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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 18 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - October 18, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. 8. Reno weekly Gazette Reno Washoe county. Nevada. Thursday. Of tuber 18. 1883. No. 26. Kab by thou Day. By . L. Eulton proprietor Auu b. Mam Boihem or a mlle one your by Jujj year by 1 to All Purta of butt ural hates 0v Adver Tisho a one month weekly due both Legal and Cominer work. A m Mut Citlai. The Democrato opposition to Butler in Boston will probably amount to very Little. A few May break from the ticket but the act will be Little More than a and in supplying a fund for Butler s sarcasm Wilt do him More Rood than harm. Builer is full of resources and is trying to make1 this canvass on the theory that he is a Martyr whom the swells of Harvard and Beacon Street Are trying to because a Young married lady in need of a Little her Fri itally and Lua position to offer a girl a pleasant Home recently visited the office of the san Francisco boys and girls Aid society to procure such House hold Aid. The information Given was that the girls were video for As fart As they came Luto the care of the society and pres ent there was not one on hand. Boys were plenty but the demand for girls was greater than the sup ply. The says this demand has sprung up largely since the chinese restriction act went Luto operation. When the chinese were coming the rate of a thousand a week the raw article could be had almost any Price. But the Chi Nese now Here experienced ser vants and command fair wages. The houses of what Are termed the Middle clashes Are How open in con to american girls. There Are Numy ladles with Small families who cannot quite get along with out help to whom a willing if experienced girl is help enough. is much better for All concerned except the chinese that such household assistance a sought father among our own people than from a we religion stamp Ard of morals and social customs Are so different from our own As Case with the chinese. The 4nct that a comfortable Home can be a am ample of the Comstock management in Montana. Speaking Cable mine Daer Lodge Montana the Hel Ena Herald says in a comparatively Small body of White Quartz of less than than two tons weight very nearly was secured and made off with by a number or the men employed in the development Force. Of this Jarge amount of treasure Only admit was re covered by the owners. The guilty one caught confessed to his theft mighty sacrifices he has tried to disgorged his part of the plunder serve the state and especially the and implicated those who had found for any Young girl who is willing to make herself useful must be a Relief to parents in poor Circum stances whose daughters an age Are compelled to Coutris Bute to their own support. And especially poor of the state. is just Possi that Butler started the opposition himself that he might have a new fund on which o draw for sym Pathy. Benjamin in geology would be termed a Tough hard forma there is now on exhibition the american exposition in Boston a Patent life saving Mattrass which is said to be As perfect a thing in us Way As could possibly be de signed. Of the third of this month one of these mattresses was thrown into the Whirlpool Niagara Falls the Point where the late Captain met his death. A Large number of people were present. The mat Trania remained in the Wilri Pool just one hour in Plain sight. was not sucked Down turned Over or out of sight during the whole hour. Suddenly shot put of the Whirlpool and commenced to rapidly float Down the River. When secured was found to be inuit a slight discoloration of the an excavation near Woodward s gardens is reported to have resulted in the discovery of the Skeleton of a or several of them. Possi Bly ?.t is tha Skeleton of the Homo fellow1 who made the big prehistoric foot prints Canton which have been puzzling the says the shared in the robbery and the amounts they one after another skipped the country with. This Man was let condition to the confession and the giving up of share of the stealing. His associates scattered and placed them beyond the states in , and one least put the Between him Ami America. The theft was first unmasked by one or More of those concerned by heedlessly sending numbers of Rich specimens to Helenn where they disposed of High Fig ures. For one of these Quarti pieces of less than a Pound weight a Milt of clothes with an overcoat a lilt to were exchanged. Several of these Rich and Beautiful spec Lens of White Quartz with protruding upon All sides of them adorn a number of Helena cabinets. my papa. What is transpiring the Silver state of the Lith lost says yesterday eleven oars beef cattle were shipped from Iron Point to Poley Heilbron a co., san fran Cisco. Two teams belonging to w. B. Todhunter. Left Here to Day loaded with pounds of freight for his ranch White hone or. P. G. Hatcher of Paradise shipped a car Load of fide Oregon horses from this station Francisco yesterday. The animals were of Good size Young and Well broken. is rumoured that six horse stages will be put on the line be tween this place and Boise City Idaho shortly. From Silver City Boise City and South Western Idaho generally can save time and considerable Money in going to and from san Francuck by patronising the Sage line. M. S. Bonnifield returned from Austin taut night where he has been defending what is known As cattle were were 13 indictments Ami nine defendants were arrested. Two defendants pleaded guilty one was convicted live were acquitted and one Case continued for the term. Cattle thieves beven0e. Jul vow a Coon you see hundreds of men Days or. Till who Are successful Only because there a a reason Home Why they Are successful. If irian marry a Good honest soul he makes Bis Fortune if he marry a fool the lord help him. The wife nay be a silent partner in the firm there May be Only masculine voices the Exchange but there often Cornea from the Home Circle a potential and elevating influence the woman of Shn Neni whose Home the Prophet Elisha stopped was a great woman and the Superior of her husband. He As far As i can understand was what we often find in our Day a Man of Large Fortune and Only a modicum of brains intensely quiet sitting a Long time in the same place with moving hand or foot if you say yes responding Yea if you say no responding no inane eyes half abut Mouth wide open maintain ing his position la society Only be be Lias a Large Patrimony. His wife belonged to that class of people who need no name to do Stan Cush them no title of Princess or she was great in her hos presence in san Francisco can be explained on the supposition that having made a in Nevada mines he moved Down to the Bay to enjoy the of Izai Ion. There Are some precedents which give thin theory a historical if not a scientific support. Pust matter general ores am u doing his utmost to make the Post office department self Sustal tue notwithstanding the recent reduction in letter postage. In Many they try to destroy with by Namle. A Pawling n. A special to the Tribune tells a Story of depredations of cattle thieves and their Dis covery and of their revenge upon those wild disclosed their name. o clock on Friday night Home person threw a dynamite Cartridge through the window of a room occupied by Emch family. Mrs. Of Auh and her baby were in bed and John Ana Smuel were in u Large room a Raider seized a doubt bar ruled Shotgun and started toward the Dovir. Tie the Gelind fallen upon a table near the window upon which were a tin pull. The sex Ulo inn blew pieces of the pan and pall into Graner s body destroyed every window on the floor and split the floor underneath. Mrs. Beach and the infant were knocked senseless while Beach was blown from the main room to the bedroom and when he recovered conscious f hanging Over the bedroom window. Graner is not expected to live an unhappy Koltor. The late Sanis to have had a bad affect upon the editor of the Greenville bulletin. He Neems to be a Little Colicky so to speak be a . Native Gold the three then band one Hundred level. There is no special change in the Union deep Winze to the level says the Virginia chronicle of tie Lith inst. The Progress is slow owing to the hard material in the Bottom. They Are not yet Down far enough of the Quartz Streak Dis covered recently to judge As to its permanency. This Winze tie deepest Point in the Earth where Gold has been found. The impression has generally prevailed on this coast that Sliver Only is met with so great a depth but the fact native Gold being visible in the quarts found a depth of feet a caters Mil Inch theories to the wind. A Sample of Ore wan taken by Captain John Kelly from the Union deep wince last tuesday assay ing in Gold and a Small pro portion of Silver. The Sample was mat selected but was taken from the Lackful of one brought out by Captain Kelly. Uoveb2inbmt Aid Ahard. The miners California ask fee Prato Tom. The miners of California have very justly resolved that an Industry which has turned into the channels of Commerce the sum of of Gold and which can furnish a still larger sum is certainly worthy of Protection by our government which has in All ways profited to largely by and which Lianas yet never contributed one Collar toils Aid or Protection. la View of the imm Etise sums of Money a huh have neen appropriated for Bug North pole and astronomical expeditions would seem As if the California miners were justified in nuking an appropriation to Gio Puie in Iceni relieve the injuries claimed to be matter done by the debris from the mines -1 especially As they to furnish artificial eggs have recently geared in the Market Portland Maine and have stood every except that of experiments in this line having Betm. Yet extensive enough to Warrak the conclusion that they will All. Prove a failure. The Shell of artificial egg is made of paper with the addition tit a Ilithe of Paris. The lining inem Ranata made of very Fine tissue paper soaked in paraffin. The White or the egg a of refined gelatine or reduced to the proper and the Yolk of Cocoa but and Cotton seed Oil which when mixed in certain proportions font a globule which is covered by plea pity. Jupiter has the surname of tie and he was old to wrongs of rangers. Homer extolled hospitality in his verse. The arabs Weie Pun Calliona about . Bow the tub. Correspondent of the ton capital says a broker Friend of mine says firm Are borrowing nil the money1 they Walt two per cent a year and charging Cue Tomera six per cent. For of . We cleared 000 on interests alone in the month of augus said my Friend. When Cui toners order us to buy cer Tain shares of Stock for them they ii ten per cent of the total in arid that makes us re for a Tenety per cent. If the Stock is left Idle on our hands to of 80, you if the Market a Lively the profit lies the if Market la lathe interest Vise we of cases the kudu Criminate cutting Down of the salaries of postmasters will doubtless prove real hard but the department seems to be of the opinion that the Cao be run for less Money without destroying the efficiency of the ser vice. Lawrence mass., has 109 female teachers of whom seven marry every year. The Lowell citizen thinks must be an awful Strain on those seven women to marry so often. Foraker went Down like a Man. He fought consistently for temper Ance and Tariff to the he is More glorious in defeat than the time Serai of Hoadley is in Victory. is said to lat several citizens of Nevada will be found willing to go to Congress. Both parties have aspirants. Sixteen hotels in Chicago Are assessed the Heaters Are valued a Chance ftr1 Floral to Tenten. Under the above heading the Virginia site sprite aptly says in the person of Wright Leroy the recently Conr acted murderer of Kerr let the romantic Maidens of Hari Francisco have another Strang Ler who to the recep Tion of delicate attentions and bids upon Hla affections. As Leroy strangled a Man he will probably not be considered so awfully Nice As by the Way. H still and Man whose hooked paws pinched the Peasand of a Young girl and forever choked cause Reno intends to have a week s racing the agricultural dec Katy s grounds the. Latter part of this month. Whether the trustees of the last fair held omitted to Send him a pans or whether to bet on the losing horse Are imply matters of conjecture but his notice of the coming races would to think that lie lost a Dollar or two in some Way. In any event the gentleman should not allow his temper to so prejudice his mind Ait to Calif a him to wander so far from the truth As he does in the article referred to. The gentlemen who have the matter in charge Are work ing hard to give a week s racing. They have Hung up Liberal purses and All visitors will be Well treated. Come Down brother Mulholland and have a Good time. Bad management. Many a mine is abandoned and reported too poor to pay for working when the fault is not in the mine but in the the inde pendent says the Sacramento mine shut Down some time ago be cause would not pay. Or. Van Epps the superintendent gave four i mexicans the privilege of working the mine to have what they could make and this is the result so far four men four weeks in the mine. 15 tons of Ore one Alastra worked by one mule and one of Tebei four men to drive him the mine Speaks for sixty one dollars per week per Man is not bad pay and that too from a mine that would not pay the owners anything. There Are More Baulky i Drivers than Baulky horses and More bad Man agers than bad mines. We know of ran the owners in other parties make plenty death of col. Davra. Colonel. A. W. Davies died Bridgeport Mono county califor Nia wednesday morning. He was for Many years a leading Mem Ber of the nubby county bar and one time represented the county in the lower House of the Nevada legislature. No particulars were received As to the cause of death. Deceased leaves a Young wife and Pufunt child besides three grown up sons by a former wife. Colonel Davies who was a son in Law of the late Hal Clayton arrived in Carson with his family soon after the close of the civil War having served with distinction in both the Confederate army and Navy. He was a native of one of the Cotton states and before the War was possessed of a comfortable Fortune which the emancipation proclamation. Rendered valueless. For a Man reared in the political Faith of Calhoun he was possessed of Broad and Liberal political ideas and under the most Adverse Circum stances never forgot that he was bred a gentleman1. An equal amount. Congress spends millions of Volura in the interest of Commerce but As isolated nothing for the mining Industry which since 1848, hair added in Gold and Silver alone to tie sub Stantial wealth of this country sides and supporting other industries which have advanced the development of this a Outry More than a Hundred Yeara. Mekee items. The Republican of the 10th inst. Contains the following liver men and loggers Are Busy potting a Tuler Winter s Supply of and Bangs sus Pended in the gelatine. The Man Ner in which the White and Yolk Are got within the Shell yet a secret with the will keep until the Hato Iofi qualities of the new egg Are perfected. In the eggs Are very much Mou tit for Ami crowding the Oil fashion so Hen fruit out of the Raar Kot. Hay. The Truckee lumber company a Grauu loner indicted. The grand jury now in session Winnemucca his presented an David Groux chairman of the Pard of county Coumis Sonere. Offence on which the indict ment ii based is that of letting a contract to parties with whom he was punishment is forfeiture of of lace a Fine not exceeding or imprisonment tit tue a aunty tall or. Ger Oil is a Elk his esteem Ned a Lizeri of win Nei Nutza add the Liu Clment has created a the Jaulis Over american an Eastern newspaper says american singers h ave made a much greater Mark in great Brit Ain than american actors notwithstanding the conspicuous absence in America of Long established academies and Cotton of. J the adds stud dry a fit Ili will scarcely account for the number of Good voices produced Iii America for one effect of the Atner Ioan Clio motels apparently to Pinch the to Throat ant cads the pm elect Toufeic and of 1 an unlucky Rand. The celebrated new York Dia mond which is now exciting much interest throughout the East has a singular history. The Diamond was found in a Diamond Field la South Africa by a labourer 4 years ago. He was overjoyed when he beheld his great Bat his Joy soon turned to fear As he thought of the probability of his companions learning of the valuable Stone. He endear ored to conceal his Luck but his actions betrayed him and he was murdered by a Man who in turn met a like Fato and before the Stone reached this country Cost four lives the last owner in dying gave the Diamond to a native who bartered to Asea Captain from whom was purchased quite a matrimonial Boom. Near reports of a number of wed dings Here in the near future. There is an item going the Ronnda headed poker in shall not publish . Poker in to Aurora has disgusted us. With whole subject matter. If the world does not come to to end this month As predicted by moslem we Snail never prepare our ascension Robes Airai. Thea periodical expense for frilling night gown with trains is becoming bar Denso me beyond toleration. Auoad business. the annual meeting of Stock Bolders of the Nevada Bank held in san j. C. Flood Mackay j. Francisco yesterday j. G. Fair j. We flood and j. Blander who Between them hold All the Stock were elected direct the net profits year were was carried Over As a Reserve fund making total Reserve the remaining was carried to new account. The Exchange bus iness for the hut year foots in _ War a dispatch from Paris says that inti expected that general Haussler commandant of the 10th army corps will succeed general Thibau Dan As minister of War. This. M j9 the 6an Francisco exe Hanff la lumping from the Fry log Psi the fire with a vengeance. Min ister thl Bardln was forced to resin because he was saucy to King Duso yet they appoint As lessor a Man who is. Sausett Tiv by Range people weight of which Oyer pounds each. 7 a 18-yeaf.bld lad Utah had his death Bece title Mot impeller Adly Cru Heck wind As the attending the patient not Aroma to was found Nevei Pryor whoa an a thetic was admin in death Tarn was Oon Plean. 9 october 18, 18t Cove Bekc confidences governer Murray of Utah has sent a report to the Secretary the Interior. He says there has Jong existed in Utah a combination to nullify the Laws of Congress. Tala conspiracy led to open rebel lion one time and continues to and defeat the Plain will of of ingress and he the act of Congress of 62, dealing with its a flairs meet not Only spiritual tempera assistance. He Calls also to the violation of the act of 62, which declares for any corporation or association for religious or Charlta ble purposes to acquire or hold real estate of greater value than within any City id any territory the mormon Church according to bit Ojai. Alvah h. Doan a clerk in the pen Sion office has invented a method of displaying weather signals in the country for the Benefit of which May be adopted by the Sig Nal service Bureau. provides for a system of signal flags Tobojk Viown As the farmers1 signal flags which Are to be displayed from the sides of the United states mall cars which pass rapidly and continually Over the country on the great net work of tracks. The flags will Sig Nal information As follows Twylte meaning Clear weather Blue fair weather red doubtful weather and Black Stormy weather or High winds. The signals can be ordered up from Washington by Telegraph and the Cost of the entire system is said to be insignificant. Bunp App relented by the a general convention. There Are eighteen missionary Bishops attending the episcopal convention in Philadelphia one of whom is . Rev. O. W. Whitaker of this state. Each one is called upon to address the convention and describe the condition of his charge. A Friend of the Gaza Tab who is in says that Bishop Whitaker s address to celled with the warmest a noise and enlisted substantial Aid both for the Church and his school. Strangers were surprised and friends de la noted hearing such an address from so dista a Post and the highest Praise came from the brightest minds. Perhaps the Bishop attracted still More Atten Tion because though his words were classic and his thoughts Fine yet circumstances compelled him methodist ministers mingling ric4wnre with business. The following letter late but Good. Lack of space prevents the Iblis Bingo an interesting trip to Southern California to bucket october 12. Editor Gazette is not often that a Bishop in the methodist Church is treated to a dog show but so was the meeting of the Nevada conference the other week Truckee. An entertainment was Given by the. People of the town and Bishop Warren and the Mem Bers of the conference1 invited. The most part1 of the gramme was the performance of a Fine dog the property of or. H he could jump through hoops one two or three a time pick up his Hind leg with his Mouth and thus walk around the room Circle around until Bis tall was likewise and follow the Lead of its master place one of his forelegs own Beer makers i that next to Texas the territory of Wyoming is the great National Ture and Ite cattle Are counted by millions. The largest owner of cattle is a joint Stock company known As the Swan outfit of Cheyenne which owns head. They Are Worth Over two and a half million dollars. Judge j. M.-. Carey of cheer Enne owns Bead. He refused a million Aud a half for his property last year. He is mayor of Chey Enne. N. R. Davis has head. Searight bros., both of the above firms Ari Cheyenne. Scott a Hanks of powder River cattle Pratt a Ferris Pine Bluff Fremeau bros., powder River. They refused a million and a half Peter a Alston powder River 000 or. Harris of Laramie Over Raj let. A an Tenyer Lime and name. The following from state superintendent c. S. Yon no was received yesterday morning with the request that be published the annual state teachers Institute will hold the session of 1888 Reno Nevada commencing Decem Ber 27, and continuing four Days. Prominent educators of Nevada Artif California will be present to discuss educational topics of interest to the teachers patrons and other friends of bur1 Public school sys Tamu among live educators every and especially in conventions of teachers held in our sister the so called new education and the improved methods of teaching Are just now receiving marked tent on. This agitation is said to be a bins much Good and whatever news paper
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