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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - September 13, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. 8. Reno weekly Gazette published every Tatj Bedat by r. L. Fulton. Propfet Leto Mim 0. Iran Imi Kem Maxim. Batb8 of by 00 weekly one Yew by mall. 2 50 by Carrier per week to All parts of Reno. Bates or adv Urasko month one m weekly one month one Square. 1 w thu includes both Legal and Commer Cial Woric. Reno. Washoe county. Nevada. Thursday september 13, no 21. Fixed mail the Greenville bulletin waxes Wroth Over the malls delays. It flays i again we feel it our duty to Call at Tention to the Gross net Flirence prac tired by some postal officials on the Keno route possibly at Keno certainly at Beckworth. On tuesday of last week the paper mail did not arrive. Now if the Greenville mail was seat from Reno at the proper time by the postmaster there it is possible to ferret out this troublesome official be tween Here and Reno and Lay his Case before the proper authority. It is believed by some that considerable of the trouble which occurred this sum Mer originated in the Reno office. We do not wish to Oast an unjust imputation but if the trouble does occur at that office the postmaster there ought to be summarily removed. The peo ple Here have been disappointed so Many times during the summer that a petition demonstrating against the negligence lately manifested is talked of. We have sati factory proof of the carelessness shown by the postmaster at Beckworth in one Case at least during last week. On thursday night the bad containing the Quincy mail was switched off to Greenville and that containing the Greenville mail went to Quincy. It is not our desire to treat the Bee Worth postmaster unkindly but there Are times when for Bearance ceases to be a virtue and one of those times is at baud. Do your duty or. Postmaster if you do not wish a petition forwarded asking for your removal. We have had frequent occasions to complain of the mails and have tried hard to locate the trouble. We have been unable to find any instance however where the Beno office either delayed or dissent the malls and we think it is somewhere on the Road. Asylum we could doubtless make a better newspaper article by a sensational attack upon the new management of the insane Asylum by the simple statement of facts As we find them which we give in another column but the Gazette has Al ways dealt in legitimate news and Only tries to give a True statement of any fact that is of interest or value to the Public. It has made its reputation As a live paper in the Best sense of the term riot by unjust attacks or misrepresentations but by gathering All the news and put Ting it in attractive shape. We believe that the change made in the management of the Asylum was one of the most disgraceful Politica swaps that Ever a state governor and Board were Small enough to enter into but to keep up a Cap Titus opposition to the officers on that account would Only be to in Jure the Asylum and our unfortunate neighbors who Are undergoing treatment there. We have taken pains to keep informed and made As careful examinations As were pos sible without living there and we Are convinced that or. Bishop is doing his beat for the poor patients. Hence we feel it our duty to com mend his efforts and strengthen him by supporting him As Long As he continues to do Well. Wall Street is beg Ning to feel the result of the squeeze in stocks ant dullness of markets in a Way that is tangible to brokers at least. Bom time ago seats in the new York Stock Board rated at then they dropped to then on was sold for and now come the word that one was offered of such a drop As this Indi Cates that Wall Street is losing its grip on the pockets of the people and that Stock brokers will soon have to scratch for a living like the rest of us. A ago during a per Irmanee at the theater Bishop Whitaker stepped on the stage Ami requested any doctor who was pres it to go to the depot to attend a Jat Lent. A Gazette reporter was n the spot As soon As the doctor and Learned that a gentleman anted Williams bad in a fit of in sanity Cut his Throat badly with pocket knife. The affair was ardly Over before or. Williams Ster in Law hunted up the re writers and requested that nothing said about the matter. They id her that everybody knew of Methling about it and it would e Tor better for All concerned to d to Trala is ave a Plain and Correct Nannt Iven and thus set at rest the the Salt Lake chronicle says the work of the Utah Commissio shows that people have Bee disfranchised on account of polygamy. This Means that there arc people out of the Penitentiary who ought to be in it. If the Law of 1862 or the Edmunds la could be enforced How Many prisons would it take to hold the polyps supposing each prison held 70? Public sentiment is said to condemn the James verdict in Kansas City. Mail. Matters Why our Northern Are neglected the papers at Greenville and us Sauvalle Piave often complained of the mails irregularities and very justly too for the people of this country pay enough to get their let ters promptly. The postmaster at Renos a Trio mail5 often lie Over Here All Day because the stages can not wait it the trains Are Over an hour late. The contractors have a schedule to go by and if they fail to make time they Are fined heavily by the depart meet. The mail from the West is due at a. M., and the stage leaves at 7. Or. Jamison rushes things that half hour and j. Tie the mails from the Lover mors that would be generated by make time m f to East come at that they All has incorrect knowledge that they had o Rule except to Tell what Hap ens that it bad probably been Legra bed and would appear in ther papers and that subscribers the local papers had a right to expect to be informed of everything hat occurs in Reno or Vicinity. By blog would satisfy her How ver and she would not take any answer but a Promise to withhold she even said it was Worth Money to her and her friends and offered to pay Well for it she was quickly convinced that news was not regulated in that she followed the proprietors f both papers Home and appealed o them on grounds of humanity aying that the mortification of or. Williams would be so great hat it would interfere with his recovery that his wife was about o be confined and it would endanger her life if she saw the papers s the real facts Ware concealed Rorn her. She urged the strongly and was seconded by or. Osburn and mrs. Laws who were with her so earnestly that consent was finally very reluctantly Given and the fault finding on the Street was borne As philosophically As Al late. It is very easy to see hat it was a mistake to refrain rom publishing any snob item. One would have been injured. T was As easy to keep papers from he wife and patient As to prevent gossip in their presence and it never leads to any Good result. The jest Way is to give a fair account of All the news and even those whose Orns Are pinched will recognize he Justice and Wisdom of the i Llcy when they know that the Rule is never broken. Or. Wil iams died in Sacramento this week and Leaver a wife and child so we feel that our Promise has teen kept but we will be More careful about making another like lie Here All Day. Or. Meylert the following in regard to the matter fanes Vivle cfll., sept. 5. Editor.1 advocate in your Ismie of August 30th, i notice some very unjust criticisms on the u of nuul1 Between Reno and us Wiiilie. There is an old schedule of and dupa Ilure of mails in the tvs made when the East and West bound to ims on the Central Pacific a i in to at Uono at 1 a. M., that would if followed now being your san Francisco mail one Day later than Yon now Loo Eive it. A general Rule of the to Stohle department would do a with the schedule of several years Juko Vik a close connection with Pine pal mail routes which could not be done were the malls to leave at 2 a. I will make you a present of upon showing me that during the last 14 months the mail Currier has failed to de liver mails at Susanville within the Tinio his contract Calls for Viz 18 hours from May 1st to october 31st, 30 hours from november 1st to april 30th. On several occasions during the past two months to our certain knowledge we have received no Neil. Or. Says the mails have been delivered continuously during this period. The mail baits May have been and if not containing mail is no fault of eds another Point that is often overlooked Viz that a mail car Rier cannot be responsible for carelessness in postmasters delays in connecting mails or any delay other than the delivery of the mail placed in his charge within the time mentioned in the contract. I consider your criticism a very in just one from the fact that it is doubtful if there is half a dozen routes on this coast that can mane the showing of promptness that we Are Able to do without a single break for a period of Over 14 months. Dead. Very Lesieu fully yours Eylert. A Shana Doah excite six. One of the most interesting tour St excursions the year wll be that proposed for the old soldiers of Sheridan s command to visit the the historic places of the of Shenan Doah Valley and revive the recollections of the famous events under the great cavalry Leader. It is expected that All the new eng land regiments interested will be represented some of them quite largely. The party will leave new York on september 16, taking along All the requirements for a week s trip with Camp fires at night at historic spots. The affair will Cul Minate in a grand Camp on the Ope Quan Creek sept Ember 19. The local grand army posts and prominent Confederate soldiers will assist in entertaining the party and a photographer will make a Complete set of views to be used in illustrating a memorial vol ume. The republicans of Iowa have nominated a superintendent of education and the democrats nominated his wife for the same Posi Tion. A democratic Exchange thinks that the party in Power would be ousted and their opponents on top Long since bad this policy been pursued. It is now said that the extent of corruption in Indiana was to print and distribute documents and work up sentiment for Garfield among the members of the disciple and Baptist churches. It is said that Dorsey the Star route Speculator is Likely to become insane. It is Xiver too late to learn. The following from the Bodie free Preas will apply As Well to nearly every school District in this state there Are Many Young ladies and gentlemen from 16 years of age and upward who decline to attend school because not having had Eaily educational opportunities they Are backward and would have to take place in classes in which pupils Are much smaller and younger than themselves. Some of these Are eager to learn but Are unwilling to appear conspicuous in Public school on account of their size and age. This is false Pride. Those who allow themselves to be swayed by it do themselves serious harm which they will regret More and More As Long As they live. Pupils of the age mentioned Are Ripe 10 learn. With their matured intelligence they can acquire rap idly and if they Are industrious pass up rapidly from one class to feta we pi3uk1ns one of Keno s Well known Busi Ness men passed away. Frank Perkins Fethe Palace hotel died wednesday shortly after 5 o clock p. He was taken Down with typhoid pneumonia in its worst form last thursday one week ago. From the Start the disease deemed to have taken a hold of his Constitution that neither medical skill nor careful nursing could break and he grew rapidly worse slightly reviving at inter Vals until the slender thread of life parted. Or. Perkins was a native of California and would have been 35 years of age the coming december. His parents came to this coast As Early As 1847 or 1848, and Frank was born shortly after they landed. He came to this state when quite Young lev lug in Gold Hill Virginia and car Sou where he is Well known. He was married to miss Jennie Kyle in Virginia on april 27, 1877. Or. Perkins came to Reno with his wife about six years ago and opened a Saloon in company with Al. White in the old Tookes build ing where they conducted a profit Able business for about two years when they bought the old Bough Elliott Corner at the intersection of commercial Row and Center streets and immediately went to work to put up the building now known As the Palace hotel which place they opened about three years ago and have made the Palace one of the Cost popular hotels in the City. Or. White his business partner left the morning Frank was taken sick to pay a visit to friends and relatives in Kentucky a privilege he has not enjoyed for Over 33 years the firm have been live stirring men assisting in every Way Possi ble everything tending to improve the town in a business Way. Frank had taken a five years lease of the race track property and was Mak ing of it quite a Stock ranch. He had hosts of friends throughout the state and was Well liked by his business and social associates where Ever he was in Fawn. He leaves a wife in Beno and a father sister and two Brothers in California to mourn his loss. He was conscious until shortly before his death and conversed with friends and rela Tives until a few minutes before he passed away. He was a member and officer of the Reno fire department a member of the Beno guard also a member of Truckee Lodge no. O. O. F., by which society he Yas burled from the episcopal Church the cortex homicide. A Man killed while at the table eating. The Eureka Sentinel gives the following version of the killing of William Redmond at Cortez it seems that Dave Martin keeps a boarding House at Cortez. During meal time on whether breakfast dinner or supper is not is alleged to have jumped up from the table and exclaimed this thing must be explained before anyone leaves the at the same time drawing a revolver and firing at a Man named Redmond mortally wound ing him. Martin then attempted to shoot a Man named Henly but mrs. Martin who was near by caught her husband s Arm and pre vented him from carrying out Bis murderous design. Redmond Lin gered for about five minutes and died. He had Only a few Days be fore returned from Carlin where he has a Small farm but unable to secure work around the machine shops there and thinking Bis wife july lift a heat Book. How to get it and what its con tents Are. The Royal baking powder com Pany has issued the Royal Baker and pastry which contains Over 700 receipts pertaining to every Branch of the culinary department including baking roasting preserving soups cakes jellies pastry and All kinds of sweetmeats including receipts for the most delicious candles cordials beverages and All other necessary knowledge for the chef de cuisine of the most exacting epicure As Well As for the More modest housewife who desires to prepare for her lord and master a repast that shall be both wholesome and economical. With each receipt is Given full and explicit directions for putting together manipulating shaping baking and kind of utensil to be used so that a Novice can go through the operation with Success while a special and important Fea Ture is made of the Mode of preparing Alt kinds of food and delicacies for the sick. The Book has been prepared under the direction of prof. Rudmann late Chet of the new York cooking school and is the most valuable upon the recent editions of the subject of cookery that has come to our notice. It is gotten up in the highest style of the Printer s Art on tinted paper with elaborately illuminated covers Eto. Every can of the Boyal baking powder contains an order for one of these valuable books. To Hoderic Jeff Davis Peak the highest in Nevada. The Pioche record says major Willlam Embeck of the United states geodetic Survey has arrived Here from Jeff Davis Peak. He will establish a station for observations on the High Peak about 20 Miles East of Ploche where a num Ber of Bis party were taking observations last fall. His train of wagons conveying instruments supplies Etc arrived in Rose Valley on sunday where his Supply Sta he another. Be More study with others will systematic and regular and tha incentive to work will be so much greater. Military from Thomas Eagar of the fort Bidwell stage line it is Learned that Captain Upham s cavalry company now at fort Bidwell will soon be moved to Walla Walla and Cap Tain Well s infantry company will be transferred to Angel Island and Captain Wilhelm of the latter place with a company of infantry will be ordered to fort Bidwell. Ton will be established. He expects to have All Bis instruments placed in position for taking observations about next monday and has invited a number of our citizens there to witness the manner in which the Survey is made and the working of the different instruments. Alter finishing the work in this locality he will then make his next Camp in the Vicinity of Bea ver. Utah. He states the Altitude of Jeff to be feet highest Peak in Nevada. A plate woman s of factories. The Virginia Enterprise says the other Day a Stalwart piste badly shaken up. Thursday afternoon As j. W. Lyell j. W. Whitehead and an other Man were on their Way to Reno from near Huffaker a one of the horses which was a Colt be came frightened and jumping Oroke the neck Yoke letting the pole fall which striking an in even place in the Road threw the three men out injuring them All More or less but breaking no Bones. California in her company. The California Redwood com Pany with Falkner Bell co., of san Francisco As agents has been incorporated with a capital of the company is formed to Purchase a Large tract of Redwood lands in the Vicinity of Humboldt Bay together with Mills tug boats and other property necessary for could take care of their Little piece of ground he went to Cortez in search of employment. Martin at latest accounts was still at Liberty. Immediately on reel it of the news sheriff Sweeney although an in valid and barely Able to get around on crutches made preparations to go to Cortez and investigate the matter. He left on yesterday s train and we have no doubt he will be Able with the Aid of the Good citizens of Cortez to arrest Martin and bring him to Eureka for site was satisfied. A tall stylish looking woman leading a greyhound passed the Balcony of a Saratoga hotel on which two gentlemen were stand ing. What a Beautiful exclaimed one of them in a voice that proved loud enough for the lady to hear. Turning very red in the face she glanced angrily at the speaker and said Yon have no right to insult me excuse me Madam he replied but you flatter yourself i was alluding to your carrying on lumber business. Thursday. Frank Perkins funeral the funeral of the late Frank Perkins which took place from the episcopal Church Friday was largely attended by the Many friends of the deceased. The Quartetti Sang request nearer my god. To and i would not live a District court. Becent arrests of evil doers determined judge Boardman to Call a grand jury which was done Matron built like a dutch Lugger pounced upon a Long Linen apron that had been thrown out from a c Street Saloon. She held the apron before her eyes spread to its full Width and was admiringly gazing upon it As was her Mother her grandmother and great Grandi Noth or when her nose suddenly gave her information in regard to the article about which her eyes had left her in the dark. Cried she and the end of her stumpy Little smeller withdrew to the Vicinity of her one China Man and she tossed the apron As far As she could Send it. Poof cried the several grandmothers and All their Little wrinkled noses went up Well onto their a neat device. Several patients at the Asylum have tried to starve themselves and or. Bishop has taken rather a mean has had a fastening the bowl sort of two spoons to Gether and had them soldered tight and smooth. A Hole is Cut at the Point and if a Crank won t eat he gently insinuates the Point of the spoon Between the Teeth and forces it Well into the Mouth after which he pours milk or soup in at the top and when it touches the palate it is Swallow or choke. No one has been found who failed to Swallow a deep Okado Hillel. A negro rough his full. A dispatch from Dagget a. T. Says the following advices have been received from the Needles last night a gang of roughs raided the Railroad hotel at this place headed by two desperadoes named Lubeck and a negro named John Thurman. After shooting around recklessly for some time and Mak ing several pistol Marks the negro was shot in the Abdomen by some outsider not known. The negro will die. He a in great pain and mortifying. The town has Beelik run by this gang for weeks. We have no authorities Here not even a Deputy sheriff and a reign of terror prevails whenever these roughs commence a spree. Whisky is sold to the Indiana and they add a new terror to the acts of Lawless Ness now prevailing. Thieves and thugs hold up and Rob any one who stirs after dark. If the state or county will not protect us the Citi Zens will organize and rid the town of this gang. Chick he thick by. A fiasco in judge court. The Hareas Corpus Case of the chinaman i to before judge Field of the District court thursday morning was a Iegel fiasco. The chinaman mentioned in the petition claimed that As native of Hon Kong and a subject of Greet Britain he had a right to land. When the Case was called it was found that the chinaman who was produced was not the chinaman named in the writ the latter ing been permitted to come ashore on a return on Tea counsel s statement that be could produce the real Man judge Field issued a new writ returnable saturday. It is stated that the Case is a manufactured one gotten up to test the restriction act. The chinaman mentioned in the Peti Tion knew nothing of the matter but was selected by the parties presenting the Case simply because he was believed to be a Hon Kong Chi Humboldt items. The Silver state of the 5th says a special train consisting of 23 cars of beef cattle passed West last night bound for san Francisco. Ducks geese and other water fowl Are said to be very numerous at the sink of the Humboldt. A the game Law has expired Hunters Down at the shoot them by dozens. The Humboldt Valley was visited by a t bunder storm about o clock last night. It was followed by a heavy Shower which lasted half an hour or More. This was the heaviest and in fact the Only rain that has fallen Here for three months. We have bad slight sprinkling showers two or times during the summer but at no previous time did there enough water fall to Lay the dust. Advantage of them. He double spoon made by t be died at the Hospital. A stranger who was ill and was brought to Reno from Verdi few Days ago and placed in the county Hospital died thursday morning. Nothing is known of him Bis name even could not be ascertained. List fir and jurors the following is a list of the grand jurors for the present of the District court in Washoe county William Mcphearson John Lee j. K. Everett w. O. H. Mar tin Peter Gleaon a. C. Neale h. L. Fish Jerry schooling Donald. Mckay e. C. Sessions h. Frost d. H. Lodge g. 8. Smith John Wright a. Banta a. A. Longley William Merrill e. C. Mcclellan j. G. Becker w. Berry w. H. Caughlin Granville Dodge John Wilson and Isaac Frederick. The grand jury will meet on wednes Day the 12th inst. Public Meh ools. The following is the enrolment of pupils in the Beno Public schools a it stood last wednesday High school building. Boys total High school.62 43 1st intermediate.29 25 m 2d intermediate.28 23 6k 3d intermediate.14 14 21 old school building. 1st primary.18 25 43 2d primary.17 21 a kindergarten.14 20 84 Booth of Bivey. 3d primary.16 82 St grand total.197 m

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