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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 9 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - October 9, 1879, Reno, Nevada I i Orv it Theao a vol. 3. Reno weekly Gazette Reno Washoe county thursday october 9, 1879, 28. very thursday by to. Incr Irois. Illy Ana your by in Oil weekly one Yeier by mull i a 60 Dally Ilch Voort by Carrier in Hono at per Sci k. A a mud Helt hanged Salvador Tho Indian who murdered Paul Rieger in Mann county at april was executed the Friday at Sun Rafael. Reiger Una murdered u cold blood for his Witch and Money. Sal Vador had murdered six men i he time. In his confession he ivc a a list of his Ai follows 1. In i860 stabbed hip brother cuu to death to Nicasio. 2. Stabbed an Indium named Jose Viksjo to Donth. 3. In killed an Indus named whisky Bill for which he we arrested and acquitted. 4. Killed an Indian name unknown in Mendocino county. 5. Last year he and another Indian Kirk de a to death near Senito pol. 6. April 10, 1879, killed Paul Richer father Lerda the priest who was with Salvador in his last Houis inns that the murderer had fully repented and the priest thought Salvador pro pared to moot the Savior in the next from father Lei a s Point of View Salvador in taking leave of the world had a decided advantage aver his last Rieger could have had no special preparation for death As he was shot without a moment s warn ing i until key unfounded our morning contemporary says a Peculiar disease is reported in Reno. Tha patient or and really sinks into a death like stupor tie extremities begin to mortify but it still breathes a Little girl died of yesterday. This is thrown out As an inducement for people from the outside to bring their children and come to Tho state fair next week. We took an hour this morning and tried to find out something about this dreadful disease but without any discoveries the doctors assured us that in the Case o the Little girl who did yesterday there was nothing unusual or Pecula at nil. She died from general debility owing to Tho digestive , to perform then1 functions Andas Simi late food. There was nothing in Tho the shape of mortification of the sex Treni Tiea. The whole Story is either a stupid mistake or a miserable at tempt at wit am of detective Gay. A Comstock cask Henry Watt asked the Young lady s consent to the ceremony she answered and withdrew to an adjoining loom. Iler friends expostulated with her and she at length consented to carry out her original intention. The Young Man had been silently waiting Tho result of the intervention of her i feuds. The girl again Cara Forward and declared her readiness to marry. But the Young Man had changed his mind also and remarked Gness i la go Home and go to and he went. W. R Mateer an Indian agent in Arizona writes that tie Maquis Indi ans have an infallible antidote for the the examination of the Roddas ended at Wheatland Friday. The no Cence of the Rod Dana was Stab shed and they wore discharged i from custody. And so Iho Wheatland outrage remains a mystery Chang Tho noted coloured horse timer says they Are Lup Podwin no Grant around the country Thi same As they did a Bodie paper remarks in a casual Way that the reporter had not heart whole the five shots came from tha were tired in the Central part of town last fearful Accident at Bodie. Mine men dropped 50o feet in Ali Tioga Shaft. Bodie october the 6 o clout shift was being lowered m the Ting mine with nine men on Board the in Girrie escaped from the c Intro of the Engineer and the Cage dropped to the 500 level. One Man is now dead am All Are in med in such a manner As t warrant the belief that they will no recover the names of the men injured in the Tioga mine Are Thoma Moran slightly John Cassidy Bot legs broken Pat. Brannan dying mashed to pieces Sam Marston Bot legs broken dying French Bot legs broken Manuel a varas injure internally Hany Richards killed Joe. Roderick injured seriously Pete fluff one leg broken. It is the opinion of the physicians in charge that All the injured will die. The miners Union Hall is a place o mourning again and bears it Presern Bianco to the time of the standart Virginia cos companies Giul from the Virginia Enterprise we Are now having delightful Moonlight nights much to the sati faction of the lovers and other Gas companies Pacific coast items. Large Forest fires North of Santa Cruz counterfeit half dollars fire plenty Humboldt county. No new developments in the Santa Ruz Treasury robbery. reports about in potato blight in Sonoma county. C. Myers of Fresno county is Man no tuning Soi gum syrup from Ling can Shock of earthquake was san francisco1 on the morning f the 3d Farmers in the Vicinity of Woolf ind Are stacking their Straw for inter use. Thoie Are still patches of last win or s Snow on Diamond Mountain Ashen county. Truckee is improving a numb i t Large new residences have lately eco built there. Palist Ngigi is overrun with hogs of nil Zus turned Loose in the streets. The citizens want them corralled. The now c p. R. R depot it Sao Arsento is 400 feet lung and 80 feet Ide. It is nearly completed. A Enol giant and purity reached Ose into Valley on the 2d instant and will return on monday the Chi. A Colusa county chinaman commit de suicide lately by deliberately Alkio into the Sacramento River there is to be a musical convention i Sun Junso to Bagin on monday Loober 27th, and to continue five John Peters of san Miguel san aids Obi to county was 9hot in the Ead Oue Day lust week by an italian Gen Ertil Bidwell built a Pavilion Osting Over for tha Uso no 181 agricultural society at clip of this ear. The new Artesian Well in Stockton 800 feet with a flow of 600 out per minute. They Are going Deperr the Al Capitan mine of nutty Jins erected steam hoisting works and think of putting up a ten tamp Mill i there is to be a grand Barbaeu and Celebration at Sacramento to Welcome general Grant on the 22nd find 23d f this month. The Stockton fire department costs hat City 81000 per month. There Are Bur companies each limited Toa men Wiship of 05. Mar Tom Bennett of Glass Valley As sued Albert Mut Leson of the same Luce for damages for alleged Lef nation of character Henry Smith tha Dulor Ted Witch non of the s. F. Mint who stole some has been sentenced to four in the state prison. It French and Nichols United states Railroad commissioners Are spec Ting the California and Oregon division of the c. P. R. R Lagoon Ben a Humboldt county in Diu chief was recently killed by Burnt ranch Henry who in his turn was killed by Lagoon Charley. John Waugaman s dry washing machine for saving Gold was tested a Angeles this week. The tests Are Suid to have been quite satisfactory. The Oro Gort state fair opened on the 2d with every Prospect of being Success. It is expected that Genei Grant will leave for Portland on the 9th1. On the 2d a san Francisco Tram asked a min for Money and on being refused twice and thet Eion Ltd. It occurred on Montgomer Street. If the Marysville suit against Thi Bear River canal company of place county wins it is said that fruit grow ing near Auburn and Placer will to a thing of the past. The North Buttes in Gutter count Weie burned Over last Hing carelessly set them on fire. I swept Over these peaks in 1855, by not since until now. J. D. Foy the Miner who was killed in the Ophir Shaft had a pre sentiment of his approaching death. Before going Down he Fioke to several of his i lends about it. Mil of the Placerville Gold Quartz mine situated within the Lim its of Placerville is crushing Twenty tons of Quartz each Day and has developed a new Ore Boxly. I of the of Bodie a the nightly arrival of fast freight teams violin out of California Woods. And other kinds being sed. It attracts much attention. It is estimated that Tho total Cost of he proposed Wagon Road Frum Nevada City to Forest City in Sierra county will be 60. Tho Dis Ance by the present Road is 33 by the new Road it would be 28 Miles. His in official Survey a German woman confined at that the superin indent of the Asylum would not fur Nish her with pen and paper Cut a Quarter of a said from her Calico Ress and upon it with a Needle and i Ead worked a Long letter ton Doc or in san Francisco a Friend of hers. Santa Ciu has nut yet found any me who is willing to accept the coun y Treasury ship and can give Tho the Lii ired Bonds. Cla u s Spickles one f Otto s Bondsmen has notified the supervisors be is read to pay ii proportion. Several other of the lond Smon Are going to contest pay ment. News Felsot intebes1. Blundin now 56 yours of age gave a performance at Vienna recently. The English Penny pos tog stamp is o be changed. It Baa been used for Way years. The Saxon stats Elway a have a 87 Pel cent i out Foi 878, the Lonest returns since 1856. In the past year there was sury ought suicides in the ranks of the latian army said to have been caused y Danut from military life. The canal Between the Caspian and he sea of Azoff a Survey v hich is being made for Russia is estimated to coat two Rivers and a Cham of lakes would facilitate the in Berlin took this form. I a. Young Man made a bet that would run All fours from Konig other to Weissi Idionea distance of two or three Miles and woo in n heavy rain in two hours Germany Italy Austria and Switzerland have agreed that heir embassies and consulates shall Send Home indigent persons to their respective nationalities at half the Ordinary railway fares. When emperor William of Germany was a Young Man he indulged in a Labit of sleeping All booted and Spur red on a Cannon to exhibit his fond Ness for military life in his whole career he has and sword. Always worn uniform tunnelling for water an Supply in the Phil Timophy of the mutter. Scienta writes to the s tin As follows tie great want of California at cer in seasons is water. At times it is dispensable. If it domes not vege Ilion Stock die and the Imer is mined. Water is , everything and yet Tho rust or Iho Earth is a great read Avoir the precious fluid. However arched tile surface dig a Little it a of dump moist wet Anil finally. Be water is there in abundance Illary attraction Daws it up from be a from lakes Rivers seas until the Hole surface of Tho Earth a full of it. T climbs the mountains 01 either they retain Falls upon ice by the same Capil Lisiy attraction. And thereby a tale a useful tie a tale with millions in it n title nit will eventually add immensely to wealth and greatness of t is not known to All but it should a wherever there is a Mountain. Any considerable height Nyrl extent is full of water. If have a Arm , or inn that Wilt make a Fawn you want water for House Stock urn eur Orchard or any other purpose tap Jhk a Lite id Yogi will Gen Cifelly get an annd it Supply begin a Tunnel High go in the Mountain Side to run ver Tho top of your House so ill Early on a level and ill a Little Hile the water will be dropping All you and will run to your Puie and Cool As Mountain Dew. Of bleed the Hill b8 it were. You it lie veins and i Pillory vessels and they Diop the nectar you desire Couise it will Cost Money. But not Inch in soft ground half n Dollar a Bot and if there is no hard Rock a Ollar at most. Two or three Hundred act will indicate Tho result and Havig once found the water Tho More on dig Tho More you have. Thous and feet would rarely fail of a Good apply. Then it a unlike a Well. It Beds no drawing. It runs to you All is time. Aid whenever you want Ore water do a Little More digging. Liege lire ten thousand places in Salifo Mathat such a Tunnel would Lake desirable that must else remain and Barren for centuries to ome. Don t forget i however dry in Mountain if it be Only Tough the Nater is per pct Al Spring a Fortune Worth More than. Old. A Camp meeting lir Oken up the whole trouble action of one of the from the Cincinnati . Meeting that has been in the past ten Days broke up try i glut in a 1 i ii disgraceful Row arose from preachers named Ellis on the last Bath. To walked up to a number of persons on the it Omus that were smoking deliberately jerked Tho Piga is from their Mouths trampled the tobacco beneath his feet and abused the smokers for Aisig tie Weed. Numerous threats Luve been made by the instil Ted parties that the offender would be treated to a coat of tar and feathers. To night about 9 o clock 100 men marched to the fair grounds broke up the meeting by their yells and demanded Ellis. Numerous successful attempt9 were Iliade b re police to quell the riot and final 1 fall was made upon some of the Moi peaceable citizens present to Ink charge of Ellis and see to be escorted to his sleeping apartments unmolested. Ellis saved but the Camp meeting a broken up. A Flat to barn carrying from to to each team and making5 the trip from Carson in . A gentleman living in place Rita can Yon los Angeles has whittled a Fine from the Independent oct. 2. Through a secret Channel it reached the oars of the officers yesterday Tia a plot was hatching to fire Tho town a close watch was kept of the sus Pete d party and some suspicion Manoc vering was discovered but tin matter of the suspicion having Lemuec out arrests were made before the project had come to a head and the sworn statement of a party who claims to have been offered a Reward for the commission of the crime i about All that can to re red on for the conviction at least if further Evi Dence has been secured it has no been developed. T att facing it is. Souls. In a pacing race at St. Louis on the 2dj Between boy Haiti Hunter Aud sleepy Tom Mattie Hui Ter made the mile in 1.0 and won tha heat in a jog in Howdy Joy won the threes next heal an Idiak fair. The cite Plewa indians Mako vary creditable exhibit. From the Fork Sun. Of the uni Nersas agricultural and non steal fairs held during the pres 111 month none has been a Etc Sig life Castor Typ Isakof Progress than hat of the chips a indians which ook place on to misday last at White Sarth reservation. There wow shows. F horses and cattle of Grain and off butter cheese Maple Ugar and syrup bread and cake pro erics and pickles of rag carpets eed Mats a Mats bark work and nit Tina. The majority of he judges Wero indians. Thus Imong the judges of stallions and Rood mutes figured Waw Waw to and majr Slaw be be stick Rabong the experts a hogs Shergi and poultry were say Cah be Guy and Wah Gege Shuh decision on bulls cows and oxen was largely entrusted of May Taw Iio Ushy Iloh Kah go Wenk and Wen Gernah dub while mrs. Bay be Wah now was one of those who pronounced on the merits of Dairy and Kitchen products. Their were premiums in All these classes ranging from to fifty cents. There was a prize for the Biea Kuig plough in beat condition att i two or More years for the tanners who did the Gina test amount of break ing this Yucai a prize for the one Cul the to t acres with East sex Penie to the government and a prize to the one owning the most Taun tools in the Best con Diroa. The judges in the farming Clasa were Tay oui. Ege Shick Bay bom me no go Shiok Jos. Broad Zane h. Beaulieu and j. A. Warren. Before Many years we Are Likely to see an enter reservation fair maintained wholly by indians from the agencies. Feeling Way through Blind. Extract from a san Jose Herald re Porter s interview with general Grant it would be considered both impolite and inappropriate to Maka any remarks about poll. Tics would Sii Kosp Aprl

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