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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 16 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - October 16, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. Thursday october 16, 1879. A i f v--1 Rev a Reno weekly Gazette Maliu Del my thu Suzy ill . by mini .210 of till Telly rail by in urls re no it cents per week. Tha subscription Price of the evening will hereafter be Sis doll n in t and if i 1.1 and Vaiscy to n Tho Lim Liiri in thi3c.jun Vic will lie in useful no a jilt is an its support will Warr int. By m Toi Al to the More about Grant. Grant will stand by the big ditch to the last More i Idorh to shoot. Is. Peters Borci oct. Regulations have been issued authorizing the police to ii of disperse threatening crowds. A Viva Loti on Conill Tiona Berlin oct. Gnus to Varzen his estate in to Day " the emperor granted him five months furlough on condition that he super intend any a mines of m Ore than Ordinary importance arising during that period. I a Nurul Buttle fought. London oct chilian and the peruvian fleets have had in engagement of Mejillones the Peru Vian rum Huascar was Cit tue. Murphy walking a Way with it. New York 18 year old boy Murphy Laid in the walk fur the o Leary Bolt and at 9 a. M. The Stoid Allen 290, Briordy 281, cur Iii 232, i Jer 330, Ilo did 284, Miu Muy 278, Muphy 314, Pierce 250, rns Aell 279, Spellicy 290, Walker 278. Twenty Moil drawn nil. Halifax oct. The loss of a fishing boat o3 Prince Edward s a nuns d. Healy and Twenty others were drowned. Mend Erlna Mich Lusu. Albion Mich oct. Large balloon passed Over at 9 a. H. Cd Long Southwest rapidly at a Groat Chii lit und to All appearance cur a attached. Lit Vine lit Jiniv Yurkut London oct. 0. Maiden plate for two Ymir Olds at Newmarket was on by Sanford s mirth Martinet Sec Ond Goody two shoes third. Mote jct los to yellow fever Memphis oct More new unto and six deaths reported the Grunt in moly Piu Klud new a cock oct. Sun has this Washington spatial. Announce ment 13 formally made from Sao fian Ciao that u. S. Grant or. Is engaged to Many the marriage is to be a Royal affair. Also that Adolph e. Bogie who was Mido Secretary of the Navy ten years ago with the in Job funding that Adam Paiker was to Poi form the duties of the office in tends to make Grant heir to his Large estate. A Cuttle plague in sew York new York oct. 9 Rouia is making riving is among cattle in Putnam county n y 33 hav up died in 3 in a Small neighbor Hood notwithstanding pre cautions to provent the disease. It is Ovid to have been so right by n hell Ril cattle the Oil which passed plough the county Meas Una Are being taken to Quai Quitine Thodi Stiitt. The of lint Boom Elf Lens Philadelphia oct. Var Ney Gaskins prominent Tennessee the publican now in this City says his party in that state ate almost unanimous in desiring the nomination of giant and believes with proper organization Tennessee might be put squarely in the Republican column for 3iant. They want postmaster Gen eral key to have the second place on the Tii Kut. T of the Indian War. Chicago oct. 9 new re Garding the Indian Ivar has been received at headquarter a this morning officers express great satisfaction with the notion of capt. Dodge and his coloured troops who first returned. Payne although under no Oid ors to do so made a perilous March through an infested country with forty men und forced his Way through the Sun noes to the Camp with unequalled valor and Pluck. The indians have be Gnu in hatred for those coloured troops which latter return the same with in Terest. Gen. Merritt s report is criticised at giving no important fact respecting the situation on milk River it j being taken up with Laud actions of various subordinates. It is believed that the consolidated commands Aff by this time in route the White River Agency. The Gre it St interest is manifested for the of that Post. The report that the indians have been killing the men and curing fur the woman is Dis credited. Cit site of the ote outbreak. New oct. World s Washington special tells the same old thus chief clerk Brooks of the Indian office speaking to Day of the Ute outbreak said not Long ago two gentlemen interest Din mining brought to the Interior department several specimens of Gold Ore gathered from the Centre of the reservation and and Viaud Secic tary Schuiz to lose no time in negotiating for the free use of that District for mining purposes. The visitors Weie informed that got nations would involve the abrogation of the treaty which expressly provides that the reservation shall not be trespassed upon except by the authority of the government. Well if you wont open the Way to the mines for us we shall open one the visitors replied. Said Brooksi is the . With utter disregard of treaties they raid any Section that they think will be kicking Jogn list machine. New York oct. Inde pendent Republican executive com Mittee address a letter to the Union league club asking the co operation of it members in their endeavours to elect the Republican state ticket excepting Cornell and Soule. Tot Toni Mill burned in Franco. Paris oct. 9. A portion of a Large Cotton Mill at Mendres contain ing bin Lea is burned. Dam age Tel. Ulrev Lulea. A Rochester dispatch says that Ediin sequin the Singer is dead. At Sunby penn., Peter my a Tollie Maguiro was hanged to Day for the murder of Coroner John o Neil sentenced to be hanged at the same time was reprieved last night. A boiler explosion in Dye works it Halifax to Day killed rive persons. I Railroad. Disaster. The Pacific express wrecked. To dirty five passengers killed and thirty wounded. Kaurona Accident Mich oct. Seri Ous and painful Accident pc curled on the Michigan Central k. R a Short distance oust of the Junction ii built 1 o clock this morning. The Pacific express train bound West which left deficit ten minutes late collided with a switch engine in the main track at that place telescoping the baggage and pop less car and piling the remaining coaches eleven in number on top of the others. The first coach was holed with emigrants a not of whom were killed or seriously i injured. Many occupants of the other coaches were also killed or injured it is sup posed that Thucie Are about 20 to 35 passengers killed and 20 to 39 wounded the majority of the number Are thought to be emigrants and second class pass Engels. Physicians and surgeons were at once summoned from Jackson to the scene of the disaster and a special train carrying physicians left Detroit at five a. M. A Large Foice of Railroad employees together with u Laige number of the citizens of Jackson Are on the ground engaged in the work of extricating bodies from the wreck the Railroad officials and surgeons Are busily at work among the wounded doing everything in their Power to alleviate their suffering. Names of the killed and we undid will be sent As soon As can be ascertained. Uncovering the bodies. Up to noon 18 dead bodies Hud been taken from the wreck of the express train 10 of whom v e taken from the Emigrant car and i not yet been identified. The i Ifield killed Are m. Filbert Engin f express train c. B. Smith the Jackson fireman of the express John h. Bice wife and daughter of Philadelphia Garland and 10 year old daughter of Philadelphia Louis Morgan bucking Ham of Canada and. Infant Daugh Ter of mrs. Geo. A. Jones of Cho Tado a. 1he list of the wounded. The following is a list of the wounded As far As can be ascertained m. D. Cai messenger of Detroit Collar Bone broken a. A Bennett baggage Man of Detroit badly Cut and bruised Wax buggy Troy vt., right leg and thigh crushed , of Chicago head Cut and bruised s. M. Sparlin of Philadelphia on head and Hurt internally Arthur dodgers of1 Philadelphia Cut and bruised but not dangerously Reuben Carter of Gardner ills., hands Cut off and left thigh broken Geo. A Cunningham of Janesville Arkansas left Arm broken in two places Hoe Missias of Canada Cut and bruised . Parnell of Onta Rio left leg broke of mrs e. A Nell severely injured in head and mrs j. F Pamell of Toronto Hend Cut John Jeffreys of Newark Liend crushed probably fatal William Rice aged four of Philadelphia leg broken recovery doubtful father Mother and sister All killed mrs. Laura a. Finley of new Yolk burned about the head and face mrs. B. J. Wujen Ginge Michigan bruised about the head and Sho Aldeis Ilenin Bui rows of pa., Cut on head. The names of the Thor wounded Pursons Are. Gnu briny mrs. A. M. Steel mrs Thos. Clement mrs. B. B Hart Robt Neill Leopold Hoffman mrs. Geo a. One of her children 18 months old killed instantly and Annthea badly further. Particulars. 8. M. Sparklin. Of Philadelphia thinks his wife and children Are among the dead. The Engineer and fireman of the express train were literally torn to pieces but the Engineer and fire Man of the switch engine escaped the train Vina made up of 7 Wagner sleepers 4 passenger cats and mail and baggage cars. The tender of the express engine was telescoped into the Bas Gage car about half it length and this car then forced its Way into the mail car and crowded the first pass Tnger coach to the right on the embankment and crashed Back through the two following cars. The passengers in the first coach Ocie com Saifi Tivoli unharmed the Harvest of death Meinsc reaped in the second and thirc1, conches. The fourth coaches caped with slight damage and none of the Wagner coaches were injured. Cause of the Accident. As near As can be ascertained the a of Dent was caused by the switchman having change of the making up of the freight train at Jackson Junction occupying the main track with the switch engine and caboose under standing that the Pacific express was considerably behind time. Tha express train however had nearly made up All lost time. Murphy still ahead. York oct. 10. Murphy maintains his Lead in the contest for the o Leary Belt and at 9 a. M. The score was Allen 869, Bram 220, snoday 356, Curran 345, Faber 370, Howard 368, Mckee 250, Mahony 352, Murphy 893, Pierce 293, Kussell 348, Spellacy 340, Walker 344 Bram and Spellacy have withdrawn. Crook s idea of it. The prints a letter from Gen. Crook in which he says that Indiana have no redress against Law less Whites even when agents Are Hon est and appropriations sufficient. Under the posse commit atus act the military Arm of the government is Al Zed. Whites seize indians property and the owner has anly a shadowy Hope of recovery in the courts. As affairs Are now the Indian has no encouragement to be when his horses and cattle Are big enough to be any service they Ore driven off in i by White renegades. When his Grain nod vegetables Are Al most ready for Market his reservation is changed. Telegraphic Brevi ties. Seven new cases of yellow fever were reported at Memphis this morn log but no deaths. A London dispatch says infantry has been ordered to county Mayo Ireland. The Panama declared a quarterly dividend of four per cent. Five persons convicted of violating the election Law have been imprisoned in Boston. A tried acquitted. New York oct. Bernice of Calit Ornia was tried in the a s. Court yesterday on a charge of felonious assault on Revenue officer Peter Carly. Tea officer arrested Bernice As he was carry ing a bag sup posed to contain smuggled jewelry. Bernice thought the officer was a thief and resisted. New Law for mining oct. Acting commissioner of the land office has informed the District land officials at Deadwood that All Mineral notices must be continuous. If published in a daily paper 61 consecutive daily publications ale required if any omis Sious occur Tho publication must be begun de now. This order is the out growth of the late fire at Deadwood which destroyed All newspaper offices Aud interfered with the publication of Mineral claims As required by Law for co Days. A Moat race to Morrow new York oct. Reilly and George Lee Well known oarsmen Are matched for a two mile straight away race on Harlem River to Morrow Elliott wants to Kow Boytle. London oct. Announces his willingness to withdraw his Chal Lenge to Hanlon so that he May meet Boyd on the thames. The race to take place Over the championship course for a Side. Elliott pro poses that Tho Winner of the match should sign a contract and Deposit for a match with Hanlon. Condition of Memphis new York oct. A fan Memphis special says the fever is now confined Punk Pally to the coloured people and Tonso Whites who have returned to the City hundreds of houses Are dangerously infected. The Board of health s system of fumigating and disinfecting with Ful pour has no effect in stopping the spread of the disease our Best and most scientific physicians look upon disinfection fumigation and quarantine As nonsense. The fever Breaks out among the Best and worst of population regardless of cleanliness. Unveiling of Gen. Thomas Monument. New York oct Uvalde Washington special says it is proposed to make the occasion of the unveiling the statue of Gen. Thomas in this City a National affair. Invitations have been extended to governors of adjoining states to to present with their staffs and it is confidently expected that Grant will be Here. The personal Friendship of Sherman will be exerted to induce giant to accompany him to Washington. It is also proposed to have the West Point and Annapolis cadets participate in the cd excises. A Willen Gneiti. New York oct. World Washington special says Engo men ocal has received letters from Elison Dro the nicaraguan minister of pub Lic works in which he says regard ing the canal you know our Strong est desire is the execution of the great work. We expect to hear thai the commission has started to ire at with our government on the subject. When it arrives you will see that nothing will be wanting that May be requested of Sherman tie account of the Indian fight new York oct. 11. Another special says general Sherman is Here to Day. He says no official report of the fight Between Merritt and the indians has been received and discredits the statement. Merritt will have 1200 men in All amply sufficient Sherman thinks to Uip hostile indians. A punted special agent Washington oct. 11. Balph Meeker son of n. C. Meeker late in Dian agent at White liver Agency has been appointed special agent by the department of the Intel for for the purpose of visiting the White Biver Agency at Tho earliest possible Vlay and recovering the bodies of his father and such other persons As May killed. Or. Meeker will a so gather All the papers left of the Agency. To night for Kov Lins. The Day ivling new York oct. Pedes no. 29. Tripati match for the Possession of the o Lear Belt is practically decided. A Large crowd of people remained in Madleon Square Garden through the night. Following is the Sooke at 0 o clock this morning. Al Len 420, Faber 4co, Mahoney 430, Russell 408, Brady 431, Howard 405, Murphy 475, Walker 411, Corran 416, Mokee 282, Pierce 207. Xvi Tux new York oct. A Washington special Socie tary Evarts returned from Newyork to Day. He entertains no doubt of the election of Cornell and the entire re publican ticket. He hold severe icon Ferencek with Cornell and Aihui and he says he is sufficiently informed to assert positively that no bargain Lias been made by the republicans and tammany. All that the republicans have said Evarts is to take advantage of the division in the dem Ooi Acy caused by the candidature of Evarts Speaks in new York within a few Days. John Hunt new Yolk oct. Ceve Rino a Chinnia went yesterday with several of his countrymen to a ship pins office. Several other Sailor entered the office at the same time. They americans and hid agreed to ship per month. The chinamen offered to ship for jus. Lee one of the americans remonstrated with Ceverino on the foolishness of shipping when to could get the chinaman said he would ship for what to no you answered Loe and then he knocked the chinaman Down. Lee was arrested and held for trial ii tha tombs police court. Terrific tigers. New York oct. 11 Atlanta special says judge Baldwin and a delegation of citizens reached Here this this morning to ask the governor for military Force to suppress the Georgia tigers a desperate organization that holds Possession of half the and defies arrest. They killed two men tuesday and burned several houses. They have killed in the past three years Twenty men and women mostly negroes. The governor sent one of his staff and a number of detectives Down and will Send military if needed. The feeling is intense. Tha scene of the disorder is Only one ride from Here. French Pabis oct 11. The articles on am Nesty in the Betta s Organ were decided on at a conference Between the editors and Gambetta before the departure of the latter from Paris. In ten Humbert communist candidate Tor a scat in the Paris municipality speaking at an electoral meeting declared that Hondet the journalist shot during the commune was executed not Imide red. He justified the shooting though denying complicity. De Cassagnau in the payt advises a reactionary for plenary Nesty As the Only tiling lacking to overthrow the Republic san Feancisco oct. W. N. Staley the working then s Defeated candidate for superintendent of sheets has filled a petition fora re count alleging misconduct and neg i Einice in the election and the counting of votes. Gencva oct. Pro longed debate the great Council at Geneva adjourned the consideration of the separation of the Church state Bill until next May. Memphis oct. New easel of yellow fever. Five deaths Are re ported. Newspaper

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