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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 4 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - September 4, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday september 4, 1879. No. 23. Reno weekly Gazette Pudlis lipid ii Veuy thursday Liv Iii Lay in Ort St Man the Tail us Tei helps children along wonderfully. I chg Alp own i daily Ohio , by mull 310 weekly Ono , ii mail 2 0 Oitis by Carrier u runo it cents Pur week. Remains is a common expression. But Why use the adjective no one Ever saw Hie immortal remains of anything or anybody. Immortal cannot by followed to the grave nor buried nor tin anywhere Dor can a Marble column be erected Over them therefore when a dead body is referred to As the there can be no doubt As to what is meant. If one reads that the re Mains of John Smith went through in a Leaden coffin by express last cannot suppose the item to mean that John Smith s soul was being transported As applied to remains is As superfluous As wet applied the word re in Ivins itself convoys the idea of mortality. Then drop from it the useless and absurd adjective. The word needs no prop. J. Farahani Cash ii of Tho can Ira in rail mid company it of Don inn Lien Reina Dud to Tho t Fri i trial prison on h charge of Chez a c Nunt. The officers of the Road s air Trio amount of his thefts at 804 07. His stealing have extended Orer Long period and lie Hao systematically made fraudulent entire in his accounts. The Ogden Jas Patch has Heen informed that Graham has made a full confession acknowledging that his thefts would aggregate a Boot forty four thousand dollars. A of j vnciio1.y. Tattooing of legs and arms is now fashionable among English indies. A London Belle not Long ago paid 82s to have the name of her Lover tattooed on her Arm. He is another woman s Lover now and the Belle recently offered 8500 to have the uitime obliterated. To show the extent of Tho silly it May he mentioned that an advertisement lately appeared in an English paper of a misting Young lady and the principal Means of identification is a Peculiar tattooing on her left leg. The lost girl is supposed to be in the United states. When found her identity could be proved by the tattooing but it is hard to see How the Peculiar marking will bring about her discovery unless indeed she should frequent a fashionable sea Side resort. An interesting letter from a valued correspondent in Sun Francisco appears in another column. It was writ ten at the time of thu Deyoung Kal och affair but was unfortunately Mii Foid in the mail and Only reached us to Day. We were reluctantly obliged to curtail it of the portion re lating to that matter As the Story is already familiar to our readers. After the recent change in the management of the Bullion and exchequer p. A. Humbert was appointed superintendent. E. A. Schultz former superintendent still retains Possession of the mines underpin True tons Froin the old Board of trustees lie has had a Shotgun brigade at the works ready to resist any attempt to dispossess him. The difficulty will probably be peacefully settled. Or. George Hurley writes from in Villi to the to nuke a Kerning Trio recent suicide it web Ber Luke to the it tin Young lady had previously made to no at tempts upon iut life once in Maine once in Gold run and once in sons Mville by taking laudanum. From Philil Hood she hid been posse sed with a mania for suicide and Vyzis always melancholy. Sisters and she leaves u father two brother. Her brother suites that the had at the time of her that there was no Fie cause for Hornet beyond what has been stated above. From allot which it appears that miss Millett Wasu Vic Tim to that form of melancholy vim of oppressed the poet she Ley Ami which while still very Young he confessed in the following lines i could lie flown like a tired child. Ai 4 away this life of cart Hurt borne and yet a vat Bear Bare old Hurton whole a of Learnt Weru the Anatomy of Mel which though unforgotten it read. It ii a most exhaustive treatise nil the various forms of melancholy love melancholy 1 Down to Cumler but the of the whole work is pm icon train in the concluding line and tub mi.v1-m que tin Thi y live the Best Iid vice the it can offered to the melancholy be not solitary a lint be preparations for the next census have been commenced already. The actual enumeration of the people will not begin until the first monday in june 1880. Tho work of taking the census will not be allowed to occupy More than thirty Days. Several sex Perls Are already engaged in organizing and systematizing the Woric. No efforts will be spared to have thu Cen eur Complete and thorough. It is expected that it will be the Best collection of Stii Ristics Over issued by the government. Ils value will be very great. Tile study of throws a vast dual of Light on Many vexed problems. The following is one of the most refreshing anecdotes of coolness that has Ever appeared in print a Man wearing wet clothes and carrying a fishing Rod and a Basket stopped a train on the Erie Railroad by giving h danger Signa. What s the the conductor the Man coolly replied that he had caught an enormous Trout and thought the passengers might want to see a fight Between Hinse old yellow boys China and Japan seems highly Prebi Ible. In warfare both have Mit grown stink pots and fireworks each nation owning powerful . China especially has a formidable Navy possessing the strongest ship of War afloat. So far As men Are con Onn fight n for year or two Aud hardly miss the slain. Strano Kiis to you when Ark Brokk. Conrad Wiki mind in n letter t Enterprise recently these nun it i to Siulc so to treat Lvi a in american legislation Tiff Irlia afr weight Mav ordained is the weight if the american to Iris Tim Chi in every Lar or Soiu throughout r in world Ivill lie equal in value to a Gold we quoted the above and made Somo Colum ends to show the Absurdity of such n Noti Iii. Or Wiesend re plies to the go Zettlin Hist Friday s Enterprise and occupies two thirds of a column in Ihu statement of i views. The following extracts show the Gist of his ideas on the subject of but the unrestricted coinage of Silver equally with Gold into All the Money thu metals will make Anil coinage for its owners of tile two metals the single specie St Windard of value neither of which bus an Price in the Market be cause neither is then longer u com should All agree in deciding to Coin Gold and Silver at a civil the same nominal value without increasing the weight of Gold coins which would he coining about five or six cent. Worth of Silver into a Dollar the Vaiuso of Silver in bars commercially Rise to that of j Rie of Shlez enl Umo con or Litin ill nun on a Bitume if of the Bart four free Nodi will flock round you like in the fold 1 ill their company Hap proved n Petit Bui should grim misfortune come suddenly on Benr in mind what i a tis no joke you la and that the Irlandi who live bled you the Europa Sentinel which was first issued in 1870 us a weekly and published in a Canvas tent is now one of the Best papers in the slate. The establishment has lately been removed to a Fine new building which Rost 000. The Sentinel Lini achieved pro peril and what is bettor has deserved it. Kearney s Success in California will Natt rally raise up Many imitators in Tho East. Already one Hodnott has attempted to play the same role in Washington. The fellow called on the president and demanded payment of some unsettled claims saying can Lead a Force of determined men against you that wiil make your seat not Worth the cloth that covers at a meeting of the labor league to repeated these absurd threats adding that an army of men could be raised in Twenty four hours to March on Washington. But let us Hope that Only one Kearney can be produced in a generation. Curing Tho appropriation Harbor is due to Al. F. Our Public schools will open on monday and tha children will attend u usual. Most parents think they have discharged their duty towards the education of their children by sending them to school. But it must be borne in mind that the most valuable part of a child s education is what it receives at Home. Mental disciple it can get it school but moral training of far More importance it must get elsewhere. And in the acquisition of knowledge at school u word or twi Armour arrement from parents and a Horne Davis writes to Tho Oak land Tribune that the credit of pro fur Oakland Pale alone. He believes that Page acted in perfect Good Faith with lha Oakland people and the citizens of Tho United states in regard to the title to the land. It is not a Good thing for a Bank clerk to get too much absorbed in co Iii versa Ion during business. So at thought that cashier it whom a stranger engaged in conversation while an accomplice robbed the Bank from a rear window of arc Utran Geri to Jou Nhei you re broke. Many a Man who has Notin dered Haj Gold on people he Thoi lit worn though he Hrand treasures untold they have Yoou dwindled Down into tens tis then he will Slih Lor tiie Pant and Bone he s Down like a wheel without Fpo lir should he Auk an old Friend to help him along lie s a to him a lion he s Bike. Now. Mind what i nay for you la and i am Ali lit. Though not every Case to be lire and when Connre Rich Uncle your Star s Sbin Ina Bright just open your purse to the Porr hut beware of All Joho round you will Luck and up you the Best of a Joko when they Praise you up highly in i lit1 in to of no mock the d by Strung Era to you when you re broke. Jumped oif the Trulu would in Brief or. Wiegand Tii n Faith in Fiat Money. He thinks that a piece of Metal when stamped by the government census to ii a commodity. Hence the views or. Wiegand und those of All political economies worthy of the name Are diametrically Opp de if or. To Ligand will from the disquisition of Murat Halstead and the other Western financial lights of these latter Days turn Back to an old work by one darn Smith upon the wealth of nations he will 6ari that Gold and Silver c ins were Long ago Demmi Tratch to be commodities like bread cheese. If in ounce of Silver can by Legisla Tion be made Worth As much at an ounce of Gold the same Power should be Able to raise bad or Iron or any other Metal to a Par value with Gold weight for weight. No one disputes the Power of government to cat any Coin it May choose to a Dollar. But the experienc of Mankind a shown thut the average of obtain ing All metals is the measure of their value i hat the prec Ous metals have by general consent been made sex Elm Geible for other Caiu modifies for the Sake of convenience to obviate barter. Their value to Mankind did not originate in legislation and would remain the if there were no government in exis t Nice. Silver Bullion i As much a commod read the communications in the ibis morning about the Way Stop sneezing that the Wriler Sof them had hid around much i the picket line or they Emilil have known of n simpler Way of doing it. The move Merit of a hand to press Tho lip As de scribed might reveal the exact . Ii of thu troubled Simiu Tizor Sulci an extent As to cause him to be perforated with h Bullet or two. The easiest Wenj to top an inclination to Steczo without any attention is to the Tongue As far Buck again to the roof of the Mouth is possible for a few Uco Iida. It is a never failing remedy. By the Way did the Sui or Uny body Ever of a Nerro Kneiz in. An article in Temple Bur 1873. I Olieve written by one Wal Ter who made z n thai the of thu ores of the Hiher cur Tirl Simiti now and then lie Iii Nihl is found in like Fia Ariy Tun Ning Puli Hix Cim to allow a systematic inking up in Nheim Titi iuii.-. Rates u is f mini to in i it in must car a study who had had in Exten Sive experience in countries inn Litteri ii coloured people and Al of had availed himself i f tin i gulfs of Obser of other travellers Ai Eri that neither in Africa nor in any countries is a negro Kim ii sneeze. For several. Years after rend ing this article i Naa in a Community where Ilire were Black and i made it a Point to note if they uni i sneezed. I never Sun or heard one of them sneeze. E. W. A from the Eureka Leader. From a gentleman who a inc from Palisade last in Iron we learn of the Washington Monument will be built after All. Col. Casey has Tunnel de under it Anil is putting in in pieces a solid Concrete foundation which will be capable of sustaining a weight of ten million pounds. The first number of the Holyoke Tianti facture a handsome publication of Twenty four pages has been received at this office. H rather singular instance that took place on the Overland Truin morning just before entering the can Yon of Carlin. A Young fellow hailing from Boston in company with his Mother and sister were among the sleeping car passengers and was land ing with the latter on the platform of Jbf Palace car admiring the scenery seen without a warning word he sprang off among the rocks at a Point where the Railroad embankment was ten feet High. Hia sister s a reims alarmed the passengers who in turn notified the con Dulor. The train was stopped and backed up to the spot Ity As Iron it Worth in Gold just it will in when Marker. Legislate with the values of these Pietal i simply bring about n adjustment of like Price of ii Oiler where he was bleeding from found senseless numerous cuts and and Minneapolis Minnesota can turn out barrels of flour a Day. This with bran etc., would make 150 car loads. Bruises. The time wits so Short be tween the Point where the Accident took place and Palisade that our in Formant failed to learn the extent of the victim s injuries or the motives that impelled him to jump from the a co Matouk conjecture. Prom Tho Virginia chronicle. Beecher has not been heard from on the spragne scandal but at Bias accounts he was lying luxuriously on his Back under a tree in the White mountains with a Seraphic Grin on his countenance each clerical ear serving As a Boundary stake to Tho smile. What other Flora Hie Jimella Lender. Or. his ranch near fish Creek has been Mot successful in his Trout raising operations. From the Small Start made two years ago ii now has an a balance of Flash. He has two fed by running streams of pure water. In one the Young Trout Are kept and the other is Takim pos session of by the Large ones and it crowded with them. They Are Tanie As a flock of chickens being regularly red and responding to a Call As quickly us the tames animals crowding to the Banks of the Pond to receive their allowance whenever wanted. Or. Fenstermaker has demonstrated by his Chier prise that fish can be As easily roared where the conditions Are favo Nole As tiny other food. Tie kind of Navy they have. From the new York san. Contrasted with enormous Iron Clad of of the old world navies Are the new gunboats of Chirm. They Are practically Only Al Atim inn c in ridges but Are heavily armed with guns More Millicient than the thirty eight ton Eun which in the boast if the lir Irish Navy. Tie chinese gun boats have been named after to Lio let ters of the greek alphabet and eight have been constructed. Their Maga Zines a Tel machinery Are under Fli Waer line and the thirty five or thirty Titi it Ion gun they lies Flat upon the deck. It is moved Anil loaded by Hydraulic Power so thai Only live men my required to handle it. Its projectile weighs 536 pounds. The Advin age of a sleet of Little vips Sels thus aimed Over the Cumber some Irish Clad a that they arc i a ily Tan Liged Dinv very lit lie , Anil present an exceedingly Small target Foi the enemy Loire at. Tie a Holt flex t Cost no Nero limn a Simiu ironclad Ami is ii in Aily armed i Aili lotion i tin chief gun for which they Tiro build the chinese carry two and twi Titis. The Laiter ones an id Wilile unders Wii i a set o co Iisley Between the porphyry and Tho Limestone Strain. infrequently Ore has liven struck above the porphyry and not Lough at Are evil rho Limestone is thought be Tho bed Rock of Jar Onalu Ore it is by no Means lire that the Oie will not be found by penetrating Xijiu there hat not Hven iia yet Sily for such researche.-, Lucu ire is Eti ill Fonniel Oloe to face. In Ninny it Lus lie Eli foil my after digging a Hole Only Tew vet Ami there Are lint Jihnu or four a lift in the whole Luiji-illt1 i Tinct which exc cd ii i depth if t of feet. This fact til Miu accounts for Tho Nur Velouis of , Bini e tin coins Iii k mines a Weh As in St of Krliu Nylk i1 famous Havo t i worked it a in ply Nii Uichi Lii ii 2500 feel. La Law ills of Riih .1 Ulni it pow from the Union. A Young Man. About of hire Nencil la. Cli re committed Suie Ile at Copin r City thin any. The circumstance i in As follow la Clerc went to work As usual about six u com a worked until noon. A 1 o clock he went to the extra Coti puny t. Store u giant Pundur can Ridge. A proceeded i a Nanjing the lady of the House asked to was going to do Wii i the car Bridga. Ii i plied "1 am not going to Hurt she said i Don t until you to fool will i nil in my Imi Isu i la Tell or he replied i won t Hurt you but when you i won t n live he Hen kit Tho Liu Ihling and Pru Cui in d in in out Lions about Twenty feet Distasi Lay Lown put Hie Cartridge in his Mouth it the fuse and. In an of Ime. Iii head Liloon entirely from Hia Kicky Liis brains Heiwig Eutten a til Dirac Ion. One of i. Eyu was uncovered lying on thu lop of a Post near by. Not jut of screws and rudders at Bow Anil Tern. A speech of Grets Lcy s. Bob Intreri toll for president. From the Kurken feeder. A Man in Washington a ordinates colonel Robert g. Ingersoll Dent because he regards him As being aptly described in his own Laffi Irige As the grandest combination of Earr. Lira in and conscience Bourath the the convention that nominates bub will imitate democratic strategy by putting a Hardshell Baptist up for thai second place. The fastest time that t Eonard Evcic made was thirty three Miles in thirty nine Iii ivies. Lie took the first train Frum Hannibal to St. Joseph and Horace Greely was one of the Passen Gers. When the party reached St. Joseph or. Greeley delivered a Short from the Piazza of the hotel Leonard save that he re members or. Greeley s words and i hat they were gentle Cen ii tiie hive travelled on nearly nil the my Road in the United Mien Bur it remained fur Mursko tie Hannibal Anil St. Joseph rail in get a Deal of scr i a. There Isaore to be i d on this rail the mile than on any other Road in the country. Ii a trick horse. The Antonn lenient that rams has been sold and would not Start in the free for All at Hartford yesterday caused great disappointment. The a Soleim Titi regarded the horse Amin their Possession and ordered him to appear and. Failing expelled the horse and Oon Kliu the former owner from the track. John Splann the Driver of a inns Wai exonerated from Lila me Splann made a speech charging the failure of the horse to appear upon the new owner. Sak Francisco i just still report or. a but As yet Minot Ron Iii Reil out of a medical Gerli Ina ii say in re or pits Iris lieu f Rini in and is around the , Arne there is no Way for it to , As the hide from the i til Ertuly Bluc Kud. I i Farid Itiat if no Orriet i found for in by Nti ii Rel or Ute eve clean iils Ulm lilo Oil will Ensin. At pros Cut Lite . By met a in the Case i n fueling of Sickles at the stomach every evening it about 0 o clock. Or. Kalloch fears it is produced by the j to munition to Lite nervous caused by the pre Ericc no the pm Iasi tit no not i hat Ime Liev him thought that it May result from Over nourishment. Have accordingly decided to see Only in the Forenoon. It or. Affair. From tie new Yurk Independent. Have no desire to explore the Dep his of Ilia at Canonchet which is filling the newspapers but Whir a has been commented upon Hern in tie Mot considerate Way. The pres is not unlicensed. It has restrained itself in this n it has in other cies until Scandul has Cul Inion and into a Puhl Irisy which Iho Iress could not prevent. Even when Spragie drove senator conk ing from his Liou a in u. Way that Naile tin i it a Public scan til the Ress Lias Bei to very slow to speak of he matter and Lias withheld much hat it might have uttered. Irs course in Erves approval and we so my try As Little As in lib impress of pub Lic morality it i possible to say. News paper

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