the existence of the am i 1867 he has h vivid collection of his first sight of of he beasts. He was approaching Ilion in braver Canyon one evening the summer of i hat year after h to take an i Lii i ration genre j to line i Fili i Halm watch called the ret Ali iches to the people of thai territory be him never been Mcenti final y described Anil of which no specimen 1ms it been placed in thu smithsonian Institute. The account of the Wahoo which follows Plain unil Nevai wished and it May yet to found that this strange beast will a High scientific internet to in the Titi a Field of natural history. In the Brief Mill Imperl eco Ile i option of he Wahoo to which in Quitin i has already by on Maile Wei Given memo Eluting the . Which i were fur i hed by kit haul Hinnah the ii gent of Wuilne copies at Tunit while Hunt the id of Halleck Hernd my ten rust Dena of that local. Rie of the Vav Slih and Riim him in no journey on horseback. On the my up the Canyon he heard what he supposed a the Bray of a mule. He Emark ii Thi companion who was Ami liar with the country that they Mist be near the jump. He was told hat the noise was made by a nil shortly afterwards Thev saw the Numal sitting on its haunches up ii lie Edge of the Cliff have them in give i g utterance to the dismal cry which Hui deceived or. Lui Heits. Tin along the Bilge of Thi precipice Tor Somi distance at inter fitting upon its munches Anc sending of Mali its Watino Ebay. A mini named Tommis Well Kifowi to or. Aho itly after killed Wahoo on the Montana mad near the Creek s a in. It Wei Hei to Bott seventy minis Ami wickedly after lie Inu i was Tim by dispatched nut i after that or. In Chi Jinan i h or. A deut i the employ of Llin wast Union to l a graph Coli Pinny so Vav to gather near a place my Hisil no station. He Stilita that thu animal is All or Montana. Vet v by nocturnal in its habits and Libi Iles in the wih Lerness from the habitations of men. It owing to these Renvoi s that Little s be Kii own of the Wahoo. The fire Foini Metier Ile Cripi Ion is All tha the g b enable to learn of tie mysterious beast. Ii is Hubli Heil the Hope tilt the it in Tim of some Liliy to in the fact of the existence of Nch Tea ure and that the a Imal Mav prove n subject tie study Ami investigation of Stone one 1 to Bis sift Ami de scribe it. All is design Eil to throw tiny lil it upon the no Ture Tirl h in t fihe with Hoo will be Yriate filly Nesnow Leila my. 11 . It was lately by the Lyon times that Belle Pir Utill liitle Orison mate Ivill been s left third y afternoon and was initiated by or. Hoffman into the mysterious Reci Fis of the Art not Only f but also of drinking Beer. Upon his return to the sane inn he great reset at the Ime he Hail lost by not having known he latter pleasure ago. The Beer made by Thi brewery is us pure is the water of the Truckee River which Springs from the Banks of Virgin mow. It Cuni Ains no drugs 01t and kind lit is made from pure and the Nordt comes from the Crusher into a huge vat where it i in Watel boiled. Here it is stirred by an immense wooden ladle and Shenall the strength hits been abstracted from the Hurley he Liq ii t is drawn of into the Grunt where it i settled and pumped from there into a boiler and cookie nine hours. Then it i carried to the cooler when the proper has been reached i got into a Tel pit in the cell a which is kept at about sixty the following particulars Comorn ing the big grizzly Bear old or he capture of whose Scalp expedition is being arranged by the Hunters of this state and California bib furn hed by s. T. Burton Secre Tail of the Sierra Valley spurting club Ami published in the san flan chronicle i will give the Points in the history of the big Bear v far As i can. George Davis formerly livid Iii the Range of or Brin i too 1 authority. He trapped shot him. It while the Ben Kab escaping from d-ivis1 trap that i injured i font in i Uch a manner a to make his track now so readily known. Or. Divis that when in Lisl came Acnes his 1865. He a Mon Ter. He Meas ured his track often and at the Date of it measured fourteen Inch across. He ii baht h m in a Winch safely Hehl very urge Thiis lint Brin of a tree with Hiti for. And the trap to div h then full Weil him up. Him where he had lain robbing the mail. A mall bar stolen from platform Morlong a Virginia mall srm Rchrd from Itab found it ten clue to Robbin. Win Masher is employed As a night watchman by the Central Pacific rail rail company. It is it of bin duty to take charge of the mails which arrive in tie night tie East bound Overland train. No. A which arrival at a. A brings a mail for Reno and a through mail for Dit Tribu Tion by the route agent on tha v. T. Saturday at the the train came in and tha mail Wii thrown outs usual. Reno mail As placed upon one to Uek tha pro nth in Iii on another. White tha was ruin to the Posti Ifica fish Newheit. After seven or eight Days the a kick uror. Haven Liaa to Bishop forego the pleasure of lecturing to the Renoir a. Ilia efforts before the con Ference Ovier which he presided in Oregon rather iliac imaged the rever took the Clirina in a Way which sick Pitird sensible people All Over the coast. One of his is to Hunt ii return run the we or. Sin h no file la to whom he rup and of the a tories he had heard of. The end gentleman. H to his bosom up the dirtiest Nigger-1 arc hire Weru of their Trinh. The meanest Indian Ami the heathenism Chi dec the county affords and Lobber Over them on the of Neil brother Hond Nofia in Prin Ciple i i so Lelu Ive in theory so disc Umili if in a Sinai blur . Merrill who lives at pen Vine started out on horseback the Oiler Duy to a Lieut game. After Riding a Tew Miles he Chiqiu to inn tins ground and halting clump of Bushes proceeded Dis mount. One of his feet caught in the Stirrup. And the horse Mak Ujj a sudden Stirt or. Merrill s gun knocked out of his hand fell the ground. The Jar discharged the piece and the Charpe tout effect in the horse s head him in Cooley o informal incarceration Denis Cooley write a letter to the Gazette complaining that he was sent to jail for eight without a after i release thursday he applied to judge Young fur a War rant hut eng refused n. Denis further adds that he is tin Irish Man of which there in some lie states that sheriff Walker is a hard Man to work for and to docs not in tend to engage in his service any hut tin Pabli Raimi of the article in the gaze Itu Lirou uht o Light some Tes to Inonu concerning the beast. Before Uio feeding with entirely Vii Tench it will be Well to some what the people Deeth a of the animal. Ii is there known both is Trent Neil off Ceni. The con. Tiew set of officers and a new Board of trus tees As follows president h. H. La err san vice president f. C. Cask a treasurer w. Jm.8nabyf Secretary a. B. Cathcart superintendent a Myers. Trustees a. H. Of c. Cook w. , f. 0. Dit Erlee t. V. Julien. The a Aioo and tub Man Katel the firmer Zippel Ntim supposed to have i Vii it in imitation of the Peculiar Nuie it makes. The lat Ter Ilcyn ignition origin mid in the known propensity of the beast to dig up Anil devour tha bodies of the Send. Wahoos which have Heen killed near Deeth exhibit Structure. The legs Are and the very Large proportionally Furni Heil with str no up jetting Elus of great length. This formation Ena Liles the creature to dig with and rapidity. The Lindy. Is lung and Slen Der this Tail medium length and Usi Lally curved Over the Buck the neck Short the head Broad the provided with formidable Teeth. The Akin covered with Long Tine hair. Ita prevailing Rotor is Black spotted with White. In it varies from fifty to seventy five hounds. The creature is larger thin a Coyote and in appearance when seen at a distance not unlike a Large dog. In conversation with or. Smith a Young Mun said that he had shot a number of Wash Goa that he carefully measured each specimen and Conrid thai the left legs of each some what Shorter than the right Al Thongthi his informant persisted in the assertion the statement must be Reg Abdad with great caution. The probability u that he measured Iron i ahead us Hei twelve com i Innis in the Canon trip non cnntr.idict8 the report and tha tin indie has been old. Stok offered Shane for her was refused the Lantei hold inst outdo higher ii the unite is n Nall it will be with Hie i hut she till her engagements in son. Belleh i. Entered for i free for All vice to. 15, in the coining state fair at Reno. Seen Tail co Nistock his had no u of u diluted in tin ownership of til Mure and she will Douai less put appearance hero at the pro i mine. And. H be ii s in tin to Eer ill in k n of Merinen Linfon. The beep. Is left to Settle and is lieu drawn off into Imp ii if am is remly for Market. And three 1 to of Beer Are made Erich week it pros it mid the que Mitty ulily ii Creaso l with a larger de perfectly East Supply All the but for u or read May Saloon keepers to it. My their Ippu. Is consoling to the Friend of Home Dot try to know that they get a Quality of Beer and pay a much it it n they would the Puie arli Efrom the brewery. Prof. Kill Tel d. Prof. i will be rain Muir 1 by tie people of Reno As the Blind miso , has it i entry been the icim of a in inner i f re 01 to i hut were put in inc Whitmn by is enemies. He i teaching Nin u at cite i l Iho. At a put it Meetins recently held Ihei b Hia Oliai in Irule Van Diau in. R1 v. R. Acc ii Bich pastor "1 i to pre by. Eri in Chili h it Murty other in inns to profi Cienci As a Tisil the in him Ami oui Tian of licence which he exec Rise Moi g he fat Pic blown and Al h Fly yanks shot him with Buckshot but he did not mind it at All though he got away As soon As possible. tins Aucon him often Ted caught him several times but never Hal a Htit would Imil him. Old Sriri i very lame Bear. Men of Good judgment think he will weigh 2000 Pound. Cattle Are his lie. Is often Folly Well by smaller Davis the Oliet with him to share in the spoils. He has been hot Ninny time Bur the Bear veins 10 Licitr a charmed life. Many Loii s lire told by those who have hunted him and met him. This one that me Ini St was told by a or. Him inn p., wlm him shot and killed Imine heirs. He was Honni inst the Vicinity of Webber Luke and came Scio sold Brin. A bin one cart Dao with him but As he for Bear with a shot Gnu he Thi Vuht he would try him. He Filli Weil the track and mine Brin he in us through a Ili Icke t of his. The my Chap was quietly Mccu Pineil in c i pos Init of a heirs Imi Cli. Of s first Imp Lee was to shoot him. the longer he the larger Mew thu hear Zutl lie Fantilly lie and left him. That night if tar it Over and t it of y Bix ii Zuis Fei a 13 Elf Cili in a. Who e he Ihlen i had did him. To Timo Lii ils to the Ivra us Plaro in , ego i Ai d in Vail a Well an rom up Ili Hod where he had taught Iii in. Read. Ito Hery it ill Ford. On Widne Dikiy night the store or. Hani on. I Wil Ord Lawn co., cal., was Rolighed of ome by a chinaman i hat he employed. The Money was in a tin Box and the China Man walked off with Box and All. A position of the Money belonged to the Posti fire which was in the store and of which or. Barrison was Nister. Morris of Beno i said to be interest d in by guess. Mill or. Harri on and he some others left Uno the Nodi y of m ipod from whence they intend to go in Pursuit of the Heathen. The chinaman had Only been in the employ of or. Har Riwu Short time lie having taken him out with him from Reno about a week or ten Days ago. Chini he Qun Riei Kin Grant Gap Iii Iii it up. Haiti Clur have been received of he t re at Emigrant gup Lam wed nesday., the chinese were having in which crack and imms Ere filed a i us Iii. Alii in four o clock in afternoon one of their Cabin took tire mid the Flange rapidly until the whole of turned to the the Titian Tele grip Laid for immediately and arrived Tum Blue can on Nineteen Inin lifter the receipt of bidets to go lie while town wan in d Mger and a Pri i vation due to the ener Etic notion of the citizens and the a Lone e. D. Maw i formerly wire repairer for the Railroad Telegraph line is in Reno. He now lives at Koo Tewy in British Columbia 660 Wiles North East of Walla Wall. He made the trip Overland via Falls Wal in Walla Pindt Etao. Baker City and Winnemucca a distance of 1600 he thinks Well of that coun Anil to go Back this week. A malformed specimen and jumped to the conclusion that the others showed peculiarities. The Young Man As an explanation for

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