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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 6 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - September 6, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. 8. Reno weekly Gazette Reno. Washoe county Nevada thursday september 6, no. 20. Pub shed every thursday by r. L. Fulton proprietor Audi c. I Uimer Mahavir. Rates Dolly one year by mall Wco weekly one year by mall 2 at by Carrier per week to All parts of Beno. Kates of advertising ally one month one Square 12 so weekly one month one Squire 1 que this includes both Legal and Loramer Cal work. _ _ _ _ mouse . The London lancet describes an Experiment recently made by or. Hogg of Cal Switkin ing and ventilating a dwelling. The House has not been built Long enough to test thoroughly the Means for Cooling the Compart ments but the warming and ventilation work admirably. None of the windows can be opened. There is but one fireplace that is in the Kitchen. Underneath the Hall Large passage is used As the in take of fresh air. Here it can be cooled in summer by ice or water Spray while in Winter it is warmed by hot Strain pipes which Are economically heated by a Small Cook stove. The air then passes up into the halt from which it is Only separated by an Iron and travels into every room of the House by apertures made in the skirting and cornices. La the Ceil ing of each room there Are one or two openings and exhaust shafts leading to the foul air chamber in the roof of the House. To produce the exhaust a Large Shaft runs from the foul air chamber Down to the Back of the Kitchen fire where the heat of the boiler and the fire suffice to attract the air. From the Back of the Kitchen in the basement of the House the air again travels up. A Square Brick Shaft or Chimney conveys it through the roof and into the open. In the Center of this Shaft is a Cir Cular metallic flue which curries away the smoke of the Kitchen fire and this flue always More or less heated stimulates the current of air. A comparison of the minimum velocity at which the air moves Forward in the extracting flues 200 feet per minute with the cubic contents of the House shows the atmosphere is entirely changed throughout the dwelling once in every 20 minutes. This result is obtained imperceptibly that is without the slightest draught yet 10 persons smoking in one room Felt no inconvenience and next morning there was not the slightest Trace or taint of tobacco odor re it is claimed that in addition to the equal heating of the entire House the Cost of fuel is reduced one third from that of the Ordinary method. But As the common Way of heating houses in England is by open grates this proportion might not be applicable to the american system of Furnace or stoves. Mons. Aubree has Analysed a meteorite which fell in the prov Ince of Eutre bios in the Argentine Republic and finds that it contains Iron Lime magnesia and Carbon in an organic form. The last discovery leads him to Hope that he May some Day find organic remains la a meteorite. It May be recollected that sir Wil Liam Thompson in 1871, suggested the idea that even living organic germs May have been brought to the Earth by meteorites and that the present animal and vegetable life of our planet had its origin in the germs thus introduced. This speculation gives a special interest to any remains or other evidence tending to show that meteorites or the worlds of which they May have once formed a part Ever bore living forms. The North Pacific has the most stupendous land Grant Ever Given to a corporation in this country. The Grant embraces acres and is valued at if this land can be sold at an average of 50 per acre it will pay for the construction of the Road and leave the company at Bonus of a paper to be known As the Workman is shortly to be started in Ogden. It will be published in the interest of the order of . W. proprieties. The mormons have had some idea during the past week of fal Ling Back on the old fashioned style of argument that was used before the railroads were built. The her Ald and news pretty plainly re commended that the Tribune be cleaned out for denouncing the police for its treatment of the negro who killed the City Marshall the other Day. It proved that they beat the fellow nearly to death and then turned him Over to the mob who hanged him and then dragged his body through the streets. The Tribune quietly says if the mormons mean to browbeat a free press it is a disgraceful acknowledgement that both the Herald and news cannot compete with it despite a majority on their aide of five to if the other thing is meant it will be equally futile because there Are men no while making no pretensions to extraordinary nerve cannot be driven from the straight line of duty except by killing them and should that be accomplished the free press would still remain and the Mantle of the dead falling upon others who would Spring to fill their would Kiv Fladebo of emphasis to the voices which they won id go veto the press in hastening free government Lor Utah for the Anarch of eternal Justice cannot be stayed either by Bluffs or bulldozing. The truth is that such papers As the Tribune have become part of the machinery of Justice in this country and cannot now be spared. By exp Suic they punish offenders who cannot be reached by Law and at the same time they Are a Check upon officials of every class and Sta Tion and hold them to their duties As to thing else can. They deserve to be supported and sustained in making any statement of fact or expressing any reasonable opinion no matter whose toes arc touched. Or. French formerly assistant sergeant at arms of the House of representatives in a Lerent lecture told this Good Story about governor Butler when Butler was chair Man of the judiciary committee of the House a delegation from one of the Southern states came to him to Confer about the proposed impeach ment of charges against whom Savoured of partisan ship. I Don t was or. Butler s reply i am chairman of the judiciary committee of the House. The necessary action can be bad Here Blit Lyman Trumbull is chairman of the Senate commit tee and judge Trumbull is troubled with two dyspepsia which makes , and a conscience which makes him in it is a curious fact that in the Salt mines of Poland and Hungary the galleries Are supported by wooden pillars which arc found to last unimpaired for Ages in consequence of being impregnated with the Salt while pillars of Brick and atone used for the same purpose crumble away in a Short time by the decay of their mortar. It is also found that wooden piles driven into the mud of Salt Flats and marshes last for an unlimited time and Are used for the foundation of Brick and Stone Edi flees and the practice of Docking Timber after it has been seasoned by immersing it for some time in sea water is generally admitted to be promotive of its Dur ability. Alexander h. Stephens old Homestead at Liberty ga., is announced for Sale for it never was Worth much As a Planta lion but it is memorable As the scene of Stephens birth and the object of his Early ambition. The Homestead having passed out of father s hands Young Stevens devoted his first earnings in the Law to the Purchase of the old place. It seems fitting that the state of buy the Stephens Homestead and keep it As a memo rial of her most distinguished pub lie Man. The Boston Herald is inclined to mrs. Langtry a notion that a married lady can be adequately chaperoned by her maid and a club Man protected by his Valet while they Are travelling around together in a private car is too an cent to have been picked up in America. Twenty five million dollars is the amount which the Northern people have contributed during the last 20 years for educational purposes in the South. This acknowledgement comes from the Charleston news. Attempt at suicide. Ben Franklin jumps into the River and subsequently Cam his Throat. An old Man named Ben Franklin who has lived in Beno for the past eight or 10 years came to the Ohio House o clock . Drenched to the skin and told John Hoy the proprietor that he had fallen into the River. Franklin seemed to be chilled through. Or. Hoy took him to a room on the first floor and put him to bed. At 5 o clock he heard a gurgling sound coming from the room occupied by Franklin got up and upon opening the door saw him sitting on the Side of the bed with his head resting n his left hand and his right at his Throat. Hoy thought he wanted to vomit and placed him in an easy position to do so when he Dis overed that Franklin had inserted a Sharp pointed pocket knife in the Center of his neck and wus cutting and slashing first one Way then the other until he had inflicted a very wound in his Throat nearly severing the wind pipe. Hoy took the knife away from him and sent a messenger por or. Waggoner who dressed. The wound and such assistance As was necessary. Franklin is by occupation a Painter and has been addicted to Iluk sometimes going on protracted Reeis but Hoy says he seemed to perfectly sober when he came in last night. A Gazette reporter Ascherl Blued saturday however that Franklin had been on a bit of a toot for a buy or two past. Frank Lin he tried to drown himself in the River but found the water too cold. He regrets that he did not jump from the Iron Bridge and thinks that had he done so he would have made a bettor Job. He seems to be somewhat demented but his troubles can be traced directly to the excessive of liquor. Or. Waggoner thinks with proper care he will recover. Franklin is a native of Maine and 46 years of e. He has no relatives on this coast. Making a further examination this afternoon several cuts were found in his aft Side none of them necessarily fatal however. Scese a harem. The Beautiful slaves of a turkish they dress. The Gates of the Adobe of said mrs. Newman closed instantly after i entered the build ipg a Long corridor opened into the main apartment of the harem. It was furnished with gorgeous tap Estry hangings and sumptuous Satin furniture of curious design. The curtained windows looked Down upon Blooming gardens. Banged about the chamber in different attitudes were a score of women. Some were seated on divans and some were of them were the wives of the pasta. A Cloud of negro servants attended their wants. I could speak but a few words of arabic but we were at Home on the subject of dress which has a Universal language of its own among women. All the women had Large Long lashed and Lustrous eyes and dark finely chs eled features. Their costumes were magnificent and strangely fashioned of Rich satins and loaded with ornaments of Gold and jewels and garlands of Pearl. Their head dresses were of Silken held by bands of Gold and surmounted by Graceful Ostrich feathers. They wore silk browsers and Silver slip pers and their Finger nails were tinged with yellow. To an elderly lady very queenly in her move ments implicit obedience was yielded by the others. The air of the apartment was heavy with the perfume of Sandal Wood. A crowd of coloured servants brought in cigarettes and sweetmeats and Coffee and of the delicacies i was pressed to partake. The eating of these dainties and gossiping with each other is the sole occupation of the women of the harem. They live in luxurious bondage in Blissful ignorance of the outside world. I longed to re veal its beauties and possibilities to them but could Converse Only by gestures. Before i left a baby pasta was shown to me. Its Mother looked like a veritable the interest shown in the baby and the Mother by the other women of the harem was to me a Beautiful evidence of the Universal sisterhood of the Coombs Cane. The motion for a change of venue in this Case comes up for argument in the District court of Ormsby county to Morrow. District attorney Torreyson has served his affidavit in support of his motion on John b. Kittrell Coomb s attorney and prays the court to Send the Case for the third trial to Washoe. It is understood that the defendant will resist the motion and if a re Moval is ordered he will insist on Virginia City As the place of trial. School for Crl la. Judging by the number of arrivals of scholars during the last few Days Bishop Whitaker s school for girls will begin the coming school year with about All that institution can accommodate. Over watched. The last of Jeff sillier the desperado. Jeff Miller who was killed the other night at Monterey Mexico says the Eureka Sentinel was Well known All along the Frontier. He had been to Monterey for several weeks on a shout pm up drunk and while Hunting for a Grogger he stumbled into a House occupied by reputable people. A mexican policeman pursued him. Jeff promptly shot the officer for pre suming to dog his footsteps. In stantly he was set upon by a squad of the dead Man s colleagues armed Wlton sabres and although he bravely met the attack he was finally overcome. Miller was a fair representative of a Type of Mankind found in the Southwest ten years ago. One of his characteristic exploits was at a Ball. Two cow boys quarrelled Over a Belle. The lie passed a blow was struck and the Aix shooters of the combatants were elevated with a simultaneous Click. The fair cause of the difficulty screamed with terror and threw Ler arms about the neck of one of the men. He Shook her off roughly and when she would have again interposed her body Between the two struck her in the face with his clenched hand and at the same time Lischia sed his pistol and the Man 10 was facing fell dead. He turned with the smoking pistol in Bis hand ust As a second shot rang out. A ittle round Hole above his Temple a dilated that a Bullet had entered us brain. He never moved and jeff1 Miller walked Forward pistol n hand and lifted up the woman. Episodes of this character were not of infrequent occurrence at Frontier nails in those Days. The dead men had no friends to Champion their cause and make further shooting necessary and no one made objection when Jeff pushed his Way out with the unconscious woman in his Copper roof met. Much More economical and better than tin. The american Arom teat has the following on Copper roofing which is o great importance to the Trade the scientific american mentions the decline in the Price of Copper As Likely to Lead to the increased use of that Metal in building. At pres ent the material for a Copper roof costs at the outset Only about twice As much As tin and As the latter must be repaired and painted about once in three years and in 15 or 20 years must be renewed Alto Gether the e Copper which never needs painting and is practically indestructible is much the cheaper material in the Long run. There Are in Boston Many Copper roots put on about 40 years ago which show no signs of deterioration and the Metal is still much employed in that City for cornices gutters and rain water pipes As Well As for covering Bay windows and in Many other ways in place of galvanized Iron which is much inferior in Beauty and durability and not very much cheaper. The Copper has the additional Advant age of needing no paint so that the delicate lines of artistic work Are in no danger of being filled up and the Metal increases rather than diminishes in Beauty by the slow formation of a Blu else Green Platina Over it. For Flushing As Well As other portions of roof work Copper is much Superior to Zinc or tin and with the Aid of a certain amount of Lead the most difficult problems in rooting can be successfully and permanently solved. The Crater of mount Tacoma. An Exchange says mount banter otherwise known As mount Tacoma in Washington territory has been ascended but first time six years ago by Hazard Stevens and j. H. Van Trump and the Sec Ond time Only last week by messes. Longmire Van Trump Bayley and Ewing. They camped Over night in the Crater amid Fleecy Clouds of smoke and steam. The rocks in the Crater were so hot that they could not be touched without burning their hands. Of All the peaks ill the Northwest mount Tacoma is considered the most difficult of ascent. An important invention. It is reported that a firm in Paris has patented an invention for the instantaneous formation of steam so that it can be used at once in the Cylinder of an engine. A pump sends the required Quantity of water Between two plate surfaces which Are heated and Between which there is Only capillary space. The liquids spreading into a thin layer evaporate instantly without going into the so called Spheroidal state and the steam acts in the As fresh formed steam. The speedy anything of the pump is regulated by the engine. He knew who held it. Who held the Pasa of thermopylae against the persian demanded the teacher. And the editor s boy at the foot of the class spoke up and said father i reckon he holds an annual on every Road in the state that runs a passenger train. July Lute the raw company. To monopoly need be feared where there la Competition. The new York Sun says we Lave observed with great interest he succession of John w. Mackay to the new postal Telegraph com Pany. Or. Mackay is a shrewd Man and we do not believe that he would have embarked in such an Enterprise unless he saw in it the Promise of Success and we Trust in this anticipation he May not be disappointed. It is Desira ble that we should have in this country several extensive and powerful Telegraph companies just is it is desirable that there should among railroads an abundance of Strong competing lines. If there were Only one great Telegraph establishment without any Competition there would be some reality in the dread of monopoly which we have heard so much of during the recent strike but so Long As it is possible to establish new companies and new unas and so Long As men of shrewdness and Large capital Are willing to engage in them there can be no great danger of a monopoly that will be danger Ous to the Public interest. Let the Liberty of setting on foot All sorts of Public enterprises always be maintained and guarded As a sacred treasure belonging to the american people and there can be no monopoly which need be regarded with apprehension. Liberty destroys monopoly. Improving the water. What the Reno water company has in View. Alvaro Evans to Koa Gazette re Porter in Bis buggy wednesday and drove All Over the ground involved in a new scheme he has for improving the town water. The sup ply coming into the Reservoir is perfectly pure and Clear but the Large Reservoir has a Clay Bottom and the Waves keep it constantly stirred up and riled. The company has walled up the Banks with Stone thinking that would help it but it has to and there is no Way to have Clear water except by Tak ing it out above the big Reservoir. This will be done by tapping the Small settling Reservoir above the Large one and running the water through a Box connecting with the pipe below the big Reservoir. A tank 20 feet Square and eight feet deep is located on the Box so All saw dust and impurities Are extracted. A Box 40 feet Square will be put in at the Southwest end of the Reservoir and a Wall put in to Fence off a place 140 feet Square that will be dug out 16 or 20 feet deep for the new pipe to be filled from. The big Reservoir will be used in Winter when there is a cover of ice to prevent its water from being stirred up and the new one in Bummer. Needs capital. The Bodie free press says Good news from Sweetwater continues to reach Bodie and if one half the re ports Are True the District will Boom before another twelve months Rolls around. Considerable work is be ing performed in a number of claims and splendid prospects Are the result. The District stands Sauly in need of capital and until that important agent arrives mat ters will drag. It is a wonderful District and worthy the attention of men with Money. A Dull town. Carson May Well feel proud of us moral status says the Appeal of that City. Scarcely a Day elapses but what some great crime is committed at one Point or another in the state but Here the commission of crime of any magnitude is a most rare occurrence. In a dozen years or More Only two men have been murdered in this City and hardly anything More serious than Petty larceny cases have occupied the at Tention of our criminal tribunals. The Nevada and Oregon Railroad. Next monday the 3d of septem Ber Hon. W. L. Berry will take change of the train on the Nevada and Oregon Railroad and will run regular trains carrying passengers freight mail and express connect ing with Mylert Hughes stages for the Noteru country. The mistaken being made by Over indulgent Many a Good Mother looking Back Over the Long Road of the put and gazing on her Horny hands resolves that her daughter shall Lave a better time. The Mother is no longer Strong and miss Jenny s a healthy Young woman of 22. Yet the Mother does All the House work including the sewing and mending for her daughter. The latter makes tatting and edging for Ler underclothing and plays very fairly on the piano which has been. Squeezed in somewhere for the family is anything but Rich. The Mother goes without a new Bonnet Ricl fixes her dress Over and Over n order that Jenny May appear As Well dressed As the other girls of tier set. When company comes Jenny entertains them and her Mother goes on with the work in the Kitchen. She Waits on the table and it anything is wanted Dur ing the meal Jenny never rises to set it but passes the empty dish to her Mother for replenishment and adjusts her pretty wristlets in Happy ignorance of the thoughts of those looking on. Now this is All wrong. The girl is not naturally bad her Mother is solely to blame. Let the younger ones have a Good time Don t be so strict As our ancestors were with their families but have some respect for yourselves and for your own rights or your Chil Dren will doubtless have none foe you. _ _ civil. A san Frane Laeo Meitan ont keeper sued. Thursday c. A. Hughes a coloured Man filed a Bill of complaint in the United states circuit court to which he sets Forth that on the eve Ning of the 6t i inst. He entered a restaurant accompanied by two lady friends also coloured and asked to be served. The waiters refused to execute his orders on the ground As they stated that they were not permitted to serve coloured people 111 that restaurant. He then left the premises with his companions. Plaintiff demands judgment against the proprietor of the restaurant b. B. Swain for a similar Case occurred in this state about seven years ago. Judges Sawyer and Hoffman rendered judgment in favor of the defendant and the Case was appealed to the supreme court of the United states where it still remains. _ a mane insinuation. A recent Chicago dispatch Jennie flood of California la engaged to Baron Beaumont an englishman whose lineage is ancient and his resources where upon the san Jose Mercury very justly remarks this Public meddling with private affairs is the most reprehensible feature of american journalism. A Mere announcement of the engagement would not be so bad but for the insinuation that the Baron is in need of Jennie s ducats. Is a piece of impudence deserving of Bredof Kool lne. The Nevada Cal., Herald there is an excitement in that place Over the discovery of a bed of a Ollie said to be of Superior Quality on Rush Creek four Miles from town and that quite a num Ber of claims have been located and recorded. Kaolin is the Clay from which Fine porcelain is made and if this bed is extensive and of flue Quality it will prove of value in promoting a new Branch of Indus try in this state. The of the conclave. An Exchange has an editorial on the effects of the the Sacramento Bee says the majority of those who experienced the effects of last week s hilarity say it will serve them for the ensuing three years while others say they had enough of it to last the rest of their natural lives. Turned ont of his own i the White Pirn news of last saturday says we learn that a week or two ago a rancher in step toe Valley was driven from Bis place by a fellow and Bis woman whom he took in last Spring it that rancher has any Pluck about him there will be a sequel proceeding. Spa Fri

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