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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 18 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - September 18, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county. Nevada thursday september 18, 1879. No. 25. Reno weekly Gazette publish us a veiny by Ali. Fulton. Dill one i or. By mall 31003 it Johr. Hymn i 0 i ill Ifni Viroil cinder in rust at a week. Isains in America. Quito ii conf my iry has been glint on in lha new York Hun about the Speed of railway this country ind in England. Some correspondents by Ivy contended that u Speed of a Mila n minute is impose Ible. An or Ielo reprinted in the Gazette a cerday proved that oven Hij Rhei Rato of Speed h is been customary on Severn roads. Everyone who bus travelled in England knows that to to trite. On the mail train Between Edinburgh and London Over Many portions of Tho mad Thep i Cenger can hold his watch in hand in by counting Tho milestones know Thaie is g Liny at least a mile a minut but now a syn correspondent Point Forward with Tho statement that on the Pennsylvania Riillo it and o Hor roads sixty Miles in hour i the Ordinary a e of Speed. To a trip on a train from Phi Adelphia to Jersey City and can full note i the time made at several Point on the Road. One mile was made i 6014 seconds and three Miles in to minutes and thirty seconds. The train was running on its usual time the correspondent closes his article a f odours in conclusion i May say that if Harte not established my my apr too a to the peed of Whitti our lines or Cap Ible then 1 i not know How i be done. Liere tin a train the mad which Anvik Mill a minute on every trip. Chas i Jynon when run incr the Fine wont from t Trenton three times in one week ii 85 minutes the distance being Ove 20 Miles. Yesterday an of the in in Jersey Senate sat in the with me the train which leave Trenton at three minutes after ten together time d the train i several Miles each of which was my insiilt1 of Ai Minuto. On the d by n e tha same train ran from Elin both to Newark in five tin Disi Vioa 5 3 10 Tiu a. Tin train has run from Trenton to City in hour and nine making for slops besides san Winter u in Toiny Kitias. Allow ing three minutes for the stopping am nud re member that tin duration Between the two Point Nannt is a trifle under 57 rifles ii will i admitted that Tho train inns have struck it mile minute at Sev Oral Points on Trio of ho1saci5 Hawks. Al Phroso Iriart a French scientist who spent several years on this coast in names and things writes to the san Francisco bulletin in explanation of tha nume Arizona. He says it actually Means at the foot of tha thu mountains the spelling in the papa go language would be Arteata or name most certainly Given by the Papago a or i Mas on of the situation of Al Arizona at the fool of the High Range of mountains of the plan has Thi immense undertaking hundreds o contributors hive voluntarily offer ii their services. It will be the re not o the labor of Many minds. The plan of tie work is to give the of every word in the language showing by Means of quotations when each Camp into use and the changes in meaning through which each has Eil. In the preparation of this work every work and Many Obi and obsolete honks will be. Rail fully searched. When completed it will be one of the great works of the world. A Standard Library of reference i generations to come. Everyone can t in the work of preparation. A certain Book is ullo Ted ton Volunteer to be read and the first appearance of Iny be Culm Wold to be noted. Wherever a Dew word or an old one a a Peculiar sense is observed a slip of paper is filled out. Giving the Chaper and Page of the Book and a Brief quotation to show the sense in which he word is used. The following is a specimen of the Way in which one of hese slips a filled out Bacon so. To one s Bacon. Pouti trans., p. 561. Lie was resolved to take h course Ike the Soldier in Terence to save Lis Bacon. The slips Are sent to head quarters where they Are arranged for future we. Prof f. A. March of Lafayette College Easton perm., directs the Eno Arches of american readers. The Abor upon the work is entirely grate Tous except with those who have the Nal preparation of the dictionary. The latest a Lection the Alia states them As follows trains White Mckenna Berry he gives them thus per ins Glenn. White Mckenna Berry Cone Larkin car enter spirit of slut twi says that Mcc i in is not broke Down. Their i Hub i in her to f s. Other Wise the Mare i in Goral Omli Iii i ill a sound us he Ever w is r the has always had an ill Ohono the Hoof and when Shwa put through the severe to lining to fit Hur for tin Jer in la Raon this of her feet Nave Way. It i h uni Over certain that the in us will never b Able to Tun Amhi. La of i t i e Fri Tenily Tilisi Bleyl. The old Sisino of in fret no hoist is apply Cibeli in this oae. It is evil unit Voni i he follow Ini Here Are in Mori Annaa nil As Trio a Spring in Eui Eka. Thi is the Vony Ilic bal c City Index an a Liege Jusi a we go to press a violent quite n stick the town it it Iest Corner and Viiar Terud Iicio--.? to dim Mill currying it Binse Cli us of Dut boards paper olo., ind set Uil ladle Ialo Anil some c line near i Cin unit re l into the Luigi is Ivym tin mine election u e a the vote Fin governor in 370 to uis High ii Gri l ates 124.274, is did a Davis Sini h 42.014 arct Lon scattering tie re Nili Ning 183 towns at the vote year Colin of 5.201 Smili Garcelon o.25d. Total 12.023. The opposition to the republicans Hail ii majority in Toliese ton us last year of California. Him Vul relic uni he i All Hope of electing mid inv now their Foj yes upon thu Logi Hitov cml ii their is Hope for h c ii ill yet. Lint a a p h ims and Lien. R a Hull in is not Yin m elected for a r v. Or mall sea into Thi Avdi a Tonii Iuli in the con Rob of n it i Sii hit t l i i f tie Immes i timi1 org i Hium coi Iun no in 11 unit for n Pacific items. In he Titi in thru k ii in in the state fire years. It is i the. In son tril nine the High that i s in Ewh it s i i a that being a rever-1 will of is t o old and pre map timely Well i of Tineil i 0 a 15 top. An in Vitlem in or mul Holm has in to Dic Ive Ruil his i Lisej for Ilie position. Comp ails that is Hoing Solil to indians fre Piont in All parts of the state. Some in be strip it tit be ills necessary for of Feinler of ii skill. Vim Dors of whisky the the in Indi his Curc coi Nelb a to drink tin 000. Tiff the Iii Seivi i. Would the punish Niento be too inv Eric Whit kind of to i in m Are thus the fee Little 1 a ii to 1 t i i. Bright that i Netedu was observed As far Jimiy us Cutie City Moi Lima where it de Cri lied by the Index As of the apparent size of a dinner and us bursting directly Over the Summit of it Snow capped Mountain in ii where Tho Brilliant Light curled into ringlets and a Long Luibil lift be Munnt for fifteen Uii nutes the track of the strange in Nous a chinaman was killed in Austin last february. Tsuio his to until Lien were tried a few slavs Noffo the Smie p Acu Ami found guilty of inn Der in the first Derree. A new trial was planted Ami it Reid sued list we be Day in Tom act vital of Bot i the a Conseil. There was no Matui Ial Iliffe enee in the Evili Neo Sui Iii t a a i trials. Truly it was an exr for Dinar Case. It is not surprising that in Ion so trim set in i Roin i i i. If a Erin is in thu employ of tar i Dinant he i in danger of i Sina Tion by if a Prii Mlo i i zen the Duiho cities Ina any Day pack Lim of to Sibu iia on suspicion of hint a nihilist. Is tier lips he be to country on the face of the i to from. The Gran Notek la i t a triv held a stale c l Ivarue Ion in m Ireland Yaj Ter the Pirtz showed upon Prii i in in mane. If to lit could l Ain the Ascendancy and set lie to at Money Iview plenty it wot lil be ind How Little a Piiper Lollar would great interest m the election a i in Tinifu tid it Alt iras. Tie in Lepen Lent rein in o thatis i were t r i Sii k Leils Atnel buried to the a mme f Iii Ili ii is to take voters Fri the poll and on Rev them to Thair Beds. 3 itis Cul a Law in 1 ill Prus Nylk of will a Jet the i not it h have Buir f it Irive s in Van n Nii Ili on bit the have i a b nit disc Liny Kloo t ii Well in t f s up in bed and p Omi o to i r f h a not Hini but the oily of Bun f aneiso1. The Blaine worked like a during the a Fine Chin pain and the Success of tie Repulis licks is largely due to his untiring efforts. He seems to need no rest for it is announced Llma he is g Ling to Ohio to stump that state for Foster. Tim Martin Soj in Thi Arp expected to no ii to n Termi i Tiki of i Sii for to n Siht is tin nit i of and of All Aid. When that do byte is ended the j i will cry was tha tvs pity Iii Ith Unni ver Arv he admission of California into the Union. About the Tima that Starr Kins by a to or Nch u lion rom is it looked As if the g Ilden St Ite would n t be in the Union quite a m Linn Bih p with a band of its left Utah to Plant tin or eds of 2 m Trinon in Fin Siil of re to ii. Thu g org twins Cut i to t Taku kindly to for they hive Al Israr Dall the saints a id sent the Bishop to s it in a cold n. The Sari Francisco do lires to know what Hie Gazette thinks of the tar bucket As an engine of Vir in one respect at least thu tar ticket fulfils a Cri Pamal Kiiji inaction. Good it does is done by stealth. A the right hand of the tar brigadier ays on the tar it is not permitted to now that its companion on the left is affixing the downy feathers. Whent brought 55 a Bushel in he Eastern states in 1864. It is Worth Only 87 cents a Bushel there of. But in 1864, 55 in rag Noney was equal to 02 cents Only in old. Now 87 cents in paper is Worth is face in Gold and the Farmers Are letter off than hey wore in 18s4. Do hey want to stand on a specie basis r to go Back to a lying currency the new York of yesterday Aid that it believed in Ohio that ii democracy discouraged by the bin Blinn victories in Maine and the Cai i on 1ms entered tip on its fifteenth volume. It continues in Able Independent and entertaining journal. We tru to Trio people of oar .1 n the Liberal sup Pool it de serves. To Are reminded thut autumn is upon us by the uproar once of the usual pastoral a tinle in the Rulle Iii. It takes a Thurp change of season to get ahead of the Thompson of that journal. At the Sacramento race yesterday Theodore Winters Connor the mile dash for the in the hurdle race his Bay gelding went lame a the first heat and did not Start. A Cartridge is said to have been in vented which Floi Itson the water tastes Good to ducks and blows their Heads off when they Chew it. Tho inventor should be Rondo to Chew one himself. An Exchange says that forty fix have been found in one Rollin s stomach. That is interesting but we would rather know How much Rio Pinion of a a. I if Shont , a Altair Fth u no Uver Nim Atud the pacify c it. is Lii c i the siting Ion ii ibo Ulaj of Iti Asu dial. Grant Don t be ii Eucy unless he it. And Iraln hum in speech front this w. A most in Usu Liny Alae As to Imp f in Iii inlaid ail Liu Mii Peen. In i known in in living a air Ollit Tiwu pctiti., Lilure win kept a lot h us Ioco Iii old a find wn.-lllle.s-. U Day tulu Ilia of Tunur re item y a in irked thic lie to it and Wilke l oni of thu Lions. Thic in i re is never been ecu to in Hutmier to Ted Iii guide is How sup posed m too i i a but in did not Back. Munich a no i n i 1, if Tuvil in Flo s. Tin1 iks i to the. L i my pm ii pm Wriley h is Wiliie sed to v in Tuni is if this kind of u of a nit to toned to Luibil her pal inf Ini i .1 it Nevi Ion to water ind hit she i i Lihu a Vernl hums Libi a a if n nut i Iii by Stein i a lop Leil the Hixie Sinisi if on tit a l i Tuiai in in Tim d a am. Ill Hon ii by asleep on tin not i. Prthu a with it t Lutovio the Fiir Vest is heavy in Payne who. Tins never Bee a up inon Preiti Check in the Fork Cim it. At i Rel Iii a .1 coloured in Mij ii Iii s Cinfy Lins Buin f run d. The i Ovir Anil South Park Raill a to Inlo Limi Villu of tuber Isco Honing he who Are about Ere Coiny a the a Lucli ii is out Anil 1 in pay the Ali Uris foils look for a i . To lip Dinani i has Lealnd Denver Liviu is i in hide Ali i a in Anolin a fur fi-nia1to h m it san it 1 o c Oak a. N in lie Ilia. The or Highl continues in new Meipo hid Many in tin and sheep Art for want of water. The crop Nii de on the i Irneli Bifi h lamp Giro if Boise City hip rates 93 bushels to the acre. The i Iii is in Northern Idaho have fired woo led where h y Arn thu making Pursuit almost Imp i Shihli. A Cli Inam it Wafi und a dying in u Chine Dyni at i y on the of thu inmates of the All de Rampt a. Mih. Of Hanl of twin to roundly Ahot a Minnii Noii Bear Wheeli wis Irv to open the i a e to Etter the door Yard. The Iii Insil weighed Between 100 and 700 pounds. Mis. Angelina Guuyn late Nife of Anan c Sui Eidi at her resilience in Moil to , on their Mility. With strychnine. The eople won1 divorced no tit a year ago. A chinaman named a won was hot Widne Day morning Hronich the at Pulton Luis Anifet a in unto. Living. Thu n into f his Lias not been Learned. To Mph r Fay stabled his team in Francisco hint saturday and uns a i in after found dead upon the floor h his Skull crushed by the kick of a horse. Sarah Ray the Firof waste room in in , h Msj nor let a contract to build s Lour Story Iron front Brick building Hinl Hopes to have it completed by Christmas. Tim a raisers on the Middle Yulin in Low Foj put i a californian have experienced More or trouble in Uren int of a of Black hat info to the Woods there and devastate their Sher Fulds at night. I la Are aies Altit Ndu on the new to id b chill i is and Bonanza is t tint Mim unit of the Divide of Yankee feet. The Al i to i of ii Divide West of Hallis a few mile in ill 9.icr.ira Iio be mid Kunlun thu in i f tie boilers Tor Hie Btij Rev lion which is to run Llo and Martin a. Have Xen Stid and Lowther with the stick a Foi wanted to f to Wash tile ilog Cihiy Ionio a Uio ment in Iho ii uial quietly of die vim ii. Then the e 1 from in eel l in without Fin 1 ii dim Iho Ilowit did not put in i test of that Day. Wild ainu of pc Tom is a y Vule the wild in Iii of Oriun Yulo was again Soen last sett the i Nonty line. Was mar Luke and wore a the Iliff i jilt n in Ai h Eimont and the

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