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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 11 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - September 11, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday september 11, 1879. Reno weekly no. 24. Al Kehy Tolu Uhdal by o Llev Only Una by mall wok v. One your try mull Delv by Carrier in Liao it cunts i Etty jealousies. If Vav Aliete county does not. A Mill of two out of the efforts now made we shall be almost forced to hink never will. There is plenty of Ore in sight to pay for putting up the Money and there ii no doubt it to done unless jealous individuals succeed in upsetting k their Heads and Sivy Dracula Ray nothing in or it s n Blank when they May never have seen thu mines and know no More about what they Are talking than the double headed woman. We know that we have Good minus in this county. As Goud judges is there Are the coast have Vuitel them and pronounced them Good. In t the Ore Cut through and alongside of and across in half a dozen of them so that anyone win see a Don t fools know that if any one of our mines Emild declare a five cent dividend it would Back of i to Comstock monopoly and we could get our Money out of the vast resources of this county Don t they know that if one of our mines produced a of Bullion a month every hotel in town would be full every grocery keeper Selling grub every Butcher meat every Buber Tuil Shoemaker would be Bush if a Man had no interest in a mine nor a share of Stock he would Shaie in the prow peril and the Man who throws metaphorical cold water on a really Good property is worse than he who give whiskey to the gnaws. Let us counsel Toge Tiik. This Farmers on the Meadows find to their Surprise Tomt the rates on thei Central Prairie Railroad allow of Cali fornia Hay being shipped past them to Eastern and Central Nevada and sold lower rates than they can Lay it Doun. There Are a great Many things in the tariffs of the Central Ici fic which press heavily upon this Ute and upon Washoe county in articular we believe would e changed if proper representations ores Mado to the company upon Tho object. The rate on Eastern freight Ives California cities the wholesale Rade of Nevada to the exclusion of Teno and All other Inland towns. It to us that this would be Modi de if any pressure were brought to ear on the of the Road. The Experiment ii certainly with the trial and a committee should be appointed undertake it. The Man who sub Mitt for jets to being tied Down without making an Effort to free him deserves to be a slave. On the ther hand the Man who by quarrel ome vicious attacks on Railroad of pennies expects Correct Bis itunes is equally foolish. Any Man who served the Public or his neigh would be harder to convince by Reuta than logic even if he is wrong Lay to a Man Damn you i will com a you to do me and he will make a fight against you. Such a Ourse would to a foolish one my should Only be adopted a a last sort. If can be reached by reasoning together it will be a solid dance gained. We most earnestly Helvise our readers to consider ibis subject and would recommend that a Liv to heard from he was tiny of to ele be it George c. Perkins in Oiler t convince the Republican party of California that he had them in i pocket and Force them to elect him u. S. Sen Ator to succeed Newton Booth. It i feared Tomt Simno Large Man has s it o on business. About tin Only place a Man i Safe from thu in Ilum i this c in try a ill is Public meeting be called and a com Mittee be appointed to present our Side of the Case to the Railroad Coni Kim Tokhi Notts the the Reno Hazbi to or. Stanford s most recent newspaper it Nii Vicli appears to be sorely trouble about the evening Jyh Ronile n tude on the question. Ii is much As the nominal editor and Pio Prieur of the Veno gang Tab know to be a Mere stipendiary of the Cen 1 a civic his pay every month As regularly is any outlier views of that Jour Oral on Railroad affairs can not be considered As at All impartial or of an importance. In the wonderful Economy of nature there Are animals Whoso Mil Means of defense is to cover All we approach them wit i filth and As the Are full of that and empty of every thing else perhaps it is their int Sto tune not their fault that the make themselves to obnoxious t clean people. It is Gratifying to Zicai that even so big a blackguard As the chronicle mar. Can say nothing wors of the Gazette than that its proper Etor works for a Railroad company i somewhat extended business exper Enca has failed to us wherein a More Crimin in or a nor dish Mora ble to do that than it is to do an until of bus Riess. There Are a Good men eng gel in bus Ness As those who Aro going about the country be ing theil p incites t new spa Opin ions and their word has As Muc weight. Slade the Well known medium i to be a woman. From our dispatches it looks a Mush Perkins was pretty certain o eing the next governor of California he vote in san Francisco where cd runs ahead of his ticket an Lenn who is far behind White Hows the standing of the Chimi Icli that City. If it should result tha chronic the a Back a broken even Kalloch might be bearable. We hopi. In the Good of our sister state Thale Republican ticket May Triumph and business resume its wonted Chati Els. The Christian Temperance Nion of California will hold a she. At Petaluma on the find 10th of this month. The Ladiet f the Sun Francisco Branch of ten Union have recently opened the Lomo at 619 Sacramento Street. I a Temperance restaurant where Ond Plain meals Are provided at office and Rolls five cents. The open no of such a place should prove i Reat Boon to the disappointed h. B. Und Datos for office. The old variously known its old etc., which cams Over the mountains about sier Aville is getting a a ional repel Tion. The Chicago Field recently published a Long account of him. The animal is credited with the death of t number of Hunters never runs ton or anybody and usually takes Tho initiative in a fight. H gnawed off one of his feet to escape from trap some years ago. Hettee Tho name tie in Hunt for Tho old Bear which begins on the 15th, will prove a very Tunny farce. The old boys from the Comstock will Send delegates there will be plenty of whiskey drank and cigars smoked but As wont disturb him Nui Cli 17 the purty get on his Range Thi Bear might enjoy scratching Tho backs if a few of Vliem. The twins lately exhibited in hem under the name of Millie Christine have two Yemne rivals for Fame. J peasant woman recently Prav birth to female twins with separate Heads and arms but a common run and Only three legs. They Are healthy and at baptism were named Anne an antonine. Thank name Are easy. Suppose that when the Are brought Over for exhibition in the country As the Beautiful two headed the reporters had to Bea in mind such a name As the wonder Ful Tho Bodie Neu i remarks that the election passed off More quietly her than in any town of the Ulso says that wednesday election Day was by unusually quiet Day but just then the editor in mud u his article and trotted Down the Stree to get the particulars in regard i some shooting that he heard on two Street duels Are d scribe i the news of thursday. What must Lively Day be like in Bodie the Many Nevada friends of Bon Geo. C. Gorlyn ure at Lions to kno something of his whereabouts. Who the new York stare Reibl in me at Saratoga Wedna Lay. Senator conk Itig was chosen Tempo Ary chairman. When conk Ling i he course of his speech referred t Grant As quiet Man loud a Dimse was elicited. The proceeding f this convention have great intern or the party. The new York elec ions will to the most important o he year in their political significance a shooting affray occurred ast wednesday evening. No one Hart. But strange to say the Only Mim on the Street who Hund a Coin ii pocket was hit by a Bullet. The hot struck Tho Coin which prevent to further Progress and thus a Hal Dollar preserved for a career of future usefulness the life of a Bodie Nam saloons billiard Halls am gambling tables Aro visited by boy contrary to the Law. Any they my be seen playing billiard drink Nir and stacking up their Chip Ike it is criminal to them in such places and an exp Mali should be made of those who permit it. Dan do Onille of whom Bette Ings might have been expected a committed the offence of some scraps of it Tail into a local in the Enterprise. Think of inn China Fasilis the census opus Hie labor Ett to the Tail of a Rimala horse and he is Rusty on i Lutin too. Hie labor hoc opus est Danie the w. P. C. Clubs of anti co have adopted the following i Solu Tion that we solemnly vow pot t patronize any business firm establish ment person or persons us scribe for or advertise in that Infa Mons Sheet the the retailers throughout the City have Bee notified of their determination. The returns from the elem Clio although still incomplete clearly ind Cate a Victory for Tho Republican the party everywhere have great Caus Tor congratulation. The count however still so incomplete Tomt w defer comments until the result Ca be known with certainty it is a curious commentary o White that in Santa Cruz his on the workingmen s part is Strong he receive 1 fewer votes Tom either of the other candidates for Gir error. Politics is to be a Dange or Bonner consented to a exhibition of the Speed of Irwin Forrest the horse that recent fitted a mile in the charge entered against Chas Oyoung is with u deadly weapon. He will probably be fined be dollars. We shall sex pict to hear a Good re it from the Leopard before Iko. So shall we. We always do. Perkins ran like an Ohio Man. In flyer Yal Ley an of in to from the Amylu reveille. The Artesian Well at the ranch of unies e. Ronker on Reese River is two Hundred and sixty seven get in the bowels of the Earth. Or. Poker out a pump on the Well As whether the water coming in o it was surface water or from the it join. After two1 hours pumping it ase Erlaine that the water had lowered an Inch thereby Demon rating the that the water was dining into Tho Well from the Bottom. Be will place a wind Mill thereon immediately and should the re ult Ful ii his or. Rooker will ror eed to sink several others Forth Ith. A series of Artesian Wells ii Leese River Vallej would make it one f the most Fertile sections of the Itte. Other ranchers will probably Profir by the example set by or Looker and sink Artesian Wells on lie r land which being done tin. Arley crops of the future will no Ulfer in Day seasons As wan the Case his year. Condensed telegrams. Twenty seven m Cam s of fever Weie it Memphis. A n. A Telegram a the open a Houe and adj in nil i hiding Wens burned yesler by. Ibs. I at Cli Vul and thursday Diamond on the Nice. Best time 2 blk St. Links a won three sting lit in uis of in pricing race. Best tune a Toronto dispute i says ii Inion is signified acceptance of the evangelical lit prom the York til. The Philadelphia tax collect or in Levored sell the building tin Ong men s Christian r taxes when the association Brough Mit to prevent him. It was m behalf of the tax collector the Rich associations Are not institutions if Public Charity because their object s to promote Only evangelical Relig on but the held that any one who holds the Fundan Simial doctrine if the Christian of Deli in a Lega Ense evangelical. The Oille to that the Money of the a to station being partly hives in i of to b rented the prop try was liable to and could Nute Scop fixation Beeai Isa the income Indiee the Benefit of a philanthropic i Oci Sty and the i dues b ing charged of thu society could not lie As strictly philanthropic the court held that the charging o lies did not effect the general Char e or and pm no oof ill society am Leei ded ilium much of the p open is was invested in stores and fat ii an income should Piv tax while so much of it As was inv steel it he lib Smiy Reie Lnig room inel Ole of Tho society prope is exempt from taxation. The Chlof Ihil ii vote. San Funaku Jomjo r. M Phree fourths of the Voto in the cite ind county has been counted. Pel Kins is leading Glenn about and while about the same. The com Cletion of the count inc run a Pei Kins plurality to probably o in the City he will Gizin o Erlenne and in the country on White during the remainder of the Conn All the state ticket will go with to head except justices which canno yet be determined. It in now Prol Ible that the republicans will Elee All the congressman though it is ver close in District. The repel ii cans elect a Railroad Cummis Ioni in the Northern District and the Van Kingmen theirs in the cily an Southern Dis riots. The Legisla Tui is still in doubt. In Bloch continue to increase his Lead and is Elee the beyond a donor. The Workin Nien chances Are Best for vie Riff audio collector and county attorney an they Are sure of the District attorney. The will probably g the balance except perhaps two c Luve supervisors and school dire tors the Superior judges will b divided. Ii. A Yokohama special mys thinly of general Grunt accompany in on the City of Tokio which i Lias died for suit Francisco they Are i Well. All the new York journals Reph can us Well As democratic speak of in Saratoga convention the per is property of Cim Kling where i ill was accomplished to the letter a Paris cablegram says the Steamer Ranee plying Between Bordeaux and Loyan exploded her boiler yesterday in inf one mortally wounding three nil seriously injuring Twenty five per a Detroit Telegram says nine per is were terribly scale led by sex Losion of h boiler of the Steamer Jaska yesterday. Three men Are Nissing and it is supposed that they Iii red overboard to alleviate their Uff rings. A Havana special says the Spanish Ihm Ter of the colonies bus he replied Captain general Blanco to raw the Spanish Treasury for d Lily and to augment the incur it needed to stamp out the Ami Santiago de Cuba bunds. Over a disbursed reka on pay Day. In e pacify coast oceidun.1 and at Ith ii o duri Iii the Stutru a hairy who killed Foley it. Hot Spring will be it the Teiton of the District court in Cinn chill. The Mercury it Eureka the other morning Rose from Dinar ii a. M. To us i 3 p. M. Toe mercurial for ii Iii her r soit. In a Racu at o Klanden Bille ii. Came in Winner in i for to Row co Iii they for a purse of Brt Inone Volney a cited 1000, Date and place yet to be agreed e0iim.a in Iii and fourth. A unlit Hill a set Toiv he Din honorable break off engagement with a girl he no temper eat onion answers the Law tiler. In the five for All Al the Golden Gate fair grounds thursday owned by Daniel Cook Fri time. A Gettysburg dispatch hunk the clone which i Nick Hunterstown. Ear Here demolished he Hurch badly injuring the school buildings Unroe fed a number of Wellings and other buildings. The nth of the storm win Only about sixty feet wide. A Union Ken Hiek special says Theodore Daniel for attempt to Georgia Billita the a dip cd daughter Eif his employer i Uehling Dickey was taken from i ail by a mob after thetic luminary examination yes erday and after bein.1 red to a shot Deal. _ messengers from cute Wivo met si1 Garnet a Nowley the 1 Jan o saying that he was willing Introit and any taxes but that tin must be cleared of by it soldiers the were in formed that cd Eway wan no Longe r the Lii at time on Ore from the Pur Dii e mine. Tie did t bet very Levi la in the election. The times Ieti Eui that there Wax talk of up Matt grim Shiuh is cur Eticy in the Northern Metropolis alien they any on t in undo of Glenn but no amalgam was 1 of to icon John Franks of Carson Haw two urge Chi Pinon bears near soda Springs i monday. After he ind several Shols at the Bear.-, und use a them the Chabe and indeed John even ii Mil a. To Heidi he stopped to look i Eiviind Uliey tin recent reduction of fare by the j. A stage coup my from Bodie to Virginia City went Imo i fact Mon Lay says the Bix lift Standard. To to singe under this new i uus div Tho irom in i Viiu Inui City to o. Pef Camii ii in g to cur i by the ii if Virgin Iii for 50. A Angelus Piiper oftness in Tea Day Pru Viou Tenn t one South from thit ily to to run Alii Iliof for be Tuiai Hundred Nils for he Coin Odilion of one Pis Enser Miot very profit Blu to the com. A Man living in Ville Yulo Miry and known the u one of old was found Titus any in in his residence Willi Bullet Hole Iii High his Bead the Ball having entered Hir Mou h arid coming out not nolo the i jilt end. The wound i Elf inflicted it is i Houglun a ill refi of i. Supposed cause Loo much whiskey. A top Minli infill i. Fot in the ties Alloi _ fur nov tit to Iasi let turn will tier Lorlei b u lire h. J .7 i i i i Jennie i nil in. 1 w a. U urrii1, Andrew of Illif. I Dexiu. W Volt Tui. Ii j w or Iid l is Nan. It for Iii k Grid in. And new Duni a a a. A Hull. I be m i Ivulis. In guv miss Ida Nile. P ii i. It Tun. Mrs 0 Miemi. Aimed my Lille. T i Leinov. S r -2 a 51 i Oij Nen Jii Mii 1 my Mii Zefi. Us Urilli. W ii Paulna. A Allon i Oliue Idu Iulla Dice. Ich Linn Lulish. B m deed. Win Dunn. K a 4 t ii Siona. John Swift. I hit Virgin i Willhi. Martin Mil. Nil in a2 Yurii inn. Mum Al. Jamison. I1, Makri d. I Gnu. Cpl Iii b m 40i. Iho ill t c of in v. K Lher who mud Jshii a Inukih. I Lumm n icily. Iid mus Agid Camy of sle Ravl u. A paper

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