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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 11 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - October 11, 1883, Reno, NevadaReno. Washoe county. Nevada. Thursday october 11. 1883. Honolulu politics Reno weekly Gazette published Evert thursday by r. L. Pulton proprietor ail 0. Hmm Inilisi Rahmir. Bates or subscription Dally one year by mall weekly one year by mall a a by Carrier per week to nil parts of Bates or a ally one month one Mare weekly one month 00 this includes both Leaf and Zommer Elal work. Eva bios of Jakk . The British columbian press Are As respectable and reliable As any newspapers on this continent and when the leading paper of that province declares that the City of the province generally have become a chinese labor mar Ket for the illicit Supply of coolies to the United states its testimony should be accepted As the witness of truth says the san Francisco Post. For our own part we have never doubted the fact and we Are sur prised that a special Treasury agent sent to investigate into the whole Case should have intimated that the reports of the custom s officers were without truth. It is admitted by this gentleman however that be made no personal reconnaissance of the ground and accepted the statements of Large employers of coolie labor in Washington Terri tory. Doubtless he regarded these As trustworthy informants but the fact nevertheless remains that a very extensive traffic in coolies from British Columbia has sprung up since the chinese restriction Law came into operation. With the Tes Timony of British columbian be fore the Treasury department Steps will doubtless be taken to enforce the Law judge Field having Laid it Dowa . Upon the pres ident More especially devolves the responsibility in this Case and we doubt not when the facts Are presented to him As they really exist that explicit orders will be issued to see the Law carried out in its integ Rity. Meanwhile our Provin Cra neighbors Are making a Good Dea of Money by Landing Contr Abam chinese coolies in this country and the custom House officers along the sound have bad their hands tied by the recent order of the special Treasury agent forbidding any arrests except under warrant. Bhakti Palik s honks in August last or. Ingleby oni of the life trustees of the of Shakespeare proposed that the remains of Shakespeare Shoula be exhumed in order to compare the poet s head with a Monument bust in the Church As Well As to seat rest the correctness of Many con Floc Tang stories of the poet in exist Euce. The proposition received the endorsement of Rev. G. Arbuthnot vicar of Stratford. Upon reference to the terms of the be culture Bow Ever it was ascertained that the re Mains could not be exhumed with out the consent of the mayor am officers of the City corporation the mayor refused his assent and the matter will be finally settled by the City Council which has Passet Resolution condemning the Dis turban be of Shakespeare s grave. Army and Navy movements i Russia indicate preparations of War. It is stated that the Captain of ail private steamers on the Black sea have been warned to b in readiness to transport munition and troops and War material and t cease to execute private orders dynastic interest May demand War or the ambition of Kings to to May precipitate it but peace has abundant employment for both re Era and ruled if Hep precepts Are obeyed. Postmaster new Yor says 500 letters were deposited in the Poa Toffle tuesday for Dis Patof to foreign countries each prepay by a two cent stamp. It would appear that a considerable portion o the Public Are under tha Impressio that foreign a Well As Domestic letter postage has been reduced. It is now pretty generally believed by naval constructors tha Large Ocean steamers can u con capable1 of making average Speed of Over Twenty Fly Miles an boar and possibly thirty Miles for an entire voyage including All the spa Perl director of mints Burchard has prepared a statement showing the mount of Silver coinage into Slier dollars under the act of 1878. From this statement it appear that he Silver on hand july and or phased since then to be ounces of which noes has been used in the coinage Silver dollars and some subsidiary Iver Coin. Three Hundred and thousand three Hundred and events five ounces has been wasted y operative officers of mints and Lold in sweepings leaving a balance n hand july 1, 1883, ounces. This remainder has been sighed and verified by the officers f the Treasury department. The to fits on the coinage of Silver in uding repayment by the Adams express company amount to of which sum was deposited in the Treasury of he United states has been Aid for shipping Silver dollars for loss on sweepings sold for and for loss n re coinage leaving a balance in coinage mints july 81, 1883, of All of which since that ate has been delivered into the Reury. Ep1tok1al Moth. If it is probably it hat senator Mahone has sent an ther political assessment circular o the Virginia government employees there would seem to be Ood Opportunity for a test Case Imer the new civil service Law and everybody would be glad to see it applied successfully to Mahone Aud tie propel course to pursue As or. Gregory of the civil service Jom Mission aptly is for or Dezendorf to make his complain a of the grand jury. Then the mater can easily be investigated. A Baltimore judge has decided that the Maryland Law cannot re Strain a woman s use of her favor be Tongue. The Mary and Law restrain a woman s speech Why there is nothing in the jul Ted states statutes constitutions amendments or civil service Reform measures and rules that would dare of engage in so stupendous an undertaking. Butler s speech before the Tewksbury committee has been issued in pamphlet form with illustration of tanned skin bodies in a dissect a grave robbing seen and rats eating a dead body. It i announced As an unexpurgated and is to be used As a Campaign document. It is probable that an arrange Merit will be made to Transfer freight from new York to 8ai Francisco via the Atlantic and a less time than the Northen Pacific can haul the goods from to Atlantic to Portland. John Kelly and Samuel jr., divided the applause in the Buffalo convention but tammany maintained silence when the Nam of the tidal wave governor a mentioned. And this at the Horn of Cleveland too. Murat Halstead of the Pinoin Nati commercial concedes tha Foraker the Republican candidate for governor of Ohio will be elected by a handsome majority. The Ohio democrats Are Alread beginning to cry but the can t discount the Victory. A submarine balloon. At the forthcoming International exhibition at i will be exhibited in action a submarine Observatory Orr balloon which we sink people to the Bottom of the Mediterranean Shore Waters Whei they can enjoy the natural Acquart there to be seen. It is a balloon of steel with three compartments one for the. Actuating mechanism and floating bladder one for the Captain and one for the passengers to the number of eight. There Are Glass windows for looking out a the fishes shells and weeds an the bight of the balloon in the water is regulated by Means of the collapsible bladder. A Telephone connects the which is Cap Tulve and cannot float away wit Shore or a boat above. Behest one of r. E. Roes men came 1 from Long Valley about 2 o Oloc p. If. Saturday and summoned d Hogan to attend or. Boss no was severely injured by a Saddle horse Felling with him. Late Frida afternoon. No farther particular could be Learned. Umm More eels at War with the government Honolulu h. I. Sept. 24. Editor Gazette again Honolulu i convulsed with a political erupt on. The opposition has picked nother flaw in the Armor of the government and their shafts this me have nearly if not quite cached a vital spot. At any rate trends of the ministry Are More concerned Over this last attack than ver any previous one that has lately been made. An opposition apr has published a card Over he signature of Claus Spreckels ecu sing a member of the Board of a migration of receiving per Ead on All chinese immigrants laves would be a More a propel the name landed in this kingdom. Is the Case now stands it is a ques on of veracity Between the accused of facial and sir Claus. As this off Al is a son in Law of the prime minister it is apparent that the later person is Issing whipped Over the former s shoulders. Sprockets evidently intends to oust the resent Cabinet. For what reason not apparent As the affairs of be government Are being now As Ell if not better conducted for the Eue flt of the people than Ever be Ore. The great sugar King has one about this business in a Man c r Wincn indicates that it will be cold Day when he gets and Scull daycare a rarely Down Here Iris in a Fairway and. The Dally bulletin has hanged hands since this began and Rumor hath it that Claus could Tell who now owns it. Through us columns every morning a through of two weekly papers the Public is told More about the life and doings of or. Gibson the pre than perhaps he himself mows. It is said that Bare Ekelin tas formally demanded of the King the dismissal of Gibson and As a consequence he is the All absorbing Opic and he has Een so far honoured As to become he subject of numerous caricatures y local artists whose specimens of kill adorn bulletin boards and shop windows throughout the City. What these pictures Are intended la represent is not for a common foreigner to determine but that they Are funny there is no doubt As is evinced by the laughter of crowds of natives who constantly surround them. Whit the outcome f All this will be is the question of the hour and the result May be taken As fairly Indi Cating the extent of Claus Spreck Els influence Over the King of the Jan bal or the fear the last named individual has that his prime minister will use his in fluence among the natives and Causo in to become More unpopular than he now is if such a Thelno be possible. It is More than Likely that Tor this reason Gibson will iome out on top of the Humboldt items. The Winnemucca Silver state of the 5th contains the following or. And mrs. Thomas Crutcher who have been visiting relatives in California and Nevada during the past summer left Winnemucca for their Home in Missouri yester Day. Paradise Farmers Are making considerable improvements in their residences and out buildings and there 5is scarcely a Day in which several thousand feet of lumber is not shipped there by Cunningham Brothers. Yesterday a Large team was loaded with lumber for Joseph bar Cleoias who has a ranch in the upper end of the Valley on which he is building a residence. J. W. Mills owner of the him Boldt Queen mine in Sacramento District has been purchasing Sev eral claims adjacent to the Queen of h. C. Bender j. B. Brown r. H. Hope and others. The Queen is proving to be one of the very Best mines and or. Mills is buy ing up All adjoining claims so that he can have full control of several thousand feet of the Lead. The beaches Benanua King Nevada. When the East bound train arrived this morning John w. Mackey stepped lightly Oft the car and was welcomed by several old friends from Virginia Reno and the Bay. After he got breakfast or. Mackey was approached by a Gazette reporter who in a Man Ner mild but firm proceeded to pump him for news with Only in different Success. He has become a violent anti monopolist and directed his conversation mostly in that direction. He found the Vir Ginia train gone and that was a Dis appointment and he had met a burned Bridge on the d. R. G. Which kept the train lying in a Canyon for 11 hours where he caught a cold and lame Back. He hired a team of Wilson and he and Dick Dye drove up. In answer to the inquiry if he shared with Sena Tor Sharon the belief that there no Hope of a mine on the Corn Stock he said very decidedly no sir i Don t. I think we have a Good show for some mines there. It takes a Good Deal of Hope to make a papers say there will be Mills built at the Mouth of the Sutro Tunnel and a great Deal of Low made Ore worked. Will work Ore but i have not heard any plans of that kind spoken of. Gentleman said yesterday that or. Flood told him that As soon As you came Back some of the big Mills would be started on Low Grade Ore from the Ophir and other mines. Likely. I Haven t been Here for some time and am just going up to see what is going on. About you and sex Sena Tor Sharon running for the Senate As democrats i that s Damn nonsense. I am not going into politics at All. Or. Mao Kuy said that acquaintances of Sharon bad a Good Deal of fun with him in new York. They told him they knew he would do a mean trick once in a while but they did t think he would go off and get married and not invite any of his friends. The postal telex Rrapo is absorbing a Good Deal of or. A s attention and he Speaks confidently and contentedly. He says Arthur is the Strong Man for president and Jones for the Senate. Luyt Tif death a Miner while being hoisted to the surface. This morning s Virginia enter prise says last evening James Orrem of Gold Hill died very Sud Denly at the Union Shaft. He was employed As a Carman on the level of the mexican mine. About 4 o clock in the afternoon some men passing through the Cirlot in which Orrem was at work were somewhat startled by hearing groans. Advancing toward the Point whence the sounds of distress proceeded they found Orrem lying upon the floor in an unconscious con Ditren. He was taken out through the Drift and up to the Union Shaft As quickly As possible. At the Shaft he was placed on the Cage with two men to support him but he breathed his last before reaching the surface. It was at first reported that the Man died from being Over heated but it does not appear that he was working in a hot place. His fellow miners believe be died of heart disease and that now appears to be the general opinion As his father died of or was troubled with heart disease. Division. The wife takes the oysters and the husband the Sheila. The Virginia chronicle of last evening contains the following you re the greatest hand for oysters on the half Shell that i Ever said a Taylor Street Man to a a Street Man this morning. Dead wrong suld the a Street Man i m fond of pm but i Don t eat a plateful twice a said the Taylor Street Man i Don t want to contradict you but i la swear i be seen you and your wife go into Fitzmeyer s half a dozen times in the last two weeks and Overy time the order would be oysters on the half Shell that s True enough but i Don t get said the a Street Man with an air of melancholy Resigna Tion. Ill explain the matter to you but for heaven s Sake Don t give me away or that old woman of mine will kill me sure. You see she s got a terrible appetite for oysters and nothing less than two plates will satisfy tier. That costs a Dollar and she insists that we can t afford to spend More than a Dollar fur luxuries. 1, a at i soon As the waiter goes out she snaffle my plate of oysters and slides Emall onto her own plate. She always makes some remarks about a fair while she gobbles up All the oysters and gives me the half that s a Tough hard said the Man. That s the Way it looks to said the a Street Man. Mod blk How the poker. Uninitiated Are by the William Petty was arrested at Portland Oregon recently upon being searched there was found on his person among other things two United states coins mutilated in a most Peculiar Man Ner. One was a Gold piece and the other a Silver Dollar. Upon one. Side of each Coin was hollowed out a piece nearly equal in size to a five Dollar piece. In this was fitted a couple of Springs which connected with a sliding piece of the rim and which were intended to hold within its hollow a Small Mirror thus while lying in the table at an Angle of 45 degrees behind a stack of similar Coin in front of the dealer the latter could by a Little easily acquired skill know by Means of the Mirror to a certainty every card held by any one or All of his opponents. A Man who should Chance to play in any game where this Little Racket is being worked by a Success Ful greek would be absolutely giving his Money away without even having the excitement of a possible Chenoe of winning. This game is not unknown to professional gamblers but probably is i lie general Public. The coins in the Possession of Petty had Evi Dently never been used and some Little fault about them brought the conclusion that they had Only just been made. Sharon commences melt. A san Fraucisco dispatch of the 4th inst., says senator Sharon to Day commenced suit in the United states circuit court against aggie Hill declaring that the alleged contract of marriage Between himself and her claimed by miss Hill to be in her Possession is a fraudulent document that no such contract was Ever signed by him or any Promise of marriage Given. He asks the court to compel miss Hill to produce the alleged contract and retain Possession of it that the fraudulence of the document May be proven. He denies Ever having been married since he became a widower and states that the object of miss Hill in perpetrating the alleged marriage contract is to Lay claim on his estate in the event of his death. New fruit Asso elation. There is to be established at grass Valley a fruit association to be conducted on the same plan As the one at Newcastle in Placer county. The latter named is one of most successful in the state. They find a ready Market for their fruit both at Home and in the East and they get the Best prices. Since the organization of the association in Placer the fruit of that Section Baa greatly improved in Quality and size so that it now rank among the beat in the state. The association to be organized will be a Strong one and will devote Means for the Purchase and ship ment of All fruits raised in that Sec Tion of the county. A depot will be established where fruit May be kept and made ready for shipment. Death of Charles Woods. Charles Woods a former journalist of san Francisco died at Portland Oregon september 28th. He was a spa of the Well known Pioneer i. C. Woods who will be remembered by All old timers As 4he manager of Adams it co s express on this coast and a Nephew of burgeon George Woods u. A. S. The boy with a watch. The boy that wears a watch is an important character. At school he is envied and on the Street he is respected. None of the boys grab him and throw him Down for they might break his time keeper. I has a Way of twisting the Chain when h e falks and of looking at his watch when he heat s a Railroad train and saying twelve ten or six five or Elgut sixteen. The other boys stand around and regard him with admiration. He grows uhf and probably goes to College with a distinguished in a few years he pawns his watch with a Man who As a boy often stood around and admired it. Wood contract. The state contract for 100 cords of Wood for the state Capitol has been awarded to l. L. Crockett for 80 per Cord the Wood to All Cut split and piled. To California. Several members of the Canon guard Rifle team intend attending the fall meeting of the California Rifle association on the 28th lust. Arabian Millet. The following from the lob an Geles times May interest some Farmers in this country who have been experimenting with. Arabian Millet. The times says Ever Green Millet thrives splendidly on. Our driest Mesa lands but is a failure on moist Bottom lands. Or. Dupuy of the firm of Dupuy Hicks gave a a Gugliu of Cienega some seeds a few months ago which be planted in Well prepared moist lauds. To his Surprise the Plant proved a total failure while the crop which his neighbors planted on the Mesa grew and thrived in a most Gratifying manner. Allan a Evans of Long Valley planted some last Spring some of it he irrigated and the rest he did not. His Experiment proved that tiie piece not watered did the Best. Postal the dates of the most important changes in the postal service since Are the use of railroads 1838 reduction of postage 1845 postage Stamps and the arrangement of a scale according to the weight of let ters 1847 registered letters 1854 free Dellver Ery in cities 1863 rail Way mail service 1884 and at about the same time the postal Money order. The reduction in letter postage to two cents on octo Ber 1st was a further step in and Vance. Dram miss Anna c. Jamison late of ban Francisco has taken rooms at the residence of mrs. 8. M. Jami son and is prepared to do dress making in the latest styles. She is a lady of Large experience in that line and those desiring her services will find it greatly to their advantage to Call and see her. Miss Jami son will also go out by the Day if desired. Read and. We in byte administrator. On saturday last say a the Bridge port Union an Indian died at ranch whereupon Bis gun a Fine piece was broken his dog and nine of his horses killed. The dog gun and other personal property were interred with the body. The horses Are being jerked and the indians Are Hunting for an other horse that belonged to the defunct. The estate was settled without the intervention of courts or the chinese j nut Lee. Virginia gives Canon hint. For the month of september the mint at Canon coined in Standard Silver Ddll Rrt and Twenter Duarl Piezas. W. A is reported As haying purchased the Stock and ranch of hed Spadt at Stien s Mountain. A judge Pomeroy of that place the fou owing hint when or. Book waiter was in China be became acquainted with a judge who invited him to see a Case tried. The Cul Prit was arraigned for larceny. Within forty minutes that court tried the prisoner convicted him sentenced him to death took him out in an Alley and Cut his head off. Will he discharged. George w. Conkling s friends Are in receipt of information announcing that the charge against him for the killing of have Tlok in new York but Spring. Qutb. Dismissed without a trial. His Meads will be glad to know this. A displaced she Alder. Yesterday afternoon while at tempting to handle a Bronco with a rope around his neck William Henderson the coloured Job and sex Pressman was dragged a Able distance and his left shoulder dislocated. But let court. On account of the sickness of judge Boardman Alt cases set for trial have been ordered vacated All grand and trial jurors excused for the term and All pending pro Bate matters continued until Tbs 5th of november. More aunt Mary Fairchilds is excavating her lot at the Corner of Sierra Street and commercial Row preparatory to putting up a two Story Brick building 22x40. She the upper Story for offices and the lower floor or stores. He it. Surveyor general Preble has received a letter addressed As follows serve generall Kanon bitty Nev in treble again. Who was sent in the Penitentiary from this county by Ali charges a Cenzy d to county jail Lor Petty Lar Eany

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