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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1879, Page 6

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - November 27, 1879, Reno, Nevada Willy Gazette november 27 Susa Hville news. Cuttle driving and Sale of Yusem of the a Uclarit Oral or of "uo1" Kat Tell Shell hot for Krom our own correspondent. Jne Stevens of Lake View. Oregon drove a Wii 300 head of beef cattle to feed for Liliu san Francisco Market Oscar homier also drove Coo Down to feed for Hayes Carrig co. Of Oak Laud All the Hay in the tide a unfed aug Buntinx to about tons Lias been sold to feed Bock. The i ice paid was from 50 to f 7 50 per ton. C Onnor the tree Man of your City was Here this week with a Large lot of Trees for Tho in Atli 1 a entry. All thu Farmers about Houey Lake Are court is in session Liere this it Throe divorce crises Are before Tho court for settlement. Mrs. Mur Dock Haa Cusp involving so Menhert near Cox clerk of Sacra mento Are her opponents. E. V. Up Cnober i the attorney for mrs. Mill Dock gun. Sci amento Hiis a Luiey. Side of the thu p of mini of believed that the prop i i the Law Weru not do ing till in duty in the Way of protect ing the lives Aud property of citizens from thu roughs Olio were of late numerous in this Community and that the authorities were doing nothing to suppress Tho vice of opium smoking. The officers be eased rather to Conn tenancy the proceedings of the element and when the late Row of fir i d they did even arrest thu ring leaders after a complain was us cd fully an hour after to disturbance. The citizens have tort fore formed vigilance under the historic ii Nainie of -601." since its Organiza Tion two disreputable characters i ave left the place not however until t notice to quit was served on them we. Loyd it la on the Reno stage under lit eco us As far As Milford Lewis i1. Burn uni departed on foot his face turned towards where the set Ting him Hinks in Tho Calm Waters of the Pacific. There Are a few Mort Here of the same sort who will get i ticket of leave unless they tread the paths of virtue in the future. Julian. Cat., Nat. St. Thie postal order not bum i cd Voyat Loisb am regulation. Re to tar Jemison Saya that the la Ordor requiring All letters to a us Jot eco to a plume in which there is is being generally observed. If it were rigidly enforced Ibe seriously injured thare arc Oliou Sands of letters passing through the mails Clay on which the Attress is perfectly definite but which would have to be sent to the dead letter office the new order out. For instance a letter May be addressed j Mare Island Cal everybody knows where Mare Jward is and there is probably no other place of the same name in the Dpi two states. Yet because there is do potato fico at Island a let so addressed should according to be Roii Signil the the dead letter nearer Home there arc such places As steam Hunt Springs Huffa jeers Como Etc., Ichieh have no Post but ure glacially known. A to Steamboat Spring could not fail to reach is foyer if Lel t to the i Creti ii of any pus Masti a in the s nto. In Viry in tiny cases the tender docs not know the Taino of the Post office nearest the destination of a loiter and Liau no Means of finding it oat. The strict enforce ment of the new ruin would virtually shut him out from Postma to general key s late 01 Clur will either become practically a Carl Urt tar or be at length revoked. Each Day Moru and wore Demon Strates its Absurdity. Ociea list onco said no mini tilth u Aud to stomach Ever committed and Yut Many arc Stiller tie to Ittris of the damned Wink Pla Oliea a single bottle of Dit. Eng Lish due Delia liver ail pills will give relict ind if Pittl cod in will cure Cuse of this flu treeing trouble. This Pill torpid liver Aud bilious Ness Hov Wale Rera oven pimping from the wild Camas. It i kill bin. Root that la Worth a Natl rating. B. A bedding of san Francisco an acute observer and Earnest investigator in various departments of nature science recently contributed to one o the agricultural papets an article 01 Tho Caracas an edible tuber growing wild in Idaho Washington territory Aud other sections of the coast. H recommends its cultivation believing it would prove a valuable addition t our kit of vegetable Fords. Jelm Sunder Laid one of our bes known and most prosperous Ineree years go mining in Idaho. H says that he indians their make Grea use of the it in various ways. He hns often eaten it an found it very and nutritious the bulk of the Camas when Cooke is like a potato Aud has a similar task and consistency. The Root is Whit and nearly spherical. Sometimes grows Long and or. Funderund a seen some Camas roots that were t least two inches in diameter. Undo size of the Plant woul be greatly increased. The Camas frequently roasted in the potatoes Are. This is one of the bes ways of cooking it. The Camas Prairie Idaho takes its name from the Camas roots that Are there found i great abundance. It would he a Ami thing for Sonio of our Farmers to some of Thybo tubers am sue cultivation would do for them. Consumption cured. An of l physician retired Pra Kllc Bud placed in in hum by Unen India missionary the formula of Teimpie to remedy for the speedy and Hermanc cure for Rousu Mellon Brouch Luln Ostarr asthma and nil Throat mid lung affection also a positive und Radical cure for Ife Voi debility mud All nervous aft having tested its wonderful curative Powe in thousands of cases has Felt it his duty make it known to his Fallows. A at eco by tins motive and a Desi s to relies human buffering i will free of charge All Olio desire it thin recipe in Germa French or English with full directions f preparing and using by mull by. A dressing with naming this Pap i we Shear 149 Powers Block Rocheste n. Y. A Fine flock of or. Wheeler has a flock of Abou 2700 sheep feeding in the Fields soul of town. They Are in prime cond Tion and it is a pretty sight to watch them grazing and scampering Ove the stubble. The Fiock is More o less graded with thoroughbred strains and Ninny of the animal exp in marked Points of superiority Over the native Breed. The flock will be Fai tend on Tho Meadows until be years when it will gradually be converted into Mutton for the Virgini Market. The the new Reservoir. Reservoir of the Highlan ditch company about half a Mil Back of the i ills was completed several weeks ago but the water has not yet been let in. The Supply pipes through which the Wate will be admitted into the Reservoir Are expected and As soon they Are n place the Reservoir will b Gulleu. The company does not Intel to Supply any water to the town Thi Winter for fear of bursting the ser vice pipes. Reservoir will make one place for skating Bye and Bye. A world of Good. The Fanf Rii is. Yell my breath la Huichu lie Anburn Puin in this hides Iii Dunck is Totie it directly upon the Yimling of the Stu Macli of the liver can be Tuk ii in dry weather. By Vare o initiations. Tho Genu Ine him of a lion on Tho outside wrapper. Price my for by us Burn Shock Itkor. Druid Gist. It .1 Ilu Lri l to oujk1. The Silver state minstrels a Liotine troupe of amateurs have been rehearse weeks and Hare arranged in Jivu a in tie a v Chi i tier f c. T v one of the most popular medicines Low before the american Public i hop bitters. You see it everywhere people take it with Good effect. I s not As pleasant to the taste As some ther bitters As it is not whisk inn. It is More like the old Fash one Bone set Tea that has done i world of Good. If you Don t feel jus i lit try hop mews an addition to the City of Homes. Mark Parish expects to got into his Lew House the last of next week. It s a very convenient Une. The finish s Tine throughout and it has every convenience even to a dumb waiter by weights Between the cel Lar and pantry. It has Gas in every room und Waterall Over the House. The Kitchen Aud dining room Are Perfec Tion. It has Marks of a Groat Deal of thought and study everywhere and will be As neat and pleasant a dwell ing As there is in the Parish. A Bijj Wood pile. In the news published in a misprint made it appear that a. N. Marker had 1200 cords of Wood on his dump. It should Dave been cords. A pile of 1soo Corda is not much for Marker. going. The Mill at the Eagle mine Twenty Miles East of love jocks has been Start a up on Ore from the Eagle mine. It lies Bat Lovelock s and Ville. For the Bailie bal Road. Pour cars of Fod Sood ties have been la loaded and piled ii at the hound House. Or. Hay Wood the read Maar informed the station agent that key arc for the Eodie Branch. Jail notes. A Moe held to femurs in the House Over the Kulver. A Moe can god with the burglary of t. Burnett s House pleaded guilty tuesday Uncle was held to answer be fore the grand jury. Lie said that he took no part in the theft of goods from Davidson but that a White cum gave him a quilt to hold his Tongue. A Moe to jail1. The tw6 vagrants Urr Sidd monday night were tried and found guilty tuesday afternoon. Dennis co Les got fifteen and Chas Mccornick was charged to appear next morning for sentence. When released he told someone that lie would appear at Iho appointed wads Ortli and no doubt he is Well out of Washoe county by Tiliti time. Blessed Relief. Or. Sharp an old resident of the jail was Luain gathered in from the Street evening his offence is that he is a Vagabond Aud general nuisance. At to waa lying Stark naked in his bed in the jail while his clothes were being boiler boiling is destructive of those Para Sites with which the clothing of i Sharp was supposed to be infest i the prisoners usually Institute cinching investigation of tic clothing if n new arrival and Are interested i the cells from being Ovici crowded. They took great Delight i the boiling that was going on wednes Day. This method of treating the clothing of prisoners is somewhat in Jurious to Trio fit but As a Rule the Ritiro less for the shape and Cut tha for the Comfort of their garments. Richard Tobin in now under the immediate euro of Deputy Sheri Gray and enlivens the prison by h of wit and humor. Ii was Aslet the other Clay by a visitor what he a there for. Charged with being Lousy said Dick and property found o jewelry 875.00, Avor ulna i on Viii tie has erected n miniature fur Noco Anc smelting works in the rear of Jas. I Giffen s residence and has been engaged for several Days in testing pea Vine Ore. His results Are extremely Satis factory find he claims that he Ca work the Rock readily and profitably ills method of working is a Modifica Tion of the Gould process and known Only to himself. Or. Butts a been at Meadow Lake throughout the recent tests of that Ore and has an important share in the Honor of red Cine a those hitherto rebellious ores preparations will soon be made of working pea Vine Ore on a Large scale Lee Butts is a Pioneer prospector a practical engines. The tooth old Mot stick. Several Days ago or. Extracted a tooth of Ben. Burnetts Sud til ing the cavity replaced the molar in its socket about Twenty four hours Al Ter Ward. The tooth was in the upper jaw lessening the Chance of Saccos n it had a tendency to fall out of place the tooth did not become find in it socket und had to be taken out of Good. The operation was not an est Peri meet As it has often been Success fully performed. But it does not sue need in More than one Case out of ten those Olio attend the firemen s Ball to Morrow night will have u Gooc Chance on their Way Homo to witness the expected Shower of meteors. The is util claim of a kiss for every shoot no Star will be enforced As rigidly is circumstances Ivill permit. Tomeco Good for the Teeth. Tobacco users will draw some com Ort from some observations made by to author of a paper rend before the a ontological society of London. Phis write or. Hepburn says thai Jie direct action of Nicoline on the Zeih is directly Bench Ocial the Alka Unity of the smoke must necessarily neutralize any acid secretion which May be present in the Oral cavity and he property of the Nico Anc attends to arrest Putre Active Ngos in he carious cavities. The Luthor is inclined to believe that the Lark Deposit on the Teeth of habitual rank cars is largely composed of the Arbou of tobacco smoke. This do Doit takes place in those portions there carries arc most Likely to arise and on those surfaces tie Teeth hich escape the Ordinary cleansing of lie Brush. That tobacco is capable of haying to some extent the great Tain of Toothache is he thinks effect being due not Only to s Narcot izing Power but also to ifs i acct action upon the exposed nerve and lie is inclined to attribute the fact f the comparatively rare occur no of of thache among sailors in a great sea sure to their habit of chewing. The annual election of officers of r Ero Odge no. A m., will take place on sturday nov. 2m. All tvs Burg tire request d to at tend. By order of thu a To Cinchona there Are now two kinds of Dunn Teuntje continuous and either kind my i be termed in nil respects m disease. Tomt 1 is Bach in Provo by the one cum parties Ore i i neatly i ilnits i Aga Luet their will or better judgment. Not it Thorn neither thu of j explain since Vuu Lyrel Catob Riuli for i . Cold watch Freel i and Jarl Burchard pfc Mcclelland sell four average it c i guru for a Quarter o22 a n. Davidson does work town. Satisfaction gear Auteuil or Money funded. To ton found two Wust of the no or. Stonum Healing lotion for chapped lands skin Brecklen Etc put la by Osburn a Shoemaker. Friends tearful Ostrof Llesi cwt children to relic imminent ruin of vate Afi Airn the principal of Ninny Enicks a n by Siguine Tulip Urtin in. U sir no inc Ruble nervous by atom. Daily observation a How that Mun Oxcell Lar in Borly und mind Are Moru disposed to Diu Ike pcs i Tolian. Those with head Iuca after become Dankai is. T tub Tjhie Ochua. Cinchona bark into Clucus into Europe ii oat the year Biu it Quanot tin no omit 17 that the Plant pro lacing it Vuc known to Mitura lilo in that year a French Man on to journey to Lima pern Hud the of port Nhy the tree a Deo Crip Mon which Pou his return to Paris he in the memoirs of the French pc Fulem san thereafter Winnons the Bot Anist Tivo it thu mme of Viiu i Ona of Licin in Honor of the counter of Guchon Wolf Woithe Viceroy or pern who had been healed miraculously As Tho jesuits of the Day believed by drinking from a Pool Oiwa into which the top of one of these tree blown Down by the wind had fallen. Cinchona stands tit the he id of till ton when taken into the stomach a pure Tinct my of it usually excites in a Short time a Var Mali life neb itself Over the whole body. After some to have clap nud tic circus experiences Itti influence As exhibited in thu somewhat increased frequency of the pulse and alter to few Aro Given at re Kulvir Inlet Vilh the whole system lie comes More or less beneficially und All the functions undergo a moderate degree of excitement. Its action upon the nervous a Stem is often inv incur by a uprise of to Capien or or plight Pilin in the head singing in the cure Etc. Voc Doeing bring part in temporary deafness. But besides Tho Mere excitation of the Ordinary functions of Hulth it Piodi Coa other Elf sets non the syncom which Riihl be Peculiar and inde pendent of its Mere tonic operation. That Power by which when administered in Tho intervals Between the Ofuji disease k interrupts the Progress of the Mai lady in Toni thing More Minn what is understood he the tonic property for no Ether bibs tune however powerful or permanent my to the excitement which it produced exercises a control Over periodical afflictions at All com parable to Cinchona. In All diseases Finch an occasion Al apr being and ague there Are intervals of rest or Freedom from the effects of the train of morbid actions going on in the re census of the nervous system and but one a Nudy is known which Haa the Power during this intermission of preventing a return of tie condition experienced prior to he Udel Lehu Tion. That remedy is Cinchona Rubra. Exactly How it does Tiila has not yet been Satis factors by explained but it does it a Heen acknowledged for Over Hundred Yeaw indeed All Well read and experienced med Cal men admit that Cinchona has this won f Al anti periodic property. Lierni March ii to . We live pan particular Tutu Iliou to the buying of bulk Uip Ianul auction loin of Nuuuli valid Wui clips at Low us us lunch Tiu or value ail in i o huh Iii cd Hutc we paid Onu Bihui the no Mil ii Ircia starting to Timve been Blu to Diol Buac to mob in la Cuyo mud ii ouch our it blur Cimo Mui s throughout thy country at nearly Rug blur in last us could pro cure ilium but owing to the Large Mim Liu u ii Lump among Tiu hit vice Dialler Ait a Uruu ii to Tureh and Ohio cumin to Nib during inc Nontha i july am August the Lime a lieu Jou Elry but Muti is to have now in hand i Ini Iii Tiu Stock of Tiu copy Ike Bablu u oods Baku Ever Ami which we Luve Buu Jjlia a lower than Tiv i by Fure. In Tiloi i dispose of tin s Nuro Stock in the Mot by Giuily manner puembit1, and Nike loom our Ouw onus a Liili for Lull a Oit Dinic to Btij my have h l upon the follow Tut novel plan we to give Yuu a list of tie la is Iaulus of these giving to i Nilius Iii no Ami sell to Artie in Fht la ill Fri of i Muncton Romeo it m we will thu Yuu i Osit Aiu any us 10 the o 8-i Oil receipt of articles to the us Imsu do i tiling Muiir future below we Kivo a lift the . .1 Uii Blu o Thoa. 85 list of jewelry at wholesale prices gent s new St to bc.ii-1 i or i Lnu sleeve odor Blunt Hayug. .85 14 of bin to Ludo Ugur nud or the bulletin free sued distribution for 1h8o, a have been perfected fro seed among the subscribers the bulletin of several kinds of rare am valuable wicca vegetables and Flower suede great care has Beun taken to Chouse Viii Erie that have been tested sufficiently in Thi country or elsewhere to prove their value of tic Pacific coast and Inch As Are not readily obtained through channels. The object has also been kept constantly in of obtaining such varieties As would prove not Only of Defit to on subscribers but an advantage to the whole coast. Some of the More valuable of the list have not yet found their Way into the catalogues of american seeds men and arc not obtainable in this country. Several varieties have been or direct com England France and Japan at Large sex and thu actual retail value of the seed Obe presented to each subscriber will Abou Pual the subscription Price of this paper. The distribution will be made during the ensuing Winter and will commence As soon in the last shipment arrives from Europe there will to delay in the arrival of Homo of those from France on accent of the Nocos Ity in order to obtain perfectly fresh feeds of waiting for the ripening of the crop of the season As soon As possible the Date fair commencing the distribution will be announced with full particulars through this columns and in the a i each in most its is by in Ilia tuition will be published and Stich subscriber will Able to Judye of the adapt ability of the different kinds to his locality. In View of the seed distribution and the met hat the Kudo weekly Gazette the Friday s the weekly arc 11 a riven for thle is Tho Grout out ii Ulnic Rentto sub Jan by Ever Oslo Don the Paciuc last nov ammo Fine Stock of jewelry just Ruc vivid at i. Fredrick s. U will be profitable to the Public to Call at Fredrick a where they will find the bust election Over opened in Lien oof Gold watches a dits Aud i Oihi chains guard and Puiu necklace lockets Aud sets of All do or options. All goods warranted As repro cited no filled gab Els nine tenths solder Stead of i have been Here Sis years and i defy any one to show that i have Ever a filled article for solid Gold. My Stock for Call and examine my oods before you buy elsewhere. Lum my goods cheaper than they were Vui Uil Rcd before Ruby Nick. The in Martinj dry goods House. Given unusual attention to the by Tiol Demy fall and Winter Stock and tier to the Trade a full and Complete line of found in a Frajt claps dry goods Ore at prices unusually Low. On Ury com ors can be seen the finest and most Exten Stock of Rich and elegant dress material ver scan in Tia City and the Public Gener by will consult their Osvin intercut by Pur Mug their goo a it me. Are ent to any pare of the country on apply Chi on with their Low priced attached. Sol. Levy Virginia St., vey. Novel if you want your wat ii put in Good order be it to Gruggel v Noi 4-tf 11 hound or of Ink a it i und i Sirni. 11 or ludiec1 Plain ii Ivd to in or i Imus ladles1 Long or Munnt j duty Doroin p5 Stone or Imrem i to drops to Nuit Cli d n u nut laity s Crft any flirt e of the will be sent by paid on receipt of cents. Lad Luri Biou band Bruc lots engraved. X scale Kungu Doi Ible Etc. 1 m or a Clit a but Lieut Diamond sul kings.1 do Iofik Linn or Boom pin., 1 it u car i opt Tombli 1 Geul d Onyx Clui Tki. R. 1 of 11 Onyx amethyst or shirt 3 10 Cameo tilt 1 of y h. I of Kiln Ami Cli urm 1 extra Lilio scuff Kings i Pisa i t any Jive of Iho cuticles be mulled fico in nay of receipt of Gem s Long Ouw style Vest Chain and Charm is Scurf rings and pins new styles Ablest Tine. 1 11 i Tui no and i or Lidi a Cirineo and Onyx sleeve liultone.14 or ladies Cameo am Cuiji and other Stone ladles very fancy end i 4 11 Exira Mist cd Onyx meth yet and engraved pins.14 u extra Iii fuhed Onyx amethyst and engraved far drops. 141 Long Opi Itti or Finard chains 1 4i it fancy in Wjk 11 my 1 4 any Nix or the a boat will mailed Irce on to Uipi gent s club tar Ai. A Iii Dia mond in single j Iii i i. I a Ovid Tudd i u heavy Large i in Diamond. Mii re t. I line Lin shed Long Siuk Veat Nobby and latest style rings and act Levu buttons etruscan Eccl 3 90 Licay. 1 8j no j Aud guard chains Vei l jux Diu kind and other fancy Pirn and ear Al aet and other Funcy cuff pins 1 head. Engraved locket Tor Minia Tures. I chased bracelets Broad sex. Heavy i any bight of the Ubovic articles you May select will to Mai Ltd to 3-0 free on receipt oi1 ladles fancy week Chain and medallion 50 Long opera Chain with or without slide 41 heavy m in in Tore medallion 50 heavy Jet and Gold came Mcduel Loq pin and ear drops 3 l or gent s Uia Sivu wedding ring Plain or baud. Or Guot s extra Large Cameo amf1 2 5 Thyot or Onyx rings. or Brzust pin Livest 2 50 Quality. Long Money Cut pins extra Quality 2 50 or Beni b or Onyx Blu eve buttons. 2 fit get Sheavy a 50 Cluster i solitaire Central Amer Iutin Diamond Pius. 2 Gas tone find fancy be it Scarf i us and 50 Blone and fancy pm Klein a tucks 5c Masine solitaire find.250 any Tern of the above articles will be tent by n ail hut1 of receipt of All of of Agudo i Cuil hut of course Ilie Qin Lily on the Price for his mint thu is 50 uni Clu Aie of a Iii Fth liner i Walny and in Isle being thu Bic ones. To agents or thu he null of Puri us id act no Iguls Lor the goods we Manku he Fol wings Cuciti Oiler of Luc Ripi ill 11 for our jew. Or As Jei u Oiler is nth tin Clodt order a l and inn Ketlin party gelling up the club a Jilm jut of Uny Oisiu of Usu following watcher i pure Abi Hiti Ortii Stikl Geneva watch. L pure Aby Bibiau Uneva watch atom Winder. L pure Alyf Chirlian Gold to Tom winding illuminated dial by cuu veil time in Tho darkest night. L Pine Silver Hunting Case Geneva watch any of those four watches will he sent alone or 50, or and either a guilt s Leavy abyssinian Gold Vest Tuii and Charm or a Luik b1 solid abyssinian Gold Long opera or opera Chain for its. Agents who cannot Send the full at me can Send Timath orders As they procure hum and when orders shul i have amour de to we will Stid the watch of Hub or Artuer Cila Tuu. Lead Whu the cd Lieupo press say of and Semi in your the Sentinel of of Lugo. Sept. 9, says we Call the attention of to the new advertisement of the Agency o. A he in. Ii Luve Turs Agency Nevi of tit do to life will do. Tucson tiny has the con Ern since we hav Oyet o hear of the Glrst comi taint against 1 he Chicago express sept. 3, nays the to ten Tion of readers is called to toe and Vurtle the inventors1 Ollice end of Iii located at lib Washington m Chicago. Isom Persona inquiry and on the to commie Matiun of the City press we think our friends an do no better when wanting goods in inc. Give them it rift the Ani Orichio 11, says to by Lii it Coly p and net to and to t u eed have we blk titling for Nhat they desire.11, As to our reasons Zibili y we also refer you to to fallowing of Plomgren bros., 153 h8o. Clark St., Hica Eoll. Miller. Wag la j St. Chicago. Fort ofdming1, head j All Muhip of met nov to to Tinnent of i Vur phone to to sent by letter Money order or draft on new York or pm Cirigo. We will hold personally Apons ble any Money sent a above directed. All under flu strictly Cash. Of orders of or Over. 5 must accompany tit order Aud balance when desired will be collected on deliver but no goods will be Scot 0. O. D greater distance Thim 500 Miles. Any Money received for these after the Stock a fax haunted will be immediately re turned. Postage Tampu will be Rake ii me As Cash in Uny amount Scifo than on receipt of goods of Are not perfectly Nat sned. Return them immediately m Good order and we will refund your Money illustrated catalogue of jewelry. Notions novelties Aud new Luv Eulious sent on application. Agentis wanted. And circe Tok inventors Agency j. A. Prop., Washington or Chicago ill the daily Exchange the Stock and finance journal of Wmk Acri l c coast. For fifty six fail weel sly subscription prices daily one year Liy mall postpaid. M six months 5 m one year by Moll pout Puld sex month .2 n thick months a 04 air Chi orders the daily Exchange publishing co. Sou Montgomery Stuert san Fia Pike Young manufacturers of Fine car Rijmes buggies stage wagons throng Liberace jux probe slue Spring and and done to order. Tepa Frong done promptly. Fire proof Cor. Fourth and jests. Sacramento City cat. Established in i85o. I if to bum Ders c. A. Bragg is sell Zittu lumber at reduced prices Cave Valley Lime one cent. Best Wood Salsa boors constantly on hand. Corner to lipid and Ralston streets a n immediate and Perma sex nent Core for coughs Colas asthma bronchitis croup Iii Penza Catarrh loss f voice incipient consumption and my Dos of the Throat and Lingg. Ask Lor a Alifornia pulmonary Balsam and take tier. Sold by All druggists. A webs in your own town and no capital is cd. You can give the Bubince a trial without sex punic. The beat Opportunity ver offered for those willing to werk., Yoo ii Oulch try nothing clue until Yoa Nee for your Elf what Yon do at the Bosal nem Weffer no room to explain Here you can vote All your time or Only your. Spare time and make great pay for every our that Yon work. Women make Ai much s men. Send for Specia prorate terms and Iii Clarr. Which we mall free. Outfit free. Of hard times when Yon Addic w .11. . 4 i . Maine. Jew spa Perfi r chives

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