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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 25 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - October 25, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. Steno. Washoe county. October 25, 1883. No. 27. Reno weekly Gazette published by Brit thursday. By l. Fult on. Auu Dally one year by. Mall. Weekly one year by malt. Per week of maim. To Ali Jianru of by Carrier per Heno. Katka o ally month one a m weekly Oue month one Square 1 00 Bot i Legal and Zommer i or. Sargent United min ister Lias returned to Berlini and re the discharge of duties. A dispatch Tuat Only were the earthquake in Smyrna. It was announced that one object of lord chief Justice Coleridge s coming to this a Deli re to study our institutions and obtain a better insight into the manners and customs of Bur ban Francisco Catt says he has improved visit ing 17 of All which he received a Greet ing of cordiality that had Seldom previously been extended to any foreigner however distinguished. At the banquet extended to him in new York be expressed a gratitude so Frank at the nature of his treat ment As to leave no doubt that lie deeply appreciated it. This will convince his countryman that americans Are by no Means Indef Ferenz to True Merit and put to shame those scribblers who thought they could find out All about us by remaining a few Daya in new York and then returning Home say spiteful things against Wotko. The demand for More decisive measures suppress polygamy than those provided in the eur minds Bill recalls a Story told by an Arab Sheik. When a Telegraph line was built through this Sheik s dominions h is simple minded sub the largest Grain elevator in the world is at Jersey City erected by the Pennsylvania railway com Pany i is 140 feet wide 200 feet Long and has for storing bushels of Grain. The building has 24 of elevating apparatus for taking Grain from ears and four run from the building to the wharf for unload ing canal boats and loading ships. The trial of 63 members of. The nihilists of the bed Cross society is concluded. All Are sentenced to be Siberia. Of informers and others proved that society had ramifications in every p4rt of the Bussari Empire v comptroller Knox states that the reduction of the National circulation for the Currett year Iii teb tween and there Wierber tally be a much More rapid decrease next year. The says there is reason to believe that the Cabinet will meet november loth to discuss the withdrawal of either part or All of the from Egypt a nihilist proclamation has been issued the late Juan tur Geneff was a nihilist. An unpublished poem of the novelist in appended As proof. A dispatch from Cairo says that a slave dealer has been sentenced to three years imprisonment. A negress reported she had been sold for 33 Napoleons. Nine months of the present year shows a falling off of nearly immigrants at Castle Garden As compared with the corresponding period of 1882._____ the a Resolution that it inexpedient to omit the words protestant Epis from the prayer books. The Senate sub committee will continue to work in the Southern and Western states until the commencement of Congress. The Treasury department to Day interesting it leanings from the the following items1 Are from the Truckee the 17th the Snow Sheds Over the mountains escaped without a fire so far this year. It is thought the parties robbed the Sierra Valley i in Truckee. There is Good White fishing at the Truckee lumber company s dam above town. We had the first snowstorm of the Searra monday morning last. About two inches fell butt the warm Sun dispelled it. A the Truckle lumber company run their saw Mill night and Day. They will probably not take off either shift until compelled to do so by the weather. Truckee has presented a decidedly Winter a appearance for several Days past. The nights and lugs Are very and our streets Are correspondingly Muddy and disagreeable. Buxton been stood up seven times by Road agents since he purchased the Sierra Valley stage line. He has got so that now As soon As he sees a Man with Barley sack about his person he puts on the Brake and throws Down lines. The jets out Down the wires to make bracelets. Being appealed to by to owners of the line to prevent this practice the Sheik adopted a remedy As a Clelve As it was Sim ple. He merely Cut off the arms of every Peron found wearing wire bracelets. Barbarism and Lutishie Are hot desirable As a Gen eral. Thing but it cannot be denied that they have their advantages. Postmaster general made the following Rule the reduction on the first instant of the Domestic rate of postage from three to two reduced also from the same Date from six to four per half ounce the double Post age charge made in. Pursuance of Section 3913 of Tae revised statute upon a letter for delivery in the United states commonly called ship which Are conveyed to this country by vessels not regularly employed in carrying the malls. _ the governor s proclamation calling a special session of the Texas legislature to meet the purchased ounces of Silver for delivery to the Philadelphia Sau Francisco and new or Lealiu mint. The democratic City convention of Brooklyn nominated Joseph Hendrix for mayor. He is a reporter for the new York Sun. The new York Herald is said to pay six per cent on its of a a Tom Ark Able a Type better we ilex will 8e t forty thousand n a Saratoga correspondent of the Chicago news writes a follows i saw the. Inventor of a new Type setting machine at the United hotel Jcj Stanlay. I did not see his machine but if what he claims for it True the. Day of the Printer is drawing a close. It will further help the cheapening of the Price of newspapers. His machine has the capacity of setting Ems a Day. It works with Iron Clad accuracy and avoids the fault of the Presetti Type sett lug machine in that it can the lines As the compost or can Nowith weird contractors Are Busy closing up their contracts with the Railroad Ivy i party. Many of them have had their received a few of the largest dealers Are putting Iti the last few cords. The Cut will amount to about 40jooo cords. There Are More opium fiends and no Good characters in Truckee now than there has Ever been in the history of the Are a much enduring but some of these Days they will Rise up in their might and Tell the above mentioned Uon producer to move Good White fishing can be had at Boca just now if one. Know just when and where to go 1 Oune or twice a week the Boca Mill com Pany let the water out of their Tail Lii of of Fuh thrown White fish and the1 in calves take advantage of these occasions to catch them with their hands or scoop them up with a hand net. Saturday evening last a party went Down from Here and in a Short time caught 150. It is rare sport. Of Joe Markante map. At. The chief school in1 Tokio Japan is a map of that country 300 or 400 feet Long in the court behind the school build Init. This or Model is made of turf and Rock and is bordered by which look at a Little distance much Tike water. Every River and Mountain is reproduced in this Model with a Fidelity to detail which is simply wonderful. Lati tude and Longitude Are indicated by. Telegraph wires and tablets show the position of tire cities. Foothill the grape crop of the Foothills is better this year than in Tuta valleys according to All reports and in and around Valley. Thomas a Paine whose Vineyard is two. Miles Southeast of that place on the col fax Road has a Fine beside making a Large Quantity of wine and Selling Many grapes in Small lots he has sold four vines the purchaser to pick them at per has at least six tons More to dispose of. His grapes Are All of Choice varieties. Ctr Almateen in the Senrt Nej says our Carson contemporaries have been making considerable noise about the consolidation of the two United states Laud offices arid the location of the consolidated office at Eureka and the. Abolishment of i the office at Carson. They Hare gone so far As to blame Tom j Dick arid Harry foi1 the change when it is alleged that if anybody is to blame it is the folks at the capital themselves. The incumbents of the office Here knew that there was a scheme on foot at Carson to bring about a con of Tourse of getting the Benefit thereby absorbing the Eureka office in1 the consolidation. The propos Luloh was discussed on thele Tsam s ground Here whether Steps ought not to be taken to Block the scheme by Mak ing a representation of the merits of the East to the department at Washington but it was decided that this would be unnecessary. It was presumed that the commissioner of the general land office was in Possession of the facts of the Case and that if he thought it Best to consolidate he would without Sug Eureka a the proper for the consolidated office. The Carson folks precipitated the decision by Elwir got it squealing now be cause they got what they schemed for if it had come would have been Lovely but it we against them and they Are Oufa great East did not ask for the consolidation. It did not death o the Ond tuesday in january next was promulgated wednesday. It to Forth that an extraordinary Occa Sion for the session has Arisen but withholds mention of what the occasion is. The subject of legislation probably relates to the Fence War on Public lands and investment of the school Funda under recently the new York evening Pott says that the continuance and Magni tude of the decline in stocks would entitle it to be called a panic except that it is devoid of the excitement usual on panics. Then is general movement to sell and All efforts on the part of the largest capitalists and Bankers and pro Xgo Teta various the decline abandoned. Seem to have been one eighteenth part of Dakota has been aet apart for educational cannot be sold for less than per acre and it to Wlla bring 000 valued at 000. There will be no excuse for great wheat land of the future Grant will be hanker after about a Quarter additional fees that will be the re per with a whole lot of extra work. It would have been satisfied to let the Little West enjoy its Laud office and never say a word and that is the disposition yet ii Joab. Mine ctn car thu year. The efforts of years to manufacture a Rood Quality of sugar from sorghum seems to have finally been crowned with Success. The scientific american of october 6th has the following paragraph upon the subject the new Kari sugar located at hut Clinson Kansas turned out us first Batch of sugar on the 12th of september this company has invested in works Here and proposes making its headquarter at Hutc Bison while it will establish Branch Mills All Over the state and ship the product there of refining. The results of to Day Sot tie All controversy about making sugar from sorghum Cane. The run to Day was a Bright Grade and Talite without the sorg hum taste. The Mill will be rut from this on at a full capacity which is Over -loo1 6arrehf per Day of syrup. This season s Prodoc will aggregate barrels of sign and barrels of syrup. Al grades of White sugar will be made but for Granulating is riot put up yet. To run this establishment it requires 200 and night.1 i1 the Cleveland leade say s the works at Hutchinson and at Sterling Are both operated on the same principle and both have me with the same result Hutchinson and Sterling will soon be Able to Supply Kansas wit sugar. The hand method. No Type Nec Essary with this machine beyond a few alphabets of the various kinds and sizes required in the make up of a newspaper. There is a key Board to the machine like that of a . These keys represent let ters and punctuation Marks. Play ing on them impressed these forms into a paper matrix similar to that now employed in moulding the Metal forms employed upon the Bullock press. Instead of setting Type by the old method and taking the matrix from the looked form As a whole the impression is made direct from the machine one letter at a time so when the Type setting machine is through the matrix is in stantly ready for the moulding of the cylindrical forma of the modern press. The value of this one feature Mere saving of time is great for pcs Dent Tagalu. A. N f because the gaining of one minute in of the forms of a great office is of much these machines Are being experimented with in the office of the Philadelphia times. The inventor says the machines can be furnished at a met of each. If they Are practical and can do All that to claimed for them the future news paper proprietors will be Able to bid Delanoe to strikes and unions t a heavy Bale. A Bale of wire rope 861 pounds has been unloaded at to for used their Cable if it is True. A Clergyman had a favorite and very intelligent dog who committed a grievous fault one sunday morn lug. His master on returning from Church did not beat him but took hold of him and talked to him most bitterly most severely. He talked on and on for a Long time in the same serious and reproachful and the dog was so deeply impressed with his own total depravity that he refused food pined away and died in the course of a Day or two. This Story is told in the lohd6n Spectator by the reverend gentleman himself. The the entries in the races which Are to commence at the Aeno race track next monday Are fast filling up and everything indicates a satisfactory and Lively Speed Content the Trotters Fred b and Tump Winston arrived at the track a Day or two ago and Are in the hands of men who handle Good Stock july Lotf behaviour this morning s Enterprise says Owen Flannery who wan so Terry by stabbed a Light before last by William Savery died yesterday morning about after his round was dressed Flannery Wae removed to his residence near the Imperial works Gold Hill where Jie died. Nitiss fold there had been to previous troubles Between Bavery and Flannery that they were not even acquainted but be tween the latter and Delury there was an bid grudge of some kind. A very has a bad Cut on his head. Probably from a Beer and its shirt was bloody when arrested. He declines to talk about the affair but it is report d said to. Some Friend i had to do Delury says he1 will Tell what he knows about the cutting when the proper time comes. On arriving at the ail Savery Drew his knife and re fused to be locked up but when officer Lynehan covered him a Lii his path Tel he thought better of it. Those acquainted with Savery Are astonished at what he has done As he always appeared one of the Moat quiet and peaceable men in world. Just criticism. A correspondent of a new Yore journal makes the following a criticism on Clumsy finish o the new two Cerit St Imp my room mate and i and a Friend o ours have discussing the and bad Points of the postage stamp. Our Friend is Printer i am a Carpenter and my room mate la an Electr typer. We All agree that the mechanical work on the wrong. The head of George Washington leans for Ward too much. It is out of plumb. It off the Center of equilibrium. There is Law painful strained stoop ing attitude which surely cannot be the Silver. State says Edwin Darrow who has been superintend ing operations on the Batavi la com Pany s mines has purchased a mine on the Humboldt Queen Belt in Sacramento District and intends to develop it this Winter. The claim which he purchased was for Merly owned by Frank free of Wadsworth. Mining men Are of the opinion that the Mineral Belt in which the Humboldt Queen is extends from Wright s Canyon in the Humboldt Range to the Black Knob and that the whole Belt is Rich in Silver Ore. The Queen which is the Only location on the Belt that is developed to any great extent is pronounced by min ing men to be one of the Best mines on the country. The Lead is Large and Welt defined and some tons of Ore have been extracted while prospecting the mine. Cal Florala products. The Sari Jose cat., Mercury thus enthuses Over the. Products and possibilities of the Golden state not Only is California the first state in the Union As regards the pro duct Loh of the precious instals but she outranks All or nearly All in the production of wheat wine and Wool. But now comes a new source of inca Rue and one which we doubt not will Ere Long place this state Side by Side with Penn Siy Vanla in the production of Oil. Last year the Oil Wells of the state produced Gallons of Oil with the Prospect that the yield for the present he nearly double that amount. Truly this. Is the Golden land the land of the Olive land of get skies and genial id of wonderful Promise Aud pos Beautiful Glo rious California. A Cut evid Kutck of a but certain relws the merchant. There. No use of a Man trying to Louceal any Success he May meet with from an observing Public. Is plainly Manifest i in a dozen Dif Ferent ways. John Sunderland s Large Boot and shoe establishment is a striking place in Point. Every detail shows the general Prosperity and gives evidence of the use of abundant Means. There is none of that evidence of mild decay that Marks the shop of the Man who Falls to advertise. There Are no broken boxes littering up the place no remnants stringing around the mixed up mess of Odds and ends in the Corners. There is a Large and very Fine Stock displayed to excellent advantage in a hand some room with plenty of length breadth and height to take it All in. The shop is a separate build incomplete and convenient. Or. Sunderland has agencies which place him in the front rank both in Quality and prices and a locus toners Long ago Learned to take advantage of them. A repentant Hli thayman. Mrs. Wife of the but edit Orrin nay arrived in Salt Lake City the other Day from a visit to her husband who it will be remembered was sentenced to a term of imprisonment in the state prison at Carson for participated up a Tring in the attempt to hold up a train on the Central Pacific Railroad last Winter. The Salt Lake chronicle says mrs. Nay brought with her a bridle made of horse hair and Silver mounted the Handiwork of her husband which is now on exhibition at the Saloon of Wood 4 Whiting and which is to be raffled offer otherwise disposed of for the Benefit of mrs. Nay. If nay had earlier turned his attention to Bri dle making honest labor he would not have been peppered with bunks Bot last Winter and subsequently sentenced to the i tertiary. He is reported to Nave thoroughly repented he misdeeds. 1 injured. The Bodle free Prett of the 16th says Pat Mccarthy a station tender at the. Standard Shaft was seriously Hurt at about 0 o clock last evening while. In the perform Ance of his duty. Mccarthy has been running cars on the surface and had just been changed to the position of fact was working his first shift. A Cage was passing his station that of the. Bulwer Standard when be reached his right hand out to grasp the Bell rope for the purpose of ringing to have the Cage stopped there when his Arm was caught by the Cage and broken in an instant. The fracture was two or three inches above tie Elbow the Bone being broken Square off and the flesh badly mangled. The e _ tournament on wednesday and the Ball in the eve Ning will be interesting features of the week s Sporic the toilet the Oono Loal. Good Tor the who n favorite with ladles came bold l Thuc. A. I ing on their Way to Felon above John Mackay and senator Jones took a stroll in the lower Levels of the Comstock yesterday. It to thought that the indications Are favourable for finding a body of Good Ore on the 3400 level near the Nevada Winze. Or. Mackay has several specimens of free Gold from the lowest attained depth which he will Send to Paris scientists As As it has heretofore been doubted that Gold exists at so great a depth. Crafty the chinese on the Steamer Bio de Janeiro now lying in ban fran Cisco Bay Froni to null Tot Styb a by then did not merchant Werth work los reveille says last month it Cost less than 60 cents per patient a Day to the 8tate insane Asylum. It always costs More to get anew institution started than it does after improvements are1 made. De spite this extra expense at the in sane Asylum at no time has it Cost As it did for care in califor Nia and transportation. Now that the Asylum 1s established it is expected that a very material saving will be effected and the returns of last month show what can be done. A Day for 140 patients makes a saving of a Day or a month or about a Over paid or. Clark the Salt Lake Tribune says in mentioning the Deal cation of elder Reeve assessor and collector of Davis county Utah the Church paper says such instances Are rare. The fact is two thirds of the assessors in the territory Are defaulters and is unaccounted for by these worthies. Salt Lake county too is one of the wont in the territory and when an exposure to made the same Church paper cries out persecution of lord s a picture by a great artto. They that mess Oiler s Don trait of mrs. J. W. Mackay is a fail ure. Mess Oiler to not a portrait Painter bums none the less a great artist. His portrait of Bonaparte s surrounded by old Franl was bought by the late a. Stewart for the greatest Price Ever paid for a picture during life time and the greatest spent in the Bill dog and furnish ing of the Asylum will be made up in Over four years. I "vt11 if he Wight go a Tab her said full of airs a perhaps she if Aid i Don t go a t Nati a Large whale was killed off c., Byj a few Days animal lib seven Cau Oei and literally filled hint with Spears t5 each one of which bladder to keep him afloat the whale pm Holthe Bain with i. Taij but mad dam much for aim. A Byj. Soon Salvia by and a v f. I Infa spa per new Shafert

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