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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 2 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - October 2, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county. Nevada thursday october 2, 1870. No. 27. Reno weekly Gazette Publ sued Kubby thursday by 14. I. Tbhm3 of san soul dully Ono your by mall. Weekly one a car mail b m re Zivorod by Corrior in Llono at s3 cents por week. The next census. The tenth census of the United states promises to be far More accurate and thorough than any that have previously been taken in this country. Formerly the subdivisions for census purposes were not allowed to exceed inhabitants now the limit of inhabitants in any enumeration District is Frt ced it 4000. This change will ensure much greater rapidity and correctness in enumeration. Tho taking of Tho census will com Mence on the first monday in june of next your. Under the old Law canvass ers were allowed from Juno is to november 1st, a period of five months in which to Complete their canvass and make their returns. Under the new census act of 1879 the enumeration Iii each District is required to be completed within the month of june and in cities having Over it ants canvassers Are allowed Only two weeks in which to do their work. Here again More trustworthy returns Are assured. By compelling the whole enumeration to be effected within four weeks one of Tho main difficulties of the resulting from a shift ing population is largely overcome. Population cannot shift to any great Oxten. In a fortnight or to take Tho extreme Lynoit within one month. A supervisor will be appointed for oath census District who shall appoint enumerators for each division under his charge. The enumerators will to chosen for their it nest for the work. Their compensation will be based upon Tho amount of work performed. They will not be hired by Tho Day. A cer Tain sum will be allowed for each in habitant death farm shop etc., re ported. To guard against Over Ali no canvasser will be allowed to earn Mare than a Day in the country and so in the Largo cities. Assessors Post office clerks doctors school masters and persons of like occupations Are designated a suitable persons for enumerators. Their returns must to Smulo us Der oath. The census returns furnish the basis for of Tho highest importance. May facts of the greatest value to Mankind arc brought Light through the study of such it is there fore alike the interest and the duty of every to make truthful Aii of Tho questions of the canvass ers to give them All possible assistance in their work. The returns Aro for purposes Alono. Thoy Are Novor used for purposes of Taxa Tion militia duty or for any other objects whatever. Everybody should understand this but census takers of ton find it Clid cult to get satisfactory answers to questions because of the suspicions Tomt some people entertain in regard to the objects of the can Vasser s work. Editorial notes. John o Moore of car san recently brought suit against the Central Pacific Railroad company to recover damages for alleged injuries sustained by his wife in falling through his company s alleged defective wharf it Antioch. The Case has Boon tried n the it. S. Der tit court in ran Vancisco and Tho jury rendered a for the defendant. The de Ense was that the Accident did not Lapp ii on tile grounds of Hocom Yany. About As Good a thing As a Man can do for his family is to get Uirt on a Railroad and then sue the company for damages. Juries Are usually partial to the unfortunate. Jut Tho victim of a Railroad Accident hould make sure of the company s responsibility before he participates in catastrophe. Gildersleeve and Bodino Are both crack riflemen. Gildersleeve Bodine an officer in a new York court. In that court last wednesday policeman charged that the prisoner at the bar had fired upon him and Rodu cd the prisoner s pistol in Evi Dence. Judge Gildersleeve examined the pistol and found it had been tampered with to corroborate the police Nan s word. Col. Bodine concurred. So by Means of the judge s and the officer s knowledge of firearms the prisoner s vindication was secured and a policeman s wickedness revealed. And shooting has eco productive of some Good. Who can say that some Benefit May not yet result from a knowledge of base Ball a slight mistake. The Tiro engines of Reno Are Bein unit in order in expectation of Grant s visit to that Pluto next month. The Tor bucket is also being burnished Anc will be placed on a Pedestal on the depot platform. The people of Reno Are determined to present All the Prin Cipal resources of their town to the gaze of their distinguished Tutock report. The tar bucket is being polished up for the Benefit of Tho Parng Rupber o the stuck report. Tho Rev. H. of Stoughton mass., is thirty years old and his wife is Furty five. Trio difference in their Ages is not greater than the difference in their temperament and they have signed Anil an agreement to so Porte. Mayor that the hand shaking might lie dispensed if Grant wants a. Third term it u evident that to hah the muscle to carry him through tin Campaign. It looks if Home my to ise it too. Daniel Mccarthy did in disco willing half his Pilate to Liz a o Connor who has lived me Omo years As my Thoy had lever been married but Mccarthy Tail frequently introduced her As his wife. After his death the will a disputed but judge Myrica Hasus Tineil the woman s suit deciding that he was legally the wife of the de ceased. Tho Adam Smith of the Sam a lie insist thai Prosperity which ame to this country upon Tho a i Imp Ion of specie payment is All owing o the fact that the government buys a couple of million ounces of bar Ilver a month and coins it into Dol ars worth85 coot a Piuac which lie n the vaults in Washington and new York. Logical truly. An English horse ale up several founds of Tea the other Ilay and died rom extreme cerebral congestion mid cd by the Herb. Tho Tea drink ers who denounce the use of tobacco n the ground that it is a Poison should see in the incident n solemn warning an a hereafter abstain from Iea. Miscellaneous items. In 1844 a vessel was wrecked on the big mud Island off the Nova Scotia coast and All on Board were drowned. The bodies were recovered and buried. Thirty years afterwards some curious person dug up one of the Graves mid found Tho body of a woman in perfect preservation completely petrified. Tho Stone woman became famous in local and was Many times resurrected visitors. The present owner and occupant of the Island has caused the body to be finally Laid to rest within gunshot of his House. When last buried the body perfect excepting the head which had decay Erl. The flush was hard As Stone and of the color of Grey Marble Many persons seem to have a idea that All railroads arc necessarily profit Able to their owners. But is that railroads Are among the most of enterprises. Tho follow ing item from the now York Sun of sept. 19, gives an astonishing state ment of the losses sustained by rail Raij builders in the United states during the past three a cars 132 Aire rican railroads covering nearly seventeen thou find Miles and repro font him an invested capital of have been sold under fore a tar bucket episode occurred in Iowa Tho other Day. Due Deacon Griffiths had transgressed with a youth Ful sister of his congregation. Thero was no investigating committee a Poi Tud to Whitewash the offending Deacon. But Tho stalwarts of the Hock gathered on a dark night caught the Deacon and coating his integument with the adhesive tar they gave him a covering of downy plumage. The Deacon fled the state and has not since been heard from. Gorhams in Washington. He de Nies that he has turned Democrat Anc maintains that he is As Strong a re publican As Ever. But it has appeared that he Cati better serve the Republican party by working on the other Side. The new York Tribune says the party does t want him. All the says a san Francisco dispatch a constant Stream of visitors poured through the apart ments and All were greeted with i Hearty Shako of the hand Genera Grant declining the suggestion of the Martin Johnson and or. Thatcher of Europa Cal., quarrelled some months ago. Last wednesday for revenge Johnson threw vitriol in the face of Thatcher s three year old boy. No subsequent proceedings Are mentioned in the dispatch. Are there no rails or feathers in Eureka for such scoundrels few smokers Bear in mind the poisonous future of the Oil of pipes. A Case is reported of death train Inocula Tion with this Oil. While cleaning out an old pipe with ins knife a had Cut his Finger with the Blade. Inflammation followed the Arm swelled and amputation was proposed but it was too into and the Man died. For the first Quarter of this year the receipts of the u. S. were h sum almost equal to the annual receipts before the War. At the present rate of increase it will not be Long before Tho postage on Lotters will to reduced to two Contu. The san Francisco chronicle build ing is now finished and Tho members of the profession Are invited to inspect it on monday next. The presses Tiro capable of printing 3300 copies an hour. A dispatch from Europa status that the grand jury of Eureka county has ignored Tho Bill against the sheriff s posse for Tho killing of the five ital ians a tiring the recent Coal troubles. Yellow fever is decreasing in Mem Phis. The cow cases number Only about three a any now. In another month the Frost will come and the pcs Talenco be wholly stayed. A High authority Esti mates the i ii glue crops it divorcees a leading subject of Dis Cussion in Paris. Alfred a quit Aud Dumas favor it. The methodist conference of South Ern Illinois refused to admit a woman As a member although she was pastor of a Chuich. Manchir an eminent French agriculturalists proposes to feed cattle sheep and pias on provender contain no Savory herbs to give flavor to the flesh. There has been a great decline in he adulteration of food in England since the employment of Public Analy Sis. Nearly every county now has one. A Dunedin new zealand paper re words the death of another Glasgow Ink victim who failing for s340.000. Emigrated from Edinburg. Hard times Are in one respect a special Providence for Glasgow. In the week ending sept. 1st there were Only 285 charges of drunkenness against 584 in the corresponding week of 1878. The diminution has been going on for months. Elisha Grimes said in a prayer meet no at Little York ind., that he was wholly prepared to die. George Jones called him out of doors a few minutes afterwards and killed him with a knife it is conjectured that Jones thought Grimes professing readiness might As Well Dio at once for no motive has Boon discovered. Joe Pentz took a Rifle to his wed Ding at Mark s Gap Texas. The Sexton tried to persuade him to leave it at the door on entering the Church but he persisted in carrying it across his shoulder As he walked with his Bride up the aisle to the altar rail. His explanation a that a rival suitor had threatened to kill him on this occasion and he meant to be prepared for defense. John second Duke of Montagu directed his tenants and dependents not to work or kill their disabled horses but to Send them to his tins Park at brought ii where anecdotes of his kindness Are still told. Lie had a faithful dog of which he made a Reat pet because he said that no one he would be kind to any thing so ugly. Is was Ono of the first prominent apostles of kindness to brutes. The death is announced of or. Chapman the loading entomologist of Scotland after a lingering illness accelerated by the failure of the City of Glasgow Bank of which he was a shareholder. An account of him says to or. Chapman this world was a Paradise of natural wonders to Hin about Tho blackest spot was the religious pretensions which so largely added to Compass Tho catastrophe which brought him to the Young person whose likeness adorns the face of the Standard Silver Dollar is a miss Williams of Philadel phia. The Boston Post inquires what sat for the the Audi phone enables deaf persons to hear through their Teeth. Deaf person who have no Teeth will have to wait. A Washington dispatch to the new York world avers that Blaine and Sherman have Allied against Grant. The examination of the Roddas at Wheatland has so far brought ont nothing new. Grant May have the Boom Bill Tilden has the dogs Ullh yellow fever. A Washington special dispatch to Tho Chicago Iii is states that or Steinberg reports to the National Board of health Tho result of his experiments of yellow a fever infection on two dogs two its Ono Monkey two rabbits three Guinea pigs two Gecso Aud three chickens by confining them on Tho infected bark John Welch jr., far two Days. No effect was notice Able on any of the animals excepting one of Tho dogs which although re turning from the ship apparently in Good health on the following Day was taken Down with a severe attack of fever lasting two Days during which the temperature reached 107 degrees accompanied by wild delirium and followed by coma. The dog recovered and it is the doctor s intention of making More experiments so As to determine whether this attack of fever resulted from exposure to the yellow fever Poison. It will be interesting to know positively whether dogs subjected to such exposure can to infected with the disease. The result of the present Experiment gives Good Rea son to suppose such to be the Case. Therefore instances where dogs the companions of children attacked with diphtheria and Scarlet fever having confined themselves in the sick Pitian s room have exhibited All the symptoms of the disease and died. A grass Valley sportsman bagged six dozen Quail along the Coourtney Road on wednesday and says it was a bad Road for Quail too. The Santa Barbara folks Are trying to get a Railroad built to their town from new Hallon the Southern Pacific. Kiwi thu thib at Stockton final the Stockton humid. The trotting race at the san Joa Quin District agricultural society s track saturday stands on the Roc oids is the Best trotting race Over contested in the Pacific coast though it was witnessed by a comparatively audience of not More than 2000 peo ple. The race was for a purse of did the contestants were the horses St Julian Nutwood and the Graves four heats were trotted St. Julian coming under Tho wire in each Leat first and without n break or a skip either in scoring or after Tho word was Given the time being and it was n remark Ible performance. Their has seen better time made on several tracks in this state by other horses going against time and on this track Ess Tolian a year ago Rarus made his mile in the fastest time saturday was made in Tho first St. Julian miking his first Quarter in and the first half mile in which is exactly the time made by Rarus in his first heat to the mile Jolt on december 13th, of last year. Be trotted the heat in with out having any company it All. In Lis second heat to was accompanied y a running and Mado the Quarter in and the half in i St. Julian s performance last saturday Stamps him As one of the very fastest horses in Tho world. The Cliff dwellers of Arizona. The Maquis indians of numbering 1700, live in seven villages on the top of three Cliffs or headlands that Rise More than 600 feet above he Plains. Why they choose these a Handy places is a mystery. On reaching the villages says a recent visitor one finds one s self on in Flat Odge of Bare Rock which extends out from the main table nearly half a mile in length and from ten feet to perhaps three Hundred feet in Width. The sides Are almost perpendicular. The most populous of these villages Wal la i is on the extreme end of the rocks where the Width is not Over one Hundred feet. All the water for All purposes is carried in earthen ves Sels on the backs of men and women from a Spring near the foot of the Mountain a distance of nearly a mile while the Woods brought eight Miles. Hero these people have lived longer than they can Tell even from their traditions and hitherto they have been averse to a change of location notwithstanding the difficulty of obtaining their necessary supplies and the distance from their Fields Anil herds. They will. Bird shooting among the Reeds along the marshy shores of the Dela Ware is perilous to the Hunters in con sequence of careless . Tho Philadelphia times says that a accidentally put a few into the Arm of a Jersey Man a few Days ago. The angry Jersey Man seeing a Wreath of smoke rising out of the Marsh returned the Liro. With out getting any nearer to Encl other Tho two gunners paddled out into a Small Clearing where the Ceils did not obstruct the View. Then they quarrelled and finally the Jersey Man put up his gun to Firo again. His opponent followed suit and they both Pullo l triggers at Tho same moment. The incl Libb were then about forty yanks apart a distance it which a Good dual of pain could be inflicted with no danger of fatal results. They fired away until both punctured when they stopped by Mutual consent. They at once stripped off their clothing. They were dotted with blood and Little purple Black spots whore Tho shot had entered. A cow Taves three weeks will out food Pacific coast items. Teams of emigrants on their Way North Aie daily passing through Wood land Cal. Eight thousand five Hundred rail Road ties Are being brought into Ari Zona daily. There has been Frost every month this year in some parts of big Valley Modoc county. A Man on upper Lynx Cross Ari Zona one Day last week picked up a fifty Dollar Nugget. The Elna Oyefes in Tho Navy Yard at Vallejo began working eight hours per Day on the 22d. Away up in Adin Modoc county the people arc feasting on Salmon caught in hot Crock. The examination of Ifa Slidell is still going on in san Francisco. Numer Ous witnesses have testified that Throe shots were tired. Tommy Gates Wou the 2 24 trotting Ace at san Jose on the 23d, commo Dore second it. Helena third and Gold note fourth. A Canyon City Farmer began without i cent five years ago at the age of fifty took up a farm and now has ields House barn Orchard health my credit. An old Nevada county Miner says hat during his four weeks sojourn in Alaska to saw Mote Gold bearing surface than to Ever Bolero witnessed in any locality. On saturday Twenty three ounces of Nugget Gold were taken out from Small space in the Bottom of the Yuba River Channel near Washington Nevada county California. A band of horse thieves recently raided Tho settlement in the Weiser country Idaho. They Are supposed to e White men although they left arrows behind As a Blind. Citizens Are n Pursuit. Wang Fook a laundry Man in a fit of jealousy shot he Choy his Rais Ress in a Deu in Portland on the 23d. Two shots took effect in her Back. She. S in a critical condition. The Assassin escaped. Prof. Hilgard has shown by Analy Sis that beets grown on the Arroyo Grande in san Luis Obispo county contain too much Alkali to be fit for sugar. So the recently suggested sugar Boot manufactories there Are not Likely to succeed. A Man named Burns recently Dis charged from ten insane Asylum hot a Man named tuscan at Mcminn Ville Yamhill county on the 32d. Tuscan was holding a Candle while Burns and another Man fought out a quarrel. Tho injuries arc considered fatal. Grass Valley is to have a Beer Saloon. One by one the news paper men of this part of Tho state Are securing the advantages already enjoyed by their Brethren elsewhere. Ays the Nevada Tran script. Teams loaded with wheat fill the streets of Walla Walla Washington territory daily. It is estimated that there arc bushels there yet to ship. The Railroad is blocked As tic cars take the Grain to Wallula faster than the boats can carry it off. Boko cit5, the capital of Idaho has a population of 2500. It is 38so feet above the Tea. It s situation is such that water from the River is easily conveyed to any part of the City in ditches ind , Oral cards and ornamental Trees lend attraction to the natural Beauty of the place. General Sprague superintendent of the Pacific division of the Northern Pacific Lui Road has arrived at port to will at Tice com Mence work on the Oregon end of the Road and is of opinion that within four years Oregon will have Railroad connections with the East. Iowa stale Kcf Istir. A belonging to Doncy of it pleasant was missed about three weeks ago and the belief was some one had driven she was found on Friday wedged in the Railroad Culvert within one Hundred and eighty Yards of Tho depot. She was taken out in an emaciated in Condi Tion Aud though having nothing to eat for three weeks still lives. Some English engineers have projected a Gigantic Tunnel under the Strait from Spain to Africa. The length of the Tunnel would be nine Miles and its deepest Point about three quarters of a mile under the surface of the water. It scorns that the engineers undertook to real ize the dream of an englishman who wanted to go by land not Only pc France but even to Africa. Hence the project of two tunnels one under the English Channel the other i Index the Gibraltar Strait. Bat holler j a Ploskon at Karl slow. Eur aka nev., sept. 20. The Sentinel this morning publishes the following communication from a correspondent at Pio Clie a terrible Accident occurred at Bristol last tues Day. The engine of Tho Hill Side hoisting works was completely demolished by the explosion of the boiler and Tho building entirely wrecked Tho explosion occurred about 5 a. M. The boiler shot into the air passed Over the dump Aad landed 1800 feet below. Tho Engineer George Stackpole was killed outright his by Isains being found in a terribly mangled condition lodged in branches of a True in the Canyon Over 230 Yards from the scene of the explosion. Webster the fireman was found buried in the ruins and was taken out in an unrecognizable and senseless condition. His recovery is considered doubtful. Both men were natives of Maine and or. Stackpole loaves a wife and two children. Newspaper

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