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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 23 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - October 23, 1879, Reno, Nevada Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday october 1879. No. 30. weekly Gazette mining sediment if knit. 1 n Cai. I i l in by i the Minim sediment question bus for years icon one of the most in p Irant issues in California the interests of the Hycl Manlic miners and of i ill. I work mix Prit vent the Skulj will a to i be he 111 ii Lor unit Viv u 1 j. R., w l be i u i a. I l a " f support will it. I Iso Rui Ion of Avi Hsk. If of Niolu i of Miil in us i in a m f i ill u a i in i i if h ii ble the Tbs item we in cd a -00 Reia i and 92 1 be i i nine and to. Len a 1 Al in u 11s of i Iloo a h.i.9 bom in ire or 50j , and its begin there for whisky i i lit t our i a the ii Eli luf ,1, i in n t o a due i Thi y Wie t of the we s by Maii i in Tho it Iii is in ill if in Tuimil from Coin , in. Kind of i a Maui h it Iamo on Hula Whike i ii tires by about to Pel cent. I malt. The Lii Seville Joui-na1 Givoni Iho following do scrip. Of tin method of milking whisky fun k the Why Keut fic a with Iso u f inv suit or c Are. Tirsch the of Tun us -.-Ooiiil, in Pii Rily and Quality Otth Limestone Waer. Ant ins1., but n t the nod. T distil . 1 Coutu in 70 por cent Corn cent Rye 13 p a cent malt while Rye whisky of air i he 83 per cent of Rye and 15 per ecu. Of malt. At Ter Tho 111151 a clients i e m. A which is produced in a Large tub with a Rako to them it is Thun run off into a ferment in Tinnent near which is i Lois room so i rang that it is Easil transported to tha fermenting ribs each of which a a capacity for hold ing thousand of which Plum fully . Isi Alloi Beer. For sour Mash who by Tho fir Menla Tiomi is produced without the a of yeast. Vohen die Fenno nation i effected the Iwer is run into slut i called Beer Well and from taif a pumped up to tha been still. Re vapor now condones in the Litria cop por worm thin producing to firs Low wities and tha first the next Proessl develops tie genuine article. The Low wines arc Puu ipe to a Large and it the Flora Copper still is or filled and Thon doubled by dirt fire undo the still by which Means pure whisk is obtained Aud the distillation cum six states annually produce whisk to the value of Koi Tacky although famous in this Cor Recti on distils Only half As much a Illinois which Heads Tho list wit ton Kentucky scan Indiana four new York three and a Quarter and Paa Sylvani nearly two millions. The enormous increase in the coi sumption of liquor in this country a been in fac of greatly increased cos thus in 1303, when the taxes o whisky were Twenty cents per Gallor the production was while in 1878, with taxes ninety cents the number of Gallons made was 947. The great National importance the whisky Trade May be gathered from the fact that in seven teen years the distillers have paid in to the United states Treasury in Taxe Neaily nine Hundred millions of do Lars. The aim of this article has Bee to treat of whisky from a Commercio standpoint. Its scope does not Alto Root for any reflections upon to moral aspect Gigantic traffic. Spec Tai. Kex Cussion h vt1 n Fin Mars along the Rivers have Long Eon conflicting. Suit after suit has Yeti brought by i lie agriculturists to Strain the miners from miming their filings into the Rivers. Tho u. S. Mil commission now sitting at san rain disco has been gathering facts id of pinups concerning bind Quev b. B. Redding was the other in railed on to give his views of Iho Iii ing debris question and made a Ugues Ion which if carried out would b ably Lead to a peaceful settlement f the whole difficulty. Just North of Llie american River e said Noti Sacramento was a upon which much Money had Cen expended in efforts to reclaim it. T was known As Dis Tibt no. Sic it the Cummen Cement of by Raulio mining this swamp has been lied up considerably above the lied f the River. If a dam were put in in River and its water turned Ironsh a ditch into this it serve As a depository for All the Lili Nijs sent Down Tho boar i Ivor. Swamp of some cams was situated of the s Lento and North of the Feather River by a canal of about four Miles in Ongath the charged Waters of the pubs a and Fea her livers could be made to their sediment Here. A in go rna of useless land might be reclaim d in this simple manner. It would in n practical solution of the debris i Mouldy As was proved by the opera ions on Butte Creek where a like rouble had been adjusted in this Vinner by Tho mining companies of Lutto county. The debris after a few years fallowing formed a Rich Loam my the land thus produced would be he richest in the stale. The owners if swamp land District would in glad if the debris could be Epos Ted on this land. The Only difficulty the execution of this work was Tho question As to who should Bear the most of the construction of canals. This opinion comes from the Best authority on land Mattery in Gulifor 1111, and the plan proposed appears the Only practical Way Oul of the slickers trouble. To in Cointot Lilito people who May Wuh to attend the reception at sur Ramunto next wednesday the Central Pacific company has unan ged to sell excursion tickets at very Low rates. Instructions have Hern issued to agents to Tell special tickets to Sacramento and return by arriving there on the i its and 23d inst int on the occasion of the reception of general Gim. Two thirds regular Tariff round rates void after Friday the 24th. Passengers from nun ticket office stations Onn pay cup in Tois to the first ticket office station and their Purchase the leading features of Tho Celebration at Sacramento will be a grand profession and a review and speeches it the Capitol. In the evening there will to a Fine display of fireworks it the 7apitol grounds music by the bunds on the Balcony a Genorn illumination of the grounds with coloured lanterns., also an illumination of the dome Anil building a reception in the Assembly chamber by general glint and a reception in the Striate chum her by Grant. Cohns hos t Ali jul suit tie Comins Hoyt libel suit will lie Irful in ii Ini Ilton Early next month thu Case is Biilly this a. V. Toyt eve published of the Chun y Creek Fude i it fent in his Piper scale senator Vinings of White finn had Lold ii Voles in the leis Bitmon lust Winter. secured Hoyt s indictment for libel by the grand jury of White Pine. It is stilted Blidt supt. Yerrington of the v. Road s. T. Gigs of the Central Pacific supt. Everts of the e. P., Mackay and fair together with Many of the members of the late legislature have been summoned to appear As witnesses in the Case. The suit is attracting a great Deal of at Tention. Season in Lamoille Valley. The Chi Cago him have advised Tho grower thit the Grain is fur Superior for must ing any they have seen in this country and offer a much higher Price for All such Grain than is paid for the Besl Quality in Iho Eastern Market Farmers in this Section would do Well to procure some of this Chevalier Barley for Sid. It might prove a very profitable crop in our valleys. Judge Morrison of Francisco wednesday declared the marriage of w. Smith with Amici Carpenter on the ground that the divorce from his former wife which so nil obtained in Arizona was unlawfully granted. It will be remembered that the divorce which Smith obtained by an net of the Arizona legislature occasioned a very dirty scandal at the Lime. The basis of the decision is Thiu Smith was never a resident of Arizona Aud hence the divorce was illegal. Parker the pen seller who was in Assurance of a still greater Victory for the republicans than Wilsac first announced. I general says Llie Enstein cities Are waiting impatiently for Grant s arrival. He says Chicago will turn out in Masse to Welcome him. Bodie is free from any Caes of pneumonia jut now. Of Ichthis a whole town killed. , oct. A do Putch from Tucson Arizona says a i special to the daily Star from Silver City new says Tho indians have been committing terrible depredations in the Rio Grande Valley and Southwest of fort cumin irs for several Days past. The people of the town of Colorado have heir besi a Rajit is coming. Times coming. During the first week in october Iver shares per Day changed kinds through the York Stock Exchange. Through the influence of the Rosin option of specie payment the Levy Grain crop Here and the Short crops in Europe and the refunding Irb Cess which has tended to keep in Erest Down and Money easy Specula a wild in the East and every form it business is carried on under full sail. Since August first thirty nine millions of dollars have come Iii from Europe and Aboul fifteen millions Are now on the water. The Pacific coast will beyond question feel the Good effects of this improved Condi Tion of the Eastern states. Nevada already has. Many mines being opened by capital from new York and the Best of it is that they open Well. D. K. Sessions who yesterday morning returned from a Long trip Over Eastern Nevada says that the utmost Confidence prevails in every county of the state. He says Tuscarora never looked so Well. Eureka has the Best of prospects. Pioche is Only waiting for Law suits to end in order to have a Boom. Lander county will Start up like a giant unbound when the Railroad is finished. Churchill county will stand in line with Humboldt and Washoe Aud the Comstock will be the King pin. We Are about a year behind the states with our depressions and our revivals and we Are getting ready for a glorious season next year. Typhoid fever is quite prevalent in Virginia City. General Grant left Portland yester Day of the a earner St. Paul. He will be received in Sacramento next wednesday with Public honors. On our third Page will be found an account of an excursion which bus been organized at Truckee to attend the re Coplion Sacramento. As yet Reno citizens have taken no action towards making any Demon stration when Grant arrives Here Truckee has an organized committee of reception and Grant will be received there with a rousing Welcome. Will not some of our citizens move in the matter editorial nuts. Reno a month or two ago has got into trouble in Montana. The Helena Ifert Calls him a fat a pen a burls bodied crop headed and and re fers to his swindling it appears that Parker attempted to ply Hig Trade in Tho territory without a and was arrested in Conse Quence. He was compelled to Dis Gorge As the Herald puts it of his ill gotten before another fortnight Grant will be in Reno. The Man is deserving of a Hearty Welcome from All Good Citi Zens of the United states it is High time that something were done to secure him a warn reception. A Citi Zens meeting should be called immediately Imd a committee appointed to take the matter in hand. Iii died and fighting since saturday. On Sun Day a Volunteer company of thirty men under capt John c. Crunch went from Mesilla and graces to their Aid. They met 100 indians near Colo Rado eighteen Miles from Saoeni Pacific coast items. Plenty of Raul in Eureka. St aria i in a is prevalent in Truckee. The Alert son Topeka and Santa of have engines in Tucson collect ing data. The of taxation in county is 55 on the valuation of to. The first rain for Throe months to on Fulling it Salt Lake Utah on the 7th instant. All the Arizona papers arc now Agi Tating i m the establishment of a mint in thu the Nilore. It is Saied that Gold is known to exist in Over fifty different localities in the territory of new Mexico. A women known As j Ennison died suddenly it Inyo county last week from Over indulgence in opium. A Bodic paper Sny apparently with Pricilo that Jodie a the Only City of inhabitants in the world which 1ms no the ruin which commenced on the with of Ihu washed out about Miles of Llie s. At to i to Summit in Arizona. Tie is eighteen inches deep Ott t i.uv., ii1.13ci1 ranch on the ride of the Road. Alien immediately Surro Imd a severe tight the volunteers were com to fall Back. They had a runing lil it into Sloe in i Meh. The killed were w. T. Jones county clerk of county and four mexi onus. The Wagon trains were captured yesterday non in one of them eleven men one woman and a child were killed. In the thur All hands escaped. Corpse i lie my the Rovid. The number of people known to have been killed within the Pust four or five Dynya no Gigato about forty is Tho most per Sintoni fighting Tho indians have Ever been known to do in this Section. They Era in Large bands and seem deter mined to slay in the country and make general warfare. The Ohio Victory. Foster s Mii Jority fully be Alcan Gurii the newspapers have been full of contradictory and exaggerated reports of Tho work being done in the Como District and in order that the truth might be Given to the Public the Gazette sent a reporter to see what there was there and what work was going on. One paper had a ten stamp Mill finning another had immense hotels livery stables Etc. Quather big developments and a Prospect for divid ends. The subscribers of the Gazette will find the Plain unvarnished truth in another column of this paper. We desire to Call the attention of our readers to the annual half meet ing of the n. A. M. M. Society now in Progress at Carson. The Good people of Carson contributed their share towards the Success of the late fair in Beno and ours should return the compliment. A visit to the Capi Al is in itself attractive and with the inducements of half fare and Good Reno should w Well repro the latest news Fiton Iowa is to Tho effect that the election returns do not change the totals from the figures and estimates of the Republican Strite Central committee As sent previously. Gov. Gears majority Over All his competitors will be his majority Over Trimble Democrat will be about the Coroner s jury in the inquest on victims of Tho Railroad disaster at Jackson Michigan found that col Well the Yard master was criminally neglectful of his duty in allowing the switch engine on the main track at a time when the express train was due. The verdict also censures several other employees. The horses now lend a the match Between Man and beast at san fran at 9 p. M. Last night the score stood Brodere 147, Wilcox 118, new Hoff 119, Mcalpine 103, Guerrero 142, Denver Jim 135, Mccarthy 158, Pinafore 102, hoodlum 159. If the world is not All Given to lying there is a Fine Sierra Nevada. The late developments Are reported to be very promising. And yet dealers in san Francisco began to unload wednesday la seems to be Corid Metis oct. Few now Fig ures have been received Here to Day b y either committee but the Republican committee after gathering re turns from sources Leport to right that according to their Tigues Foster s majority will be somewhere near it will take the full offi Cial figures us of cannot be obtained for some Days to decide sch Bitely what the exact majority will be. It was reported this morning that mounts the Republican candidate for senator in Butler Warren District had been Defeated by one vote but this afternoon the Republican com Mittee have notified that he was elected by twelve majority. This gives the republicans 22 senators and the democrats 15. According to the Best figures obtainable there pub Laicans have elected 70 members of the lower House. Come bus oct. 18, tie returns from 84 out of 88 counties give Foster rep a Timonty. The other counties will make it indians scarce it White Klybor their habit to Copper the Comstock. All news from a Rawlins Wyoming Telegraph says a courier just in from Merrill s command reports that the troops Are at White River Agency that they have been scouting throughout the coun try for fifty Miles about them and have been unable to find a single in Dian. It is evident that the indians have gone South and split into Small bands going into the various agencies. The troops will have All Winter Campaign to ferret out those of the Savage tribe who brought of trouble. The the official count in California. Seated at Carson this week. The Speed programme of to Morrow will be found on our third Page. The Independent says that some samples of Chevalier Barley were sent from Elko to a Large malt House in Chicago. Tie Barley was grown this a summary of the assessment Roll of Washoe county for Tho current year will be found on another Page. It is Gratifying to Cote a increase of nearly Over the valuation of last year. Several counties in the state show a diminished Roll this year. The Jumo Hippo contest began in san Francisco wednesday. Two of the seven men entered failed to Start and Only six horses came the score. Oue of the horses in the Mutch is Denver Jim of the Bronco school exhibited in Reno last summer. The latest news from Ohio confirms the dispatches of bring from the Sacramento Bee. Secretary of stale Beck having received the official Vole of san fran Cisco in the late election has com piled and submitted to governor Irwin the result of the election in Cali fornia september 3. The returns show that Perkins received votes Glenn White Clark 119. Myrick is the Only re publican elected to the supreme Bench his vote exceeding that of Belcher by a few Hundred. The ladies in Eureka Are now enjoying a splendid season for display ing the latest styles of Eureka men stand around the Street Comers perfectly willing to take in the new fashions. and is to be three Ive. Deep in he higher summits. The drummers int end to contest Iho Validity of the and Are inking a Cense to like be fore u. S. Julye Stephen j. Field. The supervisors of Sierra county have been indicted by the grand jury for to Causo the books of the county Ollices to be Exon inc. Colonel Guy chief Engineer of the Southern Pae Ilic Railroad is authority for the i Ute Iseih Ilia the Road will be comp Leveil to Llie Rio Ruudi in Liften inon mis. A writer of Tho Fresno expositor named j. Tilford gives a most mysterious account of the discovery of some Aztec remains in the Middle Fork of King s River. Foss the famous Geyser Blama Driver has written to Hank Monk the famous Nevada stage Driver who put or. Grec Lcy through offering a situation on his line. A Young or. Stapleton of Socoro new Mexico was recently attacked by a Large band of indians of whom he Laid Awny five. Stall Etc was wounded severely in the knee. Suys the Arizona Miner the chinese Are talking about reducing their expenses. They propose to live on half rations of Rice and stolen chickens. Happy thought. The Carson guards will be presented with a Beautiful silk Flag by a number of indies who Admire the Stylo in which they overcame their opponents it the fair at Ruo. Alder say s the times review makes excellent fuel nearly As Good aspic and far Superior to Cottonwood. Dry Willow is also tolerable fuel prefer bib in Many respects to Cottonwood. The roads toward Goose Luke Val Ley in Southeastern Oregon Are lined with Emilj Raytsin All kinds of vehicles going to Lake county in the Vicinity of Lakeview and the valleys North Ward. Apache county Arizona has settled up at a rapid rate this summer. People from new Mexico who own Largo herds of sheep have driven them in selected Stock ranges and become taxpayers in the new country. A shooting affair took place in Globe City Arizona last. Thos. Kerr shot and killed his partner Joseph Kilneo. The latter was lying asleep of his bed when Kerr Cate up and fired two shots at him both Tak ing effect. He died almost instantly. Kerr has been arrested. A Woodland gentleman from Bod b was asked what he thought of the country lie replied there Are bal three things at mines Little minus nil whiskey shops in. Other words Ophir holes Gopher holes and Loafer monstrous wild cat attacked Tom Short last week in Ruby Valley. Tom Drew an enormous Jack knife Cut out the Bens s heart and the animal sub sequently died. Tho bite weighed 200 pounds. Short s neighbor lost a horse some weeks ago. It was the up to the present time Only it Small cent of this year s wheat production has been shipped from Healdsburg the Farmers generally prefer ring to hold in anticipation of higher prices. At the grangers warehouse upward of 2000 tons Are now stored the building being almost completely filled the oily space remaining being in the paper newspaper

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