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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - October 4, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. 8. Reno. Washoe county Nevada thursday. October 4. 1883. No. 24. Reno weekly Gazette published Evert thursday by r. L. Fulton. Proprietor Alim c. Bran business manager. Bates or sub skip tips Dally one year by Trail go weekly one year by mall by Carrier per week to All parts of Bates of ally one month one go Nore a i. Thu m5w kaim10ao Mew. Frederick Lovejoy elected presi Dent of the Denver Bio Grande bal Road has been in the service of the Adams express co., during the lost seven of which he acted As general manager. He re a few months ago. Lovejoy not yet 50 years of age. During the War he had charge of the express service for All Northern armies and this difficult business tie conducted with exceptional Suc Cess. He is a Man of great executive ability and is essentially in sympathy and training a Railroad Man. His management of the Denver Bio Grande and his election will it is said bring to the Road the support of a. J. Cavett of the Pennsylvania Railroad a. T. Bcott Drexel and. Others. To a question put by a reporter Lovejoy said my policy is not at this minute very easy to define. Before formulating it i must first examine into the property. I shall immediately leave for the West and in Spect the lines of the company. My election was the result of a statement of All differences in the Board of the rond is in pretty Good condition. Its Gross earnings Lasi year amounted to enough to pay its 8xed charges and redeem half a million in Bonds. Not Over a Mil lion dollars will be required to put tha Road in first class condition. When asked if he would make any changes id the personnel of the company officers he said that i cannot now say but i shall place at the head of every depot the very strongest Man i can get for the to i shall pursue the policy of vigorous Progress and leave no unturned to make the Road justify All the Hopes of its a act Biho pbejupic1s. We have frequently called Atten Tention to the fact that the science of Medicine would be much More useful to the world if its practitioners were educated in the cure of the higher classes of animals As Well As men. We Are pleased to learn that veterinary practice was rec Ora mended to Young men at a recent meeting of the Kentucky medical society. The horses of the country being valued at it is estimated that the annual loss from want of sound advice and treatment amount to professional Pride surely never had a worse effect than when it prevents a Man from exercising his skill to save the life or of any of the Noble brutes that serve Man so faithfully. It is to the interest of the people at Large that government should be carried on efficiently and cheaply. Efficiency is the guarantee of econ omy. It is not so important what May be the politics of officials As their quantum of capacity. The civil service rules if enforced will insure capacity for work and when capable officials prove inefficient they May be turned out. The sys tem of perpetual rotation is the Bane of our service. When a Mer chant gets a Good clerk he tries to keep him. When the government gets a Good clerk it ought also to keep him. As affairs Are now Man aged we Are half the time at the mercy of a prenties. The latest estimates by German scientists of the total population of our Earth Are la round numbers As follows Square continents. Kilometres. Inhabitants. V j total inhabit nt-3 Europe is the most densely populated of the continents Asia contains More than one half of the inhabitants of the Globe. John Jarrett the decl ring presi Dent of the amalgam Tor s association has been employed by the american Iron and tinplate association As managing agent to take charge of the matter of working up a High Tariff settlement in favor of this Industry which is almost wholly unprotected. The chronicle says it ported that one of the Republican papers of Beno will soon come out As a democratic journal. There Are but two Republican papers published there but which Oce of them is to Ohauge its base is not not Here. How is it Over there pow Long the International arbitration and peace association has issued an address to the people of France urging that mediation be resorted to for a settlement of the dispute be tween France and China. The address suggests America and Switz Erland for arbitration. All the Best Needle workers in York Are engaged on a gorgeous screen for the Vanderbilt mansion. It is being made at John la Farge s studio under the supervision of mrs. Tillinghast. The Gold thread alone used in this embroidery Cost colonel Hooker formerly ser Geant at arms of the House of representatives is the author of the philosophical remark that a Man is a fool who would t be a Republican in Vermont and a Democrat in new York City. At a Cabinet to Day in Paris president Tevy presiding prime minister and minister of foreign reported to the Cabinet the present condition of negotiations pending Between France and China. The minister of Marine also furnished a statement of the military condition in Tonquin. The Cabi net after consultation decided to Convene at the Chambers october 23d. Orders have been forwarded to the naval depot of Toulon to enrol 3 companies of sailors for service in the Fleet in Tonquin China claims both Banks of the bed River with a Neutral line South. The French government has de flared it cannot accept these terms because to do so would be to lose All the fruits of its expedition obtain ing neither the Delta of bed River the Rich mining districts of Tonquin nor a monopoly of Trade with the Southeastern provinces of China. The holding of a world s fair at can Francisco in 1887, is being agitated by the papers of that City. The san Alto will be issued under a Qew administration after Bead Jour telegraphic Brevi ties. We often get much interesting news at so late an hour that is next to impossible to give the full text and the Gist of it is condensed for the Brevity column and often contains the most important news of the Day. There Are Over lawyers in the United states and an Exchange is not nearly so much surprised that truth should be crushed to Earth As that it should aise again. The Seville is running to poll tics of late. It suggests the name of sex senator m. J. Farrell for con Gressman on the Republican ticket. The Verdi Bridge is a Good one. It would pay to paint it. What Washee county does in the Way of raising Hay. It is estimated by the Best judges that the Farmers of this county will Cut Over 30.0c3 tons of Bay this Vear. Some of the Best posted men in the Valley figured up Over last year and there is quite an addition this Bummer. The most of this Hay is Alfalfa but there is some Timothy a Little Clover and considerable wild Hay besides various combinations. A Little Millet has been raised but As yet it is Only an Experiment. These valleys seem to be extremely Well adapted to Alfalfa and it grows luxuriantly and at the same time keeps its nutritive qualities. In warmer coun tries the stalk jets ton coarse and Woody. De. Bates says he raised 41 tons of Alfalfa on eight acres and his third crop is now growing. It is not supposed that this is at All an extraordinary yield though per haps Over the average. As near As could be gathered the figures would be divided up about As Fol lows. Probably they Are not exact but they Are pretty close Barney Clow is credited with Over 1.2co tors e. Crane 6c a mrs. Brown g. W. Huffaker 350 mrs. Howard 300 a. Lamb 260 b. S. Gammon 450 a. C. Longley 450 John Boynton. 800 mrs. L. C. Savage 300 William and Robert Steele 450 Kleppe 400 or. Frost 150 l. Dean 150 r. H. Kidney 350 o. C. Boss 3f3 Hulett 2c3. With other crops North of the track including i. P. Johnson Black Roberts Van and others to the amount of at least boo tons. P. J. Kelly has 300 tons j. Sullivan w. Bryant 200 Robert Frazier 800 Gault 2co m. Gul Ling 200 d. W. Frazier 3c3 300 j. P. Winfrey 3c3 b. P. Greely 200 or. Jones 200 ses Sions 350 Banta 200 Russell 200 mrs. Thomas 300 mrs. Blasdell 300 h. Whistler 203 the Sellers ranch 175 George Deremer 200? w. W. Morton 500 w. H. Fra Uler 300 de. Bates 300 j. C. Smith 350 d. C. Wheeler Haynes 200 Mcconnaughy 250 m. C. Lake Frazier 250 Joe Frey 400, James Mayberry 800 or. Morell 6co Alexander on the Gates ranch 250 Ede 400 800 Jones 400 Wright Brothers 400 Warren 200 the Marysville ranch 300 and Shoemaker Jami son , i Wiberly Cooper and others higher up to the amount of tons. In pleasant Valley Smith Logan and others raise Good crops and la Washoe Theo Dore Winters William Thompson Boss Lewerke m. Twaddle and Many others have Good yields. Spanish Springs Valley is also growing in importance and will be heard from regularly hereafter. Judge Haydon out 250 tons there this year Ben Dunning Over 60, and Smith Hill and others have ground sown. Down the River Jack o Brien has 500 tons and the italians 600 or 700 tons. There is said to be no trouble about Selling Hay As this Valley is claimed to be unusually Well adapted to fattening beef cattle. An Eastern Farmer would laugh at the idea of fattening cattle on Hay but it is done right Here every Winter. The Bay will be Worth about at a Low figure. The Satton s Stock cattle and ii win Allen co. Of Kansas City furnish the following statistics on cattle the drive from Texas this year was about the bulk of which was contracted to Northern and Western ranch men at to for yearlings to for 2-year-Olds, and to for 3-year-Olda and cows. Cows with calves to per head. The great grazing grounds of the West known As the ranching summer and Winter grazing country com Prises Texas Arizona. New Mexico Western half of Indian territory. Kansas Colorado Wyoming and Nebraska Eastern Utah Western Dakota Montana parts of Nevada and part of country Over Miles North and South by East and West. These Are the National grazing grounds of America by papa b the Calbos the jabs. and into this grazing country mis Souri sent one and 2-year-old heifers and cows this Yeai the Eastern half of Kansas about 20.cjo Iowa about 25.c30 Minnesota c33 Eastern Nebraska a Kansas Louisiana 3 Mississippi Tennessee Florida Illinois and Ken Tucky about and driven into Texas new Mexico and Arizona from old Mexico about Oregon and Washington sent into Montana Wyoming and Dakota fully and into this same country about Young Thor Oug babied and High Grade bulls were sent from different Eastern and Middle states. The Cost of year Lings from Missouri lows Kansas and Nebraska was from to per head 2-Ysar-Olds, to per head Young dry cows to per head. From Arkansas and fur ther South the Price per head was from to less owing to Quality and from old Mexico was a Good Price for yearlings for 2 year Olda to for 3-year-Olds and cows and cows with calves to prices now asked for Stock cattle in Southern Texas to per head in Northern Texas Indian territory Arizona and new Mexico to owing to improvement Western Kansas Lorado Wyoming and further snort to per head owing to Quality and improvement. Grade bulls Cost from to per head for yearlings to for 2-year Olds thoroughbreds from to owing to Strain of blood. Movement of Texas cattle from other Points making Young cattle that have changed northeastern Nevada. The Tuscarora times review contains the following a Coyote wandered from the Valley up into town about three o clock this morn ing and judging from the now every dog within fifty Miles around joined in the Chase As he burned the ground tearing Down main Street Back into the Valley. There Are As nearly As can be estimated fifty persons la Nevada who entertain the idea of the possibility of United states senatorial lightning striking them next win Ter. The list does not include Sharon and other California Light Ning rods. Superintendent Hellman having failed to obtain a Supply of water Ito Besen Rees As an agricultural state. The Index expresses so Well what has been the Gazette s text for Many a Sermon that its words Are Given in full. From one step to another it has been developed that Nevada is a state having really vast agricultural resources but our people seem As yet hardly aware of the fact. The science of irrigation is yet in its infancy and its necessity for the successful cultivation of some of the Staples is beginning to be doubted. At All events the water Supply is ample for three times the area and products now cultivated. The products which Are capable of being produced in excellent Quality As Well As Quantity Are hardly limited la variety. We be Lieve that in due time the grape will be found to have a Home As natural to it in Nevada As in Spain France Palestine or Arabia. Fruits of every class May be raised Here in abundance and their flavor greatly surpasses those of Callonia. The cereals and vegetables of Nev Ada Are As excellent As anywhere in the world. This state is easily capable of maintaining from its own soil a million of inhabitants. It is time that our people began to recognize this fact and to make our Community so self supporting As to be really Independent of mining and the Railroad extortion Between us and the states and territories which we still allow to bring us the food and merchandise which we ought ourselves to be producing. We have no hesitation in saying that Nevada is fully the equal of Utah or Colorado As an agricultural state so suon As her resources in that direction Are properly under stood and developed. Let us All cute publishing ourselves to the world As Only a mining state. What we want is population and Good farming. Their lowest score beats i colonel de. Boyle wednesday sent to Geo. C. Thaxter to be delivered to the Carson j the trophy offered by him for the Best score made by any team of five men from any military company. Each Man had ten shots at the and ten shots at the 600-Yard Range says the Canon Tribune. The Carson guard having a Large number of excellent shots entered two teams. The first team con sisting of Thaxter cowing Saffell Crawford and Parker made a Tot of 440, while the second team con sisting of Cheney Borges. Lang Alley and Slocum made 442. Two other company teams one made up of five men from the California later state team and the other from the Emmet guard of Virginia. The scores of these two teams were As follows calf Orlans 433 Emmet guard 434. While the score of either of the Canon teams would have won the trophy to the second team belongs Honor of winning the Beautiful prize. Tr1jckkk it Kim. Nevada Meeds More of then. Several parties have recently driven tunnels into the Sierra Madre mountains near los an Geles for water and in nearly every instance with Gratifying results. There Are several tunnels in the Mountain East of Washoe Lake by which some italian ranchers irrigate Large patches of Garden. An Artesian Well would be just As Valu Able lying Flat on its Back As it would set on end if there a a Mountain Over it and it would be cheaper to build. A change of base. There is some talk among Stock holders of Dis incorporating the Par Adise Valley mining company in san Francisco incorporating under the Laws of Nevada with the principal office in Winnemucca says the Silver state. The Laws of Nevada Are More Liberal for corporations than those of California. The company now gives employ int to 52 men and pays out int Bly for wages Over looking Tor John private advices received in car Sou thursday says the Appeal states that mrs. Amelia Smallman who was sent to the California state prison for an alleged attempt to blackmail John w. Mackay and who was recently released has gone to new York with the avowed de termination to shoot Mackay of sight. She spoke of her intention freely to some friends before her de parture who telegraphed to Mackay. It is asserted that when he was apprised of mrs. Smallman s movement he sailed for Europe but that part of the report is not credited Mackay can find ample Protection in new York against any murderous plots of this nature. But it is not at All improbable that the woman will seek to avenge herself in some manner. That she would shoot Mackay on sight is also not believed improbable by those who known her. The Oregon Short line. Superintendent Doddridge of the Union Pacific and Oregon Short line says that the Road is already completed to a Point about 10 Miles beyond Caldwell on the Boise River and that track laying was progressing at the rate of a mile and a half per Day. 22 Miles from Caldwell the second crossing of Snake Biver will be reached and there the work will be delayed for a month or six weeks by the building of the Bridge. As the completion of the Structure will not take place until in november and it will then la the opening of Winter the Ter minus will remain As it now is at Caldwell until the Spring months. 75 Miles More of Road will bring the track to Burnt River where the anticipated Junction with the Ore gon River navigation company will be made. By digging in the Vicinity of the Basin Mill has concluded to bring the indispensable element in pipes from a Spring about feet above. This Spring will furnish an Abund Ance of water and although the expense of piping will be considerable the showing made in the last few Days run fully justify the outlay. Artesian Welin in Montana. H. H. Mund treasurer of the company engaged in Boring the Artesian Well at Billings Montana writes As follows to the Helena Herald we Are now Down 280 feet still in the same Rock encountered i at 40 feet below the sur face namely a sort of soapstone slate. Professor Peale who is connected with the United states Geo logical Survey says it is the same slate that underlies the whole of Eastern Nevada and Western Dakota and says it is the fort Pierre the water has risen in the Well to within 20 feet of the surface. Progress is very rapid now Over sinking by tors. Lost River Idaho is a graphic curiosity. The Boise statesman says of it the Stream is larger than Wood River and flows with a Good current Between solid Banks until it reaches the lava Plains where it has heretofore been thought to disappear in the Rock. This has however been found to be an error As the course of the Stream can be easily traced some 20 Miles further flowing through a Cleft in the lava having changed its course to the Northeast and at last flowing close to the foot Hilts sinks in an open Sagebrush Plain. Some 25 Miles beyond Arco which is situated in the lower part of the lost River Valley is what is known As the Little lost River. This Stream also ends its course by being lost or sunk in the lower Plain. Interesting of leanings mountains. The Truckee Republican of the 26th inst., says Trout Are begin Ning to blot at Donner Lake. Sam Lowery caught a Fine string there yesterday one of which weighed four pounds. Bev. W. Carver returned from below yesterday. While there he made arrangements to be transferred to the California conference and Bas been assigned a charge at Pescadero. Cabs. E. Olney an old time Nevada City Man and Well known in Truckee is in town. In the Early Days when the Railroad was being built across the Summit Charley who lived at Cisco held the responsible position of Justice of peace and was a terror to evil doers. It was no uncommon thing for him to Send a Petty larceny thief up for two Hundred Days. He is now in the employ of the tall Road. Oroville Oregon. A. J. Binney general manager of the California Northern bail Road was at Adin saturday last. He informed the Argus reporter that the Northern terminus of tha proposed Extension is not deter mined the Road will undoubtedly take in Eastern Oregon. The sur an easy Winner. Wednesday about p. M., i and w f 100 feet having been accomplished last week and so far this week we have averaged 18 feet per Day. We feel very hopeful As to our Success. Oscar Cobb and w. F. Worrels of Sacramento sat Down at a table in the shooting gallery on Virginia Street with some Coin in front of presumably to have a game. This morning or. Worrels called at judge Young s office to swear out a warrant for Cobb saying that while they were at the table and before a card had been dealt Cobb Laid Hla Money Down on a piece belonging to Worrels picked it up walked off with it. Worrels is from Sacramento. La wow in vey has been completed from Oro Rifle up the North Fork of the Feather River to big from this Point the Road will run via Clear Creek into Pine Creek Meadows. Unless a reasonable easy Grade can he found past Hayden Hill into Adin the Road will probably run through Madeline Down the South Fork of Pitt River to Alturas but. Not Tak Ine into account the desire to run the Road into big Valley there la an almost natural Grade from Adin to Alturas. The a. . W. First assessment under the new jurisdiction of the older of the a. O. U. Has just been called for the occasion being the death by a Railroad Accident of George Sears of Dillon Lodge no. 7, at Dillon Montana who joined the order july 17, and was killed on the of August having been a member about five weeks. Caught again. Mike Shields came up from a tangible Cine. A mexican who was a partner of Bernard Navarre who was murdered on a Trail near Beowawe a few weeks ago is suspected of having committed the Mur Der. An order which Frenchey was known to have had a his pocket when he left Beowawe was presented a few Days ago by the mexi can. Wadsworth with Walker who is sentenced to 60 Days for robbing de. Gregory s Cabin. He an Bis escapes have been captured except the chinaman who sold whisky to indians. Dick Nash caught two in Beno yesterday Aad put them in jail Here. They will probably be tried for breaking jail and May be sent to Carson for a longer term. Opening a Stew body of Timber. Kneeland Nichols and St. Clair Are putting in a z from the Cental Pacific track at Tamarack to open up a Timber Patch on the South Yuba. It will take two and a half Miles of track of the same gauge the Central Pacific. It will b very Fine investment and will keep the jury. A venire for More jury men was issued made return Able at 3 o clock. When it was called two vacancies existed but by 4 they were filled and the jury sworn. It is As Good a jury for intelligence and character As Ever sat in a Box in this state and there can he no doubt of the efforts of the members to arrive at a fair ver dict. The names and occupations Are As follows j. G. Laws Book Beeper for a. Land Ley j. Libby Farmer or. Banks draughtsman g. Teasland Railroad Man h. L. W. Knox Salesman for a. J. Clare Scott Lake clerk p. B. Sheldon capitalist m. Barnett grocer George Jamison George Deremer and m. Gulling ranchers and f. Lemmon Stockman. The examination of witnesses has begun. A me kor Vear. Snow Sheds Over the mountains without a the summer. One or two Wood piles burned but no Sheds to speak of some Yean the loss has been very heavy. Be a Tot of men Busy Tor a Long while. Or. Berry proposes to invite business men of Bono to a trip Over the n. O. Next wednesday. Of

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