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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - October 30, 1879, Reno, Nevada Stir Stafl Uvis vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday october 30, 1879. I i i i i j i no. 31. Reno weekly Gazette published k. Us by thursday by j. Fulton. Tiiu or Bousu Buitoni one year by mall Wertly me Yew bar Mill. A m Dally delivered tar Carrier in Heno at 25 cents per week. The Tubic tiption Price of the bail evening Gazette will hereafter be six dollars instead of ton invariably in Advance. It is the leading paper in this county and will be advanced in just a fast As its support will warrant. Reform in the Public schools. Some of the leading Eastern papers now discussing what a termed the Quincy Experiment. This Experiment was a Complete revolution in the sys tem of teaching in the common schools of Quincy Massachusetts. The state of Massachusetts has Long enjoyed an enviable reputation for the excellence of its Public schools. Massachusetts is a very progressive state perhaps because it has More Radical thinkers to the Square mile than any other Section of the nation. So that it is not altogether surprising that the Public school trustees of Stead of remaining satisfied with the system in use because it was admitted to be Good made a searching Examina Tion into it to determine its actual value. They became convinced that the education the children were receiving was superficial that it was their memory not their reasoning Power that was being developed. They concluded that the whole theory of instruction was wrong that the were being taught pretty much As parrots Are Ami it should be of teaching in Quincy was the same that is pursued in what Are called the Best com Mon throughout the country. The school trustees of Quincy deter mined to try Complete change system. They substituted practice for Precept in the schools. They secured As superintendent an enthusiastic Young German instructor Radi Cal views. He scoured a staff of teach ers whom imbued with his own and the Quincy Experiment began. The Reform begun in the primary schools. Instead of learning to read by studying the alphabet the children were made familiar with Short Worda written on the blackboard. They were taught to mean ing of combinations of words almost insensibly. The Atlantic. He is a thinker and a close student of social questions. He describes the results of the new sys tem a most Gratifying. The now plan sir Adams says is a Complete negative of the whole present common school system founded on a Faith in the infinite capacity of children to know at an Early age a Little of every the new system Lias been in use three years. Under it the pupils have made greater Progress and take Ati in Terest in their studies. The school trustees of Quincy Are delighted with the Success of their Experiment. The tax payers hate reason to be for the Cost of keeping up the schools has been reduced from 25 for each scholar per vent to 681 bd1torial notes Las Smuc a be How a hold texan bundled Ali urn a men quote Thicket the number of studies in the Gram mar schools was out Down from seven to writing and arithmetic in the place of the old method of committing lesions from books to memory the pupils were taught by incessant practice in school hours. They obliged to write Groat Deal in mechanically from copies but from their Heads. Thus by constant practice they rapidly acquired the Art of composition and could write almost As easily As they could speak spelling and grammar were naturally acquired the correction of errors. The old course of text books waa almost entirely abandoned. Fresh and entertaining articles m Scribner s and other Cuneyt periodicals were substituted for the time honoured Reader. The new regime did not however include the teaching of draw ing which has been advocated by our esteemed contemporary on Ibe Coin Stock. The idea was to reduce the number of studies rather than extend them to teach a few branches of knowledge thoroughly rather than give pupils a superficial sent teeing of Many. Charles Fraucis Adams jr., lives in Quincy and is Well know n to the Reading Public by his Able articles in the authors carnival is meeting with great Success in san Francisco the mechanics Pavilion has been nightly thronged with a multitude of curious spectators it is the first enter Tain men t of the kind that has Ever been on this coast and its Success shows How great has been the Progress of san Francisco in ii Louie As Well As in wealth. The plan of the entertainment is very simple. The1 space at disposal is divided up into designated by Tho name of any author. Each Booth is appropriately decorated and attended by la Dies and gentlemen in character cos tume. Thus in the Shakespeare Booth May be seen Hamlet stalking in fats inky cloak or Portia in the Robe of Justice. In the Bret Harte Booth the via shoe Miner is caricatured As in the talks of that imaginative author. Many of the country papers in no Rada Are fond of making their Little joke s about Reno s tar bucket but there Are few towns in the state that arc and Fieo from violence us Reno. There is less drunkenness and crime in this town in proportion to its population than in any other m the state. While the papers in other sections Are crying out Fer Tai big Ades and More the people of Reno Are dwelling in Tranzi huty Andt peace. A great billiard tournament began in new York last evening in which the contestants Are Slosson of Kevvn York and Shaefer of Chicago the game is for a stake of and consists of 3000 Points. The rules pro vide Tillat Only 1000 Points can be played in one evening so the contest Bonior toxins Crescent h. H. Anchor waa trying to catch a horse and was rapidly Riding after him through a Tai rat of Mesquite when he sub Emily came upon a huge Bear. A Chase at onco commenced or. Fancher attacking with his pistol and Bini no probably nearly overcome by heat trying to Maku a successful Retreat. Or Fancher bred live shots without b ing Irig Down his game and Only one charge loft concluded to change his tactics. Unc oiling the rope used As Ala nut which was tied to his Saddle he made a and at tempted to i Ope the Bear. The first attempt was unsuccessful the getting in the animal s the next proved a successful rope getting on the Bem s Buck. A Quick movement of the i part of Tho jerked the rope out of pan Cher s hand and the Bear his Retreat closely followed by his pursuer on horseback. Finding it Dir cult to Appio Aoh the Bear sufficiently near to catch hold of the rope or fun Hor dismounted Ami commenced Tho Chase on fool seeing tins the boar slacked his Speed evidently not cuing if his Pur Suer did come up with him he occasionally stopped and looked Imok As if expecting company. Declining a hand to find encounter with a Large Bear i fan her re tuned to his and calling to his Cousin or. T. Funnier resumed the Haso. With the Aid of a stick he possessed himself with the end of the rope which about thirty feet in it i Goth Anil taste cd it to the Horn of the Naddeh. Now Torh fenced. The frantic actions of the Bear in his age efforts to release himself. He plunged in every direction nearly throwing the horse arid showing Evi Dent intention to re Case himself at All hazards. But his captor managed to retain his prisoner and at the same time kept his horse out of the Way of the Savage beat until n shot from the six shooter of his Cousin put Bear Bora de combat. The fore Paw exhibited by or Francher and left with us n the largest Ever seen in this Section and indicates so old Hunters Tell us that the owner in Good condition would have weighed 600 pounds extends Over three Days. Schaefer ran out the first thousand last eve Ning with 376 Points leading Glasson at 863 Points. A much Mill tied Man the late King of had Dur ing his lifetime fifty three recognized wives by whom he had a Nice Little family of 110 children of whom fifty nine survive him. Of Tho fifty three wives of Wrelve died before the King and of the remainder two nere imprisoned by him on account of to Weir sup posed complicity in plots by their children and two Weie expelled for adultery. Deducting those who died news items of interest. A t the1 recent review at Many of the soldiers left their boots behind in the mud As they marched Petal before the emperor. Conscience impelled somebody to. Send anonymously to Sinuc g Jenkins a Syracuse merchant with tha words i robbed you of this years Ben. Lowe a circus acrobat stood on his head for two hours in a Texas barroom on a Wager end the feat brought on brain fever from which he died. The Sultan of Zanzibar is cd valued enough to give dinner parties in a european fashion with music from an excellent band door fitted Bills of fare and All sorts of luxuries. At the birthday entertainment of Chen Sho Tang the chinese Consul general in san Francisco in Scheon was offered All Day and a dinner of forty courses was served in the evening. The Rev or. Gaul of Philadelphia went to a menagerie und did not find All the animals that he Hud seen Pic tured on the Street posters. He denounced the show from his pulpit As a Humbug the Railroad from the Naples of Sci Atory to the foot of to a Cone of Vesuvius will be opened arly next year. A steam online it Summit will draw the cars up by a Windlass. A Man jumped into a Well at car Roll ton iii., for the purpose of suicide. Finding Iii insole alive on reaching the Bottom he banged himself with the Well rope and is accomplished death the Rev. A j. Park has ousted Flora the pastorate of the Presby Terian Nuich at Canton Ohio by his Fie Butery in consequence of the exposure of his plan to Elope with a married woman. The editor of the Paris Texas Fanner said in print that lawyer Bon Ner was a murderous Ruffian and Bonnor proved the justness of the characterization by shooting him dead in the a Reet. A a new melodrama at the Surry a Njoo a thames Boatman rows into sight and uncovers a Man painted to represent a Corpse just taken from the River. The audience goes wild with Delight. The religious dramatic company which was to play Uncle Tom s Cabin in churches Only under sane the baby Plant. A Pitoau Alful botanical wonder. From the Portland Oregon. Standard no curiosity exhibited in this City for years has attracted such general attention As that wonderful Plant at Shannahan a Art gallery. Fully 8000 people have visited the place to look upon the botanical wonder. It is sad to be indigenous to Japan. Its tech Nical term has not been ascertained but it is known and appropriately Boas the baby it is of the Genus Lily sometimes attaining a Hight of four and blossoming Sumi annually. The one of which write is however not More than twelve inches in bight with leaves about inches Long and two inches wide. The Flower is sur shaped having five pet als of a handsome Brown and yellow color the Calyx encircles and protects a tiny Little figure that an exact resemblance to a nude baby its Little arms and legs outstretched and the eyes distinctly marked. Hover ing Over this diminutive form is a Small canopy Angel shaped having extended arms and wings and peer ing closely into the face of the infant. The family of plants of which the is a member Prodico Bot Only the specimen now on exhibition but also give perfect imitations if such it Timi of mrs. Stowe collapsed after an engagement in leaving the performers unpaid. The highest inhabited House in the is believed to Bettianne erected and these four the King had at the time of his death thirty seven recon a thud wives. Of these ladies one Only was massacred by King theebam. Fewer than four m. A Liisu Ruhr. Ii Lew i Tuluii Lur Well at the Benicia teen of this lady s children and grand Arsenal in California is Down feet and a sufficient Supply of Good water has not yet been obtained. An appropriation has been asked from the sink the Well 600 feet deeper. The Alta estimates the present combined population of California Oregon Utah Nevada. Washington territory Idaho Arizona and Alaska at by the census of 18to it was we always have maintained do now maintain and Hope we Ever shall maintain that the daily Exchange is one of the brightest wittiest and most readable papers published in san City times. So say we. Seventy out of one Hundred Success Ful men in the United states were born and brought up on a farm. A Lundien were massacred with her. Thirteen of the Latzl King s wives quit Ted the Palace Hia illness or just after bin death. The remain ing Twenty three Are still in the pal Ace and of that ii number seven Only Are free or believed to be so. The other sixteen Are in confinement More or seven Are known to be in rigorous imprisonment some Are in double Irons half starved and not permitted to have any attendants. One of the forty eight sons born to the King Twenty four were alive at the time of his death. Of these four teen Are known to have been Massa cred by Thoa Baw. Four Are now alive in India leaving Only six including the present King alive in Mandala a the practice of cremation has been recommended by the municipal coun cil of Berlin. Look out for counterfeit pieces. There Are some in circulation in Cali fornia. Ohio has for the first time elected a negro to a seat in the legislature. The fighting utes of Colorado take no prisoners except women. Two political pyramids when the Democrat ready Fri the altar of ins comity looks at this re publican Pyramid he begins to think of emigrating Ohio Iowa Maine Colorado California Conne c t i c u t. I he will certainly pack up when on november 4th, the following states Are added new Ypik Minnesota Wisco sin Massachusetts be n n by 1 a Nuu for the miners employed on mount Lincoln in the main Range of the Rocky county Colo Rado. It a feet above Aea level. The Rich englishman Thomas hoi Loway is erecting at his own expense an institution for the higher Educa Tion of girls. The building alone which has been begun is to Cost it is 410 feet in length. A Young lady of Philadelphia had her pocket picked of a Wallet containing 85 on ascertaining her loss she found that s Diamond ring pronounced to be Worth had slipped from the chiefs during the operation and remained in her pocket. In their destruction of the build Ings of the Ohowe Mission station the zulus respected the soldiers monuments but destroyed the Tablet Over the grave of the wife of a missionary whom they had Long regarded As a Public Enroy of their country. Eastern Siberia is menaced by fam Ine the prices of the poorer classes Are suffering severely. The Harvest is extremely Poar and the cattle plague has increased the evil there being in Many villages not one beast left alive there Are now three surveying Par ties in the Hills mountains and Val Leys West of the Rio Grande Fer the purpose if locating the route for the Extension of the Atchison Topeka and Santa be Railroad through Arizona and so of to the Ocean. A Coal heaver has astonished the people of Genoa by in Siuga drama that though not without the blemishes resulting from defective Educa Tion and artistic training possesses on the whole extraordinary me it. It was played with great Success and the drama artist was called fur by an applauding audience. He made bus appearance on the stage m a White Linen jacket. Reed and Pell the British com missioners to examine american agriculture Are highly pleased with the Northwestern states and territories. They say that Minnesota s climate is a luxury and her soil unsurpassed her Only need being people and Trees which will come in Good time they ire now on a tour air Olgh Nebraska and can be designated of different animals insects and Birds. Mrs. Mark hop Kins of Sun Francisco has one of the latter varieties for which was paid. The Plant grows to be about three feet m Hight when fully matured and when in full Bloom the one now in this City will look like a ship wrecked foundling Hospital. Chunc the 1-1 to murderer the Eureka Leader of monday says last night two men came in from the Morey District and reported to sheriff Kyle As having seen Deputy Simpson and party yesterday morning about so Miles from town. They also a few hours previous saw the fugitive Lopez who making across the fish Lake Valley. Lopez mounted on a Large and powerful Bay horse stolen from John Bradley of Elko and was at the time seen Riding a slow Gallop evidently saving his Horte. Deputy Simpson and party Are Well mounted and when seen were about 20 Miles in the rear of the fugitive. If the hones of the latter hold out there is Little doubt but tha what Lopez will be captured some tune this evening. The direction murderer was taking showed that he wag not familiar with the Lay of the country and unless he diverges greatly from his course is sure to be cornered and if overtaken by the sheriff s deputies will either have to surrender 01 take the chances of be ing Bullet Joe Howard an ego played the Banjo for pennies in the saloons stores and streets of Jeffersonville ind. He was frequently allowed to perform in the millinery establishment of Martin a Young White woman. His music won her and one Day they were United in marriage by the Rev. Or. Miller a negro. Miller and Howard Are in jail awaiting trial such Wedlock being a crime m Indiana. The French forestry department is satisfied that the forests directly in crease the Supply of water in their neighbourhood trom careful Obser vat Odb at Sevilis and Nancy they have decided that it Rains More abundantly in wooded tracts and that while the leaves and branches give Back the water quickly to the air they prevent rapid evaporation from the ground and Are thus favourable to the formation of Springs. Mote killing at milk River. Camp of White River oct 22 lieutenant we. B. Weir ordnance officer while out Hunting was killed and mutilated by indians some eighteen Miles South of Here. All the available cavalry started on the Trail this morning. A Soldier of the party is also missing Many a woman dusts Bill mid Chalk off her husband s coat and a big tear stands in her Eye As she thinks How late he works nights at his desk by the my a people. I Prince Renss xxx and his Young Bride who was up till last slay a Cir Cus rider in Renz s hippodrome have passed through Vienna on their Way to Sofia. I there has been imported into new York by sea from California since the beginning of this year Gal Lons of wine and Gallons of Brandy. Pacific coast items. A dramatic Relief society ban been formed in Bodie. The Lassen advocate will publish a daily during fair week.1 Many citizens of san Jose Are visit ing the Oil Well at Lexington. A valuable Deposit of Gypsum we last week lower Lake. The Stream of emigration to Ore gon flows steadily through Johnny Spau Lomg a boy of four teen shot a Deer near Susanville last week. I things Are Lively in Alturas and the Burnt town will soon be entirely rebuilt. An eighteen Pound turnip was on exhibition at the Union county Ore gon fair. Fat hogs in los Angeles county. California Are Haid of Salu cents to. Pound. The Bodie water company has completed its organization and appear to have a future. Tho Mono county Bank building Cost and was paid for with the profits at one year the police of Stockton recently raided an opium Den conducted entirely by White men. Placer is the Only county in Cal. Which has neither a bonded nor a floating indebtedness. Hap Butts broke a couple of Bodie Faro Banks the other Day cleaning up something Over it is rumoured that a vigilance com Mittee is in Pio Gross incubation at Nevada City California. The Honey Lake indians Are hold ing a grand foot Ball match to Termi Nate with a pow pow and feast. Extensive fires Are raging in the Hills in lower California just below the line. The View from san Diego is said to be grand. Charles Ladd of Santa Cruz county was recently killed in big Valley to Doc county by tha accidental Dis charge of a Rifle in the hands of James Finley. The surveying of the Cache Creek Raute for the Lake Railroad has been completed the Utah. Creek route is now to be surveyed. Lake county people prefer the Napa route. The san Jose fruit packing com Pany has put up Over cant of fruit plug season All of which has been sold. A Large addition to their buildings will be erected this Winter which will greatly increase their can Ning capacity. Owens River in Inyo county Cali fornia is at last to be stocked with cat fish. It is to be accomplished through the Enterprise of one individual John Mcmurry but will probably be aided by contributions. The fish Are to be brought from san Francisco by the Way of Reno. An old mine Suiter. From

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